Joseph H., and Harriet Leathers, Apr.14,1844.


Charles A., and Emeline Knight of Dudley, int.July18,1844.

George W., and Mary C. Recker, certif. Sept.25,1836.

Maria Jane, unm., a.20y., operative, d.Hugh and Sarah, and Joseph T. Moulton, unm., of Waltham, a.19y., bleacher, s.Jacob and Betsey, Apr.12,1846.


Ann Eliza [unm.dup.], of Bedford, and Joseph K.P. Porter of Boston, Feb.21,1847.*

Charles, and Nancy Cutler, June21,1828.

Electa, wid., a.30y., operative, d.Thomas N. Morse, and Charles Carroll, unm., a.27y., peddler, s.Charles, Mar.19,1848.

Eliza M., of Medway, and Joseph Harding, int.June6,1846.

Elizabeth P., and Augustus Saben of Boston, int.Aug.8,1841.

Lucy Jane, of Newton, and John Harris, jr., int.Oct.11,1845.

Mary E.N. of Newton, and Lewis M.M. Hoyt, May16,1840.

Mary E., and Coates Bulfinch, int.Mar.30,1846.

Nancy, Mrs., and Francis Leighton of Westford, int.Mar.24,1846.

Nathaniel, of Portland, ME, and [] Sarah M.G. Porter, Mar.18,1848.

Thomas A., and Clarrissa Eaton, int.Feb.16,1834.

William, and Elisebeth Gragg of Watertown, int.Nov.30,1826.


Almira Jane, and Lisley Scammell, Oct.6. [5.CR1], 1826.

Eliza Ann, and Ezra A. Martin, Jan.31,1837.

Hugh, and Sarah Tolman [Tallman. int.], Dec.5,1842.

James W., unm., a.23y., carpenter, s.Leander, and Asenath V. Stinson, unm., a.20y., d.Isaac, at Dracut, Sept.2,1847.

Mary Ann, and Abel C. Chase, Jan.29,1848.

Sarah Jane, unm., a.21y., operative, d.Jonathan and Elvira, and Deliverance P. Brown, widr., a.25y., farmer, s.Deliverance and Mary, Dec.25,1847.

Susan A., of Northwood, NH, and Wilder Hall, int.June22,1846.

BAGLEY (Bagly, Begley, Begly, Bigley, Bigly)

Bridget (Begley), unm., a.22y., operative, d.Maurice and Catharine, and Maurice Conner, unm., a.27y., laborer, s.Darby and Mary, Nov.30,1846.

Catharine (Begly), and Thomas Kenedy, both unm., Feb.13,1847.

Catherine (Begley), unm., a.30y., b. Ireland, d.John and Ellen, and Eugene Sullivan [O'Sullivan.CR6], 2d m., a.30y., laborer, b. Ireland, s.John and Norry, Nov.16,1849. [Nov.14.CR6]

Clara, unm., a.20y., d.George and Clara, and Phineas Whiting, widr., a.28y., s.Phineas and Sarah, June26,1848.

Betsey, see Bagley, Elizabeth.

Elizabeth [Betsey,], and Thomas Enright [], June3,1849.CR5

Harriet, of Amesbury, and Henry Morrill, int.May2,1831.

Henry, see Bailey, Henry.

James, and Joanna Quinn, July11,1841.CR5

Mary (Begley), and John O'Brien, int.Apr.29,1843. [Withdrawn.]

Mary (Begley) [Bigly.CR5], and Richard Granfield, Feb.16,1844.

Michael (Bigley) [Bayley.certif.], and Johanna Sullivan, Aug.28,1836.CR5

Michael (Begley), and Ellen Hanifin [Hanifan. int.], June14,1840.CR5

Rhoda W., unm., a.19y., operative, d.David and Dorothy, and Isaac B. Chaplin [Chaplain. int.], unm., of Dracut, a.27y., carpenter, s.Samuel and Eliza, May31,1846.

Sarah B., unm., a.21y., operative, d.Benjamin F. and Eunice, and Seth Gage, unm., a.24y., mechanic, s.Isaac and Anna, June1,1845.


Theodore, and Eleanor Barry, certif. Apr.2,1837.


Mary, unm., of Andover, a.23y., d.Fenlon and Ellen, and John Lambert, unm., of Amesbury, a.26y., fuller of cloth, s.John and Mary, Aug.17,1846.*

BAILEY (Bayley)

Abby, unm., a.19y., housekeeper, d.Manasseh and Abigail, and George W. Young, unm., a.21y., merchant, s.Stephen and Lydia, May23,1847.

Abby L., a.18y., d.Abel and Alfrida, and Henry M. Currier, unm., a.28y., machinist, s.Henry and Huldah, Sept.18,1849.

Abner F., unm., operative, s.David and Linda, and Lestina Marshall, unm., operative, d.Thomas and Martha, Sept.22,1846.

Adeline G., unm., a.25y., operative, d.Ephraim and Hannah, and Alonzo D. Whitney, unm., a.24y., teamster, s.Zabad and Sophia, Apr.15,1848.

Almira Jane, and Robert W. Adams of Derry, NH, Dec.31,1839.

Chloe, and Harrison D. Clement, Dec.31,1834.

Heaton, unm., of Methuen, a.29y., carpenter, s.Luther and Betsey, and Lovina T. Rowe, unm., of Deerfield, NH, a.32y., d.David and Hannah, Nov.16,1846.*

Eliza J., unm., a.18y., d.Mark and Eliza S., and Daniel F. Clark, unm., a.21y., stone cutter, June29,1848.

Betsey, and Jonas Hastings [Hastins.dup.], Nov.26,1837. [Oct.22. dup.]

Elizabeth, unm., a.23y., d.Daniel and Sophia, and Charles Mullen, unm., a.30y., wool sorter, s.Michael and Catherine, June22,1847.*

Euphema R., and Joseph Norris, Nov.13,1836.

Frederick C., unm., of Hartland, VT, and Frances Maria Osgood, unm., July4,1846.

Gardner, and Susan S. Price, Sept.9,1836.

George W., of Springfield, VT, and Martha B. Dow, June3,1841.

G[eorge. int.] W., unm., a.28y., stone cutter, s.Stephen and Mary, and Agnes A. [S. int.] Dunnels, unm., a.27y., operative, d.William and Mehitable, Dec.15,1846.

Gustavus A., and Philinda Wilcox, Feb.14,1842.

Henry, of Salem, NH, and Mary Wellington [Willington. int.], Sept.30,1834.

Henry [Bayley.CR6], and Johanna Fenton, both of Manchester, NH, Mar.7,1848.*

Hester M. [of Boston. int.], and David Bradt, Feb.21,1840.

Ira, unm., a.22y., operative, s.Ephraim and Hannah, and Ruth C. Jordan, unm., a.23y., operative, d.Thomas and Ellen, Nov.24,1846.

James William, and Margaret Moore, certif. June1,1834.

James H. [], and Susan Jane Clark, Sept.11,1842.

John J., of Andover, and Orilla [Orvilla.certif.] Norcross, Aug.31,1836.

John, unm., of Haverhill, a.44y., farmer, s.Jonathan and Elizabeth, and Mary C. Litchfield, unm., a.28y., operative, d.Azotus and Nancy, Nov.25,1847.

Joseph, of Pepperell, and Mary [S. int.] Barker, June15,1836.

Joseph H., of Baltimore, MD, and Mary [] A. Dudley, June5,1842.

Louisa A., and Henry Peirce, int.Jan.13,1833.

Mary G., of Hopkinton, and David Hill, int.May16,1831.

Mary Jane, and Joel W. Poor of Poughkeepsie, NY, int.Oct.30,1831.

Mary Ann, and John Norton, int.June30,1833.

Mary A., and Joseph L. Hagar, int.Feb.4,1838.

Mary, of Newbury, VT, and Calvin S. Mathews, int.June1,1844.

Michael, see Bagley, Michael.

Nancy, and Joseph [] W. Walton [of Temple, NH. int.], Mar.18,1834.

Oliver W. [Bayley.CR1], and Sarah R. Greenleaf, Aug.6,1833.

Omar, of Andover, and Clarissa Peabody, int.May1,1828.

Rebecca H., and Benjamin B. Hills, Nov.22,1827.

Reliance G., unm., a.22y., d.Humphrey and Sarah, and Sylvester C. Nelson, unm., a.22y., farmer, s.Joseph G. and Betsey, Jan.9,1845.

Roxanna, and John F. Youngman, int.May30,1835.

Ruth, and William Starrett, abt. 1830. [Dec.13,1830. int.] Sarah, unm., a.29y., d.John and Bridget, and Peter Duffy, widr., a.51y., laborer, s.James and Margaret, Jan.15,1848.*

Sarah Jane, unm., a.18y., operative, d.William F. and Sarah, and Benjamin Skinner, unm., a.22y., operative, s.David and Abigail, July25,1847.

Zerah C. (Bayley), and Achsah Jones, at North Chelmsford, Dec.31,1840.


Adeline M., and Abraham K. Hood, Dec.4,1843.

Adaline W., unm., a.21y., tailoress, d.Luke and Ann, and Henry A. Sargent, unm., a.20y., tailor, s.Naomi, Mar.29,1848.

Amanda M., and Joseph Clark, int.Aug.1,1844.

Asenath, of Holderness, NH, and George Thatcher, int.Sept.2,1841.

Caroline M., and Charles P. Herrick, Nov.25,1841.

Cushing, and Eliza L. Newell of Medfield, int.Jan.12,1827.

Elizabeth, and Archibald Mitchell of Manchester, NH, int.May20,1848.

Francis, and Sarah Blaisdel, Sept.10,1841.

J. Cutting, unm., a.23y., turner, s.David, and Charlotte Caswell, unm., a.20y., dressmaker, d.Richard, June27,1846.

James, see Barker, James.

Jane B., and Robert Thompson, Aug.5,1832.

Jane E., and John A. Hood, Dec.3,1835.

Jane, and Gardiner Roby, int.May6,1846.

John, and Mariah Whitney [Jan.12. int.], 1829.

John C., music teacher, a.21y., and Sophia M. Hobart, a.19y., at Billerica, Aug.26,1844.

John C., unm., a.24y., mechanic, s.Daniel and Lydia, and Martha O. Nelson, unm., a.28y., d.Jemima, Oct.19,1847.

Joseph Henry, unm., a.26y., carpet weaver, s.Anton and Clara, and Mary Markham, unm., a.22y., operative, d.James and Ellen, June28,1846.

Louisa, see Barker, Louisa.

Lucy A., and George Choate, Nov.13,1843.

Lydia M., and Moses Webster, Dec.16,1841.

Mariah F., and David Wilson, July4,1833.

Martha [of Dracut. int.], and William Smith, May6,1838.

Mary S., and Joseph Bailey of Pepperell, certif. June5,1836.

Mary Ann, and Daniel H. Peck of Nashua [NH. int.], Apr.25,1839.

Mary Ann, and Moses Davis, Nov.17,1842.

Mary Ann, unm., a.20y., operative, d.Benjamin and Mary, and Jonas Stephens [Stevens.dup.], unm., a.21y., operative, s.Jonathan and Lettis, Aug.28,1848.

Nancy, and William Rogers, June23,1834.

Nathaniel B., and Mary Ann Silver, Mar.7,1839.

Priscilla, unm., a.22y., d.Abner and Priscilla, and Daniel Booker, unm., a.22y., blacksmith, s.Daniel and Mary, June27,1847.

Reuben, and Lydia Coburn, certif. June1,1834.

Richard, jr., and Mary Reed, Mar.19,1807.*

Samuel R., of Dunstable, NH, and Mary B. Carr, int.Oct.14,1832.

Sarah, of Boston, and James Tower, int.Apr.17,1827.

Sarah E., and Joseph G. Otis, Aug.21,1842.

Sarah S., of Holderness, NH, and Alden P. Osgood of Westford, June7,1849.*

Stephen C., and Martha M. Palmer, Mar.12,1840.

Stephen, unm., a.26y., carpenter, s.Eben and Mary, and Nancy E. Shorey, unm., a.18y., operative, d.Ward and Ruth, Nov.5,1846.

Timothy, of Londonderry, NH, and Pheby P. Buxton, int.Jan.5,1834.

Timothy H., and Emeline Simonds, June5,1834.

William G., and Sarah M. Hobbs of Waltham, int.Feb.3,1848.


Daniel, and Silence C. Adams, Oct.15,1822.*

Henry, of Dracut, a.22y., carpenter, s.William H. and Louisa, and Laurette Whitcomb, a.23y., tailoress, int.Oct.23,1847.

Lydia H., of Medfield, and Oren Nichols, int.Sept.25,1831.

Wesley P., widr., of Boston, a.53y., merchant, s.John and Phebe, and Eliza Ann Brackett, wid., a.33y., d.Benjamiin and Sophia Jones, Nov.3,1847.


Adaline, and John Chapman, Aug.末,1834.

George W., unm., a.22y., barkeeper, s.Jesse and Olive, and Jane Gadsby, unm., a.21y., operative, d.Valentine and Grace, June22,1845.

Grace Ann, of Sudbury, and Jonathan Adams, int.Jan.18,1830.

Jesse, and [] Eliza Hartford, May12,1840.

Jesse, and Mary C. Hedges, Jan.27,1849.

Julia A., unm., a.18y., operative, d.Jesse and Olive, and Jerimiah Hedges, unm., of Strafford, VT, a.26y., blacksmith, s.Horace and Clarissa, Sept.7,1845.

Levi E., and Lois Rogers, Apr.18,1841.

Louisa M., and David E. Chase, Jan.29,1837.

Lucinda, and William Carelton [Carlton. int.], Dec.4,1827.


Dorothy G., unm., a.22y., tailoress, d.William H. and Hannah, and Asa Hill, unm., a.23y., mason, s.Asa and Susan, Nov.15,1846.

Edson G., unm., of Boston, a.25y., teamster, s.John and Minerva, and Pamelia C. Brocklebank, unm., a.27y., tailoress, d.Jos.and Rapsinia, Mar.23,1846.

Leverett S., and Aseneth Peasley, Oct.23,1836.

Louisa, and Luther French [jr. int.], Aug.31,1834.

Lydia, and Francis [B. int.] Cowdrey of Billerica, Oct.1,1840.

Mary Ann, unm., of Billerica, a.19y., d.Joel and Mary F., and William Manning, 2d, unm., of Billerica, a.22y., farmer, s.Theophilus and Polly, Apr.16,1846.*

Rhoda, of Chelmsford, and Isaac B. Cowdry, certif. Sept.10,1837.

William, and Mary Ann J. Butters of Wilmington, int.Dec.4,1831.


Darius, unm., a.26y., carpenter, s.James and Abby, and Charlotte A. Copp, unm., a.20y., operative, d.George and Susan, Oct.12,1846.

Mary Jane, of Harvard, and Charles S. Sanborn, int.Aug.26,1848.

Philinda June, and Samuel Chandler, Sept.25,1840.

Roxanna M., and Hazen E. Flanders, Mar.21,1841.

Sarah Jane, and Luther C. Grant, int.Oct.11,1840.

Thomas, and Sarah Heath, int.Dec.22,1833.

Thomas, and Mary Ann Marston, int.Feb.9,1834.


Enos S., and Eliza P. Heath, int.Feb.22,1847.

Harvey, and Eliza Ann Lee, int.July15,1848.

Jacob, and Isabel Dockham, Nov.30,1843.


Patrick, unm., a.25y., laborer, s.Patrick and Mary, and Margaret Mongovan, unm., a.23y., d.James and Bridget, Jan.21,1848.


Dorothy, unm., of Alexendria, NH, a.23y., [d.Oliver and], and Sylvester B. Leonard, unm., a.23y., machinist, s.Josiah and Sally, July14,1849

Elizabeth, and Alexander W. Wright, Oct.23,1839.

Jane, unm., a.22y., operative, d.Oliver and Dorothy, and William M. Long, unm., a.27y., machinist, s.Rufus and Sarah, Feb.8,1846.

Nancy, and Varus Stearns, Apr.11,1842.

William, and Lucinda Phelps, July30,1826.


Ann, unm., of Andover, a.20y., d.Jesse and Ann, and Oscar Chandler, unm., of Andover, a.23y., machinist, s.James and Hepzibah, Nov.16,1847.*

David (Bumpford) [Bumford.dup.], and Dorcas Horn, Dec.24,1837.

Emma (Bampford), and Richard Gannon, Sept.15,1838.

George E[dwin.CR1], of Pawtucket, RI, and Sarah Simpson, Sept.2,1838.

Hannah W., unm., and Charles B. Gleason, unm., merchant, both of Manchester, NH, Dec.31,1846.*

James S. (Bampford), and Martha U. Dunclee, int.Nov.3,1833.

Jane [Mary Jane. int.], and Benjamin E. Moulton, Feb.1,1827.

Lucinda D., and Lemuel H. Brigham, Sept.23,1836.

Mary, and George W. Coburn of Dracut, int.Apr.29,1838.

Mary S., and Benjamin Merrill, Nov.7,1841.

Tamizon, and William Tay, Sept.10,1837.


Eliza, of Dunstable, and John Hadley, int.Apr.15,1832.

Emily H., of Mout Vernon, NH, a.19y., tailoress, d.Stowell and Martha, and John P. Batchelder, a.20y., operative, s.Simon O. and Sophia, int.Aug.1,1846.

Jefferson, s.Daniel, of Warwick, and grands.Raam, of Reading, and Harriet Bradley, Dec.24,1826.

Mary F., and Uriah [J. int.] Hoag, Jan.4,1833.

Selwin, and Mary Ann Pond [of Franklin. int.], Sept.10,1828.

Selwin, and Olive R. Morse of Waldoborough, ME, int.May8,1843.


Joel, unm., a.26y., trader, s.B. and S., and Sarah A. Foster, unm., of Dracut, a.22y., dressmaker, d.E. and S., Mar.6,1845.


Ellen, and William Prike, int.Oct.18,1835.

Isaac W., unm., a.25y., tinman, s.Dean and Rebecca, and Clara H. Brown, unm., of Newport, ME, a.21y., tailoress, d.John and Sarah, May4,1845

BANNISTER (Banister, Benister, Kenister)

Ann [Kenister. int.], and George Holmes, Dec.15,1833.

Ann [Mary Ann. int.], and Jonathan Foster of Pittsfield, NH, May20,1841.

Isabel H., unm., a.28y., operative, and James Currier, unm., a.26y., operative, s.James, Oct.7,1847.

Mary Ann (Benister), and Greenleaf Smith, Nov.25,1832.

Mary H. [Banister. int.], and Samuel G. Cole, Feb.18,1836.

Mary, see Bannister, Ann.

William, and Rhoda Murray, Apr.22,1849.


Eliza [], and Richard Alexander, July28,1842.


Bridget, and Ferrin E. Dailey of Chelmsford, int.Mar.1,1835.

BARBER (Barbour)

Hannah C. (Barbour), and Volney Thurston of Barnard, VT, int.May11,1834.

Hannah (Barbour), of Newburyport, and William Tredick, int.Aug.30,1835.

Horace (Barbour) [Burbank. dup.], and Deborah Skinner, Oct.30,1827.

Laura C., and Hiram Spearin, int.Oct.31,1846.

Richard, and Elizabeth Drummond, July2,1837.

Richard, and Ann Saunders, Oct.24,1841.CR2

William (Barbour), and Lucy F. Shipley, int.June30,1833.


Cyrus P., and Dorathy P. Rundlett, Sept.17,1843.

Cyrus P. (Barcly), widr., a.27y., carpenter, s.Cyrus and Rebecca, and Lydia S. Rundlett, unm., a.24y., operative, d.Jonathan and Jemima, at Dracut, May6,1847.

John K., of August, GA, and Maria H. Ryan, Sept.2,1839.


Jonas P., and Betsy Thanlow [], June24,1832.

Lettice, see Barden, Zetta.

Nancy, and Cyrus Frost, June11,1834.

Nancy, of Groton, and Daniel B. Lewis, int.May31,1835.

Stilman [Rev. dup.], of Harvard, and Sarah Watkins, Apr.9,1839.

Zetta W. [Lettice W. int.], and Azariah Procter [3d of], Nov.21,1832.

Zilpha F., and Reuben K. Hardy of Hopkinton, NH, int.Nov.17,1833.


Alfred D., and Eliza Ann Young, July4,1839.

Elmira S., unm., a.21y., operative. D. Silas and Phebe, and Francis R. Carr, widr., a.25y., machinist, s.Samuel and Polly, July25,1847.

Amander, of Princeton, NY [NJ. int.], and Jane Augusta Clark, Sept.30,1840.

Dolly W., and Harvey K. Bartlett of Illinois, Apr.18,1840.

Eliza, of Tyngsborough, and Charles A. Wheeler of Westford, Nov.5,1843.*

Enoch W., and Edna Jane [Chandler. int.], Sept.19,1841.

Frances H., unm., a.25y., domestic, d.Thomas and Hannah, and Charles P. Young, unm., a.24y., operative, s.Abner and Ann A., Sept.12,1844.

James [Baker. dup.], of Reading, and Lydia Lane, Nov.28,1839.

Jane and [] Shephard [Shepard.dup.], [at Hanson. dup.], July8,1840. [1841. dup.]

Joshua E., and Mary A. Wyman, int.June28,1840.

Laura, and William Dorr of Charlestown, May23,1837.

Louisa [Baker. int.], and Jeremiah W. Gale, Sept.26,1839.

Mary, and Joseph Bailey of Pepperell, June15,1836.*

Polly, and William Webber of Mason, NH, int.Feb.11,1843.

Nancy A., and Smyrna Glazier of Gardner, Dec.5,1843.

Sarah, and Joseph Howland, s.Joseph,末蔓末,1746.PR1*

Sarah H. [A. int.], and William H. Brown, Apr.12,1835.

Sarah, and William H. Bisbee, July4,1840.

Solomon, of Pelham, NH, and Sarah S. Symons, June7,1842.

William E., and Hannah Center, May22,1828.*


Abigail B.M., and Thorndike P. Saunders, int.Apr.5,1835.


Currier, and Angelina Blanchard, int.Dec.29,1833.

Edmund, of Dunbarton, NH, and Sarah Lufkin, Nov.末,1842.

Edwin H., unm., a.24y., painter, s.Herman and Elizabeth, and Angeline Lovejoy, unm., of Andover, a.20y., d.Ballard and Pamelia, Apr.24,1849.

Emaline A., of Tewksbury, and True Worthy Jewell, int.Dec.8,1833.

Hiram R. [K. int.], unm., mason, s.Jonathan, and Mary S. Knapp, unm., Sept.25,1847.

Maria, and Thomas F. O'Keeffe, int.June28,1840.

Maria A., of Harvard, and Thomas Paul, int.Apr.22,1848.

Mary Ann, and John L. Webster of Millbury [Millburn. int.], Oct.9,1836.

Sarah S., of Harvard, and Jonathan Johnson, int.July20,1844.

Tristam, and Mahala F. Russell, int.Sept.2,1832.


Elmira F., of Hillsborough, NH, and Daniel H. Dean, int.Jan.8,1829.

Carlos D., unm., a.21y., carpenter, s.John, and Dolly A. Sherwell, unm., a.22y., d.Walter, Aug.19,1847.

Charles, and Fanny Seavey, Sept.21,1830.

Elizabeth, unm., of Manchester, a.21y., operative, d.John and Susan, and Joseph Kelly, unm., of Manchester, a.24y., operative, s.Michael and Johanna, Apr.24,1847.*

George W., and Mary Weymouth, Nov.30,1848.

Harriet, and James Flood, July17,1825.CR1*

Henry W., and Pamelia R.H. Ames of Boston, int.Sept.14,1829.

Isaac, and Abagail M. Withington of Harvard, int.Apr.22,1838.

John M., and Mary Ann Cook, int.July22,1827.

John B., and Sophronia Bishop, Nov.22,1832.

John, widr., a.44y., carpenter, s.John and Ruth, and Lydia Haynes, wid., a.35y., housekeeper, d.Jabez and Mary Churchill, Nov.26,1846.

Joseph, and Lydia Roach, int.Sept.16,1827.

Joseph, unm., a.25y., manufacturer, s.Daniel and Nancy, and Laura A. Richardson, unm., a.25y., operative, d.Roswell and Maria, May27,1847.

Nancy M., unm., a.26y., housekeeper, d.Daniel and Nancy, and Luther P. Durgin, unm., a.22y., printer, s.Hazen and Deborah, Aug.13,1846.

Sarah, wid., a.51y., and Noah Rowe, widr., of Boscawen, a.61y., farmer, and cooper, Feb.18,1846.

Thomas J., and Chastina Davenport, Apr.30,1837.

William S., of Boston, and Adeline B. How, Feb.7,1830.

William, of Greenfield, NH, and [] Mary [E. int.] Kimball, July2,1839.

BARNETT (Barnet)

Isabella (Barnet), of Andover, and Charles B. Owler, int.Mar.21,1846.

Jane (Barnet), and John D. Robbins, June13,1843.

John D., and Jane Bodwell [of Dracut. int.], May19,1836.

Margaret, and Michael Power [of Billerica.CR5], July30,1842.

Sarah, unm., a.21y., operative, d.Moses and Susan, and Samuel Lougee, unm., a.24y., carpenter, s.Seth and Joanna, Sept.28,1844.

BARNEY (Barny)

Jacob, and Elizabeth Pickering of Durham, certif. Sept.7,1834.

Mary Ann (Barny), and James Pinkerd, int.Aug.9,1835.

Milton B., and Sarah Davis of Methuen, int.July2,1847.

Ozias M., unm., of Boston, a.31y., truckman, s.John and Margaret, and Angeline E. Graves, unm., a.28y., operative, d.Benjamin and Orinda, Dec.21,1845.


Cummings, and Eliza Peabody, Dec.14,1828.

Jane, and Thomas Duckles, Dec.23,1841.

John, widr., a.51y., shoemaker, s.John, and Emily Thatcher, unm., a.39y., operative, d.Benjamin, Apr.2,1845.

Mary, of Cumberland, ME, and John Cook, int.Feb.5,1832.

Mary, unm., operative, and John Garrety [Garraghty.CR6], unm., laborer, Aug.20,1848.


Emeline, and John W. Piper of Ashburnham, int.Oct.26,1846.

Mary, and William Hubbard, widr., cordwainer, Oct.23,1847.*

BARRETT (Barret)

Ann, unm., operative, and John Dowd, unm., laborer, Jan.13,1849.

Bridget, unm., a.26y., operative, d.James and Mary, and Patrick Daly, unm., a.27y., laborer, s.Jeremiah and Johannah, Apr.15,1845.

Charles, unm., a.22y., tin plate worker, s.Charles T. and Susan, and Mary Ann E. Tower, unm., a.21y., operative, d.Daniel and Mary Ann, Jan.16,1845.

Elizabeth B., of Concord, and Joseph H. Blake, int.Sept.18,1844.

Gilman (Barret), of Boston, and Sarah A.G. Paul, Feb.21,1840.

Huldah, of Royalton, and John Farmer, int.Jan.15,1832.

Isaac, and Mary Breed, int.July4,1845.

John, of Cambridge, and Eliza Jane Fifield, Dec.12,1838.

John S., and Hannah M. Ward, May24,1840.

Mary, of Danvers, and Walter Lovejoy, int.Feb.21,1831.

Oliver S., and Lucy S. Wyman, Oct.2,1835.

Oliver, of Shirley, and [] Sophia Wheeler, Dec.24,1843.

Patrick, and Jane Flynn, Nov.4,1836.CR5

Sabina [Sibby.dup.], unm., a.25y., operative, d.Patrick and Catherine, and John Martin, unm., a.26y., laborer, s.John and Bridget, Sept.30,1847.

Sarah W., of Concord, and Andrew C. Wright, int.Aug.28,1841.

Simon Hawes, and Mary Esther Jane Fox of South Berwick, ME, int.Apr.16,1849.

Thomas, widr., a.50y., laborer, s.Bernard and Johanna, and Mary Tobin, wid., a.50y., operative, d.Daniel and Catherine, Nov.17,1844.

Thomas (Barret), and Mary Ann Riely, Jan.29,1848.CR5*

Thomas, unm., of Manchester, a.22y., operative, s.Patrick and Catherine, and Mary Ann Colwell, unm., of Manchester, a.18y., operative, d.Bernard and Margaret, Mar.29,1848.*

Thomas, unm., s.Michael and Mary, and Bridget Ford, unm., d.James and Julia, June17,1848.


Christopher, jr., and Eliza Willoughby, Mar.8,1844.

Jacob (Baron), and Cynthia Merriam, Sept.11,1842.

Michael (Baren), and Maria Hanibury, Sept.7,1848.CR3*


D[aniel. int.] F., unm., a.24y., painter, s.Jos.and Sarah, and Betsy Bean, unm., [of Franconia, NH. int.], a.25y., operative, d.Francis and Mary, Mar.15,1847.

Foster, of Newton, and Sarah P. Newell, Sept.6,1846.

John, and Alice Wade, int.Sept.26,1831.

Sarah, of Thetford, VT, and Hiram Mason, int.Aug.3,1843.

BARRY (Berry)


Daniel W., unm., a.23y., hair dresser, s.John and Catherine, and Hannah A. Rowell, unm., of West Fairlee, VT, a.19y., d.Francis and Pluma, Aug.29,1847.

BARTLETT (Bartlet)

Abby [Abigail. int.], unm., a.32y., operative, and Joseph Frye, widr., a.39y., teamster, Mar.14,1848.

Abijah [Barlet. int.], and Hannah O. Shepherd [], Aug.17,1842.

Almira C., a.25y., and Alfred G. Harris., a.27., teamster, Feb.15,1849.

Artemas P., unm., a.23y., carpenter, b. Bethel, ME, s.Ebenezer and Lois, and Julia Hodgkins, unm., a.25y., b. Lewiston, ME, d.Jonathan and Sally, Dec.25,1849.

Bela N., unm., a.22y., mechanic, s.Sylvanus and Mary, and Lucy A. Morgan, unm., a.21y., operative, d.Mack and Susan, Feb.27,1845.

Benjamin, and Sarah Nichols, Jan.6,1841.

Celissa B., unm., a.21y., operative, d.Stephen and Lucinda, and Henry Weston, unm., a.29y., machinist, s.Samuel and Sarah, June18,1846.

Daniel F., unm., a.23y., overseer, s.Daniel and Mary, and Sarah Jane Kincaid, unm., a.21y., operative, d.Reuben and Mary, May21,1845.

D[] M., and Amos Lawrence, jr., Mar.1,1836.

Ebenezer N., unm., a.25y., carpenter, s.Ebenezer and Lois, and Elizabeth A[nn. int.] Kimball, unm., a.21y., d.Starbird and Hannah, May21,1846.

Edward, and Sarah Pierce, at Amesbury, July6,1841.

Elisha, M.D., and Elizabeth Slater of Smithfield, RI, int.May11,1829.

Eliza, unm., a.23y., operative, d.Tilden and Eliza, and William S. Chase, unm., of Plaistow, a.22y., cordwainer, s.Edward and Levina, Oct.31,1844.

Betsey J., and Rufus Merrill, July4,1838.

Elizabeth C., and James S. Russell, int.Sept.17,1842.

Emily C. [Ellen C. int.], unm., a.26y., operative, d.Richard and Eleanor, and Justus D. French, a.28y., carpenter, s.Beman and Margaret, Aug.8,1844.

Hannah A. [M. int.], and Jonathan Richardson of West Newbury, Jan.31,1844.

Harvey K., of Illinois, and Dolly W. Barker, Apr.18,1840.

Isaac, and Clarrissa Coburn of Thetford, VT, int.June6,1831.

Joseph, and Mary E. Wright of Newbury, int.May23,1844.

Martha, and Joel A. Wright of Westford, Apr.25,1843.

Martha G., and Charles C. Shackford of Burlington, Iowa, Sept.22,1846.CR1

Mary C., and Andrew W. Moulton, certif. May28,1837.

Mary A., unm., a.25y., b. Williamstown, d.Homer and Mary, and Frederick L. Richardson, unm., of Bath, ME, a.28y., merchant, b. Bath, ME, s.William, Nov.14,1849.

Michael, and Dorothy Stokes, Feb.19,1842.

Nancy H., and William B. Franklin, Oct.19,1836.

Nathaniel, of Troy, NY, and Mary Lewis, Nov.12,1835.

Richard, and Sarah Ann Drew of Alton, NH, int.Feb.26,1827.

Sarah W., and Albert D. Canfield, both unm., Aug.9,1848.

Stephen, and Cyrene Howe, both of Dracut, at Dracut, Jan.23,1842.*

Thaddeus [P. int.], and Sophronia Blake, May13,1842.

Viah, of Townsend, and Jacob K. Cheever, int.Nov.28,1831.


Bethiah, unm., a.19y., operative, d.George and Mary, and Edwin Burnham, unm., a.22y., stone layer, s.Erastus and Violet, Nov.16,1845.

Phidela, and Dennis Hoyt, Oct.29,1832.

James H., and Murinda P. Bursail, Dec.28,1837.

Jemima, unm., a.17y., operative, d.George and Mary, and Charles Roberts, unm., a.21y., operative, s.Levi and Abiah, Nov.10,1846.

Mary Ann, and James Carter, Jan.28,1842.

Mary A.C., unm., a.23y., operative, d.William and Betsey, and Jesse E. Clifford, unm., a.24y., watchman, s.Elisha and Betsey W., Aug.12,1845.

Nancy W., and Lyman D. Hutchings [], Mar.末,1839.

Rosanna, unm., a.17y., d.John, and Samuel T. Waters, unm., a.31y., painter, s.Thomas, May8,1837.


Abigail, and Joseph Mason, Feb.27,1834.

Jonathan, jr., and Lucy Burbank of Millbury, int.Nov.14,1831.

Jonathan, jr., of Boston, and Mary Ann Holbrook, Feb.2,1842.

Tempy, and William R. Page, June19,1836.

Timothy, jr., and Rebecca Daniels of Boston, certif. Sept.17,1837.

William, and Marriam S. Farrington of Claremont, NH, int.Aug.10,1848.

BASFORD (Bassford)

Alanson M., and Nancy C. Richardson, July19,1842.

Eliza Ann [], and David M.G. Livingston, July31,1842.

Emily M., unm., a.19y., d.Ebenezer and Johanna, and Joseph L. Russell, unm., of Greenfield, a.22y., printer, s.Isaac and Lydia, May20,1844.


John B. [], unm., a.21y., blacksmith, s.Alexander, and Ann Young, wid., a.32y., d.John, May8,1848.

BASSETT (Basset)

Caroline, of Bridgewater, and Mertoun C. Bryant, int.May5,1847.

Enoch, and Sally C. Green, bef. Apr.30,1830. [Feb.8. int.] William, and Dorcas L. Hunt [Dec.15. int.], 1828.

BATCHELDER (Bachelder, Bacheller, Bachellor, Batchellor)

Calvin, widr., a.46y., physician, s.Jacob and Mehitable, and Dolly M.P. Steele, wid., a.45y., d.Bennet and Hannah Pike, June9,1844.

Daniel [David.dup.] C., and Mary Ann Drew, Apr.7,1839.

David S. [Bacheller. int.], and Climena [B. int.] Pearson, Jan.30,1842.

Elizabeth and Alvah Blaisdell, Nov.15,1836.

Gordon, and Charlotte B. Rand, July26,1836.

Gorden, and [] Nancy A. Hope, Oct.16,1841.

Hannah [A. int.] (Bachellor) [Bachelder. certif.; Bacheller. dup.], and Stephen F. Sanborn, Sept.3,1837.

Hannah P., and Nathaniel Morrison, int.Mar.19,1842.

Hannah G., of Franklin, NH, and Nathan Carr, int.Oct.17,1846.

Jenness, of Boston, and Rosanna Saunders of Brookline, NH, Feb.17,1841.*

John, and Mary Ann Fuller, int.Nov.25,1832.

John P., a.20y., operative, s.Simon O. and Sophia, and Emily H. Bancroft of Mount Vernon, NH, a.19y., tailoress, d.Stowell and Martha, int.Aug.1,1846.

Josiah (Bachelder), widr., a.40y., trader, s.Isaac, and Hannah Page, wid., a.41y., d.Job Dow, Feb.2,1848.

Judkins R. (Bachelder), unm., of Templeton, a.22y., carpenter, s.David and Sally, and Martha W. Root, unm., a.22y., weaver, d.Eastman and Hannah, June10,1848.

Lucy J[ane. int.], and John B. Putney, Nov.29,1838. [1839. dup.]

Mary E., and John Wiggin, int.Oct.30,1841.

Nancy (Bachelder) [], and Charles S. Wiggins of Colebrook [Stewartstown. int.], NH, Dec.18,1841.

Nathaniel K. [Reuben, of Mount Vernon, NH. int.], widr., farmer, and Mary Weston, unm., operative, Jan.17,1847.

Stephen, jr., and Mary S. Clark, Dec.10,1837.

William, and Euceba [] Abbott, July21,1833.


Abby, of Wilton, ME, and William Forsyth, int.Apr.7,1848.

Charlotte, of Mansfield, and Otis L. Allen, int.Nov.23,1834.

Gilead, unm., a.26y., operative, s.Jacob and Hannah, and Hannah A. Cromwell, unm., a.25y., operative, d.John and Mary, at Dracut, Nov.2,1847.

Joel, and Permelia Richmond, Dec.1,1836.

Mary, of Cambridge, and Horatio C. Meriam, int.Aug.12,1832.

Moses C., unm., and Martha Elliott, unm., of Amherst, NH, Feb.18,1845.*

Otis B., and Mahala A. Harris, both unm., June2,1848.

William W., unm., of Waterville, ME, a.24y., carriagemaker, s.Elijah and Sarah, and Lydia Hobbs, unm., a.20y., pressmaker, d.Stephen and Lydia, Sept.24,1848.


Margaret, unm., a.18y., d.Thomas and Mary, and James O'Connell, unm., of Manchester, a.20y., laborer, s.James and Margaret, Apr.22,1847.*


Benjamin P., unm., a.25y., manufacturer, s.Benjamin, and Lucretia Olds, unm., a.22y., tailoress, d.Gideon, Dec.16,1846.

Charles F., and Elizabeth O. Blake of Exeter, NH, int.Aug.4,1845.

Frank F., and Emily C. Shattuck of Springfield, int.Sept.21,1846.


Ann, and John W. Johnson, Oct.30,1847.


Albert G., se Buxton, Albert G.

Catherine, and Francis Rourk [Roarke. int.], Nov.27,1847.CR5

Darwin D., and Permellia Smith, Apr.28,1833.

Darwin D., and Nancy Rogers, July19,1835.

Edith, and George Johnson, Apr.4,1833.

George, unm., a.28y., trader, s.Levi and Lucy, and Hannah H.B. Kimball of Ipswich, a.23y., operative, d.Josiah and Elizabeth, May8,1845.

Henry Jones [Capt. int.], and Caroline [], Nov.9,1829.

John, and Ann Jeanette Evans, int.Oct.24,1844.

John, unm., a.23y., laborer, s.Denis and Judy, and Isabella Johnson, unm., a.18y., d.Alexander and Mary, Sept.2,1848.*

Laura B., and William Fields, Nov.17,1834.

Michael, unm., and Bridget Curran, unm., both operatives, Mar.17,1849. [Mar.7.CR6]

Sarah, and Morrison Atwood of Hampstead, NH, May8,1839.

Thomas, and Ann McKiernan, both of Manchester, NH, Dec.22,1847.*

BAXTON (Buxton)


Phebe G., of South Reading, and Madison Sweetser, int.Nov.29,1835.


Josiah, and Sophia C. Taylor, May17,1840.

BEALS (Beal, Beale)

Elizabeth A., of Manchester, NH, and John A. Moody, int.July30,1847.

George H. [W. Beal.CR1; of Portland, ME. int.], and Sarah Jane Livermore, both unm., Nov.15,1848.

Isaac (Beale), unm., of Kirkland, ME, (sic), a.26y., merchant, s.Joseph and Mehitable, and Clarissa A. [C.] Packard, unm., a.27y., teacher, d.Lewis and Elizabeth, Nov.5,1847.

John W., and Margaret Nesmith [Na Smith.certif.], June8,1834.

Mary A. (Beal), unm., a.20y., d.Daniel and Mary, and Edwin Harnden, unm., a.25y., expressman, s.Samuel and Nancy, Dec.25,1847.

Robert, and Alice Biggers, Aug.12,1843.CR1


Prudence W., and Amos H. Wright, certif. Nov.6,1836.

BEAN (Been)

Abby M., and Albert M. Tyler, int.Oct.1,1845.

Albert, unm., a.23y., machinist, b. Sandwich, NH, s.Caleb and Betsey, and Elnora A. Sawtell, unm., a.19y., b. Groton, int.Oct.30,1849.

Almira S., and William Lovrien, Aug.3,1834.

Alvah, and Marcia V. Colby of Manchester, NH, int.May24,1845.

Amos, and Eliza Atherton, int.Feb.5,1832.

Ann Maria, unm., a.22y., operative, d.Luther, and Adam W. Adams, unm., a.25y., bleacher, s.Moses, Aug.11,1844.

Ann, unm., of Boston, a.20y., operative, d.Martha, and Henry H. Kelley, unm., of Boston, a.22y., machinist, s.John and Sarah, Nov.14,1847.*

Asa [of], and Sarah R. Doe, Dec.3,1835.

Bradford, of Vermont, and Luseman Currier, Nov.30,1839.*

Caleb M., and Mary D. Maston [P. Marston. int.], Apr.1,1841.

Catharine J., unm., a.20y., operative, d.Henry and Comfort, and Cleaveland J. Cheney, unm., a.23y., carpenter, s.Thomas and Charlotte, May3,1846.

Cordelia J., and Mark Rogers [], Apr.25,1835.

Daniel G., and Damaris Fuller, int.Aug.25,1833.

Daniel R., of Raymond, NH, [a.25y., shoemaker. int.], and Climena C. Gould [a.28y., dressmaker. int.], Dec.9,1848.

Daniel, unm., a.37y., railroad repairer, b. Solon, ME, s.Joseph and Mary, and Martha G. Downs, unm., of Perkinsville, VT, a.25y., b. Bethel, VT, d.Jacob and Sarah, Dec.16,1849.

David J., unm., a.25y., painter, s.David and Mary, and Rosanna Marshall, unm., a.23y., d.Norris and Judith, May22,1844.

Dorothy Ann, and George Sargent, int.July5,1835.

Drucilla G., and John B. Tuttle, Apr.15,1838.

Eben, and Esther Richardson, June5,1841.

Eliza, and Parley Hale, Dec.16,1832.

Eliza C., and George S. Googins, Sept.22,1842.

Elizabeth, and Giddeon Wiggin, Apr.27,1834.

Elisabeth A. [F. int.], and Augustus A. [F. int.] Lund, Aug.7,1836.

Elizabeth H., and Jabez Edwards, Oct.23,1839.CR1

Elizabeth, and Chauncy C. Favor, May7,1843.

Betsy, unm., [of Franconia, NH. int.], a.25y., operative, d.Francis and Mary, and D[aniel. int.] F. Barrows, unm., a.24y., painter, s.Jos.and Sarah, Mar.15,1847.

Elvira S., and Silas D. Tobey, int.Nov.4,1843.

George J. [Been, of Deerfield, NH. int.], and Eliza G. Pike, Sept.1,1835.

George W. [Bearce. int.], unm., a.30y., iron founder, s.Benjamin and Sophia, and Mary J[ane. int.] Thayer, unm., a.22y., milliner, d.Enos and Mary, Feb.26,1845.

George J., widr., and [] Charlotte E. Russell, Nov.25,1847.

Hezekiah B., of Candia, NH, and Rhoda C. Flint, Sept.28,1836.

James, and Dorothy W. Tibbets [], Oct.末, 末. [Sept.29,1833. int.]

Jedadiah P., and Charity B. Grow, June5,1836.

Joel, and Frances Ann West, Nov.26,1844.

John, and Betsey Flanders of Warren, NH, int.July15,1832.

John, and Olive T. Garfield, int.Mar.22,1840.

Leafy C., and Simon B. Page, int.Dec.25,1847.

Levi, and Sarah A. Trumbull, int.Nov.20,1841.

Livona C., unm., a.18y., operative, d.Samuel and Adaline, and Ezekiel Eastman, jr., unm., a.22y., operative, s.Ezekiel and Abigail, Dec.30,1847.

Lucinda, and Amos E. Morrison, certif. Aug.6,1837.

Maria T., and Luther Richards, Aug.25,1839.

Merriam S., and Warren Damon, int.Oct.30,1836.

Mary, of Salisbury, NH, and John Alexander, int.Sept.16,1826.

Mary G., and Benjamin Davis, int.Nov.29,1830.

Mary, and Obadiah Hutchinson, int.Feb.23,1834.

Mary H., and Daniel S. Brown, May7,1838.

Moses H., and Anstriss C. Ray, int.May24,1840.

Nancy, and John Paul of Taunton, int.Aug.9,1830.

Nancy, and William W. Roberts, Mar.6,1831.

Nehemiah S., unm., a.26y., millwright, s.Charles, and Susan H. Buntin, unm., a.26y., tailoress, Dec.11,1845.

Orson K., of Danvers, and Mary Small, June6,1837.

Phineas, and Mary Plasted, int.Jan.6,1833.

Rebecca H., unm., a.16y., operative, and Henry H. Kelly, unm., a.22y., mechanic, both of Boston, May18,1847.*

Ruth R. [S. int.], and John C. Jepson, Jan.24,1841.

Sarah E., and Asa Buttrick of Methuen, July5,1835.

Sarah A., and Lewis Whittier of Boston, at Boston, Oct.19,1845.

Sarah, wid., a.53y., seamstress, d.Henry and Mary Dearborn, and Benjamin Tibbetts, widr., a.70y., cordwainer, s.Elijah and Hannah, Mar.1,1846.

Sarah E., unm., a.22y., and Charles H. Cox, unm., a.24y., operative, at Dracut, Mar.10,1846.

Sarah A., unm., a.22y., d.Joseph and Sally, and Daniel H. Davis, unm., a.24y., machinist, s.Henry and Sally, Feb.3,1848.

Sophia F., and Joel M. Thurston, Apr.26,1840.

Susan E., and Samuel Smith [Swift. int.], Mar.5,1842.

Ursula, and John Elkins, Feb.6,1840.

William W., and Alvira C. Shattuck of Amherst, NH, int.Feb.19,1842.

William H., unm., a.25y., mechanic, and Clarinda J. Garvin, unm., a.18y., operative, Jan.21,1847.


George W., see Bean, George W.

Harriet E., and Hanson W. Small, int.Sept.3,1847.


Charlotte P.M. [J.M.PR1], unm., a.19y., d.Ithamar and Mary W[arren.PR1], and James P. Nourse, unm., a.24y., carpenter, b. Merrimack, NH, s.Francis and Annis [A. int.], Nov.24,1849.

Hannah S.P., b. Littleton, d.Ithamar A. and Mary (Warren), and Jeremiah S. Fulsom [of Pittsfield, NH. int.], Oct.28,1841.PR1

Ithamar A., b. Tewksbury, and Mary Warren, b. Littleton, Apr.23,1812.PR1*

Ithamar W., b. Littleton, s.Ithamar A. and Mary (Warren), and Mary A. Todd, at Portsmouth, NH, Sept.7,1836.PR1*

Mary A., b. Littleton, d.Ithamar A. and Mary (Warren), and Elias D. Pierce, at Brunswick, ME, Sept.19,1836.PR1*

Samuel B., of Andover, and Mary Willis of Tewksbury, Nov.16,1842.*


Sarah A., unm., a.23y., tailoress, d.John and Hannah, and John S. York, unm., a.22y., shoemaker, s.John and Mary, Mar.29,1847.


Miriam, of Lyndeborough, and John F. Taylor, int.Jan.17,1831.


Marrietta, and William R. Condin, both of Boston, Nov.13,1836.*

Samuel, unm., a.23y., tinplate worker, s.Samuel and Hannah, and Caroline A. Merrill, unm., a.18y., dressmaker, d.John and Betsey, Aug.10,1844.

Thomas, and Elizabeth Hargraves [], Aug.8,1842.


Ann, unm., a.19y., d.John and Elizabeth, and Moses B. Wells, unm., of Dracut, a.20y., farmer, s.Josiah and Eunice, May9,1844.


Catharine P., and Caleb Kelsey [], Oct.1,1833.


Lavina, and Elijah Knapp, Apr.5,1827.


Thomas [], widr., a.38y., barber, s.John and Ann, and Clarissa L. Marsh, unm., a.29y., operative, d.William and Parmey, Feb.13,1848.


Charlotte E. [A.CR1], unm., a.17y., d.Joseph and Ann, and Charles S. Eastman, unm., a.28y., druggist, s.Isaac and Abigail, Feb.17,1848.


Matilda G., unm., a.25y., operative, d.Peter and Sarah, and Benjamin W. Dodge, widr., a.35y., stone layer, Sept.16,1845.

Moses V., and Mary D. Wiggin of Durham, int.Jan.22,1849.


Franklin S., and Mary R. Jones, Dec.28,1841.*

Franklin S., and Sarah Jane Noyes, at Tewksbury, June9,1844.

Nathaniel E., and Asenath R. Spiller, both of Croyden, NH, Oct.17,1844.*


John, and Mary Skerit, int.Oct.30,1848.

BELDEN (Belding)

Emily (Belding), and Samuel Finemore, int.Aug.24,1844.

Matilda, unm., a.24y., d.Hiram and Lucetia, and John L. Brewster, widr., a.43y., laborer, s.Isaac and Betsey, Dec.4,1848,

Salome [Bilder. dup.], and William Sanborn [Sanborne and Sandborne. dup.], Nov.29,1837.

Sarah, and Perry Young of New Bedford, int.Aug.2,1843.


Charlotte, and Jefferson Nichols of Saco, ME, int.Apr.15,1832.


Alexander, and Rosanna Burgin, Nov.30,1837.

Betsy, unm., a.34y., operative, d.Jefferson and Mary, and Barber Bush, a.47y., machinist, s.Farbanks and Chiny, Apr.10,1847.

George L., and Eliza A. Fairbanks of Dedham, int.June9,1839.

Granville, unm., of Salem, a.25y., machinist, s.D. and P., and Caroline A. Wright, unm., a.22y., operative, d.O. and N., Aug.5,1846.

Hannah P., and Moses Allen of Lynn, Dec.4,1839.

John A., of Hookset, NH, and Sarah Blake, int.Dec.3,1835.

Mary Anne, unm., and James Robinson, unm., both operatives, Jan.16,1849.

Robert S. [G., of Methuen. int.], and Sophronia B. Doe, Oct.15,1835.

Thomas, and Harriet Sweetland, Oct.11,1829.CR1

Thomas J., and Emily Dean, Mar.17,1835.

Thomas, and Elizabeth Upton, int.Jan.28,1838.


Clarissa M., unm., a.23y., operative, d.George and Mary, and Moses L. Sumner, unm., a.26y., carpenter, s.George and Susanna, Mar.7,1847.

Gracia Ann, see Bellows, Thracia Ann.

Mary A[nn. int.] H., and Noah F. [T. dup.] Farr, Mar.12,1839.

Samuel M., and Mary P. Peabody of New Boston, NH, certif. May1,1836.

Thracia Ann [Gracia Ann. dup.], and Noah Horn of Farmington, Jan.22,1838. [1837. dup.]


John, unm., a.24y., operative, s.Peter and Ann, and Sarah McGuinn [McGinn. int.], a.23y., operative, d.Patrick and Ann, Mar.6,1848.


Samuel, unm., of Dracut, a.26y., teacher, s.Jasper and Electa, and Sarah E. Kent, unm., a.18y., dressmaker, d.James and Rachel, Aug.16,1846.


Caroline Matilda, and Henry Cochran [Coffin. int.], jr., Dec.3,1835.

Elbridge G., of Dracut, and Betsey M. Holt, Jan.8,1843.

Sarah W., and Ebenezer E. Gordon, Aug.末,1834.

Sarah, unm., of Dracut, a.18y., d.Elisha and Nancy, and Thomas Thurston, unm., a.23y., machinist, s.Moses and Phebe, Oct.13,1847.


Ann Maria, and William P. Briggs of Woburn, int.Dec.2,1838.

BENNETT (Benett, Bennet)

Alden B., of Amherst, and Elizabeth Stevens, certif. Nov.13,1836.

Amos C., and Elizabeth P. Field, Sept.7,1843.

Amos F., unm., a.21y., cigar maker, s.Francis and Mary, and Amy Littlefield, unm., a.21y., operative, d.Stephen and Nancy, at Dracut, July30,1845.

Caroline (Bennet), and James W. French, Mar.25,1838.

Catharine, unm., operative, and Samuel P. Howes, limner, Nov.10,1844.

Elizabeth, and Aaron B. Howe, Aug.31,1834.

Francis, unm., of Dracut, s.Francis and Angeline, and Catherine [Elizabeth.CR5] Shanley, unm., of Dracut, d.Martin and Catherine, July28,1848.*

Harriet, a.27y., and Enoch P. Messenger, a.21y., both unm., Nov.11,1848.

Julia, and Moses Comfort [Comefort.CR5], both of Manchester, NH, Nov.21,1843.*

Levi, jr., and Eliza M. Rogers of Northfield, NH, int.May11,1842.

Lydia, unm., of Manchester, NH, a.20y., operative, d.Leo and Julia, and Bellitan Ash, unm., of Manchester, NH, a.21y., laborer, s.John and Julia, July21,1845.*

Mary J., and John A. Dix, Nov.12,1843.

Mary E., unm., a.21y., teacher, d.Abijah and Mary, and Benjamin [F. int.] Felch, widr., a.26y., peddler, s.Daniel and Ruth, Mar.9,1846.

Moses M., unm., a.28y., railroad repairer, b. Maine, s.Joseph and Abigail, and Martha Kenney, unm., a.24y., b. Maine, d.John and Martha, Dec.7,1849.

Olive S. [A. int.], unm., a.20y., d.S., and Charles E. Arnold, unm., a.23y., mason, s.T. and M., Apr.18,1847.

Oscar B. [F. int.], widr., of Cambridge [Somerville. int.], a.31y., brick maker, s.Moses and Rhoda, and Cynthia H. Dutton, unm., a.25y., operative, d.Samuel, Oct.13,1845.

Peter (Benett), unm., a.21y., laborer, s.Joseph and Angeligue, and Josette Danice [Danin. int.], unm., a.18y., d.Joseph and Mary, Sept.13,1845.

Sarah M., and Alfred Corey, int.Apr.21,1839. [Banns forbidden by Abijah Bennett.]

Sarah N., and Nathaniel Parker of Pepperell, int.Feb.21,1841.

William S. (Bennet), and Susan [H. int.] Davis, at Framingham, Sept.14,1837.

William [Wilder. int.], and Mary Ann Davis, Nov.22,1840.

William R., unm., a.26y., japanner, s.Martin and Julia Ann, and Ellen Donovan, unm., a.24y., d.Mary, Sept.14,1848.


Aurelia, and Edward Bode, both Canadians, June6,1842.CR5*


Eliza C., unm., a.17y., d.Samuel and Emily, and Hiram W. McDuffy, unm., a.22y., carpenter, s.James and Joanna, Aug.30,1846.

Betsey A., unm., a.24y., d.Ebenezer and Lydia, and Charles Gilbert, unm., a.27y., mechanic, s.Martin and Ruth, at Billerica, June20,1847.

Hiram, unm., a.23y., machinist, s.Lyman and Enilia, and Roxana D. [B. int.] Young, unm., a.20y., operative, d.Noah and Mary, Oct.29,1846.

Margaret, and Edward McKelvey, int.Oct.18,1835.

William, unm., a.29y., carpenter, s.Thomas and Margaret, and Margaret McDonnell, wid., a.30y., d.Charles and Ellen, Dec.2,1847.


Amos, and Mary Ann Weeden, int.July7,1846.

Angeline, unm., a.22y., operative, d.William and Mary, and Alexander Libby, unm., a.22y., farmer, s.Alexander and Nancy, June26,1845.

Ann Maria, unm., a.24y., operative, d.Michael and Ann, and Henry B. Pond, unm., a.29y., clerk, s.Martin and Amie, Feb.14,1847.

Samuel, and Elizabeth A. Piper, Jan.7,1843.


Eliza, and Silas Kenney of Royalston, Aug.23,1837.


Michael, unm., a.22y., laborer, s.James and Alice, and Maria Hambury [], unm., a.24y., d.Owen and Margaret, Sept.7,1848.


Louis [unm., a.21y., blacksmith, s.Poulain and Marguerite. int.], and Celina Dufraine [unm., a.17y., d.Battiste and Josette [Julie Gaszatc. dup.] int.], May21,1849.


Harmonius F., unm., a.22y., tinplate worker, s.Harmonius and Margaret, and Hannah C. Priest, unm., a.23y., operative, d.Abel and Hannah, Oct.9,1844.

James H., unm., painter, s.Harmonious and Margaret, and Leafy D. Chandler, unm., dressmaker, d.Daniel and Susan, July3,1844.

Jane O., unm., a.26y., operative, d.Harmonius and Margaret, and Joseph R. Dale, unm., a.26y., carpenter, s.Peter and Elizabeth, Nov.16,1845.

John, and Ansina Thompson, both of Dracut, June9,1838.

Margaret E., unm., a.23y., dressmaker, d.Harmonious and Margaret, and Edwin L. Stearns, unm., a.22y., machinist, s.Joseph and Sarah, July3,1844.

Rebekah G., and Phineas R. Haynes of Salem, NH, int.June24,1848.

BERRY (Barry, Bary)

Alfred, and Augusta M. Quimby of Sandwich, NH, int.Jan.3,1846.

Elmira W. [], and Clement Upham, May5,1842.

Bridget [], a.25y., d.末末 McCabe, and Oliver Moulton, unm., a.25y., watchman, s.John and Olive, Dec.25, [1845 or 1846.]

Caroline, and Joshua Hanson, int.Aug.14,1848.

Catherine (Barry), and Michael Donovan, int.Mar.18,1847.

Charles [R. int.], and Emily Jones, Oct.1,1840.

Charles R., widr., a.25y., shoemaker, s.John and Frances, and Eliza Wilson, unm., a.20y., spinner, d.John A. and Persis, Aug.28,1845.

Daniel (Barry), unm., a.34y., wheelwright, s.John and Susan, and Mary J. Eastman, wid., a.33y., d.Simon and Polly Fox, Dec.3,1845.

David (Barry), unm., and Elizabeth Keely [], unm., both operatives, Jan.21,1849. [Jan.25.CR6]

Eleanor (Barry), and Theodore Baheskey, certif. Apr.2,1837.

Elizabeth A. [], and Oliver J. Conant, Dec.28,1834.

Hermon, and Mary Peabody, int.Dec.11,1831.

James (Barry), unm., a.22y., operative, s.Richard and Ellen, and Catherine Walton, unm., a.20y., operative, d.James and Honora, Nov.20,1847.

James, unm., a.22y., laborer, s.Benjamin and Abigail, and Lucinda Hobbs, unm., a.19y., d.Stephen and Lydia, July8,1849.

John N., and Didemia R. Hull, int.Oct.8,1842.

John (Barry), unm., a.28y., s.John and Mary, and Catherine Arina [Annan. int.], unm., a.26y., d.Patrick and Hanora, Feb.10,1849.

Julia (Barry), and Thomas Callahan, Oct.2,1836.CR5

Louisa (Barry), and John Brown of Springfield, int.Sept.29,1833.

Martha, and Merrill M. Follett [Follet. dup.], both of Methuen, June1,1837.*

Mary, and Walter Madigan [of Boston. certif.], June5,1837.CR5

Mary (Barry), and Patrick Hannifin, int.Jan.27,1849.

Michael (Bary), unm., a.22y., laborer, and Catharine Egan, unm., a.21y., int.July5,1849.

Moses N., and Emeline Braley, int.Nov.1,1845.

Nancy M., of Waltham, and William Meads, int.Aug.12,1832.

Patrick, and Bridget Driscoll, int.July20,1829.

Patrick (Barry), and Catharine Dugan [Durgin. int.], Feb.20,1841.CR5

Phebe Ann (Barry), of Royalston, and Luther Taylor, int.Dec.30,1832.

Richard (Barry), widr., a.30y., laborer, s.William and Bridget, and Catharine Murphy, unm., a.20y., operative, d.Thomas and Judith, Feb.1,1847.

Sarah W., and Henry Wiggin, Nov.15,1834.

Sarah S. (Barry), unm., of Sudbury, a.27y., d.David and Anna, and James Libbey, unm., a.32y., farmer, s.Samuel and Elizabeth, Aug.16,1845.

Stedman (Barry), unm., of Springfield, a.28y., machinist, s.Benjamin and Jane, and Judith Jones, unm., a.21y., operative, d.Isaac and Hannah, Nov.26,1846.

Timothy (Barry), unm., a.30y., laborer, s.Patrick and Hanora, and Mary Leary, unm., a.22y., d.Patrick and Catherine, May19,1849.

Tristam, unm., of Andover, a.28y., machinist, s.Robert S. and Jane, and Harriet F. Clark, unm., of Andover, a.28y., d.Fanny, Apr.4,1848.*

William [], of Georgetown, and Ruth P. Russel [Russell. dup.], May30,1839.

William, unm., a.30y., laborer, s.John and Mary, and Jane County, wid., a.36y., operative, d.John and Jane Brown, May22,1845.

William, unm., of Boston, a.27y., teamster, s.Nowell and Hannah, and Lucinda Pierce, unm., of Chelmsford, a.19y., spinster, d.Marshall and Mary, Oct.12,1845.*


Jabez [Besse. int.], and Lydia [] York, Oct.25,1834.

Thankful Elizabeth, and Hiram Higgins, int.Feb.29,1844. [Forbidden by T.E. Bessey, Mar.1.]


Silas, and Julia Ann Huse, Mar.19,1833.


Mary, and Ansel Tucker, int.Jan.19,1834.

BICKFORD (Bigford, Pickford)

Aaron R., and Maria Knight, Nov.14,1843.

Abraham, and Sarah Morey, int.Nov.7,1831.

Amelia [] C., and Jedediah Danforth, July1,1827.

Ann, and George Granshaw, int.Apr.12,1835.

Anthony S., and Sarah Pearl, Dec.11,1837.

Benjamin, unm., a.28y., operative, and Emery [] J. Gray, unm., a.22y., operative, Feb.16,1847.

Brintha, and Edward F. Tilton, int.Nov.13,1848.

Caroline B., and Samuel Cilley, July4,1841.*

Eliza A., unm., a.18y., d.Dodifer and Lydia, and Joseph Weare, unm., a.21y., machinist, s.John and Polly, July3,1848.

Betsey N., and Joseph Tilton, int.July30,1837.

Emily, and Joel A. Leighton of Exeter, NH, Oct.6,1843.*

Hannah T., and Nicholas Lougee, int.Jan.25,1832.

Hannah, Mrs., and Geroge Teel, Sept.25,1842.

Hezekiah C., unm., of New London, NH, a.29y., physician, s.Daniel and Martha, and Paulina A. Coburn, unm., a.25y., d.Prescott and Dolly, June17,1846.

Horatio N., unm., a.26y., operative, s.Thomas and Annis, and Adlene Nutting, a.18y., d.Phineas and Mary E., Aug.18,1844.

Ira L., unm., a.24y., operative, s.Isaac and Sarah, and Charlotte A. Howe, unm., a.18y., operative, d.Charles M. and Betsey, Apr.14,1849.

Joseph, and Abigail C. Kimball, Oct.5,1843.

Lovey, and John L. Eaton of Salisbury, NH, int.Mar.12,1837.

Lydia P. (Bigford), and Henry L. Dodge, int.Feb.17,1833.

Martha G., and Hiram Hansom, Feb.6,1837.

Mary [], and Robert Atkinson, July20,1835.

Mary, and Abijah Gilson, Sept.9,1841.

Moses, unm., of Dracut, a.27y., blacksmith, and Louisa Hopkins, unm., a.25y., operative, Nov.16,1844.

Sarah Ann, and Benjamin F. Demeritt, May31,1837.

Simeon B., and Louisa Plaisted, int.Oct.18,1845.

Susan K., unm., a.24y., operative, d.Levi and Sally, and James M. Varnum, unm., of Candia, NH, a.30y., farmer, s.Josiah and Lucy, Apr.17,1848.


Abigail, and Hezekiah A. Hutchinson, Apr.11,1834.

Cinthia, and James V. Atkinson, June28,1827.

Martha, and Elbridge G. Reed, int.Sept.21,1844.

Mary, and Daniel Ferrington, abt. 1829. [Aug.3,1829. int.]

Samuel F., and Elizabeth L. Burnham, int.Sept.24,1846.

Zimri, and Hannah Stewart, Oct.30,1847.

BIGELOW (Biglow)

Erastus B., and Eliza F. Means, at Concord, May16,1843.

P.P.M. and Martha Kelly, Dec.5,1840.

Isaac, jr., of South Natick, and Anneth [Annette. int.] Cargill, Nov.21,1841.

Lucinda A. [], unm., a.21y., operative, d.Joseph, and Edward D. Washburn, unm., of Boston, painter, Mar.22,1846.

Lydia H., and Daniel Cutting, Dec.1,1830.

Nancy, of Petersham, and Solon Stevens, int.Dec.14,1848.

Sumner, and Hannah W. Corson, Apr.9,1839.


Alice, and Robert Beals, Aug.12,1843.CR1


Salome, see Belden, Salome.


Edwin R., of Boston, and Alice C. Searles, May25,1848.*

Emerline, and Dwight C. Strong, June23,1839.


Abigail, Mrs., and Daniel Billings, June18,1840.

Almira, unm., a.40y., dressmaker, d.Ephraim and Esther, and Simon T. Fletcher, widr., of Carlisle, a.39y., tailor, s.Joseph and Lucy, Aug.13,1846.

Ann, and Daniel H. Knowlton, int.Apr.22,1832.

Charles, of Fitchburg, and Mary Ann Lakin, July4,1837.

Daniel, and Mrs.Abigail Billings, June18,1840.

George W., and Abigail Nason, Sept.13,1840.

James R., and Esther Clark, Sept.23,1841.

John, and Adaline Wilkins, May5,1836.

John, widr., a.38y., expressman, s.D. and A., and Elizabeth G. Fifield, unm., a.28y., d.E.O. and A.G., June21,1848.

Mary E., and Horatio A. Bright, int.Apr.22,1847.

Silas P., and Joanna Heald, int.June24,1833.


George, unm., of Carlisle, farmer, s.Harris and Emily, and Caroline L. Eastman, unm., d.William and Sarah, Nov.27,1845.

John, unm., of Andover, a.33y., mechanic, s.John and Ann, and Mary Delaney, unm., a.26y., operative, d.Edward and Mary, Jan.27,1845. [Jan.11.CR3]

John, unm., of Ballard Vale, a.37y., operative, s.John and Ann, and Hannah Kelley, unm., of Ballard Vale, a.26y., operative, d.Michael and Hannah, Oct.16,1848.

Mary R., of Boston, and Oliver A. Richardson, int.Jan.12,1834.


Charles G[eorge. int.], and Emily J[ane. int.] Hannaford, Apr.2,1849.

Harrison C., of Rossville, Ohio, and Helen M. Carter [], Nov.8,1843.

Julia, unm., and Jeremiah Andrews, widr., Oct.6,1847.

BIRVEY (Borvey)

Alexander [Borvey.dup.], of Durham, ME, and Martha Ann Corbel of Dracut, June20,1841.*


Ira, and Zilpha M. Mitchell, Jan.8,1843.

Irene, and Pyam Hovey, Sept.4,1842.

Louisa, unm., a.40y., seamstress, d.Louisa, and Ebenezer Sargent, widr., a.52y., carpenter, s.Edward and Mary, June29,1848.

Rufus [jr. int.], of Brunswich, ME, and Marianne Brown, Dec.7,1843.

Salome B., and Richard B. Foss, Jan.13,1844.

William H., and Sarah Barker, July4,1840.


Abigail H. [Fisher. dup.], and John D. Phelps, Oct.22,1837.

Arabella A., and Joseph H. Smith of Newbury, int.Oct.28,1844.

Mary Ann, and Lot S. Coburn of Pelham, NH, int.Sept.8,1839.

Sophronia, and John B. Barnes, Nov.22,1832.

Thomas L., and Lydia M. Hibbard, int.Aug.4,1848.


Almira A., and Jacob Nickols, Sept.17,1837.

Clarinda [Pixley.dup.], and Benjamin Still, Mar.12,1839.

Dolly C., and William Hale, int.Nov.17,1833.

Hannah, and Ambrose Woodward, int.Aug.16,1835.

Louisa, and Otis Allen, int.Oct.2,1831.

Sophia, and George W. Loverin, May1,1842.*

Thomas, widr., and Elizabeth [G. int.] Hadly, wid., Aug.30,1848.


Abigail, and Cyrus Harraman [Harriman. int.], June2,1840.

Ann R., unm., [of], a.18y., operative, d.Jonathan and Mary H., and Edward J. Martin, unm., a.20y., machinist, s.Edward and Sybil F., May6,1849.

Ellen, a.22y., dressmaker, and George Howes, a.25y., operative, both unm., of Maine, Feb.27,1848,*

Janet, and David Arthur, Apr.20,1849.

Patrick, unm., a.25y., laborer, b. Ireland, s.Peter and Margaret, and Catherine Sheridan, unm., a.21y., b. Ireland, d.Patrick and Mary, int.Dec.20,1849.


Ardillia, Mrs., of New Bedford, and John Dearbon, int.Aug.17,1834.

Lucy, and James Carolin [Carlin. int.], Nov.18,1843.

BLACKER (Blackler)

John H. [name altered to Blake. dup.], and Lucia Whitney, Mar.1,1832.

Sarah P. (Blackler), and Joseph W. Collins, int.Dec.1,1833.


Warren, and Elizabeth Gassett, Mar.21,1846.CR1


Angeline, unm., a.24y., weaver, d.Benjamin and Betsy, and Miller J. Rogers, unm., a.24y., weaver, s.John and Mary, Mar.3,1845.

Eliza A[nn. int.], unm., a.22y., dressmaker, d.Benjamin and Betsey, and Horatio P. Moar [Marr. int.], unm., a.32y., machinist, s.Dennis and Sarah, at Dracut, Sept.28,1845.


Emily, unm., a.23y., operative, d.William and Nancy, and Elisha Record, unm., a.23y., millman [laborer. int.], s.Elisha and Martha, Aug.23,1846.


Mehetabel, a.27y., d.Hugh and Nancy, and Albert Hale of Lawrence, a.28y., teamster, s.Calvin and Mary, June8,1847.

Peter, and Elizabeth Rogers, May29,1835.

BLAISDELL (Blaisdel)

Adaline F., of Campton, NH, and Warren Damon, jr., int.Oct.13,1847.

Alvah, and Elizabeth Batchelder, Nov.15,1836.

Charles E., unm., a.21y., painter, s.Tracy and Frances, and Mary M. Hutchinson, unm., a.18y., dressmaker, d.Willard and Mary, June15,1847.

Cordelia A., and David P.H. Varnum of Lawrence, int.Jan.12,1848.

Daniel, and Mahitable Hale, int.Dec.24,1826.

Deborah, of Windham, NH, and Amos C. Rollins, int.Oct.28,1838.

Elizabeth F., and Nathan B. Mowry, int.Oct.16,1845.

Harrison G., and Margaret J. Dunlap, int.Nov.7,1846.

Helen C. [E. int.], unm., a.18y., d.Emeline, and Elbridge C. Witham, unm., of Lawrence, a.23y., machinist, s.Daniel W. and Meribah F., Dec.5,1847.

James D., unm., a.18y., operative, and Sarah A. French, unm., a.22y., operative, d.Sarah, Nov.21,1847.

Joel S., of Carlisle, and Maria Vose of Westford, Dec.5,1848.*

John, and Rosanna McCann, July26,1841.

Jotham, of Roxbuury, a.22y., and Adeline C. Smith, a.27y., Jan.11,1848.

Julia Ann, of Windham, NH, and William Rollins, int.Mar.20,1839.

Mary E., and Benjamin Fletcher of Littleton, int.Mar.2,1844.

Otis, unm., a.22y., shoemaker, s.Jacob and Mary, and Hannah Wilkerson, unm., a.19y., d.Robert and Ann, June7,1849.

Sarah (Blaisdel), and Francis Baker, Sept.10,1841.

Sarah Jane, unm., a.20y., d.Stephen and Nancy, and John P. Choate, unm., a.22y., machinist, s.Constantine and Abe, Aug.2,1846.

Sarah L., unm., a.18y., dressmaker, d.Ralph and Lydia, and James H. Denton, unm., a.23y., brass founder, s.John and Rebecca, Apr.4,1847.

Theophilus C., and Harriet M. Wadleigh, Oct.7,1841.*

Timothy R., and Hannah M. Prentiss, both of Hudson, NH, July10,1841.*

Wells, of Dracut, and Elizabeth Golden, Nov.22,1840.*

William A., unm., of Manchester, NH, a.28y., painter, s.William and Hannah, and Sarah C. Mason, unm., [of Dover, NH. int.], a.25y., operative, d.George R. and Mary, Feb.19,1845.

William of Goffstown, NH, and Rebecca Allen, int.Oct.3,1846.


Adaline J., wid., a.24y., dressmaker, d.Gideon and Nancy Moore, and John A. Palmer, unm., a.26y., trader, s.Moses and Polly, July18,1847.

Almira, and Joseph P. Dolloff, Sept.26,1842.

Asenath, and Charles Allsent, Feb.17,1844.

Calvin F., unm., of Cabotville, a.22y., farmer, s.Enoch and Betsey, and Amanda Richardson, unm., a.26y., farmer, (sic) d.Nathaniel S. and Mary, Oct.24,1844.

Dulcena, unm., of [Stark. in pencil. int.] New Hampshire, a.25y., operative, d.Jonathan and Lois, and Alexander Dewey, unm., of Vermont, a.25y., mechanic, s.Joseph and Julia, Dec.25,1847.

Eliza D., and John J. Parker of Dracut, int.Jan.6,1844.

Betsey A., unm., a.18y., d.John and Betsey, and Daniel A. Wilson, unm., [], a.23y., trader, s.Daniel and Mary, May1,1845.

Elizabeth O., of Exeter, NH, and Charles F. Battles, int.Aug.4,1845.

Emily, and Plummer Cobb, July1,1832.

Ira, and Adeline F. More, Dec.27,1840.

John H., see Blacker, John H.

John P. [F. int.], and Betsey Cornell [Dec.14. int.], Dec.末,1834.

John M., unm., a.25y., carpenter, s.Royal and Mary, and Harriet A. Burnham, unm., a.22y., operative, d.John P., and Deborah, Sept.8,1844.

Joseph H., and Elizabeth B. Barrett of Concord, int.Sept.18,1844.

Lois A., a.24y., and Jesse H. Foster, a.26y., machinist, both unm., May5,1849.

Lucretia P., and Thomas Carney, Oct.5,1840.

Lucy, unm., a.23y., d.Samuel and Lucretia, and Nahum Jones, widr., of Boston, a.38y., shoe dealer, June17,1846.

Lyman, unm., a.25y., peddler, s.Moses and Fanny, and Zeruah Rollins, unm., a.22y., operative, d.James and Nancy, Jan.5,1846.

Mary E. [], and Alfred Nutter [a.35y., carpenter. int.], May4,1847.

Marinda R., and M. Homer Mandell of Concord, int.Apr.28,1847.

Nancy, and Nathan Robins [], Nov.8,1832.

Olive, of Exeter, NH, and Forrest Eaton, Aug.31,1840.

Sarah, and John A. Bell of Hookset, NH, int.Dec.3,1835.

Sarah A., unm., a.20y., operative, and Guildford D. Taylor, unm., of Boston, a.23y., trader, Jan.21,1847.

Shuah, of Exeter, NH, and Forrest Eaton, int.Dec.16,1838. [Dec.30. dup.]

Sophronia, and Thaddeus [P. int.] Bartlett, May13,1842.

Thomas, unm., a.25y., farmer, s.William and Sarah, and Betsey F. May, unm., a.20y., d.Whitcomb and Mary, Dec.13,1846.

Wesley, and Dorothy Grant, Nov.18,1840.

William Francis, and Betsey Ann George, int.July21,1845. [Publishment stopped July25 on request of John H. Blake, brother of William F. Blake, who "asserted to it," the age of the parties being 17 and 14 years.]


Bridget, unm., a.25y., b. Ireland, d.John and Ann, and James O'Berne, unm., a.25y., laborer, b. Ireland, s.Francis and Ellen, Nov.26,1849.


Abba A., of Boxford [Boxboro. dup.], and Eliab G. Reed, int.Nov.8,1848.

Amos, jr., Rev., and Caroline R. Draper of Dover, NH, int.May17,1830.

Angelina, and Currier Barnard, int.Dec.29,1833.

Anna, Mrs., and Silas Farmer of Tewksbury, int.May31,1829.

Ann D., and Joseph T. Cram, certif. June5,1837.

Clara, of Wilton, NH, and John F. Kimball, int.Aug.1,1846.

Cornelius W., and Sarah Sherburn [Sherburne. int.] of Tyngsborough [at Tyngsborough.dup.], May23,1841.

Dulcina P., and Alfred Upham, June27,1841.

Betsey M., and Alpha B. Farr, Oct.6,1842.

Elvira S., unm., a.24y., dressmaker, d.Emery C., and Joseph K. Page, unm., a.25y., housewright, s.Edward, Aug.11,1844.

Levi M., of Leominster, and Eliza Nutting, int.Apr.1,1845.

Livona, and John Hodsdon, int.Sept.25,1831.

Luther, and Jane Emerson, Jan.23,1837.

Mary, and Aaron Rice, int.June9,1833.

Mary A., of Wilton, NH, and Elbridge G. Woodman, int.Aug.18,1839.

Phebe T., and Charles T. Drew of Lawrence, Apr.8,1849.

Rhoda, unm., a.34y., operative, d.Cyrus and Chloe, and Jesse Huse, widr., a.44y., boarding-house keeper, s.Enoch and Sally, at Dracut, Feb.10,1847.

Russell, unm., of Morgan, OH, a.25y., lawyer, and Leonora M. Wright, unm., a.20y., operative, Oct.4,1848.

Sawyer, and Caroline G. Morrison of Sanbornton, NH, int.Sept.29,1833.

Sawyer, and Rebecca Huce, certif. July9,1837.

Sylvania M., and Eliphalet S. Nutter of Barnstead, NH, int.Jan.7,1845.

William D., unm., a.24y., machinist, s.Benjamin and Sarah, and Henrietta W. Rice, unm., of Dracut, a.24y., dressmaker, d.Samuel and Mary, at Dracut, Aug.19,1847.


Ellen, unm., a.21y., d.Michael and Ann, and Michael Rielly, unm., a.22y., laborer, s.Thomas and Rebecca, Jan.8,1849.


Bernard, unm., a.22y., laborer, b. Ireland, s.Michael and Ellen, and Ann Hagan, unm., a.21y., b. Ireland, d.Patrick and Bridget, Oct.22,1849.

Charles M., unm., of Hartford, VT, a.26y., manufacturer, s.Charles and Ellen, and Susan O'Reily [Susan A. Kelly.CR6], unm., a.21y., operative, d.Charles and Bridget, July26,1847. [Aug.2.CR6]

James R., and Mary Moran, Nov.4,1847.


Abel C., and Eliza R. Davis, Nov.4,1843.

John N., and Mary J. Cobb, int.Oct.21,1843.

Mary B., unm., a.21y., operative, d.Reuben and Ruth, and James A. Moors, unm., a.28y., operative, s.James and Catherine, Nov.18,1848.


Arther M., and Nancy Ann Parker, Aug.29,1836.

Mary Ann, unm., a.19y., dressmaker, d.Amplius and Lavina, and Oel B. Stevens, unm., a.31y., carpenter, s.Elias and Olive, Aug.12,1844.

Mary E., and John F. Pashio of Billerica, int.Apr.5,1845.

Sally, of Marblehead, and John L. Richardson, int.Dec.24,1827.

BLODGETT (Blodget)

Alice M., unm., a.23y., dresser, d.James and Polly, and William S. Johnston, unm., a.24y., blacksmith, s.Jonah and Hannah, Feb.28,1847.

Jonas P. (Blodget), unm., of Dunstable, a.38y., yeoman, s.John and Mary, and Agnes W. Smith, wid., a.39y., operative, d.John and Abigail Symons, July2,1844.

Luther (Blodget), and Almira Glover, int.Sept.13,1835.

Lydia, unm., of Littleton, a.36y., d.Joshua and Lydia, and George Pushee, widr., a.39y., shoemaker, s.John and Persis, Apr.26,1846.

Nancy P., unm., of Groton, and Daniel C. Pease, unm., of Lynn, mechanic, June7,1847.*

Sarah [W. int.] (Blodget), and Samuel [G. int.] Cheney, Jan.末,1836.

Sally, of Littleton, and John H. Kidder, int.Jan.29,1837.

Wilder D., and Eliza J. Ellenwood of Dracut, int.Aug.27,1842.


Abel, of Dunstable, and Betsey Davis, int.June13,1826.

Abigail, and George Hodgman, May19,1831.

Abigail C., and Joel Saunders, May4,1836.

Amos, of Boston, and Adaline P. Wadleigh, int.Dec.8,1839.

Andrew, and Hannah M. Douglass, Sept.12,1837.

Aretas, unm., a.28y., machinist, s.Nathaniel and Roxcellina, and Lavinia Kendall, unm., a.27y., housekeeper, d.Temple and Prudence, Sept.4,1845.

Augusta D., of Dracut, and Moses G. Gordon of New Hampton, NH, at Dracut, Nov.16,1842.*

Benjamin, of Methuen, and Abigail Frost, int.Dec.31,1842.

Benjamin A., unm., of Methuen, a.28y., butcher, s.Kimball and Martha, and Olive J. Emmons, unm., a.22y., dressmaker, d.Abram and Oliver (sic), Apr.15,1847.

Benjamin [A. int.], 2d m., a.29y., butcher, and Charlotte H. Gardner, unm., a.26y., Apr.4,1849.

Charles A., unm., of [] Chelmsford, a.25y., stone cutter, s.Charles and Betsey, and Sarah M. Clark, unm., a.23y., teacher, d.Jonathan and Sarah, Mar.13,1848,

Charlotte, of Carlisle, and Samuel Sherman, int.Nov.14,1830.

Betsy Elizabeth, and Charles Moore of Woburn, int.Feb.2,1834.

Emeline, and Joshua Wedgwood, June11,1835.

Harriet, unm., and Harrison Prescott, unm., of New London, NH, farmer, Jan.30,1849.*

John L., and Emeline Greely of Londonderry, NH, at Londonderry, NH, Oct.29,1839.

Jonathan, and Elizabeth Lunt, int.Sept.1,1839.

Joseph, of Chelmsford, and Sarah Clark, Aug.27,1838.

Lewis C., unm., a.25y., machinist, s.Rogers and Martha, and Sophronia B. Jennings, unm., a.24y., operative, d.Lewis and Abigail, Sept.21,1845.

Lucindia, and Moses Whittier, at Townsend, July3,1832.

Lucy, and Willard Robbins, jr., both of Dunstable, bef. Apr.30,1830.

Martha, unm., a.21y., and Joel Dix, unm., a.31y., trader, July4,1847.

Martin L., and Abigail Furnald, Sept.11,1833.

Mary E., of Dracut, and Jesse Clement of New Hampton, NH, at Dracut, Aug.21,1841.*

Mary Jane, unm., a.20y., d.Elijah and Sarah, and Nathan W. Scott, unm., a.28y., dresser, s.Luther and Matilda, Sept.24,1846.

Nathaniel, widr., farmer, s.Benjamin and Mary, and Sarah Leavitt, unm., a.20y., Oct.13,1844.

Otis B. [R. int.], of Boston, and Lydia C.B. Kendall, Aug.14,1836.

Preston, and Adaline Stewart, Oct.22,1837.

Rebecca S., and Robert Burns of Boston, int.Feb.19,1832.

Rufus, unm., a.29y., painter, s.Zebulon and Anna, and Susan Brown [Bradt. int.], unm., a.20y., seamstress, d.Uriah and Susan, June4,1848.

Samuel, unm., a.22y., manufacturer, s.Prescott and Cynthia, and Sarah Cunningham, unm., a.21y., manufacturer, (sic), d.Timothy and Mary, Dec.25,1844.

Sarah, and Thomas P. Young, Mar.30,1835.

William S., and Jane Winn of Hudson, NH, int.Apr.22,1832.


Laura, and Job S. Eaton, at Concord, Aug.25,1839.

Parnell, and John B. Carll, Sept.21,1834.

Sarah K., and Samuel Putney, Apr.18,1837.


Sophia, and Thurlow Haskell, int.Sept.4,1831.

BOARDMAN (Bodman, Bordman)

Amos, and Sarah Worthing [Worthen. int.], June18,1840.

Elizabeth, and Ambrose H. Sanborn, Oct.5,1840.

Ellen Smith, of Boston, and Daniel Norcross, int.Apr.29,1832.

Hannah (Bordman), and William M. Thomas of Atkinson, NH, int.Apr.22,1845.

Langley H., and Viana C. King, int.May16,1846.

Lucy, and Peter S. Coburn of Dracut, May2,1843.

Mary Ann (Bodman), and John Entwistle, Feb.18,1843.

Sarah F., unm., a.18y., dressmaker, d.Amos and Lydia, and George Derbyshire, widr., a.35y., s.George and Sarah, Oct.14,1847.

Warren, unm., a.29y., operative, s.Amos and Lydia, and Eliza B. Hadley, unm., a.32y., operative, d.John and Submit, Nov.7,1847.

William E., and Susanna R. Upton, Nov.13,1841.

William W., and Angeline Packard of Buckfield, ME, int.Sept.21,1847.


Thomas [S. int.], and Mary Fisher [Lischer. int.], May15,1839.


Edward, and Aurelia Benoit, both Canadians, June6,1842.CR5*


Charles H., and [] Ann Colburn, Jan.15,1842.


William, and Mary Shepherd, Feb.13,1835.


Enoch, and Clarina F. Coburn, Nov.24,1835.*

Jane, and John D. Barnett, May19,1836.

Mary N. [V., of Dracut. int.], and Samuel S. Rugg, Dec.末,1834.

Nancy, a.29y., d.Isaac and Sarah F., and Charles Hale, widr., of Rowley, a.31y., shoemaker, s.Pemberton and Susanna, int.Aug.31,1848.


Charles, unm., a.24y., laborer, s.Patrick and Nancy, and Bridget Dorsey, unm., a.22y., d.Hugh and Bridget, Oct.23,1848.

Johanna, unm., a.20y., operative, b. Ireland, d.Michael and Ellen, and James Kelaher, unm., a.23y., founder, b. Ireland, s.Mathew and Ellen, Sept.8,1849.

Mary, and John Cronin, Jan.16,1844.


Oxeana P., and Samuel B. Goddard, jr., Feb.16,1840.

BOHONNON (Bohannon, Bohomon, Bohonan, Bohonon)

Benjamin S., and Maria L. Capen of Concord, NH, int.Oct.25,1835.

Lucretia [Bohonon. int.], and Samuel T. [P. int.] Scott, Mar.15,1838.

Samuel (Bohonon), and Nancy Shiply [], Aug.24,1841.

Shuar (Bohomon) [Bohonan. int.], and Nathaniel B. Favor [Favour. dup.], Oct.9,1831.

Sophia B. Bohannon, and Philip Kimball of Bradford, Sept.10,1829.


Lewis D., and Laura M. Root of Middlefield, int.Jan.27,1839.

BOLAN (Bolen, Botlan)

Michael (Bolen), unm., [of Fall River. int.], a.24y., laborer, s.John and Catherine, and Mary Byrne, unm., a.19y., d.James and Ann, May23,1848.

Thomas (Botlan), unm., of Haverhill, a.24y., operative, s.Patrick and Ellen, and Peggy Claffy, a.19y., operative, d.Edward and Ann, Mar.4,1848.*

BOLES (Bolles, Bowle)

Emily Ann, of Methuen, and William B. Kittredge of Pelham, NH, July4,1843.*

John (Bowle), and Hannah J[ane. int.] Tallant, Mar.17,1835.

Julia C. (Bolles), of Chelsmford, and Francis Snow of Wilmington, at Chelmsford, Aug.10,1848.*

BOLIA (Bolio)

Lewis, ofThree Rivers, Lower Canada, and Hannah P. Sanderson, certif. June11,1837.

Thomas (Bolio), and Mary Perkins, int.June18,1842.


James, of Gilsum, NH, and Lucinda Petts, int.Jan.7,1843.


Alfred, and Almira Foster, Dec.24,1833.

Mary J., unm., a.18y., d.George W. and Marinda, and James Dustan, unm., a.21y., coachman, s.Franklin and Lucy, at Billerica, Jan.14,1847.

Micah, and Hannah Worthen, Nov.8,1835.

Sabin, and Ann H. Thomas, Jan.24,1847.

BOND (Bonde)

Asa M., of Portland, and Mary A. Dickey, Oct.1,1843.

John [Bonde. int.], unm., a.23y., painter, s.William and Elizabeth, and Mary Doyen, unm., a.18y., d.John and Lydia, Nov.30,1848.

Sarah Jane, unm., a.18y., operative, d.Thomas and Nancy, and David Witherell, unm., a.30y., machinist, s.David and Ruth, Nov.24,1846.


Joseph, unm., of Manchester, a.21y., operative, s.Peter and Mary, and Olivia Legros, unm., of Manchester, a.18y., operative, d.Frank and Salome, Nov.27,1847. [Nov.26.CR5*]


Esther, of Peterborough, and Patrick J. Hanly of Lyndeborough, Oct.15,1843.*

Hannah, unm., of Georgetown, a.21y., domestic, d.Denis and Bridget, and Jeremiah McCarty, unm., of Georgetown, a.30y., mechanic, s.John and Bridget, June21,1845.*

BONNEY (Bonny)

Crowell, jr., and Dorcas A. Haynes, May8,1842.

Jane S. (Bonny), and Daniel A. Kidder, Apr.6,1843.

Milton, and Mary Ann Nay of Cambridgeport, int.Jan.2,1845.

West, of Oxford, Ohio, and Maria Rice, int.July8,1838.


Hannah W., and Orimel C. Ingram, int.Dec.10,1842.

Harriet [unm.dup.], operative, a.24y., d.Joseph and Mary, and Joel M. Marshall [unm.dup.], painter, a.26y., s.Eton and Lucy, at Dracut, Dec.29,1844.


Daniel, unm., a.22y., blacksmith, s.Daniel and Mary, and Priscilla Baker, unm., a.22y., d.Abner and Priscilla, June27,1847.


Joseph, unm., a.25y., operative, s.Joseph and Elizabeth, and Elisa [] Ford, unm., a.24y., operative, d.John and Elizabeth, Nov.8,1845.

Margaret, and Joseph Carson, both unm., Oct.16 [26.CR1], 1848.

William, and Mary Cassidy [], Nov.27,1840.CR5

William, unm., of Winchendon, a.24y., carpenter, s.Field, and Almira Ann Smith, unm., a.23y., tailoress, d.Ebenezer, Apr.17,1848.


Louisa T., and Ruben A. Campbell, Apr.12,1832.

Roxana [], of Roxbury, dressmaker, a.23y., d.Samuel and Sally of Turner, ME, and Daniel Torsey, operative, a.23y., s.William and Cynthia, of Winthrop, ME, at Roxbury, Dec.22,1844.


Jane, Mrs., and Ruel Johnson of Woburn, int.May15,1836.

BORDEN (Boyden)


Patrick, unm., a.25y., mason, s.Patrick and Catharine, and Bridget Kane, unm., a.22y., domestic, d.John and Mary, int.May24,1849. [Stopped by P. Borgoine May28.]


Alexander, of Dunham, ME, and Martha Ann Corbet of Dracut, June20,1841.*


Almira J., unm., a.23y.d.Francis and Betsey, and Isaiah Dow, unm., a.21y., carpenter, s.Israel and Abigail, Nov.25,1845.


Betsey, and Charles D. Emerson, int.Sept.10,1842.

George W., unm., a.22y., farmer, s.Isaac and Betsey, and Huldah J. Austin, unm., a.20y., operative, Oct.9,1848.

Hannah C., unm., a.23y., operative, d.Isaac and Betsey, and Josiah W. Smith, unm., [of], a.26y., machinist, s.Richard and Hannah, Oct.2,1845.

Susan, and George W. Hanscom, int.Aug.25,1839.


William W., unm., of Newton, NH, a.24y., shoe dealer, s.James and Eliza, and Mary J. Parrish [Parish.dup.], unm., a.22y., operative, d.Obediah and Eliza, Nov.27,1847.


Jane, unm., a.36y., operative, d.Zenas and Catharine, and Elijah Nash, unm., [of Chicago, IL. int.], a.30y., joiner, s.Asa and Phebe, Nov.19,1847.

Roxana, and Wiilliam Lewis, int.Nov.25,1843. [Forbidden Dec.5, by Roxana Bosworth.]


Francis, and Catherine Lehan, Aug.22, [1843.]*

BOURBEE (Bourby)

Clarissa [Burbank. int.; Bourker.CR5], a.19y., operative, d.Austin and Alice, and Francis Lesfort [Lesure. int.; Lesport.CR5], unm., a.22y., operative, s.Andrew and Eliza, Feb.7,1848.

Louisa (Bourby), and Peter Specie, Feb.24,1840.

Peter, unm., a.21y., operative, s.Andre and Eliza, and Lonsilla Labee [L'Abbee.CR5], unm., a.18y., operative, d.Francis and Ellen, Feb.7,1848.*


Clarissa, see Bourbee, Clarissa.

BOUTELL (Boutwell)

Ebenezer, and Sarah B. Richardson, int.Aug.26,1832.

Eliza A. (Boutwell), unm., a.19y., operative, d.Oren and Olive, and Asaph K. Churchill, unm., a.22y., operative, s.Harriet, at Dracut, Nov.24,1847.

John, unm., a.26y., blacksmith, s.Calvin and Charlotte, and Abigail Nickless, unm., a.21y., operative, d.Francis and Parthenia, Oct.22,1846.

Louisa (Boutwell), and Elbridge G. Murrey of Dunstable, NH, int.June3,1832.

Sarah, and David M.G. [McG. certif.] Cutler, Oct.20 [25. dup.], 1837. [Oct.24,1838. dup.]

William, and Ruhamah Rogers, Oct.27,1842.


Abram, and Roxana Farrar of Ashburnham, int.July16,1842.


Archibald, and Sarah J. Eastman, bef. Apr.30,1830. [Aug.19,1829. int.]

Julia M., of Cambridgeport, and Thomas A. Parker, int.Aug.31,1844.


Ann, and Artemas Holden, Oct.16,1823.*

Augustus, and Laura [A. int.] Mitchell [of Pittsford, VT. int.], Jan.20,1841.

Clara A., unm., a.17y., d.James and Hannah, and Frederick Holten, unm., a.28y., merchant, s.Luther and Betsey, May21,1844.

Clarrissa, and Samuel R. Caldwell of Newburyport, int.Dec.18,1831.

Darius, of Dracut, and Esther V. Read, Oct.20,1842.

Francis H., unm., a.31y., manufacturer, s.Francis and Chloe, and Martha Ann Sherburn, unm., a.21y., d.John and Abigail, Jan.16,1845.

Henry, and Eliza Ann Dows, both of Billerica, Feb.3,1838.*

Isaac P., and Emeline F. Johnson, Mar.8,1842.

John, and [] Ann Howard, Sept.9,1841.

Joseph, and Almaria Stevens of Chelmsford, int.Nov.22,1830.

Mary, of Dracut, and Horace P. [D. dup.] Stone, July27,1837.

Micajah, see Bowns, Micajah.

Sewall, unm., of Chelmsford, a.37y., laborer, s.Joseph and Rhoda, and Sylvia P. Fisher of Chelmsford, a.23y., d.Joseph and Sylvia, Nov.25,1847.

Thaddeus C., unm., a.27y., carpenter, s.Peter and Rachel, and Hannah Wiley, unm., a.21y., operative, d.Robert and Hannah, June5,1845.


Margaret, and John Hurley, May14,1849.


Samuel W., and Mary Ann S. Smith of Sanbornton, NH, at Dracut, Feb.21,1839.

BOWLER (Bowrer)

James, 2d m., [of Manchester, NH. int.], a.28y., laborer, s.Thomas and Catherine, and Margaret Sullivan, 2d m., a.28y., [wid.Michael. int.], and d.Cornelius and Mary, July20,1849. [July.14.CR6]

John, and Mary Fitzgerald, int.Apr.12,1843. [Withdrawn by John Bowler.]

Patrick [Bowrer. int.], unm., a.23y., s.John and Ellen, and Mary Garvey, unm., a.21y., d.John and Ellen, Feb.13,1847.


Catherine, and James Sullivan, Jan.28,1838.CR5

Ellen, see Towlin, Ellen.


Marilla D., unm., a.33y., operative, d.William and Mary, and Bradbury D. Brown, unm., a.32y., yeoman, s.Stephen and Nancy, at Dracut, Dec.20,1846.

Roswell, of Framingham, and Cassandara Persons, Feb.12,1844.*


Abby S., and Joseph H. Wilson, both of Boston, Oct.23,1836.*

BOWNS (Bowers)

Micajah [], and Lucinda J. Spalding, both of Chelmsford, Dec.3,1835.


Harriet D. [], of Hallowell, ME, and David J. Moody, Feb.19,1832.

Joseph, unm., of Marlborough, a.36y., shoemaker, s.John and Sophia, and Mary E. Bridge, unm., a.32y., dressmaker, d.Charles and Susan, Apr.20,1847.

Loring N., unm., a.29y., machinist, s.Abram and Patience, and Phila A. Seaver, unm., a.23y., d.J.W. and Sarah, June10,1847.

BOYDEN (Borden)

Caroline [Borden of], and Sewell Fiske, Dec.25,1827.

Caroline F., unm., a.23y., d.Horatio and Harriet, and Charles R. Nichols, unm., a.24y., trader, s.James and Sarah, Dec.24,1846.

Harriet A., and Edwin L. Shed, Dec.24,1845.CR1

James H., of Medfield, and Mary Kendall, Dec.15,1834.

John (Borden), and Julia Cox "alias McCabe" [McCabe.CR6], Nov.24,1847.

Mary E. (Borden), and John F. Fenno of Chelsea, int.Apr.9,1844.

William, and Irene Putney of Nashua, NH, certif. Aug.24,1834.


Bethiah [M. int.] and Samuel Dakin, jr. [of], Aug.27,1826.

Susan T. [Boynton. int.], unm., a.22y., operative, d.Mark and Desire, and Andrew J. Walker, unm., a.25y., machinist, s.John and Catherine, at Dracut, Sept.21,1845.

BOYLE (O'Boyle)

Ann [] (O'Boyle), unm., a.18y., operative, d.Neil and Ann, and Patrick Carroll, unm., a.25y., operative, s.John and Mary, June13,1848.

Bridget, and James Donnelly, int.June7,1835.

Catherine, and Andrew Smith, int.Feb.15,1835.

Daniel, and Susan Cullian [Cullin. int.], Oct.31,1843.

John, and Margaret McGrath, Nov.28,1847. [Nov.27.CR6]

Mary, and James Drysdale, Feb.22,1839.

Mary, see Boyle, Ann.

Michael, and Bridget Moneghan, int.June14,1835.


Alonzo W., unm., a.22y., operative, b. Jefferson, ME, s.Amos and Rachel, and Matilda A. Rollins, unm., of Pittston, ME, a.21y., b. Pittston, ME, d.James and Abigail, int.Oct.4,1849.

Amos R., and Lucretia Ring, June4,1843.

Amos R., 2d m., a.35y., physician, b. Dracut, s.Amos and Clarissa, and Mary C. Hale, unm., a.27y., b. Norridgewock, ME, d.Calvin and Maria, int.Nov.14,1849.

Augusta, of Carlisle, and John Carlton, int.Dec.23,1848.

Benjamin F., and Louisa Fiske [Fisk. int.], Sept.22,1839.

Clarrissa R., and Joseph B.V. Richardson, Dec.末,1834.*

Desire, unm., of New Hampton, NH, a.21y., b. New Hampton, NH, d.Mark W. and Desire, and Joseph H. Trask, unm., a.21y., teamster, s.Daniel and Lucy, int.July14,1849.

George, and Emeline Corliss, Dec.4,1841.

Hannah H., and Thomas C. Mason, both of Dracut, Aug.20,1843.*

James W., unm., a.22y., manufacturer, s.Samuel, and Mary Ann Graves, unm., of Dracut, a.21y., operative, d.William, Oct.9,1847.

James M., and Abby Tay [] of Townsend, Oct.26,1847.

John, and Almira Smith, Mar.8,1843.

John, unm., of Rowley [], a.24y., shoemaker, s.Ebenzer and Jane, and Hannah G. Whitredge, unm., a.26y., operative, d.John and Nancy, Dec.6,1844.

Louisa, of Carlisle, and Justin Cochran, at Carlisle, Nov.30,1843.*

Lucy H., of Carlisle, and John O. Livingston, at Carlisle, May14,1840.

Mark C., unm., of Boston, a.26y., teamster, s.Mark and W., and Ruth A. Trask, unm., a.21y., operative, d.James and T., Sept.27,1845.

Morrill H., and Jane Dean, Nov.27,1842.

Moses H., unm., of Andover, a.26y., carpenter, b. Andover, s.Benjamin and Belinda, and Julia A. Spear, unm., a.23y., b. New Portland, ME, d.William and Mary, int.Dec.7,1849.

Nathan, jr., and Betsey E. Wright, int.May24,1835.

Noah, and Abigail Clifton, int.Apr.25,1843.

Perkins, of Boston, and [] Mary A. Robbins, Feb.28,1839.

Sarah, and Ai Sherwin, int.Oct.9,1831.

Cybil, of Pepperell, and Heman Huntington, int.Jan.16,1832.

Susan T., see Boyington, Susan T.

Susan H., unm., a.21y., operative, d.Samuel and A., and William A. Stafford, unm., a.23y., machinist, s.William H. and H., Mar.6,1848.

Thankful Maria, of Carlisle, and Abel Nichols, int.May19,1833.

BRABROOK (Brabrooke)

George T. (Brabrooke), and Susan E. Day, Feb.4,1844.

Joseph A., and Eunice A. Hill of Keene, NH, int.Sept.2,1833.

Joseph A., and [] Elizabeth M.F. Manning of Sturbridge, at Sturbridge, Jan.28,1841.

BRACKETT (Bracket)

Augusta A., a.20y., operative, d.Isaac and Mary, and Evi P. Twitchell, unm., a.25y., operative, s.Evi and Irena, Feb.23,1848.

Daniel G., and Roxanna Tuttle, Apr.1,1839.

Eliza W., Mrs., and Samuel Fellows of Franklin, NH, int.Mar.1,1845.

Eliza Ann, wid., a.33y., d.Benjamin and Sophia Jones, and Wesley P. Balch, widr., of Boston, a.53y., merchant, s.John and Phebe, Nov.3,1847.

Elizabeth, and Gayton Ellenwood, Oct.4,1843.

Ellen M., unm., a.20y., operative, d.Alfred and Priscilla, and Albion P. Stiles, unm., a.24y., machinist, s.Moses and Almira, Jan.2,1847.

George, and Sarah C. Lewis, July1,1840.

George, and Elizabeth Sargent, int.Aug.9,1840.

John B., unm., a.25y., carpenter, s.Nathaniel and Elizabeth, and Elizabeth D. Burr, unm., a.21y., operative, d.Arba and Ruth, July13,1846.

Lydia, Mrs., and Solomon Cunningham of Swansville, ME, Nov.6,1842.

Michael G., and Hannah Harrington of Waltham, int.Apr.30,1827.

Michael G., and Elizabeth Goodhue of Newburyport, int.Apr.12,1829.

Osgood (Bracket), of Boston, and Mary French, May26,1836.

Samuel, unm., a.25y., overseer, s.Ebenezer and Clarissa, and Esther H. Sterling, unm., a.21y., operative, d.James and Esther, May15,1845.

Sarah, and Charles Parker of Cambridgeport, int.Oct.7,1838. [Oct.21. dup.]


John, jr., and Lois Colllins, Nov.13,1842.


Charles [of], and Eliza D. Stone, Jan.27,1831.


Alpheus, and Mary Jane Longfellow, May5,1839.

Sarah C., and Sabins Traverse, int.Feb.2,1834.

Wingate, Esq., of Athens, ME, and Sarah L. [S. int.] Hodgdon, Oct.26,1837.


Caroline, unm., a.24y., d.William and Eunice, and James Lord [James], unm., a.24y., manufacturer, s.Isaac and Dorcas, Dec.31,1846.

Dana B., of Freetown, and Harriet S. Jones, Sept.12,1838.

Elizabeth, and James Liner, Dec.8,1833.

Margaret S., of Waltham, and Seth Ames, Esq., int.Oct.2,1831.

Rufus, and Hellen Tutle of Boston, int.May17,1835.

BRADLEY (Bradely, Bradly)

Agnes, of Tewksbury, and George Gillis of "Sunkhaze" Plantation, ME, Nov.12,1829.CR1*

Caleb L., and Louisa Litchfield of Scituate, int.Aug.3,1844.

Catherine, and Frederick Folsom, both of Tewksbury, Dec.14,1829.CR1

Catharine (Bradely), and John Carney, int.Oct.21,1843.

Catharine, unm., a.22y., operative, d.Patrick and Mary, and James Campbell, unm., a.27y., operative, s.Charles and Mary, Oct.7,1844.

Dorcas A., and John D. Sturdevant, Oct.18,1841.

Betsey [Bessy.CR2], and William Fqr. Pennington, Feb.6,1843.

H. Almira, and Clark K. Lewis, Aug.27,1838.

Harriet, and Jefferson Bancroft, s.Daniel of Warwick, and grands.Raam, of Reading, Dec.24,1826.

Henrietta M., and William W. Norton, int.Sept.6,1840.

Hugh (Bradly), and Elizabeth Gray, Aug.2,1840.CR5

James, and Mary McCarn, certif. Oct.19,1834.

James (Bradly), and Catharine Rogers [], Nov.20,1842.

J. Brooks, and Nancy H. Dean, Mar.15,1842.

Levi, unm., a.24y., farmer, b. Acton, s.William and Ruth, and Susan J. Daniels, unm., a.22y., [operative. int.], b. Campton, NH, d.James and Hannah, Sept.5,1849.

Mary [Anne. int.], and John Kenny, abt. Feb.12,1839.CR5

Mary J., of Dracut, and Charles W. Thompson, Nov.24,1842.

Mary, see Brady, Mary.

Patrick (Bradly), and Susan McVey [], Jan.30,1842.CR5

Patrick, unm., a.26y., [], laborer, s.James and Rose Ann, and Catharine Maguire, unm., a.22y., operative, d.Hugh and Roxanna, Sept.24,1846.

Peter, unm., a.20y., laborer, s.Peter and Mary, and Ann Daley, unm., a.17y., d.Owen and Margaret, Jan.15,1848.

Rebecca Ladd, and Samuel A. Coburn, May13,1830.

Sarah Ann, and Henry S. Orange, June10,1841.

Susan [], and John McIntire [McEntire.CR3], Apr.21,1844.CR3


Carlos, and Lucilda Brintnell of Mansfield, int.June16,1847.


Susan D., unm., a.36y., d.Nathan and Phebe, and Daniel Thompson, unm., a.41y., carpenter, s.William and Hannah, Oct.19,1847.


Barnabas N., of Chelmsford, and Joanna C. Butterfield, Jan.12,1831.

Daniel, unm., a.41y., trader, s.Barnabas and Margaret, and Sarah F. Merrill, unm., a.23y., d.John and Betsey, Nov.20,1845.

David, and Hester M. Bailey [of Boston. int.], Feb.21,1840.

Susan, see Brown, Susan.

BRADY (Bradey)

Eliza[], unm., operative, and Patrick McCarty, unm., laborer, Jan.9,1849.

James, and Alice McGarty [], Oct.16,1847.

John, unm., a.26y., laborer, s.Patrick and Catherine, and Elisabeth Rankin, unm., a.20y., d.William and Jane, Aug.4,1848.

Mary [], and Phelix Rodgers, May25,1842.CR5

Mary Ann [G. int.], and Stephen Phillips of Uxbridge, Aug.2,1843.

Mary, and Richard McGrane, Nov.30,1847.*

Mary (Bradey) [unm., a.23y., operative, d.Patrick and Catharine. int.], Thomas Reilley [unm., a.25y., laborer, s.Patrick and Catherine. int.], May22,1849.CR3

Patrick, unm., a.23y., laborer, s.Patrick and Honora, and Ann Galloghly, unm., a.21y., operative, d.Bernard and Mary, Apr.7,1845.

Patrick, unm., [2d], a.43y., laborer, b. Ireland, s.John and Bridget, and Mary Heland, unm., a.30y., b. Ireland, d.John and Bridget, Sept.14,1849.

Thomas, unm., a.27y., laborer, and Bridget Casey, unm., a.22y., May20,1847.

William G., and Lucy A. Richardson, Sept.2,1841.

BRAGDON (Bradon, Bragden, Brogden)

George (Bradon), and Maria Davis, Nov.17,1831.

John (Bragden) [Brogden. dup.], and Margaret Dean, Sept.30,1838.

Maria L., unm., a.30y., operative, d.John and Lydia, and Ephraim Crabtree, unm., of Hancock, ME, a.32y., farmer, s.George and Rebecca, at Dracut, Oct.27,1846.

William, and Phebe N. Brown, int.Nov.14,1831.

William T. [Bragden. dup.], and Sarah Hammatt, Apr.9,1840.

William T., and Fanny Pearson, Mar.4,1844.


Betsey A., and Jeremiah B. Jones of Rumney, NH, int.Dec.27,1845.

Betsey D., and Levi Brown, Oct.24,1848.

Emily V., unm., a.24y., operative, d.Ariel and Eleonora, and Samuel W. Morrison, unm., of Henniker, NH, a.24y., farmer, s.Samuel and Betsey, Dec.17,1845.

Laura A., unm., and David R. Hale, unm., July31,1848.

Lorenzo D., and Sarah T. Gardiner, int.May19,1830.

BRAINARD (Braynard)

Asceneth (Braynard), and Moses A. Styles, Nov.27,1836.

Elizabeth, see Brennon, Elizabeth.

Emma H. (Braynard), unm., a.19y., d.Spencer and Betsey, and William D. Moody, unm., a.24y., lockmaker, s.William and Jane, Dec.31,1848.

Hannah [], unm., a.30y., dressmaker, d.S. and P., and Ivory L. Huckins, unm., of Somersworth, NH, a.47y., shoedealer, Sept.13,1847.

Sarah, and Harrison Trull, Aug.2,1843.


Emeline, and Moses N. Berry, int.Nov.1,1845.


Caroline P., and John Perham, Nov.13,1841.


Mary C., unm., a.23y., d.Palmer and Betsey, and John L. Ferson, unm., a.23y., mechanic, s.John and Lucy, Nov.1,1846.


Charles, and Sarah Nickelson, Nov.16,1840.CR5


Catharine, unm., a.26y., operative, d.Michael and Bridget, and Andrew Clark, unm., a.25y., laborer, s.Andrew and Mary, Mar.31,1845.


Edwin, of Milton, and Clarissa Smith, int.Oct.15,1842.

Elijah, and Lucy Lovejoy, June24,1827.


James, and Mary Maguire [McQuade. certiff.], Aug.21,1837.CR5


Caroline K., unm., a.21y., dressmaker, d.Henry K., and Thomas Nichols, unm., a.25y., painter, s.William, June12,1845.

Emeline Augusta [Reed.dup.], of Salem, and Thomas Delf of New York, at Salem, Nov.12,1837.*

Mary, and Isaac Barrett, int.July4,1845.

Thomas K., jr., and Percis Hezeltine of Methuen, int.Jan.18,1835.

BREEN (Brein, Brene, Brine)

Isabella, unm., a.21y., d.Patrick [John. int.] and Mary, and Michael McGlaughlin, unm., a.24y., trader [a.27y., laborer. int.], s.James and Ellen [Charles and], July19,1849.

Mary (Brene) [Brein.CR5], unm., a.19y., operative, d.Hugh and Sarah, and James McEntee, unm., a.26y., operative, s.Michael and Ann, June8,1848.

Sarah (Brine) [Breen. int.; Brene.CR5], unm., a.18y., operative, d.Hugh and Sarah, and William Corey, unm., a.23y., operative, s.Charles and Rosanna, Oct.21,1848.


Patrick, and Catherine Lenney, int.May13,1832.

BRENNAN (Bannan, Brannan, Breenan, Brenan, Brennen, Brennon, Brinnen)

Anne, and Bernard Flood, Feb.24,1848.

Bridget [Brannan. int.], unm., a.28y., servant, d.Richard and Mary, and Patrick Murray, unm., a.30y., laborer, s.John and Catherine, Oct.13,1845.

Catherine (Brennen), and Terrance McLaughlin, int.Oct.17,1830.

Catherine, and Patrick Salmon [Simmon. int.], Aug.12, [1843.]

Catherine, unm., a.20y., d.James and Margaret, and William Masterson, unm., a.24y., laborer, s.James and Catherine, Aug.21,1847.

Elizabeth (Brennon) [], unm., a.24y., d.Owen and Mary, and Peter Lynch, unm., a.29y., laborer, s.Peter and Mary, Sept.23,1847.

George (Brenan), of Chelmsford, and Joannah Ivery, May14,1843.*

James (Brenan), unm., of Boston, a.25y., pumpmaker, and Anne Furlong, unm., a.21y., May28,1849. [May29.CR6]*

John (Bannan) [Branan, of], and Catherine Clark, Sept.30,1840.CR5

John (Brenan) [Breenan. int.], widr., a.28y., laborer, s.John and Anastasia, and Mary Kenny [], unm., a.22y., operative, d.Patrick and Honora, Jan.15,1846.

John (Brenan), unm., laborer, and Catharine Timothy, unm., operative, June22,1848.

Margaret, unm., a.22y., d.Timothy and Bridget, and William Weeks, unm., a.25y., laborer, s.William and Mary, Oct.7,1847.

Margaret, wid., a.34y., d.John and Hannah, and William Gleason, widr., a.29y., laborer, s.Michael and Elisabeth, Sept.20,1848. [Sept.18.CR3]

Matthew (Brannan), unm., s.John and Ann, and Fanny Sexton, unm., d.Patrick and Ann, July1,1848.

Thomas (Brinnen), and Ellen Ann Sloey, int.Feb.7,1841.

Thomas, and Ann Price, int.Dec.27,1847.

Thomas (Brenan), widr., a.45y., laborer, and Bridget Pendergast [Pender.CR6], unm., a.32y., operative, Oct.15,1848.*

William (Brannan), unm., of Andover, a.22y., mechanic, s.Martin and Catherine, and Mary Murphy, unm., a.22y., operative, d.Peter and Mary, Aug.13,1845.*


Harriet, Mrs., of Boston, and Jonathan B. Clark, int.Nov.16,1829.


Dorcas D., unm., a.24y., tailoress, d.Lewis and Anne, and Joseph Brown, unm., a.28y., carpenter [operative. dup.], s.John and Mary, May6,1849.

John L., widr., a.43y., laborer, s.Isaac and Betsey, and Matilda Belden, unm., a.24y., d.Hiram and Lucetia, Dec.4,1848.


Daniel W., unm., a.24y., carpenter, s.Thomas and Mary, and Martha H. Cleaveland, unm., a.23y., tailoress, d.Benjamin and Lydia, June11,1848.


Anna F., of Haverhill, and Joshua Roberts, int.July25,1841.

Martha A.K., of Newburyport, and William H. Moody, int.July21,1833.

Sarah Frye [of Andover, ME. int.] and Joel Lewis, Nov.6,1829.


Rufus W., and Mehitabel [R. certif.] Lovering, Oct.9,1836.

BRIDGES (Bridge)

Erastus C. (Bridge), and Roxanna McLane, Sept.11,1839.

Jane (Bridge), and Benning Pinder, Sept.6,1846.CR1

John (Bridge), unm., a.27y., carpet weaver [carpenter. int.], s.Thomas and Christian, and Adaline C. Carroll, unm., a.21y., d.John W. and Sarah, July14,1849.

Mary E. (Bridge), unm., a.32y., dressmaker, d.Charles and Susan, and Joseph Boyd, unm., of Marlborough, a.36y., shoemaker, s.John and Sophia, Apr.20,1847.

Mary, of Tewksbury, and Rich E. Carter, int.Sept.23,1848.

Rebecca, and Lorenzo G. Long, Aug.25 [20. dup.], 1838.

Samuel Woodbury, and Sabra Herrick, both of Wilton, NH, Feb.5,1837.CR1*

Thomas (Bridge), and Louisa Cotter, Dec.25,1843.


Caroline, unm., a.20y., and Isaac L. Noyes, unm., a.25y., mechanic, July20,1848.

Emaline, unm., d.Benjamin and Mary, and N. F[letcher. int.] Draper, unm., laborer [clerk,], s.Nathaniel and Betsey [June4. int.], 1849.

George W., unm., of Somerville, a.23y., operative, s.Abel and Ruth, and Caroline F. Dane, unm., of Somerville, a.23y., operative, d.Osgood and Mary, Nov.26,1846.*

BRIERLY (Brieley)

Ann [], and William Derbyshire [Darbyshire. int.], Feb.5,1842.

Edmund [Edward.CR2], and Margaret M. Thompson, Oct.28,1843.

John, and Mary Moon, Nov.19,1840.


Andrew, and Aldusta [] A. Willoughby, Oct.25,1847.

Betsey Ann, and George Wing, Feb.26,1839.

George, and Hannah H. Hoopkins of Dedham, int.Aug.13,1831.

James M., and Cordelia Roberts, int.Sept.22,1839.

James, and Mary Merriman, Jan.18,1842.CR5

John, and Mary Ann Jeffers, int.May16,1846.

Martha Ann, and Jonathan C. Parker of Stoughton, Oct.18,1839.

Simeon, jr., unm., operative, s.Simeon and Martha, and Maria J. Willoby, unm., operative, Sept.24,1848.

Sumner, unm., a.31y., carpenter, s.Simeon and Martha, and Sophia Hadley, unm., a.39y., dressmaker, d.Jacob and Charlotte, June1,1848.

William P., of Woburn, and Ann Maria Benjamin, int.Dec.2,1838.


Abram, and Alma Moore, abt. 1831. [Mar.20,1831. int.]

Adeline, and Wilder Hall, July4,1840.

Catherine E., and Otis Bullard, Sept.2,1833.

Charlotte M., unm., a.25y., milliner, d.William and Sophia, and George T. Whitney, unm., a.28y., provision dealer, s.Timothy and Lucy, July4,1847.

Ephraim T., and Sophronia A. Langly, Jan.2,1843.

Hannah M., and George Holt, at Boston, Oct.26,1841.

Jane, and Joseph Rothwell, Jan.27,1835.

Joseph, and Olive A. Prime, int.Aug.10,1844.

Laura, unm., of Franconia, NH, a.25y., operative, d.William and Lyida, and A[] N. Hawkes, unm., a.24y., cordwainer, s.Matthew and Charlotte, Mar.20,1847.

Lemuel H., and Lucinda D. Bamford [], Sept.23,1836.

Lucy M., unm., a.22y., b. Barre, VT, d.Thomas and Sarah, and John T. Wellman, unm., a.23y., painter, b. Farmington Falls, ME, s.Thomas and Joanna, Nov.4,1849.

Samuel, and Sally Row, May7,1829.

Sophia A., and Edward Taylor, Feb.28,1843.

William F., and Jane Pike, int.May27,1843.

Zilpha, unm., a.27y., housekeeper, d.Thomas and Sarah, and Ammi R. Wiggin, widr., of Exeter, NH, a.35y., cabinet maker, s.Steven and Hannah, Mar.4,1847.


Caroline, and John Currier, int.Mar.1,1849.

Horatio A., and Mary E. Billings, int.Apr.22,1847.

Joseph, and Caroline A. Marble, June7,1838.


Sarah, see Breen, Sarah.


Lucilda, of Mansfield, and Carlos Bradshaw, int.June16,1847.


William, and Bridget Reily, int.Feb.19,1832.


Dency W., unm., a.23y., d.William and Sarah, and Benjamin White, unm., a.28y., founder, s.Welcome and Urania, Aug.24,1845.

William, of Raynham, and Mary Latham, d.James and Abigail,末蔓末,1766.PR1*


Christopher (Broder), and Vienna Gross, both unm., Jan.4,1848.

Thomas, unm., a.27y., mechanic, s.John and Anastasia, and Mary McGown [McGowan. int.], unm., a.36y., operative, d.Edward and Grace, Nov.2,1845.


Clarissa [M. int.], and Perry Putman, at Ipswich, Nov.25,1841.

Pamelia C., unm., a.27y., tailoress, d.Jos.and Rapsinia, and Edson G. Baldwin, unm., of Boston, a.25y., teamster, s.John and Minerva, Mar.23,1846.


William E., of Peterboro, NH, and Mary B. Leach, Oct.31,1843.*

BRODERICK (Brotherick)

Catherine, and John Carney, Nov.7,1843.*

Susannah (Brotherick), and Murty McQuade, Jan.15,1837.CR5


Catharine, and Alexander McDonald, Feb.29,1840.CR5

BROOKINS (Brookings)

Susan [], and Joseph Follett, Jan.13,1833.


Calvin, and Elisa Flagg of Mason, NH, int.Dec.31,1826.

Caroline, and Hugh Downie, int.Nov.3,1833.

Daniel, and Caroline Butterfield of Chelmsford, int.May29,1833.

Daniel, unm., of Windsor, VT, and Betsey Heald, unm., of Carlisle, d.Jonathan and Betsey, Nov.22,1847.*

Ebenezer A., and Henrietta Bruce, Oct.15,1833.

Eliza B., of Andover, and Charles C. Nichols, int.Sept.9,1833.

Betsey A., and Ichabod Hayes, Mar.16,1840.*

George W., and Betsey Pusha, Oct.7,1840.

Henry C., and Laura Ann Dow, Oct.11,1840.

Huldah, unm., a.18y., tailoress, d.Amos and Hannah, and James S. Dodge, unm., a.21y., teamster, s.Stillman and Sarah, Oct.4,1846.

Isaac [of Eaton. int.], and Betsy Evans, Jan.13,1836.

Mariah J., unm., a.16y., operative, d.Joseph and Betsey, and Alfred Hoyt, unm., a.26y., operative, s.Stephen and Selona, Nov.14,1848.

Mary B., and Alexander Damon of Scituate, Oct.22,1839.

Oliver, and Eliza C. Farrer of Hancock, NH, int.June7,1835.

William, of Waterford, CT, and Rebecca J. Seward, int.Aug.9,1841.


Ellen, unm., a.18y., operative, d.John and Mary, and Hugh Crowley, unm., a.17y., operative, s.Charles and Catherine, Sept.28,1847.


Ephraim, and Rhoda Sherwood, int.Dec.6,1845.

Joseph, and Ann [Mary Ann. int.] Dowding, Nov.30,1843.

BROWN (Browne)

Aaron, and Harriet Fowler, Feb.10,1837.

Abigail, and Phineas Trull [of Dracut. int.],末蔓末,1828.

Abigail S. [L. int.], and Charles P. Wilkens, Nov.20,1834.

Abigail B., and Thomas Leslie, Dec.3,1835.

Abby H. (Browne), and Thomas Hoyt of Manchester, NH, int.Nov.17,1839.

Abigail C., and Daniel C. Huckins, both of Dracut, Sept.11,1842.

Abigail C., a.22y., d.Abigail C., and Orrin C. Prescott, unm., of Dracut, a.23y., cooper, s.Chase and Nancy, June15,1848.*

Albert J., of Methuen, and Sarah D. Knight, Aug.25,1839.

Allen O., and Sarah Wilson, int.Apr.25,1846.

Almira, and John G. Wilson of Mason, NH, int.June2,1833.

Almira, and John Dustin, int.July13,1834.

Alpheus R., Esq., unm., a.29y., lawyer, s.Abram and Eunice, and Caroline B. Varnum, unm., of Dracut, a.23y., d.Benjamin F. and Caroline, Aug.8,1844.

Amanda K., and Charles White, July17,1833.

Ammi, and Elvira A. Remington, int.Aug.18,1839.

Amos S., and Emeline Gilman, Nov.18,1839.

Amy S., and Albert G. Flint, May14,1833.

Anna, of Waltham, and Jesse Edson Farnsworth, certif. Sept.23,1834.

Ann D. (Browne), of Weare, NH, and Aaron L. Hall of Chelmsford, Dec.7,1842.*

Asahel, unm., a.21y., operative, s.Samuel and Polly, and Lorinda M. Alger, unm., 1. 17y., operative, d.Nathaniel and Mary, July3,1848.

Austin, unm., a.25y., carpenter, s.Miner and Maria, and Nancy M. Howe, unm., a.18y., d.Ephraim S. and Lydia, Dec.19,1846.

Benjamin P., Col., and Hannah Martin, int.Oct.27,1826.

Benjamin, of Tewksbury, and Mary Spaulding, int.Nov.14,1830.

Benjamin P., and Mary Augusta Ladd of Epping, NH, int.Apr.5,1840.

Benjamin F., unm., a.23y., teamster, s.Jonas and Lydia, and Harriet N. George, a.24y., d.Theo. and Ann, Oct.29,1848.

Bradbury D., unm., a.32y., yeoman, s.Stephen and Nancy, and Marilla D. Bowman, unm., a.33y., operative, d.William and Mary, at Dracut, Dec.20,1846.

Caroline B., and Thomas Burns, int.Feb.19,1832.

Catharine, unm., a.21y., operative, d.John and Catherine, and Archibald Mason, unm., a.22y., teamster, s.George and Elizabeth, Sept.24,1847.

Charles, and Olive D. Hunt, May11,1828.

Charles W., of Roxbury, and Cornelia M. Murdock, Dec.1,1836.

Charles H., and Nancy Haradon, int.Apr.29,1843.

Charlotte E., and Seth P. Fairbanks of Ashburnham, int.Nov.15,1848.

Clara, and Eben W. Dunn, July3,1842.

Clara M., unm., a.30y., dressmaker, d.Abel and Betsey, and Harvey Snow, widr., a.41y., machinist, s.Josiah and Azubah, Sept.18,1844.

Clara H., unm., of Newport, ME, a.21y., tailoress, d.John and Sarah, and Isaac W. Bangs, a.25y., tinman, s.Dean and Rebecca, May4,1845.

Clarrissa, and Rufus Russell, Sept.14,1828.*

Daniel S., and Mary H. Bean, May7,1838.

Deliverance P., unm., a.22y., farmer, s.Deliverance and Mary, and Ellen O'Hare, unm., a.18y., operative, d.Stephen and Jane, Nov.28,1844.

Deliverance P., widr., a.25y., farmer, s.Deliverance and Mary, and Sarh Jane Badger, unm., a.21y., operative, d.Jonathan and Elivira, Dec.25,1847.

Donald J., and Nancy B. Roberts, June13,1841.

Eleanor, and Josiah G. [S. dup.] Robbins, Apr.18,1839.

Aliphalet, and Lovey Woodman, int.Aug.21,1831.

Eliphalet, see Brown, Aliphalet.

Eliza, and Timothy Wyman, Sept.23,1832.

Elizabeth P., and Edmund Currier, jr., bef. Apr.30,1830. [Nov.16. int.]

Elizabeth P., of Ipswich, and Alonzo Butler, certif. Oct.12,1834.

Elizabeth [H. int.], unm., a.25y., operative, d.Uriah and Susan, and Charles C. Andrews, unm., a.26y., operative, s.Elisha and Hannah, Apr.3,1847.

Betsey Ann, unm., a.18y., d.Levi and Tenemah, and Joseph M.D. Johnson, unm., a.22y., butcher, s.Cyrus and Harriet, at Acton, Nov.26,1848.

Elizabeth, a.25y., d.James and Sarah, and Patrick Meligan [Milligan.CR3], unm., a.32y., laborer, s.John and Ann, Feb.20,1849.

Ellen A., and Asa Drew, Oct.30,1841.

Ellen, and Bernard McCabe, int.Jan.9,1847.

Ephraim, unm., a.26y., teacher, s.Ephraim and Sarah, and Mary F. Pollard, unm., a.24y., d.Walter and Rhoda, Jan.1,1846.

Esther, of Concord, and Danforth Atherton, int.Sept.23,1826.

Fanny A., and George H. Brown of Boston, int.June3,1832.

Fidelia C., and David M. Dodge, Nov.26,1840.*

Phidelia C. [O. int.], and David M. Dodge, Nov.26,1840.

Florenda, of Deerfield, NH, and John D. Evans of Boston, Jan.9,1840.*

Foster, and Elizabeth McIntire, int.Oct.7,1832.

Francis A., and Hannah A. Roby, Jan.1,1842.

Francis, and Mary J. Parker, Aug.6,1843.

Francis, unm., a.25y., operative, s.Kimball and Hannah, and Susan Odell, unm., a.24y., operative, d.Luther and Betsey, Dec.18,1845.

Franklin, and Sarah Farmer, int.Jan.1,1832.

Frederick A., unm., of Boston, a.30y., broker, s.Stephen and Eliza, and Anne M. White, unm., a.23y., d.Jonathan and Sarah, Nov.18,1847.

Gardiner, and Lucinda Prescott,末蔓末,1828.

George H., of Boston, and Fanny A. Brown, int.June3,1832.

George W., and Belinda Stearns, at Marlborough, Apr.3,1838.

George, unm., a.36y., farmer, b. Charlestown, s.George and Abigail, and Catherine Agin, unm., a.25y., b. Ireland, s.John and Mary, July18,1849.

Gilson [Gibson. int.] J., and Hannah C. Hardy, Jan.14,1844.

Gratia Maria, and True F. Young of Boston, int.Aug.2,1840.

Green L., and Almyra Fales, int.Jan.5,1834.

Hannah A. [Harriet A., of], and Jeremiah A. Robinson, Oct.末,1832.

Hannah H., and Isaac N. Sargent of Chester, VT, Aug.19,1838.

Hannah E., of New Boston, NH, and Ezra G. Heath, int.Aug.22,1843.

Hannah E., and Charles H. Hall, int.Apr.18,1846.

Helpha, and George Rand, Jan.2,1842.

Henry W., and Thurza Jane Jackson, Dec.7,1843.

Henry H., and Elizabeth A. Milloon of Dracut, int.[July12,1847.]

Hiram, of Billerica, and Susan Witham of Harrison, ME, Dec.4,1842.*

Hiram O., a.22y., carpenter, s.John and Lois, and Sarah Ann Gilbraith [], a.20y., operative, d.James and Margaret, May25,1847.

Ira, and Lucy H. Adamas of Carlisle, int.Jan.6,1833.

Isaac B., unm., a.28y., grocer, s.John and Abigail, and Betsy S. Phillbrick, unm., of Augusta, ME, a.23y., d.John and Susan, Sept.23,1846.

James, and Clarrissa Hayden, int.June12,1831.

James, of Chester, NH, and Sally Fitts, June30,1839.

James L., of Windham, NH, and Sarah M. Travis, Sept.25,1842.

Jane M., of Manchester, NH, and Thomas Ordway, int.Feb.26,1827.

Jerusha, and Artemus Holden, Apr.11,1809.*

John, jr., and Irena Mixer of Billerica, int.Nov.21,1831.

John, of Springfield, and Louisa Barry, int.Sept.29,1833.

John, and Caroline Morse, Apr.14,1834.

John P., of Chelsea, and Harriet S. Carlton [certif. June5], 1836.

John, of Methuen, and Hannah F. Morrill, Aug.2,1836.

John, jr., and Olive White, Mar.21,1838.

John B., and Ann Maria Pinder, May3,1840.

John F., and Adeline Peabody, both of Dracut, Feb.6,1842.*

John B., and Maria Merriam, Aug.8,1842.

John A., and Catharine Weymouth, int.Oct.11,1845.

John H., a.23y., operative, and Mary E. Gay, a.20y., operative, both unm., of Canada, Jan.15,1848.*

Jonas, of Sudbury, and Mary M. Witherell, int.Mar.2,1834.

Joseph, of Baldwin, ME, and Mary Elizabeth Hunt, int.Nov.3,1829.

Joseph, and Temperence E. Hancock, certif. Nov.2,1834.

Joseph, unm., a.28y., carpenter [operative. dup.], s.John and Mary, and Dorcas D. Brewster, unm., a.24y., tailoress, d.Lewis and Anne, May6,1849.

Julia A., and Jacob A. Woodward, Nov.11,1840.

Julia Ann, and Isaac Sawtell, Aug.4,1842.

Julia Ann, unm., and Elisha R. Manning, unm., organ maker, both of Mount Vernon, NH, Oct.7,1847.

Leonard, jr., and Sarah Ann Goodnow of Concord, int.Mar.26,1842.

Leverett, of Boston, and Martha Smith, Sept.14,1841.CR2

Levi, unm., and Betsey D. Bragg, Oct.24,1848.

Lorina, of Vinalhaven, ME, and Alonzo Haines, int.June21,1845.

Louisa [M. certif.], and John Wormell [Wormwell. certif.], int.Jan.3,1836. [Apr.10,1836. certif.; Mar.25,1838. dup.]

Louisa, and L. Elbridge Jordon, July11,1839.

Lucinda W., unm., of Claremont, NH, a.27y., operative, d.Aaron and Anna, and Samuel S. Rand, unm., a.27y., tinner, s.Samuel and Hannah, July1,1849.

Lydia Ann, unm., a.19y., operative, d.John and Joan, and Robert T. Heath, unm., a.24y., spinner, s.James and Nancy, Jan.16,1847.

Lydia A., unm., a.19y., d.Henry and Asenath M., and William H. Yeoman, unm., a.25y., printer, s.Thomas and Elizabeth, Feb.13,1847.

M. Sarah, unm., a.27y., b. Amesbury, d.Eliphalet and Sally, and Joshua Thissell, jr., unm., of Lancaster, a.26y., engineer, b. Dracut, s.Joshua and Prudence, int.Oct.22,1849.

Maria, of Mount Vernon, NH, and Abel Fiske, int.Nov.23,1833.

Maria A., unm., a.19y., housekeeper, and Norman Smith, widr., of Groton, a.35y., physician, s.Jesse and Abigail, Sept.22,1847.

Maria D.C., unm., a.22y., d.Daniel and Mahala, and Levi Smith, unm., a.27y., farmer, s.Alden and Lydia, Oct.10,1848.

Marianne, and Rufus Bisbee [jr. int.] of Brunswick, ME, Dec.7,1843.

Martha Ann, and William H. Honey, int.Jan.22,1832.

Martha D., and Augustus Tower, jr., Sept.25,1832.

Martha, and Abel Ansort, Dec.末,1834.*

Martha B., and William Taylor, jr. of Littleton, July5,1838.

Martha F., of Dracut, and George W. Williams of Sherboro (sic), ME, at Dracut, Nov.21,1841.*

Martha A., and George N. [M. int.] Wilde, July21,1842.

Polly P., and Thomas W. Churchill, int.Sept.7,1827.

Mary Ann, and Benjamin F. Fletcher, abt. 1829. [July21,1829. int.]

Mary, and Bartlett Hoyt, Oct.24,1830.

Mary, of Wilmington, and Capt. Sidney Spaulding, int.Apr.10,1831.

Mary G., and Alfred [W. int.] Heath, Oct.16,1836.

Mary Ann, and William Perrin, Nov.25,1838.

Mary [F. int.], and William H.H. [Henry Harrison. int.] Peabody, May11,1840.

Mary E., and James M. Gotham of Portsmouth, NH, Apr.4,1841.

Mary Jane, and George W. Filler of Boston, Apr.14,1842.

Mary Ann, of Canterbury, NH, and Isaac C. Hildreth, int.Nov.5,1842.

Mary J[ane. int.], and David Gordon of Framingham, Jan.23,1844.

Mary Augusta, wid., a.27y., d.John Ladd, and Benjamin Watson, widr., a.35y., merchant, s.Benjamin, Oct.6,1844.

Mary R., unm., a.22y., operative, d.Deliverence and Mary, and George W. Sanborn, unm., a.24y., farmer, s.Daniel and Charlotte, Apr.13,1845.

Mary E., unm., a.22y., operative, d.Nathan and Matilda, and William Hutchinson, unm., a.21y., farmer, s.Osgood and Hannah, Sept.25,1845.

Mary, wid., of Billerica, a.39y., housekeeper, d.Joseph and Sally Dows, and Liberty Lawrence, unm., of Billerica, a.38y., carpenter, s.Abijah and Mary, Nov.27,1845.*

Mary Ann, unm., a.19y., seamstress, d.Ann, and Charles G. Sprague, unm., a.25y., merchant, s.Walter W. and Lydia, Dec.18,1845.

Mary A., unm., a.23y., d.Eben and Mary, and Horatio C. Marshall, unm., a.26y., mason, s.Jesse and Dorcas, Oct.30,1846.*

Mary, and John King [Ring. int.], Jan.8,1849.CR3

Mary W., unm., a.36y., b. Springfield, NH, d.Nehemiah and Mehitable, and Nathaniel M. Perley, 2d m., a.35y., overseer, b. Norfolk, VA, s.Nathaniel M. and Mary [E. int.], Nov.21,1849.

Mary W., a.27y., b. South Hampton, d.Nathan and Nancy, and Newell Page, unm., of Kensington, NH, a.31y., carpenter, b. Kensington, NH, s.Insley and Mehitable, Dec.13,1849.

Maurice, and Honora Sullivan, Feb.23,1848. [Feb.15.CR6]

Mehitable, and Stephen Hancock, int.Nov.29,1840.

Mersilvia F., of Springield, VT, and James Woodward, int.June25,1832.

Moses F., unm., a.26y., laborer, s.John and Sally, and Sophila Wheeler, unm., a.19y., tailoress, d.Randall and Mercy, Aug.3,1845.

Moses, jr., and Emeline E. Hawkins, int.Aug.30,1848.

Myron C., and Cynthia Dockham, Jan.26,1835.

Nelson S., and Adelia Gage, int.Nov.18,1845.

Newman A., and Martha Taggart, int.July21,1845.

Olive W. [], unm., and Ezekiel Swan, unm., Oct.29,1848.

Patrick, and Mary Riley, int.July1,1847. [Stopped by order of Mary Riley.]

Phebe N., and William Bragdon, int.Nov.14,1831.

Reuben, and Betsey Cummings, int.Jan.3,1846.

Rose Ann [], unm., a.20y., d.Patrick and Catherine, and Michael Leonard, unm., a.23y., machinist, s.Patrick and Rose Ann, Aug.1,1847.

Samuel W., and Bethiah L. [P. int.] Hunt, Nov.29,1827.

Samuel, jr., and Eliza Smith of Topsfield, int.Sept.12,1831.

Sarah T., of Epsom, NH, and John Salter, int.Aug.5,1832.

Sarah, and Savias Orr, int.Feb.20,1836.

Sally, and Benjamin Arlin, int.Aug.5 [Aug.19. dup.], 1838.

Sarah, and Michael Fanning, Sept.9,1838.CR5

Sarah J.P., and Dennis G. Littlefield, int.Sept.24,1842.

Sarah, unm., a.22y., milliner, d.Jonathan and Hannah, and Henry Hull, unm., a.25y., printer, s.Amos and Betsey, June5,1845.

Sarah R., wid., and Nathaniel Thurston, unm., of Wilton, NH, abt. Mar.30,1847. [Mar.27. 1847. int.]

Sarah Anne, unm., a.17y., operative, d.Samuel and Polly, and Charles [] Newton, unm., a.23y., laborer, s.Isaac and Apphia, July3,1848.

Sophia C., and Nathan C. Danforth, int.July29,1833.

Stephen, jr., of Tewksbury, and Julia Ann Lewis, int.Oct.20,1833.

Susan B., and Daniel Pearson, Dec.25,1841.

Susan [Bradt. int.], unm., a.20y., seamstress, d.Uriah and Susan, and Rufus Blood, unm., a.29y., painter, s.Zebulon and Anna, June4,1848.

Susannah G., of Boston, and Erastus Douglass, int.Oct.16,1827.

Susanna, and John Vining, Jan.23,1833.

Thomas F., and Elmira M. Leavitt, int.Jan.1,1832.

Thomas H., unm., a.22y., carpenter, s.Robert and Betsey, and Lydia Chandler, unm., a.22y., operative, d.Moses and Lydia, July3,1845.

True W., and Lucinda H. Philbrick, Nov.1,1835.

Vilora A.L., unm., a.22y., operative, d.Gordon and Sarah, and Joseph B. Jones, widr., a.22y., blacksmith, s.Levi and Sarah, at Dracut, Oct.5,1846.

Wealthy, and Charles Hartford, Sept.20,1836.

William H., and Sarah H. Barker, Apr.12,1835.

William Carter [W. Carter. dup.], of Billerica, and Elizabeth Kerr, int.May19,1839. Bans forbidden by Elizabeth Kerr, May20, also again on June16,1839, ["certificate dld.A.B. Runnels, Aug.14,1839, and destroyed by her by order of W.C. Brown. " dup.]

William C., and Abby B. Runnels, Sept.1,1839.

William B., and Henrietta S. Hazelton of Chester, NH, int.Nov.17,1839.

William P., widr., of Carlisle, a.59y., laborer, s.Samuel and Sarah, and Susan W. Knowlton, unm., of Carlisle, a.19y., housework, d.Abram and Lucy, May2,1844.*

William, widr., a.30y., manufacturer, and Verelda [Vercilda J. int.] Folsom, unm., a.30y., operative, Feb.25,1847.


Amey H., unm., and Warren H. Dyar, unm., Dec.25,1848.

Elizabeth C., unm., a.25y., d.George and Lydia, and Otis Perham, unm., a.31y., physician, s.James and Mary, Oct.30,1844.

Lydia, unm., a.19y., d.George and Lydia, and George W. Prentice, unm., of Boston, a.37y., wood and coal dealer, s.William H. and Sally, Aug.5,1845.

Sarah W., and James B. Francis, July12,1837.


John, and Ann Thompson, Nov.28,1832.


John, and Laura [] Smalley, Sept.8,1832.

BRUCE (Buce, Buse)

Benjamin, of Boston, and H[annnah.CR1] Maria Whitney [Whiting. certif. andCR1], June22,1836.

Caroline, and Archibal S., McFarlin, jr., Sept.8,1836.

Fanny M., and Robert E. Carleton, certif. July23,1837.

Henrietta, and Ebenezar A. Brooks, Oct.15,1833.

John R., and Emily A. Allen of Charlestown, int.Mar.20,1847.

Joseph A., and Rhosina Young, Feb.6,1838. [1839. dup.]

Lucy Ann, of Waltham, and Abel H. Meriam, int.Dec.5,1828.

Mary Ann, and John H. Young, Apr.16,1837.

Sarah P., unm., a.25y., operative, d.Thomas and Sophia, and Eliab Fish, jr., unm., a.26y., laborer, s.Eliab and Sarah, Dec.4,1847.

Susan P., and Stephen F. Ladd, Oct.20,1834.

William [Buse. int.], and Rebecca T. Hunt, int.Aug.14,1831.

William [Buce and Buse. dup.], and Abigail Rich of Tewksbury, Oct.12,1837.

BRYAN (Brian)

Cornelius, and Mary Desmond, int.Nov.9,1847.

Jerry, unm., a.22y., laborer, b. Ireland, s.Timothy and Margaret, and Margaret Sullivan, unm., a.21y., b. Ireland, d.John and Hannah, int.Nov.28,1849.

Mary, and Bat Downey, int.Mar.19,1847.

Peter [unm., a.28y., laborer, s.Patrick and], and Catherine Sinott, unm., [a.20y., d.William and], June19,1849.

William (Brian), and Charlotte Green, int.Jan.26,1834.


Clarissa L., unm., a.23y., b. Reading, d.Joseph and Mary, and Thomas La Chance, 2d m., a.22y., shoemaker, b. Canada, s.Charles and Angeline, int.Sept.17,1849.

Emeline, and Eben Pearson, June19,1836.

Hannah, unm., a.17y., weaver, d.Andrew and Mary, and Benjamin Tuck, unm., a.28y., machinist, s.John and Sally, July5,1847.

Henry, and Eliza Ann Dyer, int.Apr.28,1833.

Henry C., of Manchester, NH, and Martha Keniston, Oct.30,1838.*

Hosea B., and Mary A. Poor of Andover, certif. Oct.8,1837.

Joseph H., and Sabrina M. Walker, int.Apr.12,1835.

Joseph H., and Sarah Willoughby, Oct.2,1836.

Joseph, unm., a.26y., mason, s.Amos and Sophia, and Charlotte Pearson, unm., a.26y., d.Joseph and Orpha, Jan.18,1847.

Joseph, and Clarissa H. Osgood of South Reading, int.Dec.9,1848.

Martha J., unm., a.19y.[operative. int.], b. Maine, d.Amasa and Mary, and Franklin D. Sweetser, unm., a.21y., bobbinmaker, b. Deering, NH, s.William and Sarah, Sept.7,1849.

Mertoun C., and Caroline Bassett of Bridgewater, int.May5,1847.

Solon, unm., a.23y., and Elizabeth A. Burbank, unm., a.21y., Nov.15,1848.

Sylvanus, unm., a.25y., watchman, s.Ichabod and Betsey, and Esther M. Knapp, unm., a.26y.[operative. int.], d.Joseph and Deborah, July2,1849.


Benjamin B., unm., a.25y., operative, s.Parker and Caroline, and Martha C. Towle, unm., a.19y., operative, d.Jeremaih and Hannah, Sept.7,1844.

BRYERTON (Briarton)

Edward, unm., a.24y.[], laborer, b. Ireland, s.John and Mary, and Bridget Pinder, unm., a.27y., b. Ireland, d.John and Bridget, Nov.7,1849.

John (Briarton), unm., a.20y., laborer, b. Ireland, s.John and Mary, and Nancy McGaw, unm., a.26y., b. Ireland, d.Samuel and Nancy, int.Dec.24,1849.

BUCHANON (Buhannan)

BUCK (Back)

Mary [Back. dup.], and Horace B. Dimick [Dimmick. int.] of Hardwick, VT, Sept.10,1838.

Sabrina, and Shermon S. Nurs, int.Dec.15,1839.


Edmund, unm., a.36y., laborer, and Ellen Sheehan, unm., a.36y., servant, both of Methuen [both of Boston.CR5], at Methuen, Oct.12,1845.*

Edward, unm., a.22y., s.Jeremiah and Mary, and Ellen Canty, unm., a.19y., operative, d.Jeremiah and Hannah, Feb.10,1847.

John, and Bridget Hannan, Nov.12,1839.CR5


Sylvester, and Delia E. Gridley, Jan.7,1840.

BUCKMAN (Bucknam, Bucknan)

Deborah (Bucknan) and John C. Palmer, Dec.18,1842.

Horatio P., and Martha A. Sargent, int.Apr.4,1846.

John (Bucknam), and Susan A. Warren of Charlestown, int.Mar.14,1830.

Lucy A[nn.CR1], and Almerin A. Marsh, Aug.15,1841.

Sophia R., of Boston, and Christopher P. Skelton, int.Sept.10,1842.


Margaret [unm., a.19y., b. Ireland, d.Patrick and Ellen. int.], and Thomas Doyle [2d m., a.25y., operative, b. Ireland, s.David and Catherine. int.], Dec.31,1849.CR3


Austin, and Elizabeth Reed, Apr.13,1843.


Lydia E., unm., a.21y., operative, d.Jedediah and Ruth, and Henry D. Scott, unm., a.25y., farmer, s.Abijah and Nancy, Apr.14,1846.


Henry T., of Somerset, and Content T. Sweet, Dec.25,1831.


Adaline E., unm., a.20y., d.Charles and Lucy, and Jeriah McGaffrey, unm., a.24y., carpenter, s.Daniel and Polly, Nov.20,1847.

Hervey, and Sarah L. Pierce [Peirce. int.], abt. 1830 [Mar.4,1830. int.]

BUHANNAN (Buchanon)

Margaret [Buchanon. int.], a.21y., d.John and Margaret, and Thomas Duffy, widr., a.45y., laborer, s.Pattrick and Eliza, Sept.15,1848.


Coates, and Mary E. Bacon, int.Mar.30,1846.


Benjamin, widr., [of], a.35y., cordwainer, s.Walter, and Mary Ann Chamberlain, unm., of Westborough, a.21y., operative, d.Charles, July15,1846.

Elizabeth Ware, a.27y., and Joel Nourse, widr., merchant [manufacturer. dup.], a.41y., both of Boston, at Boston, May22,1844.*

Louise B., and George A. Allen of Leominster, int.Apr.20,1849.

Otis, and Catherine E. Brigham, Sept.2,1833.


Joseph M. and Esther B. Ray, int.July4,1830.


Albert, unm., a.22y., tobacconist, s.Searle and Betsy, and Mary E. Pendlebury, unm., a.23y., dressmaker, d.Thomas and Betsy, Mar.25,1847.

Almira, and [Rev. int.] Isaac G. Davis of Roxbury, Aug.8,1843.

Calista A., and Frederick W. Dow, Dec.3,1835.

Lovina, and Thomas J. Nute [Newte. int.], Nov.14,1841.

Thomas, unm., of Worcester, a.23y., clerk, and Elizabeth A. Furness, unm., a.20y., Dec.27,1847.


Calvin H., and Susan B. Thayer, int.Feb.14,1841.

George G., unm., a.29y., overseer, s.Luther and Betsey, and Rebecca W. Pierce, unm., a.27y., dressmaker, d.Willie and Betsey, Apr.8,1849.

Mehitable S., unm., of Livermore, ME, a.27y., d.Luther and Betsey, and Jonathan G. Lawrence, 2d m., a.33y., laborer, b. Danville, VT, s.George and Patty, int.Dec.15,1849.

Torada [], and Andrew J. George, Aug.19,1848.


Elisha, and Priscille Caroline Wright of Westford, int.Apr.2,1827.


James, jr., and Mary Jane Adams of Manchester, NH, int.Nov.1,1848.

Jane, and John Dykes of Providence, RI, June1,1843.

Maria, and Henry Healy [], July2,1840.

Mary Ann, unm., a.20y., overseer, d.James and Maria, and Charles Wilkins, unm., a.24y., overseer, s.Zadock and Rhoda, July20,1848.


Susan L., unm., a.19y., housekeeper, d.Jonathan and Fanny, and John F. Locke, unm., a.30y., carpenter, s.David and Rachel, Dec.30,1845.


Amos H., unm., of Dracut, a.22y., operative, b. Morristown, VT, s.Benjamin F. and Lucena, and Electa R. Schofield, unm., a.18y., b. Morristown, VT, d.Orlando and Lucetta, Nov.29,1849.

Augustus S., and Sarah J. Sanborn, int.Jan.19,1846.

Eliza, unm., a.22y., d.S. and E., and Samuel Rice, unm., a.24y., s.J. and B., Apr.7,1847.

Hannah W., unm., a.23y., operative, d.James and Lois, and George W. Heath, unm., a.23y., carpenter, s.Moses and Ruth, May28,1846.

Margaret, and William Farries, int.Feb.10,1833.

William, and Hannah R. Stilson, June11,1843.


Nancy E., and Ebenezer Capen, both of Concord, NH, Aug.27,1840.*

Susan H., unm., a.26y., tailoress, and Nehemiah S. Bean, unm., a.26y., millwright, s.Charles, Dec.11,1845.


Catherine, and Peter Taylor, int.Apr.10,1831.

Clarissa, see Bourbee, Clarissa.

Ebenezer, and Zilla Mills, Mar.22,1842.

Elizabeth A., unm., a.21y., and Solon Bryant, unm., a.23y., Nov.15,1848.

Emily, and Thomas Hartley, Oct.19,1832.CR1

Hannah, and John Scoble, int.Feb.22,1835.

Horace, see Barbour, Horace.

Jane, and John T.G. McCurdy, int.Apr.21,1833.

John H., unm., a.26y., s.Richard J. and Lucy, and Nancy Jane Chase, unm., a.21y., d.Trueworthy and Lucy, May7,1848.

Jonathan, and Mary Ann Austin [Nov.25. int.], 1827.

Joseph E., and Abigail C. Robinson of Pembroke, NH, int.July9,1842.

Joshua A., and Mary Simpson, Mar.30,1835.

Lucy, of Millbury, and Jonathan Bascom, jr., int.Nov.14,1831.

Mary, and Elvion [Elwin. int.] Shaw, Sept.3,1832.

Mary Ann, and Benjamin Robinson, May30,1841.

Moses M., and Ann H. Roberts, int.Jan.3,1841.

Peter, and Tirzah Libby, int.Jan.20,1848.

Rachel C., unm., a.27y., operative, d.Hazen and Hannah, and James Huntington, unm., a.27y., watchman, s.Jabez and Abigail, at Dracut, May6,1846.

Saloma, and Joseph T. Martin, int.Aug.29,1831.

Samuel, and Harriet R. Rogers, Dec.4,1828.*

Samuel, and Ann S. Kendall, Mar.10,1835.

Sarah D., and Nathaniel Carter, Sept.17,1833.

Sarah M., of Lancaster, a.20y., d.Samuel W. and Hannah, and Abram F. Kidder, a.22y., wheelwright, s.Enoch and Sarah, int.Sept.24,1846.

Savary T., widr., of Dracut, a.42y., merchant, s.Caleb and Susan, and Mercy Underwood, unm., of Dracut, a.41y., d.Asa and Mercy, Oct.14,1846.*

Sheldon C., and Maria Vinal of Boston, int.Aug.5,1843.

Thomas W., and Eliza Jane Thomson, Nov.26,1842.


Jasper, and Laura Scott, int.May2,1846.

BURDGE (Burge)

Henry L., and Lucena Cummings, int.Dec.7,1844.

Rebecca S. (Burge), and William H. Metcalf, Aug.28,1832.

BURDITT (Burdet)

Albert T., of Chatham, and Lorinda Tozier, int.Jan.17,1848.

Angeline (Burdet) [A.D. in pencil], of Chelmsford, and Frederick Morrel [Morrill. int.], July11,1841.

Emmons, and Margarett Carr of Antrim, NH, int.Sept.29,1833.


Adaline P., unm., a.28y., operative, and James Walkdon, unm., a.32y., machinist, Oct.30,1847.

Alpheus D., and Rebecca Mumford, int.Dec.16,1843.

Alzina, and Jonathan Smothers, Nov.22,1840.

Ann Jenette, and Daniel Davis, Nov.13,1842.

Dwelly W., and Mary Buxton, Oct.22,1834.

Ebenezer, unm., a.30y., harnessmaker, s.C.B. Wing, and Mary W. Butler, unm., a.25y., tailoress, d.John and Apphia, Nov.29,1848.

Emily L., unm., a.21y., operative, and Erastus W. Chase, unm., of Wickford, a.22y., operative, June3,1848.

Harriet H., unm., of Abington, d.Josiah and Abigail, and Samuel B. Thaxter, unm., of Abington, clerk, s.Ezekiel and Diantha, [bef. Sept.20,1849.]*

Horatio G., and Mary M. Mann, May30,1839.

Nelson W., unm., a.23y., machinist, s.Thomas and Eliza, and Martha S. Abbott, unm., a.22y., seamstress, d.Asa and Esther, May17,1846.

Rhoda P., and John A. Dill, int.Dec.27,1841.

Thomas J., and Mary Emerson, int.Dec.13,1840.

Thomas F., and Sarah Wing, int.May26,1845.

BURGIN (Burgan)

Jesse (Burgan), and Doritha Wyman, Apr.4,1833.

Jesse, and Rachel Webber of Salem, NH, int.Oct.26,1844.

John (Burgan), and Elisabeth B. Ross, July4,1839.

John, 2d m., a.30y., operative, b. Vermont, s.William and Hannah, and Mary Ann Colony, unm., a.19y., b. Newmarket, NH, d.Daniel and Mary, Dec.29,1849.

Peter, and Betsey Gilcrease, int.Oct.28,1827.

Rosanna, and Alexander Bell, Nov.30,1837.

BURKE (Bourke, Burk)

Bartholewmy [Batt Burk. int.], and Catharine Garvy, Nov.26,1842.

Eliza (Burk), and Cornelius Murphy, int.Feb.7,1836.

Francis, and Mary O'Meley, int.Dec.29,1846. [Publishment stopped Jan.9, on request of Mary O'Meley.]

Honora, and David Fing [Finn. int.], July30,1842.

James W., and Agnes Thompson, int.May1,1847.

James, unm., a.21y., operative, b. Ireland, s.William and Julia, and Maria Tuite, unm., a.19y., b. Ireland, d.William and Ann, Sept.8,1849.

John, and Eliza McParttin, int.Sept.15,1833.

Martin, and Bridget Murphy, June29,1849.CR5*

Patrick, unm., a.25y., laborer, s.James and Mary, and Joanna O'Conner, unm., a.21y., d.John and Sarah, Aug.末,1848. [July30.CR3]

Patrick [Bourke. int.], unm., a.32y., laborer, s.Peter and Elisabeth, and Mary Curley, unm., a.20y., d.Michael and Margaret, Sept.21,1848.

Rachael J. (Burk), unm., a.20y., operative, d.Thomas and Sally, and William Jones, unm., a.27y., shoemaker, s.Phineas and Rhoda, at Dracut, May31,1846.

Susanna, of Boston, a.19y., b. Ireland, d.Peter, and Charles Reily [Reilly.CR3] of Boston, a.23y., laborer, b. Ireland, s.John, Nov.14,1849.*

Thomas, unm., a.25y., laborer, s.Thomas and Mary, and Anne Fahey, unm., a.20y., servant, d.James and Eliza, July15,1847.

William A., and Catherine French of Bedford, NH, certif. May28,1837.


Elizabeth J., unm., of Methuen, a.22y., b. Boston, d.Ezra and Lucy, and John A. Wiggin, unm., a.25y., carpenter, b. Epping, NH, s.Jacob and Mary, int.Oct.24,1849.


Charles G., unm., of Brandon, VT, a.21y., cabinet maker, s.Joseph and Sybil, and Mary M. Jones, unm., a.21y., operative, d.Stephen and Sarah, Aug.10,1846.

Eleanor E., and John B. Harlow, Nov.22,1842.

Frederick A., unm., a.23y., merchant, s.Ethan and Elizebeth, and Sarah J. Wood, unm., a.22y., d.Andrew and Lydia, July15,1849.

James, of Marlow, NH, and Mary Adelia Gilman, Oct.15,1840.

Jane [Mary Jane. int.], unm., and Frederick W. Tuxbury, unm., of Dracut, Nov.21,1848.

Sarah A., and Thomas L. Tuxbury of Dracut, int.Apr.30,1842.

Sylphia, A., unm., a.28y., d.Ethan and Elizebeth, and Leonard Woods, 2d m., a.47y., mechanic, s.John and Mary, July15,1849.

BURNETT (Burnet)

Alisia A. (Burnet), and William Colhoon, Feb.16,1840.

Catherine (Burnet) [Burnes.CR5], and Patrick Murphy, Aug.22,1837.CR5

Elizabeth, unm., a.19y.[dressmaker. int.], d.Samuel and Catherine, and John P. Searles, unm., a.25y., trader [variety store. int.], s.Joseph and Mary, June26,1849.

Hiram, unm., of Woonsocket Falls, RI, a.27y., mechanic, s.Charles and Keziah, and Elizabeth M. Gibbs, unm., a.21y., seamstress, Apr.10,1845.

Mary, and William Colhoon, Jan.10,1837.

Rebecca, unm., a.44y., domestic, d.James and Sarah, and Francis Rogers, widr., a.47y., laborer, s.Bryan and Catherine, Feb.14,1846.

Sarah, unm., a.18y., d.John and Rosanna, and John McClaren, unm., a.23y., laborer in dye house, s.John and Susan M., Apr.7,1844.

Sarah C., unm., a.20y., d.Samuel and Catherine, and Ezra Smith, unm., a.21y., founder, b. Newmarket, NH, s.Joseph and Sarah, Oct.27,1849.


Aaron C., and Tamison R. Gage, May4,1834.

Andrew J., and Margaret N. Davis, both of Boston, May11,1837.*

Andrew W., of Essex, and Nancy Ann Ranerd [Renerd.dup.], Dec.23,1838.

Caroline E., and Jason Dame, jr. of Medford, int.Sept.21,1844.

Caroline E., unm., seamstress, and John Cate, unm., mason, Apr.9,1846.

Clara E., unm., a.21y.[dressmaker. int.], d.Thomas and Mary, and Calvin S. Johnson, unm., a.23y., carriage trimmer, s.Edward A. and Ruth, Apr.23,1849.

Clarissa A., unm., a.15y., operative, d.Flordred and Abigail, and Rufus W. Davis, unm., a.21y., machinist, s.Joseph P. and Judith, Apr.30,1848.

David, unm., a.23y., machinist, s.William and Betsy, and Emily Yates, unm., a.22y., operative, d.Samuel and Lydia, Mar.4,1845.

Edwin, unm., a.22y., stone layer, s.Erstus and Violet, and Bethiah Barton, unm., a.19y., operative, d.George and Mary, Nov.16,1845.

Eleanor J., unm., a.19y., operative, d.Daniel and Thankful, and Benjamin F. Corser, unm., a.22y.machinist, s.Moses and Betsey, June4,1846.

Elizabeth F., unm., a.24y., operative, d.Ezekiel, and James Rowe, unm., a.26y., operative, s.Noah and Polly, Nov.22,1845.

Elizabeth L., and Samuel F. Bicknell, int.Sept.24,1846.

Emily J., of Concord, NH, and Walter Abbott, int.Dec.26,1848.

Franklin W., and Fidelia Cross of Northfield, NH, int.Feb.2,1840.

Harriet A., unm., a.22y., operative, d.John P. and Deborah, and John M. Blake, a.25y., carpenter, s.Royal and Mary, Sept.8,1844.

H[] A., unm., a.28y., operative, s.John and Betsy, and Susan M. Cavel [Covell. int.], unm., a.20y., operative, d.Judah and Charlotte, Mar.1,1847.

Jaber W., and Ann R. Page, Oct.19,1834.

Jeremiah, and Chloe P. Tripp of Epsom, NH, int.Oct.4,1845.

Joseph, and Elizabeth Stackpole, Nov.27,1839.

Martha, and Nathan Chamberlain, int.Oct.25,1835.

Norman, unm., a.25y., laborer, s.Epse and Abigail, and Nancy D. Gage, unm., of Dracut, a.25y., d.Benjamin H. and Tamson, at Dracut, Sept.14,1847.

Olive B., unm., a.19y., d.Ezekiel and Mary, and John A. Rideout, unm., of Newburyport, a.24y., shoemaker, s.Andrew and Achsah, Dec.31,1848.

Sarah, and Henry A. Hayes, July4,1837.

Sarah P., unm., a.19y., operative, d.Ezekiel and Mary, and John B. Hunt, a.25y., operative, s.Samuel and Joanna, June26,1845.

Sarah E., of Brookline, and Josiah Pickett, int.Nov.16,1846.

Silas, and Ann Hilliard, Aug.7,1842.

Susan, of Hookset, NH, and Sanford King, int.Dec.13,1840.

Susan M., unm., a.22y., operative, d.Norman and Sarah, and Lorenzo L. Shaw, unm., a.21y., operative, s.Asa and Deidamia, Aug.12,1845.

Willard, of New Bedford, and Matilda Wheelock, Nov.1,1829.


John, and Louisa Stocker, certif. Sept.11,1836.

BURNS (Burn, Burnes, Byrne, Byrnes, Byrns)

Ann, and Terrance Hanover [of Dracut. int.], Nov.18,1841.CR5

Anne, and Francis Murray, May29,1843.

Ann, unm., a.19y., d.Michael and Nancy, and Sewall W. Sawin [Sewall McSawin.CR3], unm., a.21y., laborer, s.Leonard and Cecilia, Dec.5,1847.

Bridget (Burnes), and Philip Ford, int.Nov.29,1832.

Bridget, and John Munroe, int.Jan.18,1847.

Bridget [Byrns.CR5], and Andrew Healey [Haley.CR5], both of Nashua, NH, Jan.16,1849. [Jan.10.CR5]*

Bridget (Byrne) [a.24y., d.Cornelius and], and John Murphy [a.21y., stone-cutter, s.Michael and], May8,1849.

Bridget, of Dracut, a.30y., and Owen McNamee of Dracut, a.40y., s.Owen and Helen, Aug.25,1849. [Aug.23.CR5]*

Catherine, see Burnet, Catherine.

Christopher (Byrnes), unm., [of], a.25y., laborer, s.John and Ellen, and Ellen Fitzpatrick, unm., a.20y., d.William and Catherine, Aug.7,1848. [July7.CR3]

Edward [Burn.CR3], unm., a.25y., laborer, s.Edward and Bridget, and Julia Reilly, unm., a.22y., operative, d.Thomas and Rose, Sept.24,1845.

Eleanor, and Nicholas Keefe, Oct.8,1837.CR5

Elias, unm., a.26y., manufacturer, s.James and Mercy, and Maria [A. int.] French, unm., a.19y., dressmaker, d.James and Ruth, Oct.17,1846.

Elisabeth (Byrnes), unm., a.23y., d.Edward and Ellen, and Cornelius Sullivan [Quillinen. int.; Cullivan.CR3], unm., a.25y., laborer, s.Michael and Bridget, Aug.15,1848. [Aug.12.CR3]

Elizabeth (Byrnes), and Owen Tully, int.Oct.3,1848.

Francis, unm., a.24y., laborer, s.Edward and Bridget, and Mary Jane McHanny [McNeeney.CR3], unm., a.26y., d.John and Elizabeth, June29,1847.*

Hannah, unm., a.19y., operative, d.Maurice and Ellen, and John Dunn, unm., a.22y., laborer, s.Patrick and Mary, Jan.11,1847.

Harriet, and Albinas Philbrick, Apr.15,1841.

Harriet (Byrne), unm., a.20y., d.James and Mary, and Patrick Foster, unm., a.22y., laborer, s.Patrick and Nancy, May2,1848.

James [], and Elizabeth Sheriden, Feb.25,1838.CR5

James, widr., a.32y., laborer, s.Owen and Ann, and Jane Denigan [Dunigan.CR3], unm., a.28y., operative, d.Patrick and Elizabeth, Aug.20,1845.

John, and Bridget Shortel [Short. int.], Apr.25,1838.CR5

John, and Mary Lynch, Nov.3,1838.CR5*

Joseph (Byrnes), unm., a.27y., mason, s.Lawrence and Mary, and Eliza Henry, unm., a.23y., operative, d.Edward and Margaret, Oct.2,1846.

Margaret (Burnes), and Thomas Raynolds, int.Apr.21,1833.

Margaret, and Timothy O'Conner [of Boston. int.], May26,1840.CR5

Margaret, unm., a.28y., operative, d.John and Cecilia, and Thomas Doyle, unm., a.30y., laborer, s.Bryan and Catherine, Jan.9,1847. [Jan.11.CR5]

Mary, and James Murphy, int.Jan.27,1833.

Mary Jane L., and Benjamin Chamberlin, Oct.13,1839.

Mary, and Edward Murtaugh, Feb.6,1843.

Mary, unm., operative, d.John and Mary, and Patrick Sheridan, unm., a.25y., watchman, s.Patrick and Mary, May18,1844.

Mary (Byrne), unm., a.19y., d.James and Ann, and Michael Bolen, unm., [of Fall River. int.], a.24y., laborer, s.John and Catherine, May23,1848.

Michael (Burnes), of Boston, and Elizabeth Sheriden, certif. Jan.15,1837.

Michael, unm., a.18y., laborer, s.James and Anne, and Catharine Doherty, unm., a.18y., operative, d.Hugh and Mary, Oct.29,1845.

Owen, and Bridget Riley, Aug.28,1845.CR5

Peter P., and Chastina Hayward, int.Sept.20,1840.

Robert, of Boston, and Rebecca S. Blood, int.Feb.19,1832.

Roseanna (Byrne) [Roxanna Burnes.L. int.], and Hugh McLaughlin [of Haverhill. int.], May29,1836.CR5

Thomas, and Caroline B. Brown, int.Feb.19,1832.


Samuel S., and Mary Ann Cummings of North Providence, Nov.3,1829.


Arba, of West Fairlee, VT, and Sophronia Lucas, int.Aug.28,1842.

Elizabeth D., unm., a.21y., operative, d.Arba and Ruth, and John B. Brackett, unm., a.25y., carpenter, s.Nathaniel and Elizabeth, July13,1846.

Ellen M., and Reuben French, jr. of New Market, NH, int.Oct.31,1848.


Edward, and Phebe Merrill [Morrill. int.], July末,1834.


Ann, wid., a.32y., d.William and Harriet Ilsley, and Manasseh Dunham, unm., a.36y., stone layer, s.William and Susanna, June6,1847.

John, of Boston, and Nancy Dockham, int.Aug.16,1840.

Rachel, unm., a.19y., milliner, d.Benjamin, and Charles Gove, unm., a.25y., machinist, s.Elijah, May3,1848.

Stephen D., widr., a.39y., mason, s.Samuel and Esther, and Lydia Davis, unm., a.28y., operative, d.Benjamin and Betsey, Aug.17,1845.

BURROUGHS (Burrows, Burrus)

Henry (Burrus), unm., a.22y., carpenter, s.Moody and Malinda, and Lois L. Wheeler, unm., a.20y., operative, d.Jabez and Lois, Sept.29,1846.

Joseph (Burrows), and Nancy Hunt [May4. int.], 1829.

Lucinda, and Daniel S. Rice, int.Aug.5,1832.

Mary, and Gilman Lawrence, int.Dec.11,1836.

Roset, and Samuel P. Gilson, certif. July6,1834.

Valentine (Burrows), and Mary Ford, Oct.16,1837.CR5


Murinda P., and James H. Barton, Dec.28,1837.

BURT (Burtt)

Almira, unm., a.21y., operative, d.George and Mary, and Nathaniel M. Reynolds, unm., a.21y., operative, s.Nathaniel and Mary J., June8,1847.

Caroline, and Richard Colburn of Springfield, Mar.11,1840. [1841. dup.]

Clara A., of Wilmington, and George S. Simons, int.Nov.8,1840.

J. Alden, unm., a.22y., watchman, s.Nathan and Rhoda, and Lucy C. Thatcher, unm., a.18y., operative, d.Amos and Amy, Nov.2,1844.

Mary O., and William Clark, int.June4,1842.

Mary C., and Hazen R. Mason, both of Methuen, Oct.9,1842.*

Sarah Augustus (Burtt), unm., a.21y., b. Wilmington, d.Thomas and Eunice, and Calvin Shedd, unm., a.23y., carpenter, b. Tewksbury, s.Hosley and Annah, Oct.30,1849.

Seth F., unm., of Boston, butcher, and Catharine Johnson, unm., May8,1849.


Ezra, and Sarah S[] Crosby, Mar.11,1835.


William, see Bruce, William.

BUSH (Bushe)

Barber, a.47y., machinist, s.Farbanks and Chiny, and Betsy Bell, unm., a.34y., operative, d.Jefferson and Mary, Apr.10,1847.

Francis (Bushe), unm., a.28y., mechanic, s.Thomas and Mary, and Eleanor McCarty, unm., a.21y., domestic, d.John and Julia, Feb.15,1846. [Feb.16.CR3]


Ann W., and Eli Cooper [Jan.8. int.], 1829.

Jaazaniah F., of Boston, and Abigail H. Miles [], Mar.5,1843.


Lucy Jane, and John P. Stiles, Sept.30,1841.


Elizabeth H. [], of Bradford, and David S. Page, Nov.29,1838.

Harriot, and Peter Layton, Nov.12,1829.

Mary H., and Albert P. Furnald, both of Nashua, Mar.27,1849.*

Moses, and Rachal P. Abbott, June1,1834.

Ruhamah B. [Buzzell. int.], unm., a.26y., and Charles G. Durgin, unm., a.28y., carpenter, s.William and Eunice, Feb.6,1848.


Alonzo, and Elizabeth P. Brown of Ipswich, certif. Oct.12,1834.

Benjamin F., unm., a.26y., attorney at law, s.Charlotte, wid., and Sarah J. Hildreth, unm., of Dracut, a.26y., gentlewoman, d.Israel and Dolly, May16,1844.

Benjamin M., and Susan H. Palmer of Nashville, NH, int.Dec.22,1845. [Forbidden by his father, Dec.30, he being under age.]

Charles [jr. int.], and Roxanna Whitcomb, July29,1841.

David, and Mary Ann Russell of Dracut, int.Apr.1,1832.

Hannah, and Moses Philbrick [Filbrick. int.], Apr.3,1835.

Jason M., unm., a.24y., carpenter, s.James and Margaret, and Julia M. Adams, unm., a.21y., d.John and Cordelia, July4,1847.

Joanna, unm., a.20y., operative, d.James and Helena, and John Roche, unm., of Charlestown, a.28y., laborer, s.John and Joanna, Oct.19,1845.

Johanna, unm., a.22y., operative, d.Richard and Mary, and Edward Wool, unm., [of Newton. int.], a.21y., farmer, s.Bartholomew and Ellen, Nov.26,1846.

John Q.A., and Almira E. Wood, int.May3,1848.

Margaret, and John Morrison, int.June14,1835.

Margaret, and Joseph Purcell, Aug.20,1840.CR5

Margaret, unm., a.20y., operative, d.Richard and Margaret, and Patrick Walsh, unm., a.22y., machinist, s.Patrick and Julia, June15,1847.

Margaret, unm., a.19y., b. Ireland, d.Michael and Anne, and John McTiernan, unm., a.19y., operative, b. Ireland, s.John and Winnifred, int.Oct.16,1849. [Stopped by McT. Oct.17.]

Mary, unm., operative, and William Jeffers [], unm., operative, Nov.28,1848. [Nov.25.CR6]

Mary W., unm., a.25y., tailoress, d.John and Apphia, and Ebenezer Burgess, unm., a.30y., harnessmaker, s.C.B. Wing, Nov.29,1848.

Mary, unm., and John Flynn, unm., both operatives, Jan.27,1849.

Michael, and Catharine McMahan, Sept.30,1847.CR6

Rebekah, of Groton, and Peter Anderson, int.Sept.13,1840.

Sarah, of Chelmsford, and William S. Pierce, Apr.2,1840.


Alice, of Tewksbury, and Benjamin Parker, Dec.24,1829.

Charles, unm., a.29y., mechanic, s.Jonathan and Anna, and Roxanna Lawrence, unm., a.28y., milliner, d.Davis and Eunice, May7,1844.

Eliza, and John Johnson of Woburn, int.Dec.18,1847.

Phineas D. [of], and Sarah B. Dow, May1,1834.


Abigail, and James Hunnewell, Dec.17,1832.

Abigail, of Lexington, and Noah Lovejoy, int.May6,1838. [May20. dup.]

Adeline, and Lawrence B. Norris, Nov.23,1843.

Anna A., unm., a.18y., d.Joseph and Betsey, and Phineas Whiting, unm., a.24y., merchant, s.Phineas and Sarah, May7,1844.

Augustus [B. certif.], and Esther M. Russ, June18,1837.

Caroline, of Chelmsford, and Daniel Brooks, int.May29,1833.

Emerline, of Tyngsborough, NH, and Alexis Peirce of Dracut, Feb.19,1839.*

George W., unm., a.24y., civil engineer, s.Silas and Lucinda, and Ellen G. Chase, unm., a.18y., d.Thomas and Abigail, May15,1847.

Harriet, and Samuel D. Allen of Richmond, NH, int.Nov.14,1831.

Isaac, and Ruth T. Savory [], Mar.1,1835.

Jemima, and Loammi Coburn of Salem, Dec.13,1837.

Joanna C., and Barnabas N. Bradt of Chelmsford, Jan.12,1831.

Joel W., and Nancy H. Wheeler, int.Dec.27,1835.

John, and S.K. Whitmore of Salisbury, int.Nov.27,1837.

Joseph, of Chelmsford, and Almira Cheever, certif. July30,1836.

Julia Ann, and Samuel W. Gilbert of Charlestown, at Northwood, NH, Sept.29,1844.

Luke, widr., a.28y., machinist, s.Luke and Mary, and Abby Philbrick, a.22y., d.Richard and Abigail, Nov.14,1847.

Maria, see Tyler, Maria.

Mary P., and Herbert Marshall, Dec.24,1840.*

Mary A., unm., a.38y., d.Reuben and Miranda, and William Tyler, unm., of Chelmsford, a.50y., farmer, s.Mathew and Mary, Dec.14,1848.*

Rhoda, of Chelmsford, and Jonathan B. Wheeler, June24,1841.

Samuel [jr. int.], and Susan A. Lyman, at Billerica, May30,1841.

Samuel, unm., of Dracut, a.35y., blacksmith, s.Samuel and Hannah, and Emily W. Peck, unm., a.24y., operative, d.Otis and Sarah, May8,1847.*

Sarah B., unm., of Tyngsborough, a.40y., d.Abner and Hepzibah, and Jonas Hamblet, unm., of Dracut, Dec.5,1844.*

Sarah E., and Timothy d.Taylor of Boston, Oct.12,1846.

Stephen, and Adeline Sterling, int.Feb.16,1834.

Susan A., and Varnum Spaulding of Chelmsford, Apr.2,1840.

Theodore [s.Benjamin and Sarah Chamberlain.PR1], and Eliza Wilson [Apr.23. int.], 1827.


Hiram, 2d m., of Acton, a.34y., railroad repairer, b. Acton, s.Nathaniel and Lucinda, and Mary Ann Palmer, unm., a.32y., b. Thetford, VT, d.Josiah and Rachel, Nov.21,1849.

Mary Ann J., of Wilmington, and William Baldwin, int.Dec.4,1831.

Pamelia, and Lamond Dale, int.July27,1834.

Ruth J., of Wilmington, and Jonathan Wood, certif. Nov.20,1836.


Benjamin S., unm., a.21y., operative, s.John and Ann, and Anna M. Hoppin, unm., a.22y., operative, d.Richard and Mary, June12,1845.

Ellis, unm., a.23y., dyer, s.James and Susan, and Mary Flynn, unm., a.20y., operative, d.Patrick and Mary, Sept.26,1846.

John T., unm., of Lawrence, a.25y., operative, s.John and Sarah, and Mary Smith, unm., a.24y., operative, d.William and Anna, int.June23,1849.

BUTTRICK (Butrick)

Abner W., and Hannah S. Parkhurst of Chelmsford, int.Oct.3,1835.

Alden B., unm., a.29y., grocer, b. Framingham, s.Stephen and Martha, and Frances E. Sawyer, unm., of Hallowell, ME, a.22y., b. Hallowell, ME, d.F., int.Oct.16,1849.

Asa (Butrick) [of Pelham, NH. int.], and Abigail Thomas, Oct.3,1833.

Asa, of Methuen, and Sarah E. Bean, July5,1835.

David W., and Eliza T. Hunt of Concord, int.May30,1831.

Grovner, and Mary Ann Stratton, int.Sept.25,1826.

John A., and Martha Parkhurst of Chelmsford, int.Aug.15,1841.

Nathan, and Mary Porter [of], July19,1832.

Nathan, and Mary Ann Grover, July15,1838.

BUXTON (Baxton)

Albert G. (Baxton) [Baxter. certif.], of Boston, and Maragaret Ross, Aug.23,1837.

Joshua, and Abigail Parker of Sterling, int.Jan.8,1830.

Mary, and Dwelly W. Burgess, Oct.22,1834.

Pheby P., and Timothy Baker of Londonderry, NH, int.Jan.5,1834.

Susan J., unm., of Woburn, a.21y., d.Frederic and Susan, and Frederick E. Ordway, unm., of Woburn, a.22y., painter, s.Enoch and Mary, Apr.12,1849.*

BUZZELL (Bussell)

Abigail, unm., a.24y., d.Silas and Sally, and Danforth M. Rowe, unm., a.22y., manufacturer, s.Smith and Sally, Feb.18,1849.

Elizabeth, unm., a.26y., dressmaker, d.Luke and Mary, and David F. Rolfe, unm., of Limington [ME. int.], a.28y., carpenter, s.Benjamin and Nancy, Nov.26,1846.

John T., of Boston, and Nancy J. Smith, int.Sept.11,1843.

Luke, unm., a.25y., machinist, s.Luke and Mary, and Sarah W. Seavey, unm., a.24y., d.Samuel and Dorothy, July14,1844.

Lydia (Bussell) [Russell. int.], and Benjamin Parent, Dec.16,1833.

Ruhamah B., see Buzwell, Ruhamah B.[Buswell]

Samuel D., and Sarah A., Thomas, int.Sept.13,1841. [Stopped Sept.15.]

Samuel D., and Mary Jane Knox, int.May9,1843.

Theodore, unm., a.28y., confectionery, s.Ezekiel and Hannah, and Sarah Clark, wid., a.40y., operative, d.John Clay, int.June30,1849.

BYAM (Byram)

Josiah, and Sarah Hardy, both of Chelmsford, Dec.28,1841.*

Reuben (Byram), and Ann Moody, Feb.19,1843.

Sophronia Ann, and William P. Cook, at Chelmsford, Oct.27,1842.


James A., and Betsey Lang, May13,1848.

Laura, unm., and George W. Fellows, unm., Apr.26,1848.

Samuel, and Susannah Sleeper, int.May11,1834.

Terence, and Mary McDonough, May14,1848.*

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