Gilman, of New Chester, and Elizabeth Badger of Dunstable, NH, Sept.27,1835.NR


Isaac Jackson, and Polly Parker, Jan.13,1803.*

SANDERSON (Saunderson)

Elizabeth P., and Timothy Blood, jr., both of Groton, Nov.29,1827.

Mary Ann, anu Harrison Holmes, both of Lowell, Oct.14,1827.

SARGANT (Sargent)

Olive, Mrs., and Capt. Jonathan Lund, both of Dunstable, NH, Oct.22,1765.NR

SARGENT (Sargant)

Joshua, and Polly Harris, both of Dunstable, NH, June17,1835.NR

SARLES (Searles)

Phebe, Mrs., and Thomas Pearson, both of Dunstable, NH, Apr.2,1799.NR

SAUNDERSON (Sanderson)

Joseph, of Groton, and Lucretia Emily Kemp, Apr.24,1838.*

SAUTELL (Sawtell)

Henry, and Susan Lawrance, both of Concord, Apr.17,1830.


Mary, of Cambridge, and Rev. Thomas Weld, at Cambridge, May22,1700.

SAWTELL (Sautell)

Andrew, of Charlestown, and Almira Swallow, May28,1832.*

Sarah, of Groton, and Jonas Woods, int.Feb.13,1818.


Abigail, of Dunstable, NH, and Peter Dearbon of Plymouth, Sept.16,1773.NR

Elizabeth, Mrs., and Edward Turrel, both of Dunstable, NH, Aug.11,1778.NR

Isaac [Israel. int.], Dr., of Putney, and Cary Woodward, at Pepperell, Feb.20,1787.*


Jane, and John Steel of Souhegan West, Jan.25,1759.

John, and Ruth Conant, both of Pepperell, at Groton, June9,1778.

William, and Elizabeth M. Lane of Westford, at Westford, May3,1763.

SEARL (Searles)

Samuel, and Sarah Perham of Chelmsford, at Chelmsford, Sept.26,1699.

SEARLES (Sarles, Searl, Searls)

Benjamin, of Dunstable, NH, and Sibil Carleton, Mar.12,1794.NR

Cummings, and Fidelia Gilson, both of Dunstable, NH, Apr.26,1827.NR

David, and Susanna Kidder, both of Dunstable, NH, Mar.26,1801.NR

Eli, and Hannah Runnl, [Knowls.index.] both of Dunstable, NH, Jan.10,1836.NR

Elisabeth, and Philip Fletcher, both of Dunstable, NH, Apr.1,1789.NR

James, and Alis Durant of Tyngsborough, at Tyngsborough, Apr.8,1793.

Janne, Mrs., and Jonathan Searles, both of Nottingham West, Apr.15,1806.NR

Jonathan, and Mrs.Janne Searles, both of Nottingham West, Apr.15,1806.NR

Louisa, and Zophar Corey, both of Dunstable, NH, Sept.10,1822.NR

Patty, of Dunstable, NH, and Jesse Hardy of Amherst, May26,1816.NR

Rachel, and Squire Blanchard, both of Dunstable, NH, Apr.13,1819.NR

Samuel, and Mary Butterfield of Westford, at Westford, Jan.17,1737.

Thomas, and Polly Hadlock, both of Milford, Nov.9,1836.NR

SEARLS (Searles)

Asa, and Clarissa Foot of Merrimack [both residents in Dunstable. int.], Sept.29,1823.*

SEAVEY (Seavy)

Polly, of Tyngsborough, and John Griffin of Dunstable, NH, at Tyngsborough, Apr.5,1790.

SEAVY (Seavey)

David, and Sophronia Smith, both of Hudson, Nov.26,1835.NR

Rufus, and Betsy Smith, both of Dunstable, NH, Nov.16,1835.NR


Abigail, of Dunstable, NH, and Jonathan Hobert, jr. of Hollis, Mar.21,1816.NR

Abigail, Mrs., and Thadeus Wilson, both of Dunstable, NH, Nov.17,1821.NR

Caroline, of Dunstable, NH, and Hiram G. Haines of Canterbury, Sept.12,1835.NR

Diadama, wid., a.40y., domestic, d.Isaac and Prudence Woods, and Aaron Corey, Jr., widr., of Groton, a.38y., carpenter, b. Groton, s.Aaron and Betsey, of Groton, Jan.9,1848.*

Eliza, and John H. King, both of Nashua, Jan.1,1838.NR

Jonas, of Hollis, and Bridget Colburn, at Pepperell, Nov.26,1782.*

Polley, and Josiah Spaulding, Sept.20,1792.

Oliver, of No. 1, and Mary Read, Dec.23,1760.

Sally, of Groton, and Levi Parker, Nov.12,1805.*

Timothy R., of Pepperell, and M. Emeline Kendall, int.Nov.20,1845.

SHED (Shedd)

Hannah, and Samuel Roby, both of Dunstable, NH, Nov.13,1759.NR

Mary, of Billerica, and Abner Keyes, at Billerica, Dec.20,1763.

SHEDD (Shed)

Elisabeth, of Nashua, and Joshua Jewett of Amherst, May5,1838.NR


Ezra, of Wilton, NH, and Nancy M. Raddin, int.May2,1831.

SHEPARD (Shepherd)

Benjamin, and Mrs.Lucey Lund, both of Dunstable, NH, Mar.21,1776.NR

Henry, and Hannah Lame of Chelmsford, int.July13,1776.

SHEPHERD (Shepard)

Samuel, and Elizabeth Hadley, at Nashua, Dec.29,1825.NR

SHERRIN (Sherwin)

Elisabeth, and Ebenezer Batchellor of Wenham, int.Jan.21,1779.

SHERWIN (Sherrin)

Elnathan, and Eunice Brown, Jan.22,1761.

Sarah, and Isaac Butterfield of Londonderry, int.Sept.12,1769.

Susanna, and Robert Crosby of New Ipswich, Mar.5,1760.


Benjamin, and Abagial Barnes, both of Litchfield, Mar.15,1804.NR

Lucy, and Solomon Woods, both of Nashua, Dec.24,1837.NR

Mary, and Samuel Foss, both of Nashua, July31,1838.NR

Oliver, of New Boston, and Sarah Adams of Dunstable, NH, June24,1784.NR


Giles, and Molly Lovewell, both of Dunstable, NH, Nov.24,1790.NR

Simeon, and Pheby Chase, both of Charlestown, Dec.1,1805.NR


Salla, of Haverhill, and Moses Hardee, int.Nov.1,1800.

SIMMONS (Simonds)

Hannah, and Larnard Robbins, int.Sept.5,1824. ( Sept.11,1824, this publishment ordered to be taken down by the said Larnard Robbins.)

Moses [resident in Dunstable. int.], and Susan Blood, Apr.8,1823.*

SIMONDS (Simmons, Simons)

Sally, of Groton, and Henry Lawrance, int.Aug.28,1813.

SIMONS (Simonds)

Daniel R., of Boston, and Eliza Perrey, Oct.30,1831.*


Abraham, of South Reading, and Mary A. Raddan of Saugus, July25,1830.


Fairene, and Asa Kenniston, both of Dunstable, NH, Apr.16,1836.NR

Sandborn, and Hannah Gillis, both of Dunstable, NH, Jan.17,1833.NR

SLOAN (Slone)

Samuel W., of Medway, and Elizabeth Fletcher, Apr.12,1825,*

SLONE (Sloan)

Elisabeth, Mrs., and Gilbert Brooks of Medford, Nov.26,1833.*


Abijah, and lletsey Chaney, May7,1809.*

Agnus, and Joseph Spaulding, Oct.4,1800.NR*

Agnes W., Mrs., of Lowell, and Jonas P. Blodgett, int.June16,1844.

Almira W., of Nashua, and John P. Lovejoy of Peterborough, Feb.5,1839.NR

Ann W., and Samuel C. Powers, both of Nashua, Dec.18,1838.NR

Benjamin, and Johannah Lund, both of Dunstable, NH, Oct.6,1762.NR

Benjamin, jr., and Edy Adams, both of Dunstable, NH, Mar.5,1789.NR

Berby, and Thomas Smith, both of Nottingham West, Feb.24,1807.NR

Elizabeth Hunt, and John Farwell, at Chelmsford, Dec.7,1784.*

Betsy, and Rufus Seavy, both of Dunstable, NH, Nov.16,1835.NR

Hannah, and Michel Carter, int.May20,1807.

Hugh, and Lois Butler, both of Nottingham West, Dec.25,1806.NR

Jacob O., and Charlotte Bowers, both of Nashua, Apr.8,1837.NR

Jeremiah, and Susanna Spaulding, both of Nottingham West, June15,1806.NR

Johannah, and Augustus Lund, both of Dunstable, NH, Apr.10,1787.NR

John [of Alstead, NH. int.], and Susanna Fletcher, Nov.26,1809.*

John C., of Salem, N.B., and Hannah W. Pettingill of Dunstable, NH, Oct.26,1835.NR

John L., and Harriet A, White, both of Dunstable, NH, Dec.30,1835.NR

John, 2d, and Martha Read, both of Nashua, Aug.7,1838.NR

Lyman, of Cambridge, and Ann Keyes, July4,1843.*

Mary, and John Woods, both of Dunstable, NH, Jan.22,1795.NR

Mary F., and George S. Wright, both of Nashua, June28,1837.NR

Olivia, of Lowell, and Asa King of Nashua, Nov.29,1838.NR

Sarah, of Dunstable, NH, and John Conant of Merrimack, May17,1804.NR

Sarah D., and Rufus E. Gay, both of Nashua,末蔓末, [1836 or 1837.].NR

Sophronia, and David Seavy, both of Hudson, Nov.26,1835.NR

Thomas, and Berby Smith, both of Nottingham West, Feb.24,1807.NR

Timothy U., and Hannah C. Maxfield, both of Dunstable, NH, Sept.13,1835.NR


Dorcas, and Joseph Hamblit, jr. of Dracut, int.Oct.10,1767.

Henry, of Lowell, and Mary B. Clark of Milford, NH, Feb.20,1834.NR

Rebecca, and Parmenter Honey, both of Dunstable, NH, Dec.22,1785.NR

Sarah, and Jonathan Perham, Oct.15,1760.

SPADING (Spaulding)

Reuben, jr., and Hannah Barrett, both of Nottingham West, Mar.6,1806.NR

SPALDING (Spaulding)

Esther, of Hollis, and Joseph Powars of Dunstable, NH, Sept.22,1803.NR

Isaac, b. New Ipswich, and Lucy Kendall of Amherst, May1,1828.NR

Reuben, and Emily W. Brooks, both of Nashua, Jan.17,1839.NR

Sarah H., and William Standley, both of Dunstable, NH, Nov.26,1835.NR

SPAULDING (Spading, Spalding)

Abel, and Susannah Thompson, Feb.5,1761.

Abel, and Lydia Powers of Westford, Nov.19,1767.*

Abel [jr. int.], and Anna Parker [of Groton. int.], Mar.4,1810.PR14 [Oct.19. int.]*

Abel, of Charlestown, and Elizabeth Kendall, May28,1829.*

Abel S. [P. int.; Parker.PR14], and Sally Read [Dec.2,1836.PR14].*

Andrew, and Sarah E. Parkhurst, Nov.24,1842.*

Cynthia, of Dunstable, NH, and Gilbert Colburn of Pelham, Nov.18,1828.NR

Betty, and Joseph Blanchard, at Westford, Sept.19,1748.

Elizabeth, and Jefferson French, int.Dec.31,1825.

Joanna, of Westford, and Benjamin Swallow, Mar.5,1767.*

Joel, and Hannah Davis, Mar.31,1785.NR*

John, of Shirley, and Olive C.B. Kendall, Sept.25,1828.PR3*

Jonas, and Mary Fletcher Hoyt [resident in Dunstable. int.], June28,1842.PR14 [May20,1843. int.]*

Joseph, and Sibel Parker of Groton, int.Apr.21,1784.

Joseph, and Agnus Smith, Oct.4,1800.NR*

Josiah, and Polley Shattuck, Sept.20,1792.

Josiah W., of New Ipswich [NH. int.], and Betey E. Wright, Nov.29,1832.*

Lydia, and James Whitney of Tyngsborough, Jan.26,1792.NR

Phinehas, of Westford, and Rebecca Jaquith, at Westford, Nov.18,1779.*

Robert, and Hepsebeth Ramend, Apr.2,1784.

Ruth, of Westford, and Isaac Butterfield, at Westford, Dec.3,1772.*

Salley, and Daniel Darlin of Buxton, int.Nov.17,1800.

Susanna, and Jeremiah Smith, both of Nottingham West, June15,1806.NR

Tamar, and Clark Parker, June25,1811.*


Mary, of Lunenburg, and William Adams, at Lunenburg, May31,1744.


Sarah B., of Hudson, and James Lund of Litchfield, Nov.13,1833.NR


Anna, of Nottingham West, and David Tarbel, jr., of Dunstable, NH, Apr.26,1804.NR

Betsy, of Nottingham West [NH. int.], and William Woods, Nov.29,1808.NR*

Sarah, of Nottingham West, and Jacob Page, jr. of Litchfield, Mar.16,1809.NR

STANDLEY (Stanley)

William, and Sarah H. Spalding, both of Dunstable, NH, Nov.26,1835.NR

STANLEY (Standley)

Sylvia, of Merrimack, and William Holt of Dunstable, NH, Jan.21,1834.NR

STAR (Starr)

Ebenezer, Dr., and Rebecah Blanchard, at Tyngsborough, Dec.3,1794.

STARR (Star)

Ebenezer, Dr., and Mrs.Hannah Blanchard, both of Dunstable, NH, Apr.21,1776.NR

STEADMAN (Stidmon)


Abigail, and Henry Proctor, both of Groton,末蔓末,1810.

Betsey, of Dunstable, NH, and William B. Pitcher of Lowell, June15,1828.NR

Frances H., and Henry W. Brown, both of Providence, RI, Sept.24,1838.NR


John, of Souhegan West, and Jane Scott, Jan.25,1759.


Annis, of Andover, and Daniel Moar, jr., at Andover, Dec.13,1750.

B. Merrill, of Tyngsborough, and Mary B. Morgan of Dunstable, NH, Dec.31,1835.NR

Hannah, Mrs., and Nathaniel Howard, int.Mar.5,1798.

Jephthah, and Lucenda Emerson, Jan.17,1802.*

Josiah, and.Abigail Richerson of Billerica, int.Aug.14,1801.

Luther, and Emeline Clark, both of Nashua, Nov.21,1837.NR

Polly, and Isaac Taylor, jr., Apr.29,1804.*

Parker, and Catharine Parkhurst, at Westford, May12,1799.*

Stephen, of Roxbury, and Cynthia Watts of Dunstable, NH, Oct.12,1835.NR


Esther, and Eleazer Fisk, bath of Dunstable, NH, Feb.20,1760.NR

Mary, and John Caldwell, both of Nottingham West, Dec.27,1792.NR


Ebenezer [Steadman. int.], and Betsey Blood, Nov.4,1830.*


Robert, and Elisabeth Hartwell, both of Dunstable, NH, Mar.30,1828.NR


Prudence, of Groton, and Peter Swallow, at Groton, July23,1770.*

SULLARDINE (Sullindin)

Elizabeth, and William Farr, at Charlestown, July20,1710.

SULLINDIN (Sullardine)

John, and [Elizabeth Usher.CTR], Aug.2,1680.NR [Apr.2,1679.CTR]


Lucy, and Bartlett Hoit, both of Dunstable, NH, June28,1836.NR

SWALLO (Swallow)

Marah, and Sameuel Warner, May4,1684.NR

SWALLOW (Swallo, Swoller)

Abijah, and Rebekah Parkhurst, int.Aug.27,1815.

Abraham, and Anne Blodget, Dec.23,1790.

Almira, and Andrew Sawtdl of Charlestown, May28,1832.*

Amaziah, and Elisabeth Kendall, at Billerica, June19,1759.

Amaziah, Lt., and Mrs.Mary Woods of Groton, at Groton, Feb.16,1786.*

Amaziah, and Asenath Cumings, Jan.18,1810.*

Archelaus, and Susannah Kendall of Brookline, NH, int.Sept.6,1812.

Asa, and Susanna Kendall, at Pepperell, June29,1791.

Asa, and Susannah Woods, at Pepperell, Jan.16,1794.

Asa, and Almira Eldredge, Mar.4,1822.*

Asenath, and Thomas Parker of Groton, Apr.4,1833.*

Benjamin, and Joanna Spaulding of Westford, Mar.5,1767.*

Daniel, a.26y., miller, s.Archelus and Susannah, and Frances E. Swallow, a.18y., school-teacher, d.John and Charlott, Dec.11,1847.*

Deborah, and David Woods of Groton, Dec.14,1769.*

Elisabeth, and Samuel Roby, Mar.12,1772.*

Elizebeth, Mrs., and Lt. John Chaney, June25,1789.*

Esther, and Jeremiah Hunt, both of Dunstable, NH, Nov.17,1796.NR

Frances E., a.18y., school-teacher, d.John and Charlott, and Daniel Swallow, a.26y., miller, s.Archelus and Susannah, Dec.11,1847.*

Hannah, and Daniel Jaquish, int.May30,1788.

James, and Sibbel Parkhurst, June1,1809.*

James M., a.25y., farmer, s.James and Sibel, and Lucinda Chapman, a.26y., dress-maker, d.Davis and Rhoda, May21,1846.*

Kendall, and Martha Keyes of Westford, int.Nov.4,1822.

Laura, and Benajah Parkhurst, Jan.30,1823.*

Louisa, and Joseph Knowlton, int.Aug.15,1829.

Lucy, and Silas Parkhurst, Dec.28,1809.*

Maria, and [Lt. int.] Francis Fletcher, Jan.4,1838.*

Mariette, a.19y., domestic, d.James and Sybil, and Dr. Oliver A. Woodbury, widr., of Nashua, NH, a.29y., physician, b. Danvers, s.Oliver and Mary, of Danvers, Dec.16,1848.*

Martha C., a.19y., d.Kendall and Martha, and Emery B. Perry of Woburn, a.22y., cordwainer, b. Woburn, s.William and Hannah, Dec.16,1846.*

Mary, and Asa Thompson, June11,1772.*

Nahum, and Didamia Woods, at Pepperell, Dec.22,1796.

Peter, and Prudence Styles of Groton, at Groton, July23,1770.*

Peter, and Sybel Blood of Pepperell, at Pepperell, Mar.13,1783.*

Peter, and Fanny G. Taylor of New Ipswich, NH, jnt. Apr.19,1839.

Prudence, and Temple Kendall, jr., Nov.22,1792.

Rebeckah, Mrs., and Jeremjah Cumings, Aug.13,1789.*

Rebeca, and James Bennett, May29,1834.*

Rebeccah E., a.19y., mantua-maker, d.Archelus and Susannah, and James C. Woodward, a.23y., blacksmith, s.James and Eliza, May7,1848.*

Rhoda, and Asa Betterley of Brookline, NH, int.Sept.1,1816.

Ruth, and Issac Kendall, at Groton, Sept.13,1785.*

Sampson, and Ruth Chapman, Apr.8,1800.*

Sarah, and Phinehas Randal of Stowe, int.July7,1798.

Sarah, and Amos Eastman, Oct.30,1800.*

Sarah C., and Albert G. Page of Dunstable, NH, Aug.28,1834.*

Sarah, and John Blodget [jr. int.] of Tyngsborough, Apr.9,1837.*

Stillman, and Mrs.Nancy R. Fiske, both of Nashua, Mar.6,1837.NR

Susanna, and Isaac Cheney [of Washington, NH. int.], Aug.23,1814.PR17*


末末, wid., and Jonathan Perham,末蔓末,1760.CR

Malley, of Methuen, and Samuell Gould, int.Nov.13,1787.

Sarah, Mrs., of Haverhill, and Robert Fletcher, at Haverhill, Jan.8,1722-3.


Edward, and Cleora A. Lawrence, both of Nashua, Oct.31,1837.NR

SWOLLER (Swallow)

Susanner, Mrs., and Phinehas Whitney, both of Dunstable, NH, Mar.4,1778.NR

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