William of Boston, and Sophronia Batcheller, May19,1825.*


Mary and Jacob Browne, Oct.16,1661, in Boston.*

TARBEL (Tarbell, Tarble)

Abigall and Samuel Walker, Feb.4,1774.* [Tarbell.MR]

William Jr. and Elizabeth French, Mar.21,1776.* [Tarbell.MR]

TARBELL (Tarbel, Tarble)

Abigail and John Richardson of Dracut, Apr.13,1823.*

Anne and Samuel Parker,末蔓末, 末末.*

Daniel [sic, David] and Hannah Fitch of Bedford, Aug.1,1751, in Bedford.*

Elisabeth and John Hosley, Feb.1,1749-50.*

William and Ruth Richardson, Feb.19,1735-6.*

William and Elisabeth Walker, Oct.31,1765.*

TARBLE (Tarbel, Tarbell)

Jonathan and Betty Levestone, Feb.21,1802.*

William Jr. and Abigail Allen, Dec.12,1802.*

TATMAN (Totman)

Allice and John Willson Jr., Nov.8,1748.*

TAY (Toy)

Grace and Thomas Willowes, Jan.末,1662.*

Isaiah Jr. of Burlington, and Maria Harrington, Apr.17,1823.*

Nathaniel and Barshaba Wyman, May30,1677.* [Nathaniell Toy and Bathshaba Wiman.MR]

Susanna of Woburn, and Benjamin Pollard, Sept.15,1768.*

William 3d of Woburn, and Hannah Pollard, July26,1771, in Woburn.*

TAYLER (Taylor)

Abigall of Concord, and Benjamin Bacon, Dec.2,1712.*

TAYLOR (Tayler)

Abial and Walter Carr, Nov.2,1815.*

Abraham and Patte Davise, Apr.3,1799.*

Isaac of Dunstable, and Lucy Hill, Oct.末,1814.*

Michael and Abial Thistle, Nov.29,1790.*

Rebecca [dup, Rebeck] of Concord, [and] Joseph Bacon, May9,1716, in Concord.*


Benjamin of Tewksbury, and Sarah Sanders, July9,1767.*


Benjamin [dup. Tinney] of Dorchester, and Patty Richardson, Mar.23,1806.*

Martha and Enoch Foster of Tewksbury, Dec.13,1825.*


Abial and Michael Taytor, Nov.29,1790.*

Hannah and John Miller Jr., Dec.29,1790.*

Joshua of Dracutt, and Lydia Mears, Sept.10,1786.* [Joshua Thistle of Dracut.MR]

THOMPSON (Tompson)

Abraham Rand of Charlestown, and Elizabeth Bowen, Mar.20,1803.*

James of Woburn, and Abigail Baldwin, Jan.9,1729-30.*

John of Boston, and Ann Richardson, Oct.20,1814.*

Joseph [dup. Tompson] and Mary Bracket, July22,1662, in Braintery.* [Thompson, and Mary Brackett, July2.MR]


Thankful [first w.] and Nathan Jaques,末蔓末, 末末.*PR1


Richard of Frankfort, ME, and Ann Bowers, Oct.13,1817.*


Enoch and Hannah Cobourn, Oct.13,1830.*


Peter and Sarah Wright. Apr.15,1810.*

TOMPSON (Thompson)

Abigail and Josiah Bowers, Jan.17,1744.*

Alice and David Parker, Oct.27,1757.*

Benjamin and Allice Kidder, Nov.9,1715.*

Dorothy and Solomon Kidder. Nov.23,1758.*

Elisabeth, Mrs., and William Bowers,末蔓末, 末末.*

Joseph, Ens., and Mary Denison of Roxbury, Mar.17,1680-1.* [Tomson.MR]

Mary [dup. Thompson], wid.[second dup. omits wid.], and John Sheldon [dup. Shildon], Feb.1,1658-9 [second dup. in Woeberne].* [Thompson, and John Sheldon, in Woburn.MR]

Mary and Ephraim Manning,末蔓末,1710.*

Richard and Rebecca Eaton of Reading, Sept.1,1772, in Charlestown.*

Sarah and Isaac Hurd, Sept.24,1778.* [Thomson.MR]

William and Sarah White, Oct.27,1757.*


Margaret and Ebenezer Felch of Reading, Jan.28,1733-4.*

Martha [dup. Toothacor, second dup. Toothakar] and Ralph Hill Jr., Nov.15,1660.* [Toothaccre.MR]

Mary and John Rogers Jr.,末蔓末, 末末.*

Mary and Zachariah Goodhue of Dracut, Dec.9,1779.*

Roger Jr. and Mary Crosbey.末蔓末, 末末.*

Roger and Mary Wright of Wilmington,末蔓末, 末末.*

Roger and Mary Allin, June9,1665.* [Toothacre.MR]

Roger Jr. [dup. omits Jr.] and Sarah Rogers, July20,1703.*

Roger, Dr., and Phebe Baldwin, Aug.7,1718.*

Sarah and John Levestone Jr., Feb.15,1736-7.*

Sarah and Samuel Danforth Jr., Apr.28,1774.*

TOTMAN (Tatman)

John and Sarah Dirkason, Oct.15,1773.* [Oct.17.MR]

Rebecah and Jeremiah Baldwin, Apr.11,1780.* [Rebecca.MR]

Sarah and Isaac Manning, Nov.3,1789.*

Sarah and Luther Penniman, Feb.12,1804.*


Olive and Nathaniel Crosby, June27,1810.*

TOWNSEN (Townsend)

Dennis of Andover, and Allis Baldwin, July16,1785, in Andover.*

TOWNSEND (Townsen)

Elizabeth and Jonas Keyes, Apr.21,1756, in Chelmsford.*

Rebeckah and Ephraim Keyes of Chelmsford, July11,1751.*

TOY (Tay)

Archelus of Woburn, and Sarah Cook, May19,1774.* [Archelaus.MR]

Phebe of Woburn, and John Sheldon Center, May28,1778.* [Tay.MR]

Sarah and William Laws, Aug.4,1779.* [Tay, Aug.4,1789.MR]


Maria, Mrs., of Groton, and Capt. Josiah Bowers, Jan.28,1773, in Groton.*


Alice and Benjamin Needham, Sept.12,1798.*

Anna of Tewksbury, and Samuel Danforth Jr., Mar.30,1780.*

David and Allice [dup. crossed out, Alice] Stearns, Sept.29,1789.*

Elizabeth of Tewksbury, and Ebenezer Baley of Tewksbury, Aug.15,1762.*

Elizabeth and Isaac Marshall of Tewksbury, Dec.11,1783.*

Hannah and Joseph Batchelder, Dec.15,1796.*

John and Sarah [dup. Sara] French, Dec.11,1657 [dup. in Woeberne].* [Sarah.MR]

John Jr. and Elizabeth Hooper, Apr.22,1692.*

John and Mary Hunt, June1,1731.*

Mary and Benjamin Parker, Oct.11,1684.*

Olive and Ebenezer Frost of Chelmsford, Apr.15,1794.*

Rhoda and Asa Frost of Chelmsford, July25,1790.*

Samuel and Ann Haile, wid., June15,1668.* [Hayle.MR]

Samuel and Mary Haseltine, Mar.22,1726-7.*

TUFFTS (Tufts)

Eliakim and Sarah Ross, May6,1788.*

TUFTS (Tuffts)

Call and Mary Saunders, Feb.10,1807.*

Ebenezer and Hannah Levistone, Apr.27,1781.*

George of Boston, and Rebecca Frost, Sept.18,1792.*

Sarah of Medford, and Asa Richardson, May23,1781, in Medford.*

Susanna of Medford, and Ebenezer Richardson Jr., Apr.24,1783.* [Eleazer.MR]


Sally of Woburn, and John Foster, Oct.9,1787, in Woburn.*

TWESS (Twist)

Solomon of Woburn, and Anna Wyman, Sept.13,1785, in Woburn.*


Mary of Shelburne, and John Wallis, July19,1717. in Sudbury.*

TWIST (Twess)

Daniel of Ipswich, NH, and Allice Shed, Sept.5,1782.* [Twiss, and Alice Shed.MR]

Hannah and Thomas Manning, Aug.30,1737.*

James of Woburn, and Lydia Farley, June27,1754.*



Moses C. of Andover, and Susan W. Baldwin, Jan.21,1830.*

Sarah Whitwell and John Bradford of Boston, Dec.5,1813.*

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