PACKARD (Parckard)

Erastus, and Nancy Nelson of Easton, int.Nov.29,1839.

Hezekiah, Rev., and Mary Spring [of], Nov.23,1796.*

Orin, and Elizabeth B. Glines of Lowell, at North Chelmsford, Apr.29,1841.*


Hector M., and Mary Bolton, Dec.16,1838.*

John, and Jane [Jean. int.] Holmes of Charlestown, at Charlestown, Mar.5,1760.*


Eben, widr., of Lowell, a.40y., carpenter, s.Asa and Mary, and Rhoda E. Cram of Lowell, a.27y., d.Gideon and Anna, Oct.6,1846.

Moses P., of North Chelmsford, and Abby L. Noyes of Windham, NH, int.Sept.15,1846.

Susan [Parmenter. int.], and William Hildreth, Jan.25,1827.*

PARISH (Paris, Parise, Parrish)

Hanah, and John Goofe of Boston,末蔓末, 末末 [1699?].

John, of Groton, and Mary Wattell, d.John, Dec.29,1685.

Roberd, and Seaborne Cromell, May21,1663.

Roberd, and Marcy Crispe, Apr.11,1667.


John N., and Harriett M. Davis of Dracut, int.Apr.22,1848.

PARKER (Perker)

Aaron, jr., of Westford, and Lydia Spaulding, at Westford, June3,1766.*

Abigail, and Benjamin Adams, Apr.6,1721.*

Abigail F., of Bedford, NH, and Charity L Dunn, int.Apr.24,1837.

Abraham, and Martha Livermore, d.John, of Watertown, 15:5m:1682.

Adeline E., of Merrimack, NH, and Enoch Merrill, int.May18,1828.

Anna, and Thomas Crosby [of], at Billerica,末蔓末, 末末. [June27,1724. int.]*

Anna, and William McQuston of Litchfield, int.Mar.6,1799.

Anna, and Noah Spaulding, Dec.26,1799.*

Ann Maria, a.25y., d.Jonathan and Hannah, and George D. Furber, a.30y., tailor, s.William and Polly, of Belfast, ME, July22,1847.*

Artimas, and Sybbel Spaulding, int.Jan.3,1807.

Artemas, jr., and Lorinda Healey, int.Sept.27,1829.

Bengamin, and Sarah Haward [Hayward.CTR], Jan.14,1690-91.

Benjamin, and Elizabeth Warrin, int.Feb.18,1721-2.

Benjamin [jr. int.], and Elizabeth Blodget, Jan.3,1750. [1749-50.PR4]*

Benjamin, and Bitty Reed [of Carlisle. int.], Oct.28,1784.*

Benjamin, and wid.Sarah Lane of Bedford, at Bedford, July14,1791.*

Benjamin, and Mary McMurphy, int.Nov.25,1838. (Nov.27, Aaron Fletcher guardian of Benjamin Parker objected to any further proceedings in the case.)

Bridget, and Ephraim Pierce, Oct.2,1760.*

Daniel [of Reading. int.], and Sarah Richardson, May2,1780.*

Daniel, and Abigail Spalding, Jan.20,1814.*

David, and Lucy Barrat, Mar.14,1758.*

David [of], and Phebe Swallow, Oct.4,1764.*

David, 3d, and Olive Peirce, Oct.14,1800.*

Dorcas, and Cllarles Coffen [of Brunswick. int.], Sept.29,1801.*

Dorothy, of Westford, and Peter Read of Littleton, at Westford, Sept.24,1772.

Ebenezer, Capt., and Mrs.Ruth Wood of Dracut, int.July3,1756.

Ebenezer, and Sarah Richardson, int.Aug.21,1783.

Ebenezer, and Hannah Fletcher, at Westford, May29,1787.*

Ebenezer, and Rebekah Roby of Dunstable, int.Mar.27,1792.

Eli, and [wid.CR1] Elisabeth Davis, June13,1808.*

Eli P., and Nancy B. Pierce, Jan.16,1840.*

Eli, widr., a.57y., farmer, s.William and Lucy, and Mary Ann Hunt, a.40y., d.Joshua and Olive, June18,1844.*

Elizabeth, and Thomas Wright of Westford, int.Jan.14,1732-3.

Elizabeth, of Westford, and Gershom Proctor, at Westford, July22,1746.*

Elizabeth, and Andrew Fletcher, May5,1748.*

Bette, of Billerica, and Samuel Lewis, at Billerica, June3,1773.*

Betsey, and Capt. John Winning of Billerica, Nov.19,1792.*

Betsy, and Jonas Abbot, Jan.18,1807.*

Betsy, and Simeon Moors, Dec.6,1820.*

Ephraim, and Sybil Warren, Dec.23,1762.*

Ephraim, jr., of Dracut, and Sally Warren, int.Dec.19,1803.

Ester, and Jearns Procter, Dec.3,1691.

Esther, and Obadiah Emerson [of Haverhill. int.] Mar.22,1744.*

Francis B., and Mary Maria Osborn, int.Jan.31,1836.

Francis B., and Mary Richardson, Nov.30,1837.*

Gralia [] Ann, a.27y., d.Jonathan and Betsey, and Stephen A. Coburn, widr., of Lowell. a.33y., farmer, s.Henry and Patty, June22,1848.*

Hannah, and Robert Blood, sr. of Concord, at Concord, Jan.8,1690.

Hannah, and Daniel Proctor [jr. int.], May31,1714.*

Hannah, and Benjamin Fletcher [Jr. int.], Jan.29,1767.*

Hannah, and WiIliam Barron of Amherst, NH, int.July15,1767.

Hannah [], and James Parkhurst, June3,1773.*

Hannah, and Benjamin Stevens, at Westford, June1,1797.*

Hannah, and Samuel Wesson, at Westford, Nov.28,1799.*

Hannah, and Noah Spalding, 2d, lnt. Nov.24,1821.

Hannah F. [d.Ebenezer.CR1], and Thomas Legget Chase, Nov.12,1825. [Nov.22.CR1]

Hannah, and Nathaniel Sweetser, Sept.20,1835.*

Harriett H., and Andrew J. Lepent, int.May6,1846.

Henry Spaulding, and Polly Warren, Aug.12,1798.*

Isack, and Ester Flecher, d.Williarn, Apr.11,1681.

Isaac, and Elizabeth Walker, Mar.15,1770.*

Isaiah, and Deborah Clark of Lyndehorough, int.Oct.31,1801.

James, s.Capt. James, and Mary Parker, d.Abraham, Dec.11,1678.

Jeduthan, and Phebe Gould [], at Westford, Jan.1,1793.*

Jeptha, and Mary Amanda Spalding of Carlisle, at Boston, Nov.9,1843.*

Joanna, and Dr. Nehemiah Abbot [of Andover. int.], Dec.7,1748.*

Joanna, and Robert Butterfeild of Westford, at Westford, Feb.24,1752.*

Johannah, and Lenord Butterfield of Dunstable, int.Feb.25,1764.

John, and Mary Danforth, d.Jonathan, of Billerica,末蔓末, [1678?].

John, and Mercy [Mary.CTR] Coburn [of Dracut.CR1], Feb.20,1785.

Jonas, and Rebecca Procter, Oct.8,1761.*

Jonas L., and Caroline Hardy, Feb.28,1836.

Jonathan, and Rachel Buterfeild, int.Dec.20,1734.

Jonathan, and Joana Butterfeild, int.Oct.21,1737.

Jonathan, and Sarah Osgood, Dec.8,1774.*

Jonathan, and Remembrance Fletcher, Apr.19,1792.*

Jonathan, 4th, and Betsy Adams of Jaffrey, NH, int.May10,1817.

Joseph, and Hannah Boke, Nov.19,1683,

Joseph, and Tabitha Wanen, May13,1783.*

Joseph, and Elizabeth Blanchard, Jan.7,1802.*

Josiah, s.Capt. James, and Elisabeth Saxson, d.Thomas, of Boston, May8,1678.

Josiah, and Hannah Parkhurst, int.July9,1757.

Julia M., and Maj. Joseph Manning, Oct.16,1828.*

Lucy, and Moses Barron, int.Nov.26,1732.

Lucy, of Carlisle, and Ebinezer Shed, jr., int.Feb.6,1808.

Lidiah, d.Abraham and Rose, and John Kedder, Dec.3,1684. [ Sept.CTR]

Lidia, and Henry Blasdel, int.Sept.27,1719.

Lidia, and [] Benjamin Byam, Dec.26,1811.*

Margaret, and John Barret, at Charlestown, Nov.29,1705.

Mary, d.Abraham, and James Parker, s.Capt. James, Dec.11,1618.

Mary, and Thomas Chamberlin, Apr.17,1674.

Mary, and Benjamin Adams, at Charlestown, Dec.18,1707.

Mary, and Benjamin Chamberlin, int.May27,1722.

Mary, and Jonathan Harwood, int.Mar.18,1737-8.

Mary, of Westford, and Oliver Proctor, at Westford, Apr.10,1744.*

Mary, and Ephraim Warren [jr. int.], Aug.7,1755.*

Mary, and Jonathan Spaulding [], Dec.17,1761.*

Mary, of Groton, and [Dr. int.] Jonas Marshall, at Groton, Feb.10,1768.*

Molly, and John Adams [], Dec.14,1769.*

Mary [], of Barre, and [] Aaron Chamberlain, at Barre, Nov.24,1796.*

Mary, and Joseph Chamberlin, Dec.22,1796.*

Mary, and Jonathan Perham, June24,1800.*

Polly, and Joel Parkhurst, Jan.7,1802.*

Mary, of Carlisle, and Jonathan Harwood, int.Feb.3,1810.

Mary, and Samuel Winchester, May17,1825.*

Mary H., of Lowell, and Nathaniel Damon, int.Sept.10,1826.

Mary, and Phineas Chamberlain [of], Nov.2,1826.*

Mary C., of Lowell, and Samuel E. Foster, int.Sept.28,1828.

Mary, and John Farrar, Dec.29,1836.*

Mercy M., and William A. Byam, int.Feb.16,1841.

Moses, and Abigaill Hildreth, d.Richard, June19,1684.

Moses, and Margerit Straton, int.Aug.3,1728.

Moses, and Eunice Davis, at Billerica, Jan.5,1797.*

Nancy J., and Rufus K. Abbott of Lawrence, int.Dec.1,1849.

Nathaniel, of Billerica, and Eleanor Robbins, at Billerica, May9,1771.*

Obadiah, and Hannah Stevens, int.Dec.26,1724.

Obadiah [jr., of Groton. int.], and Ruth Stevens, Oct.17,1752.*

Olive, and Ebenezer Goold, Jan.22,1751. [1750-51.PR4]*

Oliver, and Sarah Barrat, Jan.22,1767.*

Philip, and Anna Osgood of Tewksbury, int.Oct.22,1768.

Phebe, and Ezra Cory, at Westford, May3,1798.*

Phebe, and Samuel Winchester of Hopkinton, NH, int.May12,1822.

Priscilla [Darker.CR1], of Tyngsborough, and Joel Dix,末蔓末,1811. [May1.CR1]*

Rachel [], and Lt. John Spaulding, Feb.26,1759.*

Rachel, and Zacheus Wright [of], Jan.5,1764.*

Rachel, and Elldad Procter, int.Dec.13,1791.

Rachel, Mrs., and Jeremy [B.CR1] Reed [both of Westford.CR1], Oct.19,1828.

Rebecka, and Jonathan Danforth, jr. of Billerica, at Billerica, 27:4m:1682.

Rebeckah, and Gershan Procter, int.Dec.10,1721.

Rebecca, and Reuben Senter [of Londonderry, NH. int.], June3,1760.*

Rebecca, and Nathaniel Cowdry [of], Mar.11,1773.*

Rebeckah, and Abel Adams, Nov.29,1798.*

Rebecca, and John Hodgman, Apr.3,1823.*

Rebecca Jane, of Boston, and Theodore Edson, int.Nov.14,1824.

Rebecca, and Benjamin I. Obear, int.Aug.29,1830.

Reuben, and Molly Harwood, Jan.27,1801.*

Ruben, and Betsey Hartwell of Carlisle, int.May21,1810.

Reuben, and Elmira Hasting [of Woburn.CR1], "published in Woburn," Dec.12,1815.

Reuben, 2d, and Clarissa Goves Kelley, Mar.20,1828.*

Rhody, of Tyngsborough, and Simeon Richardson, int.Oct.10,1807.

Rhoda, a.25y., d.Jonathan and Betsey, and Nathaniel Lindsey, a.28y., shoemaker, s.Richard and Louis, Feb.22,1848.*

Ruth, and Timothy Rogers [of], June2,1757.*

Samuel, of New Boston, NH, and Anna P. Procter, June3,1823.*

Samuel [of Lowell. int.], and Sarah H, Wood, July20,1835.*

Sarah, and Ebenezer Foster, Nov.3,1743.*

Sarah [of Carlisle. int.], and Jonathan Snow, Apr.9,1786.*

Sally, and John Mears, at Dracut, Feb.1,1792.*

Sarah, and Ashbill Spaulding of Ludlow, VT, int.Feb.8,1798.

Sarah, and Jonathan Foster, Mar.7,1799.*

Sally, and Capt. Isaac Chamberlin, June14,1803.*

Sarah, and Salathial Adams, Feb.10,1808.*

Sewell, of Cavendish, VT, and Roxanna Moore, int.Oct.13,1833.

Silas, and Martha Foster, Sept.4,1788.*

Simeon, and Thankful Walker, of Carlisle, at Carlisle, Nov.29,1789.*

Simon, and Susanna Fletcher, at Westfard, July5,1791.*

Stephen, a.23y., farmer, s.Thaddeus and Lydia, and Margarett Donley of Boston, a.22y., d.James and Catherine W., Apr.24,1847.

Tabitha, d.Jacob, and Steven Peirce, s.Thomas, of Woburn, Nov.8,1676. [Nov, 18. dup.]

Tabitha, and Joseph Warrin, int.Feb.18,1721-2.

Tabitha, and Samuel Stevens [jr. int.], Jan.15,1761.*

Tabatha, and Ephraim Adams, Dec.30,1813.*

Thomas, and Mary Flecher, d.Ens.Williarn, Oct.21,1678.

Thomas, of Dracut, and Mrs, Lydia Richardson, int.Jan.1,1720-21.

Thomas [of Lexington. int.], and Jane Parrot, Mar.8,1750. [1749-50.PR4]*

Willard, and Anna Foster, Feb.11,1766.*

William, and Sarah Foster, Apr.3,1751.*

William [jr. int.], and Abiel Corey, Sept.27,1764.*

William [jr. int.], and Hannah Dutton of Billerica, at Billerica, Mar.30,1773.*

Zaccheus Wright, and Rachel Brown of Carlisle, Nov.28,1825.*

Zebulon, and Rachel Richardson [of Dracut. int.], May31,1792.*

Zebulon, and Molly Johnson, int.Mar.1,1812.

Zebulon, jr., and Mary Fowle of Temple, NH, int.Apr.9,1819.

PARKHURST (Pakhust, Parkhust, Parkis, Perkhurst, Perkhust, Perkis)

Abigall, and Nathaniell Commins of Dunstable, Apr.14,1697.

Adeline, and Elbridge P. Spalding, Nov.29,1840.*

Andrew, and Betsy Buttrick, int.Sept.1,1805.

Benjamin, and Elizabeth Warren, Jan.12,1764.*

Benjamin, jr., and Elisabeth Herrick, Apr.11,1805.*

Benjamin E., and Maria L. Kendall of Tyngsborough, Aug.2,1840.*

Ebenezer, and Sarai Blogget, int.Oct.15,1721.

Ebenezer, and Sarah French of Dunstable, int.Dec.末,1733.

Elizabeth, and John Baldwin [jr. of], Feb.21,1758.*

Betty, and Paul Hunt, at Westford, Nov.19,1789,*

Betsey, and Ephraim Spaulding, Mar.15,1837.*

Ephraim, and Esther Peirce, May10,1770. [May9.PR4]*

Ephraim, and Sally Procter, May3,1807.*

Hannah, and Robert Redding, int.May28,1743.

Hannah, and Josiah Parker, int.July9,1757.

Hannah S., and Abner W. Buttrick of Lowell, int.Sept.20,1835.

Henry, and Lydia Spaulding, Apr.29,1802.*

Henry, and Abigail Butterfield, May31,1831.*

Hezekiah, and Julia Ann Butterfield, Nov.9,1826.*

James, and Abigail Spaulding, int.Dec.25,1731.

James, and [] Hannah Parker, June3,1773.*

Joel, and Polly Parker, Jan.7,1802.*

Joel, and Mrs.Hannah Barrett, Nov.10,1829.*

John, and Ruth Peirce, May14,1801.*

John, and Surviah Maning [of Billerica.CR1], Feb.26,1805.*

John, 2d, and Elizabeth R. Johnson, int.June29,1844.

Jonathan, and Hannah Richardson, int.June7,1724.

Jonathan, and Bridget Butterfield, June28,1748.*

Joseph, and Rebeckah Read, at Concord, June26,1656. [June24.CTR]

Joseph, and Eunice Spaulden, 4:9br:1686.CTR

Josiah, and Elizebeth King of Littleton, int.Feb.24,1758.

Josiah, and Rachel Stevens, at Westford, May3,1792.*

Josiah K[ing.CR1] and Ruth Spalding, June2,1822.*

Julia Augusta, and Alpheus Bowers, Dec.1,1831.*

Martha H., and Dea.Benjamin Dudley, June28,1838.*

Martha, and John A. Buttrick of Lowell, Sept.13,1841.*

Martha S., a.22y., d.J.K. and Ruth, and Franklin M. Hills of Amherst. NH, a.25y., carpenter, s.Moses and Sally, of Amherst, NH, Dec.26,1844.*

Mary, d.Joseph, and Thomas Bloggett, 29:4m:1683.

Mary, and Nathan Cross, int.Sept.26,1725.

Mary, and Amos Coburn of Dracut, int.July4,1761.

Mary, of Cavendish, VT, and Jesse Spaulding, int.Mar.8,1829.

Mary Ann, of Amherst, NH, and Stephen Butterfield, int.Aug.19,1832.

Matthias, and Eliza Andrews [both of Lowell.CR1], Jan.28,1828. [Jan.10.CR1]

Micajah, and Martha [H. int.] Barrot, Apr.6,1818.*

Oliver, and Mrs.Sarah Byam,末蔓末,1806. [June3.CR1]*

Philip, and Mary Spaulding, Mar.14,1771.*

Samuel, and Betty [] Hutchinson of Bedford, at Bedford, Feb.12,1788.*

Samuel, and Anna Dutton of Bedford, int.Nov.8,1817.

Sara, and Benjamin Goold, int.Oct.15,1721.

Sarah, of Dunstable, and Isaac Taylor, Nov.21,1776.

Sarah, a.23y., d.John and Celia, and John A. Hallett, a.24y., carpenter. b. New Brunswick, s.John and Gertrude, Jan.18,1849.*

Surviah [M. int.] and Jabez Stevens [of Lowell. int.], Aug.23,1831.*

Sewell, and Sally Fletcher [of], Feb.7,1828.*

Solomon, and Lucina M[ehitable. int.] Adams, Nov.15,1832.*

Susan E[], and Jeremiah C. Mansfield, July13,1843. [July11.PR21]*

Tabetha E[; d.wid.Rachel.CR1], and Thaddeus Osgood [of Methuen. int.], Oct.1,1829.*

William [of Wilton, NH. int.], and Anna Peirce, May4,1780.*


Lydia, of Concord, and Sampson Hildreth, at Concord, Feb.25,1752.*

Mary [of], and Jonas Hildreth, Jan.18,1749.*


Micah, of Westford, and Mary R. Porter, June10,1841.*

PARROTT (Parot, Parrot)

Jane, and Thomas Parker [of Lexington. int.], Mar.8,1750. [1749-50.PR4]*

John, and Margaret Mathes, at Concord, June14,1744.*

Margret, of Westford, and John Jewel, int.Oct.20,1764.

Mary, of Westford, and Benjamin Crosby, at Westford, Jan.1,1767.*

Sarah, and John Mackeney, int.Dec.31,1737.

Sarah, and Josiah Keemp, int.July1,1758.


Abigail, and Edward Rayment, Oct.3,1751.*

Elizabeth, and Jonas Pierce, Nov.8,1838.*

Ruth, and William Martin, Jan.2,1752.*


Thomas, and Sarah Farmer, Dec.18,1821.

PATTEN (Pattin)

Betsey, and Stephen Richardson, Feb.18,1829.CR3

Isaac, of Bedford, and Lydia Chaimherlin, Sept.16,1760.*

William, of Litchfield, and Eleziabeth Gammel, int.Nov.11,1739.

PATTERSON (Pattison)

Kezia, and Benjamin Butterfield, int.July7,1723.

William, musician, s.William, and Priscella Blood, a.23y., Mar.21,1847.*


Hiram, and Zoa Ann Wyman, Sept.17,1843.*

Sarah, of Newport, NH, and William Goodwin, int.May8,1825.


Jonathan J., and Phebe Q. Richardson, int.Mar.16,1848.


Harriett, a.29y., supposed d.J.P. Merriam, and Franklin Willowby of Milford, NH, a.35y., cooper, s.David, Feb.24,1847.*


Levi L., of Lowell, and Cynthia Spalding, int.Apr.2,1840.


John, and Elvira Lee of Waltham, int.Oct.23,1831.

Salome, of Westmoreland NH, and John Davison, int.June13,1840.

PECKINS (Pecken, Peckens)

Betcy, and Gaus Procter, May31,1797.*

Horace, and Jemima Robbins of Carlisle, int.Apr.7,1807.

John, jr., and Hannah Hayden of Harvard, int.Dec.15,1822.

John, jr., and Rachel Jones, int.July19,1846.

Marcus, and Sally Fletcher, Aug.12,1810.*


Mary, d.Thomas, of Concord, and Benjamin Bloggett, s.Daniell, Feb.14,1683.


Azubah Robbins, and Lucian Moore of Rutland Mar.28,1831.

Oliver, and Betsy Wright, Dec.1,1803.*

Sally, and William M. Wheeler [of Carlisle.CR1; of], Apr.7,1817.*

Sukey, and William Shurtliff of Charlestown, int.Dec.18,1808.

Suky, and Caleb Shirtliff [of Charlestown. int.], Jan.1,1809.*

William, Ens., and Betsy Spaulding, int.Sept.15,1804.


Nathan, and Louisa Nutting of Westford, int.Dec.5,1824.

PERHAM (Perram, Perum)

Benoni, and Sarah Robbins of Cambridge, at Concord, Dec.6,1704.

David, and Rebecah Spalding, Apr.19,1809.*

David, jr., and Elutheria W. Wait, at Boston, Apr.28,1839.PR15

Dorothy, and Joseph Adams, 2d, int.Feb.1,1838.

Elizabeth, and Isaac Comings of Dunstable, int.Jan.5,1722-3.

Esther, and John Adams, Nov.24,1743.*

Hannah, of Dunstable, and Nathaniel Boynton, int.Jan.24,1719-20.

John, and Lideah Shiple, Dec.15,1664.

John, and Lydea Flecher, Dec.27,1692.CTR

Jonathan, and Mary Parker, June24,1800.*

Lidya, and William Whitney of Groton, Mar.末, [1700?].

Lydia, and Eleazer Richardson, Mar.30,1748.*

Mary, and Eliazer Davis of Concord, int.Apr.20,1728.

Mary Ann, and Nathan Tyler, im.Nov.3,1838.

Oliver, and Mary Peirce, Mar.30,1784.*

Oliver, and Anner Perce, May8,1787.*

Perley P., a.24y., milkman, s.Samuel and Nancy, and Emeline A. Spalding, a.24y., d.John and Lydia, Oct.5,1847.*

Rebecca, and Samuel P. Perham of Wilton, NH, Sept.16,1841.*

Samuel, and Sarah Richardson, int.Apr.11,1741.

Samuel, and [] Elizabeth Adams, Mar.9,1769.*

Samuel [jr. int.], and Dolly Osgood, Aug.7,1777.*

Samuel, and Anna Spaulding, Jan.8,1805.*

Samuel, and Sarah Spalding, Nov.3,1808.*

Samuel P., of Wilton, NH, and Rebecca Perham, Sept.16,1841.*

Samuel P., and Asenath Lewis of Lowell, int.July20,1844.

Sarah, and Samuel Serll of Dunstable, Sept.26,1699.

Sary, and Jacob Coleburn of Dracut, int.Nov.28,1737.

Sally, and Elisha Ford, May7,1807.*

Sarah, wid, [wid.SamuelCR1], and John Osgood of Westford, Feb.18,1816. [Feb.1.CR1]*


Francis, of Fitchburg, and Rebeccah Adams [d.William.CR1], Nov.15,1821.*

Jesse H. [S.CR3], and Sarah Young, Nov.29,1840.*


John [of Winchendon. int.], and Mary Spaulding, June23,1795.*


Asa, and Caroline Wellington of Waltham, int.Dec.19,1824.

PERRY (Parry, Perrey)

Eliza, of Methuen, and Dr. Charles Toothaker, int.Dec.13,1841.

Esther, of Westford, and Thomas Adams, at Westford, Mar.15,1781.*

Hannah, and Robert Batties, int.Mar.29,1766.

John [], and Mary Masse [of Dracut. int.], July11,1754.*

Josiah F., of Boston, and Sarah C. Hildreth, int.Dec.27,1835.


Cynthia, of Wilton, NH, and John Frye, int.Mar.13,1831.


Ann D., of Lowell, aod John W. Johnson, int.Nov.2,1848.

Jonathan, and Olivia Wyman, both of Lowell, June18,1837.

PHILLIPS (Philips)

Joseph E., and Patty E. Spaulding, int.July20,1834.

Martha, and Reuben Goold, Mar.23,1790.*

Mary, and Timothy Nuel of Boston, int.Oct.14,1791.

Micah [jr. int.], and Hannah Bowers, at Dracut, Mar.28,1793.*


William, and Ellen Caffertay, int.July19,1846.


Matilda C., a.35y., d.William S. and Abigail, and Franklin Martin of Lowell, a.27y., hawker and pedler, s.Thomas, int.Sept.16,1849.

PIERCE (Pearce, Peirce, Perce)

Abigail, of Billerica, and Job Spalding, jr., at Billerica, Feb.17,1757.*

Abigail, and Sprake Livingston, Mar.27,1827.*

Agness, and Joseph Procter, int.Dec.1,1722.

Anna, and William.Parkhust [of Wilton, NH. int.], May4,1780.*

Anner, and Oliver Perham, May8,1787.*

Anna, and Charles Whitting Goodrich of Norwich, VT, int.Feb.15,1811.

Ann, and David Welch, int.Feb.3,1816.

Benjamin, and Elizabeth Merrill of Methuen, at Methuen,末蔓末, [Aug.2,1746. int.]*

Benjamin, of Woburn, and Hannah Bowers, at Woburn, Apr.3,1793. [1693?]

Benjamin, and Olive Frost of Tyngsborough, int.Oct.6,1816.

Elizabeth, and William Pierce, Mar.19,1761.*

Elizabeth [], and Oliver Bowers, Jan.3,1769.*

Elizabeth, and David Danforth, Dec.7,1775.*

Betty, and Ephraim Adams [late of Stoddard, NH, now resident in], Mar.6,1777.*

Elizebeth, and Samuel Laney, int.Sept.8,1783.

Betsy, and [Lt. int.] Daniel Tuck, Feb.13,1823.*

Elvira, of Waltham, and Francis Bush, int.Dec.2,1824.

Ephraim, and Bridget Parker, Oct.2,1760.*

Easther, and John Richardson, int.Dec.15,1733.

Esther, and Ephraim Parkhurst, May10,1770. [May9.PR4]*

Esther, and Benjamin Walker [of Fitchburg. int.], Jan.25,1786.*

Hannah, and John Dunn, Feb.27,1772.*

Hannah, and Samuel Butterfield, Aug.12,1798.*

Hannah, Mrs., and Jonathan Pierce, May7,1827.*

Joanna, and James Marshall, June16,1785.*

John, and Sally Hildreth of Dracut, at Dracut, Jan.8,1795.*

John A., and Mary P. Fletcher of Tyngsborough, int.Nov.14,1824.

Jonas, and Betty Dunn, Dec.7,1775.*

Jonas, jr., and Susanna Hildrith of Tyngsborough, int.May4,1805.

Jonas, and Elizabeth Patch, Nov.8,1838.*

Jonathan, and Mrs.Hannah Pierce, May7,1827.*

Joseph, and Mary Pierce, Mar.20,1744.*

Joseph, and Nancy Hollis of Woburn, int.Apr.5,1805.

Joseph B., and Mary Cummings, at North Chelmsford, Apr.7,1840.*

Lefy, and David Putman, int.Mar.1,1781.

Levi, and Remembrance Fletcher, Jan.3,1776.*

Lucinda, and William Barry of Boston, int.Sept.27,1845.

Lucy, and Stephen Sanders [of Temple, NH. int.], Nov.25,1773.*

Lydia, and Charles Cutler, Feb.16,1822. [Feb.14.CR1]*

Marshall, and Mary Stearns of Tewksbury, int.Aug.13,1815.

Patty, and Abel Marshall, int.Jan.13,1810.

Mary, and Joseph Pierce, Mar.20,1744.*

Mary, and Joseph Dunn, Jan.29,1765.*

Mary, and Oliver Perham, Mar.30,1784.*

Polly [d.Capt. Jonas.CR1], and Levi Farr, Sept.14,1818.*

Milo, of Lowell, and Mary A. Spalding, Nov.3,1842.*

Milo, and Maria D. Farrington of Andover, ME, at Nashville, NH, Nov.18,1849.

Nancy B., and Eli P. Parker, Jan.16,1840.*

Olive, and Abijah Spaulding, Dec.1,1791.*

Olive, and David Parker, 3d, Oct.14,1800.*

Oliver, and Ann Hunt of Billerica, at Billerica, Mar.21,1733-4.*

Oliver, and Hannah Adams, July14,1741.*

Oliver [jr. int.] and Deborah Steyens, Dec.21,1769.*

Pamela, and Anthony Resch [Rusch, both of the factory.CR1], July16,1817.*

Phebe, and Edward Foster, Jan.23,1772.*

Rachel, and Benjamin Procter [jr. int.], Nov.16,1757.*

Rachel, and Nathanil Harwood, May6,1784.*

Rebecca, and Solomon Corey, Dec.22,1767.*

Remembrance, and William Powers, Nov.14,1739.*

Reuel, and Cynthia Hall, int.Jan.29,1826.

Rhoda, and Zachariah Spaulding, Feb.9,1802.*

Robert, and Mary Landlee, int.June13,1731.

Robert [jr. int.], and Molley Trull, Feb.21,1781.*

Ruth, and Andrew Spaulding, May6,1783.*

Ruth, and John Perkhurst, May14,1801.*

Sarah, and Joseph Ozgood of Billerica, inc July30,1748.

Sarah, and John Stevens [of Wilton, NH. int.], Feb.5,1770.*

Sarah, and Amos Byam, Jan.24,1780.*

Sarah, d.Capt. Jonas, and Timothy Reed, May16,1815.*

Sarah J., of Lexington, and Thomas T. French of Manchester, NH, May3,1840.CR3

Sybil, and Silas Spaulding, June8,1775. [June7.PR4]*

Sybel, and Asa Blanchard, May1,1800.

Silos, and Lucy Spaulding [of], Mar.26,1771.*

Silas, and Elizabeth Barroll, Apr.12,1774.*

Silas, and Lydia Richardson, Dec.7,1786.*

Silas, and Sarah Goodhue, Dec.28,1797.*

Silas, and Bridget Butman of Tyngsborough, int.Aug.25,1800.

Silas, and Hannah Littleale of Dracut, int.Oct.25,1806.

Steven, s.Thomas, of Woburn, and Tabitha Parker, d.Jacob, Nov.8,1676. [Nov.18. dup.]

Stephen, and Ester Fletcher, Feb.5,1707.

Stephen, and Rachell Harwood, int.Dec.1,1722.

Stephen, and Betty Bowers, Feb.26,1745.*

Stephen [jr. int.], and Hannah Marshall, July30,1778.*

Stephen, 3d, and Phebe Trull, Dec.25,1787.*

Stephen, and Abigail Bateman, Apr.12,1814.*

Stephen, and Mary Corey of Winchendon, int.Jan.2,1831.

Susanah, and Jacob Spaulding, int.Dec.5,1725.

Susanna [Mrs.CR1], and John Cowen,末蔓末,1812. [Nov.2. int.]*

Tabitha, and William French of Billerica, int.Apr.末,1736.

Willard, and Olive Kemp, Mar.23,1780.*

William, of Groton, and Sarah Richardson, int.Oct.7,1739.

William, and Elizabeth Pierce, Mar.19,1761.*

William S., of Lowell, and Sarah Butler, int.Mar.14,1840.


Elizabeth, and Simeon Goold, June19,1760. [June18.PR4]*

James, jr., and Betsey B. Pool, int.Apr.17,1839.

Justus, and Mary Darker of Hillsborough, NH, int.Apr.27,1823.


Alden, of Lowell, and Martha [M. int,] Robbins, Dec.31,1837.*


James [Capt.CR1], and Rachel Hildreth, Dec.24,1808.*

John, Hon., of Boston, and Mrs.Mary Tyng of Dunstable, June3,1779.

Mary, of Tyngsborough, and William Stoddard Bridge, int.Sept.7,1811.

Mary Ann [of Cambridge. int.], and Ezra Warren, Jan.6,1825.*

Samuel, and [Mrs.CR1] Polly Carns, Apr.3,1797.*

Thomas, and Betcy Mounthforth, int.May1,1802.


Caroline S., of Jefferson, NH, and William H. Grant, int.Nov.23,1847.

POLLARD (Pollord)

Abigail, of Billerica, and Asa Danforth, at Billerica, Mar.14,1781.*

Dorothy, of Nottingham West, NH, and David Carlton, int.Jan.2,1825.

James, of Westford, and Abigail Chamberlain, at Westford, Dec.17,1734.*

Rebecca [now resident in], and Parker Emerson, May16,1771.*

Sarah, and David Carlton, Sept.2,1827.*

Solomon, and Mary Gould of Dunstable, June27,1775.

POOL (Poole)

Cordelia A., of West Bridgewater, and Seneca P. Morse of North Chelmsford, int.Nov.8,1845.

Betsey B., and James Pike, jr., int.Apr.17,1839.


Martha, Mrs., of Andover, and Benjamiu Howard, at Andover, Jan.12,1748.*


Mary R., and Micah Parmenter of Westford, June10,1841.*

POWERS (Powars, Power)

Betty, and Ebenezer Townsend, jr. of Billerica, int.Dec.2,1750.

Esther, and John Glode, at Charlestown, Mar.15,1770.*

Jonas, and Abigail Lovejoy of Pepperell, int.Apr.7,1825.

Jonathan, of Littleton, and Elizabeth Kidder, int.Dec.5,1725.

Mary, d.Walter, of Nashoba, and Joseph Whealer of Nashoba, Mar.1,1681.

Mary, and William Fletcher, int.Oct.18,1724.

Peter, of Dunstable, and Anna Keiys, int.Apr.20,1728.

Remembrance, and Charles Emmerson [of Fishersfield, NH. int.], Oct.14,1777.*

Walter, of Concord, and Rebeca Barit, Dec.16,1696.

William, and Remembrance Peirce, Nov.14,1739.*


Abigail, wid., of Greenfield, NH, a.45y., d.Samuel and Katy Straw, and George W. Sumner, widr., of Hill, NH, a.56y., farmer, s.George and Lydia, Sept.17,1848.

Anna, and Luke Bowers, at Dracut, Mar.20,1787.*

PRENTICE (Prentis)

Susan, of Lexington, and Edmond Stevens, int.Feb.24,1822.

PRESCOTT (Prescot, Prescut)

Abraham [Lt.CR1; of], and Olive Adams, Nov.13,1801.*

Benjamin, of Jaffrey, NH, and Rachil Adams, int.Apr.3,1775.

Dorothy, of Concord, and James Hildreth, int.Dec.20,1721.

Eliza Ann, of Groton, and George W. Woodward, int.Mar.25,1841.

Jonas, and Esther Spaulding, int.Mar.6,1725-6.

Levi T., and Sophia Tittle of Beverly, int.Aug.3,1823.

Mary, of Concord, and Timothy Fletcher, int.Oct.5,1729.

Polly F., of Westford, and Benjamin Spalding, int.Jan.17,1830.

Rebeckah, of Concord, and Jonathan Barron, int.Aug.9,1724.

Thankfull, of Groton, and Timothy Spaulding, int.May15,1726.


Erasmus D., and Sarah White of Leicester, int.Aug.29,1846.


Ferdinanda, and Mary Murfey [both of the factory.CR1], Oct.6,1817.*

PROCTOR (Prockter, Procter)

Abigail, and Daniel Keyes [of], Sept.19,1754.*

Abigail, and Oliver Barron, July30,1755.*

Agnis [of], and Ebenezer Emery, Jan.16,1769.*

Alfred, and Harriett E. Taylor of Carlisle, int.Aug.22,1846.

Amos, and Elizabeth Dakin of Concord, at Concord, Oct.25,1798.*

Anna P., and Samuel Parker of New Boston, NH, June3,1823.*

Asa, and Sarah Cory, Nov.16,1782. [Nov.26.CR1]

Asa, and Ama Trull, at Dracut, Apr.23,1793.*

Asa, and Allice Dane, int.Oct.29,1808.

Azariah, and Azuhah Robbens, Feb.11,1772.*

Azuriah, and Lucy Hodgman,末蔓末,1806. [Feb.16.CR1]*

Azariah, 3d, and Lettice W. Barden of Lowell, int.Oct.14,1832.

Azubah, and Oliver Willard, resident in Chelmsford, Nov.29,1792.*

Benjamin, and Lydia Chamberlain, int.Feb.4,1727-8.

Benjamin [jr. int.], and Rachel Pierce, Nov.16,1757.*

Benjamin, and Bethiah Hardy of Nottingham West, NH, int.June20,1761.

Charles, and Genett Way, int.Feb.17,1838.

Cotton, and Tabitha Fletcher, Nov.6,1744.*

Daniel, and Susana Hill of Billerica, int.Sept.17,1727.

Daniel [jr. int.], and Mary Robbins, Jan.1,1767.*

Daniel [jr. int.], and Hannah Parker, May31,1774.*

Daniel, of Westford, and Esther Spalding, int.June1,1811.

David, and Hannah Farrar of Concord, at Concord, Dec.31,1730.

Dorathy, and John Barrett, s.John, Dec.18,1679.

Elldad, and Rachel Parker, int.Dec.13,1791.

Elijah, and Esther Adams, at Charlestown, Dec.31,1766.*

Eliza, and Abraham Van Doorn, int.Sept.19,1824.

Elizabeth, and Samuel Fletcher, at Concord, Dec.20,1705.

Elizabeth, and Eleazer Spauluing. Oct.30,1753.*

Betty, and Isaac Chandler [of], Nov.1,1759. [Oct.31.PR4]*

Esther, of Westford, and Jonathan Minott, at West ford, Mar.6,1746.*

Ezekiel, of Westford, and Elizabeth Chamberlain, at Concord, Oct.24,1734.*

Gaus, and Betcy Pecken, May31,1797.*

George, and Ann Maria Whittemore of Groton, int.May7,1836.

Gershom, and Sarah Whittaws, July4,1690.CTR

Gershan, and Rebeckar Parker, int.Dec.10,1721,

Gershom, and Elizabeth Parker of Westford, at Westford, July22,1746.*

Hanah, and Joseph Kider, int.May8,1720.

Hannah, and Moses Barrat [of], Nov.11,1742.*

Henry, and Sarah Butterfield, May22,1760.*

Henry B., and S. Elisabeth Proctor, int.May5,1849.

Hester [Easter. int.], of Concord, and John Harvel, at Concord, Apr.25,1734.*

Isarell, and Margret Helldreth, Jan.10,1689.

Israel, and Sarah Raymond of Concord, at Concord, Sept.18,1734.*

Jeams, and Ester Parker, Dec.3,1691.

Jane [Jean. int.], and David Sprague [of], Nov.26,1767.*

Jonas [R., of], and Sybil Hodgman, Nov.14,1809.*

Jonas R., jr., and Fanny Thurlow, int.Mar.3,1840.

Jonathan, and Elizabeth Robbins of Stow, int.Feb.7,1719-20.

Joseph, and Agness Peirce, int.Dec.1,1722.

Lucy, and Henry Spaulding, int.Dec.5,1725.

Lucy, Mrs., and Lt. Jonathan Harwood, int.Aug.20,1768.

Lucy, and John Abbutt, jr. of Westford, int.July8,1769.

Lucy, and Joseph Fletcher, at Westford, Nov.17,1791.*

Lucy, and John Green, int.Dec.末,1808.

Lydia, and Jonathan Butterfield, Mar.27,1751. [Mar.28.PR4]*

Lydia, and Henry Spaulding, 3d, at Westford, Dec.22,1791.*

Mary, d.Robertt and Jane, and James Borne, Apr.3,1685.

Mary, and Thomas Swetman, int.July9,1721.

Marah [], and Ephraim Wesen of Wilmington, at Westford, Nov.16,1748.*

Mary [of], and William Procter, May11,1769.*

Molly [], and Capt. John Cook of Claremont, NH, at Westford, Apr.27,1797.*

Mary, and Timothy Read, int.Nov.13,1825.

Mary, and Marcus D. Byam, Sept.26,1839.*

Mercy, and Joseph Barret of Killingly, int.Apr.12,1746.

Miriam, and Josiah Comings of Dunstable, int.Nov.26,1732.

Moses, and Mary Byam, int.末蔓末, 末末. [1738?]

Nathan [jr. int.], of Westford, and Lydia Robbins, at Concord, Jan.9,1774. [Apr.23. int.]*

Olive, and Benjamin Butterfield.Dec.6,1758.*

Oliver, and Mary Parker of Westford, at Westford, Apr.10,1744.*

Peter, and Hannah Harwood, int.Apr.1,1720.

Peter [jr. int.], and Molly Putnam, Oct.19,1769.*

Rachel, and Eleazer Comings of Dunstable, int.Oct.26,1729.

Rachel, and Oliver Adams, Dec.2,1756.*

Rebecca, and Jonas Parker, Oct.8,1761.*

Rebecca, and Daniel E. [G. int.] Greenleaf, Apr.21,1833.*

S. Elisabeth, and Henry B. Proctor, int.May5,1849.

Samuel, and Lydia Cotton, int.Mar.15,1723-4.

Samuel, jr., and Sally Gould, int.Apr.11,1793.

Sarah, and Thomas Chamberline, Aug. [10,1666.TC].

Sarah, and Samuel Hildreth [of], Mar.14,1753.*

Sarah, and Jonas Hildreth, Dec.27,1759.*

Sarah, and Josiah Foster [late of Winchester. int.], Apr.2,1761.*

Sarah, and Moses Robbens [of Carlisle. int.], Mar.22,1807.*

Sally, and Ephraim Parkhurst, May3,1807.*

Sibbel, and Joseph Reed of Temple, NH, at Concord, Nov.16,1769.*

Simeon, and Rebecca Foster, Mar.12,1754.*

Simeon B., and Asenath J. [L. int.] Hall of Billerica, May21,1840.*

Susan Amanda, and James C. Burgess of Boston, int.Apr.30,1833.

Susanna, and Daniel Sherwin [of Dunstable. int.], June3,1756.*

Susanna, and Salathial Adams, June5,1804.*

Thankful, and Benjamin Barrett [of], Sept.23,1746.*

Thomas, and Hanah Barron, int.Dec.23,1722.

Willard, and Maria Huddleton of Lowell, int.Mar.25,1832.

William, and Lucy Fletcher, int.July9,1733.

William, and Mary Procter [of], May11,1769.*

Zilpah [d.Daniell.PR4], and Josiah Fletcher [], Apr.9,1789.*


George, and Olive Brown, Nov.28,1843.*


David [jr. int.; Capt.CR1], of Salem, and Mary C. Fletcher, June7,1825.*


Catharine M., and Charles F. Syffermann of Malden, int.Oct.1,1844.

PUTNAM (Putman, Putnum)

Nabby, of Fitchburg, and Zacheriah [] Wright, at Fitchburg. July8,1799.*

Ann, and [Hezekiah B. int.] Crooker [of Boston. int.], Nov.8,1838.CR1*

Daniel, and Hannah Alexander, Feb.22,1798.*

David, and Lefy Pierce, int.Mar.1,1781.

Betey, and Abel Stevens, int.Nov.24,1801.

George W., of Nashua, NH, a.32y., portrait-painter. b. Salem, s.Joseph and Mary, of Salem, and Julia Amanda Putnam, a.31y., d.Joseph and Anna, Aug.21,1844.*

Hannah, and Daniel Spaulding, June8,1769.*

Israel, and Mary L. Putnam of Salem, int.Sept.2,1837.

Julia Amanda, a.31y., d.Joseph and Anna, and George W. Putnam of Nashua, NH, a.32y., portrait-painter, b. Salem, s.Joseph and Mary, of Salem, Aug.21,1844.*

Lucy, and Samuel Adams [jr. int.], Oct.29,1772.*

Martha, and Jos[] Chamberlin [; jr.CR1]. Feb.26,1829*

Molly, and Peter Procter [jr. int.], Oct.19,1769.*

Mary L., of Salem, and Israel Putnam, int.Sept.1,1837.

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