William, s.Chester and Martha W., Aug.7,1829.

Charles H., s.Chester and Martha W., Mar.31,1831.

Helen A., d.Chester and Martha W., Mar.21,1833.

Helen L., d.Chester and Martha W., June26,1835.

Martha A., d.Chester and Martha W., Oct.3,1837.

George C., s.Chester and Martha W., Dec.20,1839.

Alice I., d.Chester and Martha W., July29,1842.

Harriet Francis, d.Chester and Martha, farmer, Feb.3,1844.

Emma Caroline, d.Chester and Martha W., painter, Sept.26,1850.

George Benjamin, s.Geo. C. and Macilla, painter, Apr.2,1863.


Sally, d.John and Sarah, Jan.10,1783.

Polly, d.John and Sarah, Oct.23,1784.

John, s.John and Sarah, Sept.16,1786.

Asa, s.John and Sarah, Oct.9,1788.

Betsey, d.John and Sarah, Feb.15,1791.

Abigail, d.John and Sarah, Nov.21,1792.

Samuel, s.Jahn and Sarah, May29,1795.

Nabby, ch.John and Sarah, Apr.24,1797.

Mary, d.John and Sarah, Dec.20,1799.

Lucy, d.John and Sarah,末蔓末,1802.

Sally, d.John Jr. and Sally, Sept.16,1810.

Lewis, s.Asa and Betsey, Jan.12,1811.

Benjamin B., s.Asa and Betsey and Jan.1,1812.

Albert, s.Asa and Betsey, Aug.6,1813.

Betsey, d.Asa and Betsey, Apr.27,1817.

Harriet N., d.John Jr. and Sally, Oct.14,1817.

Roxanna S., d.John and Sally, Sept.5,1822.

Sarah S., d.Asa and Betsey, May14,1823.

Susan, d.John Jr, and Sally,末蔓末,1825.

John, s.Asa and Betsey, Dec.5,1826.

Martha, d.Aaron, Aug.31,1830.

Elbridge, s.Aaron, May19,1832.

Hiram, s.Aaron, Mar.13,1834.

Lewis W., s.Asa and Adelaid, Jan.15,1840.

Charles W., s.Asa and Adelaid.Dec.8,1842.

Mary Francis, d.Asa ang Adaline, stone cutter, July29,1845.

Henry M.S., s.Asa and Adelade, Aug.17,1849.


Edward Franklin, s.James L. and Mary L. (Hale), shoemaker, Mar.31,1876.

Andrew Whitney, s.James L. and Mary L., shoemaker, Feb.3,1879.

Wm.Arthur, s.James L. and Mary L., teamster. July31,1881.

Grace May, d James L. and Mary H., laborer, July16,1885.

George Henry, s.James L. and Mary H., butcher, Sept.11,1888.


Almira D., d.Edmund and Dolly, farmer, Apr.9,1849.

末末, ch.Jackson and Lydia, blacksmith, Apr.8,1850.

John Newton, s.Edmund and Dolly, farmer, June3,1851.

末末, d.Edmund, farmer, Feb.15,1853.

Ida Mina, d.Edmund, farmer, Jan.22,1855.

末末, d.E.N., farmer, Dec.17,1856.


Jeremiah W., s.Samuel and Rachel, May19,1768.

Rachel, d.Samuel and Rachel, Feb.21,1771.

Sibel, d.Jeremiah W. and Sibel, Oct.19,1791.

Samuel, s.Jeremiah W. and Sibel, Mar.22,1793.

Jeremiah W., s.Jeremiah W. and Sibel, Jan.4,1796.

Benjamin B., s.Jeremiah W. and Sibel, at Lincoln, Apr.16,1798.

Eli W., s.Jeremiah W. and Sibel, Sept.17,1800.

Horatio N., s.Jeremiah W. and Sibel, Dec.31,1805.

Celia M., d.Jeremiah W. and Sibel, Apr.7,1807.

Jonathan W., s.Jeremiah W. and Sibel, Apr.11,1809.

Mary, d.Jeremiah W. and Rebecca, May25,1823.

Lucy, d.Jeremiah W. and Rebecca, Sept.13,1825.

Rebecca, d.Jeremiah W. and Rebecca, Aug.25,1827.

Jonathan, s.Eli and Sarah, Mar.10,1832.

Sarah, d.Eli and Sarah, Sept.10,1833.

Martha M., d.Eli and Sarah, May8,1837.

Alfred W., s.Jonathan and Ruth, Jan.10,1841.

Benjamin H., s.Eli and Sarah, Oct.16,1841.

Isaac H., s.Jonathan and Ruth, Nov.14,1842.

Celia Florence, d.Benjamin Howard and Abbie Eleason (Badger), farmer, Mar.20,1868.


David, W., s.Timothy and Hepzibah, at Lunenburg, Sept.6,1804.

Thomas B., s.Timothy and Hepzibah, at Lunenburg, Feb.3,1806.

Hepzibah, d.Timothy and Hepzibah, at Lunenburg, Dec.26,1812.

Timothy, s.Timothy and Hepzibah, at Lunenburg, Oct.6,1814.

Sally, d.Timothy and Hepzibah, Sept.10,1816.

Ellen Foster, d.Wm.F. and Ellen P.F., teacher, Apr.20,1866.


Alice, d.Levi and June, shoemaker, Oct.25,1851.


Timothy J., s.Timothy and Sally, Dec.26,1812.


Levi Wright, s.Jed and Rebecca, farmer, at Fitchburg, May28,1848.

Eliot, s.Jed and Rebecca, Sept.25,1850.

Bertha Ella, d.Levi W. and Ella N.E., farmer, May20,1877.


Julia, d.Patrick and Carthena, June1,1850.

末末, ch.Patrick and Catherine, laborer, May20,1852.


Thomas, s.John and Mary, Sept.13,1773.

John, s.John and Mary, July15,1775.


Mary, d.Richard and Sarah, May12,1802.

Lydia, d.Richard and Sarah, Apr.29,1805.

Lydia Ann A., d.Samuel T. and Lycia, Mar.8,1828.

Elmer Frank, s.Francis N. and Clara E., farmer, Dec.6,1885.


Frederic Perry Leroy, s.Frank E. and Nellie F., clergyman, May22,1879.


Edith Annie, d.Isaac W. and Julia H., carpenter, Jan.14,1877.


Caroline, d.Parker, farmer, Mar.1,1859.


Minnie Belle, d.Lewis and Sarah A., farmer, Mar.22,1880.


John, s.John and Mary, laborer, July1,1851.

Edward, s.John and Mary, laborer, Sept.11,1852.


Margaret, d.Timothy and Mary, laborer, Apr.29,1869.

Mary, d.twin, Timothy and Mary, laborer, Dec.18,1872.

Ellen, d.Timothy and Mary, laborer, Jan.3,1875.

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