DADMUN (Deadman)

James Henry, s.Henry J. and Esther G., Dec.18,1832.


Abigail, d.Simeon, Mar.29,1823.

Charles, s.Simeon, July13,1818. [July13,1819.PR111]

Charles A., Sept.28,1848.PR111

Francis Merriam, d.Nathan and Mary, Feb.9,1830.

Henry J., s.Simeon and Sally, Apr.3,1827.

Hipzibath, s.Simeon and Abagail, Nov.29,1798. [Hephzibah.CR1]

Joseph, s.Simeon and Sally, July23,1825. [July末,1827.PR111]

Julia, d.Simeon and Abagail, July16,1792.

Juliany, d.Simeon and Sally, May7,1832.

Patty, d.Simeon, Dec.29,1820.

Mary Harding, d.Perry and Polly, July7,1804.

Mary Harding, ch.Perry, bp. Feb.24,1811.CR1

Mary, d.Simeon, Feb.15,1817.

Miriam, ch.Johut bp. June7,1772, in Holliston.CR1

Meriam Perry, ch.Perry, bp. Feb.24,1811.CR1

Sally Parkhurst, d.Obed and Sally, Oct.22,1802.

Simeon, s.Simeon and Abagail, Feb.12,1788.

Unity, d.Simeon and Abagail, July4,1796.

Willard, ch.Perry, bp. Feb.24,1811.CR1


Annie, ch.Samuel D. and Mary Sophia (Freeland), Sept.7,1840.PR53

Frank, s.S.D., boot manufacturer, (b. Mendon), and Mary (b. Hudson), Oct.26,1849.

James F., ch.Samuel D. and Mary Sophia (Freeland), Oct.15,1838.PR53

Mary B., d.Samuel and w., July31,1825. [Mary Bucklin Davenport, ch.Samuel Daniels and Mary Claflin (Bucklin).PR53]

Phinehas, s.S.D., merchant, and Mary S. [ch.Samuel D. and Mary Sophia (Freeland).PR53] Dec.24,1845.

Samuel Daniels, [h.Mary Claflin (Bucklin)], Dec.28,1801.PR53

Samuel D., s.Samuel D. and Mary Sophia [(Freeland).PR53], Oct.31,1835.

Sarah E., d.Samuel and w., Aug.19,1823. [Sarah Elizabeth, ch.Samuel Daniels and Mary Claflin (Bucklin).PR53]

Sarah E., d.Samuel D. and Mary Sophia, Dec.24,1831. [Sarah Elizabeth, ch.Samuel D. and Mary Sophia (Freeland), Dec.22.PR53]

Seth, s.Samuel D., manufacturer, and Mary S. [Mary Sophia (Freeland).PR53], Sept.7,1843.

Thomas Bucklin, s.Samuel D. and Mary Sophia [(Freeland).PR53], Dec.19,1829.

William Freeland, ch.Samuel D. and Mary Sophia (Freeland), Nov.22,1833.PR53


Charles F., s.E.H., tailor, and Phebee W. (b. Bellingham), Nov.9,1848, in Upton.

Jane [? m.],末蔓末,1818.GR6


Cromel, s.Uri and w., Feb.9,1802.

Lydia, d.Uri and Susanah, Apr.10,1804.

Susanna, d.Uri and w., Oct.18,1808.

Uri, s.Uri and w., Jan.14,1806.

DEADMAN (Dadmun)

Benjamin, ch.Mary, bp. May16,1736.CR1

DEAN (Deen)


DEARTH (Death)

George W., s.Ezra and Arvilla, July30,1838.

DEATH (Dearth)

Hannah, d.John and Jerusha, Aug.15,1754.

Jerusha, ch.John, bp. Mar.21,1756.CR1

Jerusha, d.John and Jerusha, Aug.30,1757.

John, s.John and Jerusha, Oct.20,1762.

Martha, d.John and Jerusha, Dec.19,1764.

Mary, d.John and Jerusha, June8,1760.

DECKMAN (Dickman, Dicman)

Lawson, s.John and Phebe, Oct.17,1788.

DEEN (Dean)

Ellen Maria, d.David, Apr.4,1848.CR2


Anna, d.Gilbert and Anna, July31,1762.

Betey, ch.Capt. Gilbert, bp. Mar.19,1780.CR1

Fanny, ch.Capt. Gilbert, bp. Aug.11,1776.CR1

Gilbert, s.Rogger and Ann, Jan.17,1741-2.

Gilbert, ch.Lt. Gilbert, bp. May16,1773.CR1

Hannah Raynard, ch.Capt. Gilbert, bp. May31,1778.CR1

Isaac, th.Lt. Gilbert, bp. Oct.23,1774.CR1

John, s.Rodger and Eunice, June8,1765.

John Lawson, ch.Capt. Gilbert, bp. Aug.21,1785.CR1

Lawson, s.Rodger and Eunice, Mar.27,1770.

Mary, ch.Gilbert, bp. Aug.14,1768.CR1

Millesent, d.Gilbert and Anna, Apr.4,1764. [Millicent.CR1]

Pamela, ch.Gilbert, bp. July22,1770.CR1

Roger, s.Roger and Ann, July28,1739.

Rodger, ch.Capt. Rodger, bp. Apr.3,1774.CR1

Sarah, d.Gilburt [Gilbert.CR1] and Anna, Sept.17,1766.

Sukey, ch.Capt. Gilbert, bp. Nov.4,1781.CR1

Susanna, d.Rodger and Eunice, Nov.28,1767.

Susanna, ch.Rodger, bp. Mar.1,1772.CR1


Timothy, s.Timothy,末蔓末,1838.RR

DEVINE (Divine)

Elijah, ch.Mary, wid., bp. Nov.12,1786.CR1

John, ch.Mary, wid., bp. Nov.5,1786.CR1

Joseph, ch.Mary, wid., bp. Nov.12,1786.CR1

Mehitabel, ch.Mary, wid., bp. Nov.12,1786.CR1

Sally, ch.Mary, wid., bp. Nov.12,1786.CR1

Susanna, ch.Mary, wid., bp. Nov.12,1786.CR1

William, ch.Mary, wid., bp. Nov.5,1786.CR1


Mary Eliza, d.James and Catharine, June8,1816.

DICKMAN (Deckman, Dicman)

Charles, s.Jacob and Anna, Dec.9,1816.

Elbridge, s.Jacob and Sarah, Nov.15,1807.

Bette, d.John and Phebe, Mar.31,1779. [Betsy.CR1]

Eliot, s.Jacob and Anna, Apr.29,1815.

Hannah, d.John and Phebe, July12,1793.

Joseph, s.John and Phebe, Apr.5,1797.

Lydia, d.John and Phebe, Mar.1,1777.

Patte, d.John and Phebe, Jan.14,1715.

Patty, ch.John, bp. Jan.19,1777.CR1

Polly Tucker, d.John and Phebe, Apr.29,1791.

Mary Elizabeth, d.Jacob and Anna, Aug.6,1821.

Nancy Dickman, d.John and Phebe, May18,1786.

Samuel, s.Jacob and Sarah, July9,1810.

Sarah Ann, d.Jacob and Anna, June1,1819.

DICMAN (Deckman, Dickman)

Jacob, s.John and Phebe, Mar.29,1783. [Dickman.CR1]

Milicent, d.John and Phebe, Mar.6,1781. [Melly Dickman.CR1]

DIVINE (Devine)

John, s.John and Jane, Dec.15,1746.


Elisabeth, d.William and Elisabeth, Mar.1,1727-8.

Jayn, d.Wiliam and Elizabeth, Mar.14,1720-1.

John, s.Wiliam and Elisabeth, Feb.1,1717-18.

Mary, d.Wiliam and Elisabeth, Apr.3,1722-3.

Wiliam, s.Wiliam and Elisabeth, Mar.20,1724-5. [William Dunahoe.CR1]


Ellen Mariah, d.Nathan and Eleanor, Apr.2,1835.


Fanny Curtis, d.William, painter (b. Roxbury), and Mary (b. Roxhury), Apr.30,1849.


Mary Ann, d.Patrick, boot maker (b. Ireland), and Eliza (b. Ireland), Aug.27,1848.


Albert S., s.Sanford and Nancy, June10,1836, in Foxboro.RR


Zerviah, ch.末末, bp. July12,1772, in Framingham.CR1


Experience, ch.E., wid., bp. June7,1807.CR1


Hannah E., d.Benjamin B., farming, and Elizabeth, Feb.18,1844.


Patrick, s.William and Mary, abt. 1836, in Ireland.RR


Martha M. Brown [末末望, w.Benaiah C., Jan.12,1839.GR4


Emma E., d.Calvin, boot manufacturer, and Elizabeth, July13,1844.

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