Joel C., 2nd m., a. 28 y., teamster, of Lancaster, s. William and Joanna, and Ellen M. Robbins, a, 24 y., of Lancaster, d. Henry and Mary, July 4, 1872.


Augusta, a. 20 y., d. Ellsworth and Elma, and George H. Beard, a. 24 y., carpenter, of Groton, s. Samuel and Mary Ann, Nov. 24, 1864.

Elsworth, and Harriet Wetherbee, Apr. 19, 1841.

Elsworth, and Eliva Wetherbee, Dec. 20, 1843.

Seth, of New Ipswich, NH, and Hannah Kemp, May 30, 1822.

William, and Elizabeth Hodgman, May 20, 1802.


William, and Elizabeth Hodgman, May 20, 1802.


Bazabeel, and Patty Walker, Feb. 6, 1794.

Louisa, and Ebenezer Hodgman, May 30, 1793.

Polly, and Willard Hodgman, July 10, 1800.

Rufus, of Gardner, and Rebecca H. Willard, May 28, 1835.


George S., a. 23 y., Inn holder, of Townsend, s. Rufus S. and Clarrisa, and Nellie N. Fuller, a. 24 y., of Boston, Feb. 19, 1864.


Amasa, of Fitchburg, and Susan Wallis, June 1, 1852.

Otis L., a. 30 y., watch factory work, of Waltham, s. Elias and Jeanette, and Alma T. Towne, a. 32 y., watch factory work, of Waltham, d. Joseph and Sybil, Dec. 24, 1888.


Sarah, widow, and Daniel Prentice, of Groton, Apr. 22, 1803.


Sarah L., and George Lawrence, Apr. 4, 1853.


David C., of Barre, and Eliza White, of Barre, June 19, 1831.

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