Catherine, and James M.C. Mark, Jan.7,1840.

FAGAN (Fagins)

Bridget, and John McNallay, int.July5,1835.

Margaret (Fagins), and William S. Manuel, Aug.5,1839.


William, unm., a.30y., operative, s.William and Cornelia, and Elizabeth McCaffray, unm., a.26y., operative, d.Thomas and Rose, June5,1847.


Anne, unm., a.20y., servant, d.James and Eliza, and Thomas Burke, unm., a.25 y, laborer, s.Thomas and Mary, July15,1847.

James, unm., operative, and Anne Holland, unm., operative, [both of Thetford, VT. int.], Sept.23,1848.

Thomas, and Mary Conner, both of Lawrence, int.Oct.23,1847.

FAIRBANKS (Fairbank)

Eliza A., of Dedham, and George L. Bell, int.June9,1839.

George O., and Abby Langley, int.Sept.16,1841.

Louisa (Fairbank), and Seth L. Holmes, Jan.12,1836.

Polly, and Samuel Temple, int.Aug.14,1831.

Nancy A., unm., a.20y., operative, and Daniel C. Carter, unm., a.23y., operative, Apr.2,1848.

Seth P., of Ashburnham, and Charlotte e. Brown, int.Nov.15,1848.

Sylvanus H., and Junia H. Dennis, Sept.7,1837. [Sept.10. dup.]


Jane, 2 d m., a.29y., b. England, d.Alexander and Catherine Ross, and John Clark, 2d m., a.27y., operative, b. England, s.Stephen and Ellen, Oct.5,1849.


Albert, and Mary J. Felch of Milford, NH int.Mar.17,1839.

Almyra, and Green L. Brown, int.Jan.5,1834.

Harriet N., unm., a.20y., and Samuel Page, jr., unm., a.24y., operative, May2,1848.

Julia E., and Benjamin F. Sanborn, int.Feb.21,1846.

Mary Ann, and Edwin A. Nurse of Roxbury, Jan.1,1843.

Rufus S., and Julia Thompson, both of Thomaston, ME, Mar.20,1838.*


Daniel P., unm., a.26y., watchman, s.Otis and Elizabeth, and Comfort F. Vining, unm, a.17y., d.Thomas and Jemmima, Feb.25,1847.


Ellen, and John Fitzgerald, int.Feb.22,1835.


Michael, and Sarah Brown, Sept.9,1838.CR5


Andrew, and Bridget Mannen, May17,1842.CR5

Mary, unm., a.21y., operative, d.James and Mary, and William Morey, unm., a.25y., operative, s.Timothy and Ann, June12,1848.

Michael, and Abigail W. Marshall, Mar.13,1831.


Patrick [unm., a.21y., farmer, b. Ireland.int.], and Martha Henessey [unm., a.20y., housekeeper, b. Ireland, d.James and Ann. int.], July19,1849.CR3


John, and Ann Duffie, int.Nov.14,1830.


Ellen, see McFarlin, Ellen

FARLEY (Fairly)

Benjamin P., of Merrimack, NH, and Chrystal A. Post, int.Nov.10,1843.

Bridget, unm., a.19y., and James Lynch, unm., a.23y., both operatives, Jan.21,1849.

Harriet, of Hollis, and Nathaniel G. Furnald, int.Jan.11,1845.

John, of Haverhill, a.27y., laborer, s.James and Bridget, and Ruth Tilton of Haverhill, a.20y., d.Charles B.W., and Susan, Dec.21,1845.*

Maria [Fairley.dup.], unm., a.20y.[operative. int.], d.Michael and Elizabeth, and Michael Moran, unm., a.30y., laborer, b. Ireland, s.Patrick and Bridget, Aug.2,1849.

Mary, and Peter McInnah [McInire. int.], Apr.28,1836.CR5

Michael (Fairly), unm., a.26y., laborer, s.Daniel and Margaret, and Anne Rouley, unm., a.22y., d.Thomas and Rosanna, Apr.14,1847.

Philip, and Catharine Gorman, int.May10,1840.


Asa, widr., a.50y., farmer, s.Oliver and Hannah, and Susan Ordway, wid., a.44y., d.Samuel and Joanna Arlin, Dec.7,1844.

Caroline V., unm., a.21y., dressmaker, d.Miles and Lucy and Harvey Witherell, unm., of Chelmsford, a.27y., farmer, s.Almond M. and Phebe, July4,1847.

Edward, and Lydia A. Garey of Concord, int.Feb.12,1832.

Eliza, and John Ferguson of Andover, int.Feb.22,1830.

Harriet N., of Pelham, NH, and George W. Roberts, int.Mar.8,1845.

James, and Mary Gorman, certif. May25,1834.

John, and Huldah Barrett of Royalton, int.Jan.15,1832.

John, unm., a.29y., laborer, s.Dennis and Bridget, and Margaret Ward, unm., a.29y., d.Richard and Catherine, Jan.13,1848.

Lydia Y., unm., a.19y., d.e. C. and Lydia, and Robert H. Gibby, unm., a.21y., manufacturer, s.Samuel and Ann, May12,1844. [May13.CR1]

Margaret, and James Smith, int.Nov.29,1832.

Mary N., unm., of Tewksbury, a.29y., d.Life, and William Hamblet, unm., of Chelmsford, a.31y., butcher, s.Jesse and Abiah, May3,1848.*

Nathaniel, and Sarah F. Conant of Concord, int.Apr.29,1827.

Patrick, and Rosanna Gushin, May14,1840.CR5

Sarah, and Franklin Brown, int.Jan.1,1832.

Silas, of Tewksbury, and Mrs.Anna Blanchard, int.May31,1829.


Benjamin F., unm., a.28y., trader, and Harriet N. Josselyn, unm., a.28y., dressmaker, Dec.23,1845.

Charles H., and Ann Eliza C. Webster of New York, int.Sept.17,1845.

Daniel [David.int.] W., and Elizabeth S. Gilson, Apr.9,1838.

David W., see Farnsworth, Daniel W.

Ether [Esther. int.], and George W. Hills, Mar.14,1833.

Hannah, and Jonathan Page, Dec.3,1835.

Isaac, of Dracut, and Deborah Downes, Sept.24,1837.

Jesse Edson, and Anna Brown of Waltham, certif. Sept.23,1834.

Lucy K., and Benjamin W. Robbins of Shirley, June14,1836

Mary E., of Roxbury, and Gordon F. Tucker, int.Oct.30,1847.

FARNUM (Farnam, Farnham)

Abby Jane (Farnham), unm., a.21y., operative, d.Benjamin and Ruth, and David J. Young, unm., a.22y., teamster, s.John and Mary, Nov.23,1845.

Abby D. (Farnham), unm., a.25y., d.John and Eliza, and Noah Robinson, unm., of Lawrence a.25y., trader, s.Z.S. and Nancy, Dec.28,1847.

Delia F., unm., a.19y., d.Eliza and Johnston [M. Johnston. int.] Adams, unm., a.22y., clerk, s.Stephen and Sarah, May14,1845.

Cyrus C., of Haverhill, and [Mrs.int.] R. Ann White, Jan.1,1844.

Edwin (Farnham) [of Andover. int.], and Susan B. Weber, Apr.19,1832.

Eliza A., unm., a.22y., d.Eliza, and Thaddeus P. Robinson, unm., of New Hampton, NH, a.23y., agriculturist, s.T. and J., Jan.31,1847.

Emily, of Dublin, NH, and Enoch How, int.Sept.20,1835.

George (Farnam), see Varnum, George.

George W. (Farnham) [Sanborn. dup.], and Clementine Ordway, int.Nov.15,1835.

Henry H., unm., a.28y., dentist, s.Stephen and Hannah, and Ruth T. Thompson, unm., a.22y., d.Cornelius and Ann, Apr.24,1845.

John C., of Manchester, NH, and Esther F. [J. int.] Kelley, Aug.4,1839.

Livermore, and Harriet Cheever, certif. Oct.19,1834.

Martha, and Charles Pollard, int.Oct.27,1839.

Miriam D., and William B. Thompson, both of Concord, Feb.13,1849.*

Neal (Farnam), and [Mrs.dup.] Jane Corrin, Jan.21,1840.

Ransom, and Betsey Andrews, Mar.31,1841.

Rufus G., 2d m., a.48y., machinist, b. Plymouth, NH, s.John and Elizabeth, and Elizebeth F. French, unm., of Dracut a.34y., b. Salisbury, NH, d.Jonathan W. and Elizabeth, int.Dec.11,1849.

Samuel P. [of Andover. int.], and Olive T. Kimball, Jan.末,1835.

Sarah D., and Reuben L. Holt of Boston, June15,1842.*

Sarah E. (Farnham), unm., a.18y., d.Almira and Thomas D. Hall, unm., a.23y., machinist, s.David, Oct.25,1847.

William, and Sabrina Parker of Amherst, NH, int.Apr.11,1830.


Alpha B., and Betsey M. Blanchard, Oct.6,1842.

Asa W., unm., a.24y., attorney at law, s.Jonathan and Rebecca, and Elizabeth G. Hadley, unm., a.20y., teacher, d.Peter and Elizabeth, May13,1845.

Ednah, and Samuel Marshall of Boston, int.July8,1843.

Mary [Maria.dup.], and Ansel S. [P. int.] Lesure, May11,1840.

Noah F. [T. dup.], and Mary A [nn. int.] H. Bellows, Mar.12,1839.

Norman, and Mary Hunter, both unm., of Boston, Oct.23,1847.*

FARRAR (Farrer)

Amos W., of Shirley, and Mary Ann Farrar, int.Oct.31,1846.

Cyrus, and Hannah Marston of Tewksbury, int.May16,1831.

Cyrus S., unm., a.20y., operative, b. Marlborough, NH, s.James and Roxana, and Sarah J. Spalding, unm., a.23y., b. Ashby, d.Asa and Prudence, Dec.23,1849.

Eliza C. (Farrer), of Hancock, NH, and Oliver Brooks, int.June7,1835.

Franklin, and Adaline Winn of Concord, int.Mar.20,1831.

Franklin, and Ann Moore, Sept.9,1833.

Marium, of Concord, and Hiram Walcutt, int.Sept.16,1827.

Mary Ann, and Marshall Moore, int.Sept.12,1830.

Mary Ann, and Amos W. Farrer of Shirley, int.Oct.31,1846.

Roxanna, of Ashburnham, and Abram Bowden, int.July16,1842.

FARRELL (Farrill, Ferrell)

Ann, unm., a.24y., d.Patrick and Margaret, and Michael [Bartholomew.int.] Harrigan, unm., a.22y., laborer, s.Thomas and Honora, Oct.14,1847.

Bridget, unm., a.20y., operative, d.Michael and Maria, and Morris Sloven [Slaven. int.], unm., a.26y., operative, s.Edward and Jude, Aug.7,1846.

Bridget, and Patrick Connors, int.Nov.7,1848. [Stopped by order of Bridget Farrell Nov.11]

Catherine (Ferrell), and Dennis McCluskay, int.Feb.2,1834.

Catherine, unm., of Manchester, a.21y., operative d.Patrick and Mary, and Michael Kennedy, unm., of Manchester, a.27y., operative, s.Jerry and Mary, Nov.27,1847.*

Cornelius, unm., a.23y., stone mason, s.Henry and Mary, and Mary Grimes, unm., a.21y., d.Terence and Bridget, Dec.27,1847.

Ellen, and William Flynn, Sept.2,1838.CR5

James, unm., a.27y., laborer, and Margaret Reynolds, unm., a.28y., operative, Jan.7,1846.

James M., unm., of Manchester, a.25y., laborer, s.Hugh and Mary, and Margaret McClusky, unm., a.24y., d.Bernard and Catherine, Feb.17,1848.*

Margaret, and Robert Farrill, certif. Nov.30,1834.

Margaret, unm., a.20y., d.Michael and Mary, and Patrick McAtee, unm., a.24y., laborer, s.Edward and Ellen, Aug.8,1847.

Mary, and William Masterson, Aug.23,1836.CR5

Mary, and John Purcell, Feb.7,1843.

Mary C., unm., a.19y., d.Edward and Margaret, and James McGrath, unm., a.28y., laborer, s.James and Bridget, Feb.20,1849.

Robert (Farrill), and Margaret Farrell, certif. Nov.30,1834.

Thomas T., and Elizabth Flanegan, unm., of Manchester, NH, May11,1848.

FARRINGTON (Ferrington)

Abraham, of Chester, VT, and Sarah Temple, int.Mar.29,1835.

Daniel (Ferrington), and Mary Bicknell, abt. 1829. [Aug.3,1829. int.]

Ebenezer, unm., a.25y., carpenter, s.Barnard and Elleanor G., and Laura A. Sherburne, unm., a.23y., operative, d.James and Mary, June11,1846.

Edmond F., a.26y., of Lynn, last maker, s.Asah and Henrietta, and Amelia Emma Smiley, a.18y., int.Feb.10,1847.

Betsey, see Harrington, Betsey.

Hannah H., and Lorenzo D. Hanson, int.Jan.30,1847.

Julia [Harrington.CR6], unm., and Timothy Kennedy, unm., both operatives, Feb.28,1849.

Margaret B., of Woburn, and John S. Flinn, int.Nov.1,1845.

Marriam S., of Claremont, NH, and William Bascom, int.Aug.10,1848.

Mary, and John A. Merrill of Manchester, NH, Apr.24,1842.

Mary S., and Rev. G.D. Garland of Boston, int.Apr.10,1845.

FARRIS (Farries)

Henry and Marcha Ellis, int.Oct.11,1829.

William (Farries), and Margaret Bunker, int.Feb.10,1833.


Andrew, and Jane Knight, int.Mar.1,1840.

FARWELL (Fairwell, Farewell)

Arathusa (Fairwell), of Harvard, and Albert F. Dyar, int.Feb.15,1835.

Benjamin O., of Westford, and Mary Horn, int.Dec.3,1842.

Enos H[olden. int.] (Farewell), and Mahala J. Corliss, Feb.7,1836.

Isaiah, and Lucy Lawrence of Concord, Aug.31,1843.

Sarah, unm., of Tyngsborough, a.26y., tailoress, d.James and Nancy, and Warren Wright, unm., of Westford, a.32y., farmer, s.Abijah and Mary, Dec.5,1844.*

William, and Charlotte Eaton, Jan.8,1843.


Catherine, unm.[wid.int.], a.32y.[30y.int.], d.Patrick and Bridget [Ann Burnes.int.], and Peter Shanley, unm.[widr.int.], a.25y.[35y.int.], laborer, s.Andrew and Ann, July3,1849.


Daniel P. [F. dup.], of Lynn, and Mary Jane Parker, Oct.17,1837.


Ichabod B., unm., a.26y., manufacturer, s.Ichabod and Rebecca C., of Paris, ME, and Ann G. Thompson, unm., a.24y., d.Daniel and Phebe of Topsham, ME, June9,1844.

FAUSSELL (Fussell)

FAVOR (Favour)

Chauncy C., and Elizabeth Bean, May7,1843.

James A., and Clarrissa Melvin, int.June4,1827.

John (Favour), and Elvira Cooper, int.Nov.10,1829.

Nathaniel B. [Favour. dup.], and Shuar Bohomon [Bohonan. int.], Oct.9,1831.


Lucy, unm., a.21y., d.Charles and Susan, and Otis W. Gates, unm., a.21y., whip maker, s.Simeon and Sarah, Feb.22,1846.


Abby, see Tay, Abby.

Almira [of Dracut. int.], and Erasmus D. Leavitt, Nov.30,1835.

Amanda, unm., a.22y., b. Grantham, NH, d.John and Sally, and Benjamin N. Stuart, unm., a.29y., contractor, b. Orford, NH, s.Charles and Ann, Nov.29,1849.

Charlotte M., of Warwick, and Oliver P. Green, int.Mar.20,1831.

Hannah C., and Aaron Fisk, int.Dec.18,1848.

Lovicy A., unm., a.22y., operative, d.John and Sally, and George H. Davis, unm., a.24y., operative, s.Nathan and Lydia Ann, Mar.15,1845.

Lowell, of Southborough, and Caroline Seaver, Mar.11,1841.

Nathaniel W., unm., of Westford, a.31y., farmer, b. Grantham, NH, s.John and Sally, and Mary T. Powell, 2d m., a.35y., b. Hampton Falls, NH, d.Ebenezer and Sally Tilton, Nov.15,1849.

Samuel, jr., and Sarah S. Taylor of Warwick, int.Sept.29,1839.

Sulivan, and Lauria Sherwin, certif. Oct.12,1834.


Edward [Kernan. int.; Kiernan.CR5], unm., a.23y., operative, and Rosy Kearny [Kiernan.CR5], unm., a.19y., operative, May6,1847.


Rose, see Finley, Rosanna.


Benjamin [F. int.], widr., a.26y., peddler, s.Daniel and Ruth, and Mary E. Bennett, unm., a.21y., teacher, d.Abijah and Mary, Mar.9,1846.

Chelmsford, and Elizabeth M. Mace, int.Dec.11,1841.

Eliza A. [Phelps, of Tamworth, NH int.], and Eli Fernald, July11,1847.

Betsey, and Ebenezer Nutting of Mason, NH, int.Mar.16,1829.

Hannah W., and Jonathan Copp, jr., May8,1838.

John B., unm., a.24y., mechanic, s.Robert and Betsey, and Martha A. Lewis, unm., a.21y., d.John and Olive, Jan.30,1847.

Levi, and Clarissa Wright, Nov.8,1835.

Mary J., of Milford, NH, and Albert Fales, int.Mar.17,1839.

Ruth W., of Milford, NH, and Elbridge Weston, int.Oct.30,1831.

Sarah T., of Milford, NH, and Silas Nutting of Groton, Apr.12,1841.*

Susan S., unm., a.19y., operative, d.Robert and Betsey, and Jonathan W. Meader, unm., a.20y., operative, s.Edmund S., Jan.12,1847.

FELLOWS (Follows)

Augustus B., unm., a.27y., mechanic, s.John and Mary, and Lucy G. Rollins, unm., a.20y., dressmaker, d.James and Ann, Aug.17,1847.

Benjamin F. [M.D.CR1], and Lucy P. Joy, Dec.11,1831.

George (Follows), and Eliza Heaton, Oct.9,1843.CR1

George W., unm., and Laura Byron, unm., Apr.26,1848.

Hannah E., unm., a.24y., dressmaker, d.Jonathan and Hannah, and Warren Fletcher, unm., a.25y., mechanic, s.David and Ann, Nov.12,1846.

James K., and Mary C. Ordway, Feb.22,1839.

John, and Leonora W. Hosmer, both of Boscawen, May26,1846.CR1*

Martha H., and John Maull of Augusta, ME, int.Jan.1,1843.

Richard, and Mary N. Collins, Oct.24,1841.

Samuel, of Franklin, NH, and Mrs.Eliza W. Brackett, int.Mar.1,1845.

Sarah, and Jonathan P. Widden [Whidden. int.], Apr.21,1836.

Sarah C., unm., a.21y., operative, d.Thomas and Jane, and Willis B. Kemp, unm., of Gorham, ME, a.28y., farmer, s.John and Mary, Nov.25,1847.


Mary Ann, and Edgar Freeman of Dracut, int.Nov.9,1848.


Martha N., and Thomas C. Hodgman, May30,1841.


Frances M., unm., a.18y., dressmaker, b. Westford, d.Levi and Judith, and Stephen Moulton, unm., of Bradford, VT, a.22y., locksmith, b. Bradford, VT, s.Moses and Catherine, Aug.11,1849.


Margaret, and Mathew Connoly, int.Nov.25,1832.


Jesse O., operative, and Abby Cate, Mar.25,1848.

FENERTY (Fenaghty, Feneighty)

Catherine, unm., operative, and Patrick McCarty, unm., laborer, July5,1848.

Johanna (Fenaghty), unm., a.30y., d.Jeremiah and Mary, and Daniel Sullivan, unm., a.35y., s.John and Caathe, Feb.13,1847.

Mary, and James Sullivan, Mar.4,1848. [Mar.7. dup.]

Patrick (Fenaghty) [Feneighty.int.], and Margaret Fitzgerald, Oct.1,1842.


Eunice H., and Samuel A. Derby, int.Dec.21,1829.

John F., of Chelsea, and Mary E. Borden, int.Apr.9,1844.

Sabrina, and Cyrus French,末蔓末,1828.


Johanna, and Henry Bailey [Bagley.CR6], both of Manchester, NH, Mar.7,1848.*

FERGUSON (Furguson)

David, jr., unm., a.24y., s.David and Joanna, and Clara A. Smith, unm., a.24y., d.Samuel and Mary, Nov.29,1846.

Eleanor, and Abel McIntire, June26,1842.

Jacob Y. [Joab Y. of Orono, ME int.], and Louisa H. Carter, Sept.末,1834.

James, and Lucinda S. True of Goshen, NH, Feb.25,1844.

Joanna E. [Mrs.int.], unm., a.22y., d.David and Joanna, and Eben S. Sanborn, unm., a.24y., grocer, s.Benjamin and Lucinda, May24,1846.

John, of Andover, and Eliza Farmer, int.Feb.22,1830.

Levi, unm., a.27y., machinist, b. Elliot, ME, s.Dennis and Amey, and Catherine Wright, unm., a.22y., spinster, d.Peter and Meribe, int.July25,1849.


Otis L., unm., a.22y., trader, s.Samuel and Mercy, and Ruhamah Woodman, unm., a.20y., operative, d.Jonathan and Martha, Jan.18,1846.

FERNALD (Furnald, Furnall)

Abigail (Furnald), and Martin L. Blood, Sept.11,1833.

Albert P. [Furnald], and Mary H. Buswell, both of Nashua, Mar.27,1849.*

Eli, and Eliza A. Felch [Phelps, of Tamworth, NH int.], July11,1847.

Herrick, unm., a.19y., mason, s.Edmund and Betsey, and Jane Worth, unm., a.17y., operative, d.Henry and Mary A., June26,1847.

Jane W., and George W. Hawes, both unm., Dec.13,1845.

Lewis S., and Martha Ann Chase of Newmarket, NH, int.Nov.5,1837

Lewis S., and Theodata S. Emmons, int.Apr.19,1845.

Lucinda (Furnall), and Ransley Harrington, Feb.9,1836.

Nathaniel G., and Harriet Farley of Hollis, NH, int.Jan.11,1845.

FERRIN (Farrin, Ferren)

Abigial, of Haverhill, and Thomas Cheeney, int.Mar.15,1828.

Harvey M., and Hannah D. Hardy, int.June27,1841.

Hephsibah A., and Luther Wright, Feb.12,1837.

Hezekiah, of Hebron, NH, and Abigail R. Durgin, Feb.27,1840. [Feb.7. dup.]

Levi, unm., of Alexandria, NH, a.28y., trader, s.Philip and Nancy, and Sarah M. Clough, unm., a.23y., operative, d.Amos and Elcy, May22,1846.

Miriam, of Warner, NH, and Stickney Robinson, int.Sept.24,1837.

Orpha, and Charles L. Martin, Mar.12,1842.

Thomas M. (Ferren), and Ann S. Robinson [of Sandown. dup.], July4,1839.

William H. (Farrin), unm., a.25y., carpenter, s.Richard and Lydia, and Eriezene H. Gove, unm., a.22y., d.John and Joanna, Aug.3,1845.

William P., unm., of Epsom, NH, a.24y., farmer, s.Benjamin and Mary, and Mary Walker, unm., a.24y., operative, d.William and Margaret, July2,1848.

FERSON (Farson, Pherson)

Charles H., and Nancy Stone, both of Chelsea, Nov.5,1844.*

Clara A., unm., a.21y., artist, d.John and Lucy, and Amos Fletcher, unm., a.28y., daguerrean, s.Asa and Lydia, Feb.18,1847.

Jane, and William B. Sanborn, Dec.20,1841.

John L., unm., a.23y., mechanic, s.John and Lucy, and Mary C. Branch, unm., a.23y., d.Palmer and Betsey, Nov.1,1846.

Lucretia S., and Jonathan S. Gordon, Mar.31,1839.

Mary (Pherson), and Daniel Minot, Sept.14,1834.

Parker B., unm., a.23y., operative, s.Samuel and Fanny, and Mary A. Loler, unm., a.21y., operative, Oct.12,1845.

Samuel (Farson), jr., and Ellis S. Lane, Sept.4,1838.


John, unm., of Andover, a.24y., mechanic, s.James and Elizabeth, and Susan McMaugh, unm., of Andover, a.24y., domestic, d.Peter and Rosanne M., Sept.8,1844.*

FIELD (Feild, Fields)

Abigail, and Henry Porter of Thetford, VT, Oct.24,1837.

Benjamin C. (Fields), and Sarah M. Wood [Woods.int.] of Dracut, int.Apr.12,1845. [Publishment stopped Apr.14, on the request of Sarah M. Wood.] [May24. dup.]

Benjamin C. (Fields), a.24y., trader, and Armaritha Hanscom, a.21y., May13,1847.

Elizabeth P., and Amos C. Bennett, Sept.7,1843.

Franklin, unm., a.27y., machinist, s.William and Mary, and Luvia C. Miner, unm., a.19y., dressmaker, d.William and Tamison, June [Jan?] 19,1847.

Hannah (Fields), of Merrimack, and Charles Sherwin, int.June15,1831.

Harriet, and Abiel Niles, Jan.25,1844.

Huldah S., unm., a.28y., gentlewoman, d.John and Eliza, and Benjamin S. Parkhurst, unm., a.30y., iron founder, s.Benjamin and Mary, Apr.18,1848.

James G. (Fields), and Emily A. Hoyt, int.July31,1836.

Joseph, and Mary Ann Kidder, Apr.13,1837.

Levi C., unm., of Baltimore, a.24y., machinist, s.D. and G., and Harriet A. Stone, unm., of Dracut, a.24y., d.William and Mary H., Nov.13,1846.*

Lucy P., unm., a.19y., operative, d.Seth P. and Sarah, and John C. Kimball, unm., a.25y., machinist, s.Eliphalet and Betsey, Mar.4,1848.

Samuel B. (Feild), and Maria Marble, May13,1834.

Sarah J., and Solomon Danforth, May9,1837.

Smith E. (Fields), and Mary Moses of Beverly, int.Mar.22,1835.

Susan F., unm., a.22y., tailoress, d.Samuel and Sarah, and Solomon Danforth, widr., a.27y., manufacturer, s.Simeon C. and Abigail, Oct.19,1845.

William (Fields), and Laura B. Baxter, Nov.17,1834.

FIELDING (Fielden)

Catharine, unm., a.19y., d.David and Mary, and John O'Neil, unm., a.23y., s.James and Honora, Feb.13,1847.

Eliza G. [Elsie E.G. int.], and Horace J. Adams, Nov.5,1840.

Henry A., unm., a.21y., clerk, s.S.K. and S., and Mary A. Weeks, unm., a.20y., spinster, d.S. and E.B., Feb.1,1849.

Margaret (Fielden), and John McCarty, int.Nov.21,1830.

Maurice (Fielden), and Catherine Danevan, int.July18,1830.

Maurice, and Mary Flanagan [Flanning. int.], Sept.11,1836.CR5

Maurice, and Mary Dinnewan, int.Sept.28,1842.

Maurice, and Mary Coleman, Oct.16,1842.*

Sarah Ann [Ann S. int.], unm., a.25y., d.Stephen R. and Sarah, and Thomas W. Harris, widr., of Boston, a.36y., printer, May26,1847.


Charlotte, wid., a.32y., operative, d.Moses and Ruth Corser, and John Judkins, widr., a.37y., ship carpenter, s.Daniel and Lorania, June17,1845.

Nathan H. [A. int.], and Lydia W. Newton, Oct.9,1834.


Abigail, and John C. Woodward, Jan.12,1841.

Abraham, and Betsey Crosby of Milford, NH, int.Dec.30,1832.

Albert G., and Eliza Dolloff, Dec.23,1833.

Edward, and Mary Jane Littlefield, int.Apr.7,1833.

Eliza Jane, and John Barrett of Cambridge, Dec.12,1838.

Eliza, unm., a.21y., d.David and Sarah, and Emery Dickerson, unm., a.28y., laborer, s.Abraham and Mary, Nov.30,1844.

Eliza H., of Candia, NH, and Rufus L. Evans, int.July19,1845.

Elizabeth G. unm., a.28y., d.E.O. and A.G., and John Billings, widr., a.38y., expressman, s.D. and A., June21,1848.

Mary Ann, and Abram Page, int.July22,1832.

Samuel D., and Belinda White, Apr.20,1843.

Sarah K., and John O. Evans, Oct.7,1839.

Susan [Mrs.int.], and Asa Carkin, June1,1843.

FILBRICK (Philbrick)


Sargent S., and Rhoda M. Willis, int.Sept.14,1844.


Charlotte A., and James W. Jerauld, both of Boston, at Boston, Nov.19,1843.*


James, unm., a.24y., operative, s.John and Elizabeth, and Mary Ann Lane, unm., a.21y., domestic, d.James and Mary, int.May19,1849.


Justus, jr., and Mary Chase, Dec.2,1832.


Samuel, and Emily Belding, int.Aug.24,1844.


Sarah, unm., and Thomas Cotter, unm., of Lawrence, Nov.30,1848.

FINLEY (Fenley, Finlay, Finly)

Ann (Finly) [Finlay.int.], unm., d.John and Hannah, and Edward Ryan, unm., s.Edward and Johanna, Aug.27,1848.

Robert [Fenley.int.], of Danvers, and Margaret Collins, May23,1841.

Rosanna [Rose Feeny.int.], unm., of Andover, a.25y., servant, d.Owen and Nancy, and Hugh McDermott, unm., of Andover, a.27y., mason, s.James and Catharine, July28,1846.

FINN (Fing)

David (Fing) [Finn. int.], and Honora Burke, July30,1842.

James [of East Cambridge. int.], and Catherine Quigley, Feb.5,1837.CR5

Maria, wid., a.22y., operative, d.John, and Thomas [James.int.] Jeffers, unm., a.22y., harnessmaker, s.John. Jan.17,1846.

Mary Ann, see Flynn, Mary Ann.

Mary Ann, unm., a.19y., b. Ireland, d.Jeremiah and Mary, and Jeremiah Dacy, unm., a.23y., carpenter, b. Ireland, s.James and Mary, Nov.24,1849.

Michael, of Boston, and Bridget Sullivan, int.Sept.4,1836.

FINNEGAN (Finegan)

Daniel (Finegan), and Mary Callihan, May19,1848.

Mathew, unm., a.24y., laborer, s.Michael and Ann, and Bridget Maguire, unm., a.25y., operative, d.James and Bridget, Sept.3,1844.

William, unm., a.23y., operative, b. Ireland, s.James and Elizabeth, and Margaret [Mary.CR6] Flanagan, unm., a.20y., b. Ireland, d.Joseph and Margaret, Oct.13,1849.


Julia, and James Carsy, int.June16,1833.


Eliab, jr., unm., a.26y., laborer, s.Eliab and Sarah, and Sarah P. Bruce, unm., a.25y., operative, d.Thomas and Sophia, Dec.4,1847.

Ervill, and Charles C. Smith, Mar.21,1841.

Laura, and Jonathan E. Chase, int.Nov.5,1846.

Lilis S., and Thomas Ingalls, at. Tewksbury, June9,1844.

Marcia, and Jackson Gordon, Mar.14,1838.

Mary E., unm., a.22y., d.Terah and Mary, and Samuel J. Gates, unm., a.27y., painter, s.Ezra and Elizabeth, May5,1844.

Sophia A., a.20y., tailoress, and Hiram G. Jones, a.25y., farmer, May4,1847.


Abigail H., see Bishop, Abigail H.

Abigail C., and William S. Chamberlin, int.Mar.20,1845.

Andrew, and Betsey Estey, both of Dracut, Aug.25,1836.*

Caleb, unm., a.24y., s.Caleb and Mary, and Ann J. Walker, unm., a 22y., operative, d.Benjamin and Emily, Nov.30,1848.

Christopher, and Margaret T. Emerson, May7,1837.

Cyrus, and Mary [W. int.] Clough, Jan.13,1844.

Eliza, and Aaron Hastings of Needham, int.Aug.16,1830.

Eliza B., and Barnard C. Morrill, int.Feb.3,1833.

Elvira M., and Simeon C. Hardy, certif. Dec.18,1836.

Francis, and Laura Young, July9,1837.

Henry K. [F. int], unm., a.21y., operative, s.Aaron and Susan, and Mary P. Russell, unm., a.21y., operative, d.James and Hannah, Oct.15,1845.

Levi, see Fiske, Levi.

Lucy, and Henry Richardson [Nov.18. int.], 1828.

Maria L., unm., a.18y., operative, d.Joshua, and William G. Shed, unm., a.19y., painter, s.John and Asenath, Nov.23,1848.

Martha, of Lancaster, and Peter Anderson, int.Oct.23,1846.

Mary Ann, and David G. Hood, int.July20,1834.

Mary A., of Melden, and Daniel B. Kelsey, int.Nov.22,1835.

Mary [Lischer. int.], and Thomas [S. int.] Boaz, May15,1839.

Moses, widr., a.36y., carpenter, s.Benjamin and Ziporah, and Martha Moore [Mooar. int.], unm., a.29y., tailoress, d.Jacob and Phebe, Sept.29,1845.

Samuel D., unm., of Westborough, a.32y., farmer, s.Nahum and Betsey, and Eliza A. Davis, unm., a.24y., teacher, d.Francis and Eunice P., Jan.15,1846.

Sarah A., a.21y.[unm., a.24y., operative, b. England, d.Nathaniel. int.], and John C. Waters [Walters.int.], a.24y.[unm., a.23y., operative, b. England, s.George and Esther. int.], Aug.5,1849.

Sylvia P., of Chelmsford, a.23y., d.Joseph and Sylvia, and Sewall Bowers, unm., of Chelmsford, a.37y., laborer, s.Joseph and Rhoda, Nov.25,1847.

Thomas, and Mary Ann Desmond, Feb.11,1849.

William W., and Betsey Jane Palmer, Jan.28,1844.

FISKE (Fisk)

Aaron (Fisk), and Hannah C. Fay, int.Dec.18,1848.

Abel, and Maria Brown of Mount Vernon, NH, int.Nov.23,1833.

Abigail W., and Daniel Proctor, Nov.13,1837.

Adeline (Fisk), and Lorenzo C. Johnson, int.Nov.17,1846.

Amos, and Caroline A. Walsh, int.Jan.29,1842.

Ann Mariah (Fisk), and Isaac Anthony, Mar.6,1827.

Charles H., unm., of Manchester, a.20y., machinist, s.Lewis and Mehetable, and Eliza A. Wood, unm., a.22y., d.Samuel and Sabra, Apr.2,1846.

Dudley B., of Wayne, ME, and Mary Ann Ashton, Sept.7,1846.CR1

Frederick A. [Fisk. int.], of Charlestown, and Mary Kimball, Feb.22,1838.

George W., and Eliza B. Cutler of Medway, int.Oct.15,1837.

Hiram, of Derry, NH, and Louisa Whitney, Mar.16,1835.

Josiah (Fisk), of Temple, NH, and Rebecca W. Flint, Mar.5,1848.

Levi, and Esther W. Currier, int.Jan.2,1831.

Levi [Fisher. int.], and Margaret Currier, Aug.20,1833.

Louisa [Fisk. int.], and Benjamin F. Boynton, Sept.22,1839.

Orissa A. (Fisk), unm., [Dalton, NH dup.], a 19y., operative, d.Aaron and Hannah, and George S. Fuller, unm., [Boston. dup.], a.24y., painter, s.Sumner and Mary, int.July7,1849.

Salome L., unm., a.26y., dressmaker, d.John and Deborah, and John L. Danforth, unm., a.27y., machinist, s.Barker and Mary, Nov.20,1847.

Sewell, and Caroline Boyden [Borden, of Waltham.int.], Dec.25,1827.

Thomas G.U. (Fisk), and Mary J[ane. int.] Thurston, Oct.9,1842.

William, s.Aaron, and Catherine H. Hudson, d.Francis and Lucretia (Howe), Nov.16,1830.PR1*


Betsey, unm., of Derry, NH, a.20y., housekeeper, d.David and Betsey, and Lorenzo Poor, unm., a.22y., painter, s.John C. and Susan, June17,1846.


Mary, and Thomas Gormby of Boston, int.Nov.8,1835.


Sarah, and Samuel A. Whitaker, both of Dracut, Sept.30,1834.CR1

FITTS (Fitz)

Bridget, see Fitzpatrick, Bridget.

Charlotte [T. int.], unm., of Manchester, NH, a.25y., and John B. Richardson, unm., a.28y., shoemaker, Nov.4,1846.

Isaac N., and Eliza Ann Peabody, int.Aug.19,1832.

Isaac N. (Fitz), and Harriet N. Peabody, Feb.16,1843.

John L., and Louisa Woodman, June10,1832.

Sally, and James Brown of Chester, NH, June30,1839.


Jane, and Martin White, Nov.9,1840.CR5

Matthew, unm., a.21y., machinist, s.John and Bridget, and Mary E. Ryan, unm., a.20y., operative, d.John and Julia, Sept.3,1846.


Catherine, and Daniel Lynch, Aug.14,1836.CR5

Catherine, and William Lane, int.Nov.12,1846. [Publishment stopped by request of William Lane Nov.14.]

Dennis B.R., unm., of Manchester, a.24y., laborer, s.Thomas and Margaret, and Mary Adeline Crowe, unm., a.15y., d.Thomas and Bridget, July8,1847.*

Eliza ellen, and Thomas Evans, int.May17,1835.

Florence, unm., a.26y., laborer, s.Florence and Mary, and Helena McCarty, unm., a.24y., operative, d.Dennis and Ellen, Oct.12,1846.

Hannah, and James Gun of Medway, int.June21,1835.

Honoragh, and Patrick Moran, int.June9,1833.

Honora, and John Fitzgerald, Mar.7,1848.

James, and Ellen Sullivan, Apr.25,1840.CR5

Johanna, wid., a.26y., and Dennis Sheehy, unm., a.28y., laborer, Apr.11,1847.

Johanna, unm., operative, and Daniel Shea, unm., laborer, Oct.4,1848.

John, and Ellen Falvey, int.Feb.22,1835.

John, and Bridget Murphey, Nov.1,1842.

John, unm., of Andover, a.30y., laborer, s.James and Mary, and Mary Sheon, unm., of Andover, a.20y., d.Cornelius and Catharine, Aug.29,1846.*

John, and Honora Fitzgerald, Mar.7,1848.

Julia, unm., a.21y., b. Ireland, d.John and Margaret, and Cornelius Kennedy, unm., a.22y., laborer, b. Ireland, s.Michael and Mary, Oct.14,1849.

Margaret, and Patrick Fengahty [Feneighty.int.], Oct.1,1842.

Margaret, and William Murphy, int.Oct.7,1847.

Margeret [McCarty.CR5; wid., a.25y., d.Patrick and Ellen McCarty.int.], and Martin Early, [widr., a.45y., laborer, s.Martin and Sarah.int.], June30,1849.

Mary, and John Hays, Aug.14,1836.CR5

Mary, and John Bowler, int.Apr.12,1843. [Withdrawn by John Bowler.]

Mary, unm., a.22y., operative, d.Bridget., and Jeremiah Dennis, unm., a.25y., laborer, s.David and Bridget, Nov.21,1846.

Mary unm., a.29y., operative, d.Maurice and Hannah, and Maurice Kenedy [Kennedy.int.], widr., a.25y., laborer, s.Maurice and Mary, Jan.23,1847.

Orra, and Jane H. Hall of New Boston, NH, int.Jan.20,1844.

Owen, unm., a.21y., laborer, s.John and Mary, and Cahterine Kea [Shea.], unm., a.21y., operative, d.John and Johanna, Oct.22,1846.

Patrick, unm., a.26y., blacksmith, s.John and Judy, and Ann Lynch, unm., a.y., d.William and Ellen, Oct.14,1848.

Sarah, unm., a.27y., d.William and Sarah, and Otis Lawrence, unm., a.27y., merchant, s.Benjamin and Polly, Jan.28,1847.

Thomas, and Catherine Callaghan [Calihen. int.], July23,1842.

Thomas, unm., of Andover, a.25y., laborer, s.Thomas and Mary, and Margaret Daley, unm., a.18y., d.James and Catharine, Aug.29,1846.*

FITZMORRIS (Fitchmories)


Alice [Mary.CR5], unm., a.17., operative, d.Daniel and Mary, and Patrick Galligher, unm., a.21y., operative, s.John and Mary, Nov.4,1847.

Bridget, and James Dolan, Jan.22,1843.

Bridget, unm., a.26y., servant, d.John and Mary, and Patrick Hayden, unm., a.22y., laborer, s.William and Mary, June9,1845.

Bridget [Fitts.int.], unm., a.20y., operative, d.Daniel and Elizabeth, and Patrick Donohoe, unm., a.24y., laborer, s.Thomas and Margaret, Nov.2,1845.

Catherine, and Patrick Haviland, int.Feb.9,1834

Daniel, unm., a.22y., laborer, s.Patrick and Catherine, and Mary Kelly, unm., a.20y., operative, d.Thomas and Mary, Apr.6,1847.

Elizabeth, unm., a.23y., operative, d.Christopher and Eliza, and Patrick Lee, unm., a.30y., laborer, s.Michael and Ann, Aug.19,1844.

Ellen, unm., a.22y., operative, d.Philip and Catharine, and John Norton [Thomas Naughton. int.], unm., a.26y., farmer, s.Edward and Bridget, July1,1844.

Ellen, and Charles McFeeny [of Stow.int.], Jan.9,1848.

Ellen, unm., a.20y., d.William and Catherine, and Christopher Byrnes, unm., [of Framingham.int.], a.25y., laborer, s.John and Ellen, Aug.7,1848.

James, and Elizabeth Quigley, June2,1842.CR5

Michael, unm., a.24y., laborer, s.Patrick and Catherine, and Winefred Connaughten [Cennerty.int.], unm., a.22y., operative, d.Patrik and Ellen, July16,1847.

Philip, and Mary Manahan, Oct.25,1840.CR5


Bridget, and Micahel Nicholson, Mar.5,1848.

Caroline, unm., of Manchester, a.22y., d.Patrick and Ann, and Bernard Torrey, unm., of Manchester, a.26y., laborer, s.Andrew and Ann, June1,1849.*


Sarah, and John Kelley, May19,1836.CR5


Adaline S., and Charles B. Radclif [Radcliff. certif.], of Derry [NH certif.], Dec.28,1836.

Bailey K., and Almira Webster of Methuen, int.Nov.16,1847.

Elisa, of Mason, NH, and Calvin Brooks, int.Dec.31,1826.

Eliza E., and Bradford Cheney, Sept.13,1840.

Joseph B., of Exeter, NH, and Harriet M. Flanders, Apr.15,1840.

Lucinda B., and Cornelius Short, Aug.30,1838.

Martha F., unm., operative, d.Ebenezer and Alice, and William P. Small, unm., a.22y., locksmith, s.William and Joanna, Sept.1,1844.

Oren H., and Mary A. Taylor, int.Nov.18,1848.

Phebe, of Littleton, and Jonas K. Putney, int.Oct.16,1831.

Ruth, see Frye, Ruth.

William H., and Sarah J. Ellis of Medway, int.Aug.26,1838. [Sept.9 dup.]


Thomas J. [Hammon. int.], and Emily Knowlton, Sept.2,1832.

FLANAGAN (Flanegan, Flannagan, Flonagan)

Ann (Flonagan), and Patrick Doyle, July13,1837.CR5

Edward, and Caroline C. Rand, int.Apr.7,1839.

Eliza, and Daniel Walton, July26,1841.CR5

Elizabeth (Flanegan), unm., of Manchester, NH, and Thomas T. Farrell, May11,1848.

Jane, and William Taylor, int.Jan.6,1844. [Bans forbidden.]

Margaret [Mary.CR6], unm., a.20y., b. Ireland, d.Joseph and Margaret, and William Finnegan, unm., a.23y., operative, b. Ireland, s.James and Elizabeth, Oct.13,1849.

Mary [Flanning. int.], and Maurice Fielding, Sept.11,1836.CR5

William (Flannagan), unm., a.36y., laborer, s.Manaseh and Catherine, and Margaret Cahan [Cain.CR3], unm., a.30y., d.Charles and Ann, Jan.24,1849.


Aaron S., unm., a.24y., operative, s.George W. and Mary S., and Jane Currier, unm., a.18y., dressmaker, d.David and Eliza, Nov.11,1847.

Abner H., unm., a.22y., watchman, s.Jesse and Lydia, and Sophia F. Quimby, unm., a.23y., milliner, d.William and Polly, Apr.20,1844.

Abner H., widr., a.29y., watchman, s.Jesse and Lydia, and Eliza C. Drew, unm., a.22y., operative d.George and Ruth, July6,1846.

Alfred H., unm., of Manchester, NH, a.20y., operative, and Clarinda S. Howe, unm., a.17y., operative, d.Hannah, May1,1847.

Alma, unm., a.18y., d.Reuben and Mary, and John Richardson, unm., a.22y., carpenter, s.Abel and Mary, Oct.31,1846.

Blaisdell, and Mary Newcomb, int.Jan.16,1832.

Clem [Celim.int.], and Louisa A. Hopkins, Dec.10,1837.

Cordelia, unm., a.26y., operative, d.Moses and Nancy, and Christopher Austin, unm., of Hillsborough, NH, a.30y., carriage maker, s.Robert and Jane, Feb.14,1847.

Betsey, of Warren, NH, and John Bean, int.July15,1832.

Betsey, of L, and Thomas Saunders, jr. of Billerica, int.Apr.11,1841.

Emeline, of Manchester, NH, and Dudley Prescott, int.Feb.24,1844.

Phanuel, and Emily C. Danforth of Merrimack, NH, int.Apr.21,1833.

George E. and Rosette Hoit, int.Feb.7,1848.

Harriet M., and Joseph B. Flagg of Exeter, NH, Apr.15,1840.

Hazen E., and Roxana M. Ball, Mar.21,1841.

Henry H., and Mary A.G. Haynes, int.Mar.24,1839.

Hiram F., and Eliza M. Morse, int.Dec.29,1846.

Isaac, and Eliza Ann Heald of Carlisle, certif. Oct.19,1834.

James F., unm., a.21y., machinist, s.Josiah and Sarah, and Eliza Ramsottom, unm., a.19y., Oct.1,1848.

Jacen, and Lucy Ann Clark of Amherst, NH, int.Mar.23,1834.

Jeannette, and Ambrose [S. int.] Hunt, May13,1841.

Job, unm., a.25y., operative, s.Wells and Anna, and Abby C. Champion, unm., [of Effingham, NH int.], a.23y., operative, d.Jeremiah and Betsey, June7,1846.

Judith E., and James A. Emerson, Sept.17,1833.

King, unm., a.25y., operative, s.Reuben and Mary, and Laura R. [A. int.] Knights, unm., a.18y., operative, d.George and Laura A., Feb.13,1847.

Lucien, and Henrietta Palmer, both of Boston, Nov.27,1844.*

Martha W., unm., a.26y., operative, d.Jonathan and Sarah, and George J. Fogg, unm., a.22y., carpenter, s.Ebenezer and Deborah, June3,1847.

Mary Ann, and Thomas Flanders of Kittery, NH, int.Nov.28,1831.

Nancy S., and Lowell R. Roby, int.Jan.13,1848.

Parker, and Mary Follensbee, Mar.29,1835.

Parker, and Laura Morrill, Mar.7,1838.

Parker, and Hannah Freeman, Apr.6 [15. dup.], 1840.

Thomas, of Kittery, NH and Mary Ann Flanders, int.Nov.28,1831.

Walker, and Mary Neil, Apr.30,1835.


William, and Catherine Hagerty, [both of Bellows Falls.int.], Jan.9,1848.


Thomas, and Lavina P. Skinner, Feb.15,1843.


David, and Hannah Donnely, July20,1841.CR5

Margaret, and John Lynch, Feb.12,1839.CR5

FLETCHER (Flitcher)

Abel, of Carlisle, minister, and Dorinda A. Lewis, Oct.16,1843.

Amos, unm., a.28y., daguerrean, s.Asa and Lydia, and Clara A. Ferson, unm., a.21y., artist, d.John and Lucy, Feb.18,1847.

Benjamin F., and Mary Ann Brown, abt. 1829. [July21,1829. int.]

Benjamin of Littleton, and Mary E. Blaisdell, int.Mar.2,1844.

Caroline (Flitcher), and John Page [of New Ipswich, NH int.], May17,1840.

Elizabeth [M. Elizabeth.dup. and int.], and John B. Cochran, Sept.1,1839.

George W., and Betsey S. Mitchell, int.May4,1848.

Henry, and Anstice Carlton, int.June2,1833.

Jane, and Jesse Prince, int.July19,1835.

Jeremiah, widr., of Lawrence, a.56y., farmer. s.Jeremiah and Elizabeth, and Sarah Ladd, unm., a.37y., operative, d.John and Lydia, at Dracut, Sept.1,1847.

John E., unm., a.22y., machinist, s.John and Dolly M., and Ruth Stearns, unm., a.19y., tailoress, Oct.11,1847.

Jonathan T., of Chelmsford, and Joanna French, at North Chelmsford, Apr.22,1840.

Lura [Laura.int.], unm., a.24y., d.John and Dolly, and James Harris, unm., a.25y., stone cutter, s.James and Mary, July3,1847.

Luther J., Rev., and Caroline Greenwood of Brighton, int.Mar.31,1849.

M. Elizabeth, see Fletcher, Elizabeth.

Martha, of Westford, and Joshua Whidden, int.Oct.7,1832.

Moses P., of Tyngsborough, and Mrs.Bridget Pierce, int.Feb.24,1833.

Nancy F., unm., and Ethan A. Stark, Jan.26,1845.

Ralf, and Prudence Jones of Dracut, int.Nov.30,1826.

Roxanna, and William T. Gilman, Aug.31,1837.

Samuel, and Lucy Jane French, int.Mar.20,1836.

Sarah B., and Stephen B. Clough, Dec.6,1835.

Simon T., widr., of Carlisle, a.39y., tailor, s.Joseph and Lucy and Almira Billings, unm., a.40y., dressmaker, d.Ephraim and Esther, Aug.13,1846.

Susan C., unm., a.21y., operative, d.Robert and Eliza and Henry S. Ashley, unm., a.25y., operative, s.John and Catharine, June4,1844.

Warren, unm., a.25y., mechanic, s.David and Ann, and Hannah E. Fellows, unm., a.24y., dressmaker, d.Jonathan, and Hannah, Nov.12,1846.


Albert G., and Amy S. Brown, May14,1833.

Chacy P., and Daniel Sanborn, int.Feb.6,1847.

Charlotte J., unm, a.27y., operative, d.Silas and Nancy, and James A. Fogg, unm., a.27y., machinist, s.Joseph and Judith, June1,1845.

Franklin, and Sarah J. Welch of Waterville, ME, int.Oct.11,1847.

George L., unm., a.24y., stable keeper, s.Joseph and Mary Cheney, unm., a.24y., housekeeper, d.Nathaniel, Apr.30,1846.

Horace W., unm., of Boston, a.23y., clerk, s.Nehemiah and Mehetable, and Josephine E. Wadleigh, unm., a.21y., dressmaker, d.Daniel and Elizabeth, Dec.10,1845.

Isaac, of Calais, ME, and Caroline M. Hor, Feb.25,1839.

John, and Ellen Sullivan, int.June28,1835.

John K., unm., a.23y., machinist, s.John, and Lucy E. Nicholson, unm., a.20y., d.George, Nov.13,1847.

Joseph K., and Huldah Wilder of Brookfield, VT, int.Apr.30,1847.

Louisa [of Dracut. int.], and Samuel G. Davis, June12,1834.

Louisa A.F. [Ann P. int.], unm., a.22y., d.Elias and Nancy, and James Jones, jr., unm., of Lincoln, a.25y., wheelwright, s.James and Mary, June8,1846.

Manitta, unm., of Dracut, a.23y., and George Hamblet, unm., of Dracut, a.34y., blacksmith, Oct.15,1846.*

Nelson, and Elizabeth C. Saunders, Nov.16,1843.

Rebecca W., and Josiah Fisk of Temple, NH, Mar.5,1848.

Rhoda C., and Hezekiah B. Bean of Candia, NH, Sept.28,1836.

Rhoda A., unm., a.23y., and Joseph S. Coburn, unm., of Pelham, a.25y., trader, Nov.15,1846.

Silas [of Dracut. int.], and Elizabeth Taggert, Oct.14,1833.

Simeon, of Dracut, and Melinda Knowlton, int.Apr.26,1840.

Susan R., of Allenstown, NH, and George H. Merrill, int.Nov.8,1840.

Warren, and Lucinda Holt of Allenstown, int.May29,1828.

Warren [of Dracut. int.], and Deney [Denry.int.] Gibbs, Oct.14,1833.

William, of Rhode Island, and Caroline Wilson, int.Mar.15,1847.


Bernard, and Anne Brenan, Feb.24,1848.

Barnard, 2d m., a.33y., laborer, b. Ireland, s.Patrick and Bridget, and Jane O'Hara, unm., a 27y., b. Ireland, d.Michael and Jane, Sept.28,1849.

Bridget, of Rhode Island, and William Flynn, July16,1849.CR5*

Catherine, and Edward Gill, int.May31,1829.

Harriet E., and Ozias Ross, Oct.2,1836.

Jackson S., unm., a.25y., operative, s.Jackson and Susan, and Sarah J. Pixley, unm., a.18y., operative, d.William and Electa, Feb.6,1847.

James, and Harriet Barnes, July17,1825.CR1*

James, of Glover, VT, and Caroline Seaver, int.Nov.4,1838. [Nov.18. dup.]

Joseph, unm., a.24y., papermaker, s.Thomas and Mary, and Catherine Coffey [Coffy.CR5], unm., of Dracut, a.24y.[a.21y.int.], d.Michael, Apr.26,1849.

Patrick, and Ellen Duffy, June6,1837.CR5

Prudence, and Moses Davis, Oct.4,1837.


Harriet A., and Edward W. Hildreth of Charlestown, int.Feb.16,1848.


Joseph L., and Lucina Wyman, both of Hudson, NH, Feb.26,1844.*

Martha W., and James M. Perkins, int.Aug.21,1831.

Mary, and John L. Tuttle, June14,1833.


Ann, unm., a.20y., b. Ireland, d.James and Catherine, and Michael Sweeny, unm., a.23y., operative, b. Ireland, s.James and Bridget, int.Dec.26,1849.

Catharine, and John Dacy [Daisy.int.], Oct.29,1842.

Catharine (Flyn), and Nicholas Wallace, Jan.16,1844.

Catherine, unm., a.22y., operative, d.James and Margaret, and James Shanley, unm., a.30y., laborer, s.James and Ann, Sept.30,1844.

Daniel [J. int.], and Margaret Sullivan, Jan.9,1848.

Eliza T. (Flinn) [of Dunstable, NH int.], and Horace C. Dean, May8,1834.

Honora, unm., a.20y., operative, d.Owen and Mary, and Daniel Harman, unm., a.23y., laborer, s.Daniel and Mary, Jan.9,1847.

Hugh [Henry.int.], widr., [of Boston. int.], a.40y., operative, s.James and Catherine, and Catherine O'Connel, unm.[of Manchester, NH int.], a.25y., operative, d.Patrick and Johanna, Sept.27,1848.

Jane, and Patrick Barrett, Nov.4,1836.CR5

John S. (Flinn), and Margeret B. Farrington of Woburn, int.Nov.1,1845.

John, unm., and Mary Butler, unm., both operatives, Jan.27,1849.

Mary, unm., a.20y., operative, d.Patrick and Mary, and Ellis Butterworth, unm., a.23y., dyer, s.James and Susan, Sept.26,1846.

Mary Ann (Flinn) [Finn. int.], unm., a.18y., d.James and Catherine, and Hugh Tully [Tiley.int.], unm., a.27y., laborer, s.Michael and Mary, July5,1847.

Mary, unm., a.22y., d.James and Catherine, and Francis Green, unm., a.27y., laborer, s.Francis and Dolly, Oct.7,1847.

Mary, unm., d.James and Ellen, and Cornelius Sullivan, unm., s.Timothy and Mary, Aug.5,1848.

Mary, unm., a.20y., b. Ireland, d.Patrick and Bridget, and Garret Landers, unm., of Lebanon, NH, a.27y., stone mason, b. Ireland, s.Garrett and Bridget, Oct.12,1849.

Patrick, and Ellen Doyle, May15,1841.CR5

Phillip, unm., L., a.30y., laborer, s.Philip and Judith, and Margaret Goggin, unm., a.27y., laborer (sic), d.Richard and Hannah, June19,1847.

Samuel (Flinn), and Paulina Tay, Feb.6,1842.

Thomas, and Mary McDoyle, Nov.20,1836.CR5

William, and Ellen Farrell, Sept.2,1838.CR5

William, and Mary Conners of Providence, RI, int.July22,1843.

William, and Bridget Flood of Rhode Island, July16,1849.CR5*


Achsah, and Seth W. Fogg, Feb.7,1836.

Almira [Elmira.int.], of Dracut, and John Leavitt of Meredith, NH, Nov.14,1836.

Elizabeth, a.21y., d.James and A., and Daniel K. Little, unm., a.24y., tinplate worker, s.Peter and Mary, Sept.18,1844.

George J., unm., a.22y., carpenter, s.Ebenezer and Deborah, and Martha W. Flanders, unm., a.26y., operative, d.Jonathan and Sarah, June3,1847.

Henry S., unm., a.25y., carpenter, s.James and Deborah, and Emeline Whitcomb, unm., a.18y., d.Paul and Mary, Mar.14,1845.

James A., unm., a.27y., machinist, s.Joseph and Judith, and Charlotte J. Flint, unm., a.27y., operative, d.Silas and Nancy, June1,1845.

Joseph, and Sarah Jane Hoit, June30,1836.

Mary J., unm., a.21y., operative, d.David and Mary J., and Peter A. Thomas, unm., a.27y., machinist, s.Samuel and Salome, Nov.7,1845.

Samuel J., unm., a.23y., operative, s.Ebenezer and Deborah, and Sophronia U. Hoyt, unm., a.18y., operative, d.Samuel and Lucy, Oct.8,1844.

Sarah E., unm., a.21y., operative, d.Abel and Mary, and Henry G. Hutchins, unm., a.26y., painter, s.Amasa and Amy, July1,1846.

Seth W., and Achsah Fogg, Feb.7,1836.


Andrew, and Joanna O'Conner, int.July17,1848. [Stopped by order of Joanna O'Conner.]

Ellen, wid., and Patrick Handley, widr., Mar.17,1849.

James, unm., a.26y., laborer, s.Charles and Mary and Ann Cronan, umn., a.26y., d.Felix and Bridget, Aug.17,1848.

Julia, and Edward Mullaney [of Boston. int.], Nov.21,1843.

Michael, widr., a.42y., laborer, s.Patrick and Sarah, and Elizabeth Goodwinn, wid., a.40y., int.June15,1849.

FOLLANSBEE (Follensbee)

Caroline, of Salisbury, and Alexander Green, at Salisbury, Sept.13,1838.

Charles, of Chelmsford, and Abigail P. Chandler of Merrimack, July7,1836.*

Mary (Follensbee), and Parker Flanders, Mar.29,1835.

Moses, and Jane Lufkin, Nov.1,1842.


Bridget [A. dup.], unm., a.19y., operative, d.John and Margaret, and Michael O'Brien, unm., a.28y., laborer [operative. dup.], s.Thomas and Nancy, June22,1846. [June20. dup.]

Patrick, and Catherine Doherty [Dougherty.int.], Oct.2,1847.CR6


Joseph, and Susan Brookins [Brookings.int.], Jan.13,1833.

Merrill M., and Martha Berry, both of Methuen, June1,1837.*

Rheuma L., and Francis F. Lunt, int.June14,1845. [Stopped June16, by order of Francis F. Lunt.]

FOLSOM (Fulsom)

Alanson, unm., a.24y., mason, s.Peter, and Betsy G. Hayward, unm., a.19y., operative, d.Josiah, Oct.13,1844.

Angeline S., and Philip C. Cambridge, May21,1843.

Arnold F., and Hannah Currier, Sept.23,1836.

Charlotte P., and Thomas Chamberlin, certif. Oct.29,1837.

Betsey, and Jesse Johnson, Dec.14,1834.

Elizabeth, unm., a.21y., operative, d.I., and David Rundlett, unm., a.23y., carpenter, s.I., Nov.3,1844.

Frederick, and Catherine Bradley, both of Tewksbury, Dec.14,1829.CR1*

Hannah R., and Heman Hunter, Dec.10,1843.

Harriet N., unm., a.22y., dressmaker, d.David and Hannah, and Benjamin F. Leighton, unm., of Westford, a.27y., shoemaker, s.Francis and Mary R., Nov.25,1847.

Ira N. (Fulsom), and Azabah [Azubah.int.] F. Cox, July24,1836.

James, and Julia Sanborn, int.Apr.5,1843.

Jeremiah S. (Fulsum) [of Pittsfield, NH. int.], and Hannah S.P. Beard, b. Littleton, d.Ithamar A. and Mary (Warren), Oct.28,1841.PR1

John L. (Fulsom), and Mary B. Longley, certif. Nov.23,1834.

Louisa, and Abiel W. Shelden [Sheldon. int.], Nov.18,1841.

Lucian M., and Elizabeth M. Atherton, int.Apr.5,1845.

Mary A., and William A. Dinsmoor, int.Sept.22,1839.

Nancy H. (Fulsom), and Richard Tripp, May6,1841.

Samuel L., and Lydia M. Wright, Nov.7,1837.

Sarah Ann, and Joseph Ford, Feb.9,1843.

Sophia, and Samuel P. Morse, Dec.31,1839.

Verelda [Vercilda J. int.], unm., a.30y., operative, and William Brown, widr., a.30y., manufacturer, Feb.25,1847.


Thomas, see Tolland, Thomas.


Charles C., unm., a.22y., machinist, b. Dover, NH, s.Henry and Lorena, and Zylpha Law, unm., a.21y., b. Warner, NH, d.Daniel and Mary, Dec.22,1849.

Oliver P., unm., a.22y., laborer, b. New Hampshire, s.John and Abigail, and Catherine Quinn, unm., a.23y., b. Ireland, d.Michael and Ann, Oct.12,1849.

FORBUSH (Furbish, Furbush)

Abby (Furbush), unm., a.18y., operative, d.Samuel and Ellen, and George Heaney, unm., a.21y., machinist, s.John and Mary Ann, Aug.16,1848.

Ann M. (Furbish), and Daniel G. Leavitt, int.May10,1843.

Catharine (Furbush), unm., a.20y., d.Steven and Esther, and Amos B. Drown, unm., a.26y., mason, s.Amos and Mary, Nov.29,1848.

Hannah B. (Furbush), and Charles H. Jones, Nov.20,1839.

Jonathan E. [C. int.], and Almira Dow, Oct.22,1837.

Jonathan E. [Rev. int.], of Wrentham, and [Mrs.dup.] Eliza Hurd, Feb.2 [28. dup.], 1839.


Bridget, and Miachel Deacy, int.May29,1847.

Bridget, unm., d.James and Julia, and Thomas Barrett, unm., s.Micahel and Mary, June17,1848.

Calvin F., unm., a.25y., engineer, s.Isaac and Charlotte, and Elvira G. Hall, unm., a.19y., d.Solomon and Jane, Apr.13,1846.

Catharine, unm., a.19y., operative, d.Timothy and Abigail, and Micahel Hoar, unm., a.25y., trader, s.William and Bridget, Aug.27,1846.

Catherine, unm., operative, and John Sherlock, unm., machinist, Sept.27,1848.

Daniel [of North Bridgewater. int.], and Susan Ann Coburn [June17. int.], 1828.

David, and Frances Darby, Nov.22,1840.CR5

Deborah, unm., a.27y., operative, d.John and Elizabeth, and Henry Knights, unm., a.28y., operative, s.James and Ann, July21,1846.

Dennis, and Sarah Whitehead [of Andover. int.], May14,1838.CR5

Eliza, and James Wade [of Boston. int.], Aug.28,1845.CR3

Eliza [Elizabeth.int.], unm., a.24y., operative, d.John and Elizabeth, and Joseph Booth, unm., a.25y., operative, s.Joseph and Elizabeth, Nov.8,1845.

Ellen, unm., a.22y., operative, d.Timothy and Abigail, and Philip Smith, unm., a.26y., bootmaker, s.John and Anne, May24,1847.

Isaac N., and Mary Jane McQuestin, May13,1838.

Isaiah F., and Harriet N. Miller, int.Feb.19,1848.

Jane, unm., a.20y., d.Patrick and Ann, and John McMahan, unm., a.24y., laborer, s.Peter and Susan, June9,1848.

John N., and Charlotte E. Clifford, int.Nov.23,1833.

Joseph H., and Rachael W. Davis, int.May3,1835.

Joseph, of Dorchester, and Violet S. Cumings, int.Mar.25,1838.

Joseph, and Sarah Ann Folsom, Feb.9,1843.

Kimball, and Julia Ann Colby, int.May13,1838. [May27. dup.]

Margaret, and Thomas McCormick, int.June27,1841.

Mary, and Valentine Burrows, Oct.16,1837.CR5

Mary Ann, and Mitchell Charity, int.Dec.12,1844.

Michael, and Mary Plant, Nov.20,1847.

Nancy, and Salathial Cole, July8,1832.

Patrick, unm., a.22y., laborer, s.Patrick and Anne, and Hannah Conry [Conen.CR6], unm., a.19y., operative, d.Michael and Hannah, Aug.30,1847.

Philip, and Bridget Burnes, int.Nov.29,1832.

Salome W., unm., a.17y.[a.19y.int.], operative, d.Elisha and Mehitable, and Theodore Rounds, unm., a.L., a.20y., laborer, s.Theodore and Susan, Oct.14,1846.

Seth F., and Elizabeth Frye, Oct.26,1834.

Thomas, of Quincy, and Sabra F. Cumings, Oct.20,1840.

Timothy, and Ellen Torny, int.Nov.28,1831.

Timothy, and Mary Murry, int.Sept.29,1833.

William P., and Hannah W. Coffen, int.Jan.17,1836.


Betsey, and Elvin R. Wills of Lexington, ME, int.Apr.15,1848.

Samuel A., of Boston, and Sophronia A. Haynes, int.Aug.19,1843.

Sarah, unm., a.21y., and William Hale, unm., a.22y., carpenter, both of Lawrence, Oct.10,1847.*


William, and Abby Bates of Wilton, ME, int.Apr.7,1848.


Andrew, unm., a.22y., weaver, s.James and Ann, and Jane Thompson, unm., a.20y., operative, d.John and Jane, July31,1846.


Albert W., unm., a.29y., operative, s.Jeremiah and Eliza, and Caroline A. Wright, unm., a.20y., teacher, d.Nathan and Sarah, Mar.7,1848.

Almond S., unm., a.22y., machinist, s.Wallis D. and Mary, and Caroline Hobbs, unm., a.21y., dressmaker, d.Daniel F. and Mary, Dec.4,1846.

Alpheus L., of Leeds, ME, and Abigail J. Hall, int.Jan.22,1843.

Alvin W., and Athalinda Smith, Apr.18,1835.

Augustus B., and Parthenia Whitney, int.May29,1847.

Cyrus C., of Dracut, a.27y., stone quarrier, s.Walter and Dolly, and Mary Ann Chase, of Dracut, a.25y., d.Parker and Sally, Aug.22,1847.*

Daniel M., unm., of Alton, NH, a.25y., tailor, s.Samuel M. and Polly, and Eliza M. Merch [Murch.int.], unm., a.21y., operative, d.Ephraim and Lucinde, July27,1845.

Ebenezer, jr., and Sarah B. Currier, Nov.29,1839.

Elizabeth, and John J. Dodd, int.Feb.8,1847.

Elizabeth A., and John F. Mason, int.Oct.25,1847.

Harriet A., unm., a.20y., singer, d.William and Sally [Frost. dup.], and David M. French, unm., [of Newmarket, NH int.], a.22y., house carpenter, s.Reuben and Sarah, May31,1848.

Isaiah W.B., of Boston, and Harriet N. Sawyer, int.Jan.13,1844.

John D., unm., a.23y., painter, s.R., and Roxana A. Decater, unm., a.21y., d.J.E., June6,1847.

John R., unm., of Campton, NH, a.26y.[blacksmith.int.] b. Campton, NH, s.John H. and Elizabeth, and Nancy M. Richards, unm., a.21y., b. Bristol, ME, d.James and Hannah, Nov.29,1849.

Joseph B., and Lydia Walker, Aug.25,1839.

Judith B., and Cyrus K. Gordon, Aug.15,1841.

Martha J., unm., a.21y., operative, d.William and Sally, and William H. Morse, unm., a.22y., operative, s.Mark and Betsey, at Dracut, Sept.5,1846.

Mary M., and Nathan Clough, certif. May7,1837.

Mary, unm., a.28y., operative, d.Joseph and Nancy, and William Dowser, unm., a.22y., carpenter, s.Charles and Elvira, May16,1846.

Nancy, and Thomas Oaks [Oakes.int.] of North Reading, Jan.29,1843.

Nicholas O., and Nancy M. Wells, Apr.3,1834.

Richard B., and Salome B. Bisbee, Jan.13,1844.


Aaron R., of Westford, and Lucy W. Cram, June18,1840.

Almira, and Alfred Bolton, Dec.24,1833.

Ann, unm., of Methuen, a.28y., d.William and Jane, and John M. Hodgdon, unm., of Lawrence, a.25y., stable keeper, s.David and Abigail, Nov.18,1847.*

Benjamin F., unm., a.30y., farmer, s.Benjamin and Martha, and Abigail Mills, unm., a.26y., operative, Dec.29,1844.

Celia, and Amasa Holden, both of Billerica, Jan.26,1841.*

Charlotte Sophia, and Nathaniel Jessup, at Dracut, June8,1843.

Elethear H., and George W. Carlton, Oct.2,1831.

Betsey W., and Franklin Mansur, int.Mar.28,1831.

Betsey K., and Jonas J. Adams of Carlisle, Mar.24,1844.

Elizabeth M., unm., a.23y., d.James and Esther, and Retire T. Clark, unm., a.23y., engineer, s.Randall and Elizabeth, Sept.8,1847.

Emily, unm., a.23y., milliner, d.Josiah and Lucinda, and Geoge F. Keith, unm., a.23y., founder, s.Eleazer and Lucy, Oct.7,1844.

Fanny, of Milford, and Elisha Davis, int.May27,1831.

Hannah E., unm., a.17y., d.William and Sophia and Ebenezer A. Norton, unm., a.23y., laborer, s.Daniel and Delilah, Sept.6,1846.

Horatio W., and Mary Ann E. Henry of Pawtucket, RI, int.Sept.6,1840.

Hubbard, unm., [of Dracut. int.], and Mary Louisa Callender, unm., Oct.2,1848.

James, unm., a.20y., manufacturer, s.James and Asenath, and Jane H. Swain, unm., of Dracut, a.20y., dressmaker, d.Jesse, May5,1844.

Jesse, and Jemme [Femme and Semme. dup.; Temme. int.] Whitney, June1,1837.

Jesse H., a.26y., machinist, and Lois A. Blake, a.24y., both unm., May5,1849.

Job, and Zoa Dutton, int.July18,1826.

Jonathan, of Pittfield, NH, and [Mary.int.] Ann Bannister, May20,1841.

Lavinia J., unm., a.27y., operative, d.Freeman and Lydia, and Henry C. Stevens, unm., a.26y., mason, s.Charles and Mary, Dec.11,1848.

Leonard, of Carlisle, and Laurett Murrey, int.Jan.17,1836.

Loring, of Leeds, ME, and Ellen Crummett, int.Mar.23,1844.

Louisa, and Asa Judkins, int.Sept.20,1841.

Louisa W., and John A. Griffin, at North Chelmsford, June18,1843.

Lydia M., and Ebenezer Davis of Dracut, Dec.13,1843.

Lydia D., unm., a.26y., d.James and Electa, and Carlos Thomas, unm., a.28y., operative, s.Amassa and Lydia.July31,1848.

Martha, of Boston, and Woodbridge N. Smith, certif. July6,1834.

Martha A[nn. int.], and John Greely, Nov.23,1837.

Mary, and Patrick Collins of Hartford, CT, int.July3,1848.

Moses, of Tewksbury, and Lucinda Chandler, certif. Dec.27,1834.

Obadiah R, and Harriet C. Smith, both of Tewksbury, Mar.15,1843.*

Olive, and Isaac Littlefield, of North Reading, int.Mar.22,1835.

Orissa B., of Boxford, and J.T.G. Leach, int.Oct.3,1835.

Patrick, unm., a.22y., laborer, s.Patrick and Nancy, and Harriet Byrne, um., a.20y., d.James and Mary, May2,1848.

Rhoda S.E., unm., a.24y., and Lucain N. [V. int.] Peabody, unm., a.24y., butcher, s.John F.A. and Rebecca, Dec.10,1848.

Samuel E. [of Chelmsford.int.], and Mary C. Parker [Oct.19. int.], 1828.

Samuel A., unm., a.27y., soap boiler, s.Samuel and Anna, and Alma M. White, unm., a.18y., operative, d.Avery and Betsy, Apr.12,1847.

Sarah G., and John L. Purinton, int.Oct.7,1832.

Sarah A., unm., of Dracut, a.22y., dressmaker, d.E. and S., and Joel Banfield, unm., a.26y., trader. s.B. and S., Mar.6,1845.

Sarah A., unm., a.22y., operative, d.Daniel and Sarah, and Charles A. Merrill, unm., a.22y., operative, s.John and Deborah, Mar.22,1848.

Timothy, unm., a.22y., manufacturer, s.John and Priscilla, and Mary L. Merrill, unm., a.17y., d.Ephraim and Sarah, May12,1844.

FOURAN (Fouren)

Ann, and Michael Cary, int.Dec.26,1846.

Edward (Fouren), and Ellen Connor, int.Feb.26,1848. [Stopped by order of Edward Fouren, Mar.3.]


Jeremiah, unm., a.32y., laborer, s.Daniel and Catharine, and Mary Reegan [Kegan. int.], unm., a.30y., d.Thomas and Mary, Jan.2,1846.

Mary A., a.19y., d.Josiah and Kezia, and Warren Townsend, unm., a.22y., cordwainer, s.Jacob and Nancy, Nov.29,1847.


Ann, and James Death, Dec.14,1835.

Ary Semanthy, and Hiram Huntoon of Unity, NH, int.Dec.4,1831.

Caroline, and John B. Norton, int.Aug.30,1848.

Harriet, and Aaron Brown, Feb.10,1837.

Henry S., and Maria Quimby, May10,1838. [May12. dup.]

Horatio J., unm., a.25y., machinist, s.Thomas and Betsey, and Aroline A. Worthing, unm., a.20y., operative, d.David and Loisana, at Dracut, May8,1847.

Jesse, of Dorchester, and Ruth Eaton of Bethlehem, NH, Nov.29,1838.

Jesse, widr., of Dorchester, a.32y., chocolate maker, s.Isaac, and Eunice F. Wentworth, unm., a.31y., dressmaker, d.Joseph, May2,1844.

Joseph, and Olive Higgins, July15,1841.

Joseph M., unm., a.24y., dry goods dealer, s.Joseph and Nancy, and Charity L. Winslow, unm., a.24y., d.Edward and Lois, abt. 1848. [July1,1848. int.]

Mary M., and Hiram Taylor, Sept.6,1835.

Mary, and Jedediah Danforth of Boscawen, NH, Sept.16,1838. [1839. dup.]

Melissa Ann, unm., a.20y., operative, d.John and Susan, and Samuel H. Minard, unm., a.23y., operative, s.Amos and Betsey, Oct.9,1844.

Olive, Mrs., and Gustavus Green, int.Mar.30,1847.

Sarah K., and James M. How, int.July26,1835.

Sarah, of Freedom, NH, and Herod T. Severens, int.Oct.15,1846.

Sally, unm., a.25y., operative, d.Samuel and Sally, and Levi Robinson, unm., a.24y.[22y.int.], teamster [farmer. dup.], s.Samuel and Lucy, May10,1849.


Abigail J., Mrs., and Dustin D. Hanson, int.Apr.29,1847.

Catharine W., unm., of Dracut, s.22y., d.Charles and Sarah S., and William C.G. Nutting, unm., of Dracut, a.27y., machinist, s.G.V. and Eliza, Aug.17,1847.*

Catharine, and Francis McCabe, Mar.6,1848.

Clarissa, and Nathan Hobbs of Pelham, NH, int.June6,1846.

Eldad, of North Providence, RI, and Adaline Pollard, Dec.11,1836.

Elvira, unm., a.30y., operative, d.Peter and Abigail, and William G. Rogers, unm., a.29y., machinist, s.William and Hannah, June22,1845.

Frederick F., and Clarissa C. Corliss, Jan.21,1839.

Horatio, and Mary E. [C. int.] Chase, Oct.15,1839.

John, jr., and Abigail J. Carter, July7,1838.

Josiah F., widr., of Pelham, NH, a.35y., whitesmith, s.Josiah and Rebecca, and Mary E.W. Stickney, unm., a.26y., d.William and Sally, Oct.5,1846.

Lawrence, unm., a.26y., laborer, s.Michael and Honora, and Bridget McDermott, unm., a.24y., operative, d.Patrick and Bridget, Oct.12,1846.

Lucinda, and Daniel Hagar [Hagar. dup.] of Brattleboro, VT, Mar.24,1841.

Martha, and Henry Tirzelle [Frizelle.CR6], both of Concord, NH, Mar.3,1848.*

Mary, of Dracut, and Daniel West, int.Feb.28,1829.

Mary Esther Jane, of South Berwick, ME, and Simon Hawes Barrett of L, int.Apr.16,1849.

Sarah S., unm.of Dracut, a.21y., operative, d.Charles and Sarah, and George Snow, unm., of Dracut, a.26y., operative, s.Jonathan and Sarah, Nov.19,1844.*

Celinda, and Samuel H. Perry, Oct.6,1839.


Abigail S., unm., a.23y., d.James and Betsy, and Jacob B. Kimball, unm., of Dracut, a.27y., manufacturer, s.Joseph E. and Elizabeth, Mar.16,1845.

Joseph S., of Portsmouth, NH, and Ann Marie Hobart, int.Sept.30,1838. [Oct.14 dup.]

Thomas, and Susan E. Horn, July1,1840. [1841. dup.]


Peter O.C., widr., a.30y., laborer, s.Andrew and Julia, and Sarah H. Gilday [Gildee. int.], unm., a.25y., operative, d.James and Sarah, June10,1847.

FRAME (Freme)

Margaret [Freme. dup.], and John McCurdy, June6,1838.


Christopher, unm., a.28y., shoemaker, s.Christopher and Anna, and Maria A. Merrill, unm., a.24y., operative, d.Samuel and Sarah, Mar.25,1847.

James B., and Sarah W. Brownell, July12,1837.

John G., unm., a.24y., blacksmith, s.Charles and Jemima, and Hester Ann Haskell, unm., a.26y.[operative. int.], d.Moses G. and Rosella, June16,1849.

Martha, and Nathaniel Pierce of Tewksbury, July28,1839.*

Sullivan R., of Wethersfield, IL, and Mary S. Gardner, int.June13,1846.

William F., unm., a.24y., operative, s.Joseph and Lucretia, and Eliza D. Mitchell, unm., a.23y., operative, d.Edward and Eliza, Dec.21,1845.


Ann, and George Austin, May14,1843.


Clarissa, unm., a.18y., b. Canada, d.Louis and Clarissa, and John Clement, unm., of Manchester, NH, a.24y.[laborer. in pencil.], b. Canada, s.Anthony and Mary Ann, int.Aug.17,1849.


John, and Matilda M. Harris, int.Jan.17,1831.

William B., and Nancy H. Bartlett, Oct.19,1836.

FRAWLEY (Frauley, Frawly)

Elisabeth [Frawly.int.], unm., a.20y., d.Andrew and Julia, and John Cusack, unm., a.25y., laborer, s.John and Catherine, May8,1848.

Patrick, and Sira Manahan, int.Feb.3,1833.

William (Frauley), and Bridget Kennedy, Feb.5,1837.CR5

FRAZIER (Fraser, Frasure)

Catherine, and William Sculley, July21,1833.

Charles (Frasure), of Andover, and Abigail Keyes, int.July29,1832.

James (Fraser), and Mandana Morey of Boston, int.July12,1840.

John S., unm., a.27y., blacksmith, s.Daniel and Isabella, and Betsey M.E. Stockbridge, unm., a.21y., d.Bethuel and Susan, Nov.4,1847.

FREDERICK (Fredick, Fredrick)

Elizabeth S. (Fredrick), and Darius F. Emerson, July4,1840.

Lydia J. (Fredick), of Alton, NH, and John C. Clough, int.June14,1843.


Frederick, of Boston, and Bridget Moran, int.Jan.6,1844.


Alden, and Betsey B. Dickey, Sept.3,1838.

Edgar, of Dracut, and Mary Ann Felstead, int.Nov.9,1848.

Enoch W., Rev. and Hannah Hanson, certif. Sept.7,1834.

Gardner, and Maria Demyer of Eastport, ME, int.Mar.29,1845.

Hannah, and Parker Flanders, Apr.6 [15. dup.], 1840.

Hannah F., unm., of China, ME, a.19y., operative, d.Reuben and Sarah, and James A. Stafford, unm., a.22y., machinist, s.William and Harriet, June23,1846.

Henry, unm., a.29y., laborer, s.Henry and Mary, and Eliza Darsey, unm., a.24y., operative, d.Patrick and Margaret, Feb.9,1847.

Lavina, and Nathaniel Keith [of Uxbridge. int.], Apr.12,1837.

Lucy Ann, and Emery Dane [Dame. int.], Sept.22,1839.

Lyman, and Caroline Newell, Oct.23,1837.

Patrick, and Mary McLaughlin, int.Jan.14,1847. [Stopped by P. Freeman.]

Rufus C., of Dracut, and Elizabeth Janes, int.Sept.7,1844.

Samuel J., of Charlestown, and Abigail A. Kimball, Oct.19,1837.*

Sarah, unm., a.18y., dressmaker, d.Richard and Lydia, and Joshua E. Hadlock, unm., a.22y., carpenter s.Elijah and Hulda, Dec.7,1844.


Sally, of Deerfield, NH, and William Norris int.Sept.27,1835.


Achsah, and Joshua L. Weeks, Feb.13,1844.

Amos, and Nancy W. Goodrich, Dec.6,1840.

Ann Maria, unm., a.17y., operative, d.Thomas and Mary, and Alfred J. [Alfred T. int.] Munsey, unm., a.23y., operative, s.Henry and Olive, Sept.14,1848.

Augustus J.G., unm., a.26y., operative, s.Nathaniel and Phebe, and Mary A.R. Wyatt, unm., a.27y., operative, d.Daniel and Abigail, July3,1845.

Benjamin S., and Mary Upton of Peterborough, NH, int.Dec.24,1837.

Catherine, of Bedford, NH, and William A. Burke, certif. May28,1837.

Charles, and Unis Creme [Cram.int.], July3,1833.

Charles S., of Concord, NH, and Rebecca Stuart, int.May15,1834.

Chase C., unm., of Boston, a.21y., grocer, and Mary G. Crockett, unm., a.19y., operative, Oct.4,1847.

Cyrus, and Sabrina Fenno,末蔓末,1828.

Cyrus W., and Lydia J. Pillsbury of Palmyra, ME, int.July29,1847.

David B., and Charlotte L. Morey, int.Nov.1,1845.

David M., unm., [of Newmakert, NH int.], a.22y., house carpenter, s.Reuben and Sarah, and Harriet A. Foss, unm., a.20y., singer, d.William and Sally [Frost. dup.], May31,1848.

Edmund, of Tewksbury, and Mary B. Taylor, Nov.5,1836.

Edmund, jr., and Sarah A. Longley, Nov.15,1842.

Elias S., and Lavina Percival of Campton, NH, Feb.27,1842.

Elias A., and Charles T. Delano of Boston, int.Aug.4,1845.

Elizabeth F., unm., of Dracut, a.34y., b. Salisbury, NH, d.Jonathan W. and Elizabeth, and Rufus G. Farnum, 2d.m., a.48y., machinist, b. Plymouth, NH, s.John and Elizabeth, int.Dec.11,1849.

Everett W., unm., a.20y., manufacturer, s.Benjamin and Alice F., and Rebecca Magee, unm., a.18y., d.George and Jane, June24,1848.

Fanny C., unm., a.16y., d.J.B. and Maria, and Asa E. Haywood [Hayward.int.], unm., a.22y., merchant, s.Asa and Mary, Sept.5,1848.

George H., and Mariam S. Holt, int.Jan.14,1847.

Gideon, unm., a.28y., engineer, s.W. and B., and Abby H. Roberts, unm., a.27y., operative, d.S. and K., June18,1846.

Gilman, and Hannah Smith, Apr.6,1838.

Hannah H., and Alvin F. Kent, int.Jan.1,1842.

Hannah A., and Jonathan P. Worthen, Oct.15,1842.

Harriet M., of Palmyra, Me, and and Nelson L. Heald, int.July27,1846.

Henrietta S., and Jonathan S. Dow, int.Apr.3,1836.

Hiram, unm., of Ludlow, VT, a.24y., mason, s.R. and Polley, and Ann W.S. Elsworth, unm., of Ludlow, VT, a.19y., d.John and Ann, Apr.15,1848.*

Hosea E., unm., a.26y., "mechanist," s.Harvey and Nancy, and Julia A. Curtis, unm., a.20y., d.James M. and Ruth A., June18,1848.

James W., and Caroline Bennet, Mar.25,1838.

James H., unm., of Tewksbury, a.20y., baker, s.Moses and Mary, and Clarissa McAlister, unm., of Dracut, a.15y., operative, d.John and L., at Dracut, Aug.12,1847.*

Joanna, and Jonathan T. Fletcher of Chelmsford, at North Chelmsford, Apr.22,1840.

John W., and Rhoda R. Rublee, int.July19,1848.

John L. [S. int.], unm., a.22y., machinist, s.Samuel and Alice, and Aurora M. Sawtell, unm., a.19y., d.Amaziah and Melinda, Dec.23,1848.

John, unm., of Andover, a.45y., farmer, s.John and Elizabeth, and Louisa Frost, unm., of Andover, a.30y., d.Abel and Nancy, Dec.31,1848.*

Jonathan, and Abigail Wyatt, Nov.4,1838.

Joseph, and Priscilla Cook, certif. May18,1834.

Joshua F., of Tewksbury, and Harriet Maria Cram of Unity, NH, Nov.5,1848.*

Josiah W., and Martha Ann Maxfield, Dec.4,1841.

Jotham S., and Sylvia (Lydia.int.] Upton, Mar.15,1835.

Justus D., unm., a.28y., carpenter, s.Beman and Margaret, and Emily C. [Ellen C. int.] Bartlett, unm., a.26y., operative, d.Richard and Eleanor, Aug.8,1844.

Loring, and Rebecca Sawyer, Oct.1,1828.

Lucy Jane, and Samuel Fletcher, int.Mar.20,1836.

Luther [jr. int.], and Louisa Baldwin, Aug.31,1834.

Lydia M., and Joseph S. Conant, Dec.27,1838.

Maria [A. int.], unm., a.19y., dressmaker, d.James and Ruth, and Elias Burns, unm., a.26y., manufacturer, s.James and Mercy, Oct.17,1846.

Maria M., unm., a.26y.[milliner. int.], d.Benjamin and Alice S., and Abraham Tappan, 2d m., of Newburport, a.48y., May31,1849.

Mary, and Samuel B. Cutler, certif. May31,1835.

Mary, and Osgood Bracket [Brackett. certif.] of Boston, May26,1836.

Mary, and Josiah Hill of Billerica, Dec.5,1839.

Mary W., unm., a.21y., operative, d.Otis and Clarissa, and William F. Hackett, unm., a.22y., operative, s.John and Amelia, Apr.23,1848.

Mary Ann, unm., a.24y., d.Josiah B. and Mary Ann, and Benjamin Dean, jr., Esq., unm., a.23y., counsellor and attorney at law, s.Benjamin and Alice, July20,1848.

May E., Mrs., and Nathaniel [Nathan. dup.] J. Eaton, July4,1839.

Moses, unm., of Tewksbury, a.24y., farmer, and Ellen Nickols, unm., a.17y., operative, Nov.12,1848.

Nancy C., and Charles Messer, int.Jan.13,1833.

Prinda, unm., a.18y., operative, and James M. Miner, unm., a.27y., farmer, s.Elijah and Temperance, Sept.19,1844.[Orinda, d.Arnold and Ruth, b. Readfield, ME, d.Nov.3,1883, a.57y.10m.6d., in Pepperell.]

Phebe K. [of Barre, VT int.], and Daniel J. Stevens, Feb.16,1843.

Reuben W., and Betsey T. Cole of Worcester, int.Aug.24,1844.

Reuben, jr., of New Market, NH, and Ellen M. Burr, int.Oct.31,1848.

Sarah A., unm., a.22y., operative, d.Sarah, and James A. Baisdell, unm., a.18y., operative, Nov.21,1847.

Sophronia, and John G. Merrill, Oct.4,1842.

Stephen T. [S. dup.], unm., of Athens, VT, a.35y., farmer, s.Elias and Julia, and Lydia A. Howe, unm., a.24y., operative, d.Joseph and Charlotte [Charles (sic). dup.], Mar.29,1846.

Sumner, and Mary L. Rice of Charlton, int.Feb.24,1833.

Susan C., and Josiah Walker, Dec.12,1846.

Walter, and Nancy B. Osgood, July2,1835.


Israel, and Hannah Stickney, int.Feb.9,1834.


Henry, see Tirzelle, Henry.


Abigail, and Benjamin Blood of Methuen, int.Dec.31,1842.

Charles A. [of Chelmsford.int.], and Harriett Merrill, Sept.3,1835.

Charles B., and Maria F. Wales, Mar.3,1844.

Cyrus, and Nancy Barden, June11,1834.

Betsey E., unm., a.24y., operative, d.Nathaniel and Olive, and George Rowe, unm., a.25y., operative, s.Nathan and Harriet, Aug.24,1848.

Joab, and Susan Scarlet, Dec.末,1834. [Dec.15. int.]

Liberty, and Sarah E. Heald, int.Jan.4,1835.

Louisa, unm., of Andover, a.30y., d.Abel and Nancy, and John French, unm., of Andover, a.45y., farmer, s.John and Elizabeth, Dec.31,1848.*

Lucy, and Levi York, Feb.12,1838.

Mary Ann, unm., of Tewksbury, a.25y., d.Abel and Nancy, and Isaac N. Nichols, unm., of Lawrence, a.27y., stone mason, s.Rodophus and Elizabeth, Oct.28,1837.*

Mary, and Silas D. Otis, May27,1838.

Mary Jane, and Lewis McIntire [McIntier. dup.], Apr.25,1839.

Nancy Jane, and Robert England, May7,1839.

Olive, and Benjamin Pierce, Nov.21,1830.

William Henry, and Mary E. Derby of Littleton, int.Apr.2,1842.


Sally, of Newburyport, and Edward S. Leslie, int.May23,1830.

FRYE (Fry)

末末, and 末末 Morgan of Nashua, Dec.27,1836.*

Caroline C., unm., a.25y., operative, d.Rowland and Mary, and James S. Mooney, unm., a.23y., operative, s.James and Elizabeth, Mar.11,1847.

Eliza [Elvira M. int.], and Charles Cunningham, Oct.29,1840.

Elizabeth, of Andover, and Timothy Frye, int.Jan.20,1829.

Elizabeth, and Seth f. Ford, Oct.26,1834.

Ellsworth (Fry), and Louisa E. Wyman of Vassalborough, ME, July19,1842.

Elvira, see Frye, Eliza.

Frederick, and Caroline A. Tilton, int.Feb.7,1849.

George, and Mary Drew, Dec.13,1835.

Hannah A., unm., a.30y., operative, d.Enoch and Polly, and Rufus Litchfield, widr., a.40y., teamster, s.Paul and Lucy, Nov.12,1844.

Isaac, of Wilton, NH, and Sophia Gage, int.Oct.7,1843.

James, unm., of Dracut, a.26y., mason, s.Enoch and Polly, and Harriet Hutchins, unm., a.22y., d.Sylvester and Abigail, July6,1846.*

Joseph, and Abigail Doe, int.May8,1836.

Joseph, widr., a.39y., teamster, and Abby [Abigail. int.] Bartlett, unm., a.32y., operative, Mar.14,1848.

Maria A., of Dracut, and Rufus Litchfield, int.Oct.30,1831.

Ruth [H. Flagg. int.], and Josiah A. Wyman of Chelmsford, July22,1840.

Sarah Adaline, of Danville, VT, and Samuel Sawyer, July19,1835.*

Timothy, and Elizabeth Frye of Andover, int.Jan.20,1829.

Tymothy, and Abigail Woodbury of Beverly, certif. Sept.28,1834.

Timothy, and Mary Adams, June7,1835.


Jeanette, unm., a.27y., operative, d.Isaac and Olive, and Chauncey C. Shurtleff, unm., a.27y., stone layer, s.Caleb and Sarah, Sept.6,1844.


Albina M., and Jonathan Allen, Mar.4,1841.

Ann Eliza, unm., a.20y., operative, d.Daniel and Delight, and BenjaminColman, unm., a.23y., operative, s.Benjamin and Rachel, July13,1847.

Caroline W., and Parsons C. Hill of Lynn, Oct.4,1843.

Charles A.W., and Emily Vose, at Westford, June18,1843.

Clarissa G., and Cyrus K. Rollins, Nov.25,1827.

Damaris, and Daniel G. Bean, int.Aug.25,1833.

Daniel, jr., of Chelsea, VT, and Augusta A. Hoyt [Hoit. int.], Apr.6,1842.

David R., and Mary J. Eastman, Feb.18,1836.

David P., and Mary S. [J. int.] Strong, Mar.10,1839.

David R., and Mary Jane Hoit, Jan.19,1841.

David P., and Eliza Ann Hovey, int.Aug.10,1844.

Edward R., and Arria J. Quimby, Aug.17,1839. [1840. dup.]

Edward, unm., of New Portland, ME, a.36y., farmer, s.Edward and Letitia, and Mary W. Page, unm., a.34y.[operative. int.], d.Benjamin and Naomi, June10,1849.

Elana, unm., dressmaker, d.Lemuel and Elana, and William Y. Prescott, widr., manufacturer, s.William and Sarah, May18,1844.

Elvira J., a.33y., dressmaker, d.Artemas and Irena, and Andrew Keen, jr., unm., a.29y., carpenter, s.Andrew and Hannah, Jan.31,1846.

Fordyce, unm., of Chelsea, VT, a.25y., operative, s.David and Sally, and Aurelia S. Hayes, unm., a.23y., operative, d.Lemuel and Abigail, July4,1847.

George W., of Boston, and Mary Jane Brown, Apr.14,1842.

George S., unm., [Boston. dup.], a.24y., painter, s.Sumner and Mary, and Orissa A. Fisk, unm., [Dalton, NH dup.], a.19y., operative, d.Aaron and Hannah, int.July7,1849.

Harrison H., and Arvilla Hill, Mar.3,1839.

Hiram K., unm., a.25y., millwright, s.John A. and Mary, and Hannah W. Hartshorn, unm., a.25y., tailoress, d.Samuel and Mary, Nov.6,1846. \

John H., and Harriet N. Newton, Oct.27,1833.

John S., and Sarah S. Stevens, int.Aug.27,1842.

Mary Ann, and John Batchelder, int.Nov.25,1832.

Mary, and Theodore L. Hastings, int.Apr.7,1833.

Mary B., and Daniel Chapman, Mar.19,1843.

Mary Ann, unm., a.21y., operative, d.Nathaniel, and Zelotes O. Sargent, unm., a.23y., operative, s.Amos, Oct.4,1845.

Mary, and John A. Thurston, int.Mar.26,1847.

Nancy H., and George H. [W. int.] Johnson, Nov.26,1837.

Norman, of Watertown [NY int.], and Charlotte Shurtliff [Shurtleff. dup.], Feb.19,1835.

Olive, of North Paris, ME, and A.B. Hildreth, Feb.6,1842.*

Rebecca, wid., of Framingham, a.47y., weaver, d.Samuel and Rebecca Brown, and Nathaniel Cooper, widr., of Framingham, a.45y., tailor, s.Nathaniel and Margaret, Nov.30,1846.*

Roby C., and Nancy S. Glover, Jan.7,1840.

Samuel, and Abigail Hastings, at Shirley, Dec.10,1840

Sarah A., and Corbin Gould of Boston, int.May6,1843.


Adeline [N.S. int.], of Boston, and Ira Spaulding, Apr.27,1831.PR1

Eliza Jane, and William D. Call, at Chelmsford, Feb.25,1841.

Frances R., unm., a.20y., d.Samuel and Rhoda, and Walter K. Manning, unm., of Boston, a.24y., innkeeper, s.Peter and Elizabeth, June6,1849.


John Anderson, and Emma Nutting, July17,1831.


Samuel, unm., joiner, s.Samuel and Rhoda, and Mary Ann Kerr, unm., d.James and Mary Ann, Mar.14,1849.


Hugh, and Jane [Janet. int.] Polson, Dec.1,1833.

Jenny, of Deering, NH, and John Gillis, int.May29,1836.


Betsey [Thurber. int.], and John Templeton, Apr.29,1841.


Anne, unm., a.21y., and James Brenan, unm., of Boston, a.25y., pump maker, May28,1849. [May29.CR6]*

Catherine, unm., a.20y., d.Michael and Mary, and Thomas Ward, unm., a.30y., s.Richard and Catherine, Feb.6,1849.


Elizabeth A. unm., a.20y., and Thomas Bullock, unm., of Worcester, a.23y., clerk, Dec.27,1847.


Patrick, and Winifred Calnan, May15,1848.

FUSSELL (Fausell)

Elizabeth, unm., a.18y., operative, d.James and Fanny, and David Crowfoot, unm., a.26y., machinist, s.David and Mary, Oct.8,1846.

Sarah E. (Fausell), of Salem, and Jonathan M. Reed, int.Sept.19,1841.

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