William H., s.Henry, miller, and Ann, July14,1845.


Charlotte E., d.John A., carpenter (b. Thompson, VT), and Charlotte (b. Haverhill, NH), Mar.4,1849.

Frederic C., s.John A. and Charlotte, Feb.15,1832, in W. Topsham, VT.RR

John O., s.John A., carpenter, and Charlotte, Sept.1,1845.

BAILEY (Bayley, Bayly)

Amelia O., ch.William and Ann H. (Tilton), Aug.18,1830.PR51

Charles A., ch.William and Ann H. (Tilton), Apr.5,1827.PR51

Daniel M., ch.William and Ann H. (Tilton), June30,1828.PR51

George T., ch.William and Ann H. (Tilton), July1,1825.PR51

Thomas B., ch.William and Ann H. (Tilton), Aug.12,1832.PR51

William [h.Ann H. (Tilton)], Aug.12,1792.PR51

William H., ch.William and Ann H, (Tilton), Jan.27,1824.PR51

BAIRD (Beard)

James H., s.James S., livery stablekeeper, and Susan N., July17,1844.


B. Frank, s.Edward D. and Emily S., Aug.24,1840, in Salem.RR [Benjamin F.GR6]

Edward D. [h.Emily S.],末蔓末,1808.GR6

Emily S. [w.Edward D.],末蔓末,1802.GR6

Henry E., s.Edward D. and Emily S., Jan.14,1841, in Salem.RR

William James, s.末末 and w.Holliston, bp. July23,1848.CR2


Abagail, d.Jonn and Margrett, May18,1752.

Abigail, ch.John, bp. Aug.19,1754.CR1

Abraham, s.John and Margrett, May29,1747.

Benjamin, ch.John, bp. June17,1744.CR1

Benjamen, s.John and Margrett, Oct.25,1749. [Benjamin.CR1]

Eliza Ann, ch.Gilman and Mary Ann (Fitch), May23,1841.PR48

Elizabeth Ann, ch.Zenas and Betsey (Tilton), May24,1821.PR51

Ellen Maria, ch.Zenas and Betsey (Tilton), Mar.24,1830.PR51

Ellen Mariah, d.Gilman and Mary Ann, Nov.5,1836. [Ellen Maria.CR1] [Ellen Maria, ch.Gilman and Mary Ann (Fitch)].PR48

Francis Marion, ch.Zenas and Betsey (Tilton), Jan.31,1832.PR51

George Henry, ch.Gilman and Mary Ann (Fitch), July29,1834.PR48

Gilman [h.Mary Ann (Fitch)], Sept.12,1809.PR48

Hannah, d.Josiah, w.Isaac Homes, Mar.19,1781.PR72

Homer T., ch.Zenas and Betsey (Tilton), Oct.19,1819.PR51

Horatio Nelson, ch.Zenas and Betsey (Tilton), Jan.28,1837.PR51

John, s.John and Margrett, June16,1739.

Josiah, ch.Zenas and Betsey (Tilton), June1,1825.PR51

Lorenzo, ch.Zenas and Betsey (Tilton), Aug.30,1815.PR51

Lydia, ch.John, bp. Mar.6,1737.CR1

Mary S., ch.Zenas and Betsey (Tilton), Nov.4,1813.PR51

Mary Jane, ch.Gilman, bp. June9,1833.CR1 [ch.Gilman and Mary Ann (Fitch), b. Mar.19.PR48]

Sarah P., ch.Zenas and Betsey (Tilton), Aug.11,1817.PR51

Sarah Jane, d.Gilman and Mary Ann, July23,1838. [ch.Gilman and Mary Ann (Fitch), July23.PR48]

Susan, d.Henry and Betsey, Oct.14,1813.

William Eustis, ch.Zenas and Betsey (Tilton), June1,1823.PR51

Zenas [h.Betsey (ch.Abraham Tilton and Hannah (Homer))], July12,1778.PR51

Zenas Edwen, ch.Zenas and Betsey (Tilton), Nov.27,1827.PR51


Abigail, d.William and Hannah, Mar.16,1742.


Adin, s.Albert and Annjanett, Dec.29,1835.

Albert M., s.Albert and Anjanett, July29,1837.

William Arnold, s.Albert and Annjanett, Nov.9,1839.


Mary A., d.John, bootmaker, and Harriot, Aug.24,1845.


Henry Harris, s.Jeremiah H. and Eunice G., Jan.13,1838


Anna, d.Hamblet and Rhoda, June29,1794, in Holliston.

Charles H., s.Thomas and Betsey, Nov.18,1832, in Cambridgeport.RR

Edward Everett, s.Thomas and Betsey, Jan.15,1837.

Betsey [? m.],末蔓末,1800.GR6

Hamblet, s.Hamblet and Rhoda, June24,1785.

Hannah, d.Hamblet and Rhoda, July17,1788.

James, s.Hamblet and Rhody, May16,1779, in Milford.

John, s.Hamblet and Rhoda, Apr.18,1796, in Milford.

John, s.Thomas and Betsey, Jan.3,1823, in Milford.RR

Polley, d.Hamblet and Rhoda, Aug.20,1792.

Mary Ann, d.Thomas and Betsey, Sept.29,1841.

Rhoda, d.Hamblet and Rhoda, Oct.22,1783.

Salley, d.Hamblet and Rhoda, May28,1790.

Sarah Jane, d.Thomas and Betsey, June17,1839.

Thomas, s.Hamblet and Rhoda, Apr.10,1798, in Milford.

William H., s.Thomas, innkeeper, and Betsey, Oct.17,1843.

BARETT (Barret, Barrett, Barrit, Barritt, Berrett)

Mary, d.Robert and Mary, May31,1733. [Barret.CR1]

BARN (Barnes, Barns)

Charlotte, ch.William, bp. Apr.25,1779.CR1

BARNARD (Barned)

Sarah, d.Benjrnain and Mary, Dec.5,1728.

BARNED (Barnard)

末末, ch.Ebenezer, bootmaker, and Josephine P. of Greenwich,末蔓末 [rec. June13,1846].

BARNES (Barn, Barns)

Oliver, ch.Oliver, bp. Nov.14,1762.CR1

Peter, ch.Peter, bp. Oct.4,1741.CR1

BARNS (Barn, Barnes)

Anna, d.Joseph and Elizabeth, Aug.9,1783.

Elizabeth, ch.Peter, bp. Feb.20,1742.CR1

Elisabeth, d.Joseph and Elisabeth, Jan.7,1773.

Hariot, s.Nathaniel and Levina, Oct.20,1818.

Joseph, s.Peter and Martha, June1,1751.

Joseph, s.Joseph and Elisabeth, Aug.7,1774.

Leviny, d.Joseph and Elizabeth, Sept.20,1788. [Levina Barnes, w.John Rice].PR21

Lucy, d.Joseph and Elizabeth, July1,1781.

Martha, d.Joseph and Elisabeth, Apr.25,1776.

Martha, ch.William, bp. Feb.16,1783.CR1

Polle, d.Joseph and Elisabeth, July10,1778.

Nathaniel, s.Joseph and Elizabeth, Oct.3,1790.

Nathaniel Harrison, s.Nathaniel and Levina, Nov.10,1816.

Oliver, ch.Peter, bp. Feb.25,1738.CR1

Peter, s.Joseph and Elizabeth, Mar.4,1786.

Timothy, ch.William, bp. May24,1778.CR1

BARRET (Barett, Barrett, Barrit, Barritt, Berrett)

Sarah, ch.Robert, bp. 末蔓-5,1738.CR1

BARRETT (Barett, Barret, Barrit, Barritt, Berrett)

Aaron, s.Amos and Miletiah, July2,1785.

Abigail, ch.Thornton, bp. May25,1766.CR1

Amos, s.Amos and Miletiah, Feb.19,1784.

Ann, d.Samuel Jr. and Mary, Sept.23,1761. [Anna.CR1]

Charlottee, d.Amos and Miletiah, Aug.2,1779. [Charlotte [w.John A. Lyon], Aug.2,1778.PR8]

Clarissa, d.John and Bridget, Mar.9,1785.

Elizabeth, ch.Thornton, bp. May25,1766.CR1

Betty [Betty written above Elisabeth crossed out], d.Amos and Miletiah, Mar.10,1782.

George, ch.George and Mary, bp. Nov.16,1740.CR1

James, ch.George and Mary, bp. Nov.16,1740.CR1

Jeremiah, ch.Robert, bp. Oct.30,1743.CR1

John, s.George and Mary, Aug.21,1742. [Barret.CR1]

John, ch.Robert, bp. Dec.8,1745.CR1

John, s.Samuel Jr. and Mary, Jan.2,1759.

John, s.Amos and Miletiah, Nov.29,1780.

Manning, ch.George and Mary, bp. Nov.16,1740.CR1

Mary, ch.Thornton, bp. May25,1766.CR1

Milli, d.Amos and Millicent, June2,1791.

Moses, s.Amos and Miletiah, Aug.6,1788.

Robert, s.Amos and Miletiah, Feb.12,1777.

Robert, ch.Amos, bp. May24,1778.CR1

Sarah, ch.Thornton, bp. May25,1766.CR1

Sally, d.Amos and Millicent, Jan.15,1797.

Thomas, ch.Robert, bp. Oct.4,1741.CR1

Thorton, s.George and Mary, May2,1740. [Thornton.CR1]

BARRIT (Barett, Barret, Barrett, Barritt, Berrett)

James, s.George and Mary, Dec.25,1735.

BARRITT (Barett, Barret, Barrett, Barrit, Berrett)

George, s.George and Mary, Nov.13,1733.

Maning, s.George and Mary, Aug.3,1731.


Hannah, d.John, July11,1846.


Clarance A., s.David J. and Matilda J., Nov.16,1842.


Molley, d.Timothy and Hephzibah, Dec.16,1756. [Molly, ch.Tymothy.CR1]


George M., s.William M., carpenter (b. Livermore, ME), and Emeline (b. Litchfield), Jan.3,1849.

Sarah Mariah, d.William, carpenter, and Emeline, June15,1846.

William H.H., s.William and Emeline, May11,1839, in Livermore, ME.RR


Hariot, d.Thomas and Nancy, July8,1801, in Millord.

Maryan, d.Thomas and Nancy, Dec.31,1798.

Thomas Etredge, s.Thomas and Nancy, July7,1804.


Amos R., s.Amos and Eunice, Mar.3,1825, in Exeter, RI.RR

John F.,末蔓末,1838.RR

Theodore S., s.Eliakim A., merchant, and Joanna D., Mar.23,1845.


Elizabeth, d.David and Cynthia, May28,1840.

BATTLE (Battles)

Lucy, ch.John, bp. Apr.14,1776.CR1

BATTLES (Battle)

Becca, ch.John, bp. Sept.6,1778.CR1

BAYLEY (Bailey, Bayly)

Anna, ch.Daniel, bp. Aug.28,1760.CR1

Eliphalet, ch.Daniel, bp. Nov.16,1735.CR1

Joseph, ch.Daniel, bp. Aug.28,1760.CR1

BAYLY (Bailey, Bayley)

Eliphalet, ch.Daniel, bp. Aug.22,1756.CR1

Noah, ch.Daniel, bp. Aug.22,1756.CR1

Samuel, ch.Daniel, bp. Aug.22,1756.CR1


Adeline, d.Rufus F. (b. Maine) and Lucy W., Mar.16,1847.

Sylvanus Cobb, s.Rufus F. and Lucy W., Nov.10,1837.

BEARD (Baird)

Susannah, ch.James, bp.末蔓末 [rec. between Oct.22 and Nov.21], 1727.CR1


Abner Curtis, s.Joseph Jr. and Clarisa, Aug.5,1838.

Alfred, s.Joseph Jr. and Clarisa, Apr.8,1840.

Ebenezer, s.Joseph and Sabra [(Onthank).PR73], May14,1822.

Eli, s.Joseph and Sabra [(Onthank).PR73], Nov.19,1817.

Joseph [h.Sabra (Onthank)], Apr.17,1777.PR73

Joseph, s.Joseph and Sabra, Feb.25,1813, in Westborough, [Joseph Jr., ch.Joseph and Sabra (Onthank).PR73]

Levi, ch.Joseph and Sabra (Onthank), Aug.15,1809.PR73

Levi, s.Joseph and Sabra, Mar.16,1816. [ch.Joseph and Sabra (Onthank), Mar.18.PR73]

Patty, d.Joseph and Sabra [(Onthank).PR73], Jan.12,1824.

Mary J., d.Joseph, teamster, and Clarrissa, Sept.22,1843.

Naaman, s.Joseph and Sabra [(Onthank).PR73], July8,1828.

Osborn, s.Joseph and Sabra [(Onthank).PR73], Dec.5,1814.

Sally, d.Joseph and Sabra, Feb.17,1820. [Saly, ch.Joseph and Sabra (Onthank).PR73]

Valentine, s.Joseph and Sabra [(Onthank).PR73], Mar.10,1826.


James, s.Thomas and Martha, Mar.6,1738-9.

James, ch.Thomas, bp. July5,1741.CR1

Kezia [dup. Belows], d.Thomas and Martha, Mar.15,1727.

Maverick, s.Thomas and Martha, Feb.9,1734-5.


Elias Temple, s.John and Eliza, Nov.19,1827.

Hiram C., s.Willard, shoemaker, and Elenor [Eleanor.RR1], Nov.7,1844.

John Willard, s.John and Eliza, June20,1829.

Mary Jane, d.Willard and Eleanor, June27,1840.

Samuel Winslow, s.Willard and Elenor, Sept.8,1834.

Susan, d.John and Eliza, Dec.30,1824.

Sylvia Jones, d.Parkman and Sarah, Apr.14,1818.

Willard [h.Eleanor, h.Charlotte], Dec.3,1808.GR6

BERRETT (Barett, Barret, Barrett, Barrit, Barritt)

Miriam, d.Robert and Mary, Nov.2,1739. [Barrett.CR1]

Paticence [dup. Paticece], d.Robert and Mary, July18,1735 [dup. 1735-6 sic].

Samuel, s.Rev. Samuel (Beret) and Ann, Sept.10,1726.

Thomas, s.Robert and Mary, Sept.20,1730. [Barret.CR1]

BICKNAL (Bicknall, Bicknell)

Fanny, d.Levi and Clariass, July16,1813.

Samuel R, s.Levi and w., Apr.5,1822. [Bicknell, s.Levi and Clarissa, Apr.4.RR]

BICKNALL (Bicknal, Bicknell)

Alonzo, s.Levi and Clarisa, June7,1804.

Alonzo, s.Levi and Clarisa, Mar.18,1806.

Jane, d.Levi and w., Mar.18,1818.

Stillman, s.Levi and Clarisa, Mar.21,1808.

BICKNELL (Bicknal, Bicknall)

Allen A., s.Samuel B., carpenter, and Nancy M., May26,1844.

Clarrissa, d.Samuel B., carpenter, and Nancy M. (b. Smithfield), Jan.4,1849.


Catherine Amelia, d.Josiah and Harriot, Sept.18,1826.

George, s.Joseph and w., Aug.4,1811.

Henry W., s.Josiah and w., Oct.21,1824.

John Presson, s.Josiah and w., Feb.14,1822.

Josiah Quincy, s.Josiah and Harriot, June18,1828.

Lavinia, w.末末, formerly w.Appleton Holmes,末蔓末,1799.GR2

BIXBEE (Bixbey, Bixby, Byxbe, Byxbee, Byxbey, Byxby)

Isaac, ch.Thomas, bp. Apr.1,1741.CR1

BIXBEY (Bixbee, Bixby, Byxbe, Byxbee, Byxbey, Byxby)

Abner, s.Abner and Tamasin, Feb.22,1742. [Bixbee.CR1]

Alice, d.Abner and Tamasin, Apr.1,1746.

Benjamin, s.Abner and Tamasin, Feb.23,1740.

Ebeneazer, s.Abner and Tamasin, Mar.27,1744.

Betty, d.Joseph (Bixby) and Mehittable, Aug.22,1744.

Hannah, d.Joseph and Mebitable, Oct.31,1737. [Bixbee.CR1]

Jonathan, s.Joseph and Mehitable, July22,1742. [Bizbee.CR1]

Joseph, s.Joseph and Mebitable, Mar.1,1735. [Bixbe.CR1]

Lydia, d.Joseph and Mehitable, Feb.10,1740. [Bixbe.CR1]

Nathan, s.Joseph (Bixby) and Mebitable, Oct.14,1746.

BIXBY (Bixbee, Bixbey, Byxbe, Byxbee, Byxbey, Byxby)

Abner, s.Abner and Tamason, June16,1758.

Adeline, d.Joel, shoemaker, and Elizabeth, Dec.26,1844.

Albert, s.Joel and w., Feb.11,1810.

Alfred Fitz Auburn, s.Edward S. and Harriot, Oct.20,1828.

Alzendorf Clark [ch.Luther and Susannah (Wentworth)], Feb.5,1813.PR12

Anna Comings, d.Peletiah and Anna., July22,1777. [Anne Cummins Bixby, ch.Pelatiah.CR1]

Anna L., d.Cromwell, boot maker, and Lydia, Mar.4,1847.

Ann Jane Glorvina Cummings [ch.Luthcr and Susannah (Wentworth)], Dec.16,1823.PR12

Annett, d.Joel and Elizabeth, Apr.22,1836.

Bernadott, s.Joel and Elizabeth, Dec.12,1834.

Caroline Ann Frankland, d.Pelletiah Jr. and w., June29,1812.

Carline A. Franklin, d, Edward S. and w., Dec.26,1821.

Caroline E, d.Cromwell and Lydia, Feb.8,1833.

Carrie, Apr.10,1831.GR4

Charles, s.Pelletiah Jr. and w., Dec.12,1814.

Delia, d.Joel and Elizabeth, July18,1830,

Cromwil, s.Joel and w., May13,1803.

Cromwell, s.Cromwell and Lydia, Feb.1,1828.

Edward Surrage, s.Peletiah Jr. and Jane, Mar.8,1797.

Edward Everett, s.Montgomery and Mary B., Feb.1,1829.

Edward, s.Cromwell, cordwainer, and Lydia, July13,1843.

Elijah, s.Pelatiah and Ann, June13,1769.

Eliza Ann, d.Abijah and w., Sept.4,1810.

Elizabeth, d.Abner and Tamasin, Oct.16,1737. [Bixbee.CR1]

Elizabeth M, Wentworth [ch.Luther and Susannah (Wentworth)], Oct.9,1805.PR12

Elizabeth, d, Joel and Elizabeth, Aug.12,1833.

Frederick Newell, s.Edward S. and Harriot, Jan.11,1827.

George Warren, s.Simpson and Elisabeth, July15,1824.

George W., s.Cromwell and Lydia, June22,1836.

Hannah, ch.Thomas, bp, Jan.13,1776.CR1

Hannah Webster, d.Peletiah Jr. and Jane, Nov.29,1801.

Hannah, d.Joel and w., Mar.25,1808.

Hannah Bradley Wentworth [ch.Luther and Susannah (Wentworth)], Dec.17,1817.PR12

Hannibal, s.Joel and Elizabeth, Aug.6,1831.

Hariot, d.Joel and w., Feb.28,1812.

Henry, s.Cromwell and Lydia, Mar.12,1830.

Henry Franklin, s.Edward S. and Harriet, June5,1831.

Henry, Mar.2,1834.GR4

Hepzibah, ch.Joseph Jr., bp. Feb.4,1732.CR1

Horatia N., s.Joel and w., May3,1814.

Isaac Sirage, s.Peletiah Jr. and Jane, Jan.11,1810.

Joel, ch.Thomas Jr., bp. July5,1772.CR1

Joel, s.Joel and w., Oct.23,1797.

John, s.Pelatiah and Ann, Aug.14,1767.

John C., s.Abijah and w., Nov.12,1800.

John P., s.Joel, bootmaker, and Elizabeth, Aug.6,1843.

Julia Alexena Wentworth [ch.Luther and Susannah (Wentworth)], Apr.30,1819.PR12

Lena A. [? m.], May10,1843.GR4

Lovett, s.Joel and w., Apr.22,1796.

Luther, s.Peletiah and Anna [dup. s.Pelatiah and Ann], Apr.4,1772. [s.Peletiah.CR1] [[h.Susannah (Wentworth)].PR12]

Luther Jr. [ch.Luther and Susannah (Wentworth)], July28,1807.PR12

Luther, s.Abijah and w., Aug.24,1808.

Luther William [ch.Luther and Susannah (Wentworth)], Mar.15,1810.PR12

Luther Jr. [ch.Luther and Susannah (Wentworth)], Dec.5,1814. P.R. 12.

Maria Elisabeth, d.Simpson and Elisabeth, Jan.29,1826. [d.Simpson and Elizabeth (Tucker), w.Lewis (ch.Moses Fairbanks and Hannah).PR57] [Maria Elizabeth.PR18]

Maria Annette, d.Joel and Elizabeth, Mar.18,1839.

Martha, w.Philip C., July4,1823.CR4

Mary, d.Abner and Tamasin, Jan.1,1748.

Mary, ch.Isaac, bp. Aug.1,1773.CR1

Polly Stone, d.Peletiah and Anna, Nov.23,1781.

Mary Swain, d.Peletiah Jr. and Jane, Aug.17,1798.

Mary, d.Joel and w., July25,1801.

Mary B. [? m.], Nov.18,1802.GR4

Mary Jane, d.Edward S. and Harriet, Aug.17,1833.

Mary A., d.Joel and Elizabeth, June21,1842.

Montcalm, twin s.Joel and Elizabeth, Oct.3,1837.

Montgomere, s.Joel and w., July5,1800. [Montgomery, Jan.5.GR4]

Montgomery, twin s.Joel and Elizabeth, Oct.3,1837.

Nancy, d.Abijah and w., Nov.3,1797.

Oswald Fitz Aubyn [ch.Luther and Susannah (Wentworth)], June30,1820.PR12

Pelatiah, s.Abner and Thamson, June8,1760. [Byxbee.CR1]

Pelatiah, s.Peletiah and Ann, Dec.28,1765.

Philip Wentworth [ch.Luther and Susannah (Wentworth)], Mar.23,1804.PR12

Phillip C., s.Edward S. and w., July23,1822. [Philip C. [h.Martha].GR4]

Sarah, d.Thomas and Allis, June28,1728.

Simpson, s.Peletiah [Palatiah.CR1] and Anna, Mar.10,1774.

Simpson, s.Peletiah Jr. and Jane, July7,1805.

Simpson Clark [ch.Luther and Susannah (Wentworth)], Sept.10,1816.PR12

Simpson, s.Simpson and Elizabeth, Apr.28,1830.

Sophia, d.Joel and w., Sept.3,1805.

Susan Ann, d.Peletiah Jr. and Jane, Apr.12,1807.

Susannah, d.Simpson and Elisabeth, Jan.24,1828.

Thomas, ch.Peletiah, bp. Apr.3,1776.CR1

Thomas, ch.Thomas, bp. June7,1778.CR1

Warren, s, Joel and Elizabeth, Dec.3,1840.

Wentworth, s.Oswald F.A., farmer, and Lavinia, June6,1845.

William, s.Abijah and w., June24,1805.

William P., s.Simpson and w., Oct.17,1821. [William Phipps Bixby.PR128]


David, s.Hugh and Elizabeth, Nov.8,1720.

Mary, d.Robert and Jeney, May3,1735.

Robert, s.Robert and Jenny, Feb.4,1733-4.


Elisabeth, d.Mathew and Mary, Aug.28,1728. [Elizabeth.CR1]

Mathew, s.Mathew and Mary, Aug.31,1732.

Robert, ch.Mathew, bp.末蔓末 [rec. between Oct.4 and Oct.12], 1730.CR1


Georgeanna, d.Rufus H. and Roxanna, Apr.25,1841.

Hannah, d.Rufus H. and Roxanna, June12,1837.

Mary J., d.Rufus H., bootmaker, and Rosannah, June5,1843.


Lydia, d.John and Margrett, Feb.26,1736-7.


John M., s.Daniel and Harriett, Dec.6,1835, in Parsonsfield, ME.RR


Mary, ch.Dr. Bondly, bp. Dec.22,1759.CR1

BOOKER (Bouker, Bowker)

James, s.Josiah and Mary, Oct.30,1759.


Charles J. s.Joseph and Eliza, Dec.15,1837. [This entry written in pencil.]

William, s.Joseph and Eliza, Jan.25,1835.


Harriet E., d.Daniel, farmer, and Eliza A., Oct.16,1844.

BOUKER (Booker, Bowker)

Daniel, ch.John, hp. 末末 [rec. before Apr.11,1731].CR1

Hannah, ch.Uriah, bp. May16,1779.CR1

Martha, d.Samuel and Martha, July8,1752.

Mary, d.Samuel and Martha, Oct.11,1750.

BOWKER (Booker, Bouker)

Abiathar, s.Samuel and Lydia, Feb.25,1763.

Abiather, s.Abiathar and Polly, Oct.4,1793.

Abigail, d.Edmond and Elisabeth, Sept.23,1740. [Bouker.CR1]

Abagail, d.Samuel and Lydia, June13,1757.

Abigal, d.Samuel and Lydia, Apr.2,1759.

Abigail Hunting, d.Elijah and w., June19,1805.

Abigail Hunting, ch.Elijah, bp. Jan.22,1811.CR1

Almira, d.Uriah and Lois, w.Amasa Chapin, Dec.19,1823.GR3 [ch.Uriah and Lois (Eames).PR82]

Asa, s.Samuel and Lydia, Nov.12,1755.

Asa, s.Asa and w., June13,1792.

Charles E.,末蔓末,1833.GR3 [[h.Helen R. (Stacy)] ch.Uriah and Lois (Eames), Feb.10.PR82]

Charlot, d.Nahum and w., Mar.23,1818.

Daniell, s.John and Hanah, Nov.23,1731.

Daniel, s.Samuel and Lydia, Feb.16,1761.

Daniel, s.Asa and w., Mar.14,1782.

Ede, d.Abiathar and Polly, Feb.22,1791.

Edmond, s.Edmond and Elisabeth, Sept.19,1717. [Edmund Bouker, ch.Edmund.CR1]

Edmand, s.Josiah and Mary, Sept.9,1757. [Edmond Bouker.CR1]

Eli, s.John and Esther, Nov.11,1786.

Elias, s.John and Hannah, Apr.6,1733. [Bouker.CR1]

Elijah, s.Uriah and Sarah, Nov.27,1773.

Eliza, d.Elijah and w., Oct.21,1803.

Eliza, ch.Elijah, bp. Jan.22,1811.CR1

Eliza M., ch.Uriah and Lois (Eames), w.Warren Chapin, Apr.29,1829.PR82

Elisabeth, d.Edmand and Elizabeth, June28,1738. [Elizabeth Bouker, ch.Edmund.CR1]

Elisabath, d.Josiah and Mary, Oct.22,1752. [Elizabeth Bouker.CR1]

Bettse, d.Samuell and Lois, Oct.16,1774.

Ethan, s.John and Esther, Dec.6,1789.

Eveline Direxa, d.James and Isanna, Feb.15,1824. [Evelina Dirixa.CR1]

George Washington, s.Abiather Jr. and Mary, Jan.30,1827.

Hannah, d.Josiah and Mary, Feb.2,1750.

Hannah, d.Asa and w., Aug.6,1794.

Harriot, d.Abiathar and Polly, July2,1799.

Hariot, d.Abiathar Jr. and w., Nov.27,1824.

James Augustus, s.James and Isanna, Sept.26,1830.

John, s.John and Hannah, Oct.4,1735. [Bouker.CR1]

John, ch.Uriah, bp. June14,1761.CR1

John, s.Uriah and Sarah, Nov.19,1761.

John Starkweather, s.Abiather and Polly, Apr.14,1808.

John Starkweather, s.Abiather Jr. and w., Dec.30,1819.

Joseph, s.John and Sarah, Dec.28,1725. [Bouker.CR1]

Josiah, s.Edmond and Elisabeth [dup. s.Edmand and Elizabeth] [ch.Edmon.CR1], Mar.19,1724-5.

Josiah, s.Josiah and Mary, Feb.22,1767.

Lemuel, s.Abiathar and Polly, July13,1789.

Lois, d.Uriah [Uria.CR1] and Sarah, Apr.22,1768.

Lovet Hayden, s.Elijah and w., June23,1807.

Lovett Hayden, ch.Elijah, bp. Jan.22,1811.CR1

Lucy, d.Uriah and Sarah, Mar.27,1765.

Luther, s.Asa and w., Jan.16,1787.

Lydia, d.Asa and w., May6,1780.

Madison, s.Abiather and Mary, Dec.21,1829.

Meletiah [dup. Melitiah], d.John and Esther, Mar.31,1782.

Maryann, d.Abiathar Jr. and Mary, Mar.9,1818.

Martha A.,末蔓末,1831.GR3 [ch.Uriah and Lois (Eames), Apr.25.PR82]

Mary [dup. Bouker], d.John and Sarah, Sept.21 [dup. Sept.12], 1722.

Mary, d.Josiah and Mary, May21,1755. [Bouker.CR1]

Mary Gage, d.Elijah and w., Nov.30,1801.

Mary Gage, ch.Elijah, bp. Jan.22,1811.CR1

Micah, s.Edmond and Elisabeth, June10,1729. [Bouker.CR1]

Nancy, d.Asa and w., May16,1789.

Noah, s.John and Sarah, May16,1714. [Bouker.CR1]

Patiance, twin d.Elijah and w., Oct.19,1813.

Persis, d.Asa and w., July3,1800.

Relph, s.John and Esther, Apr.8,1784.

Ruth, d.Samuel and Lydia, Feb.9,1765.

Samuel, s.Edmand and Elizabeth, Apr.9,1731. [Bauker, ch.Edmond.CR1]

Sarah, d.Uriah Uriak and Sarah, Oct.5,1762.

Sarah, twin d.Elijah and w., Oct.19,1813.

Sally Morse, d.James and Isanna, Apr.29,1827.

Sewell Harding, s.James and w., Feb.4,1819. [Sewall Harding Bowker.CR1]

Silas, s.John and Hannah, May3,1739. [Bouker.CR1]

Susan Eames, d.James and Isanna, Oct.30,1816.

Susannah, d.Uriah and Sarah, July10,1771. [Susanna.CR1]

Uriah, s.Edmon [Edmond.CR1] and Eleasabeth, Jan.9,1735-6.

Uriah, s.Elijah and w., Mar.3,1800. [[h.Lois (Eames)] PR82]

Uriah, ch.Elijah, bp. Jan.22,1811.CR1

Wi末 s.Asa and W., July15,1784.

William E., ch.Uriah and Lois (Eames), Feb.13,1825.PR82


Albert, s.Joseph and Anna, Sept.25,1800.

Joseph, s.Francis, labourer (b. France), and Bridget (b. Ireland), Aug.4,1848, in S. Brookfield.

Mary, d.Joseph and Anna, July18,1802.


Ebenezer, ch.Jeremiah, bp. Apr.14,1743.CR1

Mary, ch.Jeremiah, 末蔓-3 [rec. after Nov.5,1738].CR1

Sarah, ch.Jeremiah, bp.末蔓末 [rec. between Apr.26 and May10], 1741.CR1


Abraham, ch.Abraham, bp. Oct.16,1768.CR1

Levi, ch.Abraham, bp. Nov.8,1772.CR1

Robert, ch.John Jr., bp. Sept.14,1758.CR1

Robert, ch.Abraham, bp. Oct.22,1769.CR1

Samuel, ch.John and w., bp. May3,1747.CR1

Simeon, ch.Abraham, bp. Oct.23,1774.CR1

Stephen, ch.Abraham, bp. Sept.21,1777.CR1

William, ch.John, bp. June11,1749.CR1

BRAG (Bragg)

Ebenezer, ch.Ebenezar,末蔓末 [rec. after Nov.5,1738].CR1

BRAGG (Brag)

Calvin, s.Alexander and Mary, Aug.6,1804.

Fanny, d.Alexander and Mary, Feb.5,1809.

Zerviah, ch.Ebenezer, bp. Apr.6,1740.CR1




David, s.John and Hannah, Mar.26,1732.

Hannah, d.John and Hannah, Apr.4,1729.

Isaac, s.John and Hannah, Oct.29,1736.

James, ch.Daniel, bp.末蔓末 [rec. between July6 and July13], 1740.CR1

Jonas, s.John and Hannah, Mar.23,1725-6.

Joseph, s.John and Hannah, Feb.10,1738-9.

Mary, ch.Daniel, bp.末蔓末 [rec. between Oct.12 and Oct.24], 1736.CR1

Mary, ch.Daniel, bp.末蔓末 [rec. between Apr.2 and Apr.23], 1738.CR1

Mary, ch.Daniel, bp. Aug.12,1744.CR1

Sarah, d.John and Hannah, Nov.17,1734.


Daniel, s.Richard R., carpenter, and Louisa P., Oct.10,1844.

George Edward, s.Richard R. and Loisa, Oct.10,1831.

John Edger, s.Richard R. and Loisa, Aug.17,1833.

Louisa Price, d.Richard R. and Louisa, Oct.4,1835.


Anne, d.Silas and Anne, Dec.11,1816.

Mary, d.Silas and Anne, Nov.16,1813.

Melly, d.Silas and Anne, Sept.24,1812.

BRIDGE (Bridges, Bridgos)

James W. [h.Sarah M.],末蔓末,1832.GR4

Sarah M., w.James W.,末蔓末,1834.GR4

BRIDGES (Bridge, Bridgos)

Adeline, d.Dexter, farmer, and Rhoda, Mar.14,1845. [Adaline H., ch.Dexter and Rhoda (Cody).PR95]

Elmira M., d.Lorenzo, machinist, and Lucy M., Sept.21,1844.

Alpheus, ch.Hackliah and Elizabeth, Dec.23,1785.PR95

Amos Brown, s.Sampson and Anna, May26,1811.

Anna, w.Samson, June14,1777.GR6

Ann Augusta, ch.Dexter and Rhoda (Cody), Sept.10,1843.PR95

Augustus, s.Lorenzo and Lucy Maria, Jan.25,1831.

Calvin, s.Lorenzo and Lucy Maria, Sept.24,1833.

Calvin [h.末末 (Smith)], ch.Hackliah and Elizabeth, Oct.29,1883 [sic, 1783].PR95

Daniel T. [h.Frances E. (Wadsworth)], Oct.15,1827.GR6

Dexter, s.Sampson and Anna, Apr.6,1813.

Eddy, ch.Hackliah and Elizabeth, w.Thaddeus Spring, Jan.18,1777.PR95

Edmon, s.Caleb and Elisabeth, July10,1736. [Edmond.CR1]

Elijah, ch.Hackliah and Elizabeth, Apr.15,1775.PR95

Elizabeth, d.Caleb and Elizabeth, July13,1732.

Betty, ch.Hackliah and Elizabeth, June23,1770.PR95

Betsey, s.Luther and Naby, May14,1805.

Elvira, d.Luther R., blacksmith, and Hannah, Dec.9,1843.

Francis Martin, s.Calvin and Abigail P., Oct.24,1837.

Granville D. Bridges,末蔓末,1836.GR4 [Nov.18.PR28]

Hackliah [h.Elizabeth (Underwood)], Oct.21,1737.PR95

Hackaliah, s.Luther and Naby, Dec.19,1803.

Isaac, s.Caleb and Elizabeth, Apr.15,1734.

Jemima, ch.Hackliah and Elizabeth, Dec.30,1768.PR95

Joanna, d.Sampson and Anna, Mar.28,1806. [Joanna R.PR95]

Johannah A, d.Dexter, farmer, and Rhoda, Sept.10,1843.

Jonathan, ch.Hackliah and Elizabeth, May15,1767.PR95

Lawson, s.Luther and Naby, Jan.3,1807.

Lorenzo [h.Lucy M. Mayard],末蔓末,1808.GR4 [July26.PR28]

Lorenzo S., s.Lorenzo and Lucy Maria, Mar.20,1840.

Lucy M. Maynard [Woods written in pen on top of Maynard ?], w.Lorenzo,末蔓末,1809.GR4

Luther, ch.Hackliah and Elizabeth, Mar.20,1782.PR95

Luther, s.Sampson and Anna, July20,1800. [Luther E.PR95]

Mary Elizabeth, ch.Dexter and Rhoda (Cody), Dec.7,1841.PR95

Mille, ch.Hackliah and Elizabeth, July29,1765.PR95

Rhoda, w.Dexter, Aug.1,1817.GR6

Roxana, d.Sampson and Anna, Feb.20,1803.

Ruth, ch.Hackliah and Elizabeth, w.Ebenezer Chamberlain, Aug.12,1773.PR95

Samson [h.Anna, h.Hannah], Feb.12,1772.GR6 [Sampson [h.Anna (Rockwood)], ch.Hackliah and Elizabeth (Underwood).PR95]

Sampson, June6,1833.GR6

Sarah, ch.Hackliah and Elizabeth, w.Daniel Whiting, Dec.9,1787.PR95

Sally Bucklin, d.Luther and w., Dec.25,1808.

Sarah A., w.Augustus,末蔓末,1831.GR4

Uraner, ch.Hackliah and Elizabeth, Apr.4,1780.PR95

Willard, s.Sampson and w.[Anna.PR95], July11,1809.

Ziba, ch.Hackliah and Elizabeth, Nov.11,1778.PR95

BRIDGOS (Bridge, Bridges)

Caleb, s.Caleb and Elizabath, Jan.22,1738. [Bridges.CR1]


Alenson, s.Philip and Experance, Jan.2,1790. [Alanson, s.Philip and Experience, Jan.4.PR83]

Experience, w.Philip, July12,1758.PR83

Experiance, d.Philip and Experiance, Nov.19,1782. [Experience, d.Philip and Experience.PR83]

Experiance, d.Alanson and w., Nov.13,1817. [Experience.CR1.PR83]

John, s.Phillip and Experance [s.Philip and Experience.PR83], Mar.8,1780, in Rehobath.

Lauraann, d.Alanson and w., Apr.27,1822. [Laura Ann.CR1.PR83]

Philip [h.Experience], Dec.3,1752.PR83

Tyler, s.Philip and Experance [Experience.PR83], June28,1794.


George Monroe, s.Pierpont D. and Nancy, Aug.20,1841.

Isanna, d.Liscom and Experience, Nov.7,1825. [Isannah Brigham, adopted d.Amara Eames.PR45]

John Dexter, s.Bryant and Betsey, Mar.5,1818.

Samuel, s.Lyscom and Experience, Dec.29,1829.


George Henry, s.Robert L. and Fanny, Mar.1,1835.


Augusta, d.Lewis and Martha B., Oct.24,1837.

Catharine Chapin, d.Lewis and Martha B., May25,1839.

Joseph A., s.Lewis, railroad contractor, and Martha, July11,1845.

Lewis Payson, s.Lewis and Martha B., Dec.7,1840.


Dexter, s.Peter and Sarah, Sept.27,1821.RR

Ellen M., d.Dexter, boot maker (b. Milford), and Mary (b. Needham), Mar.1,1849.

Ezekiel P. [h.Sarab J.],末蔓末,1818 [? in Hopkinton].GR1

Julia J. [? m.],末蔓末,1849.GR1

Sarah J. [末末], w.Ezekiel P.,末蔓末,1821 [? in Hopkinton].GR1


Abigail A. [w.Isaac D. Temple], Mar.11,1827.PR107

Anne, twin ch.Reuben, bp. July16,1775.CR1

George W., s.Isaac T., bootmaker, and Nancy W., Jan.16,1846.

Lawson, ch.Reuben, bp. July20,1777.CR1

Lois, ch.Ruben, bp. Dec.9,1782.CR1

Patty, ch.Ruben, bp. Nov.12,1780.CR1

Rufus, ch.Reuben, bp. July16,1775.CR1

Sarah, ch.Ruben, bp. July26,1778.CR1

Sally, ch.Reuben, bp. June13,1779.CR1


Harriet M., d.Benjamin and Elizabeth, Feb.11,1842.

Sillman F., s.Benjamin,末蔓末,1841.RR


Elmira H., d.Moses L. and Maria P., Jan.10,1837. [Almira.CR1] [Almira H. [ch.Moses L. and Maria (Pierce)].PR117]

Ann H., d.George W., boot maker (b. Upton), and Harriet, July20,1849.

Caroline M., d.George, shoemaker, and Hanet N., Apr.9,1845.

Edward N., s.Moses L. and Maria P. [(Pierce).PR117], Nov.12,1834.

Edward Newell, ch.Moses L., bp. Aug.4,1837.CR1

Ellen F. [ch.Moses L. and Maria (Pierce)], July1,1838.PR117

Jane H., d.George W., laborer, and Harriott, Sept.11,1847.

Martha M., d.Moses L., bootmaker, and Maria, Oct.12,1843. [Martha W. [ch.Moses L. and Maria (Pierce)].PR117]

Melville L. [ch.Moses L. and Maria (Pierce)], Oct.4,1847.PR117

Moses L. [h.Maria (Pierce), h.Mary Ann (Hill)], May17,1811.PR117

Sarah Maria, d.Moses L. and Maria [(Pierce).PR117], Nov.2,1841.


Ann, w.Dr. L.L. Scammell, Dec.12,1815.GR6

Mary Claflin, d.Dr. Thomas and Sally, Nov.23,1799. [[w.Samuel Daniels Davenport] Mar.29.PR53]


Abner, s.Elijah and Milcah, Apr.6,1789.

Elmira, d.Elijah and Milchah, June4,1804.

Dexter, s.Daniel and Polly, Apr.8,1799.

Ede, d.Elijah and Milcah, Mar.27,1785.

Ethan, s.Elijah and Milcah, Nov.26,1791.

John, s.Elijah and Milchah, May8,1796.

Lyman, s.Elijah and Milchah, Nov.10,1798.

Martha, [w.Josiah Burnham], Oct.5,1757.PR61

Polley, d.Daniel and Polley, Mar.14,1797.

Pond, s.Elijah and Milchah, June24,1801.

Stilman, s.Daniel and Polly, July21,1801.

William, s.Daniel and Polly, May16,1804.

Zedock, s.Elijah and Milcah, Apr.8,1787.


John S., s.Michael and Ann, Feb.18,1838, in lreland.RR


Michael, s.Michael and Ann, abt. 1842.RR


Helen Read, d.Jephtha and Fanny, May1,1801.


Elizabeth, d.Thomas S., bootmaker, and Emily, Mar.4,1844.

George Franklin, s.Jeptha and Fanny, Apr.18,1799.

Helen, d.George F. (Bulingam), butcher, and Eliza N., Nov.11,1843.

BURNAM (Burnham)

Adelia, d.Josiah and Patty, Apr.8,1836. [Burnham, ch.Josiah Jr. and Martha (Claflin).PR61]

Alanson, s.Zadock and Sarah, Apr.27,1789.

Anna, ch.Josiah, bp. July1,1759.CR1

Bucklin, s.Zadock and Sarah, Mar.15,1804.

Elijah, ch.Jeremiah, bp. June25,1749.CR1

Eliza Ann, d.Josiah Jr. and Patty, Jan.27,1825. [Burnham, ch.Josiah Jr. and Martha (Claflin) [w.Benjamin Adams Phipps].PR61]

Elisabeth, d.Jeremiah and Abigail, Mar.23,1745. [Elizabeth.CR1]

Elisabeth, d.Nehemiah and Elisabeth, May1,1750. [Elizabeth.CR1]

Betsey, d.Zadock and Sarah, Feb.27,1785.

Fanny, d.Zadock and Sarah, Aug.15,1796.

George, s.Josiah Jr. and w., Nov.2,1818. [Burnham [h.Martha Ellen (Pierce)], ch.Josiah Jr. and Martha (Claflin).PR61]

Hannah, d.Josiah and Ann, Aug.20,1745.

Henry Clay, s.Josiah and Patty, July10,1830. [Burnham, ch.Josiah Jr. and Martha (Claflin).PR61]

Job, s.Josiah and Ann, Dec.15,1740.

John, s.Zadock and Sarah, June1,1793.

John, s.Zadock and Sarah, Apr.15,1799キ

John, s.Josiah and Martha, Oct.9,1799. [Burnham [h.Nancy (Rice) of Leominster], ch.Josiah and Martha (Bullard), Oct.9,1789.PR61]

Joseph, s.Zadock and Sarah, Nov.25,1801.

Joshua, s.Josiah and Ann, Jan.15,1754.

Josiah, s, Josiah and Ann, Jan.1,1752.

Josiah, s.Josiah and Martha, Mar.28,1794. [Burnham, ch.Josiah and Martha (Bullard).PR61]

Lovett, s.Zadock and Sarah, May7,1791.

Lydia, d.Josiah and Ann, Oct.7,1749.

Martha, d.Jeremiah and Abigal, Nov.1,1751.

Martha, d.Josiah Jr. and Patty, June3,1827. [Burnham, ch.Josiah Jr. and Martha (Claflin).PR61]

Moses, s.Zadock and Sarah, May7,1787.

Reuben, ch.Josiah, bp. Aug.30,1747.CR1

Ruhamah, d.Nehemiah and Elisabeth, May6,1752.

Ruth, d.Josiah and Ann, Apr.1,1743.

William, s.Josiah Jr. and Patty, Oct.20,1822. [Burnham, ch.Josiah Jr. and Martha (Claflin).PR61]

BURNAP (Burnep)

末末, ch.David and Sarah, Dec.11,1739.

Albion G., s.Russell and Charlotte, July25,1838, in Holliston.

Almira, d.Elijah and Hannah, Sept.1,1806.

Annis, d.John and Anna, Aug.14,1756.

Benjamin, ch.Benjamin, bp. Oct.24,1736.CR1

Benjamin, ch.John, bp. May23,1762.CR1

Caroline, d.Isaac and w., Jan.14,1807.

Charles Ripley, s.John and Anne, July15,1760.

Charles R., s.Russell and Charlotte, Aug.15,1842.

Daniel, s.Daniel [Daniell.CR1] and Sarah, Jan.7,1735-6.

Daniel, s.Daniel and Sarah, May24,1742.

Darkes, d.Jonathan and Dorothy, Oct.25,1740. [Dorcas.CR1]

Dorathy, d.Jonathan and Dorathy, May28,1737. [Dorothy.CR1]

Elizabath, d.Jonathan and Dorathy, Feb.17,1738-0.

Ester, d.Daniel and Sarah, Feb.13,1732-3. [Esther.CR1]

Esther, d.Daniel and Sarah, Aug.22,1744.

Hannah, ch.Benjamin Jr., bp. Oct.15,1738.CR1

Hannah, d.David and Hannah, 末蔓16,1744. [bp. Apr.21,1745.CR1]

Hanneretta, d.John and Anna, July2,1758. [Heneritta.CR1]

Isaac, s.Daniel and Sarah, July21,1751.

Isaac, s.Isaac and Bulah, Oct.18,1793.

Jerusha, d.Daniel and Sarah, Sept.20,1734.

Jerusha, ch.Dr. Burnap, grand ch.Barachias Morse, bp. Sept.27,1795.CR1

John, s.Benjamin [Jr.CR1] and Hannah, Sept.20,1731.

John, ch.John, bp. Apr.12,1767.CR1

Lois, ch.Benjamin, bp. Aug.15,1742.CR1

Lydia, d.Daniel and Sarah, May12,1757.

Lydia, d.Nathan and Mary, July6,1784.

Lydia, d.Nathan, bp. May22,1791.CR1

Patty, ch.Isaac, bp. July29,1781.CR1

Mehitable, d.Benjmain Jr. [Benjamin.CR1] and Hanah, Oct.末,1728.

Nancy, d.Isaac and Bulah, Sept.19,1792.

Nancy, ch.Dr. Burnap, grand ch.Barachias Morse, bp. Sept.27,1795.CR1

Nathan, s.Daniel and Sarah, Mar.17,1737-8.

Nathan, s.Daniel and Sarah, July2,1749.

Nathaniel, ch.John, bp. Apr.7,1771.CR1

Rhoda, d.Daniel and Sarah, Dec.23,1753.

Rhoda, ch.David, bp. Sept.28,1755.CR1

Riply, ch.John, bp. July20,1760.CR1

Russell Jones, s.Isaac and Bulah [sic Hannah], June21,1809.

Sarah, d.Daniel and Sarah, Mar.21,1740.

Sarah, ch.Banjamin Jr., bp. Sept.27,1741.CR1

Sarah, d.Daniel and Sarah, Sept.27,1746.

Sarah, ch.Daniel, bp. Oct.4,1747.CR1

Thomas, s.Benjamin and Hannah, Nov.30,1733.

BURNEP (Burnap)

Amos, s.Isaac and Bulah, Sept.29,1786. [Burnap.CR1]

Elijah, twin s.Isaac and Bulah, Mar.15,1781. [Buraap.CR1]

Elisha, twin s.Isaac and Bulah, Mar.15,1781.

Bettsy, d.Isaac and Bulah, Feb.8,1783. [Betsy Burnap.CR1]

Patty, d.Isaac and Bulah, Oct.23,1779.

Nathan, s, Dr. Nathan and Mary.Feb.17,1778.


Anna, Feb.27,1794.PR96

Charles [h.Keziah (Pond)], Mar.12,1788.PR96

Chloe [w.Elliot Claflin], Feb.12,1792.PR96

Elizabeth [w.Salmon Sibley], Sept.8,1785.PR96

Hannah [w.Stephen Hill], Mar.1,1790.PR96

Joel [h.Dolly (Bellows)], Apr.6,1798.PR96

John, Apr.28,1783.PR96

John [h.Rebecca C.T. (Hinkley)], Mar.29,1800.PR96

Julia, Aug.17,1805.PR96

Lovinah, Mar.16,1796.PR96

Patty [w.John Claflin], May8,1802.PR96

BURNHAM (Burnam)

Isaac, ch.Josiah and Martha (Bullard), Nov.12,1796.PR61


Amelia, d.John, laborer, and Catherine, Aug.21,1845.


Rhoda [w.Surry], Nov.24,1807.GR6

Surry [h.Rhoda], Oct.22,1801.GR6


Liberty W., "Co A 25 Reg' Mass Vols," May25,1828.GR3 [Liberty Warren Burr.PR127]

BUTLER (Buttler)

Aaron, s.Jeremiah and Martha, June4,1762. [[h.Sarah (Jones)] grand s.Thomas and Martha, great grand s.William and Sarah.GR1]

Aaron, s.Aaron and Sarah, Jan.7,1787.

Albert, s.Jeduthan and Bulah, Oct.15,1805.

Hannah, d.Jeremiah and Martha, Apr.4,1756.

Hannah, d.Aaron and Sarah, Aug.29,1785.

Jeremiah, s.Aaron and Sarah, Jan.19,1789.

Joel, s.Jeremiah and Martha, July27,1764.

John Wood, ch.John, bp. May4,1740.CR1

Martha, d.Jeremiah and Martha, Dec.5,1759.

Mary, d.Jeremiah and Martha, Feb.1,1758.

Ruhamah, d.Aaron and Sarah, Feb.4,1793. [Reuhamah.CR1]

Sibbel [w.末末望, Jan.25,1740.PR75?

Thomas, Sept.15,1682, in Ipswich, Essex Co., "removed to Hopkinton with his family A.D. 1745.".GR1

BUTTLER (Butler)

Elizabeth, d.John and Elizabeth, May8,1727. [Butler.CR1]

John, s.John and Elisabeth, Mar.18,1729. [Butler.CR1]

William, ch.John, bp. Apr.23,1738.CR1

BYXBE (Bixbee, Bixbey, Bixby, Byxbee, Byxbey, Byxby)

Aaron, s.Abner and Thomzan, Jan.19,1754.

Abner, s.Joseph and Lyde, Aug.30,1712.

Abner, s.Abner [and] Tamrsan, Apr.20,1736. [Bixbee.CR1]

Benjamen, s.Abner [and] Thomsean, Oct.10,1751.

Mehetable, d.Joseph Jr. and Mehetable, Jan.31,1732-3.

Pelatiah, s.Thomas and Alise, Aug.9,1731. [Paletiah Bigsby.CR1]

Susannah, ch.Thomas Jr., bp. Oct.15,1763.CR1

Thomas, s.Thomas and Alles, Jan.28,1729-30. [Bigsby.CR1]

Thomas, ch.Isaac, bp. Nov.9,1766.CR1

BYXBEE (Bixbee, Bixbey, Bixby, Byxbe, Byxbey, Byxby)

Alice, ch.Thomas, bp. Aug.17,1760.CR1

Hannah, ch.Thomas Jr., bp. July3,1768.CR1

Lois, ch.Thomas Jr., bp. Oct.11,1761.CR1

BYXBEY (Bixbee, Bixbey, Bixby, Byxbe, Byxbee, Byxby)

Moses, s.Abner and Tamason, May4,1756.

BYXBY (Bixbee, Bixbey, Bixby, Byxbe, Byxbee, Byxbey)

Abijah, s.Pelatiah and Ann, June14,1764.

Abijah, ch.Pelatiah, bp. Nov.18,1770.CR1

Elijah, ch.Pelatiah, bp. Nov.18,1770.CR1

Hannah, ch.Isaac, bp. Dec.4,1763.CR1

John, ch.Pelatiah, bp. Nov.18,1770.CR1

Pelatiah, ch.Pelatiah, bp. Nov.18,1770.CR1

Sarah, ch.Thomas Jr., bp. Dec.1,1765.CR1

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