Eliza Ann, d.Samuel and Polly, Sept.22,1832.

Betsey [dup. adds H.], d.Samuel and Polly, May9 [dup. May5], 1819. [Betsey H., May9.PR28] [Betsey Holmes Taft, w.Otis Lorenzo Woods, May9.PR38]

James, s.Mathew and Ann, July11,1731.

Lucy, d.Samuel and Polly, Sept.18,1814. [Lucy W.PR28] [Lucy Wood Taft.PR38]

Polly Thayer, see Mary.

Mary, d.Samuel and Polly, Feb.23,1817. [Mary T.PR28] [Polly Thayer Taft.PR38]

Polly T., d.Samuel and w., Feb.9,1818.

Mathew, s.Mathew and Ann, Sept.9,1733. [Matthew, ch.Matthew.CR1]

Melinda, d.Samuel and Polly, Sept.28,1824. [Malinda, w.Enoch N. Rollins.PR20] [Malinda.PR28] [Melinda.PR38]

Otis, s.Samuel and Polly, Dec.4,1827. [[h.Sarah A.]末蔓末,1828.GR4] [Dec.4,1827.PR28.PR38]

Samuel [h.Polly (Wood)], Oct.末,1788.PR28

Samuel, s.Samuel and Polly, Aug.6 [dup. Aug.4], 1821. [Aug.6.PR28] [Samuel Jr., Aug.6.PR38]

Sarah A., w.Otis,末蔓末,1837.GR4


Charles Edward, s.Charles and Elmira, Feb.21,1832.

Eliza Elmira, d.Charles and Elmira, Oct.25,1835.

Samuel, ch.Elizabeth, bp. 末, [rec. between May24 and May31], 1741.CR1

Sarah, ch.John, bp. June23,1745.CR1

Sybil, ch.John, bp. July25,1743.CR1


末末, d.Marshall, brush maker, and Mary, Feb.21,1845. [Andrew A., Feb.22.RR]

Almira A., d.John L., farmer (b. Winchester), and Sally S., July28,1848.

Andrew A., see 末末 Temple.

Bonaparte Munroe, s.John and Sally, Apr.14,1836.

Dalston A., s.lsaac D. and Abigail, Dec.12,1845.RR [ch.Isaac D. and Abigail A. (Bruce).PR107]

Betsey, d.John and Sally, Aug.5,1826.

Emily, d.John and Sally, May28,1830.

Everett E., s.Isaac D. and Abigail, Mar.3,1842.RR [ch.Isaac D. and Abigail A. (Bruce), Mar.2.PR107]

Everet Ellis, s.Isaac D., boot maker, and Abigail, Mar.29,1848.

George Washington, twin s.Isaac and Mehitable, Jan.25,1830. ["Co H 42 Reg Mass Vols,".GR4] [ch.Isaac M. and Mehitable, June25.PR47]

Isaac M. [h.Mebitable (Pratt) of Framingham], s.Stephen, Oct.17,1798, in Winchester, NH.PR47

Isaac D., ch.Isaac M. and Mehitable, Dec.8,1824, in Framingham.PR47 [[h.Abigail A. (Bruce)].PR107]

James Madison, twin s.Isaac and Mehitable, Jan.25,1830. [ch.Isaac M. and Mebitable, June25.PR47]

John, s.John and Sally, Mar.27,1829.

Mary Antoynette, d.Marshal and Mary, Feb.4,1832.

Polly Thayer, d.John and Sally, Aug.9,1834.

Miranda Jane, d.Isaac and Mahitable [ch.Isaac M. and Mehitable.PR47], July14,1832.

Sarah Ann, d.Marshal and Mary, Mar.1,1830.

Stephen Thomas, s.Isaac M. and Mahitable, Feb.26,1836. ["Co K 50th Reg't. NY Vol. Engineers,".GR4] [ch.Isaac M. and Mehitable, Feb.23.PR47]

Susan Elizabeth, d.Isaac [Isaac M.PR47] and Mehitable, Apr.5,1827.

Susan A., d.John L., farming, and Sally S., Feb.21,1844.

Welcome, s.Marshal and Mary, May24,1828. [s.Marshall and Mary.RR]

William, ch.Isaac M. and Mehitable, Dec.3,1823, in Framingham.PR47


Ellen M., d.Daniel, laborer, and Susan, Apr.1,1845.


Adeline C., d.Ethan, boot maker (b. Worcester), and Serena (b. Berlin), Dec.3,1848, in Westboro.

Benjamin C., s.Ethan and Relief, Dec.10,1842, in Northboro.RR

Ethan [h.Cyrene S., h.Betsey],末蔓末,1814.GR4

Jonathan W., s.Ethan and Relief, Feb.23,1844, in Northboro.RR

THOMPSON (Tompson)

Addison, July30,1808.PR31

Addison O., s.Addison and Martha, Feb.17,1841.RR

Albert H. [h.Elizabeth W., h.Louisa A.],末蔓末,1820.GR4 [June20.PR31]

Caroline W., w.I.M., Apr.末,1829.CR4

Charles E., s.Erastus, merchant (b. Livermore, ME), [and] Catharine (b. Southbridge), Nov.1,1845.

Charlotte H., w.William H. Miller,末蔓末,1835.GR4

Edgar E., s.William H., farmer (b. Wrentham), and Eliza A. (b. Franklin), Sept.15,1849. [Edgar Eliab [h.Anna L. (Adams)].PR58]

Edward A., Sept.27,1825.PR31

Edwin D., s.Erastus, merchant (b. Livermore, ME), and Catherine (b. Southbridge), Aug.26,1848.

Eliab, May28,1810.PR31

Elizabeth, July10,1812.PR31

Emely Read, d.Adams and w., Dec.13,1819. [Emily Read Thompson.CR1]

Horatio T., Nov.10,1814.PR31

Isaac M. [h.Caroline W.], Apr.14,1827.GR4

Joanna, ch.Wiliiam, bp. Mar.8,1752.CR1

John R., Mar.14,1807.PR31

Lydia Ann, June10,1827.PR31

Mary K., w.William D., Sept.末,1798.GR4

Mary R., d.Adams and w., May4,1818.

Mary Esther, ch.Adams, bp. June27,1819.CR1

Mary Angeline, June1,1830.PR31

Orlando A., s.Addison and Martha A., Feb.17,1841.

Sophrona C., Aug.11,1816.PR31

William, s.Adams and w., Feb.13,1816.

William Capen, ch.Adams, bp. June27,1819.CR1

William H., Jan.10,1823.PR31


Amasa, s.John and Sibbel, Apr.16,1795.

Amasa, ch.John, bp. Sept.4,1796.CR1

Ebenenezer, s.John and Sibbel, Mar.6,1792. [Ebenezer Goddard Tidd.CR1]

Elbridge (Fidd), s.John and w., Feb.12,1803.

Betsy, ch.Daniel bp. June19,1796.CR1

John, s.John and Abigail [second dup. Sibbel], Oct.4,1784.

Lois, d.John and Abegail [second dup. Sibbel], July30,1780.

Molly, d.John and Abigail [second dup. Sibbel], July2,1782.

Nathan, ch.John, bp. Oct.8,1786.CR1

Nathan, s.John and Abigail [second dup. Sibbel], June11,1789.

Sybil Brigham, ch.John, bp. Dec.15,1799.CR1

TILTEN (Tilton)

Elizabeth, d.Abraham and Elizabeth, Jan.8,1732-3. [Tilton.CR1]

Israel, s.Samuel and Mary, Nov.5,1731. [Tilton, ch.Samuell.CR1]

Mary, d.Samuel and Mary, Feb.6,1732-3. [Tilton, ch.Samuell.CR1]

TILTON (Tilten)

Abby Haven, d.George A. and Catharine [ch.George Augustus and Catherine M. (Haven).PR51], Aug.5,1841.

Abraham, s.Abraham and Elisabeth, May14,1729.

Abraham, ch.Abraham, bp. Mar.18,1753.CR1

Abraham, s.Abraham and Elizabeth, Aug.30,1766. [[h.Hannah (Homer)].PR51]

Abraham, s.Abraham and Hannah, Apr.26,1808. [[h.Hannah T. (Proctor)].PR51] [Abraham Jr., ch.Abraham and Hannah (Homer).PR19]

Abraham Waldo, ch.Abraham and Hannah T. (Proctor), Jan.14,1841.PR51

Albert Homer, ch.Homer and Fanny (Valentine), Apr.2,1820.PR51

Amelia, d.Abraham and Hannah, May10,1805. [w.Charles Osborn.GR6.PR51] [ch.Abrabam and Hannah (Homer).PR79] [w.Charles Osborn.RR80]

Anna Homer, d.Abraham and Hannah, Feb.18,1798. [Ann H. [w.William Bailey].PR51] [Anna Homer Tilton, ch.Abraham and Hannah (Homer).PR79]

Ann M., d.George A. [and] Catharine M., Mar.9,1843. [Ann Mash Tilton, ch.George Augustus and Catherine M. (Haven).PR51]

Caroline P., d.Abraham, bootmaker, and Hannah, Sept.6,1843. [Caroline Proctor Tilton, ch.Abraham and Hannah T. (Proctor).PR51]

Catharine Jane, ch.Leonard and Catharine H. (Morse), Aug.6,1833.PR51

Catherin Augusta, d.Abraham and Hannah T., Aug.2,1834. [Catharine Augusta, ch.Abraham and Hannah T. (Proctor).PR51]

Charles Henry, ch.Leonard and Catharine H. (Morse), Nov.30,1829.PR51

Delia Ann, d.George A., boot maker, and Catherine [ch.George Augustus and Catherine M. (Haven).PR51], Oct.8,1845.

Daniel Metcalf, s.Abraham and Hannah T. [(Proctor).PR51], Sept.25,1836.

Edward L., s.Homer and w., June13,1824. [Edward Lafayette Tilton, ch.Homer and Fanny (Valentine).PR51]

Edward, ch.Leonard and Catharine H. (Morse), Feb.7,1838.PR51

Eliza Ann, ch.Leonard and Catharine H. (Morse), Nov.25,1835.PR51

Elizabeth, ch.Abraham, bp. June20,1731.CR1

Elizabeth, d.Abraham and Elizabeth, Sept.21,1760.

Betsey, d.Abraham and Hannah, Dec.12,1790. [[w.Zenas Ball].PR51] [ch.Abrabam and Hannah (Honmer).PR79]

George Augustus, s.Abraham and Hannah, Sept.10,1816. [[h.Catherine M. (Haven)].PR51] [ch.Abraham and Hannah (Homer).PR79]

George Homer, ch.Homer and Fanny (Valentine), Mar.3,1819.PR51

George E., s.Homer and w., Sept.22,1822. [George Eugene, ch.Homer and Fanny (Valentine).PR51]

Hannah, d.Abraham and Hannah, Nov.9,1788. [[w.Matthew Metcalf].PR51] [ch.Abraham and Hannah (Homer).PR79]

Harrison Gray Otis, s.Abraham and w., June24,1811. [[h.Phian (Tilton)].PR51] [Harison Grey Otis Tilton, ch.Abraham and Hannah (Homer), June25.PR79]

Harison Homer, ch.Abraham and Hannah T. (Proctor), July30,1847.PR51

Homer, s.Abraham and Hannah, Dec.23,1792. [[h.Fanny (Valentine)].PR51] [ch.Abraham and Hannah (Homer).PR79]

Horatio Willard, ch.Leonard and Catharine H. (Morse), Sept.13,1831.PR51

Lawson V., ch.Homer and Fanny (Valentine), Apr.13,1828.PR51

Leonard, s.Abraham and Hannah, Oct.7,1800. [[h.Catharine H. (Morse)].PR51] [ch.Abraham and Hannah (Homer).PR79]

Loisa Maria, d.Abraham and Hannah T., Nov.28,1830. [Louisa Maria, ch.Abraham and Hannah T. (Proctor), Nov.23.PR51]

Mary, d.Abraham and Elizabeth, Feb.19,1764.

Mary Sophia, ch.Leonard and Catharine H. (Morse), May16,1840.PR51

Mary L., d.Abraham, carpenter, and Hannah, May26,1845. [Mary Louisa, ch.Abraham and Hannah T. (Proctor).PR51]

Puah, d.Abraham and Hannah, Sept.末,1795. [[w.Asa Cushman] Sept.1.PR51] [ch.Abraham and Hannah (Homer), Sept.1.PR79]

Samuel, s.Israel and Abigal [Abigail.CR1], May9,1753.

Sarah, ch.Abraham, bp. May19,1751.CR1

Sarah, d.Abraham and Elizabeth, Sept.10,1755.

William Alcott, s.George A. and Catharine, Mar.30,1838. [William Alcot Tilton, ch.George Augustus and Catherine M. (Haven).PR51]


末末, ch.Daniel, bp. June3,1750.CR1

Abiah Bonner, d.Joseph and Mary, Apr.29,1798.

Daniel, ch.Daniel, bp.末蔓末 [rec. between Apr.18 and May23], 1742.CR1

Ebenezer, ch.Daniel, bp. Jan.末,1760.CR1

Ebenezer, s.Joseph and Mary, Aug.29,1794.

Eli末, ch.Daniel, bp. Feb.6,1742.CR1

Eliza, d.Joseph and Mary, Apr.21,1790.

Fanny Valentine, d.Joseph and Mary, Mar.9,1805.

Hannah Williams, d.Joseph and Mary, Sept.28,1796.

James Ezra, s.Jonathan H. and Sarah M., Oct.31,1835.

Jonathan, s.Joseph and Mary, Oct.24,1801.

Joseph, ch.Daniel, bp. July21,1751.CR1

Joseph, s.Joseph and Mary, Nov.21,1784.

Lucretia, ch.Daniel, bp. July7,1745.CR1

Mary, ch.Daniel, bp. Apr.25,1747.CR1

Mary, d.Joseph and Mary, Sept.11,1786.

Micheal, s.Joseph and Mary, Sept.5,1792.

TOMPSON (Thompson)

Jeremiah, ch.William, bp. July23,1749.CR1


Caroline Edy, d.Joshua and Elizabeth, Mar.16,1836.

Joshua H., s.Joshua and Elizabeth, Jan.31,1828, in Milford.RR

Sarah Parmelia, d.Joshua and Elizabeth, May17,1832.


Abby Anna J. d.Benjamin C., boot maker, and Mary J., Jan.28,1848.

Charles B., s.Benjamin C., boot maker (b. NH), and Mary J. (b. Roxbury), Apr.2,1849.


Abagail, d.Timothy and Hannah, Apr.17,1754

Alanson, s.Timothy and Pricilla [Prisilla.CR1], Sept.17,1784.

Appleton, s.Timothy and Pricilla, Sept.4,1796.

Deborah, d.Timothy and Hannah, Nov.3,1748. [Tounsend, ch.Tymothy.CR1]

Fanny, d.Timothy and Pricilla, Nov.26,1791.

Hannah (Hannak), d.Timothy and Hannah, Jan.7,1740-1.

Hannah, d.Timothy and Pricilla, Apr.5,1794.

Jerusha, d.Timothy and Hannah, Sept.9,1743.

Mary, d.Timothy [Tymothy.CR1] and Hannah, May2,1751.

Pamala, d.Timothy and Pricilla, Mar.15,1789. [Pamelia.CR1]

Sarah, d.Timothy and Hannah, July19,1746.

Timothy, s.Timothy and Hannah, Oct.13,1758. [Tymothy, ch.Tymothy.CR1]


David, s.Joshua and Mary, Feb.17,1749.

Jonathan, s.Joshua and Mary, June3,1743.

Lucy, d.Joshua and Mary, Nov.3,1746.


Mary, w.Ambrose Woolson (s.Nathan Sr. and Mehitable (Clark)), Sept.15,1836 [? in Derby, VT].PR10

TRAVIS (Traversee)

Elisabeth, d.James and Elisabeth, Apr.16,1747.

TREADWAY (Tredaway)

Benjamin, s.Jonathan and Elezebeth, May15,1748.

Elizabith, d.Jonathan and Elizabeth, Apr.17,1745.

Lucy, d.Jonathan and Elezebeth, Mar.10,1751. [Tredeway.CR1]

Lucy, ch.Brigham and Lucy, June20,1751.PR38

Mary, d.Jonathan and Elezebeth, Apr.7,1747.

TREDAWAY (Treadway)

Hannah, ch.Widow Tredaway, bp. Aug.20,1758.CR1


末末, d.Joshua, tailor, and Ede, Apr.14,1847.

Edy A., w.Joshua,末蔓末,1813.GR6

Emma Antonett, d.Joshua, tailor, and Ede, May29,1846.

Eugene Francis, s.Joshua and Edy A., Sept.19,1841.

Joshua, h.Edy A.,末蔓末,1811.GR6


Arba, s.Jonas and Olive, Mar.22,1794.


Erah Thusa, d.Daniel and Thusa, Mar.10,1836.

Ezota L., d.Norris H., boot maker, and Mary A., Dec.10,1845.

Izanna, d.Wellington, carpenter (b. Maine), and Betsey, Apr.16,1849.

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