Rebecca, wid.Benjamin,末蔓末,1796.GR2


S.E. [h.Augusta S.],末蔓末,1834.GR7

Augusta S., w.S.E.,末蔓末,1838.GR7


Elbridge Gerry, s.Mary, June19,1812.


Mary A., w.James,末蔓末,1826.GR7

Harriet, d.Elisha and Harriet, July12,1840, in Boston.

Clark, s.Elisha and Harriet [Harriet, written in pencil, ? Hannah], Oct.16,1841.

CARYL (Carell)

George Washington, s.Mary, bp. June22,1817.CR1

Joseph Fairbank, s.Mary, bp. June22,1817.CR1

James Boyd, s.Mary, bp. Aug.31,1827.CR1


Zerviah, d.Thomas and Margerit, Nov.16,1734.

CHAMBERLAIN (Chamberlin)

Elizabeth, d.Enoch, bp. Aug.27,1775.CR1

Olive, d.William and Betsey, Jan.12,1786.

Clarecy, d.William and Betsey, Feb.5,1788.

Polley, d.William and Betsey, Jan.7,1790.

Calvin, s.Jason and Abigail, Jan.29,1792.

Timothy, s.Jason and Abigail, Jan.25,1793.

Staples, s.Jason and Abigail, May25,1796.

Nathaniel Whiting, s.Jason and Abigail, Jan.13,1798.

Holbrook, s.Enoch Jr. and Lucy, Sept.12,1805.

William, s.Enoch and Lucy, Oct.4,1811.

Charles [ch.Enoch and Lucy], Oct.4,1813.PR12

Luther, July29,1816.GR7 [[ch.Enoch and Lucy].PR12]

Sarah M. [ch.Enoch and Lucy], Jan.22,1822.PR12

Harriet L. [w.Luther] [June末,1824].GR7

Gardner E. [ch.Enoch and Lucy], Mar.20,1826.PR12

Henry Francis, s.Luther, cordwainer, and Harriot, Dec.17,1843. [末 末,1842.GR7]

George Luther, s.Luther and Harriot L., Aug.末,1844. [Aug.14.GR7]

CHAMBERLIN (Chamberlain)

Stapels, s.Jason and Hannah, Sept.1,1730. [Staples Chamberlain, s.Jason.CR1]

Jason, s.Jason and Hannah, Mar.8,1732. [Chamberlain.CR1]

Samuel, s.Jason and Hannah, July18,1734. [Chamberlain.CR1]

Enoch, s.Jason and Hannah, Nov.18,1737. [Chamberlain.CR1]

Elisabeth, d.Jason and Hannah, Feb.26,1739-40. [Chamberlain.CR1]

Ebenezer, s.John and Hannah, Aug.19,1741. [Chamberlain.CR1]

Hannah, d.John and Sarah, Feb.12,1754. [Chamberlain.CR1]

Sarah, d.John and Sarah, May8,1756. [Chamberlain.CR1]

Elisabeth, d.Samuel and Margrett, Oct.10,1756.

Mary, d.John and Sarah, Nov.18,1757 [dup. crossed out, 1760]. [Chamberlain.CR1]

Jason, s.Staples and Abigail, May31,1758. [Chamberlain.CR1]

Jemima, d.Samuel and Margrett, Nov.1,1758.

Abigail, d.Enoch and Elisabeth, Nov.18,1758. [Chamberlain.CR1]

Olive, d.Enoch and Elisabeth, Sept.3,1760. [Chamberlain.CR1]

Barshabe, d.John and Sarah, Nov.17,1760. [Bathsheba Chamberlain.CR1]

Rhoda, d.Samuel and Margreat, Nov.27,1760.

William, s.Enoch and Elisabeth, June21,1762. [Chamberlain.CR1]

Elifilet, s.Staples and Abigal, Mar.27,1763. [Eliphalet Chamberlain.CR1]

Anna, d.John and Sarah, Mar.18,1764.

Enoch, s.Enoch and Elisabeth, Sept.28,1764.

Moses, s.John and Sarah, Oct.26,1766. [Chamberlain.CR1]

Elijah, s.Enoch and Elisabeth, Feb.1,1767. [Chamberlain.CR1]

Eliphelet, s.Enoch and Elisabeth, Jan.6,1769. [Eliphalet Chamberlain.CR1]

Eben, s.John and Sarah, Sept.6,1770. [Ebenezer Chamberlain.CR1]

Calvin, s.Enoch and Elizabeth, June27,1771. [Chamberlain.CR1]

Ruth, d.John and Sarah, Nov.27,1772. [Chamberlain.CR1]

Elisabath, d.Enoch and Elisabath, July2,1774.

Enoch, s.Enoch and Elisabeth, Apr.3,1778. [Chamberlain [h.Lucy (Holbrook)], Apr.1.PR12]

Luther, s.Enoch and Elisabeth, Mar.10,1781.

Elijah, s.William and Betsey, Apr.13,1783.

Jason, s.Jason (Chamberlain) and Abigail, Feb.9,1784.

Sarah, twin d.William and Betsey, May31,1784.

Betsey, twin d.William and Betsey, June1,1784.

Eliphalet, s.Jason and Abigail, Apr.9,1785.

Mary, d.Jason and Abigail, Jan.10,1787.

Nathan, s.Jason and Abigail, Oct.9,1788.

Abigail, d.Jason and Abigail, Dec.21,1789.

Harriot [dup crossed out, Chamberlain], d.Enoch and Lucy, June4,1807. [Harriet Chamberlain.PR12]

Mary, d.Enoch and Lucy, Feb.17,1809. [Chamberlain.PR12]

Emma Rosalia, d.Luther (Chamberlain), manufacturer, and Harriet L., Dec.30,1845.

Nancy Jane, d.Luther, boot maker, and Harriett, June23,1848. [Chamberlain, d, Luther and Harriet.GR7]

Ellen Harriet, d.Luther, boot maker, and Harriet, Mar.19,1849.


Charles, [h.Olive D.],末蔓末,1809.GR7

Olive D., w.Charles,末蔓末,1815.GR7

Charles Austen, ch.Charles and Olive D.,末蔓末,1837.GR7

George W., ch.Charles and Olive D.,末蔓末,1842.GR7


Betsy [w.John Daniels], Dec.27,1782, in Milford.PR23


Bethiah Gardner, d.Joseph and Hannah (Adams), June16,1817.


Olive, d.末末, Jan.18,1805.

Harriot Hellen, d.Lucius A., yeomon, and Harriot S., May1,1843.

Mary Matilda, d.Lucius A., farmer, and Harriot, June末,1845.


Lowell M. [h.Mary L.],末蔓末,1811.GR7

Mary L., w.Lowell M.,末蔓末,1811.GR7

Edmond P., ch.Lowell M. and Mary L.,末蔓末,1836.GR7

Lizzie, ch.Lowell M. and Mary L.,末蔓末,1841.GR7

Sarah, d.Lowell, cordwainer, and Mary, Oct.20,1843.

Elizabeth, d.Lowell and Mary L., Oct.20,1845.


William R., Mar.26,1810.GR7


末末, ch.Rachel, Mar.16,1814.



Mary S. [?m.],末蔓末,1752.GR4

Sabre W. [?m.]末蔓末,1771.GR4


Amaziah, s.John and Mary, July5,1773.

Anna U. [?m.],末蔓末,1774.GR4

John, s.John and Mary, June24,1775.

Lois R. [?m.],末蔓末,1779.GR4

Polley, d.John and Mary, Aug.13,1779.

Luther, s.John and Mary, Oct.30,1781.

Martin, s.John and Mary, Mar.24,1784.

Calvin, s.John and Mary, Nov.17,1786. [[h.Hannah].GR4]

Hannah, w.Calvin,末蔓末,1788.GR4

Thomas Railton,末蔓末,1789.GR7

Moses, s.John and Mary, Feb.27,1789.

Hannah [?m.],末蔓末,1791.GR4

Anna Underwood, d.William and Anna, Oct.7,1794.

Mary B., w.Calvin,末蔓末,1795.CR4

Samuel [h.Sarah (Sumner)], Apr.17,1795.GR6

William, s.William and Sabery, Aug.3,1797. [William Jr. [h.Susan F.].GR4]

Erepta, d.William and Sabery, Sept.3,1799.

Susan F., w.William [Oct.末,1800].GR4

Mary, d.William and Sabery, Sept.12,1801. [Mary Ann, d.William and Sabra.CR1]

Oliver Wiswall, s.William and Sabery, Sept.9,1803.

Rhoda B., d.Calvin and Hannah, Oct.10,1805.

Hephsabeth [w.Dexter Farrington], July1,1807.PR44

Sabria, d.William and Sabria, July16,1807. [Sabra, d.William and Sabra.CR1]

Ethan Cobb, s.Calvin and Hannah, July28,1808.

Angeline, w.John, Jan.23,1809.GR7

John, s.William and Sabra, bp. Mar.27,1810.CR1

John, s.William and Sabria [dup. crossed out Sabra], Apr.5,1810. [[h.Angeline]GR7]

Polly, d.Calvin and Hannah, June18,1810.

Lydia Clark, d.Moses and Lucenda, June13,1812.

Polly C, [?m.], Sept.15,1812.GR7

William Henry Harrison, s.Calvin and Hannah, Apr.7,1814.

Horatio, see Oratio.

Oratio, s.William and Sabra, Apr.23,1814. [Horatio.CR1]

Zilpha Thayler, d.Moses and Lucindia, May8,1814.

Samuel W.,末蔓末,1815.GR4

Marthy Matilla, twin d.Martin and Hopstill, Dec.6,1816. [Martha M.GR4]

Mary Marilla, twin d.Martin and Hopstill, Dec.6,1816.

Hamblet Barber, s.Calvin and Hannah, Dec.18,1817.

Margaret R. [?m.], Nov.6,1818.GR7

Thomas Whittemore, s.Calvin and Hannah, Aug.19,1821.

Ethan C. [h.Mary N. (Thomson)], Nov.24,1823.PR20

Dexter, s.Samuel and Sarah, Oct.1,1824.

Hannah, d.Calvin and Hannah, May22,1825.

Elizabeth Keziah, d.Samuel and Sarah, Oct.5,1826.

Ethan Calvin, s.Calvin and Hannah, Sept.22,1831.

Jane Mehitable, d.John and Angeline, Sept.21,1834. [w.G.T. Leland.GR7]

Sarah Jane, d.Samuel and Sarah, Apr.6,1835.

Amos Fisher [dup. Amos C.], s.William H.H. [dup. William H.] and Polly C., May19,1836.

Joan Hepsabeth, d.John and Angeline, Dec.8,1836.

Francis Everett, s.John and Angeline, July16,1839.

Alice B., d.William and Susan, Jan.18,1840.GR4

Polly Catherine, d.William H.H. and Margaret R., Sept.19,1840.

Susan Josephine, d.John and Angelina, Dec.5,1841.

Emma Virginia, d.Oratio S. and Elmira S., Mar.2,1842, in Alexandria, DC.

Albert E., s.William and Susan E., Jan.9,1843.GR4

Phineas [dup. crossed out, Phineus] Adams, s.Thomas Whittemore and Lucy, Apr.8,1843.

Louisa Seymore, d.Oratio S. and Elmira D., Apr.9,1843. [Louisa Seymour.CR1]

Emma Virginia, d.Oratio S, bp. July2,1843.CR1

Aaron Eugene, s.Samuel, yeoman, and Sarah, Apr.14 [dup. crossed out, May31], 1844.

Waldo, "Co E 58 Regt Mass Vol," Oct.24,1844.GR7

George M.D., s.Thomas W. and Lucy Ann P., May16,1845.

Louis Angeline, d.John and Angeline, July末,1845.

Pluma S., d.John and Angeline, Mar.2,1847.

George M.D., s.Thomas W. and Lucy, Feb.4,1848.

Lucretia E., w.Aaron E.,末蔓末,1849.GR7


Amos, s.Nathaniel, Feb.28,1730-1.

Nathaniel, s.Nathaniel, bp. Oct.27,1734.CR1

Bathsheba, d.Nathaniel, bp. Dec.15,1734.CR1

Simeon, s.Nathaniel, bp. Oct.3,1736.CR1

Esther, d.Nathaniel, bp. Apr.3,1741.CR1

Easther, d.Nathaniel and Sarah, May25,1765.

Samuel, s.Nathaniel and Sarah, June20,1767.

Sarah, d.Nathaniel and Sarah, Sept.26,1769.

Jotham, s.Nahum and Mary, Jan.13,1773.

Joseph, s.Nathaniel and Sarah, Sept.18,1773.

Bulah, d.Naham and Mary, Jan.12,1775.

Abijah, s.Nahum and Mary, Sept.1,1776.

Cynthe, d.Nahum and Mary, July1,1778.

Warren, s.Benjaminand Lydia, Aug.3,1781.

Theopheles, s.Nahum and Mary, Feb.16,1784.

Polly, d.Nahum and Mary, Apr.7,1785.

Nahum, s.Nahum and Mary, Nov.27,1786.

Lucenda, d.Nahum and Mary, Apr.2,1790.

Jotham, s.Bulah, May27,1794.

Joanna, d.Samuel and Elisabeth, Nov.23,1795.

Simeon, s.Samuel and Elisabeth, Aug.16,1797.

Alec, s.Abijah and Lydia, Dec.24,1798.

Louiza, d.Joseph and Eunice, Mar.13,1800.

Amos Whitney, s.Abijah and Lydia, June6,1800.

Sullivan, s.Joseph and Eunice, Nov.13,1801.

Eliza, d.Alijah and Lydia, Jan.22,1802.

Maryann, d.Samuel and Elisabeth, Jan.22,1804.

Abijah Stearns, s.Abijah and Lydia, July16,1804.

Sarah A., d.Joseph and Lettice, w.Ferdinand Fisk, Jan.31,1809, in Medway.PR46

Nancy, d.Lovell and Mary, Nov.12,1810.

David, s.Lovell and Mary, Nov.25,1812.

Joseph Lovel, s.Lovel and Mary, Apr.1,1815.

William Farrington, s.Nahum and Olive, Sept.26,1815.

Clarisa Hawes, d.Nathan and Sally, July6,1824.

Dexter, s.Elijah and Pamela, Feb.8,1825.

Dexter, s.Elijah and Pamela H., bp. Dec.2,1827.CR1

Betsey Elmira, d.Elijah and Pamela, Nov.25,1828.

John Nelson, s.Elijah and Pamela H. [Parmela H.CR1], Jan.13,1831.

George Brigham, s.Elijah and Pamelia [Pamela.CR1], Mar.12,1837.

Almira Lucinda, d.Edward, yeoman, and Lucindia, Nov.1,1843.

Harriet H., d.Edward, farmer, and Lucinda, Apr.20,1846.

Harrison A., s.John, merchant, and Harriet, May19,1847.

Emma M., w.Archibald Brown,末蔓末,1848.GR7

Katie L., w.Charles E. Hoffman, Sept.7,1848.GR7


Samuel, s.Elijah and Levina, Feb.10,1807.

Salley N., d.Elijah and Levina, Mar.23,1809.


Mary E. [m?],末蔓末,1816.GR7


Addison J.,末蔓末,1849.GR7


Hitta, d.Ira and Hitta, Mar.6,1804.


Nancy, [w.William P.],末蔓末,1796.GR1

Mary A. [w.William L. Phipps], June27,1811.PR50


Mary Orvilla, d.John and Lona, bp. Oct.末,1823.CR1

Olive Daniels, d.John and Lona, bp. Oct.末,1823.CR1

CLEVELAND (Cleavland)


Caroline S., [m?], [Sept.末,1831.].GR1

CLOYES (Clayes)


Stephen, s.Stephen and Abigail, Apr.12,1746.

Stephen, s.Stephen, bp. May24,1747.CR1

Lydia, d.Stephen and Abigail, Dec.7,1748.

Abigial, d.Stephen and Abigail, Dec.10,1750.

Ebenezer, s.Stephen and Abigail, July4,1754.

Hannah, d.Samuel and Rhoda, Dec.28,1763.

Jabeth, s.Samuel and Rhoda, Mar.28,1766.

Amos, s.Samuel and Rhoda, Sept.25,1768.

Lydia, d.Seth and Kate, Feb.20,1770.

Luther, s.Samuel and Rhoda, Mar.19,1772.

Polly C. [m?],末蔓末,1779.GR7

Ethan, Col.,末蔓末,1781.GR4

Nancy S., w.Rufus J.,末蔓末,1796.GR7

Rufas J. [h.Nancy S.],末蔓末,1799.GR7

Charles P. [h.Mary F. (Swift)], Jan.21,1801, in Wrentham.GR1

Silas G. [h.Sophia (King)], Oct.末,1807.CR1

Fanny B., d.Rufas J. and Nancy S.,末蔓末,1829.GR7

Jane D., d.Rufas J. and Nancy S.,末蔓末,1833.GR7

Amanda B., d.Rufas J. and Nancy S.,末蔓末,1834.GR7

Eliza Didamia, d.Silas and Sophia, Mar.3,1836.

John Thomas, s.Rufus J. and Nancy [s.Rufas J. and Nancy S.GR7], Aug.21,1836.

Silas Tower, s.Silas G. and Sophia, Oct.13,1838.

John Francis, s.Silas G. and Sophia, Nov.15,1841.

Abigail, d.Stepehen and Abigail, Mar.12,1844-5.

Ellen S., d.Silas G., shoe maker, and Sophia, Apr.7,1846.

Sarah Melancy, d.Silas G. and Sophia, Oct.27,1848.


Asenath M., w.Benjamin W., Jan.末,1819.GR1

George Dwight, s.Dwight and Aurilla, Aug.6,1829.

Angeline Aurilla, d.Dwight and Aurilla, Feb.18,1831.

Sarah Anne, d.Benjamin W. and Asenath M., Aug.28,1839.


Francis Perry, s.Henderson and Hannah H., Dec.14,1840. [Frank P.GR7]

Hannah L., d.George W. and Harriet W., July8,1845.

Luther Elliot, s.George N., farmer, and Harriet N.B., Oct.9,1847.


Loring, s.E.A. and M.J.,末蔓末,1839.GR1


Alphonso, s.Hiram and Emily G., June21,1833.

Mary A., d.Elbridge G., yeoman, and Abagail, Nov.28,1845.


Mary Lucy, d.Asahel and Emeline, Jan.3,1833.


Mary, d.James, Jan.16,1731-2.CR1


Nancy, d.Nattaniel and Huldah, Aug.29,1785.

Chyron, s.Nathaniel and Huldah, Sept.10,1787.

Lucy, d.Nathaniel and Huldah, Mar.24,1789.

Nathaniel, s.Nathaniel and Hulday, Dec.23,1792.

Julina, d.Nathaniel and Hulday, Nov.24,1795.

Ruth, d.Nathaniel and Hulday, Nov.24,1799.

Moses, s.Nathanil and Huldah, May10,1802.

Nancy, d.Nathaniel and Huldah, June11,1804.


Mary Jane, d.Stephen W., bootmaker, and Julia Ann, May4,1849.


Mary, d.Samuell, bp. June18,1732.CR1


Edwin E., s.Elisha and Rhoda, Nov.21,1847.


William [Dec.末,1825.].GR7

COUSINS (Cozens, Cozzens)


William Parker, ch.Barton and Hadassah, Sept.23,1825.PR9


Ambrose E., ch.Luther, stone cutter, and Sylvia, Mar.6,1846.

COZENS (Cozzens)

Joseph, s.Isaac and Martha, Feb.2,1726.

Rebecker, d.Isaac and Martha, Mar.24,1728. [Rebekah.CR1]

Mercy, d.Isaac and Martha, Aug.24,1732.

Martha, d.Joseph and Susanah, Apr.18,1747.

Joseph, s.Joseph and Susannah, May24,1749.

Isaac, s.Joseph and Abigail, Aug.29,1762. [dup. 1761.]

Abigail, d.Joseph and Abigail, Mar.28,1763.

COZZENS (Cozens)

Rebekah, d.Isaac and Sarah, Nov.22,1785.

Nabbe, d.Isaac and Sarah, Nov.14,1787.

Jesse, s.Isaac and Sarah, Nov.29,1789.

Isaac, s.Isaac and Sarah, Feb.14,1792.

Anna, d.Isaac and Sarah, Apr.19,1794.

Salla, d.Isaac and Sarah, Dec.30,1797.

Myra, d.Isaac and Sarah, Oct.2,1799.

Anna, ch.Isaac and Sarah, bp. Sept.21,1806.CR1

Isaac, ch.Isaac and Sarah, bp. Sept.21,1806.CR1

Jesse, ch.Isaac and Sarah, bp. Sept.21,1806.CR1

Myra, ch.Isaac and Sarah, bp. Sept.21,1806.CR1

Dexter, s.Isaac and Sarah, Sept.21,1807.

George Arthur, s.Joseph and Sally, Aug.9,1840.

Willard, s.Joseph and Sally, Feb.10,1843.

Ann Augusta, d.Joseph, farmer, and Sally, Dec.末,1844.

Benjamin, s.Amory, stone cutter, and Zeruviah, June23,1845.

Willard, s.Amory, farmer, and Zerviah, Sept.1,1847.

Charles, s.Amory, farmer, and Zerviah, Dec.22,1849.


Hanah, d.John and Kezia, June25,1777.


Caroline Mehitable, d.Elijah B. and Caroline E., Aug.2,1837.

Albert Brigham, s.Elijah B. and Caroline E., Oct.25,1839.

Julia Brigham, d.Elijah B. and Caroline E., Nov.11,1841.

Ellen Francena, d.Peter S., cordwainer, and Mary, May2,1843.

Albert W., s.Elijah B., merchant, and Caroline, May20,1845. [Albert Willis, ch.Elijah B. and Caroline E.GR1]

Amos, s.Peter, shoe maker, and w.Milford, Aug.末,1845.

Harriet Amelia, ch.Elijah B. and Caroline E. [Dec.末,1847.].GR1


Eunice, d.James and Mary, Mar.16,1772.


William F., Feb.14,1797.GR7

William, "Member Co H 5th Regt NH Vols," s.William F. and Harriet, Dec.12,1841.GR7


Lucretia, w.Richard, [Nov.末,1789.].GR1

Richard, [h.Lucretia],末蔓末,1791.GR1

Ebenezer H., Esq. [Mar.末,1796.].GR1 [[h.Betsy J. (Pond)] Mar.9,1795, in Andover, NH.PR1]

Mary M., w.Edward,末蔓末,1805.GR1

Edward [h.Mary M.],末蔓末,1808.GR1

Arthur M. [h.Mary Ann], Feb.26,1808, in Plymouth, NH.GR7

Mary Ann, w.Arthur M., Nov.3,1813.GR7

Augustus Nelson, ch.Ebenezer H. and Betsy J., June5,1820.PR1

Festus Curtis, s.Ebenezer H. and Betsey, Oct.6,1825.

Louisa P., w.Charles E., Feb.6,1827, in Grantham, NH.GR1

William Austin, s.Ebenezer H. and Betsey, Nov.14,1828. [Nov.11.PR1]

Charles Edward, s.Ebenezer H. and Besey, June27,1831.

Ebenezer George, s.Richard and Lucretia, Aug.25,1835.

Helen Glanville, d.Edward and Mary M., Jan.3,1836.

Mary Ann, ch.Arthur M. and Mary Ann, Jan.22,1836.GR7

Andrew Jackson, s.Ebenezer H. and Betsey, Aug.14,1836. [ch.Ebenezer H. and Betsey P., Aug.11.GR1]

Edward Byron, s.Edward and Mary M., May17,1837. ["Co B 16th Regt MA Vols.,".GR1]

Mary Elizabeth, ch.Arthur M. and Mary Ann, Mar.17,1838.GR7

Louisa Josephine, d.Ebenezer H. and Betsey, July9,1839.

Eliza Ellen, ch.Arthur M. and Mary Ann, Dec.9,1841.GR7

Louisa Frances, d.Ebenezer H., yeoman, and Betsey, Apr.6,1844.

Ella H., ch.Arthur M. and Mary Ann, w.Dresser F. Bates, Jan.3,1846.GR7

George P.A., s.Augustus N., merchant, and Margarett P., Aug.16,1847. [George Prentiss Appleton.CR1]

Emma H., ch.Arthur M. and Mary Ann, w.James Whitney, Mar.10,1848.GR7

CURTICE (Curtis)

Sarah, d.Ebenezer and Martha, May3,1758. [Curtis.CR1]

CURTIS (Curtice)

James, s.Ebenezer and Martha, Mar.12,1752. [Courtis.CR1]

Ebenezer, s.Ebenezer and Martha, June20,1756.

Elisabeth, d.Ebenezer and Martha, June27,1760.

Achsah, d.Ebenezer and Martha, Jan.9,1763.

John, s.Ebenezer and Martha, Feb.26,1766.

Jason, s.James and Abigail, May4,1789.

Elijah, s.James and Abigail, Mar.27,1796.


Alma [m?],末蔓末,1803.GR7

Hannah Bullard, ch.Jonas and Alma, bp. Oct.2,1831.CR1

Mary Adeliza, ch.Jonas and Alma, bp. Oct.2,1831.CR1

Clarissa E., d.Jonas and Alma B., Nov.11,1833. [Clariss Ellen.CR1]

Alma, d.Jonas and Alma B., Feb.13,1835.

Sarah B., d.Jonas and Alma B., Feb.16,1837.

Harriet, w.J. Edwin Lewis, Sept.末,1838.GR7

CUTLER (Cuttler)

Nancy L., [?m]末蔓末, 末末.GR7

Abigail, d.Jonathan and Abigail, Apr.5,1734.

Jonathan, s.Jonathan and Abigail, Nov.6,1735.

Abigail, d.Jonathan and Abigail, Nov.14,1737.

David, s.Jonathan and Abigail, July17,1742.

Mary, d.Jonathan, bp. Sept.23,1744.CR1

Ebenezer, s.Jonathan and Abigail, Nov.24,1746.

Simeon, s.Jonathan and Abigail, July9,1749.

Lydia, d.Jonathan, bp. July7,1751.CR1

Lydia, d.Jonathan and Abigail, July1,1759.

末末, s.Morse, bp. Sept.22,1765.CR1

Calvin, s.Jonathan, bp. Apr.26,1767.CR1

Moses, s.Moses and Lydia, Sept.24,1767.

Sally, d.David, bp. Mar.12,1769.CR1

Aaron, s.Moses and Lydia, Feb.9,1770.

Elihu, s.Simeon and Elizabeth, May25,1771. [Hon. Elihu [h.Lavina N.].GR1]

Polly, d.David, bp. Sept.1,1771.CR1

Martin, s.Simeon and Elizabeth, Dec.28,1773.

Esther, d.Ebenezer and Esther, Feb.5,1775.

Uriel, s.Simeon and Elisabeth, Oct.27,1776.

Ursula, d.Simeon and Elisabeth, Aug.29,1779.

Jonathan, s.Ebenezer and Esther, Dec.27,1780. [[h.Sarah D.].GR6]

Sarah D., w.Jonathan,末蔓末,1782.GR6

Salley, d.Simeon and Elisabeth, Mar.4,1782.

James, s.Simeon and Elisabeth, Dec.9,1785.

Simeon Newton, s.Elihu and Levina, Sept.28,1799.

James Mellen, s.Martain and Elizabeth, Aug.1,1800.

Betsa, d.Elihu and Levina, Aug.22,1801.

Simeon, s.Martain and Elizabeth, Jan.20,1802.

Sally, d.Elihu and Levina, Nov.13,1803.

Persis P., w.Hon. Elihu,末蔓末,1804.GR7

John Milton, s.Martin and Elizabeth, Feb.9,1804. [[h.Electa B.].GR7]

Electa B., w.John M., Feb.24,1806.GR7

Elihu, s.Elihu and Levina, Dec.7,1806. [Hon. Elihu jr. [h.Rebecca T.] Dec.6.GR1]

Rebecca T., w.Hon. Elihu jr., Mar.23,1809.GR1

Simeon, s.Martin and Sophia, July12,1811.

Ursula, d.Orlando Leland Oct.28,1811.GR7

Joseph, s.Jonathan and Sally D., Sept.19,1812.

Betsey Mellen, d.Martin and Sophia, Apr.18,1813.

George, s.James and Nancy L. [dup. omits L.] Mar.30 [dup. Mar.31.], 1814.

Charles, s.Elihu and Levina, Sept.25,1814.

Amory [h.Sabrina], Mar.3,1815.GR7

Emery, s.Jonathan and Sally D., Mar.3,1815.

Abner Holbrook, s.Martin and Sophia, May7,1815. [[h.Persis W.].GR7]

Francis, s.James and Nancy L., Oct.23,1815.

S. Morse [h.Elmira A. (Bullard)], May13,1816.GR7

Josephus Wheaton, s.Martin and Sophia, Feb.19,1817.

Roswell, s.James and Nancy L., July26,1817.

James jr., s.James and Nancy L., Sept.5,1819.

Martin L., [dup. crossed out, omits L.] jr., s.Martin and Sophia, Oct.16,1819.

Caroline [ch.James and Nancy L.]末蔓末,1821.GR7

Timothy R., s.Martin and Sophia, May3,1822.

Adoline, [ch.James and Nancy L.]末蔓末,1823.GR7

Sabrina, w.Amory, Mar.25,1823.GR7

Alfred [h.Mary Jane], July11,1824.GR7

Addison, [ch.James and Nancy L.]末蔓末,1825.GR7

Joseph A., s.James and Nancy L., Feb.15,1825.

Willard, s.James and Nancy L., Jan.28,1827.

James Nelson, s.James M. and Jemima B., July9,1827. [[h.Sarah A.].GR7]

Andrew J., s.James and Nancy, Nov.23,1828.

Elijah, s.Amos and Sarah, bp. Aug.2,1829.CR1

Elbridge Jefferson jr., s.Elihu jr. and Rebekah, Dec.28,1830. ["Professor in Harvard College," ch.Elihu jr. and Rebecca T., Dec.29.GR1]

Mary Jane, w.Alfred, May20,1831.GR7

Henry Edmond, s.James H. and Jemima B., Sept.26,1831.

Caroline F., d.John M. and Electa [Electa B.GR7], June25,1833.

Albert Mellen, s.James M. and Jemima B., Oct.23,1833.

Jason Temple, s.Elihu and Rebekah, Feb.17,1834.

Calvin, s.Amos, bp. May18,1834.CR1

Emeline, d.John M. and Electa, July20,1835.

Charles, s.James and Nancy L., Nov.6,1835.

Ellen Jemima, d.James M. and Jemima B., Oct.4,1837.

Arthur Eugene, s.Elihu and Rebeca T., Oct.24,1837.

George Milton, s.John M. and Electa, Mar.4,1838.

William Clark, s.Newton, bp. Feb.13,1839.CR1

Josephene, d.John M. and Electa, Sept.7,1839.

Sophia, d.Abner H. and Persis W., Feb.21,1840.

George Washington, s.John M. and Electa, Jan.7,1842.

Sarah Jane, d.Simeon and Mary Jane, July31,1842.

Hellen Francis, d.Elihu jr., shoe and boot manufacturer, and Rebecca T., June26,1844.

Caroline M., d.John M., shoe maker, and Electa B., Nov.13,1844.

Edward M., s.S. Morse, farmer, and Almira of Holliston [Medway, written below.], Nov.30,1844.

May Hellen, d.Josephus, wheelwright, and Elizabeth, [rec. [May30,1845.]]

Lorenzo, s.Abner H., shoem aker, and Persis W., June14,1845.

Jane L., d.John M. and Electa B., Nov.8,1846. [Jennie L., w.Woodbury D. Cripps.GR7]

William B., s.S. Morse, farmer, and Almira, Dec.13,1846.

Ellen Jemima, d.Mellen, bp.末蔓末,1847.CR1

Emma Frances, d.Mellen, bp.末蔓末,1847.CR1

Sarah Elizabeth, d.Mellen, bp.末蔓末,1847.CR1

William Henry, d.Mellen, bp.末蔓末,1847.CR1

Annie, d.Francis and Mary A.,末蔓末,1848.GR7

Arthur Hamilton, s.Elihu jr., manufacturer, and Rebecca, Jan.26,1849.

Mary E., d.S. Morse, farmer, and Elmira B., Apr.30,1849. [Mary Elmira.CR1] [Mary Elmira, May1.PR27]

Albion M., s.Abner H. and Persis W., Dec.11,1849.


Lyman, s.Amos and Sarah, bp. Nov.19,1826.CR1

CUTTLER (Cutler)

Moses, s.Jonathan and Abigail, Feb.11,1739-40. [Cutler.CR1]

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