Albert, a. 25 y., s. Solomon and Eunice, and Harriet Hitchcock, a. 25 y., d. George and Elizabeth, Sept. 6, 1883.

Charles, 2nd m., a. 37 y., s. Solomon and Emeline, and Clara Wheeler, a. 35 y., d. Erasyus and Mary, Dec. 9, 1886.


Timothy, of Westminster, VT, and Charlotte Taylor, Apr. 28, 1844.


Sally, and Jason Goodall, of Holden, Sept. 20, 1814.

Lewis, of Norwich, CT, and Cynthia B. Wheeler, May 11, 1846.


Mary, and Abel Shattuck, of New Ipswich, NH, Oct. 22, 1811.


John, and Deborah Holden, Oct. ––, 1780.

Polly, and Aaron Barr, Apr. 13, 1806.

Sarah, and John Cowee, of Gardner, Jan. 15, 1812.

Betsey, of Ashburnham, and Jonathan Fennow, of Rindge, NH, Oct. 14, 1823.

Josiah, of Lexington, and Lois Warren, July 10, 1832.

Josiah Haskell, a. 32 y., farmer, of Lexington, s. Reuben and Mary H., and Clara Rebecca Gates, a. 24 y., d. Howard and Clarisa, Oct. 9, 1860.

Nancy A., a. 20 y., of Townsend, d. Adams and Jane, and William S. Sheldon, a. 27 y., farmer, s. William and Hannah E., Aug. 20, 1872.

Ford, a. 48 y., cooper, of Townsend, s. Leonard and Hannah, and Annie Watkins, a. 21 y., of Townsend, d. Henry and Anna Wilkins, Nov. 9, 1876.

William H., a. 24 y., clerk, of Fitchburg, s. John W. and Jennie, and Celia March, a. 19 y., d. Benjamin and Abbie, Nov. 4, 1888.

Alexander, a. 29 y., laborer, s. Adam and Jane, and Persis Upton, d. Stephen and Augusta, Apr. 12, 1889.


Hepsy, and Josiah Bright, ––– ––, 1788.

John, and Rebecca Barrett, Jan. 17, 1792.

Abigail, and Abel Taylor, June 6, 1797.

Betsey and Ensign Lawrence, May 24, 1798.

Sally, and Paul Morse, Sept. 8, 1803.

Zilpha, and Abel Wright, Aug. 23, 1804.

Jesse, and Sally Colman, Nov. 29, 1804.

Mary, and Lt. Asa Kendall, Dec. 3, 1807.

Abijah, of New Ipswich, NH, and Sophia Waters, June 21, 1809.

Eleazer, and Rebecca Johnson, May 16, 1816.

Amos, and Betsey Fairbanks, Apr. 2, 1818.

Mary, and Josiah Oakes, Feb. 25, 1819.

Sarah L., and Darius Hubbard, of Voncord, Oct. 11, 1821.

Mary, and Joseph Frost, of Marlboro, NH, Apr. 28, 1823.

Lucy, and George F. Farley, of New Ipswich, NH, Nov. 25, 1823.

Louisa, and Emerson Melvia, of Concord, June 2, 1825.

Mary Ann, and Amos Gilbert, of Boston, Oct. 31, 1827.

John H., and Sarah Kendall, Dec. 17, 1829.

Emily A., and Ashel Boyden, of Boston, Apr. 21, 1841.

Silas, of Ashburnham, and Adaline Sawin, May 8, 1844.

Elizabeth C., and Jonas Whitney, of Fitchburg, Apr. 11, 1850.

Mary Ellen, a. 20 y., d. J.H. and Sarah, and Oliver Baler, a. 21 y., s. Sylvester and Sabra, Mar. 2, 1864.

Sarah E., a. 27 y., d. John H. and Sarah, and Horace S. Brooks, a. 28 y., armorer, of Springfor;d, s. Syephen and Narcissa, June 27, 1864.

Dexter, a. 25 y., merchant, of POrtland ME, s. Silas and Almira, and Mercie Mansir, a. 24 y., d. John and Mercie, Nov. 29, 1866.

Charles H., a. 27 y., physician, of Fitchburg, s. Silas and Almira, and Fidelia L. Estabrook, a. 23 y., d. Samuel and Lucinda, June 1, 1870.


Abel, and Tabitha Bennett, Mar. 6, 1783.

Abel Jr., and Patty Lawrence, Dec. 7, 1809.

Rhoda, and Philip Piper, Dec. 27, 1810.

Charles, of Fitzwilliam, and Lydia Barrett, Jan. 12, 1815.

Mehitable, and Edward Smith, of Lunenburg, Jan. 18, 1820.

William, of Townsend, and Lucy Rockwood, July 22, 1823.

Emma, and Jacob Wilker, of Ashburnham, Nov. 4, 1823.

Abigail, and Edward Smith, of W. Cambridge, Nov. 13, 1827.

Martha, and Walter Brook, of Ashburnham, Dec. 5, 1830.

Mary Ann, and Moses M. Willis, of Sudbury, May 25, 1831.

Thomas, and Lucy Haskell, May 24, 1840.

Sarah A., and Melvin Mathews, of Boston, June 1, 1843.

Nancy N., 2nd m., a. 41 y., of Fitchburg, d. Seth and Nancy Fairbanks, and Julius K. Giles, 2nd m., a. 44 y., milkman, s. Howard and clarisa, Apr. 25, 1878.

Levi R., a. 29 y., carpenter, of Townsend, s. Levi and Nancy, and Lizzie A. Bennett, a. 19 y., d. Thomas E. and Mary, Oct. 23, 1879.


Vila, of Newton, and Eleanor Kendall, Dec. 28, 1836.


Jonas, of Townsend, and Betsey W. Blood, Feb. 20, 1843.

Eliza A., a. 29 y., of Mason, NH, d. Amos, and Levi Smith, 2nd m., a. 45 y., farmer, s. David and Rachel, June 5, 1863.

Harriet A., a. 18 y., of Mason, NH, d. True and Sarah, and George A. Hapgood, a. 19 y., farmer, s. William G. and Harriet N., July 4, 1863.

Martin S., a. 20 y., cooper, of Mason, NH, s. True and Sarah, and Rosantha Hapgood, a. 17 y., d. William and Harriet, Oct. 29, 1867.

Ellen M., a. 24 y., of Lancaster, d. Henry and Mary, and Joel Neat, 2nd m., a. 28 y., teamster, of Lancaster, s. William and Joanna, July 4, 1872.

Ella S., a. 22 y., of Pepperell, d. Milo and Louisa, and George Bennett, a. 27 y., farmer, s. Thomas E. and Mary A., Sept. 25, 1879.

Lewis H., 2nd m., a. 37 y., farmer, of Mason, NH, s. Lewis and Emily, and Georgia M. Hayward, a, 33 y., school teacher, d. Paul A. and Martha L., May 23, 1881.

Hattie E., a. 18 y., of Mason, NH, s. Edwin and Adelia, and Walter E. Fish, a. 25 y., farmer, s. Edward and Lucy, Nov. 12, 1887.

Estella, a. 16 y., d. Edwin and Adelia, and Fred Downey, 2nd m., a. 29 y., engineer, s. Merick and Ruth, Feb. 11, 1890.


Isabel, and John Sanders, of Townsend, Apr. 22, 1814.

John M., and Mary Sanders, of Townsend, Mar. 28, 1826.

William, and Hannah Kennedy, Mar. 11, 1852.

William F., and Kate E. Saunders, of Townsend, July 4, 1858.


Jennie, 2nd m., a. 28y., dress maker, of West Rindge, d. Thomas and Maria Leighton, and J. Frank Damson, a. 30 y., hooper, s. J.E. and Phila, Oct. 18, 1884.


Lucy, and William Richardson, of Townsend, July 22, 1823.


Jonathan, and Phebe Derby, Aug. 30, 1792.


Emma F., a. 20 y., of Rindge, NH, d. Henry M. and Sarah A., and Frederick Piper, a. 21 y., mechanic, of Rindge, NH, s. Joseph and Dora, Mar. 26, 1885.


Elisha, and Martha J. Stevens, May 18, 1854.


Lucy, of Townsend, and Abraham Gates, Nov. 25, 1783.

John, and Polly Wellington, Sept. 3, 1807.

Mary M., and Abel Patten, of Sandwich, June 1, 1836


Mary A., of Ashburnham, and Ward Russell, of Ashburnham, Nov. 11, 1829.

Ward, of Ashburnham, and Mary A. Russell, of Ashburnham, Nov. 11, 1829.

Martha I., of Groton, and William A. Green, Apr. 9, 1857.

Hannah M., a. 54 y., of New Ipswich, NH, d. Isaac and Tirzah, and Charles H. Wilkinson, 2nd m., a. 51 y., laborer, of New Ipswich, NH, s. Robert and Anna, Sept. 4, 1886.

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