末末, d.末末, gangrene, Sept.11,1847, a.25y.


John, Oct.27,1840.GR5

John R., s.John and Bridget Ann, Sept.6,1848, a.15m.GR2

MACKAY (Makee, Markee, Markey, McKee)

Alice, d.David and Jane [M.GR5], scarlet fever, Oct.30,1848, a.11m.10d.

John, s.David and Jane M., Feb.3,1838.GR5

John (McKee), laborer, May30,1842, a.61y.

John, s.David and Jane [M.GR5], dropsy of brain, May10,1846, a.8m.25d.

Rebecca E. (Makee), b. Billerica, d.John and Fanny, scarlet fever, bur. Billerica, Mar.2,1846, a.11y.5m.

Thomas (Markee), m., laborer, b. Ireland, consumption, Jan.22,1848, a.68y.

Thomas (Markey), Mar.5,1848, a.74y.GR2

William, phthisis, June30,1833, a.25y.

William (McKee), m., laborer, b. Ireland, small pox, at almshouse, Oct.20,1849, a.35y.


Mary, May21,1842, a.5m.

Thomas, b. Ireland, July8,1848, a.31y.

MADDOCKS (Maddex, Mattocks)

Elizabeth, d.William and Elizabeth, both b. Trowbridge, Wiltshire, England, Jan.10,1840, a.4y.GR4

George, s.William and Elizabeth, both of Trowbridge, Wiltshire, England, Jan.12,1834, a.3y.GR4

Joseph [F.GR4] (Maddex), s.William [H.GR4; jr.CR1] and Mary, cholera infantum, Oct.16,1849, a.4m.6d.

Mary Ann, d.William and Elizabeth, both b. Trowbridge, Wiltshire, England, Jan.11,1835, a.2y.GR4

Mary Ann, d.William and Elizabeth, both b. Trowbridge, Wiltshire, England, Nov.8,1843, a.3y.GR4

Sarah Jane [Mary Jane.GR4 andCR1] (Mattocks), b. Boston, d.William and Elizabeth [both b. Trowbridge, Wiltshire, England.GR4], dysentery, Sept.13,1847, a.1y.9m.


Eli P., consumption, Apr.27,1844, a.26y.


Elias S., s.Henry C. and Mehitable, bronchitis, Dec.25,1845, a.1y.8m.22d.


MAHONEY (Mahome, Mahony)

Catherine, b. Co. Cork, Ireland, w.James, Dec.29,1849, a.49y.GR2

Ellen, operative, b. Ireland, d.John and Ellen, typhus fever, Sept.14,1846, a.17y.

Honora, consumption, July1,1842, a.25y.

James (Mahome), b. parish Killoa, Co. Longford, Ireland, Mar.10,1835, a.27y.GR2

Mary (Mahony), d.Peter and Mary, dysentery, July25,1848, a.6m.


Martha, d.William and Johannis, Sept.29,1841, a.14m.16d.GR1


Albert H., s.Albert and Sarah, typhoid fever, May2,1848, a.7y.6m.

Elizabeth, w.Albert, July25,1838, a.22y.GR5

Harriet, w.Albert, Sept.24,1836, a.23y.GR5

MALLOY (Mallay, Meloy, Molloy)

Edward [Molloy.GR2], operative, b. Ireland [h.Ellen.GR2], and s.George and Ann, apoplexy, May11,1849, a.30y.

Eliza (Mallay), d.James and Mary, dysentery, Sept.20,1847, a.1m.

Elizabeth [C. Molloy, d.Edward and Ellen.GR2], Feb.23 [27.GR2], 1847, a.4d.[a.5d.GR2]

John P. (Meloy), s.John and Ann H., Mar.7,1840, a.10m.GR2

Mary (Mallay), b. Ireland, d.Peter and Fanny, mortification, Sept.10,1847, a.31y.

Michael A. (Meloy), s.John and Ann H., June2,1841, a.4y.3m.GR2

MALONEY (Malony)

Elizabeth, d.Cornelius and Eunice, cholera infantum, Aug.28,1847, a.5m.29d.

Eunice (Malony), m., housewife, b. North Yarmouth, ME, diarrhea, Aug.30,1847, a.27y.6m.4d.


Margaret, d.Michael and Mary, scarlet fever, Oct.28,1848, a.5y.

MANAHAN (Monahan)

Abby, w.Mark, Nov.22,1834, a.25y.GR4

Adeline Horn, w.John F.,末蔓末,1846.GR5

Ann, d.Thomas and Ann, May19,1848, a.1y.2m.GR2

Elizabeth (Monahan), m., housekeeper, b. Ireland, dysentery, Sept.4,1848, a.57y.

James, m., laborer, b. Ireland, consumption, Mar.11,1848, a.35y.

James, s.Thomas and Ann, croup, May18,1848, a.2y.

John F., s.Adeline and John F.,末蔓末,1846.GR5

John F., s.John and Nancy A., cholera infantum, July16,1846, a.1m.9d.

John, s.James and Margaret, infantile, Aug.4,1848, a.4d.

Mary (Monahan), operative, b. Ireland, d.Owen and Mary, diarrhea, Sept.1,1848, a.15y.

Mary, unm., b. Ireland, ship fever, at almshouse, June13,1849, a.17y.

Nancy, m., housekeeper, b. Wakefield, NH, d.Noah and Adah Horne, June25,1846, a.22y.

Thomas, b. Co. Roscommon, Ireland, h.Ann, Mar.10,1848, a.28y.GR2


Mary, d.Luke and Jane, teething, Oct.20,1846, a.1y.2m.

MANICE (Munnice)

Catherine, m., housewife, b. Ireland, consumption, Mar.10,1848, a.60y.

Elizabeth (Munnice), d.John and Mary, convulsions, July27,1848, a.6m.


Julia Ann, unm., seamstress, b. St. Johnsbury, VT, d.Samuel and Lydia, disease of bladder, Jan.9,1849, a.29y.


John H., s.[Rev.GR5] Benjamin and Elizabeth [M.GR5], typhus fever, Mar.29,1846, a.10y.

Mary, m., housewife, b. Ireland, puerperal, May4,1848, a.19y.


末末, d.末末, dysentery, July23,1847, a.3y.

Joanna, b. Ireland, w.James, consumption, Feb.16,1846, a.29y.


Alvah, s.Alvah and Elizabeth, Sept.3,1832, a.2y.9m.GR5

Alvah, Nov.1,1840, a.40y.GR5

Charles W., s.Alvah and Elizabeth, July20,1838, a.14m.20d.GR5

Eliza M., b. Boston, d.Stephen and Elizabeth, consumption, Nov.17,1846, a.17y.3m.8d.

Lucius, unm., b. Canada, s.Horace and Susan, typhoid fever, Nov.6,1846, a.18y.9d.

Warren W., s.Alvan and Elizabeth, Aug.27,1832, a.10m.9d.GR5

MANUS (McManus)


John, s.Peter and Susan, dysentery, Oct.19,1848, a.9m.


末末, Mrs.,末蔓末,1829.

Warren A., bur. Dracut, s.Joseph and Nancy, dysentery, Sept.16,1849, a.3m.


Augustus A., s.Isaac W. and Nancy, croup, Sept.23,1847, a.2y.8m.

Harriet S., housewife, b. Portsmouth, NH, bur. Portsmouth, NH, pleurisy, Feb.25,1849, a.41y.


David, machinist, b. Sanford, ME, bur. Sanford, ME [Searsport, ME. dup.], s.Richard and Eliza, typhoid fever, Nov.28,1848, a.19y.7m.

John, m., laborer, b. Ireland, cholera, Sept.20,1849, a.44y.

Patrick, m., laborer, b. Ireland, consumption, Aug.5,1847, a.40y.


Sarah, marasmus, June16,1848, a.5d.


Timothy, consumption, Dec.22,1842, a.23y.

MARR (Mars)

末末 (Mars), d.Charles and Joanna, infantile, Apr.21,1849, a.1d.

Horatio P., m., mechanic, b. Limerick, ME, consumption, Aug.18,1849, a.37y.10m.10d.

William (Mars), s.John and Maria, scalded, July26,1847, a.11m.


Abigail, wid., housewife, b. Pembroke, NH, bur. Concord, NH, d.Simon and Deborah Knowles, killed by a fall, May5,1848, a.66y.


末末, ch.M., measles, Jan.4,1830, a.17m.

末末, inf.ch.Mr., of Dracut, bur. [Aug.16], 1832.CR1

Edward, consumption, Oct.24,1843, a.55y.

William J., May8,1841, a.23y.GR1


Albert, s.Josiah and Maria, dropsy of brain, Feb.10,1849, a.8m.14d.

Charles S., operative, b. Fayette, ME, bur. Fayette, ME, s.Samuel and Esther, dysentery, Oct.12,1846, a.20y.2m.5d.

Elizabeth Field, d.Joseph and Phebe, Aug.18,1830, a.14m.GR3

George A., bur. Pelham, NH, s.Horatio and Lucy, dysentery, Aug.5,1849, a.1y.10m.1d.

Harriet F. [Harriet Maria.GR5], b. Illinois, d.John B. and Hannah D., lung fever, Feb.5,1845, a.1y.8m.27d.

Joel M., m., painter, s.Ebenezer, consumption, July8,1847, a.29y.1m.17d.

Joseph Wesley, s.Joseph and Phebe, June15,1832, a.17m.GR3

Loring, b. Chelmsford, s.Peter and Mary, lung fever, bur. Chelmsford, d.Apr.23,1845, a.38y.

Luther, inflammation of lungs, Dec.10,1843, a.62y.

Lydia, disease of stomach, Mar.20,1830, a.46y.

Mary Balch [d.Joseph and Phebe.GR3], croup, Feb.26,1833, a.5y.[4m.GR3]


末末, ch.Daniel S., still born, Mar.16,1843.

Catharine A. [d.Jeremiah and Lavinia P.GR3], cholera infantum, Oct.13,1843, a.8m.[1833.GR3]

David S., m., laborer, b. Enfield, NH, s.Jacob, consumption, Oct.4,1845, a.34y.9m.29d.

Edwin W., s.Edward and Eliza, convulsions, Nov.17,1849, a.25d.

Frank P., s.J[onathan] M. and M[ary] A.,末蔓末,1847.GR5

Frank, s.Jonathan M. and Mary A., dysentery, Aug.21,1848, a.1y.7m.14d.

Joseph H.D., bleacher, typhus, Oct.25,1842, a.23y.

Sarah R., w.George, May30,1847, a.30y.GR4

Ursula S., w.Jonathan M.,末蔓末,1838.GR5

MARTIN (Martyn)

末末, Mr. pneumonia, Jan.4,1829, a.22y.

末末, s.Nason C., cholera infantum, Sept.1,1842, a.1-2m.

Austin (Martyn), s.Dr. H., bur. Sept.25,1837.CR1

Edward [Martyn.CR1], laborer [lung fever.CR1], May8,1842, a.47y.[a.46y.CR1]

Eliza, unm., operative, b. Canada, d.Edward and Bridget, typhoid fever, Jan.8,1848, a.17y.

Ellen, m., housekeeper, b. Ireland, d.John and Mary Barry, childbed, Dec.24,1847, a.35y.

Emily A., bur. Woburn, d.William C., typhoid fever, Nov.5,1847, a.15y.5m.16d.

Emma J., b. Sunderland, d.George P. and Jane P., scald, Dec.13,1844, a.2y.4m.22d.

Hannah, m., operative, b. Ireland, w.Thomas, consumption, Oct.23,1846, a.40y.

Hiram, m., operative, b. Bradford, VT, s.Daniel and Sophia, drowned, Sept.7,1846, a.31y.7m.2d.

Hannora, b. Ireland, w.John, and d.Daniel and Hannora (Kavanough) Sheehy, Oct.24,1846, a.37y.GR2

Jacob, jr., unm., pedlar, b. Corinth, VT, s.Jacob and Abigail, consumption, June12,1844, a.22y.2d.

James, inflammation of stomach, July9,1847, a.6y.

James, m., laborer, b. Ireland [h.Bridget.GR2], consumption, Nov.7 [14.GR2], 1847, a.52y.[a.53y.GR2]

Mary, b. "Barony of De Courcy," Co. Cork, Ireland, w.John, Feb.14,1834, a.39y.GR2

Nancy C., unm., operative, b. Bridgton, ME, d.John B. and Mehetabel, dysentery, Oct.29,1847, a.17y.7m.12d.

Sarah, housekeeper, b. Ireland, w.Michael, consumption, June20,1845, a.26y.


Helen, d.Caleb M. and Mary, Apr.28,1843, a.5y.3m.19d.GR5

Mary, d.Caleb M. and Mary, Nov.21,1829, a.6m.GR5


E.W. Freeman, ch.William D. and Mary A., June14,1831, a.4y.9m.GR5

Hannah, w.William D., Apr.5,1819, a.20y.GR5

Horace B., unm., b. Champlain, NY, s.Elisha and Matilda, consumption, May2,1849, a.20y.1m.19d.

Jeremiah, Esq., at Somersworth, NH, Mar.2,1838, a.68y.GR5

John T., s.John and R., disease of heart, Jan.3,1848, a.8y.9m.8d.

Martha, Mar.12,1842, a.21y.GR5

Mary, d.William D. and Mary A., Apr.11,1826, a.16m.GR5

Mary Freeman, d.William D. and Mary A., Mar.10,1842, a.3y.10m.GR5

Mary A., operative, b. Moultonborough, NH, bur. Moultonborough, NH, d.George R. and Mary, typhoid fever, Sept.14,1847, a.20y.4m.

Mehetabel, m., seamstress, b. Enfield, NH, d.John and Susannah Follensbee, delirium tremens, Jan.2,1848, a.51y.

Norman, "psoas abscess," Aug.31,1843, a.40y.

Rosa, m., housewife, b. Moultonborough, NH, d.Samuel and Mary Garland, inflammation of bowels, Oct.31,1849, a.43y.11m.24d.

William D., see Nason, William D.


Ann M., d.William and Catherine, teething, Oct.6,1846, a.8m.

James, m., laborer, b. Ireland, consumption, Apr.3,1849, a.70y.

William, unm., laborer, b. Ireland, s.James and Catherine, typhoid fever, July25,1848, a.28y.


Mary, d.Isaac and Sarah, bur. Oct.13,1840.CR1


Joseph, m., carpenter, b. Lee, NH, s.Abram and Sally, consumption, Jan.8,1845, a.37y.11m.

MATHEWSON (Matheson)

末末, ch.B., dropsy of the head, July29,1833, a.4 or 5y.

William (Matheson), consumption, bur. Sept.24,1849, a.abt. 35y.CR1


Mary, unm., operative, b. Ireland, d.Hugh and Mary, cholera, Oct.17,1849, a.21y.


Julia Ann, inflammation of brain, Oct.12,1843, a.18y.


Eliza Jane, housekeeper [w.John T.GR1], and d.James and Hannah Stockwell, consumption, Jan.7,1845, a.28y.3m.10d.

Eliza J., d.John T. and Abigail, convulsions, Aug.22,1846, a.1m.15d.


Ann, m., housewife, b. Ireland, consumption, Oct.24,1848, a.37y.

William, s.William and Margaret, dysentery, Sept.15,1848, a.7y.


Joseph, unm., machinist, b. Paris, ME, bur. Paris, ME, s.Joseph and Sally, inflammation of bowels, June13,1848, a.25y.10m.13d.


John, s.Peter and Mary Taylor, Nov.17,1835.


George Francis, s.J.B. and Mary, Aug.6,1841, a.3y.9m.16d.GR5

George W., s.John and Achsah, lung fever, Jan.10,1845, a.1y.5m.1d.

Jane [d.J.B. and Mary.GR5], hemorrhage, Dec.6,1842, a.1d.

Robert Sisson, s.J.B. and Mary, Mar.28,1841, a.1d.GR5

Sarah Josephine, d.J.B. and Mary, Sept.1,1839, a.14d.GR5

William F[rancis.GR3], s.John and Achsah, July29,1834. [a.16m.GR3]

McANULTY (McNulty)

Farrill, s.Owen and Catharen, Apr.8,1834, a.6y.3m.GR2

Grace (McNulty), croup, July8,1848, a.1y.

John, s.Francis and Catherine, scarlet fever, Aug.23,1849, a.1y.


Mary, d.Edward and Ellen, diarrhea, Oct.24,1848, a.1y.8m.


Hector, July21,1840, a.77y.GR5

Margaret Taylor, w.Hector, on her passage from Glasgow to Boston, June20,1829, a.29y.GR5

Sarah, w.Hector jr., Oct.19,1841, a.41y.GR5

McAUSLAM (McAuslin)

T. (McAuslin), s.T[ristram] and Jane, infantile, Oct.25,1849, a.1d.

Mary, d.James and Catherine, croup, Sept.23,1847, a.4y.11m.15d.


Mary, Mrs., bur. Nov.25,1840.CR1


Ann, m., housewife, b. Ireland, d.Patrick and Nancy Grant, cholera, Sept.21,1849, a.24y.

Bernard, laborer, b. Ireland, s.Gillet and Susan, consumption, Mar.30,1848, a.41y.

Mary, m., housewife, b. Ireland, cholera, Aug.25,1849, a.40y.7m.

Michael, s.Peter and Sally, dysentery, Dec.17,1847, a.1y.2m.

Peter, s.Barnard and Mary, infantile, Sept.25,1845, a.2d.


James, laborer, b. Ireland, s.Patrick and Catharine, consumption, June19,1846, a.43y.

Margaret, m., b. Ireland, dysentery, Sept.29,1847, a.60y.3m.

McCAFFREY (McCaffry, McGaffrey)

Fergus (McGaffrey), b. Ireland, consumption, July11,1847, a.46y.

Hugh (McCaffry), s.John and Mary Ann, Oct.15,1834, a.2y.5m.GR2

Mary Ann (McCaffry), d.John and Mary Ann, May19,1837, a.7y.GR2

Patrick, m., laborer, b. [Co. Fermanagh.GR2], Ireland [h.Elizabeth.GR2], and s.John and Jane, dropsy of brain, Nov.14,1845, a.35y.[a.56y.GR2]

Terrence, laborer, b. Ireland, h.Margaret, consumption, July25,1844, a.51y.


Margaret [Mrs., sister of Ann McCanney.GR2], b. [Co. Tyrone.GR2], Ireland, apoplexy, June10,1847, a.36y.[a.35y.GR2]

McCANN (McCan, McCanon, McGann)

Barnard, b. Ireland, s.James and Rosannah, May20,1848, a.22y.9m.GR2

Ellen, d.Patrick and Ellen, measles, June27,1848, a.6y.

James, b. Co. Armagh, Ireland, h.Catherine, Dec.26,1845, a.56y.GR2

Jane, m., housewife, b. Ireland, July7,1848, a.32y.

John (McGann), "manufacturer," (sic), drowned, June11,1842, a.9y.

John, m., laborer, b. Ireland, s.Abel and Julia, fracture of skull, Dec.28,1845, a.36y.

Nancy (McCan), m., housekeeper, b. Tyngsborough, d.William and Deborah McClenney, oil of cedar, suicide, Aug.15,1846, a.22y.3m.3d.

Rose Ann (McCan) [McCanon.GR2], housewife, b. Ireland [w.Edward.GR2], consumption, Apr.29,1847, a.62y.[a.71y.GR2]

Rose Ann, unm., operative, b. Newfoundland, d.James and R., consumption, Mar.7,1849, a.19y.

Thomas, s.Owen and Sarah, dysentery, July20,1848, a.3y.


Ellen, see Carney, Ellen.


Patrick, unm., laborer, b. Ireland, s.John and Jane, inflammation of brain, Oct.30,1847, a.27y.

McCARTY (McCart, McCarter, McCarthy, McGarty)

末末, d.末末, dysentery, Sept.18,1847, a.1y.

末末, d.末末, cholera, abt. Aug.末,1849, a.30y.

Anna (McCarthy), d.Mary and Jeremiah, Feb.24,1842, a.3y.6m.GR2

Catherine, d.John and Mary, infantile, July22,1848, a.11d.

Catharine (McCarthy), b. Ireland, puerperal, Nov.17,1848, a.23y.

Charles, s.Daniel and Mary, Feb.23,1846, a.4y.

Dennis, b. Maine, s.Cornelius and Joann, worm fever, July28,1844, a.1y.2m.

Ellen Hickson (McCarthy), b. Ireland, w.John, Feb.23,1842, a.26y.GR2

Ellen, housekeeper, b. Ireland, w.John, consumption, Nov.17,1845, a.39y.

Ellen (McCarter), w.John, both b. Ireland, Dec.14,1845, a.38y.GR2

Ellen, d.Jerimah,末蔓末,1846, a.1y.GR2

Ellen (McCarthy), d.Patrick and Julia, dropsy of brain, Aug.4,1848, a.1y.

James F. [McCarterGR2], s.John and Ellen, Feb.15,1845, a.7m.

James, b. Ireland, s.Dennis and Polly, consumption, June16,1845, a.29y.

James (McCarthy), b. Lower Canada, Oct.25,1845, a.22y.GR2

James, laborer, b. Ireland, jaundice, May16,1846, a.37y.

James (McCarthy), laborer, b. Ireland, killed by a fall, Jan.3,1847, a.58y.

James (McCart), dysentery, Sept.3,1847, a.1y.6m.

John (McCarthy), s.Timothy and Ellen, dropsy of brain, Aug.19,1846, a.1y.2m.

John (McCarthy), s.Florence and Hannora, Nov.28,1846, a.17m.GR2

John, b. America, s.Jeremiah and Bridget, dysentery, July21,1847, a.2y.4m.

Julia, d.James and Mary, dropsy of brain, Mar.12,1846, a.1y.4m.

Margaret (McGarty), m., housewife, b. Ireland, dropsy, June28,1849, a.45y.

Mary, dysentery, Sept.13,1843, a.38y.

Mary (McCarthy), d.John and Joanna, cholera infantum, Sept.10,1845, a.7m.

Mary (McCarter), b. Ireland, w.John, May10,1847. a.25y.GR2

Mary, dysentery, Aug.4,1847, a.3y.

Mary (McCarthy), d.Jeremiah and Bridget, dysentery, Aug.6,1847, a.5m.

Mary, d.Michael and Mary, dropsy of brain, Oct.15,1847, a.1y.6m.

Mary (McCarthy), m., housewife, b. Ireland, consumption, Sept.7,1849, a.40y.

Mary (McCarthy), unm., dressmaker, b. Ireland, d.John and Mary, apoplexy, Oct.16,1849, a.20y.8m.

Michael, s.Michael and Mary, measles, June7,1844, a.2y.

Michael (McCarthy), laborer, b. Ireland, s.Peter and Hannah, consumption, Feb.5,1848, a.21y.

Nancy, d.Jeremiah and Mary, fever, June4,1844, a.2y.4m.

Patrick (McCart), dysentery, Sept.1,1847, a.4y.

Thomas (McCarter) [s.John and Ellen.GR2], inflammation of lungs, Dec.20,1848, a.13y.

Timothy (McCarthy), s.Jeremiah and Mary, Jan.22,1847, a.4y.4m.GR2

Timothy (McCarthy), m., laborer, b. Ireland, s.William and Johanna, sun struck, July14,1849, a.40y.

Timothy (McCarthy), s.Jeremiah and Mary, dysentery, Sept.28,1849, a.4y.


Francis, dropsy of brain, Jan.5,1849, a.5d.

McCLANEN (McLennan)

James, b. Rhode Island, s.Michael and Ellen, May13,1846, a.1y.3m.

Thomas [Alexander McLennan, s.John C. and Rhoda D.GR1], erysipelas, Sept.5,1842, a.1y.


Andrew, bur. Strong, ME, enteritis, Aug.5,1842, a.22y.


Thomas Alexander, see McClanen, Thomas Alexander.

McCLUSKEY (McClosky, McClusky)

Grace, d.Patrick and Unity, Apr.15,1848, a.9m.GR2

John (McClosky), b. Templeport, Co. Cavan, Ireland, Oct.30,1846, a.19y.GR2

Patrick (McClusky), laborer, b. [Co. Derry.GR2], Ireland [h.Unity.GR2], and s.Richard and Margaret, consumption, Apr.30,1849, a.35y.[a.33y.GR2]


Mary, domestic, May14,1847.


Mary, b. Co. Fermanagh, Ireland, w.Thomas, Jan.8,1849, a.33y.GR2


Nicholas, see O'Connell, Nicholas.

McCORMICK (McCormac, McCormack, McCormic)

Aldace [Aldis L. McCormic.GR4], m., pickermaker, s.Robert, consumption, May29,1849, a.27y.10m.19d.

Andrew, b. Co. Longford, Ireland, h.Bridget, Oct.9,1847, a.47y.GR2

Bridget, m., housekeeper, b. Ireland, d.Simon and Julia, typhoid fever, Oct.16,1846, a.21y.

Dennis (McCormac), m., laborer, b. Ireland, delirium tremens, Oct.9,1847, a.56y.

John Henry (McCormack), s.Keyram and Elizabeth, Dec.10,1841, a.6m.GR2

Lydia A., d.Thomas and Cynthia L., Aug.3,1849.GR5

Mary Ann (McCormack), d.Keyram and Elizabeth, Apr.8,1840, a.7m.GR2

Owen (McCormic), widr., laborer, b. Ireland, inflammation of brain, Feb.3,1848, a.49y.


Emaly, d.James and Janet, Feb.1,1832, a.11y.8m.GR3


末末, scarlatina, Dec.末,1830, a.2y.

McCUE (McHugh)

Edward, s.Hugh and Bridget, typhus fever, Dec.25,1846, a.10y.

Edward, b. Co. Fermanagh, Ireland, h.Bridget, Dec.22,1848, a.50y.GR2

Hugh (McHugh), laborer, b. Ireland, s.Edward and Ellen, old age, July12,1845, a.82y.

Jane (McHugh), d.Bernard and Sarah, infantile, Jan.7,1848, a.8d.


Sarah, a native of Paisley, Scotland, Oct.9,1839, a.22y.GR4


John, b. Ireland, s.Patrick, Dec.17,1842, a.23y.GR2

Patrick, b. Ireland, Sept.9,1848, a.64y.GR2

Rose, b. Ireland, d.Patrick, Sept.6,1847, a.17y.GR2

McDANIEL (McDonald)


Michael, b. Ireland, s.Michael and Nancy, dysentery, Sept.24,1847, a.4y.

Philip, unm., laborer, b. Ireland, ship fever, May27,1848, a.28y.

Rose, housekeeper, b. Ireland, w.James, old age, Nov.1,1845, a.82y.

McDONALD (McDaniel, McDaniels, McDonnail, McDonnell, McDonough)

末末 (McDaniels), d.Ephraim and Livonia, infantile, June13,1846, a.11d.

Ann, unm., operative, b. Ireland, d.James and Ellen, dysentery, Sept.8,1847, a.23y.

Elizabeth, m., housewife, b. Canada, cholera, Aug.27,1849, a.60y.

Ellenora, unm., dysentery, July29,1848, a.25y.

George (McDonough), cholera infantum, Aug.30,1843, a.1y.

Jane, d.David and Bridget, infantile, Sept.13,1845, a.3m.7d.

Joanna, unm., operative, b. Ireland, d.James and Joanna, consumption, Dec.15,1849, a.32y.

John (McDonough) [McDonnell.CR1], arthodynia, Mar.6,1833, a.45y.

John, dysentery, Dec.11,1848, a.1y.

John, m., laborer, b. Canada, cholera, Aug.24,1849, a.65y.

John (McDonnail), m., laborer, b. Ireland, consumption, Nov.13,1849, a.57y.

Joseph, m., laborer, b. Ireland, s.Lawrence and Nancy, ship fever, July24,1847, a.40y.

Lovina (McDaniel), w.Ephraim, at North Chelmsford, Aug.15,1848, a.29y.15d.GR1

Lucy, b. Bangor, ME, d.John and Eliza, dysentery, Sept.15,1848, a.10y.4m.

Mary, May30,1842, a.1y.

Mary Ann [McDaniel, b. Ireland, d.Thomas and Bridget.GR2], dysentery, July3,1847, a.10m.

Michael, m., laborer, b. Ireland, s.John and Alice, consumption, Mar.23,1848, a.38y.

Michael (McDonnell), b. Ireland, s.John and Mary, small pox, Nov.13,1848, a.1y.9m.

Michael (McDonnell), s.Jeremiah and Hannah, Dec.4,1848, a.3y.7m.GR2

Michael, Dec.29,1848, a.23y.

Patrick [McDaniel, b. Co. Cavan, Ireland, s.Patrick.GR2], dysentery, Aug.20 [15.GR2], 1847, a.3y.6m.

Robert (McDaniels), unm., carpenter, b. Hardwick, VT, s.David and Hannah, cholera, Sept.30,1849, a.23y.

Terence, stone mason, b. Ireland, s.John and Margaret, intemperance, Dec.24,1846, a.35y.

Thomas [McDaniel.GR2], laborer [h.Bridget, both b. Bailydorough, Co. Cavan.GR2], Ireland, sun struck, July9,1847, a.27y.

McDONOUGH (McDonald)


Catherine, m., b. Ireland, consumption, Apr.28,1849, a.65y.

Michael, m., laborer, b. Ireland, cholera, Sept.4,1849, a.29y.


Jane, b. New Brunswick, d.John and Hannah, marasmus, May11,1848, a.1y.

Nathaniel, b. New Brunswick, s.James and Hannah, marasmus, June3,1848, a.4y.


Peter, bur. Dec.23,1847, a.31y.CR1

McEVOY (McAvoy)

末末, s.末末, dysentery, Aug.26,1847, a.2y.

Anne (McAvoy), b. Ireland, w.Michael, Nov.5,1842, a.24y.GR2

Bridget E[lizabeth.GR2], housewife, b. Ireland [w.Hugh.GR2], dysentery, Sept.15,1847, a.34y.

George Agustus,末蔓末,1847.GR2

Mary Jane,末蔓末,1841.GR2

Nancy, cramp of stomach, Nov.4,1842, a.24y.

McFARLIN (McFarland)

Andrew (McFarland), s.William and Dorcas, dropsy of brain, Jan.14,1846, a.2y.11m.24d.

Clarrissa, d.Archibald and Abigail (Jones), July7,1821.

Clarissa, d.William and Dorcas, May17,1838, a.4y.10m.GR5

Henry B., s.Archibald, jr., Nov.4,1841, a.4y.2m.17d.GR3

Louisa M. (McFarland), domestic, b. Leicester, d.Bradford and Melissa, consumption, Apr.5,1847, a.17y.3m.19d.

Mary, d.Archibald and Abigail (Jones), July6,1805.

Susan, d.Archibald and Abigail (Jones), Mar.1,1821.


Mary, m., housewife, b. Ireland, cholera, Sept.3,1849, a.36y.

McGAREY (Magary)

John (Magary), m., laborer, b. Ireland, killed by cars, Nov.25,1847, a.45y.

Mary, m., b. Ireland, paralysis, May25,1849, a.45y.


Amelia, Oct.20,1830, a.20y.GR1

McGOVRAN (Macgahan, Magovrin, McGauran, McGowan)

Felix (Magovrin), b. Ireland, ship fever, May4,1847, a.17y.

Hugh (McGowan), measles, Aug.12,1842, a.6y.

Margaret Murray (McGauran), w.John, Aug.15,1837, a.27y.GR2

Mary (McGowan), consumption, Aug.20,1843, a.15y.

Susan (Macgahan), b. Dracut, diarrhea, July26,1847, a.2m.

Thomas, m., laborer, b. Ireland, consumption, Feb.24,1846, a.65y.

McGRATH (McGraph, McGraugh)

Edward (McGraph), scarlet fever, Mar.4,1847, a.30y.

John (McGraph), at the almshouse, May5,1836, a.1 1-2y.

Julia (McGraugh), unm., domestic, b. Ireland, dysentery, Oct.18,1847, a.20y.

Laurence, m., operative, b. England, drowned, May6,1848, a.28y.

McGUIRE (Maguire, McGwira)

Abigail (Maguire), m., housewife, b. Ireland, d.Peter and Catherine Moran, puerperal, Mar.30,1849, a.28y.

Charles, ascites, May18,1847, a.40y.

Dennis (Maguire), Sept.17,1849, a.30y.GR2

Francis, s.Charles and Mary, Feb.14,1837, a.19m.GR2

George, s.John and Catherine, infantile, July28,1848, a.1m.

James (McGwira), scarlet fever, June17,1842, a.4y.

John, s.James and Rosanna, dysentery, Aug.14,1849, a.8y.

John, s.James and Mary, dysentery, Sept.22,1849, a.1y.

Mary Mullen, w.Patrick, Nov.30,1837, a.32y.GR2

Terrence, m., laborer, b. Ireland, cholera, at almshouse, Aug.29,1849, a.63y.


Hubert, dysentery, Oct.10,1843, a.13m.

McHUGH (McCue)

McINTIRE (McIntier)

末末 (McIntier), ch.末末, Apr.18,1829.

末末, s.Silas, stillborn, Sept.5,1833.

Ann, m., housewife, b. Ireland, dysentery, Sept.14,1847, a.76y.

Caroline S., w.Silas, Sept.23,1833, a.31y.GR1

Catherine, Mrs., puerperal fever, Sept.24,1833, a.32y.

Eliza, d.Lewis and Jerusha, Jan.12,1839, a.9m.GR3

N. (McIntier), fever, Nov.12,1829, a.17y.

George B., s.Amos B. and Adeline M., Aug.25,1847, a.2y.5m.GR4

Henry Lewis (McIntier), s.Lewis and Zilpah, Apr.17,1829, a.3m.11d.GR3

Jerusha, 3d w.Lewis, Jan.9,1839, a.36y.GR3

John, s.Peter and Catharine, measles, Apr.11,1846, a.1y.6m.

Lewis, Feb.19,1840, a.46y.GR3

Peter, m., wool sorter, b. England, s.John and Sarah, consumption, Dec.21,1847, a.31y.5m.

Zilpah, 2d.w.Lewis, May14,1837, a.44y.GR3


William H., cholera infantum, Aug.25,1847, a.4m.20d.

McKANNA (McCanna, McInnagh)

Bridget (McInnagh), d.Peter and Mary, Dec.8,1837, a.10m.GR2

Bridget, b. Co. Louth, Ireland, niece of Michael, Jan.23,1849, a.27y.GR2

Bridget (McCanna), operative, b. Ireland, d.Michael and Mary, consumption, Jan.24,1849, a.24y.

Bridget (McCanna), m., housewife, b. Ireland, d.Ed.and Mary Fay, cholera, Sept.12,1849, a.30y.


Bridget, w.James, Dec.28,1849, a.23y.GR2

McKINLEY (McGinley)

Edward (McGinley), consumption, Aug.11,1843, a.30y.

Robert, m., block printer, b. Scotland, body "rem.to Cambridge," s.John and Catherine, disease of heart, June22,1848, a.44y.1m.22d.

Rose A. (McGinley), dropsy of brain, May9,1846, a.11m.


Ann, m., housewife, b. Ireland, cholera, Sept.5,1849, a.30y.


Agnes, d.Andrew and Mary, inflammation of lungs, June29,1848, a.1y.4m.

Mary Jane, d.Andrew and Mary, scarlet fever, June20,1847, a.4y.

McKOWN (McKoen)

Abby H., unm., b. Boston, bur. Boston [Chelsea.dup.], consumption, Jan.31,1848, a.29y.3m.17d.

Mary (McKoen), d.Michael and Catherine, dysentery, Aug.1,1847, a.3y.

McLANATHAN (McLanahan)

Henry H. [McLanahan.GR5], s.Henry L.S. and Lucy B. [(Hubbard).PR1], dysentery, Oct.1 [4.GR5], 1848, a.1y.5m.27d.

Imogene [McLanahan.GR5], d.H[enry.PR1] L.S. and Lucy B. [(Hubbard).PR1], scarlet fever, Jan.7,1849, a.7m.[10d.GR5]


James P., b. Co. Fermanagh, Ireland, Jan.8,1845, a.29y.GR2

McLAUGHLIN (Laughlin, Loughlin, McGlaughlan, O'Laughlin)

Ann, m., housewife, b. Ireland, dysentery, Sept.25,1847, a.49y.

Catharine (McGlaughlan), d.John and Margaret, Apr.16,1836, a.3y.GR2

Catherine, unm., domestic, b. Ireland, ship fever, May11,1848, a.16y.

Charles (O'Laughlin), infantile, Dec.25,1848, a.12d.

Dennis (Laughlin), operative, b. Ireland [h.Bridget.GR2], and s.John and Mary, dysentery, July31,1848, a.27y.[a.28y.GR2]

Elizabeth (McGlaughlan), d.John and Margaret, Apr.24,1836. a.3y.GR2

Elizabeth (McGlaughlan), d.John and Margaret, Aug.27,1839, a.3w.GR2

Francis, b. parish Dromore, Co. Tyrone, Ireland, brother of Daniel, Feb.20,1838, a.38y.GR2

Hannah, m., housewife, b. Ireland, cholera, Aug.29,1849, a.64y.

Harriet, d.John and Mary, Sept.19,1848, a.6m.GR2

James, Mar.23,1848, a.28y.GR1

James (Laughlin) [Loughlin.GR2], s.John and Catherine, diarrhea, Aug.21,1848, a.9m.[a.10m.GR2]

John (McGlaughlan), s.John and Margaret, May12,1838, a.2y.GR2

Mary Ann, d.Simon and Mary, consumption, May12,1848, a.1y.2m.4d.

Mary [w.John.GR2], and d.John and Margaret, inflammation of lungs, Aug.5, [3.GR2], 1848, a.22y.

Mary, m., housewife, b. Ireland, cholera, Aug.28,1849, a.30y.

Patrick (Laughlin), unm., laborer, b. Ireland, s.James and Catherine, cholera, Sept.4,1849, a.18y.

Peter, m., laborer, b. Ireland, dysentery, Sept.14,1848, a.37y.

Susan, d.Michael and Susan, infantile, Oct.28,1849, a.14d.

William, Aug.12,1842, a.31y.GR1

McLEAN (McClaim, McGlane)

Elisebeth (McGlane), d.Michael and Mary, croup, Apr.13,1848, a.8m.

John [McClaim.CR1], b. Fall River, s.John and Sarah, Sept.22,1845, a.10m.12d.


James [s.Thomas and Rosy.GR2], hives, Jan.18,1843, a.18d.

Mary, m., housewife, b. Ireland, puerperal, Nov.23,1848, a.32y.

McMANUS (Manus)

末末, 4 inf.chn. Patrick and Sarah,末蔓末,1835.GR2

Ann M., m., housewife, b. Ireland, d.John and Ann Carrigan, consumption, at almshouse, July4,1849, a.23y.6m.12d.

Ann, m., housewife, b. Ireland, d.John and Susan Gallagher, consumption, at almshouse, July7,1849, a.28y.

Charles R. (Manus), s.Horatio and Eliza, infantile, Aug.6,1849, a.21d.

James, m., laborer, b. Ireland, consumption, Apr.11,1846, a.85y.

James, dysentery, Aug.31,1847, a.1y.2m.


Catherine, d.James and Sally, dysentery, Sept.23,1847, a.1y.7m.


John, unm., operative, b. Canada, drowned, June27,1847, a.22y.

McNABB (McNab, McNabbe)

Ann M. (McNab) [McNabbe.GR2], d.John and Catharine, whooping cough, July10,1845, a.1y.8m.

Barnard, s.Ellen,末蔓末,1845, a.2y.GR2

John, Oct.6,1847, a.8m.


James, laborer, b. Ireland, s.James and Margaret, killed by caving of bank, Jan.16,1846, a.22y.


Ellen, scarlet fever, Jan.11,1849, a.1y.

John, s.Patrick and Bridget, dropsy of brain, Nov.10,1849, a.5m.

McNEILL (McNeal, McNeil)

末末 (McNeil), s.John and Sarah J., infantile, Oct.7,1846, a.4d.

Abram (McNeal), m., carpenter, b. New Boston, NH, s.William and Rachel, apoplexy, June20,1846, a.64y.10m.27d.

Lydia T., d.A. and M.D., Sept.19,1846, a.28y.GR5

Margaret D., w.Abraham, Nov.9,1849, a.57y.GR5

Sarah J., d.A. and M.D., Sept.8,1846, a.37y.GR5

William (McNeal), unm., laborer, b. Irasburg, VT, s.John, typhus fever, Oct.9,1845, a.19y.

William (McNeil), unm., machinist, b. Scotland, s.David and Ellen, consumption, Jan.1,1847, a.27y.

McOSKER (McOscar, McOskar)

Ann (McOskar), d.Peter and Jane, infantile, May26,1848, a.4d.

Catherine, b. Co. Tyrone, Ireland, w.Daniel, Feb.28,1841, a.32y.GR2

Daniel, trader, b. Ireland, s.John and Mary, consumption, Aug.3,1844, a.36y.3m.15d.

Daniel, b. Co. Tyrone, Ireland, h.Catherine, Aug.6,1844, a.38y.GR2

Patrick, laborer, b. Ireland, dysentery, Sept.9,1848, a.64y.

Rosana (McOscar), operative, b. Ireland, d.Patrick and Mary, dysentery, Sept.7,1847, a.17y.


Margaret, consumption, Apr.4,1843, a.26y.


John S., s.Patrick and Catharine, whooping cough, Sept.15,1845, a.1y.6m.7d.

Mary??, d.Patrick and Catharine, whooping cough, Sept.19,1845, a.1y.6m.11d.

McQUADE (McQuaid, Quaid)

末末, rupture of the ileum, Oct.23,1829.

Alice, unm., b. Ireland, Apr.6,1847, a.19y.

Ann (McQuaid), unm., operative, b. Ireland, d.Patrick and Mary, scarlet fever, May5,1849, a.18y.

Ann, m., housewife, b. Ireland, d.John and Margaret Donelly, Dec.22,1849, a.40y.

Catherine, b. Ireland, convulsions, May6,1847, a.2y.

Edward, drowned, Aug.26,1847, a.9y.

Ellen, d.John and Ellen, killed by a fall, Nov.3,1848, a.3y.

John, infantile, Aug.14,1843, a.14d.

Margaret (Quaid), b. Ireland, consumption, July3,1847, a.16y.

Mary, unm., operative, b. Ireland, d.James and Susan, inflammation of brain, May13,1848, a.19y.

Redmond, b. Co. Tyrone, Ireland, Sept.9,1847, a.9y.GR2

Thomas (McQuaid), b. Co. Tyrone, Ireland, Dec.10,1845, a.37y.GR2

Thomas, trader, b. Ireland, s.John and Ann, consumption, Dec.22,1845, a.35y.


Margaret, June21,1843, a.3m.


Bridget, domestic, b. Ireland, d.Bryon and Margaret, ship fever, July15,1847, a.23y.


Ellen, unm., operative, b. Ireland, d.John and Mary, consumption, Oct.23,1848, a.26y.


Francis, see Shea, Francis.


Catherine, m., b. Ireland, consumption, Sept.22,1849, a.27y.

John, unm., laborer, b. Ireland, s.Terence and Ann, drowned, July11,1849, a.26y.

McSWORLEY (McSorley, Sworley)

John [McSorley.GR2], laborer, b. Co. Tyrone, Ireland, consumption, July2 [1.GR2], 1847, a.25y.

Rose Ann (Sworley), unm., operative, b. Ireland, d.John and Jane, consumption, Aug.26,1848, a.17y.


Cornelius Minard, s.Randall and Mary M., bur. Apr.19,1834.CR1

Harry, s.Harry and Rebecca, infantile, July26,1849, a.1d.


Julia A., unm., operative, b. Piermont, NH, d.Daniel and Mary, lung fever, Jan.22,1846, a.19y.10m.2d.

Mary S., housewife, b. Acton [w.John.GR5], consumption, Mar.28,1849, a.42y.8m.

Mary, m., housewife, b. Ireland, cholera, Sept.10,1849, a.31y.

[Sarah Abigail, d.John and Sarah.GR5], burned, Jan.8,1829, a.4y.[7m.GR5]

[Sarah, w.John.GR5], phthisis, Mar.16,1829. [a.36y.GR5]

Thomas, b. Boston, inflammation of lungs, Apr.30,1847, a.10y.


Abigail, m., housewife, b. New Portland, ME, d.Abner and Tenna Philips, disease of brain, Sept.13,1848, a.36y.6m.


Alice Ann, d.James and Alice, both b. Rochdale, England, in New York, Nov.14,1847, a.2y.1m.GR5

Sarah, d.James and Alice, both b. Rochdale, England, in England, Nov.14,1841, a.1y.1m.GR5


Thomas, Aug.23,1846, a.42y.GR2


Robert [Esq.CR1], superintendent and manufacturer, bur. Amherst, NH, apoplexy, Sept.26,1842, a.56y.


Abigial, housewife, w.Medad, cholera morbus, bur. Windham, NH, d.Aug.3,1844, a.45y.

MEGAN (Magan)

John, m., laborer, b. Ireland, s.Edward and Julia, inflammation of brain, Oct.1,1846, a.49y.

Margaret, operative, b. Ireland, w.James, inflammation of bowels, Feb.2,1846, a.34y.

Mary Ann (Magan), m., housewife, b. Ireland, suicide, Oct.10,1848, a.27y.


Elizabeth, d.William and Jane, bur. July23,1834, a.6y.CR1

MEHAN (Meehan, Mehen)

James (Mehen), b. parish Colooney, Co. Sligo, Ireland, h.Ann, Jan.9,1846, a.26y.GR2

John (Mehen), s.James and Ann, Oct.15,1846, a.8m.2w.GR2

Mary, d.Philip and Catherine, dropsy of brain, Nov.14,1846, a.1y.3m.

Mary (Meehan), d.John and Mary, measles, May19,1848, a.3y.

Thomas, s.James and Nancy, teething, Nov.22,1846, a.1y.


Mary I[sabel.GR5], d.Sylvester and Mary Ann, congestion of brain, Jan.4,1847, a.11y.


Elizabeth, at the almshouse, Feb.6,1836, a.1y.

MELVIN (Malvin)

Abby Ellen, d.William, convulsions, Sept.13,1847, a.10m.

Agnes B[arnett.GR4], d.John B. and Sarah, Mar.5,1849, a.1y.

Benjamin, Apr.7,1830. [a.77y.GR3]

Benjamin, m., laborer, s.Benjamin and Joanna, apoplexy, Aug.3,1848, a.62y.1m.11d.

Charles, h.Susan (Hunt), Dec.2,1830. [a.35y.GR3]

Elizabeth Ann, d.Dawes and Ann, May19,1826, a.1y.GR5

George K., s.William and Mary E., croup, Feb.16,1846 a.1y.9m.

Joanna [Malvin, w.Benjamin.GR3], Sept.27,1826. [a.70y.GR3]

Rhoda, Sept.15,1826. [Sept.18, a.35y.GR3]


末末, Mrs., mother of Mary Burns, Apr.25,1841, a.49y.GR2

MERRIAM (Merriman)

末末, inf.s.H.C. and Esther, bur. Apr.18,1838.CR1

Charles H. [W.GR5], manufacturer, typhus, Oct.1,1842, a.20y.

Ellen [Elenor.GR2] (Merriman) [b. King's Co.GR2], pleurisy, June19,1842, a.64y.[a.68y.GR2]

Ellen E., d.Joseph F. and Mary Ann, cholera infantum, June30,1847, a.1y.3m.19d.

Laban Lewis, s.H.C., bur. July31,1844, a.8y.CR1

Nehemiah F., laborer, b. Concord, bur. Concord, s.Darius and Lydia V., consumption, Jan.30,1847, a.22y.6m.22d.

MERRILL (Merrell)

Dennis, innholder, Jan.10,1843, a.29y.

Dorcas S., unm., domestic, b. Rumney, NH, bur. Rumney, NH, d.Henry and Adaline, typhus fever, Aug.26,1846, a.18y.10m.8d.

Betsy, killed by falling, Dec.27,1843, a.55y.

Betsey, Dec.24,1844, a.52y.GR5

Ellen M., d.Rufus and Betsey J., inflammation of lungs, Mar.5,1849, a.1y.10m.7d.

Emeline, Apr.28,1841, a.29y.GR1

Frank E., s.John H. and Betsey, congestion of brain, Dec.1,1848, a.2y.9m.9d.

Hannah, unm., operative, b. Cornish, ME, d.John and Bethia, consumption, Oct.12,1845, a.36y.8m.23d.

Hannah, d.Jonathan and Mary, whooping cough, June29,1848, a.22d.

John Newton, s.John and Susan, July8,1838, a.6y.6m.GR4

Jonathan, m., operative, b. Topsham, VT, s.John and B., smallpox, Jan.5,1849, a.35y.

Livermore (Merrell), b. Sanbornton, NH, s.Farnum and Elizabeth, croup, July4,1845, a.4y.4m.

Lovina, m., housewife, b. Townsend, VT, d.Amasa and Mary A. Woodward, consumption, Dec.22,1848, a.25y.6m.19d.

Mary, Mrs., Aug.11,1838.CR4

Mary E., croup, Dec.4,1842, a.2y.

Mary S., m., housekeeper, b. Sharon, VT, d.Asa and Mary Bamford, consumption, Aug.8,1845, a.31y.7m.

Nancy, phthisis, Feb.7,1830, a.32y.

Oscar, s.John and Susan, Aug.27,1838, a.1y.5m.GR4

Serepta, unm., operative, b. Cornwall, ME, smallpox, Aug.3,1849, a.20y.

Thomas H. s.Thomas and Rebecca, measles, June8,1846, a.9m.29d.


Mary [S.GR5], housekeeper, b. Parsonfield, ME [w.Hiram.GR5], typhus fever, Nov.17,1846, a.23y.5m.2d.

Mary Jane, unm., operative, b. Eaton, NH, bur. Eaton, NH, d.James and Susan, typhoid fever, Oct.15,1847, a.19y.8m.10d.


Charles S., s.Samuel and Lavinia O., Oct.13,1840, a.1y.7m.9d.GR1

Franklin, s.Eben and Lucretia [C.GR5], lung fever, June25,1844, a.1y.2m.12d.

George S., s.Samuel and Lavinia O., Jan.15,1837, a.4m.8d.GR1

Hannah C., s.E. and L.C., Mar.15,1840, a.11m.15d.GR5

S. Jennie, w.John P., Dec.22,1843.GR5

William J., s.E. and L.C., Mar.26,1840, a.1y.GR5


Elias, m., innkeeper, b. Fitchburg, bur. Fitchburg, s.Elias and Rachel, fits, May17,1849, a.43y.21d.


Charles R., s.Samuel S. and Almira, cholera infantum, Sept.19,1847, a.1y.27d.


Azro, b. Irasburg, VT, s.Henry and Abigail, teething, Oct.10,1844, a.1y.2m.2d.

Susan, Jan.19,1843, a.23y.

Warren Payson, s.D.S. and L.W., June2,1839, a.7m.2d.GR5


Jane, b. Scotland, d.Thomas and Margaret Cherry, dysentery, Oct.12,1847, a.75y.


末末, ch.stillborn, Thomas, Jan.24,1833.

末末, d.Francis, accident, Mar.10,1833, a.1y.

Henry, bur. July14,1837.CR1

Mary D., b. Cambridge, bur. "Rev. Mr. Miles' garden," d.Henry A. and Augusta H., inflammation of peritoneum, May12,1847, a.3y.7m.24d.

Thomas, of NH, at the almshouse, Apr.25,1836, a.60y.


Ann, w.Samuel, Mar.22,1841, a.54y.GR1

Mary J. [G.GR5], unm., operative, b. Hillsborough, NH, d.James and Ann, consumption, Nov.1,1847, a.30y.5m.

Sarah M., operative, b. Sharon, VT, d.Thomas and Lucy, throat distemper, Mar.19,1846, a.14y.9m.10d.


Michael, cholera infantum, Aug.15,1847, a.9m.


末末, ch.Mrs., Nov.28,1830, a.1y.

Ann, carcinoma, Oct.2,1842, a.59y.

Daniel, unm., stone cutter, smallpox, Mar.29,1846, a.24y.

Elenor, w.George, May22,1848, a.25y.GR2

Ellen, unm., milliner, b. Boston, consumption, May13,1848, a.27y.

Peter C., unm., manufacturer, b. Freedom, NH, bur. Freedom, NH, s.Joseph and Betsey, typhus fever, Aug.31,1846, a.27y.3m.

MILNES (Milne)

Ann, w.Joseph, Oct.2,1842, a.59y.GR5

Esther (Milne), d.Edmund and Mary, infantile, Jan.7,1847, a.1d.

George W. (Milne) [s.Edmund and Mary.GR1], "cause of death unknown," Apr.30 [14.GR1], 1844, a.14m.[a.11m.GR1]

Mary, d.Thomas and Sarah, Nov.29,1830, a.9m.GR5

Rachel, d.Thomas and Sarah, May21,1839, a.16y.6m.GR5

Thomas, June12,1847.GR5

William Henry, s.Thomas and Sarah, Feb.12,1835, a.9d.GR5


Lucretia A., Apr.5,1838, a.12y.6m.GR5

MITCHELL (Mitchel)

末末, w.Edward, and d.Charles and Susanna (Woodward) Latham, Feb.末,1829, a.87y.PR1

末末, inf.ch.末末, bur. May13,1830.CR1

Daniel, h.Hannah P., Aug.12,1848, a.36y.GR5

Edward H., s.Daniel and Hannah P., Oct.6,1841, a.1y.4m.10d.GR5

Emma F., d.Daniel and Hannah P., Aug.4,1846, a.2m.4d.GR5

George E., s.Daniel and Hannah P., Nov.1,1847, a.5y.8m.25d.GR5

Helen E., d.Daniel and Hannah P., July15,1845, a.1y.3m.2d.GR5

Isaac, typhoid pneumonia, Feb.2,1844, a.33y.

Jerusha, wid.Jacob, and former wid.Robert Latham,末蔓末,1830.PR1

Robert [Mitchel.GR2], laborer, b. Ireland, s.Michael and Mary, disease of liver, June14,1847, a.38y.

Sarah E., d.Horace and Sarah, infantile, July31,1846, a.23d.

William, unm., laborer, b. [Co. Leitrim.GR2], Ireland, s.John and Mary, typhoid fever, May8,1848, a.26y.


Hiram, s.Elijah and Lois R., cholera infantum, Aug.14,1844, a.2m.10d.

Martha, housewife, b. Leominster [w.John.GR5], and d.John and Sally Hills, puerperal, Oct.21,1849, a.40y.2m.1d.

Mary, d.John and Martha, infantile, Oct.27,1849, a.10d.[a.9d.GR5]


Wilson, unm., laborer, b. Ireland, s.William, dysentery, Sept.3,1847, a.26y.

MONGAN (Mangin, Mungan)

Ann (Mangin), d.Thomas and Maria, dysentery, Aug.1,1848, a.1y.

Bridget, unm., operative, b. Ireland, d.Maurice and Mary, killed by being run over, Apr.24,1848, a.21y.

Caroline C.M., d.Hugh and Caroline,末蔓末,1837.GR2

Caroline C., d.Hugh and Caroline,末蔓末,1845.GR2

Catherine C., d.Hugh and Caroline,末蔓末,1849.GR2

David N., s.Hugh and Caroline,末蔓末,1838.GR2

Edward (Mungan), s.Maurice and Mary, dysentery, Sept.1,1849, a.9y.


Jane A., operative, b. Beekmantown, NH, d.Charles and Martha, typhoid fever, Oct.8,1848, a.16y.

Mary E., b. Nottingham, NH, housekeeper, w.John H., consumption, May23,1844, a.30y.


Harriet E., w.James, Mar.31,1841, a.18y.GR2


末末, d.末末, asthma, Feb.6,1847, a.30y.


末末, ch.Mrs., Feb.17,1829, a.5y.

末末, inf.d.Andrew and Susan H., Dec.8,1842.GR5

Ann, typhoid, Aug.5,1843, a.21y.

Elizabeth C., unm., operative, b. Vassalboro, ME, d.William and Hannah, typhoid fever, Sept.23,1848, a.22y.1m.16d.

John, m., founder, b. Canterbury, NH, s.Samuel and Abigail, consumption, Mar.31,1849, a.26y.7m.

Paul, Esq., bur. July8,1831.CR1

Sarah E., unm., operative, b. Portsmouth, NH, d.William, consumption, Oct.15,1846, a.19y.[a.20y.GR5]

William Henry, bur. Nov.9,1841, a.29y.CR1


John Henry, s.Henry and Mary, bur. May19,1839, a.abt. 3y.CR1


Rosanna L., m., housewife, b. Whitefield, ME, bur. Clinton, ME, d.Timothy and Martha Herne, Apr.28,1849, a.27y.7m.6d.

Susan L. [d.Benjamin G. and Mary E.GR4], typhus fever, Feb.1 [2.GR4], 1843, a.12y.

MOORE (Moores, Moors, More)

末末, ch.Milton, hydrocephalus, Nov.末,1833, a.10m.

末末, inf.ch.J.M. and Orinda C., June11,1835.GR5

末末, s.Salathiel and Mary, infantile, Sept.12,1848, a.1d.

Abby, m., housewife, b. Stewartstown, NH, d.Daniel and Keziah Young, dropsy, July1,1849, a.24y.5m.12d.

Alethea Jane, d.John N. and Sally, croup, Nov.25,1849, a.4y.11m.

Alexander, jr., s.Alexander and Mary, convulsions, Mar.28,1848, a.2m.

Charles W., Apr.17,1823.

Charlotte A., Jan.4,1842.GR5

Cornelia B., b. New York, d.Jonathan K. and Eliza G., scarlet fever, Sept.10,1848, a.12y.6m.18d.

Edwin, s.Edwin and Catherine, inflammation of brain, May14,1849, a.1m.25d.

Elizabeth (Moores), b. Scotland, d.Alexander and Mary, dropsy of brain, Feb.16,1847, a.1y.7m.11d.

Frank, s.J.M. and Lorinda [Orinda C.GR5], cholera infantum, Oct.10,1847, a.2m.29d.

Hannah D., m., housekeeper, b. Seabrook, NH, d.Enoch and Betsey Greenleaf, typhus fever, Dec.5,1845, a.23y.1m.

Helen, Mar.22,1839.GR5

Jennette, b. Scotland, d.Alexander and Mary, dropsy of brain, Dec.24,1846, a.4y.7m.15d.

Joseph, unm., b. Plymouth, VT, s.Leonard, dropsy, June13,1849, a.26y.4m.10d.

M. Herbert, July28,1846.GR5

Mary E.F., b. Mercer, ME, d.Robert and Mary A., inflammation of bowels, July8,1846, a.4m.2d.

Miel (Moors), s.Simeon, and grands.Lt. Joseph,末蔓末,1815, a.50y.PR1

Miall H., s.C. and Mary A., dysentery, July27,1846, a.2y.2m.19d.

Orinda M., d.J.M. and Orinda C., Dec.7,1841.GR5

Rebecca, consumption, Mar.31,1844, a.62y.

Sarah J. (More), at the almshouse, Sept.7,1837, a.1 1-2y.

Sarah, aneurism of aorta, Feb.24,1844, a.44y.

Susan O., Mar.14,1824.


Anne, w.Thomas, Feb.12,1841, a.26y.GR2

Catherine, d.William and Ellen, scarlet fever, Sept.13,1849, a.1y.

Catherine, m., housewife, b. Ireland, d.William and Mary Clyne, cholera, Sept.29,1849, a.35y.

Denis, b. Dingle, Co. Kerry, Ireland, s.John and Margaret, Nov.21,1831, a.5y.GR2

Elizabeth, b. Ireland, w.James, Sept.27,1849, a.63y.GR2

Elizabeth, m., housewife, b. [parish Dingle, Co. Kerry.GR2], Ireland, d.John and Ann Kennedy, consumption, Sept.29,1849, a.58y.[Sept.27.GR2]

Ellen, d.John and Margaret, Dec.7,1832, a.2y.6m.GR2

James, b. Dingle, Co. Kerry, Ireland, s.John and Margaret, Aug.8,1833, a.10y.GR2

James, b. Ireland, at Andover, Aug.11,1839, a.35y.GR2

John, worm fever, Jan.2,1843, a.2y.

John, laborer, b. Ireland [h.Margaret.GR2], scrofula, June28,1844, a.46y.[June29, a.49y.GR2]

John [b. Dingle, Co. Kerry, Ireland.GR2], s.Thomas and Susan, infantile, June15,1849, a.10d.

Margaret, b. Dingle, Co. Kerry, Ireland, w.John, Nov.23,1835, a.30y.GR2

Mary, b. Dingle, Co. Kerry, Ireland, d.John and Margaret, July13,1830, a.3y.GR2

Patrick, Feb.12,1843, a.35y.

Thomas, s.Thomas and Margaret, Aug.7,1845, a.1y.3m.GR2

MOREY (Moray)

Cyntha [Cynthia W., b. Carlisle, w.Samuel C.PR1], consumption, July30,1843, a.36y.

Edward P., m., painter, b. Piermont, NH, bur. Thetford, Vt, s.Edward and Polly, burn, Nov.25,1846, a.30y.3m.29d.

George, s.Smuel [C.PR1] and Clarissa [T. (Alden).PR1], inflammation of brain, June3,1848, a.11m.8d.

Mary M., operative, b. Thetford, VT, bur. Thetford, VT, d.Edward and Mary, dysentery, Aug.22,1848, a.15y.2m.7d.

Olive E., d.Samuel C. and Cynthia W. (Saunderson), Sept.4,1834, a.17m.13d.PR1 [13m.17d.GR1]

William (Moray), b. Newfoundland, Feb.2,1838, a.25y.GR2


Ephraim, manufacturer, inflammation of bowels, Mar.1,1843, a.38y.

Lucia, d.Shapley and Pamelia, Sept.3,1829, a.1y.10m.GR5

Mary Barber, w.Horace, Aug.末,1846, a.46y.GR1

Mary, m., housekeeper, b. Northfield, d.David and Louisa Barber, typhus fever, Aug.9,1846, a.46y.9m.

Rufus, s.Shapley and Pamelia, July24,1837, a.19y.GR5

Shapley, merchant, b. Preston, CT [h.Pamelia.GR5], and s.Shapley and Hannah, lumbar abscess, May28,1847, a.56y.10m.1d.


Thomas, consumption, July30,1843, a.11m.


末末, Mrs., puerperal fever, Apr.9,1833, a.29y.

Catherine [d.Ezekiel and Adeline C.GR1], scarlet fever, June8,1833, a.2y.[a.8m.GR1]

Hannah, d.Jeremiah and Ann M., inflammation of lungs, May9,1848, a.6m.7d.

Helen, croup, Apr.28,1843, a.5y.

Hezekiah G., d.Frederick and Austria B., dysentery, Sept.23,1847, a.2y.2m.11d.

Hiram, m., cordwainer, b. Newburyport, bur. Dracut, s.Jacob and Elizabeth, consumption, Jan.19,1847, a.30y.6m.16d.

Jane, Sept.25,1838, a.37y.GR3

Josephine, d.Nathaniel W. and Elizabeth, infantile, Nov.24,1844, a.1m.2d.

Lorenzo D., unm., b. Warner, NH, bur. Warner, NH, s.Ephraim and Ruth, typhus fever, Nov.17,1846, a.22y.2m.28d.

Sabrina, typhus fever, Feb.25,1843, a.28y.


末末, s.Stephen, still born, Mar.4,1843.

Caroline, unm., domestic, b. West Fairlee, VT, d.Park and Sophia, dysentery, Aug.10,1847, a.33y.10m.26d.

Charles L., b. Hollis, NH, s.Ephraim and Hannah E., teething, Jan.15,1847, a.10m.16d.

Davenport, Aug.13,1849, a.42y.GR5

Lydia M., b. Madison, NY, d.George and Oliver, (sic), obstruction of bowels, July30,1845, a.3m.21d.

Mary A., Dec.26,1838, a.20y.GR1


David, by the explosion of Whipple's Powder Mill, Mar.29,1837, a.23y.GR1

David E., s.David and Mary Ann, infantile, Oct.14,1844, a.5d.

Emily E. [d.David and Mary A.GR1], cholera infantum, Sept.11,1843, a.15m.

James L.,末蔓末,1840.GR5

Mark S., Jan.5,1842.GR5

Mary, d.John and Ellen, burned, Nov.1,1848, a.1y.

Nancy, unm., operative, b. Oneida Co., NY, erysipelas, Sept.10,1845, a.22y.

Owen, m., laborer, b. Ireland, disease of bladder, Jan.29,1849, a.74y.

Samuel W., unm., watchman, b. Boscawen, NH, d.John and Mary, congestion of brain, bur. Boscawen, NH, d.May11,1845, a.25y.

MORSE (Moss)

末末, Miss., chronic disease of brain, Oct.12,1833, a.17y.

末末, d.Elijah and Lavina, infantile, Feb.19,1845, a.2d.

Alfred W., lung fever, Aug.7,1843, a.1y.

Charles W., s.Willis and Rosella, dysentery, Aug.24,1849, a.7m.27d.

Eliza J., unm., dressmaker, b. Chelsea, VT, bur. Chelsea, VT, d.Thomas N. and Electa, typhoid fever, Sept.1,1848, a.22y.1m.

Eunice, chronic diarrhea, Sept.13,1843, a.40y.

Franklin, sailor, b. Candia, NH, s.Caleb and Hannah, typhus fever, July26,1846, a.20y.

Helen M., diarrhea, July26,1842, a.13m.

Joseph G. (Moss), Sept.26,1843, a.37y.

Joseph G., jr., infantile, Oct.6,1843, a.1 3-4m.

Joseph G., b. Boston, s.Joel and Ann N., cholera infantum, Sept.18,1846, a.1y.3m.1d.

Joseph G., s.Joel and Ann, scrofula, Jan.11,1848, a.5m.

Joseph, b. Scotland, s.Alexander and Elizabeth, whooping cough, July30,1849, a.3y.13d.

Judith [Ann. dup.], phthisis, Oct.10,1830, a.20y.

Mary, b. Rumford, ME, bur. Rumford, ME, d.Monroe and Betsy, Mar.15,1847, a.2y.11m.16d.

Susan, w.Rev. Bryan, Feb.23,1824, a.52y.GR5

Timothy, jr., carpenter, b. Newbury, NH [h.Elizabeth A.GR5], and s.Timothy and Sally, inflammation of lungs, Nov.22,1847, a.50y.

William W., b. Carlisle, s.William and Rachel, dysentery, Aug.24,1847, a.5y.


Edward, h.Mary, in Ireland, Mar.17,1842, a.37y.GR2


John, s.Robert Whiteside and Isabella, Apr.29,1833.


末末末, ch.James, bur. Sept.2,1840.CR1


Ann M., d.Jeremiah and Elizabeth, infantile, Feb.16,1849, a.1m.27d.

Edgar, unm., shop keeper, b. Stanstead, Lower Canada, s.John L. and Lydia, congestion of brain, June22,1849, a.24y.

Ellen M., d.Ruel and J.J., Aug.9,1848, a.8y.5m.GR5

George S., enteritis, Sept.3,1842, a.7m.

Jeremiah, jr., s.Jeremiah and Elizabeth, whooping cough, Nov.6,1845, a.10m.

Mary Ellen, d.Oliver and Bridget ["his wife, Mrs.Stillman Berry."GR5], croup, Aug.2,1848, a.2y.28d.

Nathaniel B., card grinder, b. Brunswick, VT, s.Nathan [Nathaniel.GR1] and Eliza, pleurisy, Apr.17,1847, a.25y.18d.


Ellen, b. Dover, NH, d.Ezra and Sarah B., measles, June30,1844, a.2y.10d.

Mary D., m., housekeeper, b. Windsor, VT, bur. Middleton, CT, d.Michael and Elizabeth Fagen, congestion of brain, Dec.26,1846, a.24y.5m.23d.


末末, ch.Mrs., Sept.20,1829.


James, operative, s.James and Sarah, at almshouse, Oct.25,1849, a.14y.


Dorance, laborer, b. Ireland, consumption, Dec.6,1848, a.28y.

MULLEN (Mulhan, Mullan, Mullin)

James (Mullin), Feb.22,1840, a.24y.GR1

James (Mulhan), b. New York, s.James and Susan, croup, Aug.8,1844, a.2y.2m.

Margaret, b. Ireland, Dec.18,1848, a.10y.

Mary (Mullan), b. Ireland, consumption, Apr.11,1849, a.43y.

Michael, m., laborer, b. Ireland, consumption, Mar.16,1849, a.73y.

Thomas, s.Thomas and Ann Pushee, infantile, July16,1849, a.2d.


Ann, unm., operative, b. Ireland, cholera, Sept.19,1849, a.19y.

Bridget, m., operative, b. Ireland, dysentery, Aug.10,1848, a.26y.


Mary, d.H. and Mary, infantile, Nov.6,1849, a.3d.


Mary, d.Edward and Mary, small pox, Mar.9,1849, a.2y.


Catharine, of Ireland, at the almshouse, Dec.10,1835, a.32y.

Catharine, at the almshouse, Aug.1,1836, a.3-4y.

MURKLAND (Markland, Mirkland, Myrtland)

Archibald, a native of Paisley, Scotland [dysentery.CR1], Sept.3,1847, a.35y.GR1

Archibald, s.William and Margaret, scalded, Dec.18,1849, a.1y.2m.19d.

Jane, d.Archibald and Margaret, scarlet fever, May22,1849, a.1y.1m.26d.

John [Mirkland, s.Christopher.CR1], July20,1841, a.1y.9m.GR1

Margaret (Markland), b. Saxonville, d.Archibald and Margaret, killed by a fall, Dec.15,1848, a.3y.20d.

Mary (Myrtland), m., housekeeper, b. Scotland, gangrene senilis ["two years sickness of dry mortification. "CR1], July12,1846, a.67y.

Mary, d.Archibald and Margaret, scarlet fever [suddenly.CR1], Feb.5,1849, a.5y.4m.27d.

MURPHY (Murphey)

末末, ch.stillborn, John,末蔓末,1833.

末末, d.末末, dysentery, Sept.4,1847, a.5m.

Anastasia, m., housewife, b. Ireland, abscess, at almshouse, Nov.26,1849, a.45y.

Ann, unm., operative, b. Ireland, consumption, July25,1848, a.24y.

Bridget, operative, b. Ireland, dysentery, Sept.5,1847, a.20y.

Bryan, m., laborer, b. Ireland, cholera, Aug.31,1849, a.56y.

Daniel, unm., laborer, b. Ireland, s.Charles and Joanna, smallpox, Feb.9,1849, a.22y.

Dennis, s.Michael and Mary, croup, Feb.19,1848, a.3y.6m.

[Ellen, "alias Commerford," b. Ireland.GR2], w.Michael, consumption, Mar.20 [23.GR2], 1843. [a.32y.GR2]

Ellen, convulsions, July28,1843, a.1d.

Ellen, m., housewife, b. [Kilkenny.GR2], Ireland, child bed, May28,1847, a.20y.

Ellen, m., housewife, b. Ireland, d.Michael and Jane Hurley, dysentery, Oct.23,1847, a.47y.

Ellen, unm., operative, b. Ireland, d.Jeremiah and Hannah, typhus fever, Dec.18,1849, a.19y.

Hannah, d.William and Catherine, dysentery, Aug.22,1848, a.1y.2m.

James, ship fever, June24,1847, a.25y.

James A., s.James and Mary, marasmus, Aug.17,1848, a.1y.5m.

James, m., machinist, b. Ireland, s.William and Martha, cholera, Sept.5,1849, a.51y.10m.9d.

Jeremiah, s.Jeremiah and Mary, croup, Sept.12,1848, a.1y.

John, unm., b. Ireland, s.Charles and Joanna, smallpox, Apr.27,1846, a.20y.

John, b. Ireland, s.Thomas and Catharine, dysentery, Aug.13,1847, a.3y.1m.10d.

John, s.James and Mary, dysentery, Sept.5,1848, a.3y.2m.17d.

John, s.James and Bridget, dysentery, Sept.26,1848, a.3y.

Margaret, w.John, Sept.21,1835, a.26y.GR2

Margaret, unm., housekeeper, b. Ireland, ship fever, Nov.4,1847, a.48y.

Mary, dysentery, Aug.26,1847, a.35y.

Mary, m., housewife, b. Ireland, d.John and Ellen White, consumption, Nov.26,1847, a.45y.

Mary, d.John and Joanna, dysentery, Sept.8,1849, a.1y.7m.

Mary, b. Ireland, burned, at almshouse, Dec.19,1849, a.11y.

Michael, b. Ireland, Sept.20,1845, a.35y.GR2

Michael J., s.Michael J. and Mary M., both b. Ireland, July4,1849, a.18m.GR2

Patrick, unm., b. Ireland, s.Daniel and Catherine, consumption, Sept.20,1848, a.20y.

Sarah Ann, d.Michael and Ellen (Commerford), July26,1843, a.1y.10d.GR2

Thomas, brain fever, Apr.21,1844, a.8m.

Thomas, unm., laborer, b. Ireland, ship fever, Aug.1,1847, a.40y.

Thomas, b. Ireland, s.Bernard and Bridget, consumption, Nov.6,1847, a.24y.

William (Murphey), b. Canada, s.Charles and Joanna, smallpox, May9,1846, a.6y.

William J., b. Ireland, s.James and Esther, cholera, Sept.3,1849, a.13y.2m.17d.

MURRAY (Murry)

末末, w.J., childbed, Mar.23,1829.

末末, ch.Mr., pneumonia, June末,1833, a.6m.

Agnes, d.Andrew and Agnes, disease of brain, Apr.25,1847, a.2y.11d.

Anne, sister of Margaret McGauram, July21,1837, a.20y.GR2

Ann, d.Edward and Mary, smallpox, Feb.25,1849, a.4y.

Arthur (Murry), laborer, b. [Co. Armagh.GR2], Ireland [h.Bridget.GR2], consumption, Sept.19,1846, a.55y.[a.60y.GR2]

Catherine A. Burgess, w.James, Dec.15,1846.GR1

Christiana (Murry), unm., operative, b. Haverhill, d.John and Sophia, typhus fever, Sept.19,1844, a.29y.

Elizabeth, poison, Mar.25,1847, a.24y.

James, b. Scotland, s.Andrew and Agnes, drowned, June29,1849, a.10y.4m.29d.

Jeanette (Murry) [B.CR1 andGR1], b. Scotland, d.Andrew and Agnes [M.CR1], typhoid fever, Apr.16,1846, a.6y.2d.

John, accidentally, June18,1833, a.abt. 38y.

John, s.Andrew and Agnes, dysentery, July16,1847, a.5y.[a.7y.GR1]

John, operative, b. Canada, s.Arthur and Bridget, dysentery, Aug.31,1848, a.10y.

John, dropsy of brain, Dec.9,1848, a.6m.

Margaret (Murry), b. Norwich, CT, d.Andrew and Agnes, May3,1845, a.1y.8m.4d.

Mary (Murry), b. Ireland, housekeeper, w.Jeremiah, cholera, May14,1844, a.31y.

Mary, m., housewife, b. Boston, consumption, Apr.26,1847, a.27y.

Patrick (Murry), "of Ireland," at the almshouse, July9,1837, a.25y.

Samuel, b. Co. Tyrone, Ireland, Apr.22,1835, a.39y.8m.GR2

Thomas, b. Co. Cork, May18,1832, a.24y.GR2


Richard, Nov.11,1843, a.53y.GR2


Mary, b. Ireland, consumption, Jan.27,1847, a.36y.


末末, ch.John, bur. Oct.14,1839, a.15m.CR1


John, b. Quincy, s.James and Ann, inflammation of lungs, Feb.5,1847, a.4m.12d.


Edwin R., s.Amos S. and Sarah C., croup, Aug.19,1844, a.3y.9m.16d.

Hubert G., s.Amos and Sarah C., disease of brain, Feb.9,1848, a.1y.6m.

Mary D., w.Joseph [fever. dup.], Jan.28,1833. [a.26y.dup.]

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