Samuel C.,末蔓末,1824.GR2

OAKES (Oaks)

Charlotte, d.Josiah and Charlotte, Jan.19,1806.

Edward, s.Edward, bp. in England.CR1

Elisabeth, d.Thomas and Elisabeth, Nov.3,1646.

Elizabeth, d.Thomas and Elizabeth, May26,1650.

Elizabeth, d.Richard and Elizabeth, Mar.18,1797.

Georgiana, only, d.末末, June15,1847.GR3

Hannah, d.Thomas and Elizabeth, May4,1657.

James, May22,1807.GR3

Mary, d.Edward, bp.末蔓末,16末.CR1

Sarah C. Pierce, w.James, Dec.10,1794.GR3

Thomas, s.Edward and Jane, Apr.18,1644.

Thomas, s.Thomas and Elisabeth, Nov.5,1648.

Thomas, s.Thomas and Elizabeth, Mar.18,1659.

Thomas, in Stourbridge, Eng.,末蔓末,1838.GR2

Urian, s.Edward, bp. in England.CR1


George, s.Thomas and Mary, Mar.4,1848.

OAKS (Oakes)

George Partridge, s.Josiah and Charlotte, Aug.6,1809.

Mary Ann, d.Josiah and Charlotte, Oct.1,1807.



O'BRIEN (O'Brine)

Catherine, d.James and Mary, July17,1843.

Catharine, d.John, Nov.9,1847.

Don, s.Thomas and Joanna, in New Brunswick, Feb.22,1847.


Grace Cornish, w.William,末蔓末,1846.GR2

James, s.Patrick, Dec.26,1847.

John, s.David, Jan.8,1847.

John, s.Thomas and Bridgett, Sept.末,1847

Margaret, d.John O. and Rosanna, Oct.26,1848

Mary, d.John and Mary, both b. in Ireland July4,1840

Mary, d.Michael and Margaret, both b. in Ireland Nov.末,1849.

Sarah Wilson, w.Edward,末蔓末,1843.GR2

Thomas, s.Michael and Mary, Dec.1,1848.


O'BRINE (O'Brien)

James, s.Thomas and Ann, Feb.8,1849.

Margaret Mary, d.Patrick and Elizabeth, Mar.11,1849.


Isadore, s.Isadore, Dec.21,1845.



William Francis, s.Dennis and Bridgett, Oct.16,1844.


Hannah, d.Dennis and Bridgett, Dec.17,1846.


John Anthony Lawson,末蔓末,1835.GR2


Emily A., w.James K.,末蔓末,1835.GR2

James K.,末蔓末,1834.GR2


Clarissa Gilman, w.Samuel Tufts, in Exeter, NH, Nov.14,1790.GR3

David W. (David Whiton.CR7), s.Henry B. and H.S.B. [Hannah Miller Brackett], Mar.27,1845.

Eliza Gilman, d.Samuel Tufts and Clarissa Gilman, in Norwich, CT, Apr.24,1819.GR3

Emma, Mar.18,1842.CR7

Frederick, s.William H. and Isabella, Jan.20,1836.

Thomas Redman, s.William H. and Isabella, Mar.6,1841.

William H. (William Henry.CR9), s.William H. and Isabella, Sept.7,1833.


末末, s.Patrick and Catherine, May3,1845.

James, s.John and Ann, June5,1846.

William, s.John and Ann, May17,1849.

OLDAM (Oldham)

Abigail, d.Jno and Abigail, Nov.28,1679.

Abigail, d.末末, wid.John, bp. Oct.14,1733.CR1

Andrew, s.Samuel and Hannah, Apr.22,1677.

Elizabeth, d.末末, wid.John, bp. Oct.14,1733.CR1

Hannah, d.Samuel and Hannah, Mar.25,1676.

Hannah, d.Samuel and Hannah, Oct.10,1681.

John, s.Richard and Martha, bp.末蔓末,16末.CR1

John, s.Jno and Abigail, July20,1676.

Jonathan, s.末末, wid.John, bp. Oct.14,1733.CR1

Mary, d.Samuel and Hannah, June1,1679.

Samuel, s.Richard and Martha, bp.末蔓末,16末.CR1

Samuel, s.Samuel and Hannah, May27,1672.

Samuel, s.Samuel and Hannah, Jan.15,1673.

OLDHAM (Oldam)

Abigail, d.John and Sarah, Mar.18,1743-4.

Abigail, d.John and Sarah, Apr.3,1752.

Elizabeth, d.末末, wid.John, bp. May22,1757.CR1

John, s.John and Mindwell, Dec.18,1720.

John, s.John and Sarah, Nov.1,1754.

Mary, d.John and Mindwell, Mar.10,1727-8.

Samuell, d.John and Mindwell, Aug.26,1722.

Sarah, d.John and Sarah, July30,1746.

Susannah, d.John and Sarah, Mar.11,1748-9.


Arthur, Dr., Oct.8,1829.GR3

Jeremiah, s.Dennis, Nov.22,1845.


James W., Dec.29,1821.GR3

Maria McAllaster, w.James W., Apr.27,1827.GR3


Andrew J.,末蔓末,1828.GR3

Anne, d.Thomas and Elizabeth, bp. Mar.4,1764.CR2

Caroline S., July18,1838.GR3

Charles Augustus,末蔓末,1834.GR3

Daniel, M.D., L.L.D., s.Rev. Thomas Fitch, Sept.9,1787.GR3

Edward Brattle,末蔓末,1822.GR3

Elizabeth, d.Thomas and Grace, Apr.11,1670.

Elizabeth, d.Thomas and Elizabeth, bp. Aug.17,1766.CR2

Elizabeth Carter, d.David and Sarah H., May20,1816.

Elizabeth W., Feb.3,1823.GR3

Frank Shaw, Jan.13,1849.GR3

Franklin, Aug.5,1820.GR3

George, s.David and Susan Parkman,末蔓末,1818.GR3

George W., Oct.20,1825.GR3

Grace, d.Thomas and Grace, Nov.15,1668.

Grace A., in Boston, Sept.24,1844.GR3

Hannah, d.Thomas and Grace, Aug.16,1674.

Henry Jackson, July27,1788.GR3

Henry Jackson,末蔓末,1815.GR3

Hepzibah, d.Thomas, bp. Apr.27,1746.CR1

John, s.Thomas and Grace, Nov.22,1671.

Jno., s.Thomas and Mary, July9,1683.

Lucinda Bowers,末蔓末,1822.GR3

Lucy Ann, d.David and Sarah Hapgood, Jan.2,1818.

Lydia W., Oct.4,1819.GR3

Marshall, Jan.12,1816.GR3

Mary, d.Thomas and Mary, Mar.20,1687-8.

Mary, d.Nathaniell and Bethiah, Sept.15,1716.

Mary, d.Thomas, bp. Oct.30,1743.CR1

Mary Powers, Jan.29,1807.GR3

Mary Louise,末蔓末,1824.GR3

Nathaniel, s.Thomas and Mary, Feb.1,1684-5.

Penelope, d.Thomas and Elizabeth, bp. Oct.2,1768.CR2

Samuel, s.Thomas and Grace, May18,1679.

Samuel, s.Capt. Thomas and Mary, Jan.12,1702.

Samuel P., eldest, s.David and Susan,末蔓末,1811.GR3

Sarah, d.Thomas and Mary, Nov.14,1690.

Sarah, d.Dr. 末末, bp. Dec.20,1696.CR1

Sarah Wilson, w.Samuel P.,末蔓末,1814.GR3

Susan Parkman, w.David,末蔓末,1782.GR3

Thomas, s.Thomas and Grace, Aug.22,1676.

Thomas, s.Capt. Thomas and Mary, July17,1700.

Thomas, s.Peter, bp. Oct.12,1718.CR1


Lucinda, w.Samuel, in Watertown, June15,1795.GR3

Samuel, in Providence, RI, Feb.27,1793.GR3



O'NEAL (O'Neil)

Charles H., s.Dennis, July25,1845.

Charles, s.Thomas and 末末, Dec.8,1848.

Dennis, s.Dennis, Jan.12,1848.

John T., s.James, July5,1845.

John, s.James and Bridgett, May1,1848.

Michael, s.James and Sarah, Nov.22,1848.

O'NEIL (O'Neal)

Catharine, Dec.20,1848.GR4

Hugh, May7,1847.GR4

Mary, w.Patrick, Feb.17,1819.GR4


Alfred A., s.Alfred H., Dec.13,1845.

Ira B., Oct.23,1812.GR3

James H., s.Alfred H., Mar.23,1847.

Jane H., d.William H. and Jane H., Dec.20,1844.

John W.,末蔓末,1827.GR2

Mary W., Apr.14,1815.GR3

William John, Nov.5,1846.GR2


George Henry, s.Frederic J. and Cynthia, Aug.31,1843.

Helen A., d.Frederic J., Jan.29,1846.

Joseph M., in Amesbury, Nov.28,1809.GR3

Mary A., w.Joseph M., in Brewster, Oct.13,1824.GR3

Rebecca Freeman, w.Joseph M., in Brewster, Dec.2,1810.GR3

Susan B., w.末末, Oct.14,1818.GR3


Francis J., s.James and Catherine Gorman, May17,1846.


Mathilde Jeanne,末蔓末,1844.GR3


Caroline F., Sept.5,1818.GR3

Emma Seaton, w.Charles P., Apr.19,1849.GR3

Joel Stone, Aug.12,1833.GR3

Rachel Atwood, July4,1830.GR3



Margaret C., d.Oliver M. and Susan, in Boston, Mar.18,1848

OSBORN (Osborne, Osburn, Ozborn, Ozburn)

末末, s.Adolphus and Sarah L., b. in Augusta ME, June28,1849.

Almira, d.Dalphone and Bethia, May30,1846.

Alonzo, s.Joseph and Nancy, Jan.29,1830.

Eldorado, s.Dalphon and Bethia, Sept.19,1843.

Eleanora, d.William and Sarah, Oct.21,1849.


Eliza A.,末蔓末,1831.GR2

Eloisa, d.Dalphon and Bethia Y., Mar.29,1839.

Ephraim, s.Ephraim, bp. Jan.2,1708-9.CR1

Hannah Stone, d.Joseph and Nancy, in Charlestown, Feb.3,1824.

Helen Georgiana, d.Leonard and Eliza, in West Cambridge, May24,1844.

James Dalphon, s.Dalphon and Bethia Y., Sept.26,1834.

James H.,末蔓末,1844.GR3

Jane, d.Ephraim, bp. May12,1706.CR1

Jesse, s.Joseph and Nancy, Oct.11,1828.

Joseph A., Aug.5,1821.GR3

Joseph Henry, s.Joseph and Nancy, in Charlestown, July6,1825.

Joseph, s.Joseph and Nancy, Dec.20,1826.


Leonard W.,末蔓末,1833.GR2

Mary, d.Ephraim, bp. Oct.3,1703.CR1

Mary Elizabeth, d.Leonard and Elizabeth, Feb.3,1847.

Sarah, d.Ephraim, bp. Sept.25,1698.CR1

Sarah L., w.Adolphus, May16,1830.GR3

Sarah Anne, w.James H.,末蔓末,1835.GR2

Thomas, s.Ephraim, bp. May11,1712.CR1

OSBORNE (Osborn, Osburn, Ozborn, Ozburn)

William McKinely, Apr.26,1842.GR3

OSBURN (Osborn, Osborne, Ozborn, Ozburn)

Abigail, d.Ephraim, bp. June29,1701.CR1

Margaret, d.David, bp. Feb.11,1739.CR1

Rachel, d.Ephraim, bp. Jan.4,1741.CR1


Anna E., w.Peletiah, Aug.14,1812.GR2

Clara Call, Jan.2,1792.GR3

Delia M., Nov.4,1805.GR3

Elizabeth L., Apr.15,1847.GR3

Emily Francis, d.Nathaniel and Sarah, Mar.11,1847.

George, Sept.14,1819.GR3

Harriet A., w.Herman D., Aug.20,1840.GR2

Herman D., Nov.8,1835.GR2

Isaac P., in Peterborough, NH, Feb.20,1793.GR3

Jacob Newton,末蔓末,1828.GR3

Lemuel H.,末蔓末,1789.GR3

Mary G.,末蔓末,1821.GR3

Mary A.,末蔓末,1832.GR3


Samuel S., June9,1809.GR3

Sarah R.,末蔓末,1793.GR3

Sarah H.,末蔓末,1821.GR2

Sarah Greenough, w.George, June4,1823.GR3

Sarah Theresa,末蔓末,1836.GR2


Elizabeth, d.Humphrey and Elizabeth, Jan.25,1667.

John, s.Humphrey and Elizabeth, Oct.10,1669.

Sarah, d, Humphrey and Elizabeth, Nov.23,1683.


Angelo Eugene Philip, s.Giovanni Angelo, Marquis, and Margaret Fuller, in Rieti, Italy, Sept.5,1848.GR3



Ellen S.,末蔓末,1844.GR3

Emily Marshall,末蔓末,1807.GR3

George Harrison,末蔓末,1810.GR3

George Harrison 2d,末蔓末,1836.GR3


Harrison Gray, Oct.8,1765.GR3

Harrison Gray 2d,末蔓末,1792.GR3

James, Apr.末,1765.GR3

James A.G.,末蔓末,1800.GR3

Joanna Gardner, w.James, Sept.末,1765.GR3

Margaret Sigourney, May16,1833.GR3


Sally Foster, Jan.10,1770.GR3

William Foster,末蔓末,1801.GR3

William Church, July2,1831.GR3


Catharine C., w.Wilhelm A., Mar.10,1829.GR2


Wilhelm A., Feb.13,1830.GR2


Amelia Benedict Lovejoy,末蔓末,1845.GR2

Sarah A., d.Robert Dartmouth, Eng., and w.Warren Tilton, May1,1829.GR3


James O.,末蔓末,1848.GR2


George A., Rev., Apr.5,1811.GR3

Isabella G. Parker, w.Rev. George A., Feb.15,1818.GR3

OWEN (Owens)

Elizabeth S. (Elizabeth Sampson.CR1), d.John and Sylvia C., Jan.17,1836.

Frances, d.John and Sylvia C., Sept.6,1838.

Grace, d.John and Sylvia C., Sept.27,1845.

John Wadsworth, s.John and Sylvia C., Mar.6,1842.

Julia F., w.末末, Nov.1,1847.GR2

OWENS (Owen)

Eliza, Jan.10,1810.GR3

Joseph H., Rev., Nov.21,1837.GR2


Charles W.,末蔓末,1821.GR2

Joseph M., Mar.13,1832.GR3

Mary F., Mar.9,1831.GR3

Sarah A., w.Charles W.,末蔓末,1819.GR2

OZBORN (Osborn, Osborne, Osburn, Ozburn)

Elizabeth, d.David, bp. July6,1740.CR1

Mary, d.James, bp. Aug.29,1731.CR1

OZBURN (Osborn, Osborne, Osburn, Ozborn)

Abigail, d.Thomas, bp. Apr.6,1740.CR1

Abraham, s.Ephraim, bp. July27,1735.CR1

Elizabeth, d.Ephraim, bp. Nov.13,1737.CR1

Elizabeth, d.Thomas, bp. Apr.11,1742.CR1

Elizabeth, d.Ephraim, bp. Dec.26,1742.CR1

Ephraim, s.Ephraim Jr., bp. Sept.19,1731.CR1

James, s.James, bp. Jan.19,1728-9.CR1

John, s.William, bp. Dec.5,1725.CR1

John, s.Ephraim, bp. Apr.8,1739.CR1

Lydia, d.William, bp. Aug.11,1723.CR1

Lydia, d.Ephraim, bp. Mar.18,1755.CR1

Rachel, d.Ephraim, bp. Aug.4,1745.CR1

Thomas, s.Thomas, bp. June29,1735.CR1

OZMANT (Ozment)

Elizabeth, d.末末, bp. at Menotomy, Feb.2,1834-5.CR1

OZMENT (Ozmant)

John, s.William and Sarah, Dec.3,1725.

Lidia, d.William and Sarah, Aug.6,1723.

William, s.William and Sarah, Nov.3,1731.

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