Joseph, s.Ebenezer and Hepsebeth, Apr.4,1758.NR


Abigail, d.Isaac and Sary, Mar.11,1734.NR

Abigail, d.Oliver and Abigail, Apr.13,1747.

Abijah, s.Eleazer and Esther, July23,1788.NR

Benjamine, s.Oliver and Marah, May14,1720.NR

Buncker, s.Isaac and Sary, Jan.28,1732.NR

Derius, s.Thomas and Catherine, Feb.28,1783.

Eleazer, s.Eleazer and Mary, Aug.18,17末.

Eleazar, s.Henry, jr. and Esther, Oct.7,1726.NR

Elisabeth, d.Isaac and Sary, Mar.10,1726.NR

Esther, d.Henry, jr. and Esther, May16,1730.NR

Easter, d.Eleazer, jr. and Easter, Aug.11,1782.

Hanah, d.Henery and Susanah, Apr.4,1719.NR

Hanah, d.Josiah and Hanah, Jan.27,1722-3.NR

Henry, s.Elezer and Mary, Sept.1,1765.

Isaac, s.Henery and Susanah, Dec.4,1704.NR

Isaac, s.Isaac and Sary, Feb.28,1736.NR

James Cumings, s.Eleazer and Mary, Mar.11,1772.

John, s.Oliver and Abigail, Dec.8,1755.

John, s.Lt. John and Eleazibeth Hunt, Oct.2,1785.

Jonas, s.Thomas and Katherina, Feb.8,17末.

Johnathen, s.Henery, July24,1700.NR

Jonatthan, s.Jonatthan and Susannah, Aug.28,1729.NR

Joseph, s.Oliver and Abigail, June22,1751.

Joseph, s.Eleazer and Molley, Aug.12,1777.

Josiah, s.Isaac and Sary, Aug.19,1728.NR

Leaf, d.Isaac and Sary, Oct.4,1730.NR

Leonard, s.Eleazer and Mary, Jan.10,1768.

Mary, d.Oliver and Mary, May8,1716.NR

Mary, d.Oliver and Abigail, Jan.10,1745.

Polly, d.Eleazer, jr. and Easther, Oct.30,1780.

Olive, d.Henry, jr. and Esther, July19,1732.NR

Oliver, s.Oliver and Mary, Nov.19,1717.NR

Oliver, s.Oliver and Abigail, June28,1741.

Rachel, d.Jonatthan and Susannah, Feb.19,1727-8.NR

Rachel, d.Jonatthan and Mary, Apr.10,1762.NR

Rebekah, d.Oliver and Abigail, Oct.9,1739.

Sarrah, d.Henery, Dec.4,1706.NR

Sary, d.Oliver and Mary, May8,1724.NR

Sarah, d.Oliver and Abigail, Apr.3,1753.

Susannah, d.Henery, Feb.19,17末.NR

Sewsanah, d.Jonatthan and Susnah, Jan.17,1723-4.NR


James Chamberlain, s.Wyman and Sarah, May9,1829.NR

John Wyman, s.Wyman and Sarah, Nov.16,1826.NR

William Henry, s.Wyman and Sarah, Jan.23,1833.NR


Francis Grosvenor, s.Aaron and Martha, Aug.20,1830.NR

George Franklin, s.Aaron and Martha, Sept.12,1834.NR

Henry Lyman, s.Aaron and Martha, Mar.20,1836.NR

John Aaron, s.Aaron and Martha, Aug.30,1842.NR


Alonzo W., s.Daniel M. and Clarisa, at Dunstable, NH, May8,1832.NR

Ann Augusta, d.Ralph, at Providence, RI, Oct.8,1829.NR

Charles A., s.Daniel M. and Clarisa, Jan.9,1830.NR

Clara M., d.Daniel M. and Clarisa., at Nashua, Apr.26,1847.NR

Daniel, s.Nathan and Martha, Dec.5,1803.NR

Daniel W., s.Daniel M. and Clarisa, at Nashua, NH, Jan.18,1839.NR

David, s.Nathan and Martha, Dec.27,1798.NR

Eleazer, s.Eleazer and Esther, Aug.24,1760.NR

Eleazar, s.Eleazar and Elizabeth, May4,1803.NR

Elisabath, d.Eleazer and Esther, Aug.26,1771.NR

Emily Orrilla, d.Ralph, at Dunstable, NH, Dec.7,1831.NR

Esther, d.Eleazer and Esther, Dec.31,1766.NR

Francena E., d.Daniel M. and Clarisa, at Nashua, NH, Sept.9,1836.NR

Francis N., s.Daniel M. and Clarisa, at Dunstable, NH, Jan.7,1828.NR

Hannah, d.Eleazlelr and Esther, Jan.30,1768.NR

Hannah, d.Nathan. and Martha, May2,1793.NR

Joel Leonard, s.Eleazer and Elizabeth, Apr.20,1809.NR

Leonard, s.Nathan and Martha, Apr.6,1795.NR

Lucy Wellington, d.Ralph, at Dunstable, NH, Feb.12,1834.NR

Marinda, d.Eleazar and Elizabeth, June26,1806.NR

Nathen, s.Elealzelr and Esther, June13,1764.NR

Nathan, s.Nathan and Martha, Feb.25,1791.NR

Ralph, s.Nathan and Martha, Apr.24,1801.NR

Rebeckah, d.Eleazar and Elizabeth, Oct.2,1807.NR

Sally, d.Nathan and Martha, Mar.21,1789.NR

Susanna, d.Eleazer and Esther, May21,1760.NR

William Henry, s.Ralph, at Boston, Nov.17,1826.NR


Anna, d.Phinehas and Anna, Oct.29,1784.

Ann Rebecca, d.Pascal and Rebecca, Jan.16,1831.NR

Catherin, d.Robert and Sarah, Mar.24,1778.NR

Caty, d.Joseph and Caty, May6,1792.

Charles Pascal, s.Pascal and Rebecca, June13,1827.NR

Charlotta, d.Phinehas and Anna, May19,1794.

David, s.Thomas and Rachel, Nov.6,1767.

Elijah, s.John, jr. and Ruth, Apr.8,1784.NR

Elizabeth, d.Robert and Sarah, Feb.23,1728.NR

Elizebeth, d.Daniel and Hannah, Sept.14,1760.

Elisabeth, d.Jonathan and Lucy [after 1764, bp. 1766.CR]

Elisabeth, d.twin, Robert and Sarah, Apr.10,1769.NR

Elisabeth, d.Thomas and Rachel, Nov.8,17[69.TC].

Elizibeth Underwood, d.Joseph and Caty, Feb.24,1790.

Betsy, d.Phinehas and Anna, Oct.2,1792.

Francis, s.Thomas and Rachel, July27,1777.

Francis, s.Thomas and Rachel, Aug.20,178[8.TC].

George Washington, s.Capt. Mark and Rhoda, Apr.15,1826.

Grace, d.twin, Robert and Sarah, Apr.10,1769.NR

Hannah, d.Daniel and Hannah, Aug.1,1758.

Hannah, d.John and Sarah, Mar.17,1766.NR

Hannah Blanchard, d.Robert and Sarah, Oct.13,1773.NR

Hannah Pope, d.Lt. [Ens.dup.] Francis and Hannah, Apr.9,1819.

Indiane, d.Phinehas and Allice, Dec.13,1796.

Isaac, s.Joseph and Caty, Nov.23,1784.

Jacob, s.John and Sarah, May1,1758.NR

Jacob, s.Jacob and Mercy, May26,1773.

James Kendall, s.Ens.Samuel and Rhoda, Nov.2,1799.

Jane, d.Phinehas and Allice, Mar.12,1804.

John, s.John and Sarah, Feb.29,1756.NR

Jonatthan, s.Jonathan and Lucy, [after 1764.]

Joseph, s.Jonatthan and Lucy, Nov.7,1777.

Joseph, s.Joseph and Abigail, Sept.14,1798.

Leonard, s.Jonathan and Lucy, [after 1764; bp. 1766.CR].

Lucendee, d.Joseph and Cary, Nov.26,1795.

Lucy, d.Jonatthan and Lucy, Aug.30,1774.

Lucy, d.Phinehas and Allice, Sept.18,1801.

Lucy, d.Joseph and Rachel, bp. Oct.16,1803.CR

Mark, s.Phineas and Anna, Aug.19,1788.

Mark, s.Phinehas and Anna, Sept.14,1790.

Pattey, d.Thomas and Rachel, Aug.26,1781.

Mary, d.Robert and Sarah, May28,1731.NR

Mary, d.John and Sarah, Dec.30,1753.NR

Mary, d.Robert and Sarah, June28,1771.NR

Molly Cumings, d.Joseph, jr. and Cate, Sept.15,1775.

Mary Putnam, d.Lt. [Ens.dup.] Francis and Hannah, Mar.28,1822.

Nancy Catherine, d.Capt. Mark and Rhoda, Feb.23,1821.

Nathaniel, s.Thomas and Rachel, Feb.5,1764.

Philip, s.John and Sarah, Feb.4,1764.NR

Phinehas, s.Daniel and Hannah, Mar.27,1756.

Phinehas, s.Joseph and Elisabeth, bp.末蔓末,1757.CR

Rachel, d.Thomas and Rachel, Oct.28,1765.

Rachel Submit, d.Lt. [Ens.dup.] Francis and Hannah, Feb.21,1821.

Rebecca, d.Robert and Sarah, May29,1767.NR

Rebeccah, d.Thomas and Rachel, Nov.30,1771.

Rebecca, d.Thomas and Rachel, Aug.7,1779.

Rhoda, d.Ens.Samuel and Rhoda, Dec.24,1796.

Rhoda Elizabeth, d.Capt. Mark and Rhoda, Jan.24,1819.

Robert, s.Robert and Sarah, July17,1727.NR

Robert, s.Robert and Sarah, Aug.1,1762.NR

Samuel, s.Jonathan and Lucy, [after 1764,].

Samuel Marla, s.Capt. Mark and Rhoda, Mar.1,1822.

Sarah, d.Robert and Sarah, Mar.1,1724.NR

Sarah, d.John and Sarah, Feb.13,1752.NR

Sarah, d.Jonathan and Lucy,末蔓末, [after 1764.]

Sarah, d.Robert and Sarah, Dec.21,1765.NR

Sarah, d.John and Sarah, Nov.28,1767.NR

Sarah, d.Jacob and Marcy, Nov.20,1771.

Sally Ames, d.Phinehas and Allice, Oct.15,1798.

Sally Ames, d.Phinehas and Allice, Nov.2,1799.

Sewall, s.Phineas and Anna, Oct.19,1786.

Susan Lucretia, d.Capt. Mark and Rhoda, Oct.31,1828.

Susanah, d.Jonatthan and Lucy, June6,1776.

Susanah, d.Jonatthan and Lucy, Sept.24,1779.

Susanna, d.Bus.Samuel and Rhoda, Apr.3,1809.

Susanna, d.wid.Rhoda, bp. May31,1818.CR

Thankfull, d.Oliver and Tabitha, July18,1766.NR

Thomas, s.Thomas and Rachel, Mar.19,1762.

Washington, s.Jacob and Mercy, Dec.17,1775.

William, s.Jacob and Massey, Jan.29,1761.

William, s.Jonatthan and Lucy, Aug.29,1772.

William Nourse, s.Pascal and Rebecca, May4,1829.NR


Caroline, d.Willard and Lydia, May20,1816.NR

Cyrus Osmon, s.Cyrus and Sarah, May24,1817.NR

Joanna, d.Willard and Lydia, Aug.30,1822.NR

Louisa, d.Willard and Lydia, July2,1820.NR

Lydia, d.Willard and Lydia, Apr.1,1829.NR

Mary Almira, d.Cyrus and Sarah, Apr.25,1818.NR

Mary Ann, d.Willard and Lydia, Jan.5,1825.NR

Sarah Emiline, d.Cyrus and Sarah, Apr.2,1816.NR

Stilman, s.Willard and Lydia, May13,1818.NR

FOSGATE (Fosget)

Jacob, s.Ebenezer andMary, Nov.20,1777.NR

Moley, d.Ebenezar and Mary, Nov.30,1775.NR

Rhoda, d.Ebenezer and Mary, Sept.30,1780.NR

FOSGET (Fosgate)

Cyrus, s.Ebenezer and Mary, Mar.18,1786.NR

Ebenezer, s.Ebenezer and Mary, Dec.2,1791.NR

James, s.Ebenezer and Mary, May22,1789.NR

John, s.Ebenezer and Mary, Jan.27,1794.NR

Willard, s.Ebenezer and Mary, Mar.18,1784.NR


末末, s.Andrew and Mary, May末,1732.NR

末末, s.Andrew and Mary, May末,1735.NR

Esther, d.Andrew and Mary, Apr.5,17末. [after 1735.].NR

George, s.Perley, at Dunstable, NH, Oct.12,1835.NR

John Gray, s.Perley, at Whitefield, NH, May27,1823.NR

Mary Jane, d.Perley, at Greenfield, NH, Aug.6,1818.NR

Mary Elizabeth, d.Moses and Abigail F., Feb.21,1824.NR

Moses Gray, s.Perley, at Whitefield, NH, Mar.30,1830.NR

Newman Scarlet, s.Perley, at Greenfield, NH, Nov.20,1816.NR

Perley, s.Perley, at Dunstahle, NH, Sept.1,1833.NR

Samuel, s.Moses and Abigail F., Feb.9,1826.NR

FRENCH (Frensh)

末末, s.Joseph and Bridget, May26,1734.NR

Abigail, d.Eleazer and Abigail, Nov.6,1757.

Albert Marshel, s.Jonas and Mary, July27,1833.

Arthur, s.Frederic and Grace, June18,1796.NR

Agustus, s.Benjamin and Molley, July16,1760.NR

Beatey, d.Benjamin and Molly, Jan.16,1762.NR

Benjamin, s.Joseph and Elisabeth, July6,1726.NR

Benjamin, s.Benjamin and Molle, Dec.4,1752.NR

Benjamin Frederic, s.Frederic and Grace, Oct.2,1791.NR

Benjamin, s.Thomas and Elisabeth, Oct.1,1807.NR

Benjamin, s.John and Sarah, Jan.22,1815.

Bridghet, d.twin, Joseph and Elizabeth, Aug.30,1749.NR

Bridget, d.Benjamin and Molly, Jan.14,1772.NR

Caroline, d.Thomas and Elisabith, Mar.19,1803.NR

Charles, s.Frederic and Grace, Apr.27,1794.NR

Charles, s.Thomas and Elisabeth, May8,1811.NR

Charlotte, d.Benjamin and Molly, Sept.21,1763.NR

Charlotte, d.Ebenezer and Susannah, Aug.13,1774.

Ebenezer, s.Ebenezer and Esther, Oct.27,1723.NR

Ebenezer, s.John and Elisabeth, May31,1731.NR

Ebenezer [P.PR1], s.John and Sarah, Aug.17,1808.

Edward, s.Frederic and Grace, July1,1804.NR

Elezer, s.John and Elizabeth, Apr.29,1729.NR

Eli Sawtell, s.Jonas and Mary, Nov.19,1826.

Elizabeth, d.Joseph and Elizabeth, Mar.6,1746-7.NR

Elizabeth, d.Joseph, jr. and Sibbel, Oct.7,1769.NR

Elisabeth, d.Thomas and Elisabeth, Sept.11,1801.NR

Esther, d.Benjamin and Molley, Jan.7,1759.NR

Frederick, s.Benjamin and Molly, Sept.26,1766.NR

Isaac, s.Joseph, jr. and Sibbel, Mar.28,1771.NR

Jacob, s.Theodore and Rhoda, at Stoddard, Oct.24,1789.NR

James Monroe, s.John and Sarah, July26,1821. [July27.PR1]

Jefferson, s.John and Sarah, Nov.30,1802.

John, s.John and Elizabeth, Mar.1,1719.NR

John, s.John, jr. and Mary, Oct.25,1755.

John, s.Ebenezer and Susana, Mar.15,1778.

John, s.Jonas and Bettey, Mar.9,1795.

John Flavel, s.Theodore and Katy, Jan.21,1798.NR

John Hamblet, s.John and Sarah, Sept.22,1810.

John Dustin, s.Jonas and Mary, Nov.21,1831.

John Alfred, s.Jonas and Mary, Dec.4,1839.

Jonas, s.John, jr. and Mary, Aug.17,1757.

Jonas, s.Jonas and Bettey, Aug.12,1782.

Jonas Jewett, s.Jonas, jr. and Martha, Sept. [bef. 1822; bp. May28,1820.CR].

Jonatthan, s.Samuell and Sary, Feb.1,1703-4.NR

Jonatthan, s.Eleazer and Abigail, Mar.12,1760.

Jonatthan Lovel, s.Theodore and Katy, June5,1795.NR

Jonathan Blanchard, s.Thomas and Elisebeth, Oct.16,1796.NR

Josiph, s.Samuel, Mar.10,1687.NR [1686-7.CTR]

Joseph, s.Joseph, July28,1713.NR

Joseph, s.Joseph and Elizabeth, Nov.1,1739.NR

Joseph, s.Theodore and Rhoda, Nov.22,1783.NR

Joseph Nelson, s.Thomas and Elisabeth, Apr.17,1816.NR

Joseph Augustus, s.Jonas and Mary, Oct.1,1825.

Josiah, s.Joseph and Elisabeth, Feb.24,1722-3.NR

Josiah, s.Joseph and Elizabeth, June27,1741.NR

Josiah, s.Joseph and Elizabeth, Jan.17,1743.NR

Katharine, d.Benjamin and Molley, Aug.19,1757.NR

Katy, d.Theodore and Katy, Sept.1,1792.NR

Lucy, d.Benjamin and Molly, Nov.7,1769.NR

Lucy Caraline, d.Jonas and Mary, Jan.10,1836.

Martha Jane, d.twin, Jonas, jr. and Martha, June30,1822.

Mary, d.Samuel and Mary, July24,1720.NR

Molloy, d.twin, Joseph and Elizabeth, Aug.30,1749.NR

Mary, d.John, jr. and Mary, Mar.21,1754.

Molle, d.Benjamin and Molle, Oct.18,1755.NR

Mary, d.Joseph, jr. and Sibbel, June4,1776.NR

Polly, d.Jonas and Bettey, Mar.14,1781.

Mary, d.Thomas and Elisabeth, Nov.23,1799.NR

Mary, d.Theodore and Katy, July14,1801.NR

Mary Dandridge, d.John and Sarah, Sept.15,1812.

Mary Dandridge, d.John and Sarah, Aug.27,1819. [Aug.26.PR1]

Mary Augusta, d.Jonas and Mary, Jan.8,1828.

Newel Pike, s.Jonas and Mary, Dec.2,1829.

Rachel, d.Samuell and Mary, May6,1726.NR

Rebeca, d.Joseph and Rebeca, June3,1756.NR

Rebecca, d.Theodore and Rhoda, June4,1785.NR

Rebecca, d.Frederic and Grace, July5,1798.NR

Rhoda, d.Theodore and Rhoda, July9,1782.NR

Rhoda, d.John and Sarah, Apr.21,1806.

Samson, s.Joseph and Elizabeth, July28,1717.NR

Samuell, s.Samuell, Sept.10,1685.NR [1684.CTR]

Samuell, s.Joseph and Elisabeth, July14,1728.NR

Samull, s.Joseph and Elezabath, Aug.10,1730.NR

Samuel, s.Samuel and Mary, May2,1779.

Samuel [A.PR1], s.John and Sarah, Sept.3,1823.

Sarah, d.Samuel, Feb.7,1683.NR

Sarah, d.John and Elizabeth, Oct.6,1733.NR

Sarah, d.Ebenezer and Sarah, May6,1767.

Sarah, d.John and Sarah, Dec.11,1804.

Sibbel, d.Joseph, jr. and Sibbel, Dec.12,1773.NR

Susanna, d.Joseph and Rebecca, Oct.16,1757.NR

Susannah, d.John and Sarah, May17,1801.

Theodore, s.Joseph and Rebecca, June6,1759.NR

Theodore, s.Theodore and Rhoda, Dec.19,1786.NR

Thomas, s.Joseph and Elisabeth, June29,1724.NR

Thomas, s.Joseph and Elizabeth, May4,1745.NR

Thomas, s.Benjamin and Molly, May7,1768.NR

Thomas, s.Thomas and Elisabeth, Jan.19,1805.NR

William, s.John and Eliezabeth, Oct.18,1721.NR

William, s.[Lt. dup.] John, jr. and Mary, July2,1752. [July13,1752. dup.]

William, s.Jonas and Bettey, June5,1789.

William [E.PR1], s.John and Sarah, June4,1817.

William James, s.twin, Jonas, jr. and Martha, June30,1822.

William Lee, s.Benjamin and Sarah E., Mar.6,1843.

FRENSH (French)

Alis, d.Samuill and Sarath, Nov.20,1699.NR

Ebinezar, s.Samiull and Sarath, Apr.7,1693.NR

Haner, d.John and Elizibeth, Jan.24,1723-4.NR

John, s.Samuill and Sarath, May末,1691.NR

Richard, s.Samuill and Sarath, Apr.8,1695.NR


Benjamin, s.Thomas and Darkes, May19,1748.

Darkis, d.Thomas and Darkes, Mar.25,1738. [1737-8.NR]

Hannah, d.Thomas and Dorcas, Apr.22,1740.NR

Hennery, s.Thomas and Darkes, Apr.18,1740.

Sarah, d.Thomas and Darkes.TC;末蔓末,1745 (?)

Thomas [jr. dup.], s.Thomas and Dorcas, Sept.4,1743.

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