TAILOR (Taylor)

Abraham, and Lydia Whittacor of Bedford, at Bedford, Jan. 21, 1730.

TARBEL (Tarbell)

David, jr., of Dunstable, NH, and Anna Sprake of Nottingham West, Apr. 26, 1804. NR

TARBELL (Tarbel, Tarble)

Esther, Mrs., of Nottingham West, and Josiah Herrick of Mount Vernon, Apr. 10, 1806. NR

Nancy, and James Barrett, jr., both of Hudson, NH, Sept. 9, 1830. NR

TARBLE (Tarbell)

Hannah, and Jeremiah Farmer, both residents in Dunstable, June 22, 1773. CR*


James, and Elizabeth Lund of Merrimack, NH, int. June 1, 1782.

TAYLOR (Tailor)

Abigail, and Isaac Lund [of Dunstable, NH. int.], Mar. 7, 1805.*

Abigail, and Henry Parkhurst, June 5, 1817.*

Amos, and Bridget Mastin of Groton, at Pepperell, May 14, 1747.

Barthiah, and Benjamin Woods, both of Dunstable, NH, Sept. 3, 1787. NR

Catherine, and Joseph Parkhurst [jr. int.], at Groton, Nov. 4, 1778.*

Catharine J., of Lowell, a. 29 y., operative, d. Archebald and Janette, and William Kendall, a. 31 y., farmer, s. Benjamin and Sibbil, Feb. 25, 1845.*

Cyrus, and Rhoda Easterbrooks, Apr. 9, 1807.*

Danforth, and Tabathy Fletcher, Jan. 13, 1791.

Daniel, of Townsend, and Elizabeth Commins, at Townsend, Apr. 27, 1757.

Elizabeth, and George Wright, Oct. 20, 1805.*

Fanny G., of New Ipswich, NH, and Peter Swallow, int. Apr. 19, 1839.

Hannah, and James Bowers of Chelmsford, Dec. 18, 1823.*

Isaac, and Sarah Parkhurst, at Chelmsford, Nov. 21, 1776.*

Isaac, jr., and Polly Stevens, Apr. 29, 1804.*

Isaac, and Lucy Hill of Billerica, int. Sept. 4, 1814.

Jacob, and Hannah D[anforth. TC], int. May 15, 1773.

James, and Bettey Parkhurst, Dec. [17. PR4], 1795.

James, and Abigail Hills [of Tyngsborough. int.], Nov. 8, 1810. PR4*

Jefferson, and Margaritt Bennett, Nov. 24, 1825.*

John, and Sarah Cummings, at Charlestown, Mar. 23, 1709.

Jonas, and Mary Danforth, Apr. 17, 1766.*

Jonas, of Groton, and Sarah Houston, at Groton, Dec. 30, 1774.

Jonas [jr. int.], and Hannah Roby of Dunstable, NH, Nov. 12, 1795. NR*

Josiah, and Lydia Cumings, Jan. 22, 1807.*

Lucy, and Jonathan Fletcher, Feb. 9, 1764.

Lucy, and Clark Parker, int. Sept. 1, 1816.

Luther, and Esther Lovewell, both of Dunstable, NH, Dec. 18, 1817. NR

Luther [of Milford, NH. int.], and Abigail Kendall, Nov. 10, 1825. PR11*

Martha, and David Merrill, both of Dunstable, NH, May 28, 1789. NR

Mary, and Solomon Woods of Groton, Apr. 19, 1770.*

Polly, and Leonard Buttedield. at Tyngsborough, Dec. 1, 1796.

Mary, and Jonathan Bennett, jr., Dec. 1, 1831.*

Olive, and John Goodhue of Hollis, Mar. 30, 1758.

Olive, and Abraham Clark of Townsend, July 5, 1769.*

Olive, and Capt. Josiah Cumings, June 17, 1802.*

Oliver, and Bridgett Blodgett, July 16, 1767.*

Oliver, and Sarah M. Fay of Berlin, int. Apr. 19, 1844.

Pamela, and Asa Butterfield, May 1, 1828.*

Philinda, and Enoch Woods of Pepperell, Dec. 15, 1836.*

Reuben, and Lucy Kendall, Jan. 20, 1761.

Rhoda, and Oliver Wright, jr. of Nelson, NH, int. July 4, 1818.

Roxana, and Dexter Roby of Charlestown, Oct. 16, 1825.*

Samuel, jr., and Ruth Parker, int. Apr. 10, 1778.

Samuel Stevens, and Rachel Hills [of Hancock, NH. int.], Dec. 31, 1839. PR17*

Sarah, and Josiah Cumings, Jan. 20, 1785. NR*

Sarah, of Dracut, and Jonathan Bancroft, at Dracut, July 4, 1798.

Sarah, and Jonathan Woodward, jr. [of Tyngsborough. int.], Feb. 19, 1801.*

Sally A., a. 30 y., teacher, d. Cyrus and Rhoda, and Samuel M. Fletcher of Philadelphia, PA, a. 27 y., agency, s. Mark and Rhoda, Nov. 29, 1849.*

Sybil, and Isaac Wright, at Chelmsford, Oct. 3, 1776.*

Simeon C., of Thetford, VT, and Catharine Read, int. Dec. 22, 1839.

Susannah, and Timothy Read, jr., Feb. 5, 1761.

Susanna, and Chiles Kendall, May 3, 1827.*

Thaddeus, and Bridget Walton of Reading, int. Sept. 19, 1767.

Timothy, and Mrs. Esther Tothacer, both of Dunstable, NH, Feb. 1, 1776. NR


Christopher, and ––––– –––––, Dec. 3, 1685. NR

John, and Mrs. Judith Whitney, both of Dunstable, NH, Jan. 18, 1781. NR


Thomas M., and Angeline Kendall, both of Nashua, May 25, 1837. NR


Esther, of Braintree, and Thomas Parker, 2d, int. Aug. 30, 1841.


Luthera, and Nathan S. Richards, both of Dunstable, NH, July 17, 1834. NR

Moses, of Westford, and Becca Cumings, at Pepperell, Jan. 8, 1795.


Asa, and Mary Swallow, June 11, 1772.*

Ezra, and Mary Wyman of Woburn, at Woburn, July 31, 1759.

Ezra, jr., and Susanna Whiting of Dunstable, NH, Nov. 29, 1787. NR*

Judith, and Timothy Hill of Amherst, int. June 1, 1776.

Mary D., and Leonard O. Fairbanks, both of Dunstable, NH, Sept. 29, 1833. NR

Sarah [Susanah. int.], and Edward Kendall, Jan. 28, 1762.*

Susannah, and Abel Spaulding, Feb. 5, 1761.

Susanna, and John Holdin, Apr. 18, 1786. NR


Lucy, and Jonathan Gowen of Cavendish, VT, int. Aug. 28, 1811.


Daniel, of Lowell, and Dorothy Wyatt of Dunstable, NH, June 12, 1836. NR

William, jr., of Pelham, and Louisa Jane Woodbury of Salem, NH, Sept. 24, 1835. NR

TOLLES (Tolls)

Almira B., a. 19 y., d. Levi and Fanny, and Josiah W. Clark of Manchester, NH, a. 24 y., mechanic, b. Manchester, s. Richard S. and Abra, Oct. 8, 1846.*

TOLLS (Tolles)

Betsy, of Nashua, NH, and Clemant Marshall, int. Feb. 10, 1839.

Horace C., and Sophia A. Wright, both of Dunstable, NH, Dec. 10, 1835. NR


Esther, Mrs., and Timothy Taylor, both of Dunstable, NH, Feb. 1, 1776. NR


Elisha [of Brookline, NH. int.], and Ruth Wright, Oct. 2, 1803.*

Mehitable, and Dustin Holt, both of Nashua, Aug. 19, 1838. NR


Nancy, of Woburn, and Thomas Bennet, certified Sept. 10, 1803.


Elbridge G., and Mary Foster, both of Nashua, Nov. 30, 1837. NR


Louisa, and Levi Roby, both of Dunstable, NH, Aug. 28, 1827. NR


Jane, and John H. King, both of Dunstable, NH, Aug. 11, 1836. NR

Joseph, and Betsy Chase of Pepperell, int. Sept. 27, 1818.

Samuel, and Clarinda Ames of Brookline, NH, int. Dec. 4, 1819.

TUREL (Turrell)

Mary, of Dunstable, NH, and David Darling of Groton, Apr. 28, 1805.

TURREL (Turrell)

Edward, and Mrs. Elizabeth Sawyer, both of Dunstable, NH, Aug. 11, 1778. NR

Edward, and Anna Hazeltine, both of Dunstable, NH, June 9, 1829. NR

Peter, and Sally Blood, Feb. 17, 1803.*

Sally, and Timothy Gilson, int. Jan. 3, 1804.

TURRELL (Turel, Turrel, Turrill)

Henry, 3d, and Lucretia Gilson, both of Dunstable, NH, Sept. 23, 1836. NR

TURRILL (Turrell)

Roxana, and Henry P. Adams, both of Dunstable, NH, Dec. 2, 1835. NR

TWISS (Twist)

Jonathan, of Amherst, and Rachel Pike, int. June 25, 1775.

TWIST (Twiss)

John, and Elisabeth Pike, Oct. 13, 1772.*


Lucy, and Dr. Samuel Whitwell of Boston, at Chelmsford, Nov. 11, 1783.*


James, and Rebecca Russell of Charlestown, at Charlestown, June 11, 1772.*

Mary, Mrs., of Woburn, and Rev. Nathaniel Prentice, at Woburn, Oct. 7, 1713.

Mary, and Hon. John Pitts of Boston, June 3, 1779.*

Rebecca, Mrs., and John Lowell, Esq., of Boston, int. Dec. 25, 1777.

Sarah, Mrs., and John Winslow of Boston, Sept. 4, 1760. CTR

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