Jonathan, s.Jonathan and Bette, Dec.21,1766, a.9m.12d.

Sarah, d.John and Abigal, Sept.24,1745.

Thomas, s.John and Abigal, Oct.6,1745.


George, s.John and w., May18,1848, a.24.


Andrew W., Sept.15,1837, a.3y.8d.GR8

Eunice, d.Joshua and Eunice, Sept.6,1848, a.20. [a.20y.1m.14d.GR8]

John C., Mar.11,1821. [a.27.GR8]

Joshua [h.Lydia], Mar.6,1836, a.72y.4m.21d.GR8

Lydia, drowned, Apr.16,1799. [d.Joshua and Lydia, a.11y.11m.GR8]

Lydia, w.Joshua, Mar.4,1838, a.74.GR8

Orfa, drowned, Apr.16,1799. [Orpah, d.Joshua and Lydia, a.8y.6m.GR8]

Prudence, d.Joshua and Prudence, Mar.10,1823, a.10m.GR8

Prudence, w.Joshua, Jan.14,1839, a.43y.7m.17d.GR8

Susannah, Mar.8,1821.

William H.H., s.Daniel and Prudence G., Aug.11,1841, a.1y.13d.GR8


Betcy, w.Joseph, July27,1825.

Maria E., b. Chatham, NH, d.John and Mary, consumption, Oct.31,1849, a.19.

Solon, s.Joseph and Betsey, June27,1822.


George H., s.Calvin and Martha, Nov.10,1846, a.11y.4m.GR4

Ira, s.Ira and Ellis, Sept.6,1833, a.19m.GR10

John C., typhoid fever, Nov.13,1846, a.16. [s.Calvin and Martha, a.16y.5m.GR4]


Benjamin, m., shoemaker, consumption, June26,1849, a.73.

Sarah, wid., old age, Oct.10,1847, a.72.


Daniel C., Nov.30,1844, a.44.GR8

Sarah, Mar.25,1845, a.60.GR8


Abigail, May12,1837, "at the Poor House. "


David, Aug.30,1825. [Dea.[h.Deborah and Sarah], Aug.28, a.85.GR10]

Deborah, w.Dea.David,末蔓末,1792.GR10

Deborah, May25,1827.

Phineas [h.Abigail], Aug.20,1831, a.37.GR10

Sarah, d.Phineas and Abigail, Nov.10,1831, a.1y.10m.GR10

Sarah, w.Dea.David,末蔓末,1838.GR10


Jacob, Capt. [h.Lydia], Oct.4,1795, a.67.GR2

Jeremiah, s.Capt. Jacob and Lydia, Aug.23,1796, a.34.GR3

Lydia, wid.Capt. Jacob, Feb.26,1807, in 75th y.GR2

Sarah, Jan.末,1822.CR2 [Jan.6, a.63.GR3]

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