FALKNER (Faulkner)

Hannah, of Andover, and William Martin, at Andover, July19,1741.*

FAREWELL (Farwell)

Elisabeth, and John Richardson. Jan.31,1693-4.CTR


Elisabeth, of Billerica, and Jerahmell Bowers, at Billerica, Mar.17,1735-6.*


Benjamin, and Rebecca Minot, June9,1742.*

Benjamin, and Lydia [Richardson. int.] Mears, Nov.8,1827.*

Elizabeth, and Abner Herrick, Dec.14,1775.*

Isabella [of Billerica.int.], and Benjamin Warren, Jan.10,1754.*

Jacob, and Mary Dutton, Dec.28,1748.*

Jesse, and Experience Laken [of Dunstable. int.], Feb.20,1800.*

Joanna, and James Alexander [of Merrimack, NH. int.], Aug.4,1775.*

John, and Lydia Chamberlin, int.Nov.10,1787.

John [of Billerica.int.], and Mary Ann Kimball, Oct.6,1823.*

Jonas, and Anna Russ, June24,1716.*

Jonas, and Esther Adams, Dec.24,1739.*

Mary, and Aaron Maynard, Jan.12,1823.

Mary S., and Alfred Shepard, June18,1843.*

Mary N., of Tewksbury, and William Hamblett, int.Apr.15,1848.

Oliver [jr. int.], of Billerica, and Mary Emerson [d.Dea.O.CR1], Feb.17,1819.*

Rebecca, of Westford, and Andrew Battieis, jr., at Westford, Dec.6,1765.*

Sarah, and Thomas Pathio, Dec.18,1821.

Simeon, and Mary Cory, int.Sept.12,1764.

Simeon, and Abigail Mears, int.June10,1827.

Susanna, of Tewksbury, and Charles Macklain, int.Aug.1,1740.

FARNSWORTH (Farnworth)

Roxan, and Luther Hartwell of Shirley, Nov.5,1836.*

William, and Catherine Haskell, int.Apr.6,1816.


Phebe, of Andover, and Osgood Worcester, at Andover, Dec.27,1798.*

Stephen, of Wilton, NH, and Keziah Skidmoor, int.Feb.12,1765.

FARNWORTH (Farnsworth)

Ephraim, of Groton, and Deborah Stevens, int.Apr.11,1725.


John R., and Lucy A. Catkin, int.Mar.23,1841.

Levi, and Polly Pierce [d.Capt. Jonas.CR1], Sept.14,1818.*

Mary, Mrs., and John W. Underwood, June12,1825.*

FARRAR (Farrer, Farror)

Eliza H., and George Harton [Harlow.int.], Nov.29,1827.CR1*

Eunice, of Concord, and Samuel Chamberlain, at Concord, Dec.1,1796.*

Hannah, of Concord, and David Proctor, at Concord, Dec.31,1730.

John, and Lydia Richardson, at Westford, Jan.24,1788.

John, and Mary Parker, Dec.29,1836.*

Mary, and Jeremiah Butterfeild, Nov.22,1764.*

Mercy, and Jacob Durant, Feb.23,1769.*

Nathaniel, and [Mrs.int.] Rachel Fletcher, Nov.16,1773.*

Sarah, of Concord, and Abner Ball, int.Sept.14,1823.

FARRER (Farrar)

Deborah, and Jonathan Read [Rood.CR1], June27,1781.

Joseph, and Deborah Richardson, int.Mar.7,1742-3.

Nathaniel, and Lidia Spaulding, Jan.1,1805.*

Oliver, and Elisabeth Taylor, Nov.26,1807.*


Maria D., of Andover, ME, and Milo Pierce, at Nashville, NH, Nov.18,1849.

FARROR (Farrar)

Sally, and Jeremiah Abbott, May30,1801.*

FARWEL (Farwell)

Joseph, and Hanah Colborn, Jan.23,1695-6.

FARWELL (Farewell, Farwel, Ferwell)

Asa T., and Mary Ann Keyes, July22,1839.*

Betty, of Dunstable, and Benjamin Marshall, May14,1754.

Elizabeth L.T., and Abel Simonds, int.Nov.4,1827.

Hannah, d.Joseph, and Samuell Wood, s.Samuell, of Groton, Dec.30,1685.

Hannah T., and Sumner Hale, int.Oct.2,1839.

Henry, and Susanah Ritchardsun, Jan.23,1695-6.

Isaac, of Dunstable, and Sarah Howard, int.May15,1726.

John T., and Mersylvia Todd of New Ipswich, NH, int.Jan.24,1830.

Joseph, and Hanah Larned [torn. Dec.25,1666.CTR].

Juliet, of Washingfon, NH, and Cranmore Wallace, int.Apr.30,1827.

Mary, and John Bats, Dec.22,1665.

Mahitabel, and William R. Lincoln of Boston, Dec.25,1839.*

Olive, d.Henry, and Benjamin Spalding, s.Edward, Oct.30,1668.

Sarah, of Dunstable, and Jonathan Howard, at Charlestown, Sept.5,1707.

Thomas T., and Sally Keyes of Pelham, NH, int.Nov.6,1831.


Esther, of Westford, and Benjamin Chamberlin, at Westford, Jan.27,1732.*

Mary, of Westford, and William Thomson, at Westford, Jan.18,1743.*

Sarah [of Bedford.int.], a.nd Samuel Barron, May23,1744.*

FAULKNER (Falkner)

Luther W., of Billerica, and Martha Prescott Merriam, int.Sept.24,1842.


Ambrose, and Mary Martin, Dec.2,1668.CTR


Samuel, and Lois Blake of Franklin, int.July17,1819.


Affable, and Silas Chester of Billerica, int.Sept.10,1826.


Levi, and Judith Abbott of Billerica, int.Sept.12,1824.


Dorothy, Mrs., of Concord, NH, and Samuel L. Knowles, int.Dec.9,1848.

FERWELL (Farwell)

John, and Elizebeth Hunt [Elizabeth Hunt Smith.CR1], of Dunstable [at Dunstable.PR4], Dec.7,1784.


Fanny J., of Francistown, NH, and John M. Sanborn, int.Oct.28,1843.

Mary, wid., and Joseph Rousoe, int.June3,1842.

Moses B., and Persis A. Varnum of Dracut, int.Mar.3,1843.

Samuel S., and Alm.ira Adams of Waltham, int.Dec.11,1825.

Sylvia P., of Lowell, and Sewall Bowers, int.Nov.6,1847.

FISK (Fiske)

Noah, and Mercy Goold, June16,1686.CTR

FISKE (Fisk)

Annah [Mrs.dup.], and John Browne of Reading, May30,1677.

Benjamin, and Betcey Bridge, Apr.12,1798.*

John, and Lidiah Fletcher, 27:1m:1666.

John [Rev.PR1], and Elisabeth Hinchman [Hincksman, wid.Edmund.PR1], Aug.1,167[2.TC].


Joseph, of Boston, and Lydia Read, Dec.5,1822.*

Samuel [of Acton. int.], and Abiel Walker, Apr.23,1778.*


Hannah [Fitz Gerald.CR1], and Thomas Nelson, July14,1782.


Sophronia [of Littleton. int.], and Josiah Byam, Apr.17,1823.*


Lucy B., of Warner, NH, and James M. Hammon, int.Jan.9,1831.

William S., and Mary S. Searle of MethuenJ int.Nov.30,1839.

FLATCHER (Fletcher)

Hanah, and Ebinezer Wright, May14,1697.

Sarah, and Nathaniell Buterfild, Jan.18,1697-8.

FLECHER (Fletcher)

Ester, d.William and Isack Parker, Apr.11,1681.

Joshuah, s.William, and Grisill Jewell, May4,1668.

Lydea, and John Perram, Dec.27,1692.CTR

Mary, d.Ens.William, and Thomas Parker, Oct.21,1678.

Samuell, and Hannah Foster, d.Samuell, 末蔓16, 末末. [1677?]

Samuell, and Mary Cotten of Concord, Sept.3,1684.

William, s.William, and Sarah Richardson, d.Josiah, Sept.19,1677.

FLETCHER (Flatcher, Flecher)

Aaron, and Sally Neef, Dec.16,1806.*

Abel, of Westford, and Sukey [Susanna.int.] Richardson, Dec.28,1820.*

Adams, and Betsy Bateman, int.Apr.11,1806.

Andrew, and Lydia Howard, May14,1746.*

Andrew, and Elizabeth Parker, May5,1748.*

Andrew, and Mary Holt, July4,1774.*

Anna, and Luther Bancroft of Pepperell, int.Jan.1,1803.

Benjamin [jr. int.], and Hannah Parker, Jan.29,1767.*

Benjamin, and Rachil Spaulding, Dec.4,1770.*

Benjamin, and Anna Spaulding [d.Lt. John.PR4]. Oct.21,1779.*

Benjamin, Capt. [a.77y.CR1], and Mrs.Sarah Wilson [a.55y.CR1], Jan.30,1823.*

Benjamin, jr., and Sarah M. Wright, May27,1842.*

Charles [of Wilton. int.], and Sarah Fletcher, June6,1780.*

Daniel [Capt. int.], and Charlotte Roby [of Dunstable, NH. int.], Dec.30,1824.*

David, of Westford, and Mary Butterfield, int.Nov.30,1742.

David [jr., of Westford.int.], and Joanna Stevens, Nov.17,1774.*

David [of Westford.int.], and Ann Warren [d.Isaac.CR1], Dec.2,1819.*

Elizabeth, and Joseph Keyes, int.Feb.28,1719-20.

Elizabeth, and Samuel Hartwell of Concord, at Concord, Feb.6,1723-4.*

Elizabeth, of Westford, and Benjamin Blogget, at Westford, Feb.14,1733.*

Elizabeth, and Jacob Spaulding [jr. int.], Apr.24,1753.*

Betty, and Johnson Davis, at Dracut, Apr.29,1798.*

Betsy, and Stephen Spaulding,末蔓末,1806. [Jan.9.CR1]*

Betsy, of Westford, and Calvin Howard, int.Mar.26,1826.

Elzina, and James Robbins, jr., Mar.11,1832.

Ester, and Stephen Perce, Feb.5,1707.

Esther, of Westford, and Samuel Adams, at Westford, Aug.28,1734.*

Ezra [of Westford.int.], and Hannah Bateman, Oct.30,1800.*

Fanny G., of Westford, and Gardner Fletcher, int.Mar.10,1815.

Gardner, and Fanny G. Fletcher of Westford, int.Mar.10,1815.

Hannah, and Jeremiah Baaul of Townsend, int.Apr.15,1765.

Hannah, and Ebenezer Parker, at Westford, May29,1787.*

Hannah [d.Maj. Joseph.CR1], and [Lt. int.] Josiah Fletcher, 3d, Oct.13,1818.*

Henry, and Sarah Spaulding, Apr.12,1753.*

Henry, and Remembrance Foster, June6,1776.*

Henry, and Marriam Smith of Princeton, int.Jan.26,1805.

Henry, and Huldah Spalding of Carlisle, int.July17,1810.

Henry, and Rhoda Coburn of Dracut, int.Nov.6,1825.

James K., and Charlotte Turner of Walpole, int.Sept.19,1825.

James T., of Topsfield, a.22y., blacksmith, s.Leonard and Lucinda, and Mary A. Lane of Lowell, a.22y., d.Jonathan and Hannah, Aug.27,1846. [Aug.1.CR1]

Joanna, and Joseph Warren [jr. int.], Apr.15,1752.*

Joanna, and Benjamin Melvin, Feb.27,1777.*

Joanna [of Westford.int.] and Ira Spaulding, Oct.19,1795.*

John, of Concord, and Sarah Kidder, at Concord, Sept.12,1751.*

John, 2d, and Dolly Johnson, int.Apr.20,1822.

Jonas, and Elizabeth Robbins, int.Nov.8,1722.

Jonathan [jr., of Westford.int.], and Sarah Spaulding, Jan.22,1761.*

Jonathan, and Debborah Bates, int.Nov.8,1779.

Jonathan, and Rebeckah Cory, May末,1784.

Jonathan, and Polly Varnum of Dracut, int.Nov.29,1809.

Jonathan Y., and Joanna French of Lowell, Apr.22,1840.*

Joseph, and Lucy Proctor, at Westford, Nov.17,1791.*

Joseph, jr., of Amherst, NH, and Shuah H. Fletcher, Jan.21,1826.*

Joshuah, and Sarah Wily, July18,1682.

Joshua, and Doretha Halde, Mar.3,1701.

Joshua, and Elizabeth Bloget, int.Nov.9,1723.

Josiah, and Mary Chamberlain, Jan.16,1746.*

Josiah [3d.int.], and Mary [Marcy.int.] Richardson, Oct.16,1781.*

Josiah [3d.int.], and Zilpah Procter [d.Daniell.PR4], Apr.9,1789.*

Josiah [Capt. int.], and Lucy Nourse of Ipswich, at Ipswich, Mar.7,1792.*

Josiah, 3d [Lt. int.], and Hannah Fletcher [d.Maj. Joseph.CR1], Oct.13,1818.*

Josiah, Cornet, and Joanna Spalding of Merrimack, NH, int.Feb.26,1820.

Levi, and Phebe Holt, int.Jan.11,1790.

Lovel, and Prudence Spalding, Apr.18,1819.*

Lucinda, and Silas Butterfield [of Stoddard, NH. int],末蔓末,1816. [June25.CR1]*

Lucy, and William Prockter, int.July9,1733.

Lucy, and Henry Byham, Apr.12,1742.*

Lucy, and William French of Hollis, int.June28,1776.

Lucy [of Westford.int.], and John Spaulding., 3d, Jan.26,1786.*

Lucy, and Thomas Coburn,末蔓末,1812. [Dec.3.CR1]*

Lucy W., and Abel Stevens, both of Westford, June22,1828.

Lidiah, and John Fiske, 27:1m:1666.

Lydia, and Pallatiah Adams, at. Charlestown, June8,1711.

Lydia, and Joseph Adams [jr. int.], Mar.2,1748.*

Lydia, and Thomas Clark, July25,1765.*

Maria H., a.26y., d.Gardner and Frances, and Nathan B. Edwards of North Chelmsford, a.25y., physician, b. Westford, s.Peter and Martha B., of Westford, Oct.30,1845.*

Patty, and Jabez Hatch Weld of Plymouth [New Plymouth.int.], NH, at Billerica, Jan.21,1793.*

Mary, wid., and John Spauldyng, Nov.18,1700.

Mary, and William Fletcher, Dec.10,1701.

Mary, of Westford, and Josiah Spaulden, at Westford, July2,1733.

Mary, and Jonathan Spaulding, Mar.21,1754.*

Mary [d.Josiah.PR4], and Zebulun Spaulding, Nov.21,1771. [Oct.21.PR4]*

Mary, of Westford, and Thomas Barns, int.Mar.13,1772.

Mary [of W estford.int.], and Henry Spaulding [jr. int.], Nov.17,1774.*

Polly, and Andrew Wille of Nottingham East, NH, int.Nov.29,1794.

Mary P., of Tyngsborough, and John A. Pierce, int.Nov.14,1824.

Mary C., and [Capt.CR1] David Pulsifer [jr. int.] of Salem, June7,1825.*

Mary Jane, a.32y., d William and Orpah, and Levi Sherwin, widr., of Townsend, a.33y., farmer, s.Levi and Hannah, Oct.16,1849.*

Mercy, and Caleb Abbot, Nov.4,1806.*

Moses, and Susanah Hildrith of Dracut, int.Oct.19,1803.

Oliver [jr. int.], and Tabitha Richardson, at Charlestown, Feb.25,1766*

Oliver, and [Mrs.int.] Grace Weld of Roxbury, at Roxbury, Nov.13,1766.*

Paul, and Deliverance Stevens, at Charlestown, Apr.12,1705.*

Phebe, and Joseph Hildreth, int.Mar.29,1720.

Rachel, and Jacob Howard, Feb.6,1745.*

Rachel [Mrs.int.], and Nathaniel Farrar, Nov.16,1773.*

Remembrance, and Levi Pierce, Jan.3,1776.*

Remembrance, and Jonathan Parker, Apr.19,1792.*

Robert, and Remembrance Foster, int.Oct.25,1742.

Robert, and Sarah Foster, Mar.28,1771.*

Ruth, of Westford, and John Durrant, int.Feb.12,1763.

Samuell, s.William, and Hannah Whealer, d.George, of Concord, July5,1末 [1673?].

Samewell, and Marget Hailstoane, Oct.14,1659.

Sameuell, jr., and Marie Coton [Cofen.CTR], June7,1692.

Samuel, and Sarah Ball of Concord, at Concord, June7,1699.

Samuel, and Elizabeth Proctor, at Concord, Dec.20,1705.

Samuel, jr., and Mary Lawrence of Littleton, at Westford, Sept.17,1729.*

Samuel, and Deborah Stevens, June24,1761.*

Samuel, jr., and Buler Hathron of Temple, NH, int.July25,1786.

Sarah, and Thomas Reed, at Charlestown, Mar.14,1709.

Sarah, and Jerimiah Miller, int.Nov.6,1725. (Nov.8, banns forbidden by Hannah Fletcher.)

Sarah, and Reuben Barrat, at Woburn, June19,1751.*

Sarah, and John Robbens [jr. int.], Oct.1,1771.*

Sarah [Mrs.int.], and Obadiah Sawtell [of Shirely.int.], Sept.13,1774.*

Sarah, and Daniel Kenney [of Wilton, NH. int.], May16,1780.*

Sarah, and Charles Fletcher [of Wilton. int.], June6,1780.*

Sally, and Marcus Peckins, Aug.12,1810.*

Sally [of Westford.int.], and Sewall Parkhurst, Feb.7,1828.*

Sarah, of Tyngsborough, and Dean Holt, int.Oct.28,1832.

Sarah Jane, of New Boston, NH, and Leonard C. Sanborn, int.Apr.11,1846.

Shuah H., and Joseph Fletcher, jr. of Amherst, NH, Jan.21,1826.*

Sybel, and Zacheus Fletcher, Sept.18,1794.*

Simeon, and Mary Davis, int.Aug.6,1748.

Stephen, and Susanna Colburn of Dracut. int.Aug.1,1741.

Susanna, and Simon Parker, at Westford, July5,1791.*

Tabitha, and Cotton Proctor, Nov.6,1745.*

Thankful, and Eliazer Rice of Marlborough, at Concord, Dec.8,1720.*

Thankful, and Ebenezer Shed [of Billerica.int.], Mar.30,1758. [May30. dup.]*

Thomas, and Elisabeth Clerk, int.Jan.3,1742-3.

Timothy, and Mary Prescott of Concord, int.Oct.5,1729.

Timothy, of Westford, and Bridget Richardson, int.Feb.15,1745-6.

Willard, and Abigail Hadley of Westford, Dec.26,1775.

Willard [jr., of Westford.int.], and Sally Spaulding, Apr.18,1808.*

William, and Mary Fletcher, Dec.10,1701.

William, and Mary Foster, int.May26,1716.

William, and Mary Powers, int.Oct.18,1724.

William, and Mary Blodget, Dec.31,1747.*

William [jr. int.], and Lydia Bates, Jan.25,1774.*

William, and Lucy [(Robbin.).PR4] Hildreth, Nov.10,1778.*

William [of Temple, NH. int.], and Rebecca Adams, Feb.19,1782.*

William B., and Sally Ballard, Oct.21,1804.*

William [Capt. int.], and Orpha Spalding,末蔓末,1813. [Mar.23.CR1]*

William, sr., and Polly Osgood, June18,1818.*

William, 3d, a.26y., farmer, s.William, jr. and Orpha, and Diantha E. Dustin, a.29y., d.Nathaniel and Gerusha, Apr.22,1845.*

Zacheus, and Sybel Fletcher, Sept.18,1794.*

Zaccheus, and Adeline Austin of Andover, int.Nov.23,1823.


Polly [Patty.dup.; of Tewksbury.int.], and Abel Marshall [s.Samuel.PR4], Mar.11,1788.*

Sally, and Joel Hodgernan of Carlisle, int.Oct.8,1807.

Thomas, and Betsy Keyes of Westford, int.Sept.6,1806.

Thomas Grenville, and Anna Spaulding, May13,1834.*

FLOOD (Floyd)

James [Floyd.int.], and Harriet Barnes, July17,1825.CR5*

FLOYD (Flood)

Clarisa, of Woburn, and Benjamin Livingston, int.Jan.6,1822.


Priscilla, wid., a.38y., d.Ezekiel and Betsey A. Wentworth, and Elhanan Winchester, widr., a.43y., farmer, s.Charles and Liberty, Aug.1,1841.*


Charles, and Abigail E, Chandler of Merrimack, NH, int.June4,1836.


Elisha, and Sally Perham, May1,1807.*

Lydia, and Ephraim Buttrick. int, Dec.22,1802.

Sally, and John L. Corliss [of Haverhill, NH. int.], Feb.22,1805. [Jan.22.CR1]*


Abigail, and Charles Barron, int.Oct.17,1761.

Andrew, and Mary Bloget, int.Feb.25,1721-2.

Anna, and Willard Parker, Feb.11,1766.*

Bridget, and Jacob Marshall [of Lunenburg. int.], Mar.28,1805.*

Daniel, and Sarah Barret, int.Oct.22,1749.

Dolly, of Wilmington, and Elnathan Glood, int.Jan.1,1803.

Ebenezer, and Sarah Parker, Nov.3,1743.*

Ebenezer, and Ruth Merril, Dec.11,1766.*

Ebenezer, and Hannah Foster, Nov.8,1768.*

Edward, and Phebe Peirce, Jan.23,1772.*

Ely, s.Samuell, and Judeth Keies, d.Solnmon, 17:8m:1680.

Elizabeth, and Abel French of Billerica, int.Mar.15,1817.

Hannah, d.Samuell, and Samuell Flecher, 末蔓16, 末末. [1677?]

Hannah, and Benjamin Barrett, at Charlestown, June18,1705.

Hannah, and Henry Chandler of Enfield, int.Sept.14,1723.

Hannah, and Ebenezer Foster, Nov.8,1768.*

Hannah, and William Wood, Apr.20,1800.*

Isaiah, and Anna Butterfeild, Nov.8,1743.*

Jacob, and Elizabeth Frost, int.Nov.8,1802.

Jean, and John Senter, at Woburn, Apr.8,1717.

John, and Elizabeth Duren of Billerica, int.Mar.16,1722-3.

Jonathan, of Tewksbury, and Mrs, Olive Harwood, int.Feb.22,1777.

Jonathan, and Sarah Parker, Mar.7,1799.*

Joseph, and Thankfull Wallker, int.Apr.21,1733.

Joseph, and Mary Adams, at Westford, Sept.24,1789.*

Joseph [of Billerica.int.], and Anna Crosby, Dec.5,1819.*

Josiah [late of Winchester. int.], and Sarah Procter, Apr.2,1761.*

Lenard, and Esther Blodget, int.Oct.21,1758.

Louisa W., and John A. Griffin, both of Lowell, June15,1843.CR3

Lidya, and Nathaniel Langley, int.Mar.11,1721-2.

Lydia, and Jonathan Richardson, Oct.6,1772.*

Martha, and Silas Parker, Sept.4,1788.*

Martha, Mrs., and Capt. Zaccheus Wright, July5,1829.

Mary, and William Fletcher, int.May26,1716.

Mary, and Benjamin Adams, Nov.21,1769.*

Mary, Mrs., and James Osbourn,末蔓末,1811. [May26.CR1]*

Moses, of Dunstable, NH, and Abigal F. Hunting, June20,1822.*

Nathaniel, and Francis Lovejoy of Andoverl at Charlestown, Apr.29,1701.

Nathaniel, and Rebeckah Byam, Feb.末,1784.*

Obadiah, and Mary Goodhue, at Westford, July15,1790.*

Rebecca, and Simeon Proctor, Mar.12,1754.*

Remembrance, and Robert Fletcher, int.Oct.25,1742.

Remembrance, and Henry Fletcher, June6,1776.*

Robert, and Mary Read of Dunstable, int.Sept.4,1762.

Robert, and Betsy Sprague of Malden, int.July20,1805.

Samuell, s.Samuell, and Sarah Keies, d.Solomon, May28,1678.

Samuel E., and Mary Byam, Mar.15,1804.*

Samuel E., and Mary C. Parker of Lowell, int.Sept.28,1828.

Sarah, and William Parker, Apr.3,1751.*

Sarah [Mrs.int.], and John Senter [of Londonderry, NH. int.], Sept.20,1768. [ Sept.21.PR4]*

Sarah, and Robert Fletcher, Mar.28,1771.*

Sarah, and John Keyes, int.May24,1781.

Sally, of Westford, and Asa Barker, at Carlisle, Sept.18,1794.*

Thankful, and Zachariah Emmery [of Acton. int.], June26,1744.*

Thankful, and Jonathan Stevens, Dec.30,1777.*

William, and Hannah Colborn of Dracut, int.Sept.15,1744.


Mary, of Temple, NH, and Zebulon Parker, jr., int.Apr.9,1819.


George, and Rhoda Read of Westford, at Westford, Mar.18,1788.*


John, and Mary Kemp, Jan.12,1796.*


Thomas N., of Cambridge, a.24y., house-wright, s.Thomas W. and Deborah F., and Lydia F, Glidden of Cambridge, a.21y., d.Andrew and Sarah, Mar.28,1846. [Mar.22.CR3]


Abel, of Billerica, and Elizabeth Foster, int.Mar.15,1817.

Candace, of Southwick, and Foster Stevens, int.Dec.12,1824.

Joanna, of Lowell, and Jonathan T. Fletcher, Apr.22,1840.*

Mary B., and Joseph Sanderson of Cambridgeport, Aug.2,1841.*

Samuell, and Sarrah Comrnings of Dunstable, d.John, Dec.28,1682.

Samuel, of Billerica, and Elisabeth Barry, at Billerica, July7,1755. [Mar.19,1742-3. int.]*

Sarah, of Dunstable, and Ebenezer Pakhust, int.Dec.末 末,1733.

Thomas T., of Manchester, NH, and Sarah J. Peirce of Lexington, May3,1840.CR3

William, of Billerica, and Tabitha Pearce, int.Apr.末 末,1736.

William, of Hollis, and Lucy Fletcher, int.June28,1776.

FRIE (Frye)

Ann, of Andover, and Jonas Clark, at Andover, Dec.8,1741.*


Asa, and Rhoda Trull of Billerica, at Billerica, July25,1790.*

Charles A., and Harriet Merrell of Lowell, int.Aug.9,1835.

Ebenezer [jr. int.], and Esther Butterfield, Feb.25,1766.*

Ebenezer [jr. int.], and Olive Trull of Billerica, at Billerica, Apr.15,1794.*

Betty, and Jesse Adams, May4,1773.*

Elizabeth, and Jacob Foster, int.Nov.8,1802.

Esther [of Billerica.int.], and Samuel Marshall, Jan.2,1755.*

Hannah, and Thomas Marshall, Feb.22,1753.*

Jesse, and Joanna Spaulding, May6,1760.*

Olive, of Tyngsborough, and Benjamin Peirce, int.Oct.6,1816.

Rebecca, of Watertown, and Charles Williams, int.Apr.12,1829.

Salathiel, and Pamilla Wilson, Nov.11,1828.

Sarah, and Joseph Marshall, Jan.10,1758.*

Sarah, wid., resident in Chelmsford, and Abel Russell of Westford, at Westford, Nov.1,1781.

Sarah, and Stephen Kenney [of Nottingham West, NH. int.], Apr.14,1796.*

William, of Billerica, and Molly Spaulding, at Billerica, June14,1775.*

FRY (Frye)

Ira [Ens.CR1], and Laura Butterfield, June7,1825.*

Timothy, and Sophia Spaulding [of Dunstahle, NH. int.], Dec.12,1823.*

FRYE (Frie, Fry)

John, and Cynthia Phelps of Wilton, NH, int.Mar.13,1831.

Ruth H., of Lowell, and Josiah A. Wyman, int.June20,1840.


Lucy Ann, of Amherst, NH, and Jnhn Trask Ray, int.May8,1825.


Elisa Jane, and William D. Call, both of Lowell, Feb.25,1841.CR1


Andrew, and Ann McDaniel of Danvers, int.Aug.4,1841.

George D., a.30y., tailor, s.William and Polly, of Belfast, ME, and Ann Maria Parker, a.25y., d.Jonathan and Hannah, July22,1847.*


Charles [of Andover. int.], and Sarah Corey, Apr.1,1755.*

Silas, and Anna Butterfield, Mar.22,1798.*

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