OAKES (Oaks)

Charlotte, w.Josiah, b. in Saco, ME, Oct.16,1844, a.57y.9m.29d.Consumption.

Laurance, B.A., June13,1679, a.18y.

Martha, w.Dr. Thomas, in Boston, Apr.19,1719, a.70y.GR1

Thomas, s.Thomas and Elisabeth, Feb.14,1648. [1648-9.]

Thomas, Aug.末,1659.

Urian, Nov.3,1679, a.22y.

Urian, 4th Pres.Harvard College, July25,1681, a.abt. 50y.GR1

OAKS (Oakes)

Rosannah, Nov.1,1804, a.51y.Consumption.CR1


Bridget, Dec.11,1846, native of Sedennan, near Ornagh parish of Drumraugh, Co. Tyrone, Ire.GR4

David, b. in Ireland July13,1849, a.30y.Md.Heat and cold water.

Ellen, d.Dennis and Mary, Feb.23,1848, a.2y.3m.GR4

Jeremiah, h.Mary, Jan.1,1848, a.50y.GR4

John, s.Dennis and Mary, Jan.23,1848, a.2w.GR4


Nicholas, b. in Ireland Aug.10,1845, a.64y.Unm.


John, h.Catherine, Nov.10,1846, a.34y., native of Kalorligan, Co. Kerry, Ire.GR4

Timothy, b. in Ireland Dec.1,1849, a.32y.Unm.Accident.


Eliza Gilman, d.Samuel Tufts and Clarissa Gilman, Apr.11,1841, a.22y.GR3

Hannah B. (Hannah Miller Brackett.CR7), b. in Quincy, w.Henry B., May20,1845, a.36y.5m.Consumption.

Thomas R. (Thomas Redman.CR9), bur. Oct.1,1842, a.1y.7m.GR3b


Michael, Sept.28,1846, a.37y., native of Conraghlan, Co. Kilkenny, Ire.GR4


David, Aug.29,1847, a.48y.GR4

OLDAM (Oldham)

Andrew, s.Samuel and Hannah, July12,1677.

Hannah, d.Samuel and Hannah, July9,1676.

Nathaniel, s.Samuel and Hannah, May3,1678.

Samuel, s.Samuel and Hannah, Feb.16,1672.

Samuel, s.Samuel and Hannah, Aug.24,1675.

OLDHAM (Oldam)

Abigail, d.John and Mindwell, Oct.20,1743.

Abigail, d.John and Sarah, May26,1744.

John, Oct.14,1719, in his 67th y.GR1


Ellen, d.Timothy and Phoebe, Jan.16,1839, a.1y.GR4

Ellen, d.Timothy and Phoebe, July10,1844, a.5y.GR4

Margaret Mary, d.Timothy, Mar.9,1848, a.27y.GR4

Mary, d.Timothy and Phoebe, Aug.10,1844, a.11m.GR4

Timothy, Mar.21,1848, a.60y., native of Kinsale, Co. Cork, Ire.GR4


Ann, wid.Edward, Oct.17,1839, a.76y.GR3

Daniel, M.D., L.L.D., formerly of Salem, late Prof. at Dartmouth College, bur. June4,1842, a.54y.CR2 (s.Rev. Thomas Fitch, d.June1,1842.GR3)

Ebenezer Jr., on coast on Sumatra, Jan.19,1818, a.26y.GR3

Ebenezer, May末,1833, a.63y.GR3

Edward Henry, Feb.26,1816, a.2y.4m.GR3

Edward, Feb.24,1830, a.73y.GR3

Edward Henry, Oct.8,1843, a.3m.15d.GR3

Edward Merrill, Mar.8,1849, a.2y.8m.GR3

Elizabeth, June22,1674.

Elizabeth Barnes, Nov.1,1845, a.13y.GR3

Frank Shaw, May4,1849.GR3

Grace, d.Thomas and Grace, Nov.16,1680.

Grace, w.Thomas, Sept.31,1681, a.33y.

Henry Jackson, Sept.5,1847, a.59y.GR3

James, Dr., Apr.8,1703 (a.44y.GR1).

James Lloyd, Nov.16,1818., a.10m.GR3

John, s.Thomas and Grace, Dec.20,1673.

Jno., s.Thomas and Mary, Sept.23,1683.

John Eliot, July7,1826, a 2y.GR3

John Eliot, Feb.19,1832, a.4y.8m.GR3

Mary W. Tillson, w.Henry J. Jr., Apr.1,1849, a.31y.GR3

Mercy (w.Dr. James.GR1), Mar.29,1710. (In her 43d y.GR1)

Nathaniel, Mar.11,1727-8.

Thomas, s.Thomas and Grace, May22,1683.

Thomas, Hon. Esq., Oct.31,1715.

O'NEAL (O'Neil, O'Neill)

Edward, Dec.27,1846, a.1y.4m.2d.Dropsy.

William, b. in Ireland Sept.14,1847, a.51y.Md.Ship fever.

O'NEIL (O'Neal, O'Neill)

Hugh, Feb.17,1849.GR4

Margaret, w.Patrick, Oct.18,1847, a.44y.GR4

O'NEILL (O'Neal, O'Neil)

Eugene, Dr., Nov.28,1849, a.35y., native of Mitchelstown, Co. Cork, Ire.GR4

James, s.Patrick, Sept.27,1835, a.3m.GR4

John W., s.Patrick, June17,1841, a.4y.6m.GR4

John T., s.James, Sept.30,1848, a.3y.3m.GR4

Margaret, d.Patrick, Mar.3,1841, a.2y.6m.GR4


Alfred A. (Alfred Augustus.GR2), s.Alfred H. and Mary A., Dec.18,1845, a.5d.Croup. (d.Dec.19.GR2)

Bela, Dec.1,1816, a.65y.Fits, found dead in bed.CR1

Francis J., bur. Sept.25,1831, a.6m.(d.Sept.8,1831.GR2)

James H. (James Henry.GR2), s.Alfred H. and (Mary A.GR2), Mar.29,1847, a.7d.Disease of heart.

Mehitable (w.Palham.GR2), bur. Apr.28,1840, a.47y.(d.Apr.27,1840.GR2)

Nancy, bur. Feb.14,1827, a.48y.

Pelham, b. in Plymouth, widr., Feb.20,1847, a.61y.9m.10d.Consumption.


Eliza Allen, only, d.Joseph M. and Mary, in Boston, July8,1847, a.10m.8d.GR3

Rebecca Freeman, w.Joseph M., in Boston, Dec.6,1838, a.28y.GR3


Charles A.,末蔓末,1849, a.27y., d.in California.CR9

Eliza A., bur. May6,1836, a.20m.

John (John G.CR9), bur. Feb.27,1838, a.50y.(d.Feb.24,1838.CR9)


Elizabeth M., bur. Sept.12,1834, a.67y.CR2

ORSORN (Osborn, Osborne)

Hannah S., bur. Sept.18,1827, a.3y.

Joseph H., bur. Aug.31,1826, a.14m.

OSBORN (Orsborn, Osborne)

末末, inf.ch.Joseph, bur. Aug.15,1835 (d.Aug.14,1835, a.13d.CR10)

Cynthia M., bur. Apr.27,1841, a.6y.

Edward H., bur. June27,1841, a.34y.(d.June25,1841, a.33y.7m.GR2)

Eliza A., bur. July12,1840, a.9y.

OSBORNE (Orsborn, Osborn)

Alonzo, bur. May8,1832, a.7m.


Dorothy, bur. Feb.12,1843, a.62y.Consumption.

Fanny Fay, Oct.28,1847, a.16m.GR3

Lemuel H.,末蔓末,1846.GR3

Sarah R.,末蔓末,1849.GR3


Jeremiah, Oct.18,1848, a.22y., native of Killarney, Co. Kerry, Ire.GR4


Edward Downs, s.Thomas and Charlotte of Boston, July9,1806, a.2y.


Emily Marshall,末蔓末,1836.GR3

George, Rev., Feb.28,1828., a.31y.

George Harrison,末蔓末,1833.GR3

George Harrison 2d,末蔓末,1848.GR3


Harrison Gray 2d,末蔓末,1827.GR3

Harrison Gray, Oct.28,1848.GR3

James, July末,1849, a.84y.GR3

Joanna Gardner, w.James, Mar.末,1846, a.80y.6m.GR3

Sally Foster, Sept.6,1836.GR3

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