Anson (s.Ebenezer and Sarah.GR1), Sept.28,1824. (a.20y.GR1)

Jonas, Nov.3,1842. (a.81y.CR1)

Lawson, s.Luther and Patty, Aug.28,1808.

Patty, w.Luther, Oct.13,1835. (a.56y.GR1)

Mary C., w.Peter, Feb.14,1830.


Asa, s.Thomas and Bethiah, Dec.1,1771. (a.4y.3m.10d.GR1)

Camillus, s.Warren and Salome, Sept.25,1837. (a.6y.9m.GR2)

Lydia, w.Capt. Thomas, May21,1822. (a.56y.GR1)

Myra, d.Warren and Salome, July1,1841. (a.21y.3m.CR3)

Myra, Sept.24,1847.CR3

Reny, d.Capt. Thomas and Lydia, Jan.29,1824. (a.24y.GR1)

Sukey, d.Thomas, Aug.3,1828. (a.31y.GR1)

Thomas (Capt.CR2), June4,1842. (a.80y.GR1)


Richard, Jan.20,1726-7.

NOURSE (Nurse)




Susan B., w.John,末蔓末,1797.GR1


Inez, d.Moses K. and Mercy W., Aug.21,1846, a.2y.5m.GR5

NURSE (Nourse)

Abraham, s.John and Bathsheba, Dec.17,1729.

Anna, w.Asa, Mar.28,1779.

(Annah H.GR1), w.Col. John, Apr.3,1827.

Asa, July23,1803.

Charles, s.Lawson and Lydia, 2nd w., Oct.3,1813.

Betsey, d.Lawson and Lydia, Jan.13,1798.

Fortunatus, Feb.28,1816.CR3

Joel, s.Capt. John, Oct.24,1805, a.17y.5m.

John, Capt., Mar.21,1825.

John, Col., Apr.12,1828.

Lawson, Maj., Sept.11,1832, a.71y.GR2

Lois, w.Asa, Feb.23,1800.

Lydia, w.Maj. Lawson, July15,1838, a.68y.GR2

Patty, d.Lawson and Lydia, Dec.31,1807.

Mary, wid.Asa, Jan.31,1822. (a.57y.GR6)

Zerviah, wid.Abraham and grandmother of Joel, Nov.6,1805, a.70y.

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