FAIRBANK (Fairbanks)

Anna of Framingham, and Eli Fay, int.Apr.26,1800.

George of Holliston, and Deborah Sawing of Framingham, May末,1735.*.PR3

Louisa of Royalston, and Robert Wood Jr., int.Nov.30,1834.

Lydia [second dup. Lidea Fairbanks] and Elisha Haiden [second dup. Haden], Apr.6,1727.* [Lydia Fairbanks and Elisha Haiden.CR1]

Orator, 38, manufacturer, s.Jona and Asenath, and Asenath Bardon, 45, housekeeper, d.WilIiam Clapp and Mary, Nov.23,1844.

Sarah of Holliston, and Edmund Hayden, Feb.22,1732-3, in Holliston.*

FAIRBANKS (Fairbank)

Nabby and Dr. Henry Franklin Dupee, Aug.7,1785.*.CR1

Adam of Midway, and Sarah Walker, int.[Sept.末,1782]. [Fairbank, m.Nov.28.CR1] [Fairbanks, and Sally Walker, m.末蔓末,1781.PR57]

Adam and Marina Fuller,末蔓末,1787.*.PR57

Adam of Midway, and Mary Frail, int.Mar.31,1789. [Mary, d.Joseph and Sarah (Haven), m.末.PR57]

Almira and Nehemiah Lougy of Holliston, Apr.26,1840.

Angelina H., 17, of Westborough, d.Corning and Harriet of Westborough, and William Trowbridge, 23, carriage maker, of Worcester, s.Jepthah and Pamelia, Feb.20,1845.*

Annette of Watertown, and Thomas Ellis, int.Apr.29,1837.

Cynthia, see Sinthey.

Sinthey and Moses Watkins 2d, Aug.7,1834.

David and Mary G. Fairbanks, Mar.10,1837.

Emily and Emory Watkins, Oct.31,1833.

Freeman of Milford, and Malinda Stearns, int.June12,1842.

George W. and Sarah L. Whitcomb of Marlboro, NH, int.May1,1842.

Jacob and Mary Williams of Marlborough, int.Oct.28,1832.

James and Lydia Maria Marshall,末蔓末,1842, in Medway.*.PR54

Joel Jr. and Polly Watkins, Mar.30,1803.

John of Boston, and Hannah Rayner Dench, Feb.20,1803.

Jonathan of Holden, and Polly Comee,末蔓末, 末末.*.PR9

Mary G. and David Fairbanks, Mar.10,1837.

Moses and Hannah Frail, int.Apr.18,1829.

Nahum of Milford, and Louiza Perry, Oct.10,1833.

Nancy of Holliston, and Samuel Ward, int.Nov.13,1829.

Olive of Franklin, and Joseph Morse, Nov.29,1792, in Franklin.

Ruben of Holliston, and Elizabeth Loaring [int.Elezebeth Loring], Oct.31,1765. [Reuben of Holliston, and Elizabeth Loring.CR1]

Sarah and Isaac Frail, June6,1816. [d.Adam and Sarah (Haven).PR67]


James and Jane O. Works, Nov.26,1840.


Lucy, Mrs., of Framingham, and Lyman Pike, Sept.10,1827.

FANING (Fanning)

Thomas and Hannah Larthbery of Mendon, int.Aug.20,1779. [Fanning, and Hannah Lathbury, m.Sept.24.CR1]

William and Sarah Cody, int.Feb.8,1781. [Fanning, m.May17.CR1]

FANNING (Faning)

James and Margarett Bellows of Framingham, int.Nov.27,1747.


Benjamin [int.adds S.] and Eliza Valentine, Mar.21,1832. [Benjamin S.CR1]

FARRAR (Farrer)

Nahum of Watertown, and Betsey Pike, Oct.18,1801. [Betsy.CR1]

Thomas and Lucy C. Herrick, Mar.22,1832.

FARRER (Farrar)

Mercy of Barree, and Winslow Claflin, int.May24,1812.


Elijah of Wrentham, and Puah Hayden, Apr.26,1803.

Elijah and Betsey Ellis of Holliston, int.Oct.27,1833.

Eliza A. of Bellingham, and William H. Thompson, int.Sept.26,1847. [m.Oct.13.PR68]

Hannah C. and James R. Claflin of Milford, Apr.14,1836.

Sylvanus W., 24, shoemaker, of Bellingham, s.David and Chloe F. of Bellingham, and Jane A. Snow, 18, d.Edward A. and Mary, Feb.5,1846.


Artemas of Southboro [int.Southborough], and Hannah Dickman, June30,1818. [Artemas of Southboro.CR1]

Benjamin H. of Southborough, and Virrilla A. Smith, Apr.15,1840.

Eli and Anna Fairbank of Framingham, int.Apr.26,1800.

Hannah of Southboro, and William Chamberlain, int.May16,1803.

Josiah N., 21, miller, 01 Southborough [int.Southboro], s.Moses and Elizabeth, and Susan E. Temple, 17, d.Isaac M. and Mehitable, Aug.4,1844.

Lucretia of Southboro, and Alanson Briggs, int.Oct.26,1816.

Lyman and Sarah Colburn of Framingham, int.Mar.17,1838.

Polly and Lyman Hatch, Nov.9,1815.

Nathan Jr. of Southbrough [int.Southborough], and Mehitable Clements [int.Clemments], June27,1793. [Nathan Jr. of Southborough, and Mehittable Clements.CR1]

Sabinus, 20, bootmaker, s.Daniel and Martha, and Nancy T. Putnam, 17, d.Royal F. and Mary A., Dec.19,1844.

Samuel of Southboro, and Hannah Pike, Dec.15,1811.

Solon of Framingham, and Nancy Ellis, Apr.1,1828.


Lucy M. and S.C. Bixby, June13,1839.*.PR12


Addison and Martha Moulton of York, ME, int.Apr.6,1844.

Hannah of Dedham, and John Rocket, Mar.1,1732-3, in Dedham.*

Jabez Gill of Westboro, and Hannah Adams, June8,1815. [Jabez Gill Fisher of Westborough.CR1] [Hannah, ch.Asa and Elizabeth (Kimball).PR16]

Polly of Westboro, and Isaac Hayward, int.Feb.17,1821.

Rhoda of Wrentham, and Ebenezar Leland [int.Lealand], Mar.9,1786, in Franklin.

FISK (Fiske)

Anna of Watertown [of Watertown crossed out], and Amos Claflin, int.Mar.24,1792. [m.May6.CR1]

Daniel of Upton, and Hannah Rocwood, int.Nov.2,1782.

David of Sherburn, and Mrs.Sarah Bullard of Midway, Nov.2,1759.*.PR3

David of Milford, and Esther Wheeler, int.Mar.26,1839.

Eliza of Holliston, and Alanson Amsden, int.Mar.14,1828.

Emma and John Hubbard, s.T., Dec.4,1805.*.PR63

Huldah of Holliston, and Caleb Claflin Jr., int.Jan.20,1763.

Josiah of Upton, and Lidia Daniels, int.May4,1772.

Lydia and Lawson Nurse, Dec.6,1779.*.CR1

Mary of Framingham, and Samuel Valentine Jr., int.Dec.4,1808.

Moses and Betsy Bullard, Apr.13,1780.*.CR1

Thomas of Partrigfield, and Elisabeth Cody, int.Dec.23,1780. [Elizabeth, m.Mar.1,1781.CR1]

FISKE (Fisk)

Ama of Weston [int.Anna Fisk of Westown], and Jonathan Rand, Apr.8,1794, in Weston.


Charles H. and Augusta Parker, Feb.8,1843.

Elijah of Windham, and Hannah Fuller, Mar.12,1766.*.PR6

Elijah and Mary Valentine, June11,1800. [Elijah, s.Rev. E.PR6]

Elijah, Dea., and Betsey Valentine, int.Oct.8,1836. [m.Nov.2.PR6]

Elijah [int.adds Dea.] and [int.adds Mrs.] Olive Hayward, Nov.8,1843. [Elijah and Mrs.Olive Hayward.PR6]

Betsey [int.Betsy] and Rev. Nathaniel Rawson of Hardwick [int.adds VT], July14,1811. [Betsy and Rev. Nathanael Rawson of Hardwick, VT.CR1] [Betsey, d, Rev. E., and Rev. Nathanael Rawson of Milford, July9.PR6]

Elizabeth and Fisher Hemmenway [int.Hemenway], May17,1835. [Hemmenway.CR1] [Hemenway.PR6] [Elizabeth Jones Fitch and Fisher Hemenway.PR50]

Emily S. and Edward D. Baker, May4,1834.*.PR6

Eunis of Windham, and Thomas Mellen Jr., int.Nov.14,1772.

Fanny V. and John Sawyer, Apr.7,1836. [Fanny Valentine Fitch.PR116]

James H. and Susan Hayward, Apr.13,1836.

John, s.Rev. E., and Sally Magoon, Mar.16,1796.*.PR6

John A. and Lucy Ann Howe, Mar.19,1829.

Leonard M. and Louisa Ball, July21,1835.*.PR6

Mary Ann and Gilman Ball, Apr.19,1832.

Nathanael H. and Adaline [int.Adeline] Valentine, Apr.2,1839. [Adeline.PR6] [Nathaniel Howe Fitch and Adeline Valentine.PR126]

William F. and Eliza Ann Lyon, June3,1827.

FLAG (Flagg)

Mary of Framingham, and Clark Haven, int.Aug.29,1764.

FLAGG (Flag)

Dana of Worcester, Worcester Co., and Elener [int.Elenor] S. Prentiss, May26,1831.

Jonathan Fisk and Azubah Jones of Milford, int.Mar.16,1811.

Nancy and Samuel Cody, int.Apr.3,1799. "forbidden by the woman. "

Nancy and Joel Onthank of Southboro, Nov.10,1801. [Joel of Southborough.CR1]

Zebediah and Anna Sumner of Milford, int.Oct.8,1808.

Zebediah of Milford, and Susannah Loring, Nov.11 [dup. Nov.25], 1827. [Nov.25.CR1] [Zebedeah and Susannah Loring, ch.Nathaniel and Elizabeth (Hayden), Nov.25.PR100]


Margaret M., 17, of Charlston [int.Charleston], d.Daniel and Mary of Charleston, and William Chapman, 21, farmer, s.Nathan and Mary, Feb.22,1847.


William of Millbury, and Loisa Howe, int.July28,1832.


Catherine and Warren Cheney, ch.John and Susannah (Kinney)末蔓末,1845.*.PR71

Elijah and Rebecca Chamberlin of Westford, May24,1773, in Westford.*


Joseph H. and Olive Mead of Manchester, NH, int.Sept.27,1846.


Catherine [int.Catharine] and Harrison Newton of Westboro [int.Westborough], July25,1842.

John S. and Persis G. Bowman, int.Oct.22,1843.

Mary of Westboro, and Josiah Rider, Jan.10,1769, in Westborough.*

Samuel, see Samuel Forbush.

Samuel B., 20, boot cutter, s.Naham and Polly, and Emily J. Guy, 19, Sept.2,1846.

Sarah, see Sarah Furbush.

Susan E., 21, d.Nahum and Polly, and Charles V. Guy, 27, joiner, s.Ezekiel and Betsey, Apr.21,1845.

FORBUSH (Furbush, Furrabush)

Elijah [int.Furbish] of Upton, and Emily [int.Emely] Rockwood, Dec.25,1826. [Forbush of Upton, and Emily Rockwood.CR1]

Samuel [int.Forbes] of Upton, and Lydia Gibson, Apr.17,1798. [Forbush Jr. of Upton.CR1]


Elijah H. of Holliston, and Eliza H. Watkins, Oct.9,1833.

Eliza H., Mrs., and Rev. Ruben [int.Reuben] Bowen, July1,1838.

FORREST (Forriest)

Mary G. [int.Forrist] and Windsor [int.Winsor] Hatch, May24,1836.

FORRIEST (Forrest)

Hannah R. and George E. Wyman, int.Oct.30,1836.


Berrit and Sallay Orne, int.May2,1789.

David and Lidea Bixby, May9,1732.* [Lydia Bigsby.CR1]

Isaac and Betsey Moulton, int.July5,1806. [m.Aug.24.CR1]

Isaac Jr. and Mary Crooks, Apr.15,1819.

Mary and James Cook of Newtown, Sept.21,1759, in Newtown.


Fanny of Woodstock, and John Parmitar, int.Nov.5,1768.

Rebakah of Woodstock, and James Parmetor, int.May20,1774.


Asa H., boot maker, s.Joseph, and Mary E. Pond, 20, d.W.S. and Myra, Sept.29,1847.

Asenath and Elijah Wales [int.of Milford [of Milford crossed out]], Nov.21,1805.

Elizabeth and Henry Walker, Jan.5,1737.*.CR1

Elisabeth and Amariah Haven, int.Sept.9,1778. [Amariah Jr. m.Oct.13.CR1]

Hannah and Moses Fairbanks, int.Apr.18,1829.

Hannah A., 24, d.Joseph, and Joseph Washburn, 29, boot maker, s.Elijah and Lydia, May13,1847.

Huldah and Thomas Gould, June21,1744. [GooId.CR1]

Isaac and Sarah Fairbanks, June6,1816. [d.Adam and Sarah (Haven).PR57]

Isaac Jr. and Mary Stone of Wayland, int.Nov.27,1842.

Joseph and Sarah Haven, Aug.2,1749. [Aug.3.CR1]

Joseph and Zurviah Allard of Framingham [int.Surveyer Allerd of Framinham], Nov.25,1784, in Framingham.

Joseph [int.Jr.] and Experance [int.Experiance] Haven, Feb.9,1814. [Joseph Jr. and Experienee Haven.CR1]

Patty and Newel Stone, Oct.4,1815. [Newell.CR1.PR70]

Mary and Adam Fairbanks of Midway, int.Mar.31,1789. [Mary, d.Joseph and Sarah (Haven), m.末末.PR57]

Ruth and Asa Haven, Oct.8,1801. [Asa.s.Zedekiah.PR67]

Samuel and Patte Greenwood, int.June11,1785. [Samuel and Patty Greenwood, m.Aug.23.CR1]

Samuel and Hannah Gibbs Jr., Dec.20,1798.

Samuel Jr. and Sally Frail, May5,1825.

Sarah and Gideon Gold, Jan.5,1737.*.CR1

Sally and Samuel Frail Jr., May5,1825.

Sarah M., 24, d.Isaac and Sarah, and Daniel C. Stone, 25, farmer, s.Newhall and Patty, Mar.14,1844.

Sophia and Aaron Dudley, Nov.19,1807.

FRAIZER (Frasure)

James and Catharine C. Desmond, int.Sept.24,1849.


Thankfull and Jonas Titus, May23,1802. [Thankful.CR1]


Dinah and Pompe Allen of Boston, int.Feb.14,1789.

FRASURE (Fraizer)

Margaret and Horten G. Hubbard, int.Sept.24,1847.

FREALAND (Freeland, Freland)

Elizabeth and Nathan Hall, int.Mar.23,1772. [Freeland, m.Feb.11.CR1]

FREELAND (Frealand, Freland)

Abraham and Deborah Wright of Upton, int.Jan.10,1795.

Catharine [int.Catherine] and James Dewing, Apr.16,1815. [Catherine.CR1]

David and Betsey Amsdel of Southboro, int.Mar.16,1811.

Betsey and Daniel Bowman of Westboro, Nov.30,1815.

Fanny and Elijah Morse of Westboro, May26,1810. [May16.CR1]

James and Sarah Watson, Jan.8,1741.*

James of Sutton, and Hetty Mellen, int.June1,1770. [Mehitable, m.Oct.31.CR1]

James and Catherine Eames [int.Catharine M. Emes], Jan.1,1817. [Catharine Marsh Eames.CR1]

Jerusha [int.Freland] and Isaiah Warren of Roxbury, Nov.4,1807.

John and Mary Gibbs, int.Nov.7,1769. [m.Dec.7.CR1]

Lucy and Aaron Weston, June8,1800.

Polly and Elijah Corbet, int.Apr.17,1789. [Mrs.Polley, m.May12.PR3]

Mary and Joshua Bean of Boston, May2,1808.

Mary Sophia and Samuel D. Davenport, June17,1827.*.PR53

Mary Ann and Benjamin F. Herrick of Grafton. Sept.1,1835.

Nancy and John Mahew, Mar.9,1800.

Phinehas and Anne [int.Anna] Walker, June27,1793. [Phineas and Anna Walker.CR1]

Phineas and Sally Woodard, Apr.11,1800 [Phinheas.CR1] [Phinehas.PR75]

Phineas [int.Phinehas] and Ann A. Jones, Jan.1,1840.

Rachel and John Knox of Blandford, Sept.28,1741.*.CR1

Sally and Dr. Moses Rowel of Southboro [int.Southborough], June24,1798. [Freelond, and Dr. Moses Rowel of Southborough.CR1]

Thomas and Mary Nutt, Jan.27,1743.* [Nut.CR1]

William and Elizabeth Fuller of Deadham, int.Oct.26,1799.

FRELAND (Frealand, Freeland)

Anna and Nathaniel Graves, int.Nov.5,1774.

Joseph and Judath Gibson, int.Feb.27 1777. [Freeland, and Judith Gibson, m.May27.CR1]

Sarah and Joshua Park of Suton, int.May20,1779. [Freeland, and Joshua Parks, m.June9.CR1]

Thomas and Nancy Barrett, int.Feb.8,1781. [Freeland Jr., m.Apr.5.CR1]

William and Lucy Claflen, int.Sept.3,1774. [Freeland, and Lucy Claflin, m.Sept.27.CR1]

William and Thankfull Lealand of Holiston, int.Mar.6,1778.


Lucinia and Bezaleel Man, int.July28,1805.


Cyrus N. of Grafton, and Sarah Kimball, Oct.17,1830.

Nancy and Lemuel C. Jones, Dec.6,1819.*.PR13.PR15


Mercy, Mrs.[int.omits Mrs.], of Sudbury, and Nathaniel Smith [int.Sr.],末蔓末, 末末 [int.July7,1744], in Sudbury.


Sarah, see Sarah Twiswell.


George H. and Olive C. Pond of W. Medway, int.Oct.12,1845.

Lowel of Sherburn [int.Sherborn], and Hariot [int.Harriot] Bowker, Apr.10,1825. [Lowell of Sherburne, and Harriet Bowker.CR1]

Martha A. and Ethan Homes, Nov.30,1848.


Elizabeth of Deadham, and William Freeland, int.Oct.26,1799.

Eunice and Samuel Emmes of Framingham, int.Nov.3,1750.

Hannah and Elijah Fitch of Windham, Mar.12,1766.*.PR6

Lemuel, Dr., of Southboro, and Mary [int.adds Stow] Shepard, Mar.25,1805. [Mary Stow Shepard.CR1]

Marina and Adam Fairbanks,末蔓末,1787.*.PR57

FURBUSH (Forbush, Furrabush)

Lavina of Grafton, and Nathaniel Barns, int.May3,1812.

Mary of Upton, and Luther Claflin, int.Mar.12,1826.

Sarah of Westborough [int.Westbrough], and Josiah Walker, Oct.22,1750. [Sarah of Westborough.CR1]

Sarah of Westborough, and Eleazer Rider Jr., int.July7,1770. [Forbes, m.Sept.25.CR1]

FURRABUSH (Forbush, Furbush)

Mary of Wesborough, and Isaiah Rider, int.Oct.28,1768.


Polly and Abiather Bowker, int.Nov.22,1788. [Polley Fezze, m.Feb.12,1789.PR3]

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