ILLINGWORTH (Ellingsworth)

John William, s. Jonathan, deceased, bp. Apr. 3, 1845. CR1

John James (Ellingsworth), "4 weeks old," s. Joseph and Mary, bp. July 15, 1849. CR5

INGALLS (Ingolls)

–––––, d. Joseph, machinist, and Eliza, Feb. 9, 1849.

Emma Grace (Ingolls), d. Joseph, machinist, and Eliza, Dec. 4, 1844.

Frances Annette, d. Harrison and Hannah P., Sept. 24, 1832.

Francis, Annette, d. Harrison and Hannah P., May 24, 1835.

INGOLSBY (Englisby)

Bernard, s. Bernard and Mary, Dec. 19, 1847. CR5

Elizabeth, d. Bernard, laborer, and Mary, both b. Ireland, June 5, 1849.

Julia [Englisby. CR5], d. Barney, laborer, and Mary, Nov. 17, 1845.

Margaret, d. Bernard, laborer, and Mary, Feb. 8, 1844.

IRWIN (Irvin)

––––– (Irvin), ch. William and Mary Murtoy, bp. July 12, 1840. CR3

Edward A., s. James, bleacher, and Mary, both b. Ireland, July 12, 1849.

Ellen, d. John and Ann Chrone, bp. Oct. 20, 1839. CR1

Johanna (Irvin), d. Thomas and Ellen, Dec. 15, 1846. CR5

Richard James, s. John and Ann, bp. Nov. 22, 1840. CR1


Sarah Frances, d. Eli, laborer, and Ann, July 23, 1848.


Mead, s. Franklin, engineer, and Mehitable R., Dec. 12, 1847.

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