Josiah, and Mary Rice, Feb. 25, 1819.

Levi, of Cohassett, and Senir, Goodhue, Mar. 5, 1824.

Jennie A., 2nd m., a. 21 y., of Fitchburg, d. Mason and Laura Harrington, and Charles H. Chapman, a. 26 y., railroad man, of Fitchburg, s. Wallace W. and Lydia, Dec. 1, 1883.


Sarah G., and Silas Wetherbee Jr., Jan. 7, 1838.

Samuel, and Harriet Whitemore, of Fitchburg, Jan. 25, 1848.

Jennie M, a. 25 y., of Fitchburg, d. Timothy and Mary, and Joseph W. Quimby, 2nd m., a. 32 y., mechanic, of Lawrence, s. Richard and Abigal, May 15, 1864.

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