JENINGS (Ginings, Jennings, Jinnings)

Almiry, d.Calvin and Phila, June25,1810.

Lymon, s.Calvin and Phila, Apr.11,1808.

Sally, d.Calvin and Phila, Aug.30,1806.

JENNINGS (Ginings, Jenings, Jinnings)

Abigail, d.Daniel and Elisabeth, Sept.22,1763.

Nabba, d.Isaac and Abigail, Feb.1,1782.

Calvin, s.Isaac and Abigail, Nov.21,1786.

Daniel, s.Daniel, bp. Nov.30,1755.CR1

Elisabeth, d.Daniel and Elisabeth, Mar.16,1745-6.

Horris, s.Jesse and Hannah, Apr.8,1798.

Isaac, s.Daniel (Jenining) and Elisabeth, Jan.24,1739-40.

Isaac, s.Daniel and Lydia, Mar.15,1777.

Lydia, d.Daniel and Lydia, Dec.17,1782.

Martha, d.Daniel and Elisabeth, Aug.15,1748.

Mercy, d.Daniel, bp. Oct.28,1750.CR1

Selecte, d.Jesse and Hannah, Mar.18,1797.

Susannah, d.Daniel and Elisabeth, Dec.20,1741. [Susanna.CR1]

Susannah, d.Daniel and Elisabeth, Dec.30,1743. [Susanna.CR1]

Susannah, d.Daniel and Elisabeth, Apr.3,1761.


Mary M., w.Nathan B.,末蔓末,1840.GR7

JINNINGS (Ginings, Jenings, Jennings)

Jesse, s.Daniel and Lydia, Dec.15,1775.

Micah, s.Daniel (Jinning) and Lydia, July15,1779.


Aaron, s.Elisha and Mary, Dec.26,1747.

Abigail, d.Isaac and Abigail, May26,1743.

Abigail, d.Abner and Miriam, June15,1762.

Abner, s.Isaac and Abigail, Sept.10,1737.

Abner, s.Abner and Meriam, Dec.28,1776. [h.Polly (Stone).PR15]

Abner, s.Abner and Polly, June18,1812.

Amos, s.Reuben and Lydia, Dec.30,1763.

Anna, d.Nathaniel and Persis, June28,1786.

Anne, d.Moses and Sabilla, July20,1747. [Anna.CR1]

Anne, d.Elisha and Mary, Sept.8,1760. [Anna.CR1]

Anne, ch.Nathanael and Persis, bp. Jan.13,1799.CR1

Ann Maria, d.Nathaniel Jr. and Eunice G., Nov.19,1818.

Ann Maria, d.Nathaniel Jr. and Eunice G., Aug.25,1823.

Anthony Jones, s.David and Lydia, Jan.6,1821. [Dr. A.J. [h.Delia A.].GR7]

Asa, s.Moses and Sibbellah, Sept.9,1749.

Asa, s.Mary, bp. Mar.1,1767.CR1

Asenath, d.Nathaniel and Persis, Mar.22,1791.

Asenath, ch.Nathanael and Persis, bp. Jan.13,1799.CR1

Azubah, d.Joseph and Marcy, Sept.27,1763.

Calvin, s.Nathaniel and Persis, Sept.1,1793.

Calvin, ch.Nathanael and Persis, bp. Jan.13,1799.CR1

Calvin, s.Calvin and Nancy, May22,1822.

Charles Henry, s.Nathaniel Jr. and Eunice G., Dec.31,1825.

Charlotte, d.Simeon and Elisabeth, Nov.22,1766.

Delia A., w.A.J.,末蔓末,1830.GR7

David, s.David and Sarah, May25,1750.

David, s.Nathaniel and Persis, Apr.7,1796.

David, ch.Nathanael and Persis, bp. Jan.13,1799.CR1

Edgar, s.Nathaniel Jr. and Eunice G., Nov.16,1834.

Eleanor P., w.P.R. [Nov.末,1828].GR7

Eleazer, s.Joseph [James.CR1] and Kezia, Apr.22,1787.

Eli, s.Abner and Miriam, Feb.13,1767.

Elisha, s.Elisha and Mary, Apr.6,1749.

Eliza, d.Abner and Polly, Mar.13,1810.

Eliza, M., d.Francis, shoe maker, and Elmira, July28,1846.

Elizabeth, see Elisabeth.

Elisabeth, d.Moses and Sabilla, Oct.14,1736.

Elisabeth, d.Simeon and Elisabeth, Apr.1,1760.

Lizzie A. [? m.],末蔓末,1835.GR7

Emely Brown, d.Abner and Polly, June24,1817.

Eneas, s.Joseph and Marcy, May10,1769.

Eunice G., w.Nathaniel [Aug.末,1791].GR1

Eunice Ellen, d.Nathaniel Jr. and Eunice G., June11,1832.

Francis Frederic, s.Nathaniel Jr. and Eunice G., May16,1821, in Boston.

George, s.Abner and Polly, Sept.25,1805.

Hannah, d.Isaac and Abigail, Feb.7,1740-1.

Hannah, w.Joel,末蔓末,1800.GR1

Hannah Mariah, d.Joel and w., Dec.12,1836.

Horatio Nelson, s.Abner and Polly, Mar.13,1807. [[b. Joan D.].GR7]

Isaac, s.Isaac and Abigail, May8,1739.

Izanna, d.Lt. David and Lydia, Mar.4,1824.

Ithamer, s.Moses and Sebelah, Jan.10,1752. [Ithamar.CR1]

James, s.Elisha and Mary, Dec.25,1757.

Jerusha, d.Abner and Miriam, June12,1769.

Jesse, s.Joseph and Kezia, Sept.2,1784.

Joan D., w.H.N., July23,1804.GR7

Joel [h.Hannah], Aug.21,1782.GR1

Joseph, s.Joseph and Lydia, Jan.30,1731.

Joseph, s.Joseph and Mercy, Apr.26,1760.

Joseph, s.Silvanus and Marcy, Mar.10,1792.

Laben, s.Isaac and Penolapa, May4,1772. [Laban.CR1]

Levi, s.Elisha and Mary, Feb.1,1744-5.

Levi, "Reputed" s.Ezekiel Johnson and Rachel Merrifield, Mar.10,1774.

Lois, d.Joseph and Mercy, June3,1767.

Lucretia, d.Calvin and Nancy, Aug.29,1819.

Lydia, d.Moses and Sabilla, Sept.15,1742.

Margaret, d.Simeon and Elisabeth, May3,1764.

Maria [? m.] [Dec.末,1836].GR1

Martha Mary, twin d.Nathaniel Jr. and Eunice G., Oct.31,1827.

Mary, d.Moses and Sabilla, Feb.14,1744-5.

Mary, d.Elisha and Mary.Sept.26,1754.

Mary, Sept.9,1780.PR15

Mary Elizabeth, d.David and Lydia, Apr.17,1822.

Mary Martha, twin d.Nathaniel Jr. and Eunice G., Oct.31,1827.

Melinda, d.Silvanus and Marcy, June7,1794.

Mercy, d.Joseph and Mercy, May19,1758.

Milla, d.Abner and Miriam, July14,1764. [Melle.CR1]

Miriam, d.Abner and Miriam, May9,1774.

Miriam, d.Abner and Polly, Nov.29,1808.

Moses, s.Moses and Sabilla.Oct.5,1738.

Moses, s.Simeon and Elesebeth, Mar.4,1757.

Nathan, s.Moses, bp. Aug.25,1754.CR1

Nathan, s.Nathaniel and Persis, May26,1788.

Nathan, ch.Nathanael and Persis, bp. Jan.13,1799.CR1

Nathaniel, s.David and Kezia, Mar.6,1761. [Nathaniell.CR1]

Nathaniel, s.Nathaniel and Persis, Feb.21,1799. [Nathanael.CR1] [Nathaniel [h.Eunice G.].GR1]

Nathaniel Goodnoe, s.Nathaniel Jr. and Eunice G., Feb.10,1830.

Pamela, d.Silvanus and Marcy, Dec.1,1795.

Perry, s.Elisha and Mary, Mar.24,1741-2.

Persis G., w.Nathaniel Esq.,末蔓末,1763.GR1

Persis, d.Nathaniel and Persis, July24,1802.

Peter Rogers, s.Calvin and Nancy, June22,1824.

Phebe, d.Joseph and Kezia, Jan.1,1782.

Puah, w.Amos, "former" w.Elijah Farrington [Feb.末,1789].GR6

Reuben, s.Isaac and Abigail, Apr.12,1745.

Rhoda, d.Joseph and Mercy, June10,1765.

Rhoena, d.Laban and Lucy, Feb.2,1797.

Rufus, s.Calvin and Nancy, May18,1818.

Ruhamah Gibbs, d.Nathan and Ruhamah, Feb.5,1813.

Samuel, s.David and Sarah, June12,1752,

Samuel G., Apr.17,1833.GR7

Sarah, d.Joseph and Lydia, July18,1727.

Sarah, d.David and Kezia, Sept.29,1757.

Sarah Ede, d.Joel and Hannah, May26,1839.

Sabilla, d.Moses and Sabilla, Oct.4,1734. [Sabillah.CR1]

Silvanus, s.Joseph and Marcy, Dec.18,1761. [Sylvanus.CR1]

Simeon, s.Moses and Sabilla, June22,1733.

Solon, s.Abner and Polly, July7,1814. [[h.Margaret].GR1]

Susanna, d.Lt. David and Lydia, Feb.28,1826.

Sylvanus, see Silvanus.

Timothy, s.David and Kezia, Mar.21,1759.

Waldo H., s.George E., merchant, and Ellen M., Sept.1,1849.

Zedekiah, s.Moses and Sebelah, Dec.5,1740.

Zedekiah, s.Elisha and Mary, Apr.19,1751.


Abel, s.Eli, bp. Sept.14,1758.CR1

Anna, d.Benjamin and Ruth, June21,1745.

Azubah, d.Samuel and Hannah, June22,1762.

Bezaleel, s.Benjamin, bp. Jan.2,1736-7.CR1

Charles Hunstable, s.Henry E. and Lydia H., Jan.12,1834.

Cornelieus Evarts, s.Henry E. and Lydia H., Dec.19,1836

David, s.Eli and Mercy, Feb.17,1731.

Eli, s.Eli and Mary, Apr.24,1756.

Elias, s.Benjamin and Ruth, Mar.17,1747-8.

Elisabeth, d.Jonathan and Hannah, Oct.1,1740.

Elisabeth, d.Aaron and Elisabeth, Nov.22,1742. [Elizabeth, d.Aaron dec'd and Elizabeth.CR1]

Betsey C. [? m.] [July末,1801].GR7

Ezekel, s.Jonathan and Hannah, May19,1729. [Ezekiel.CR1]

Ezekiel, s.Jonathan and Mary, Nov.11,1758.

Hannah, d.Jonathan and Hannah, Apr.17,1727.

Hannah, d.Eli and Mercy, Aug.6,1734.

Hannah Amelia, d.Henry E., harness maker, and Hannah L. [Lydia Hannah, written above in pencil], May13,1848.

Henry Livingston, s.Henry E. and Lydia H., Mar.22,1830.

James Augustus, s.Henry E. and Lydia H., Jan.7,1841.

Jesse, s.Aaron and Elisebeth, June28,1738.

Jese, s.William and Sarah, Aug.7,1760. [Jesse.CR1]

Jonathan, s.Jonathan and Hannah, July12,1731.

Mary, d.Eli, bp. June3,1750.CR1

Melletiah, d.Jonathan and Mary, June1,1756.

Mercy, d.Ely [Eli.CR1] and Mercy, Sept.18,1745.

Miriam, d.Eli and Mercy, June1,1741.

Robert M. [M., written in pencil], s.Henry E., harness maker, and Lydia H., Jan.20,1846. [Robert Morrison.CR1]

Rosaline Mann [? m.] Oct.末,1841.GR7

Samuel, s.Aaron and Elisabeth, June15,1740.

Samuel Parkman, s.Henry E. and Lydia H., Aug.23,1838.

Starr Southmayd, s.Henry E. and Lydia H., Oct.10,1831.

Stephen, s.Benjamin and Ruth, Dec.4,1742.

Thankfull, d.Eli and Mercy, Apr.6,1738. [Thankful.CR1]

Thomas, "reputed" s.Thomas Jones and Unes Morse,末蔓末,172.

Wilberforce Richmond, s.Henry E., chaise and harness maker, and Lydia H., Sept.3,1843.

William Parkman, s.Henry E. and Lydia H., Jan.25,1836.

William Henry, s.William, boot maker, and Clarissa, Jan.24,1849.


末末, d.Nathaniel and Lavina, Feb.27,1835, in Lancester.

Albert H., s.Nathaniel, comb maker, and Lavina, Mar.26,1848.

Catherine, w.Nathaniel,末蔓末,1813.GR2

Emily Augusta, d.Nathaniel and Lavinia, June19,1838, in Lancester.

Francis, s.Nathaniel and Lavina, Jan.18,1841, in Lancester.

Heman Austin, s.Nathaniel, comb maker, and Lavina, Mar.26,1848.

Lavinia, w.Nathaniel, Feb.7,1815.GR2

Lucius, s.Nathaniel and Lavinia, May19,1843. [Lucius C.GR2]

Maria Farnswonh, d.Nathaniel and Lavinia, May3,1836.

Mary C., d.Nathaniel, shoe maker, and Lovina, July8,1845.

Nathaniel [h.Lavinia]末蔓末,1809.GR2

Sarah, d.William and Elizabeth B., Feb.20,1844.


William Henry, s.William and Elizabeth B., July14,1842.

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