James and Hannah L. Cutter, Oct.20,1834.

Rufus of Medford, and Emily A. Rand int.Apr.22,1843.


George B. of Boston, and Emily J. Davis, int.Oct.6,1844.


Benjamin, Rev., and Ruth Bordman, Dec.30,1696.CR1*

Ira and Nabby J. (Nabby Jones, int.) Brooks of Concord, Nov.末,1822.

WAIGHT (Wait, Waite, Waitt, Wayte, Weight)

Elizabeth and James Reed, Dec.3,1772.


Christina and Jonathan Hastings Jr., Nov.24,1780.*

WAIT (Waight, Waite, Waitt, Wayte, Weight)

Amos L., and Emeline King, Sept.15,1840.

Charles of Charlestown, and Harriet Bean, int.Nov.2,1833.

Elizabeth of Boston, and Jacob H. Bates, int.Mar.8,1812.

Elvira of Boston and Samuel S. Miller, int.June13,1847.

Maria B. of Medford, and Samuel Ringe, int.Dec.25,1819.

Nehemiah and Elizabeth Tufts of Medford, int.Aug.30,1806.

WAITE (Waight, Wait, Waitt, Wayte, Weight)

Lydia B. and Moses Tuttle of Dover, Sept.12,1848.

WAITT (Waight, Wait, Waite, Wayte, Weight)

Andrew S. and Louisa W. Chamberlin, Apr.14,1842.

Andrew S., widr., s.Nehemiah (and Elizabeth W.CR1), a.31y., and Mary Elizabeth Belcher, d.John (and Catherine.CR1), a.25y., Oct.26,1846.*

George and Almeda Martin of Denmark, ME, int.Nov.4,1844.

Jacob of Boston, and Eliza Atherton Stevens, Nov.9,1841.


Mary and Alexander G. Stevens, Mar.17,1842.

Olive W. and Josiah Williams, Nov.25,1828.

William and Mary Holmes, Dec.24,1747.


Lyman and Deborah R. Glover, June26,1834.

WALCH (Walsh, Welch, Welsh)

John (Welch, int.) and Mary Duffy, Mar.18,1849.


Sally of Boston, and Daniel Robie, Apr.3,1814.*


Elizabeth and John Gove, Dec.2,1700.*


Catherine F. and Leonard Adler of Boston, Oct.14,1849.


Edward Jr. of Sterling, and Martha Estabrooks of Lexington, Sept.23,1794.*


Elijah and Susan Elizabeth Brown of Thomaston, ME, int.Oct.12,1844.

Elizabeth and Atwood Hardy, both of Somerville, Oct.27,1842.*

Franklin and Harriet Ann Searle of Danvers, int.June28,1824.

George of Boston, and Mary Ann Travis, July9,1838.

James and Mrs.Thankful H. Magill, Sept.26,1833.

Jeremiah L. and Rebecca W. Stone of Charlestown, Aug.8,1833.

John and Eunice Hawkins, Mar.18,1841.*

Leoffa of New Ipswich, NH, and Royal Stimson, int.Aug.8,1813.

Leonard and Eliza Prentiss of Newton, int.Aug.12,1810.

Lucy Ann and John Hobbs, int.Feb.26,1836.

Mary and Henry Prentice Jr., Oct.16,1752.

Mary J. and Jabez F. Adams, Oct.10,1848.

Matthias Jr. and Lydia Brigham of East Sudbury, int.Aug.21,1830.

Nathaniel of Westmoreland and Martha Burbeck, int.June15,1805.

Samuel (of Groton, int.) and Mary Stratton, Dec.20,1749 (1750.CR1) (Nov.3,1750, int.)

Samuel and Mary Learned, Dec.25,1785.*

Sophronia of Roxbury, and Freeman Hovey, int.June11,1838.

Thankfull H. and Amos P. Rollins, Apr.30,1843.

WALLACE (Wallage, Wallis)

Augusta and Thomas Cook, int.Apr.20,1849.

Ellen and William Graham, July29,1833.

James and Mary Ann Leighton, May9,1834.

Lucy R., d.James (and Lucy.CR1), a.23y., and George W. Marston, s.Elijah (and Ann.CR1), a.26y., July19,1849.

Nathaniel of Beverly, and Lucy A. Thissell, Oct.14,1841.

Sarah and John Allen, in Boston, Aug.4,1846.

Thomas and Sarah Wilson, int.Apr.26,1834.

Thomas and Mrs.Frances Lang, Nov.30,1839.

WALLAGE (Wallace, Wallis)

Joseph D. and Sally Childs, Jan.3,1817.


Edwin A. of West Roxbury (West Dedham, int.) and Mary Howlett, d.James, dec., a.31y., Nov.14,1844.


Samuel S. and Louisa Rogers, Dec.31,1834.

WALLIS (Wallace, Wallage)

Elizabeth and Samuel Hunt of Boston, int.June11,1815.

Elizabeth and Eliphalet Badger of Danvers, int.Aug.5,1820.

Samuel and Emily Galletty, Nov.28,1841.

Thomas and Elizabeth Frost, Oct.10,1800.

Thomas and Lucinda E. Caldwell of Rindge, NH, int.Sept.4,1824.

WALSH (Walch, Welch, Welsh)

John, a.25y., and Catherine James, a.22y., June12,1847.


Catharine and Rev. Timothy Davis, Nov.28,1808.

David S. and Sarah B. Brooks, Dec.20,1835.*

Eunice of Reading, and Jotham Walton, in Reading, Jan.26,1773.

Eunice and James Nichols of Reading, Oct.14,1794.*

Israel and Elizabeth Smith of Reading, in Reading, May3,1785.*

Jotham and Eunice Walton of Reading, in Reading, Jan.26,1773.

Michael of Charlestown, late of Frankfort, ME, and Sophrona Seavy of Frankfort, ME, Aug.5,1841.*

Nathan of Rindge, and Mary Bates, Jan.19,1803.

Nathan S. and Harriet Lovejoy, Dec.9,1835.


Abigail and Alvah Bean, July10,1831.

Deborah and Jno. Wyth, Jan.2,1682 [1682-3].*

Edward and Maria Houghton, int.Jan.30,1834.

Elizabeth and Joshua Fuller, May7,1679.*

Hannah and Thomas Greenwood, June8,1670.*

Herbert D., s.Ira (and Eliza Ann, int.), a.24y., b. in Charlestown, and Maria A. Atwood, d.James, a.24y., b. in Chatham, Nov.8,1849.

Holbrook A., widr., s.Samuel of Orange, a.45y., and Mary C. Battles, d.Sherman, dec., a.30y., b. in Orange, Dec.31,1848.

James of Grafton, and Susan Wren, int.Apr.5,1836.

Jno. and Mary Spring, Nov.30,1681.*

John and (Mrs.CR10) Ann Weston, Nov.7,1833.

Jonathan of Newton, and Abigail Hall, Dec.31,1700.*

Jonathan W. and Lucy M. Dudley, Nov.23,1841.

Joshua F. and Mary Ann Noyes, Nov.8,1831.

Lucinda P., d.Moses, a.20y., and James B. Powell, of New York, s.James B., of Ireland a.21y., Sept.19,1847.

Lydia of Newton, and Aaron Murdock, in Newton, May23,1759.

Mary, wid., d.Isaac Day, dec., a.40y., b. in Orford, NH, and Ransom Spaulding, s.Daniel, dec., a.24y., b. in Warner, NH, Sept.1,1844.

Moses and Sophia (Sophia M., int.) Fogg, Jan.28,1835.

Peter and Mary Riley, int.Jan.11,1834.

Winthrop and Sophronia Macumber of Stow, Oct.18,1819.


Thomas of Beverly, and Abigail Randall, in Newton, Apr.8,1779.*

WARE (Weare)

Archibald and Jerusha Holmes of Stoughton, in Stoughton, June3,1784.*

Caroline Rebecca and Dr. Edward Warren of Boston, Oct.27,1835.

Elizabeth Ann and Rev. George Putnam (of Roxbury, int.), Aug.24,1831.

Ephraim, Dr., of Groton, and Abigail Gamage, Oct.13,1785.*

Galen of Andover, and Catharine Smith, July17,1810.

Harriet and Edward B. Hall of Northampton, int.Oct.7,1826.

Henry (Rev., int.) and Mary Lincoln, Feb.9,1807.

Henry (Rev., int.) and Elizabeth Bowes, Sept.15,1807.

Henry, Rev., of Boston, and Elizabeth W. Waterhouse, Oct.15,1817.

John (of Sherborn, int.) and Martha Prentice, June16,1743.

John F.W., Rev., of Fall River, and Caroline P. Rice, int.Apr.26,1844.

John F.W., Rev., widr., s.Henry Jr., dec. (and Elizabeth.CR1), a.30y., and Helen W. Rice, d.Nathan (and Eliza N.CR1), a.22y., Oct.10,1849.

Lucy Clark and Rev. Joseph Allen of Northborough, Feb.3,1818.

Mary C. and Jairus Lincoln of Duxbury, Dec.3,1818.


Ann E. (Ann Elizabeth, int.), d.John (and Priscilla.CR1), a.26y., and Joseph Bird, widr., s.Joseph (and Mary.CR1) of Watertown, a.38y., Dec.10,1848.

Caroline P., d.John (and Priscilla.CR1), a.21y., and Marshall T. Bigelow, s.Abraham (and Louisa B.CR1), a.25y., Oct.21,1847.

Eliza Bell and Rev. John L. (John Lovejoy, int.) Abbott of Boston, Oct.24,1813.

John and Mary Manning, Sept.26,1754.

John and Hannah Prentice, Mar.12,1776.

John Jr. and Sarah Bates, June20,1805.

John and Sarah Palmer, Feb.5,1806.

John and Priscilla Hill, Sept.8,1825.

John Henry of Medfield, and Mary Ann Carter, Sept.9,1832.

John and Mary Ann Phelps of Marlborough, int.Apr.6,1833.

Lucy and Jonathan Hunnewell, Feb.10,1785.*

Mary and William Darling (of Charlestown, int.), May19,1763.

Mary and Jason Howe, Nov.28,1805.

Mary Bell and (Dr., int.) Sylvanus Plympton, Feb.18,1823.

Mary M. and Royal Richardson, Mar.22,1831.

Nancy and Lieut. Josiah Moore, Aug.22,1782.*

Owen and Hannah Guy, Apr.3,1679.*

Owen and Sarah Stearns, int.Oct.12,1745.

Rebeckah and Bartholomew Barrett, July23,1706.*

Sarah and Abel Moor, Oct.16,1776.

Sarah Ann, d.John (and Sarah.CR1), a.27y., and Joseph Cutler, s.Christopher G. (and Mary T.CR1) of Salisbury, a.30y., Apr.9,1846.

Tabitha and John Morse, Aug.14,1729.*

William and Tabitha Hill, Feb.3,1701-2.*

William and Anne Parker, July3,1718.*

William and Mary Man, June11,1747.

William and Mary Cutter Thomson, Feb.10,1811.

William Jr., Rev., of Bridgewater, and Roxana Seaver of Boston, int.Nov.18,1836.


Elizabeth and Seth Libby, int.Sept.27,1844.

Fanny and Ezra Coller of Charlton, Feb.5,1799.*

Francis and Juliet P. Back, Oct.15,1840.

Harriet and Nathaniel Warner Jr. of Derry, NH, Apr.22,1829.

Jno. and Sarah Wood, June12,1677.*

John and Lucinda Osborn, int.Apr.29,1837.

John and Rebecca Kelsey of Newburyport, int.Feb.12,1841.

John A. and Eliza A. Woodward of Waltham, int.Sept.24,1841.

Lucy Jane and John W. Neal of Boston, Mar.22,1832.*

Martha and John Emmes, Nov.16,1826.

Nancy (of Townsend, int.) and John Nason Jr. of Boston, May3,1827.

Nathaniel Jr. of Derry, NH, and Harriet Warner, Apr.22,1829.

Tobias L. and Elizabeth C. Reed, int.July31,1830.


Aaron (Amos, int.) Jr. of Charlestown, and Susanna Frost, Nov.19,1802.

Abigail and Jonathan Capen, Apr.8,1795.*

Amos and Elizabeth Whittemore, Nov.25,1773.

Anna and Bartholomew Raymond, Jan.1,1776 (Jan.11.CR1)

Asa and Tabitha Johnson, Oct.1,1747.

Edward, Dr., of Boston, and Caroline Rebecca Ware, Oct.27,1835.

Eleanor and Robert Derby, Feb.末,1827 (int.Feb.3,1827).

Eliza of Charlestown, and Thomas Russell Jr., Dec.21,1800.

Elizabeth J. (Elizabeth Johnson, int.) of Charlestown, and John Barnes, Oct.5,1848.

Ezra of Chelmsford, and Mary Ann Pitts, int.Nov.20,1824.

Isaac and Mary Swan, July8,1781.*

Joseph W. of Newton, widr., s.George W., dec., a.27y., b. in Charlestown, and Charlotte R. Moody of Haverhill, d.Horace, of Milan, NH, a.19y., b. in Northumbeland NH, Oct.28,1845.*

Lydia and John Mullet of Charlestown int.Sept.23,1738.

Patty W. of Brighton, and James Peirce, int.Mar.21,1835.

Sarah of Weston, and Hobart Russell, in Weston, May26,1774.

William and Mehitable Randall of Rutland in Rutland June2,1799.*

William and Mary Fassett of Lincoln, int.Mar.9,1805.

William and Louisa Bowtelle, Jan.末,1833 (int.Jan.5,1833).


Daniel and Elizabeth Ramsdel of Chelsea, int.Feb.20,1759 [erased on record].


Sarah Ann and Jacob T. Glines, both of Charlestown, Mar.1,1842.*


Benjamin, Dr., and Elizabeth Oliver of Roxbury, in Roxbury, June1,1788.*

Benjamin and Louisa Lee, Sept.19,1819.

Elizabeth W. and Rev. Henry Ware of Boston, Oct.15,1817.


Henry C. and Eliza M. Carleton of Derry, NH, int.Oct.19,1847.

Mary and William Goodwin of Charlestown, int.Mar.10,1764.

Patrick and Catherine Colton, int.Jan.6,1837.

Peter and Vilate Lock of Newton, in Newton, Apr.8,1790.*

Rachel and Joseph Whittemore of Newburyport, int.May25,1771.

Thomas and Lydia J. Caldwell, Apr.16,1823.


Robert C. of Boston, and Anna C.L. Quincy, int.Mar.31,1840.


Andrew of Roxbury, and Mary Streeter, in Charlestown, Dec.10,1701.*

David of Hardwick, and Hannah Garfield, May30,1798.*

David (of Boston, int.) and Keziah Peddar, Feb.22,1805.


Oliver W. and Sarah W. Gregory, Nov.19,1845.


Abraham and Mary Butterfield, Jan.4,1750.*

Abraham Jr. and Lucy Prentice, Mar.28,1751.

Adolphus Eugene and Eliza H. Mellen, Oct.8,1835.

Ann and John, s.Huntress, Sept.8,1825.

Charlotte M. and Edmund F. Cutter of Somerville, Nov.20,1845.CR10

Daniel and Anna Tainter of Watertown, in Watertown, Nov.24,1757.

Elizabeth and Andrew Allen, Dec.31,1826.

Isaac and Abiel Angier, Aug.27,1725.*

Isaac (Jr., int.) and Elizabeth Whittemore, Apr.3,1740.

Isaac and Rebecca Tufts, May20,1761.

Isaac (of Medford, int.) and Ruth Lock, Sept.26,1771.

Jacob and Mary Healy, Nov.12,1702.*

Jacob and Mehitable Skinner of Woburn, in Woburn, June4,1761.

Jacob Jr. and Abigail Goodwin, May8,1794.*

John and Rebecca Errington, d.Anne,末蔓末,16末.CR1*

Justus D. of Somersworth, NH, and Rosina Callender, int.Aug.2,1845.

Lucy and James Munroe, Aug.18,1763.

Lucy and Dr. William Gammage, Oct.21,1784.*

Lucy Adelaide and Thomas Prentice Ayer of Charlestown, May31,1843.CR10

Lydia and Thomas Shepherd of Worcester, Nov.25,1790.*

Lydia and Joseph Holmes, May12,1803.

Margaret and Nathan Watson, Aug.19,1772.

Margaret and James Munroe, June10,1804.

Mehitabel and Adino Hastings, June21,1795.*

Nathan and Margaret Watson, Aug.19,1772.

Nathaniel Prentice and Lydia Fillebrown, Feb.9,1797.*

Rebeccah and Jonathan Rice, Nov.1,1679.*

Rebeckah and William Willis of Medford, June23,1709.*

Rebecca amd Samuel Rand (Jr. of Charlestown, int.), July12,1759.

Rebecca and Abiel Murdock (of Roxbury, int.), Oct.4,1770.

Rebecca and Samuel Cox, Mar.14,1793.*

Sarah Jr. and Jonathan Wieth, Nov.14,1750.*

Sarah and Christopher Grant Jr., Aug.4,1763.

Susanna and Artenatus Moore, Feb.7,1802.

William and Susannah Wyeth, Dec.6,1779.

William and Katharine Lopauz, Dec.29,1791.*

WATT (Watts)

Samuel (of Woburn, int.) and Susanna Swan, Apr.4,1757.

WATTS (Watt)

Elizabeth Cecelia and William H. Rook, int.Oct.24,1838.

Ellen and Martin Dowling, int.Apr.23,1841.

Isaac and Alice J. Gerrish of Portland ME, int.Apr.16,1848.

Martha of Woburn, and John Fowle, int.Oct.14,1749.

Nathaniel Jr. and Betsy Bruce, both of Medford, Apr.16,1800.*

Robert H. and Mary E. O'Connor, int.Mar.14,1847.

Sophia and Daniel Raymond of Charlestown, int.May5,1837.

WAYTE (Waight, Wait, Waitt, Weight)

Mary and Joseph Bartlett, Oct.27,1668.*

WEARE (Ware)

Mark and Harriet Prentiss, Jan.4,1810.

WEATHERBEE (Wetherbee, Wetherby)

George and Martha A. Wilson of West Cambridge, Jan.15,1843.


Jacob B. of Boston, and Sophia Light, Sept.23,1832.

Sophia, Mrs., and Ephraim Dow, Feb.20,1838.


Elizabeth and Nathaniel Fessenden, June20,1771.

Hannah E. (Hannah Elizabeth, int.), Mrs., and Paschal B. Comins of Boston, Mar.24,1839.

Laura M. and Hiram F. Cole (of Boston, int.), Dec.31,1848.

Lydia T., d.Elisha and Charlotte s., a.19y., and Samuel, s.Runey of Somerville, b. in Charlestown, s.John and Hannah, a.25y., May15,1844.


Edward of Boston, and Martha Chandler, Apr.12,1798.*

Elizabeth W. of Beverly, and James P. Davis, int.Mar.31,1837.

Huldah, a.20y., and Joshua Heath, a.25y., Feb.1,1847.

John A. and Sarah Hickling of Boston, int.Feb.5,1821.

John H. and Lydia P. Dailey, int.Mar.21,1847.

Jotham and Elizabeth Russell Jr., Mar.12,1778.

Mary and Capt. Robert Ball (of Boston, int.), Dec.9,1765.

Matilda and (Dr., int.) Jonathan (John, int.) Freeman Dana, Jan.18,1818.

William and Isabella Cutter of Charlestown, Mar.7,1784.CR1*


Abigail G. of Beverly, and Amos D. Hurd, int.Sept.25,1835.

Mary M. and Enoch L. Lewis, Sept.18,1846.

Ruth, Mrs., and Joseph Wheeler of Carlisle, Mar.28,1821.

Sarah H. and John P. Dabney of Fayal, int.Sept.21,1845.


Catherine and Artemas Farnum Lexington, int.Dec.15,1832.

Eleazer D. and Laura E. Piper, int.May30,1845.

Joseph and Sarah Russell (of Boston, int.), Jan.5,1778.

Lydia Ann of Exeter, NH, and Elbridge G. Coles, int.Apr.11,1829.

Lynthia M. and Rufus M. Evans, int.Sept.14,1844.


Rose and Michael Hackett, int.May21,1839.

WEIGHT (Waight, Wait, Waite, Waitt, Wayte)

Abiah and Samuel Manning, May6,1673.*

WELCH (Walch, Walsh, Welsh)

Adaline and Robert Douglas, Nov.13,1832.

Deborah and Jonathan Cane, May14,1674.*

Elkanah and Mercy Skilton, in Woburn, June18,1753.

Ellen and John Fallen, int.Dec.27,1846.

Esther C. of Brunswick, ME, and William A. Ryan, July18,1841.

Hannah and Benjamin Chadwick of Watertown, May10,1711.*

Hannah and Dennis Delaney, int.May27,1843.

Huldah and Timothy Bryant, int.Apr.19,1765.

John and Bridgett Cane, int.Mar.26,1849.

Joseph W. and Elizabeth D. Langley, Sept.11,1834.

Joseph W. and Phebe Rogers of Brewer Village, ME, int.Sept.12,1847.

Martin and Judith Clark, int.Jan.8,1836.

Mary and Alfred Barnard, Oct.17,1842.

Mary Eliza and Charles D. Folsom of Gilmanton, NH, int.May13,1849.

Monicha and Jeremiah Cushman of Boston, Oct.11,1849.*

Richard and Sarah Coats, July14,1776.

Thomas J. and Elizabeth Seaver, Jan.6,1833.

Thomas and Catharine Larnard, Feb.20,1838.

Tryal of Charlestown, and Hezekiah Shadrotch (Shattuck in margin) (Chadwick, int.), in Charlestown, July16,1747.


Abigail and Thomas Parsons, May2,1792.*

Benjamin C. and (Mrs., int.) Rebecca Whittemore, Mar.27,1844.

John and Margaret Fuller, June6,1723.*

John and Abigail B. Curtis of Roxbury, int.Apr.18,1807.

Penuel and Delia Davis, int.Jan.29,1807.

Thomas, Rev., of Dunstable, and Mary Savage, May22,1700.*

William F.H. of Boston, and Sarah Barrett, Jan.1,1817.


Royal F. and Clara H. Low, int.Oct.7,1849.


Abby of Lexington, and James Blodgett, int.Dec.21,1843.

Ambrose and Lucy Jane Kent of Concord, NH, int.May2,1845.

Cherry and Capt. James Lane of Bedford, in Lexington, Aug.9,1763.

Elizabeth and James Read (of Woburn, int.), Sept.24,1778.

Enoch and Sarah Richardson of Watertown, in Watertown, Aug.8,1782.*

Isabella of Lexington, and Rev. Hermon Snow of Brooklyn, CT, Apr.23,1845.*

Jeduthan and Susanna Reed of Woburn, in Woburn, Apr.23,1775.

Margaret A. of West Cambridge, and Joseph Yates, int.Oct.27,1831.

Rebeckah of Waltham, and Zechariah Hill (Jr., int.), in Waltham, Feb.10,1757.

Seth and Loisa Miles of Waltham, int.May30,1813.

William W., Dr., and Lucy Elizabeth Carter of Lancaster, int.Sept.11,1841.

William W., Dr., and Martha B. Carter, Oct.5,1847.


Daniel and Bethiah Mitchenson, d.Edward and Ruth,末蔓末,16末.CR1*

Elizabeth of Bedford, and Thomas W. Short, int.Feb.10,1820.

Elizabeth, d.Aaron, dec., a.25y., b. in Boston, and Charles Dallinger, s.John, a.29y., b. in London, Eng., Dec.25,1844.

Elizabeth F., d.Thomas, a.23y., and Elbridge G. Kenrick of Somerville, s.David, a.27y., Aug.17,1845.

Frances B. and Rev. William Newell, Apr.23,1835.

Hannah of Kennebunk, ME, and Horace Chick, int.July20,1839.

P. Francis and Isabella Reed of Boothbay, ME, int.July11,1849.

Sarah and Augustus R. Bayley, Nov.末,1847 (int.Nov.14,1847).

Thomas G. and Elizabeth Sewell Willis of Newburyport, int.Sept.29,1838.

Thomas M., s.Thomas, a.23y., and Frances E. Allen, wid., d.Amasa T. Thompson of Boston, a.24y., Jan.31,1847.

WELSH (Walch, Walsh, Welch)

Ann and John Deechan, int.Jan.17,1848.

Catherine and Thomas Williams of Boston, int.Sept.11,1842.

Elizabeth J. and Richard C. Young of Boston, int.Aug.25,1828

Eunice of Charlestown, and John Choate, Mar.18,1784.CR1*

John and Mary Duff, int.Feb.7,1849.

Joseph W. Jr. and Lucinda B. Knight, int.July18,1840.

Ruth and Isaac Tibbet, Apr.26,1781.*

Thomas and Elizabeth Mahoney, both of Medford, Jan.12,1762.CR2*

Walter and Julia Gleason of Charlestown, int.Feb.10,1841.

Walter and Catherine Keeffe of Boston, int.June4,1841.


James of Natchez, Miss., and Frances A. (Frances Ann, int.) Plympton, Aug.11,1839.

WENDALL (Wendell)

Harriot M. of Boston, and Thomas Russell, int.Mar.19,1825.

Katherine and Caleb Gannett, Jan.17,1781.*

Mary J. and Ezekiel A. Colman, both of Boston, Nov.22,1838.*

WENDELL (Wendall)

John Mico (of Boston, int.) and Katharine Brattle, Aug.13,1752.

Martha Fitch and Rev. John Mellen (of Barnstable.CR1), May27,1784.*

Robert W., widr., s.Jacob, a.49y., b. in Newcastle upon Tyne, Eng., and Susanna Hutchinson, wid., d.William Willott, a.43y., b. in Melton Mowbry, Eng., Dec.12,1844.

Sarah of Boston, and Rev. Abiel Holmes, int.Feb.14,1801.


Cesor and Mary Furnald Lock of Lexington, in Lexington, Dec.14,1795.*

Charles J., s.Samuel J. (and Mary R. Hazeltine.CR11) of Bangor, ME, a.22y., and Mary Hunter, d.Robert (and Mary Atchison.CR11), a.25y., Oct.25,1846.

Edwin H. and Susan Price, int.Nov.7,1836.

Elizabeth of Brighton, d.Clark (and Margaret.CR1), a.20y., and Joseph Augustus Brackett, s.Joseph (and Elizabeth.CR1), a.24y., Sept.11,1849.

John Jr. and Eliza Ann Wood, both of Boston, July3,1825.*

John W. of Brookline, s.Nathaniel of Brighton, a.22y., and Maria Arkerson, d.William, a.19y., Apr.3,1845.

Martha Ann and Henry Earl Jr., int.Dec.7,1845.

Mehitabel and John Carney, both of Boston, July3,1845.*


Martha of Watertown, and James Thomson, in Watertown, Dec.4,1733.*

Roger of Mason, and Anna Frost, Dec.22,1799.*


Caroline and John Martin Gibson of Boston, May30,1824.

Betsey of Boston, and Isaac Kimball, int.Sept.25,1821.

Ellen and John Beck, int.July22,1849.

James, s.Samuel, dec., a.22y., b. in Minot, ME, and Anna M. Cox, d.Lemuel, dec., a.16y., b. in Boston, Dec.12,1847.

Levi H., s.Samuel, of Turner, ME, a.26y., b. in Lisbon, ME, and Rebecca W. Wingate, d.Francis, a.20y., b. in Portsmouth, NH, Dec.16,1846.

True and Louisa M. Francis, Sept.28,1847.


Jabez and Mary Bennet, Mar.15,1779.


Anna, a.32y., and Charles Christopher Kipp, a.35y., both of Boston, Jan.3,1849.*


Abby J. and Ensign (Ensign s., int.) Fellows of Quincy, Apr.13,1840.

Ann (Mrs.CR10) and John Ward, Nov.7,1833.

Arabella, Mrs., and Ezekiel Hoit, July30,1840.

Daniel and Ann Snowden, int.Apr.29,1837.

Lafayette, s.Reuben, a.21y., and Sarah Ann Dearborn, d.J., a.17y., May25,1845.

Sarah S. of Reading, and Joseph B. Wilcox, int.Apr.8,1837.

WETHERBEE (Weatherbee, Wetherby)

Eliza H. and Avery W. Gilbert of New Braintree, May25,1847.

Jeremiah and Mary Holden of Barre, int.Sept.14,1809.

Joseph and Sally Parker, June7,1821.

Judah and Mary D. Kingsbury of Dedham, int.Nov.10,1833.

Lucy Ann of Boston, and John D. Robbins of Acton, in Boston, Dec.19,1839.*

Mary P. and George W. Eddy of Waterford, NY, int.Mar.14,1833.

Oliver and Elizabeth O. (A., int.) Black, Aug.24,1841.

Sarah A. (Sarah H., int.) and William Henshaw, Aug.19,1833.

WETHERBY (Weatherbee, Wetherbee)

Eliza and William Meriam, Nov.30,1809.

Ethen and Lucretia Adams, Dec.31,1775.


Bridgett and John Quinn, int.May21,1847.


Catherine C. of Boston, and Edward W. Gibson, int.Dec.21,1841.

Louisa of Newton, and Edward A. Hammond, int.Feb.6,1836.


Amelia and William L. Burns of Boston, int.Sept.4,1824.


Samuel Jr. and Hannah Hovey, in Concord, Aug.2,1726.*


Ann and James Seals, int.Feb.14,1843.

WHEELAR (Wheeler)

Nathaniel of Boston, and Thankful Spear, int.Apr.20,1776.

WHEELER (Wheelar)

Abel (of Boston, int.) and Charlotte Bemis, Dec.3,1833.

Aliphal B. and John Boardman, Jan.28,1813.

Asahel of Boston and Emily Ann Langley, June8,1843.

Charles of Rockport, and Elizabeth Smith, Oct.18,1846.

Deshdamona and Thomas Ditson, Oct.22,1817.

Elijah and Hannah Dodge, int.Jan.20,1828.

Eliza and Noah W. Langley, Sept.7,1824.

Eliza and Silas Conant, both of Acton, Feb.22,1825.*

Elizabeth A. and Crosman (Crossman N., int.) Johnson, Oct.11,1840.

Elizabeth of Concord, and Joseph Nelson Gibbs, int.Nov.2,1845.

Emerson and Sarah Dalrymple, Mar.末,1829.

Eunice W. and George B. Lothrop of Boston, int.July16,1842.

George and Sarah Ann Fulton of Boston, June12,1844.

Hannah of Medford, and Joseph Wyman, Jan.22,1821.

Hannah E. and William H. Dodge, July21,1842.

Henry of Boston, and Eliza W. (Eliza Watson, int.) Hastings, Dec.末,1821.

Isaac and Bethiah Pain, both of Charlestown, Apr.3,1700.*

James and Harriet Jackson of Boston int.Dec.14,1843.

Jane H. and David Tenney, int.Aug.22,1847.

John, Dr., of Dover, NH, and Rebecca Harris of Malden, Mar.12,1793.*

John and Mary Scammell of Bellingham, int.Mar.7,1807.

John and Bethiah Scammell of Bellingham, int.Mar.14,1812.

John and Ann Balch of Dorchester, int.Dec.22,1818.

John G., s.Abel, of Sutton, NH, a.23y., b. in Wendell, NH, and Nancy Jane Buswell, d.James, a.22y., b. in Acworth, NH, Sept.15,1844.

Jonathan and Deborah, s.Train of Framingham, int.Feb.6,1831.

Joseph and Abigail Butterfield, Mar.2,1726-7.*

Joseph of Carlisle, and Mrs.Ruth Webster, Mar.28,1821.

Joseph and Louisa Clark of Charlestown, Dec.27,1840.

Lewis and Catharine Adams of Medway, int.Mar.28,1828.

Lucretia and Levi Dakin, in Sudbury, May13,1804.

Lydia M. of Dover, NH, and Warren White, int.Sept.4,1824.

Mirriam and John Shaw, int.Mar.6,1806.

Mary J., d.Jesse N. of Wakefield, NH, a.19y., and W. Brooks Davies, s.Amasa, a.24y., Dec.31,1846.

Nancy of Acton and Albert Sawin, int.Oct.22,1831.

Nancy C. and Atkins Sweetser, Mar.10,1842.

Nathan of Rehoboth, and Lydia Learned (Leonard, int.andCR1), Apr.4,1805.

Sally G. and Joseph L. Brigham, Nov.14,1830.

Thomas J. and Harriet Jane Gilson, Dec.5,1833.

William and Mary Daracutt, both late of Boston, int.Dec.16,1775.

William P. and Margarett P. Hunnewell, July21,1822.


Edward C. and Sarah E. Orcutt, both of Boston, Sept.20,1840.*

Elcy K., d.Ebenezer H., a.19y., and Alden Moore, widr.of Woburn, s.James, a.30y., Apr.13,1845.

Henrietta, a.18y., and Alonzo Packard, a.21y., Mar.9,1848.

Marcia M. of Townsend, VT, and Clark Aldrich Jr., int.Mar.17,1838.


Lot and Elizabeth W. Brooks of West Cambridge, int.June25,1840.


William Wilder of Charlestown, and Juliet Rebecca Gleason, int.Apr.25,1829.


John and Margaret Hannasy, int.June10,1842.

WHETCOMB (Whitcomb)

Mary and John Streeter, Apr.9,1700.CR1*


Lyman of Somerville, and Sarah L. Clement, Apr.24,1845.

Sarah K. of Newburyport, and George Lambert, int.Mar.25,1845.

Stephen (of Nashua, NH, int.) and Mary R. Duntin, Feb.12,1834.

William J. (Esq., int.) and Charlotte M. (Charlotte McClennan, int.) Lander, May27,1841.

WHITCOMB (Whetcomb)

Henry M. and Matilda (Matilda F., int.) Beers of Boston, Oct.25,1829.

John of Littleton, and Sarah Carter, in Littleton, June5,1782.*

John A. of Bolton (Lancaster.CR9) and Mary L. Dickinson, Jan.18,1836.

Lucretia and George W. Hale, May10,1840.

Polly and Ebenezer C. Johnson, Nov.30,1817.

Matilda F. (Mrs., int.) and Samuel Palmer, Mar.13,1842.

Susan of Rockingham, VT, and Henry Burroughs, int.Nov.14,1835.


Abijah of Watertown, and Ann Maria Howard, int.Mar.21,1811.

Abraham and Mary Smith, June22,1721.*

Catherine and William Cook, May5,1804.

Charlotte and John Burns, July20,1837.

Comfort of Charlestown, and George Cunningham, int.Sept.10,1825.

Curtis and Louisa, s.Williams, Dec.17,1846.

Daniel of Wardsborough, VT, and Mary Durant, Oct.16,1814.

Elijah and Lucy Robbins, Oct.2,1796.*

Elisha (Elijah, int.) R. of Boston, s.Elisha R., dec., a.21y., and Rebecca P. Nichols, d.James, a.29y., Feb.19,1846.

Eliza Parker and Abijah E. Hildreth of Boston, Nov.30,1837.

Elizabeth and Samuel Andrews, Sept.22,1652.*

Elizabeth H. and William Whitney, int.Aug.26,1826.

Ellen of Boston, and Garrett Farrell, int.Aug.25,1838.

Frederick W. of Wrentham, and Mrs.Catharine A. Stickney, int.July14,1835.

Hannah and George Allen, Sept.6,1756.*

Hannah of Brookline, and Jonathan Dana, in Brookline, Nov.11,1762.

Harriet A. of Somerville, d.Artemas (and Angelina.CR1), a 18y., and Edward N. Moore of Boston, s.Abraham (and Eliza.CR1), a.23y., Oct.16,1845.*

Joel of Woodstock, and Sarah Phillips, int.Nov.24,1775.

John (of Boston, int.) and Susanna Shattock, June2,1741.

John P. (of Woburn, int.) and Laura Learned, Aug.28,1842.

John, s.and Mary A. Barnes of Roxbury, int.July16,1844.

Lois of Watertown, and James Robbins, in Watertown, Aug.31,1786.*

Lois L. of Watertown, and Dr. Estes Howe, int.Nov.27,1848.

Louisa and Austin Matson, June29,1837.

Lucy and Asa Peckham, both of Boston, June29,1835.*

Margaret and William Herrin, int.Nov.11,1847.

Maria, d.Abijah, of Watertown, and James Russell Lowell, s.Rev. Charles, a.25y., Dec.26,1844.

Martin K. and Juliet A. Wightman, int.Apr.17,1829.

Mary of Charlestown, and William Manning, in Charlestown, Nov.7,1723.*

Nancy of Westboro, and Abiather Knapp, int.Jan.4,1803.

Nathaniel and Martha Ann Wright of Reading, int.Sept.23,1838.

Nicholas and Johanna Doyle, both of Medford, Jan.7,1849.*

Rebecca and Charles H. Carroll of Baltimore, MD, Jan.25,1832.

Robert and Charlotte Kendall, Oct.27,1836.

Sarah and George W. Tinges of Baltimore, int.Aug.7,1840.

Susannah of Brookline and Abel Whitney, int.Nov.19,1809.

Timothy and Ellen Collins of Lexington, int.May23,1847.

Warren and Lydia M. Wheeler of Dover, NH, int.Sept.4,1824.

Welcome Jr. and Phebe Ames of North Bridgewater, int.Dec.4,1844.

William H. and Louisa R. Locke, in Somerville, Dec.19,1848.CR9


Rhoda and Moses Emerson of Charlestown, Nov.26,1826.*


Deborah K. and Joseph G. Rowe of Lexington, int.Aug.2,1845.

WHITEMORE (Whitmore, Whittemore, Whittmore)

Samuel and Ann Matilda Rand of Boston, int.May31,1823.

Stephen (of Medford, int.) and Mary Whittemore, July14,1763.

WHITING (Whyting)

Alice and Rev. Timothy Stephens of Glassenbury, May19,1701.*

Augustus of New Orleans, and Sarah Swan of Columbus, OH, Oct.19,1843.

Jabez and Rebecca Ellis of Dedham, in Dedham, Oct.27,1779.

Jabez and Lucy Hammond, Apr.28,1805.

Sarah and Samuel Sparhawk, Dec.2,1696.CR1*

Sarah of Dedham and Capt. Eliphalet Robbins, in Dedham, Mar.13,1777.


Edmund B. and Nancy Russell of Kingston, int.July26,1839.

Mary C. and Walcott Richardson, int.Apr.19,1846.

WHITMORE (Whitemore, Whittemore, Whittmore)

Elizabeth and Daniel Markham, Nov.3,1669.*

Francis and Isabel 末末,末蔓末,16末.CR1*

Francis and Margarett Harty, Nov.10,1666.*

Francis 3d (of Medford, int.) and Elizabeth Bowman, Dec.30,1764.

Horace and Emily Willard of Leicester, int.July8,1823.

John and Lydia Cutter, June24,1735.*

Mary of Medford, and Nathan Blodgett, int.Mar.16,1775.

Samuel and Rebeka Gardner, Mar.31,1686.*


Abel and Susannah White of Brookline, int.Nov.19,1809.

Ann O. and James Staples, int.Apr.19,1846.

Benjamin L. of Boston, and Caroline St. A. Homer, Aug.23,1837.

Catherine D. and Henry Sargent of Worcester, int.Mar.4,1849.

Charles and Caroline F. Stimson of Waltham, Dec.28,1838.

Edward T. and Lydia L. Brigham of Northborough, int.May18,1833.

Betsy and Abijah Johnson, Feb.19,1797.*

Elizabeth D. and Sylvester Knight, int.Feb.18,1843.

Eunice Mrs., and John Woods of Ashburnham, Sept.5,1826.

Israel (of Watertown, int.) and Jemimah Robbins, Dec.10,1765.

Jacob, s.Milton, and Ann Maria Cannell, Dec.25,1838.

James L. of Harvard, and Elizabeth Tilton, Apr.7,1842.

John D. and Elizabeth Doughty, Mar.9,1826.

John and Mary B. Holt of Boston, int.Nov.8,1828.

Lucy of Watertown, and Benjamin Dana, in Watertown, May22,1766.

Mary and Edward Richards, in Newton, Mar.20,1766.

Mary and Cornelius (Cornelius C., int.) Felton, July19,1838.

Oliver and Hannah Chase, June9,1780.*

Otis and Mary Piper, July20,1823.

Richard of Concord, and Anna Seaver, int.Nov.26,1804.

Ruthy of Newtown, and Israel Lebetter Worcester, int.Mar.5,1800.

Sampson and Betsey Upton of Wilmington, in Wilmington, Oct.9,1796.*

Sarah F.T. (Sarah Frances Tucker, int.) and Joseph P. Howlett, Aug.23,1832.

Sophia and Edward Mellen (Esq., of East Sudbury, int.), May17,1831.

Susan and Philip A. Smith, Mar.29,1835.

William and Elizabeth H. White, int.Aug.26,1826.

William and Adeline Richardson of Brookfield, int.Sept.10,1831.

William L. and Lucy Ann Jones, Oct.18,1836.

William L. and Rebecca R. Brackett of Quincy, int.July2,1840.

Zacheus and Phanny Allen, Apr.19,1821.

WHITON (Whitton)

J.P. (John P., int.) of Boston, and Maria E. Orne, Feb.5,1838.

John P. and Lydia B. Bancroft of Danvers, int.May24,1846.


Nathaniel of Concord, and Hannah Carly, in Charlestown, Dec.20,1705.*

WHITTEMORE (Whitemore, Whitmore, Whittmore)

Abigail and John Davenport, May4,1801.

Abby (Abigial, int.) Riggs (of Charlestown, dup.) and (Rev., int.) Lucius Robinson Paige, Oct.5,1834.

Amos Jr. and Rebecca Russell of Charlestown, int.Jan.20,1804.

Amos, s.Amos, a.27y., b. in Roxbury, and Elizabeth, s.Jukes, a.23y., int.Oct.29,1849.

Anna and Thomas Russell, Mar.8,1774.

Asa and Lucy Saunderson of Newton, int.Dec.31,1803.

Catherine and John Clark, Jan.7,1834.

Eliza Ann and George P. Gifford, Feb.10,1847.

Elizabeth and Isaac Watson (Jr., int.), Apr.3,1740.

Elizabeth and William Cutler, Sept.15,1743.

Elizabeth and Amos Warren, Nov.25,1773.

Elizabeth and Ebenezer Brooks of Medford, Mar.31,1796.*

Hannah and Thomas Cutter, July19,1757.

Helen and Jonas Prentice, int.Jan.2,1807.

Henry and Eliza A. Cutter, both of West Cambridge, May26,1828.*

Jonathan and Rebecca Munroe of Lexington, Feb.1,1795.*

Joseph of Newburyport and Rachel Waters, int.May25,1771.

Joseph and Rebecca Barker, June20,1819.

Lovice C. and Rev. Luther J. Fletcher, Aug.31,1846.

Lydia and Caleb Prentice, Sept.17,1744.

Lydia and Joseph Skinner, int.Aug.31,1811.

Lydia Ann and Edmund G. (Edmund George, int.) Lucas of Boston, Apr.29,1847.

Mary and Samuel Hastings, int.Nov.7,1746.

Mary and Stephen Whitemore (of Medford, int.), July14,1763.

Mary of Medford, and Nathan Blodged, Apr.27,1775.*

Mary of Charlestown, and Jonathan C. Prentiss, Aug.14,1812.

Nathan and Mehitable Carter, Feb.7,1781.*

Rebecca G. and John Thompson, int.Mar.13,1830.

Rebecca (Mrs.int.) and Benjamin C. Weld, Mar.27,1844.

Ruth and William Angier, Sept.15,1742.

Samuell and Margaret (Mary.CR1) Hickes, Oct.13,1715.*

Samuel 3d and Love Stone, June11,1747.

Samuell, Dea., and Hannah Livermore of Watertown, int.May24,1764.

Samuel, Capt., and Esther Prentice of Lexington, in Lexington, Aug.15,1765.

Samuel 3d and Elizabeth Wilson, Mar.20,1770.

Samuel and Lydia Perry, July19,1796.*

Sarah and John Dickson Jr., Jan.19,1749.

Sarah of West Cambridge, and Reuben E. Demmon, int.June6,1843.

Suky and Jonathan Butterfield, int.Aug.30,1806.

Susanna and Francis Cutter, Dec.29,1782.*

Thomas and Anna Cutter, Feb.1,1753.

Thomas and Sukey Cutter, Nov.16,1783.*

Thomas Jr. and Sarah T. Cook, Oct.19,1843.

William and Abigail De Carteret of Charlestown, in Charlestown, Oct.12,1758.

William and Elizabeth Cutter, Nov.2,1783.*

William Jr. and Anna Cutter, both of Charlestown, Feb.2,1796.*

William, Maj., Jr., Esq., and Hitty Hopkins of Boston, int.May2,1807.


Amos and Hannah Davis, int.May3,1828.

Elizabeth of Newburyport, a.25y., and Benjamin Davis of Belfast, ME, a.25y., June29,1847.*

Joseph M., s.William, a.23y., and Mary E. Stevens, d.Elijah, a.19y., June25,1848.

WHITTMORE (Whitemore, Whitmore, Whittemore)

John, Dea., and Rebeckah Cutter, June3,1724.*

WHITTON (Whiton)

Charles and Emmeline D. Homer, Nov.27,1830.

Hepzibah and Isaac Mills, Dec.20,1838.

Isaiah and Emily Shaw of Boston, int.Sept.22,1835.


Sarah and Samuel Mitchell of Boston, Apr.21,1839.*

WHYTING (Whiting)

John, Rev., and Sybill Collins, d.Edward,末蔓末,16末.CR1*

WIETH (With, Withe, Wyeth, Wyth, Wythe)

Jonathan and Sarah Watson Jr., Nov.14,1750.*


Charles H., s.James of Barrington, NH, a.27y., b. in Durham, NH, and Elizabeth A. Day, d.Jacob G., a.18y., b. in Bradford, NH, Dec.12,1847.

William and Sarah M. Hayes of Barrington, NH, int.Oct.19,1839.

Woodbury, s.James, of Barrington, NH, a.21y., b. in Durham, NH, and Martha Ann Achorn, d.Henry, of Waldoboro, ME, a.18y., July28,1844.


末末, Rev., Prof., and Sarah Wigglesworth, Oct.20,1785.*

Edward, Rev., and Sarah Leverett, June15,1726.*

Edward, Rev., and Rebecca Coollidge, Sept.10,1729.*

Edward and Margaret Hill of Boston, int.Oct.5,1765.

Edward, Rev., and Dorothy Sparhawk, Jan.6,1778.

Margarett and Rev. John Andrews of Newburyport, Sept.8,1789.*

Rebecca and Stephen Sewall, Aug.9,1763.

Sarah and Rev. Prof. 末末 Wigglesworth, Oct.20,1785.*

Sarah Ann and John Hobart, Oct.8,1834.


Juliet A. and Martin K. White, int.Apr.17,1829.


William and Mary Powell, Feb.22,1650.*

WILCOX (Wilcocke)

Joseph B. and Sarah, s.Weston of Reading, int.Apr.8,1837.

Silas and Laura A. (Laura Ann, int.) Patten, May28,1843.

WILD (Wildes, Wilds)

Abigail and Benjamin Willard, Sept.29,1816.

Elizabeth of Newton, and Caleb Dana, in Newton, Apr.1,1790.*

Margaret and Christopher Bollard, int.Aug.2,1834.


Charles W. and Harriet Sherwin, Apr.11,1841.

Cyrus D. and Catherine Wilkins, Aug.19,1845.

James of Hillsboro, NH, and Almira Train, Sept.末,1821.

Julia A. of Fitchburg, and Smith Farnum, Oct.10,1847.

WILDES (Wild, Wilds)

Owen and Margaret Keegen, int.Sept.11,1837.

WILDS (Wild, Wildes)

Nancy of Lancaster, and Flavel Coolidge, int.Jan.11,1806.


Betsey of South Reading, and Solomon Alden, int.Nov.4,1826.


Amos, s.and Mary W. Moulton of Salem, int.Aug.2,1827.

Catherine and Cyrus D. Wilder, Aug.19,1845.

Cynthia and Isaac Frost of West Cambridge, int.Feb.18,1832.

Deborah and Edwin C. Rogers, int.June24,1849.

Elizabeth (Betsey, int.) and William B. Tufts of Lynn, June2,1845.

George of Cumberland RI, and Selina Sawin, Sept.3,1831.

George and Mary Ann Lewis, int.June29,1848.

Mary (Mary W., int.andCR1) and James Child, July26,1818.

Mary A. and Eleazer Fifield, int.Mar.21,1829.

Mary and Philemon R. Russell Jr., int.Sept.22,1832.

Milton V. and Harriet Haynes, int.Apr.26,1845.

Sarah and Pyam C. Hatch, Dec.19,1834.


Augusta and Dr. Samuel L. Dana of Waltham, int.Sept.5,1829.

Benjamin and Abigail Wild, Sept.29,1816.

Caroline J., d.Emery (and Irene.CR1) of Brighton, a.20y., and Edward M. Abbott, s.John (and Olive.CR1) of Gilmanton, NH, a.38y., both of Brighton, June6,1848.*

Charles and Lucy Belcher, Dec.26,1822.

Charles of Taunton, and Martha A. Nichols, int.Oct.23,1842.

Emily of Leicester and Horace Whitmore, int.June8,1823.

Emery and Irene Benjamin of Boston, int.Mar.17,1826.

Jonathan and Mary Cook, Jan.23,1728-9.*

Joseph A. and Penelope Cochran, Sept.5,1841.

Lucy C. (eldest, d.Charles, dec., and Lucy.CR4) and George, s.Sanders (3d, s.William and Sarah.CR4), Feb.11,1847.

Lyman and Elizabeth Howe of Dorchester, int.Nov.27,1844.

Orin of Ashburnham, and Susan Wyeth, Mar.11,1828.

Sidney, Prof., and Elizabeth Ann Andrews of Ipswich, int.Dec.10,1815.

Sidney, Prof., and Hannah Staniford Heard of Ipswich, int.Jan.2,1819.

Sophia and Francis Dana Jr., Aug.4,1802.


Aaron and Deborah Robbins (of Lexington, int.), May12,1772.

Abigail and John Savel, Aug.7,1755.

Abraham and Elizabeth Bordman, Nov.5,1730.*

Albert, Dr., of Boston, and Mary Ann Twombly, int.July16,1834.

Amasa and Peggy Cunningham, Apr.17,1796.

Anna and Ebenezer Parker (of Stoneham, int.), Oct.25,1749.

Anne of Boston, and Loammi Baldwin, Esq., int.May5,1816.

Benjamin and Polly Blanding of Newton, int.Dec.31,1803.

Boardman of Boston, and Deborah H. Baylies, Nov.7,1813.

Damaris and Jeremiah Russell, Jan.12,1737-8.

Ebenezer and Mary Palfray, Oct.1,1700.CR1*

Ebenezer of Boston and Elizabeth R. Wyman, May13,1838.

Eleanor R. and George W. Lewis, Jan.20,1846.

Eli and Nancy G. Mayo of Boston, int.Sept.20,1816.

Eliza and James Burroughs, June末,1826.

Elizabeth and William Dewey, July16,1804.

Elizabeth and John Larrabee of Roxbury, Dec.24,1829.

Elizabeth M., wid., of Natick, d.Daniel Savage, a.33y., b. in Wiscasset, ME, and Daniel Carpenter, of Natick, s.David, a.25y., b. in Boston, Feb.26,1845.*

Elizabeth and Franklin Clay of Amoskeag, NH, Jan.21,1846.

Elizabeth and Edmund F. Bird, int.Apr.20,1846.

Experience and Ebenezer Prentice, Nov.24,1785.*

Gershom and Martha Wilson (Jr., int.), Feb.5,1765.

Gershom and Susanna Willson, int.May10,1806.

Henry and Elizabeth H. Stevens, int.Sept.16,1832.

Isaac of Newton, and Sarah Stratton, in Newton, June1,1748.

James and Lucy Brown of Boston, int.Sept.28,1800.

Jason and Abygal Ally of Townsend, in Townsend, Sept.10,1772.

John (of Lynn, int.) and Martha Bordman, Oct.9,1740.

John and Elizabeth Priest (of Waltham, int.), Dec.13,1764.

John of Roxbury, and Sarah Robbins, May7,1804.

John of Dover, NH, and Sophia Mellen, Apr.23,1810.*

John M., s.and Elizabeth L. Manning, int.July21,1845.

John M., widr., of Boston, s.Luke of Hubbardston, a.26y., and Abigail F. Baldwin, d.Asa, of Templeton, a.17y., Mar.23,1846.

Josiah and Experience Hovey of Lexington, Dec.17,1776.

Josiah and Olive W. Wakefield, Nov.25,1828.

Louisa, s.and Curtis White, Dec.17,1846.

Lydia and William D. Butts of Charlestown, Apr.16,1829.

Mary and Daniel Locke, Nov.15,1802.

Mary and Jonathan Dorr, int.Oct.14,1820.

Mary and Johnathan Towns, Dec.6,1820.*

Mary Ann of Boston, and John Staniford, May17,1843.

Mehitable and Manuel Grace (of Wilmington, int.), Apr.10,1777.

Nathaniel, Rev., and Anne Broadstreet, Nov.21,1700.*

Nathaniel and Sarah Abbott of Watertown, in Watertown, Mar.17,1723-4.*

Nathaniell and Annah Davies, int.July30,1738.

Nathaniel and Hannah Grace of Wilmington, int.Sept.22,1777.

Sarah and Samuel Swan, Jan.1,1761.

Sarah and William Ormsby, int.Mar.11,1837.

Stephen G. and Elizabeth Prime, Nov.10,1835.

Sukey and Samuel Ensworth, both of Newton, May31,1801.*

Thomas and Abigail Sparhawk, Aug.30,1733.*

Thomas Jr. and Lydia Child of Newton, in Newton, Apr.18,1754.

Thomas and Mary Winship, int.Aug.14,1773.

Thomas of Boston, and Judith Gould, Feb.末,1821 (int.Feb.7,1821. Colored).

Thomas and Judith Holmes of Charlestown, int.June29,1825.

Thomas of Boston, and Catherine Welsh, int.Sept.11,1842.


George and Eliza Sanders of Boston, int.Apr.17,1831.


Benjamin and Elizabeth Swoetman, Dec.7,1671.*

Benjamin and Elizabeth Phipps, in Watertown, Dec.25,1712.*

Elisha and Mary Prentice, Apr.12,1768.

Elizabeth and Richard Clark (of Watertown, int.), July2,1761.

Francis and Rachel Mason, Jan.6,1763.

Jeduthan, Col., and Elizabeth Winnek of Boston, int.May14,1803.

Jno. and Susannah Strayte, June9,1681.*

Joseph and Dorcas Stone of Watertown, in Watertown, Nov.13,1733.*

Margaret and Timothy Paige (of Bedford, int.), May12,1766.

Martha of Waltham, and William Parker, int.Nov.7,1807.

Mary and Phinehas Stearns (of Waltham, int.), July9,1761.

Palsgrave and Abigail Sewall, int.Nov.28,1772.

Relief and Ephraim Parker of Newton, in Newton, Mar.27,1794.*

Susan and Ephraim Cook Jr., Dec.18,1803.

Susanna and Abraham Hill, Feb.16,1758.

Thomas Jr. and Margaret Stone of Watertown, in Watertown, Mar.13,1734-5.*

Thomas and Chary Stone of Watertown, in Watertown, Apr.1,1735.*

Timothy (of Lexington, int.) and Rebecca Stone, Sept.23,1742.


Abigail of Medford, and William Patten, in Medford, Jan.3,1700-1.*

Elizabeth Sewell of Newburyport, and Thomas G. Wells, int.Sept.29,1838.

Elizabeth, d.Stillman, a.25y., and William F. Gay of Watertown, s.William, a.35y., Jan.29,1845.

Harriet A. (Harriet Augusta, int.), d.Stillman and Abner French of Boston, May9,1844.

Lorenzo Dow, and Elenor Hovey, June11,1829.

Stephen of Medford, and Martha Bordman, Sept.30,1708.*

William of Medford, and Rebeckah Watson, June23,1709.*


Samuel and Lucy Ivory, both late of Boston, int.Mar.12,1776.


George and Jane 末末,末蔓末,16末.CR1*


Charles, widr., of Newbury, s.John, and Mary L.W. Hyde, d.John W., July6,1847.

WILLSON (Wilson)

Andrew and Sarah Sherman of Watertown, in Watertown, June7,1722.*

Charlotte and Thomas Harbach of Brookline, Jan.19,1797.*

John and Lydia Meek of Salem, Mar.31,1793.*

Nancy and James Hovey, Nov.11,1794.*

Sally and Henry Dana, Aug.31,1786.*

Shipley Wells and Julia Ann Jordan, both of Boston, Oct.28,1841.*

Susanna and Gershom Williams, int.May10,1806.

Thomas and Susannah Patrick, Aug.29,1785.*


Timothy and Elizabeth Davis, Dec.4,1677.*

WILSON (Willson)

Andrew (Jr., int.) and Joanna Winship (of Charlestown, int.), July5,1757.

Anne and Edward Richardson (of Concord, int.), May16,1771.

Ann Genett, d.Thomas, a.24y., and Henry Smith, s.Henry, a.26y., both of Boston, June4,1848.*

Benjamin and Elizabeth Brown, Mar.12,1787.*

Catherine and John Lopas (of Woburn, int.), Nov.6,1760.

Deborah and Elisha Bull, June7,1680.*

Deborah and Matthew Abdey, Apr.10,1688.*

Deborah of Cambridge Farms, and Hezekiah Russ, in Andover, Apr.10,1710.*

Deliverance and Daniel Squier, in Watertown, July5,1710.*

Edward and Lucy Francis (of Medford, int.), Nov.23,1758.

Elizabeth and Samuel Whittemore 3d, Mar.20,1770.

Elizabeth and Mathew Fleming, Oct.28,1832.

George W.F. of Gardiner, ME, and Mary R. Richards of Somerville, Nov.19,1843.*

Hannah and Benjamin Hopkins, Mar.27,1723.*

Hannah and Benjamin Hamilton, Mar.24,1841.

Isaac and Susanna Andrew, July19,1685.*

Jesse and Mrs.Betsy Barber, Nov.20,1825.

John and Martha Russell, int.July2,1737.

John Jr. and Susanna Payne, Oct.10,1765.

Joseph and Elizabeth Caldwell, Mar.6,1785.*

Josiah and Hannah Frost, Apr.13,1780.*

Lydia and Joseph Belknap Jr., Jan.5,1773.

Martha (Jr., int.) and Gershom Williams, Feb.5,1765.

Martha A. of West Cambridge, and George Weatherbee, Jan.15,1843.

Mary and Thomas Oliver, Apr.19,1682.*

Nathan and Elizabeth L. Brown, Apr.25,1830.

Nathan and Nancy Lane, int.Dec.24,1836.

Nathaniel and Sally Pearson of Haverhill, int.Aug.14,1802.

Phebe and Nathan Swan, June21,1770.

Rebecca F. and Thomas B. Eaton, both of West Cambridge, Mar.12,1844.*

Robert of Sudbury, and Deborah Stevenson, d.Andrew and Jane,末蔓末,16末.CR1*

Sarah and Jonathan Wyeth, int.July28,1750.

Sarah and Thomas Wallace, int.Apr.26,1834.

Seaborne and David Fiske, Sept.6,1655.*

Stephen F. of Boston, and Abby B. Scott, int.Apr.30,1835.

Susan F. of West Cambridge, and Wyman V. Tainter, int.Apr.23,1848.

Thomas and Mary Patrick of Roxbury, in Roxbury, May6,1784.*

Thomas (Thomas C., int.) and Lucy A. Murphy of Boston, Feb.8,1827.


Mercy and John Ellis, Oct.22,1765.

Nathaniel and Elizabeth Brown of Brookline, int.June16,1775.

Nathaniel and Lydia Brown, Feb.22,1787.*

Susanna and Nathaniel Cunningham of Roxbury, Feb.9,1786.*

William and Susanna Smith, int.Feb.10,1767.


Benjamin of Brookline, and Elizabeth Chamberlin, June22,1726.*

Mary of Brookline, and Caleb Hovey, in Brookline, June4,1713.*

WINDSHIP (Winship, Winshipp)

Edward and Elizabeth 末末,末蔓末,16末.CR1*

Edward and Jane 末末,末蔓末,16末.CR1*


Aaron and Caroline Somes, Apr.22,1810.

Jonathan and Sarah Merritt of Charlton, int.Apr.24,1819.

Rebecca W., d.Francis, dec., a.29y., b. in Portsmouth, NH, and Levi H. West, s.Samuel, of Turner, ME, a.26y., b. in Lisbon, ME, Dec.16,1846.


Francis and Lucy H. Winn of Wells, ME, int.Feb.2,1843.

James and Sally Frost, int.Aug.3,1804.

Jonathan Bowers and Mary Adams, both of Burlington, Sept.末,1802.*

Joseph and Ann Amelia Lambert, int.Nov.8,1837.

Lucy H., of Wells, ME, and Francis Winn, int.Feb.2,1843.

Sophia F. of Boston, and James Morse, int.Oct.8,1836.


Elizabeth of Boston, and Col. Jeduthan Willington, int.May14,1803.

Seth C., s.William, a.25y., and Mary O. Tapling, d.Robert, a.19y., Oct.8,1848.

WINSHIP (Windship, Winshipp)

Abigail and William Russell, Mar.18,1682-3.*

Abigail and Joseph Cook Jr., May22,1746.

Abigail and Samuel Kidder, Nov.12,1787.*

Amos and Mary Wyman, Oct.29,1782.*

Benjamin and Mary Adams, Apr.4,1788.*

Caleb and Abigail Blackinton, Sept.28,1802.

Deborah and Moses Haryington, June23,1760.

Edmund and Rebecca Barsham, May14,1683.*

Edmund (Edward.CR1) and Lucy Learned, Nov.22,1789.*

Edmund and Mary Angier, Dec.3,1789.*

Elizabeth and Joseph Peirce of Watertown, in Watertown, June15,1698.*

Elizabeth and Walter Russell, Apr.3,1706.*

Elizabeth and Jason Russell, Jan.28,1740.

Elizabeth and Isaac Learned, July8,1784.*

Ephraim and Hannah Reyner, Apr.7,1670.*

Ephraim and Elizabeth Kendall, Nov.9,1675.*

Ephraim and Hannah Cutter, June17,1708.*

Esther and Ammi Cutter Jr., Feb.6,1776.

Eunice and Joseph Porter, Jan.24,1799.*

Grace and Simeon Childs, Sept.28,1788.*

Hannah of Lexington, and Noah Bowman, int.July14,1744.

Hannah of Lexington, and John Champney, int.May17,1801.

Hepzibah and Jonathan Davis, Feb.19,1776.

Isabel and Josiah Hovey, Mar.31,1789.*

James (of Lexington, int.) and Lydia Phillips, Apr.15,1762.

Jason and Ruth Carter of Woburn, in Woburn, Apr.26,1764.*

Jason and Mary Piper of Lexington, int.Jan.16,1768.

Joanna (of Charlestown, int.) and Andrew Wilson (Jr., int.), July5,1757.

Joel of Lexington, and Phebe Hill, Nov.14,1792.*

John and Judith Carter (of Woburn, int.), Dec.5,1763.

John Jr. and Jeanette M. Robinson of Portland ME, int.Aug.22,1847.

Jonathan (of Lexington, int.) and Issabel Cutler, Oct.1,1741.

Jonathan and Sarah Richardson, May4,1769.

Jonathan and Elizabeth Coggin of Natick, int.Mar.23,1800.

Joseph and Sarah Stearns of Watertown, in Watertown, Oct.27,1714.*

Lucy and Jason Lyon, Nov.5,1789.*

Lucy and Jeremiah Crosby of Billerica, Dec.25,1810.

Lydia and Jabez Wyman (of Woburn, int.), Jan.13,1767.

Margery and John Dixon, May12,1687.*

Margaret W. and Caleb Prentis, Aug.1,1816.

Mary and Isaac Power of Concord, in Concord, Apr.14,1701.*

Mary of Charlestown, and Ebenezer Wyeth Jr., in Charlestown, Nov.5,1751.

Mary and Thomas Williams, int.Aug.14,1773.

Mary and Benjamin Hill, July5,1782 (July15.CR1).*

Mary and Rev. Joel Foster of East Sudbury, int.Sept.9,1803.

Mary and Henry Jones of Portland int.Mar.31,1804.

Mary Elizabeth of Lexington, and William Daily, int.Dec.6,1846.

Nathan and Mary Williams Symonds, Mar.28,1799.*

Nathaniel and Rebeckah Peirce of Woburn, Feb.11,1713-14.*

Prudence and Michael Geohagen (of Boston, int.), May10,1744.

Ruth and Ebenezer Shed Jr. (of Charlestown, int.), Mar.24,1760.

Samuel and Mary Powter of Medford, Apr.12,1687.*

Sarah and James Hubbard, Sept.29,1659.*

Sarah and Nathaniel Cutter Jr. of Charlestown, Dec.11,1712.*

Sarah and Cyrus Holbrook of Boston, Sept.28,1800.

Susannah and Thomas Carter of Woburn, Apr.1,1713.*

Thomas and Sarah Godding, Sept.4,1753.

William and Thankful Wyeth, Dec.6,1716.CR1*

William (Jr., int.) and Mary Johnson (of Charlestown, int.), July14,1748.

William Jr. and Abigail Bowman, Dec.30,1755.

William Jr. and Sally Harridon of Charlestown, in Medford, Oct.11,1784.*

WINSHIPP (Windship, Winship)

Francis and Patience Muzzy of Sudbury, int.Mar.24,1743-4.

John and Elizabeth Wyeth, Oct.2,1718.*

Margary and John Elder, Mar.26,1729.*

Rebecca and John Manning, June6,1728.*

Samuel and Jane Fessenden, Jan.10,1711-12.*


John B. and Polly T. Robinson of Deerfield, NH, int.Sept.18,1842.

Joshua of Malden, s.Joshua, a.24y., and Sarah A. Clark, d.Smith, a.18y., Mar.29,1849.

Reuben of Roxbury, and Harriot Wyeth, June20,1824.

Sarah of Boston, and Alvah Cragin, int.Mar.15,1826.

Sarah H., Mrs., and George Keith, Jan.17,1838.

William H. and Sarah H. Wyman, Aug.28,1832 (Aug.25, dup.)


Eliza A. of North Providence, RI, and Lorenzo Marrett, int.July23,1845.


John and Rebecca Townsend of Boston, int.July4,1746.

John, Esq., and Hannah Tollman of Boston, int.Mar.25,1756.


Moses and Susan Payne, Dec.16,1825.


Thomas and Hannah O'Brien, Jan.27,1844.

WISWALL (Wiswell)

Daniel and Lydia Tufts (Jr. int.) of Medford, in Medford, Nov.1,1770.

Eben and Ann Parker of Newton, int.May7,1803.

John P. and Sarah Thurston, int.Apr.13,1805.

Noah and Theodosiah Jackson, Dec.14,1664.*

WISWELL (Wiswall)

Henry L. of Exeter, NH, and Phebe Robinson, int.May31,1839.


John and Margaret Goffe, Dec.末,1662.*

WITH (Wieth, Withe, Wyeth, Wyth, Wythe)

Rebeka and Thomas Fox, Dec.16,1685.*


Lydia Ann and Samuel M. Frye, June26,1842.

WITHE (Wieth, With, Wyeth, Wyth, Wythe)

Nicholas and Lidea Fisk, Sept.6,1681.*


Jeremiah and Livinia Butler, July3,1845.


Hannah of South Reading, and Noah Eaton, Dec.21,1830.


Abigail and John Ireland of Charlestown, Feb.17,1806.*

John of Dorchester, and Elizabeth Russel, May4,1710.*

Mary, d.Henry, and Thomas Danforth, s.Nicholas, Feb.23,1643.*

Sarah and James Hutchinson, June28,1804.


Susan M. of Lynn, and Nehemiah Foster, int.Apr.25,1823.


John and Sarah Ann McFee, both of Charlestown, Nov.23,1842.*

WOOBURY (Woodberry)

Enos and Catharine B. Shed, Oct.23,1828.

John and Nancy Richardson, Jan.1,1828.

WOOD (Woods)

Aaron, Esq. (of Boxford.CR1) and Lydia Barnard (of Watertown.CR1), May8,1776.*

Abigail and Jno. Oldam, July22,1675.*

Alfred and Laura Stickney of Grafton, VT, int.July23,1841.

Bethya and Ephraim Cutter, Feb.11,1678.*

Caleb and Caroline A. Slack of Plymouth, VT, int.May8,1837.

Christian and Nehemiah Fuller, Jan.3,1765.

Czarena of Woburn, and Joshua Littlefield, int.Sept.7,1838.

Eliza Ann and John Wentworth Jr., both of Boston, July3,1825.*

Eliza Paine and Arah Ellinwood, int.Feb.3,1834.

Amory of Harvard, and Mary Rand int.Apr.21,1838.

Frederick of Boston, and Eveline, s.Demmon, Oct.31,1847.

Hortensia A., d.Augustus, a.21y., and John L. Bridgman, s.Abel, of Somerville, a.26y., Oct.10,1844.

John and Dorcas Smith of Lexington, in Lexington, Apr.4,1764.

John and Eunice Snow, both of West Cambridge, Apr.22,1827.*

John M. and Deborah B. Tufts, Aug.17,1834.

Joshua and Elizabeth Buck, Aug.28,1678.*

Josiah and Martha Bemis of Weston, int.Nov.22,1806.

Lydia M., d.Augustus, a.24y., and Rufus K. Doe, s.John, dec., a.27y., Oct.23,1845.

Lyman and Rebekah Fogg, Oct.4,1835.

Martha L. and Edward Clark, Mar.7,1844.

Mary Ann of Rindge, NH, and Henry Stickney, int.June1,1837.

Samuel and Alice Rushton, Sept.28,1659.*

Sarah and John Macoone, June14,1665.*

Sarah and Jno. Warner, June12,1677.*

Sally of Hopkinton, and Aaron Learned, in Hopkinton, June27,1793.*

Sarah of Boston, and James G. Hunter, May1,1825.

Selutia H. and Hiram B. Ellsworth of Boston, int.Oct.14,1830.

Sewell of Townsend, VT, and Helen Maria Baylies, Mar.22,1827.

Stephen of Concord, and Betsy Richardson of Watertown, Aug.11,1793.*

Stephen E. and Lydia R. Farrar, Nov.22,1832.

WOODBERRY (Woodbury)

Samuel of Rowley, and Elizabeth Cookworthy, Oct.27,1709.*


Abby L., d.Samuel, a.24y., and John Kershaw, s.John, a.27y., both of Charlestown, Sept.28,1848.*

Mary F., d.Dudley of Norway, ME, a.26y., and James M. Lassell, of Somerville, s.Matthew (of Maine.CR1), a.27y., Dec.1,1844.

Susan B. of Andover, and John Town Jr., int.Oct.18,1846.


Bridget and Israel Chevers, June10,1690.*

Elizabeth and Jonathan Moore of Newbury, Aug.14,1701.*

Mary and Jno. Gove, Mar.15,1677.*


John and Elizabeth Clark, July23,1672.*

WOODS (Wood)

Coolidge P. and Patience Parker, May2,1793.*

Henry and Olevia Allen, int.Aug.17,1828.

John of Ashburnham, and Mrs.Eunice Whitney, Sept.5,1826.

John and Julia Murphy, int.June13,1847.

Mary and Samuel Manning, Aug.2,1777 (Aug.24,1777.CR1)

Mary H., d.Frederic, a.21y., and John A. Field, s.Obadiah, a.22y., Aug.10,1844.

Samuel (of Roxbury, int.) and Mercy Manning, Feb.26,1756.

Samuel and Diana Lowell of Dedham, int.Sept.1,1838.

Sarah and Samuel Manning, Dec.29,1791.


Eliza A. of Waltham, and John A. Warner, int.Sept.24,1841.

John and Sarah Smith, Mar.16,1698-9.CR1*

Nathaniel of Watertown, and Elizabeth (Lydia, int.) Wyeth, Sept.26,1804.

Samuel and Lois Hooper of Charlestown, Feb.22,1787. (Feb.28,1787.CR1)*

Samuel and Eleanor E. Teel, Nov.6,1838.

Thomas and Hannah Learned, Apr.7,1803.


Charles of Somerville, and Mrs.Jane Hildreth of Bolton, Jan.29,1843.*


Thomas and Sarah Hide, Nov.20,1660.*


Israel Lebetter, and Ruthy Whitney of Newtown, int.Mar.5,1800.

Joseph E. and Amy Elizabeth McKean, June29,1841. CR2.

Thomas Freeman (of Chelsea, int.) and Ann Maria Lyon, Apr.3,1842 (Apr.4,1841, dup.)


Thomas of Beverly, and Abigail Randall, Apr.8,1779.


John and Lydia C. Grant, Mar.18,1849.

Thomas and Mrs.Adeline Batchelder, Aug.27,1843.


Ann and William I. Davis of Charlestown, July10,1842.*


Samuel and Hannah Prentiss, Mar.21,1800 (Mar.24.CR1)


Eliza, d.Jonathan of Candia, NH, a.26y., and Hannibal H. Hildreth, s.Joseph, of Stow, a.28y., both of Boston, Jan.9,1848.*


Elizabeth and George Bowers, Apr.15,1649.*


Catherine and Matholomew B. Riley, int.Nov.9,1834.

Daniel and Ann McKenny, int.Oct.5,1833.

Mary and John Geraghty of Boston, June3,1849.

Susan and James Ward of Grafton, int.Apr.5,1836.


Abigail of Charlestown, and Cornelius Clark, int.July3,1822.

Abigail, d.Henry (Henry O. and Elizabeth.CR1), a.21y., and John Dalton of Somerville, s.James (and Elizabeth.CR1), a.34y., May7,1848.

Caroline M. and Alfred Tufts of Roxbury, Mar.5,1843.

Catharine of Concord, and John Gooch, int.Apr.5,1821.

David N. and Ann M. Tolman, int.Apr.14,1839.

Deborah of Woburn, and Nathaniell Patin, in Woburn, Feb.17,1701.*

Ede and Elihu Holten of Ervins Grant, Oct.7,1821.

Edward and Betsey Daly, int.May14,1811.

Elisha H. and Harriet Farmer of Dunstable, NH, int.Dec.3,1836.

Frances and Edward Bridge of Boston, Nov.3,1793.*

Frederick E. and Anna C. Bell of Roxbury, int.Nov.6,1847.

Hannah E. of Acton, and Thomas Howard, int.Nov.7,1835.

Hanable and Mary E. Sawyer, Oct.13,1830.

Hiram F. and Sarah P. Frary, int.Nov.22,1846.

Jacob C. and Jane E. Wright of Washington, NH, int.Dec.12,1847.

James of Medford, and Elizabeth Pattin, May7,1702.*

Jane E. of Washington, NH, and Jacob C. Wright, int.Dec.12,1847.

John and Hannah Fessenden, Feb.15,1753.

Joseph of Charlestown, and Sally Brooks, int.Oct.28,1801.

Josiah of Woburn, and Lydia Buckman, in Woburn, Feb.2,1773.

Julia A. of Concord, and William A. Hall, int.Apr.27,1844.

Martha Ann of Reading, and Nathaniel White, int.Sept.23,1838.

Mary Augusta of Concord, d.Edward, dec., a.31y., and Moses B. Houghton, widr., s.Rufus of Boston, a.45y., June20,1849.

Ruth of Woburn, and Ebenezer Frost Jr., in Woburn, Mar.18,1761.

Sarah and Stephen Wyeth, Dec.10,1815.

Sarah E. of Concord, and Andrew Jones, int.Mar.28,1840.

Thomas and Mary Sprague, June6,1783 (June16.CR1).

Ward E. and Harriet N. Frary, Apr.7,1840.

WYAT (Wyatt)

Mary and Edward Marret, in Boston, May13,1736.*

WYATT (Wyat)

John and Elizabeth Long, Oct.8,1674.*


Thomas and Mary Pierpoint, both late of Boston, Feb.27,1776.


Edward Jr. and Abigail Lawrence, Sept.1,1684.*

WYETH (Wieth, With, Withe, Wyth, Wythe)

Abiel and Mary Fillebrown (of Boston, int), Dec.29,1831.

Andrew N. and Amelia H. Stimson, May4,1843.

Benjamin F. and Zoa Dunton, Apr.7,1836.

Deborah and Joshua Gamage, June22,1710.*

Deborah and Daniel Prentice, Dec.29,1743.

Ebenezer Jr. and Mary Winship of Charlestown, in Charlestown, Nov.5,1751.

Ebenezer Jr. and Elizabeth Green of Norwich, int.May3,1777.

Ebenezer and Naomi Cook, int.Mar.1,1800.

Elizabeth and John Winshipp, Oct.2,1718.*

Elizabeth and Andrew Newell, Feb.14,1785.*

Elizabeth and Benjamin Cutter, Mar.6,1785.*

Elizabeth of Charlestown, and Solomon Prentiss Jr., int.Mar.25,1803.

Elizabeth (Lydia, int.) and Nathaniel Woodward of Watertown, Sept.26,1804.

Elizabeth E. and William R. Jones of Columbus, GA, int.Aug.15,1838.

Emily and James B. Read, Nov.9,1828.

Gad and Polly Kendall, Dec.1,1793.*

Harriot and Reuben Winslow of Roxbury, June20,1824.

Jacob and Elizabeth Jarvis, Nov.8,1796.*

Job and Lydia Convers Francis, Jan.31,1804.

John and Elizabeth Hancock, Dec.20,1733.*

John and Mary Ann Newman of Roxbury, in Roxbury, Nov.12,1839.

Jonas and Hephzibah Tidd (of Lexington, int.), Mar.29,1753.

Jonas 3d and Hepzibah Sawin, Nov.15,1787.*

Jonas (Jr., dup.) and Elizabeth Smith, Apr.15,1792.*

Jonas 3d and Susan Stearns of Waltham, int.Sept.24,1800.

Jonas 2d and Elizabeth N. Flagg, Feb.8,1820.

Jonas and Mary T. Hancock, Jan.1,1833.

Jonathan and Sarah Wilson, int.July28,1750.

Martha and William Fressenden, Oct.12,1716 (Oct.11.CR1)*

Mary and Mansfield Tapley, Oct.1,1760.

Mary of West Cambridge, and Samuel Bellows, int.Mar.5,1809.

Nancy and Richard C. Hastings, June5,1823.

Nathaniel J. and Elizabeth J. Stone, Jan.29,1824.

Noah and Betty Fitch of Bedford, in Lexington, Mar.30,1763.

Sarah and Torrey Hancock, July5,1774.

Stephen and Sarah Wright, Dec.10,1815.

Susan and Orin Willard of Ashburnham, Mar.11,1828.

Susanna and Daniel Sawin (of Watertown, int.), May27,1755.

Susannah and William Watson, Dec.6,1779.

Thankful and William Winship, Dec.6,1716.CR1*


Asa and Esther Read, Mar.27,1814.

Benjamin of Woburn, and Elizabeth Hancock, Jan.20,1702 (1702-3.CR1)*

Daniel of Woburn, and Lucy Gardner of Charlestown, Jan.26,1776.*

Daniel and Achsah Burgiss, Nov.18,1804.

David of Woburn, and Anna Dana, int.Nov.3,1752.

David W. and Zilpha Bickford, int.July4,1841.

Elizabeth R. and Ebenezer Williams of Boston, May13,1838.

Elizabeth R. and Thomas Foye of Braintree, in Braintree, May7,1839.

Francis and Sally Houghton, Jan.1,1812.

Hezekiah (of Woburn, int.) and Abigal Frost, May31,1770.

Jabez (of Woburn, int.) and Lydia Winship, Jan.13,1767.

John and Mary Johnson (of Woburn, int.), in Woburn, Nov.17,1757.

John (of Woburn, int.) and Hephsibah Oliver, Aug.1,1765.

Joseph and Hannah Wheeler of Medford, Jan.22,1821.

Julia Ann and Jonathan Harvicker, Apr.21,1844.

Margaret of Salem, and Samuel Choate, in Salem, May15,1793.*

Mary (of Woburn, int.) and Benjamin Bigelow, June13,1751.

Molley and Joshua Converse, Jan.3,1765.

Mary and Amos Winship, Oct.29,1782.*

Mary of Waltham, and Henry Prentiss, Nov.9,1843.

Morrill, Dr., and Elizabeth Aspinwall Pulsifer of Boston, int.July25,1839.

Nancy and Thomas Adams, Nov.28,1805.

Oliver C., s.Samuel, of Waltham, a.25y., b. in Concord, and Caroline M. Chandler of Waltham, d.末末 of Portland ME, a.19y., Dec.27,1846.*

Rebeccah and James Brown of Brighton, int.Feb.4,1826.

Samuel and Mary Merriam of Concord, in Concord, Feb.1,1759.

Samuel Frost and Polly Palmer, Nov.10,1796.*

Sarah and Solomon Cutter, June30,1793.*

Sarah Russell, and Joel Barrett (of Concord, int.), Jan.10,1822.

Sarah H. and William H. Winslow, Aug.28,1832 (Aug.25, dup.)

Seth of Charlestown, and Ruth Belknap, int.May21,1774.

Sophia and Erastus Titus of New York City, int.Oct.1,1829.

Thaddeus and Flora (Florana, int.) Hassard of Springfield, in Springfield, Oct.1,1754.

Thaddeus and Betsy Gale of Salem, Mar.19,1778.

Zacheus and Mary Ann Mansise, June末,1824.

WYTH (Wieth, With, Withe, Wyeth, Wythe)

Jno. and Deborah Ward, Jan.2,1682 [1682-3].*

WYTHE (Wieth, With, Withe, Wyeth, Wyth)

William and Ruth Shepard, Oct.16,1683.*

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