William, and Eliza Demay, int.July21,1848.


Francis, unm., a.21y., operative, s.Francis and Elisabeth, and Mary Manice [Munia.int.], unm., a.20y., operative, d.John and Elisabeth, Oct.21,1848.

HACKETT (Hacket)

Amanda M., unm., a.20y., dressmaker, d.Rufus, and Lewis Holman, unm., a.25y., spinner, s.Benjamin, Dec.28,1847.

Andrew, unm., a.24y., stone layer, s.Benjamin and Hannah, and Miranda Harmon, unm., a.19y., operative, at Dracut, Jan.5,1847.

Catherine (Hacket), unm., a.19y., d.Daniel and Honora, and Michael Gill, unm., a.24y., laborer, s.Thomas and Mary, Jan.24,1849.

Daniel D. [Hacket. int.], and Mary E. Moody, Apr.21,1840.

Elizabeth E., unm., a.20y., housekeeper, and John C. Woolcot, unm., a.24y., farmer, both of Danvers, Feb.12,1846.*

Hannah P., and Asa S. Austin of Salem, NH, int.Nov.8,1835.

Hannah B., of Wilton, NH, and Jacob Wright, jr., int.May16,1841.

John, and Nancy Libby, July30,1837.

Nancy (Hacket) [Mrs.int.], and Sherburn Haynes, Apr.7,1842.

Nancy, unm., a.28y., operative, d.Thomas and Julia, and Stephen L. Smith, unm., a.30y., operative, s.John and Hannah, at Dracut, Nov.14,1847.

Patrick (Hacket), unm., laborer, and Bridget Golden [Golding. int.], unm., operative, Jan.16,1849.

Samuel, and Martha M. Moody, int.Jan.5,1849.

Sarah E. (Hacket), and Barton Nichols, int.July2,1845.

William, unm., of Dracut, a.30y., farmer, s.Benjamin and Judith, and Abigail Hanchett, wid., of Dracut, a.36y., d.Peter and Abigail Fox, Nov.14,1844.*

William F., unm., a.22y., operative, s.John and Amelia, and Mary W. French, unm., a.21y., operative, d.Otis and Clarissa, Apr.23,1848.

HADLEY (Hadly)

Belinda P., of Chelmsford, and Paul Hill, int.Aug.31,1845.

Carlos M., a.29y., overseer, and Harriet G. Draper, a.22y., Mar.11,1849.

Caroline, of Nottingham, and Joseph Leicester, int.June27,1826.

Ebenezer, and Philura Morse, at Chelmsford, Oct.31,1837.

Eliza B., unm., a.32y., operative, d.John and Submit, and Warren Boardman, unm., a.29y., operative, s.Amos and Lydia, Nov.7,1847.

Elizabeth G., unm., a 20y., teacher, d.Peter and Elizabeth, and Asa W. Farr, unm., a.24y., attorney at law, s.Jonathan and Rebecca, May13,1845.

Elizabeth [G. int.] (Hadly), wid., and Thomas Bixby, widr., Aug.30,1848.

Jeremiah P., widr., of Boston, carpenter, and Sarah H. Cotton, unm., operative, Jan.24,1846.

John, and Eliza Bancroft of Dunstable, int.Apr.15,1832.

John L., and Eliza J. Hill, int.Jan.16,1847.

Joshua M., and Susan T. Wood, int.Aug.30,1845.

Joshua M., widr., a.33y., machinist, s.Joshua and Ruth, and Mary H. Downes, wid., of Canton, a.35y., d.David and Sarah Spaulding, Oct.10,1847.

Lewis, of Danvers, and Eliza Ann Robinson, int.Mar.22,1830.

Mary R., unm., a.22y., operative, d.Peter and Elizabeth, and William Martin, unm., of Thetford [Westford.int.], a.26y., laborer, s.William and Abigail, Dec.19,1848.

Moses, and Almira Proctor, int.Sept.14,1829.

Sophia, unm., a.39y., dressmaker, d.Jacob and Charlotte, and Sumner Briggs, unm., a.31y., carpenter, s.Simeon and Martha, June1,1848.


Joshua E., unm., a.22y., carpenter, s.Elijah and Hulda, and Sarah Freeman, unm., a.18y., dressmaker, d.Richard and Lydia, Dec.7,1844.


Ann, unm., a.21y., b. Ireland, d.Patrick and Bridget, and Bernard Blessington, unm., a.22y., laborer, b. Ireland, s.Michael and Ellen, Oct.22,1849.

Frances P., unm., a.23y., b. Bath, ME, d.Richard and Frances P., and Andrew H. Waterhouse, unm., a.21y., operative, b. Standish, ME, s.Theophilus and Ann, int.Sept.3,1849.

Patrick, unm., a.26y., laborer, s.John and Jane, and Mary [Bridget. int.] McGauran, unm., a.22y., operative, d.Thomas and Bridget, Jan.17,1846.

HAGAR (Hager)

Daniel (Hager), of Brattleboro, VT, and Lucinda Fox, Mar.24,1841.

Elisha, and Elizabeth Johnson, int.May5,1833.

Joseph L., and Mary A. Bailey, int.Feb.4,1838.

Julia A [nn. int.], unm., a.20y., housekeeper, d.Elijah and Mary, and Henry P. Coffey, unm., a.24y., farmer, s.Lorenzo and Ann, Oct.3,1847.

HAGERTY (Agerty, Hagarty, Haggerty)

Catherine, and William Flaven, [both of Bellows Falls.int.], Jan.9,1848.

Jeremiah (Haggerty), and Mary Murphy, Jan.28,1838.CR5

Margaret (Hagarty) [Mary, Agerty.certif.], and Patrick Morden, abt. Oct.1,1837.CR5

Patrick, unm., a.30y., laborer, s.John and Mary, and Catherine Hines, unm., a.28y., d.John and Judy, Oct.11,1848.

HAGGETT (Hagget)

Allen [Hagget. int.], and Cynthia Pike, Aug.23,1838.

John (Hagget), and Margaret Trefethen, Dec.29,1839.


Hugh, and Elmar Golden, int.Jan.31,1836.


Lyman, and Mary Ann S. Eaton, Mar.3,1835.


Abigail G., and Ebenezer N. Calef, Jan.15,1837.

Albert, of Lawrence, a.28y., teamster, s.Calvin and Mary, and Mehetabel Blair, a.27y., d.Hugh and Nancy, June8,1847.

Alden, and Clarrissa Parker of Dracut, int.Apr.1,1829.

Benjamin, widr., of Rindge, NH, a.28y., farmer, s.Moses and Ruth, and Eliza F. Spalding, unm., a.33y., housekeeper, d.Abigail, Jan.18,1848.

Bernice S., and Caroline Cobb of Boston, int.末蔓末, 末末. [Withdrawn 1841.]

Burnice S., Capt., and Susan McFarland of Belfast, ME, int.Aug.19,1832.

Burnice S., and Sophia K. Kidder, at Abington, Mar.6,1842.

Charles H., and Eliza Jane Durant of Littleton, int.May9,1843.

Charles [of Boston. int.], and Julia Pike, Jan.3,1847.

Charles, widr., of Rowley, a.31y., shoemaker, s.Pemberton and Susanna, and Nancy Bodwell, a.29y., d.Isaac and Sarah F., int.Aug.31,1848.

David R., unm., and Laura A. Bragg [of L.CR1], unm., July31,1848.

Frederick, unm., a.23y., machinist, b. Boscawen, NH, s.Royal and Susan, and Sarah J. Annan, unm., a.21y., b. Franklin, NH, d.John and Sarah M., Oct.10,1849.

George, and Mary D. Johnson, Mar.28,1830.

Jane, and William H. Mayo, int.Nov.28,1831.

Joshua, of Woburn, and Mrs.Lydia A. Coombs [Combs.int.], July4,1839.

Lydia, unm., a.23y., d.Sewell and Hepzibah, and William Richardson, unm., a.27y., farmer, s.Moses and Esther, May23,1847.

Marshall P., and Emveste Roby, Jan.17,1843.

Mary Jane [Ann. int.], and Francis P. Haynes, May27,1832.

Mary C., unm., a.27y., b. Norridgewock, ME, d.Calvin and Maria, and Amos R. Boynton, 2d m., a.35y., physicain, b. Dracut, s.Amos and Clarissa, int.Nov.14,1849.

Mahitable, and Daniel Blaisdell, int.Dec.24,1826.

Nancy P., and David Stickney, Aug.24,1842.

Parley [Perley.int.], and Eliza Bean, Dec.16,1832.

Perley, widr., and Lydia E. Seavy, Jan.1,1844.

Persis E., and Jeremiah Eastman, Nov.1,1837.

Sarah, and David Woodbury, abt. 1831. [Feb.28,1831. int.]

Sarah C., and Jesse L. Goudy, Apr.21,1833.

William, and Dolly C. Bixby, int.Nov.17,1833.

William, unm., a.22y., carpenter, and Sarah Forrest, unm., a.21y., both of Lawrence, Oct.10,1847.*


Andrew, and Ellen Jordan, certif. Dec.7,1834.

Andrew, see Healey, Andrew.

Ann (Kilkenny), 3d m., a.34y., b. Ireland, d.Patrick and Bridget, and Patrick Gannon, 3d m., a.32y., laborer, b. Ireland, s.John and Ann, Oct.24,1849.

Ellen, a.20y., d.Thomas and Mary, and William Walsh [Welch.int.], unm., a.22y., laborer, s.John and Mary, Apr.18,1849.

Joseph, of Boston, and Elizabeth Dupee, int.Aug.9,1835.

Joseph, and Mary Jane Stone, int.Sept.30,1843.

Mary, unm., a.23y., operative, d.John and Johanna, and Jeremiah Dunnivan, unm., a.23y., laborer, s.John and Julia, Nov.8,1846.

Thomas [of Charlestown. int.], and Eliza Whittier, abt. 1831. [of L., Apr.4,1831. int.]


Aaron L., of Chelmsford, and Ann D. Browne of Weare, NH, Dec.7,1842.*

Abigail J., and Alpheus L. Foss of Leeds, ME, int.Jan.22,1843.

Alanson, and Rosanne Mann, int.July19,1835.

Ann M., and Joseph B. Jones, Sept.5,1839. [1840. dup.]

Ann, and Freedom Tyler of Baldwin, ME, int.Sept.5,1841.

Ann, unm., a.23y., d.Thomas and Elizabeth, and Abram R. Tiffany, unm., a.23y., blacksmith, s.Tempus and Jane, Nov.10,1844.

Benjamin, and Sarah M. Atwood of Bedford, NH, int.Apr.3,1836.

Benjamin A., and Eleanor Stone, Oct.2,1842.

Caroline D., and Sylvester Crosby, int.Oct.4,1840

Charles H., and Hannah E. Brown, int.Apr.18,1846.

Christopher, and Emily Moore, Mar.18,1838.

Christopher C., 2d m., a.40y., boarding house keeper, b. Windham, NH, s.Christopher and Betsey, and Lucretia A. Moreland [Moran. dup.], unm., a.28y., b. Wiscasset, ME, d.Mary, int.Dec.31,1849.

Cyrus H., unm., a.22y., shoemaker, s.John and Jane, and Susan E. Perkins, unm., a.19y., operative, d.Richard and Lydia, Sept.16,1845.

Ebenezer M., of Brighton [Cambridge. int.], and Roxana W. Keyes [Keyser. int.], Aug.29,1841.

Edward, and Ann Robinson, Feb.21,1833.

Eliza, and Elbridge G. Tucker of Plaistow, NH, int.Dec.11,1841.

Eliza, and Jeremiah Emerson, int.Mar.13,1845.

Elvira G., unm., a.19y., d.Solomon and Jane, and Calvin F. Ford, unm., a.25y., engineer, s.Isaac and Charlotte, Apr.13,1846.

Frederick, unm., a.20y., blacksmith, s.Jos.T. and Lois M., and Maria Pierce, unm., a.17y., operative, d.Ruel and Cynthia W., July26,1847.

George W., unm., a.26y., painter, s.Henry and Jane, and Jemima L. Jones, unm., a.21y., operative, d.Edward and Roxana, Nov.16,1845.

Hannah, and Archibald English, Oct.29,1837.

Hannah, of Manchester, NH, and Amasa M. Spaulding, int.May5,1847.

Harriet N., and Greenwood B. [Green P. int.] Norris, at Boston, Apr.25,1843.

Harriet, unm., of Dracut, a.21y., d.William and Harriet, and Samuel Ring, unm., of Albany, ME, a.27y., stone layer, s.Samuel and Betsey, Mar.14,1846.*

Harriet S. [L. int.], unm., a.20y., operative, d.Thomas and Mary, and Newell Severens [Sevrens.int.], unm., a.30y., manufacturer, s.John and Abigail, Mar.3,1847.

Irene A., and Joel M. Thurston, int.July11,1838. [July15. dup.]

Irene A., and Maurice Willard [Millard.int.], of Greenfield, Aug.12,1841.

Isaac L., unm., a.23y., machinist, s.Isaac, and Julia A. Eaton, unm., a.22y., operative, d.J. Meelead, Oct.8,1844.

Isabella, and William Ogle, int.Aug.20,1837.

Jane H., of New Boston, NH, and Orra Fitzgerald, int.Jan.20,1844.

John C., of Westford, and Elizabeth Carrigain, Oct.18,1842.

Joseph B., and Susan Nichols, Oct.30,1836.

Joseph O., and Harriet N. Ashley, Mar.16,1842.

La Fayette, unm., a.25y., machinist, b. Brighton, ME, s.Andrew and Dolly, and Mary Parker, 2d m., of Andover, a.32y., b. Methuen, d.Winthrop and Lydia, Nov.23,1849.

Levi, jr., unm., a.24y., operative, s.Levi and Nancy, and Isabel McAllister, unm., a.19y., operative, d.Daniel and Margaret, May4,1847.

Livermore R., of Rumford, ME, and Mary A. Miller, int.Dec.5,1846.

Lucia Ann, and John Charles Hardy, int.July12,1845.

Lydia A., unm., a.18y., dressmaker, d.Mark and Jeremiah D. Drew, unm., a.23y., tailor, s.Ester, Apr.30,1845.

Mary V., and William P. Stockwell, int.Mar.11,1838.

Mary, of Concord, NH, and Albert G. Capen, certif. Apr.9,1838.

Mary C., and John Sherburn of New London, NH, int.Aug.30,1840.

Mary Jane, unm., a.20y., operative, d.Solomon and Jane, and Robie Whitney, unm., a.26y., operative, s.Edmund and Martha, Sept.1,1844.

Mary J., unm., a.23y., operative, d.John and Elisabeth, and Hiram S. Drown, unm., a.24y., operative, s.Benjamin and Elisabeth, Mar.31,1848.

Mehitable S., of Shirley, and William C. Graham, int.Mar.26,1837.

Nancy J., and James Carlisle of Exeter, NH, int.Nov.1,1845.

Nathaniel, of Allenstown, NH, and Sophronia Martin of Manchester, NH, Feb.19,1848.*

Pelatiah F., and Addaline Cragin of Temple, NH. int.May31,1829.

Pelatiah F., and Cynthia Cutting, int.June23,1830

Roxanna, a.30y., milliner, d.Samuel and Martha, and John M. Kimball, widr., a.34y., machinist s.Thomas and Mary, July3,1845.

Ruth P., and James V. Nichols of Reading, int.July19,1840.

Sapharirod M., and Amos P. Dinsmoor, int.June18,1837.

Sarah O., of Groton, and Daniel C. King, int.Feb.7,1831.

Sarah C., and Samuel Sherman, int.Oct.2,1831.

Sarah E., of Charlestown, and Benjamin T. Wing, int.Oct.16,1841.

Sarah, a.18y., d.Nathaniel J, and Sarah, and John Whittredge, unm., a.25y., operative, s.John and Nancy, Sept.19,1844.

Stephen, and Frances A. Sanborn, both unm., Jan.17,1848.

Susan J., a.27y., d.Truel and Lucy, and Aratus R. Glidden, a.27y., operative, s.Jasper and Eliza, int.Oct.16,1848.

Theodore A., unm., a.21y., machinist, s.James and Ruth M., and Susanna B. Smith, unm., a.22y., operative, d.Benjamin and Hannah, Mar.18,1841.

Thomas J., and Margaret Jane Richardson, Sept.10,1835.

Thomas D., unm., a.23y., machinist, s.David, and Sarah E. Farnham, unm., a.18y., d.Almira, Oct.25,1847.

Wilder, and Adeline Brigham, July4,1840.

Wilder, and Susan A. Badger of Northwood, NH, int.June22,1846.

William, and Eliza P. Hubbard, int.Sept.6,1835.

William P., and Hannah W. Mears, both of Billerica, Apr.22,1844.*

William D., and Sarah F. Morrill, both of Lawrence, Jan.7,1849.CR1*


Michael, see Holland, Michael.


Elias C., and Hannah Chandler, Jan.25,1842.

HALLINAN (Holahan)

Charles, unm., a.26y., fuller, b. Ireland, s.Henry and Margaret, and Elizabeth [Jane Elizabeth.int.] Donohoe, unm., a.24y., operative, b. Ireland, d.William and Mary, Sept.4,1849.

Mary (Holahan), and Patrick Reynolds, Apr.28,1848.*

HALLIWELL (Hallowell)

Esther, and William Halliwell, int.Feb.6,1847.

Samuel G. (Hallowell), and Betsey Reed [Read.int.], Aug.14,1828.

William, and Esther Halliwell, int.Feb.6,1847.


Mary, unm., a.25y., operative, d.Patrick and Bridget, and Patrick Hartigan, unm., a.24y., laborer, s.Patrick and Ann, Feb.6,1847.


Bela M., and [Mrs.int.] Charlotte B. Davis, July25,1841.

Ellen, unm., a.19y., operative, and George Hurd, unm., a.23y., farmer, both of Lawrence, Dec.12,1847.*

George W., and D. Isis Steere of Smithfield, RI, int.Sept.28,1847.

Isaac L., 2d m., a.56y., stone mason, s.John and Lucy, and Fanny Curtis, unm., a.49y.[housekeeper. int.], d.John and Mildred, July28,1849.

James P., unm., a.26y., carpenter, s.Ivory and Sarah, and Elizabeth Emerson, unm., a.19y., d.Andrew and Betsey, June23,1844.

Joanna R., unm., a.19y., and Marshall Wyman, unm., a.21y., machinist, s.Anson, July4,1846.

John G., unm., a.24y., mason, s.Ivory and Sarah, and Elizabeth T. Hussey, unm., a.22y., operative, d.Levi and Sarah, Nov.10,1844.

John B., unm., a.33y., carpenter, s.Joseph and Maria, and Almada Derby, unm., [South Weymouth.int.], a.34y., operative, d.Benjamin and Olive, June8,1845.

Sarah B., of Mercer, ME, a.24y., seamstress, d.William, and Cyrus P. Mitchell, a.24y., millwright, s.John and Polly, int.Sept.8,1847.

William, and Julia Ann Smith, Aug.15,1839.

HAMBLET (Hambleth, Hamblett)

Alpheus, of Dracut, and Harriet Noyes, int.May23,1846.

Catharine A., and Joel Jenkins, Nov.30,1837.

George, unm., of Dracut, a.34y., blacksmith, and Manitta Flint, unm., of Dracut, a.23y., Oct.15,1846.*

Gilbert, unm., of Hudson, NH, a.25y., carpenter, s.Thomas and Tamah, and Elizabeth Marshall, unm., of Tyngsborough, a.20y., d.James and Dorcas, Jan.19,1848.*

Horace (Hamblett) [Hambleth.dup.], of Danvers, and Pricilla Corliss, Nov.30,1837.

Jonas, unm., of Dracut, and Sarah B. Butterfield, unm., of Tyngsborough, a.40y., d.Abner and Hepzibah, Dec.5,1844.*

Joshua, and Eliza Stickeny, certif. Nov.27,1836.

William, unm., of Chelmsford, a.31y., butcher, s.Jesse and Abiah, and Mary N. Farmer, unm., of Tewksbury, a.29y., d.Life, May3,1848.*


Lucinda, and Francis Heminway, Oct.6,1841.

Nancy, and Daniel Long, int.Oct.12,1844.

HAMBURY (Hamdry)

Maria [Hamdry.int.], unm., a.24y., d.Owen and Margaret, and Michael Beren, unm., a.22y., laborer, s.James and Alice, Sept.7,1848.


C[harles] A., and H[annah] Maria Prescott, both of Worcester, Apr.13,1843.*

James, jr., unm., a.23y., operative, s.James and Sarah, and Rhoda L. Allen, unm., a.23y., d.Daniel and Olive, Mar.30,1847.

John A., and Elizabeth Hanson, int.July5,1845.

John A., and Caroline Pilbro, int.Nov.21,1846.

Margaret, and Charles Kay, Dec.8,1840.

Martha A., and James Lowry [Loury.dup.], Mar.19,1840.

Nancy P., unm., of Saxonville, a.24y., d.Richard and Olive, and William L. Todd, unm., of Saxonville, a.26y., weaver, s.Thomas and Sarah, Oct.19,1845.*

Susan H., and James Littlefield, May31,1840.


Thomas, and Rebecca Codman of Mount Vernon, certif. Apr.30,1837.


Mary, unm, and Michael Mullen [Mullins.int.], unm., both operatives, Feb.7,1849.

Sarah, and William T. Bragdon, Apr.9,1840.

HAMMOND (Hammon)

Elon O.E., unm., a.23y., operative, b. Woodstock, VT, s.Faunce and Clarissa, and Martha A. Cole, unm., of Salem, VT, a.22y., b. Salem, VT, d.Abiel and Ann A., Nov.12,1849.

Thomas J. (Hammon), see Flammon, Thomas J.

Thomas F., widr., of Windsor, VT, a.61y., farmer, s.Faunce and Mary, and Betsey Sargeant, unm., a.43. y., milliner, d.Edward and Mary, July1,1845.


John [of Salisbury.certif.], and Mary O'Riley [of L. certif.], Sept.12,1836.CR5


Abigail, wid., of Dracut, a.36y., d.Peter and Abigail Fox, and William Hackett, unm., of Dracut, a.30y., farmer, s.Benjamin and Judith, Nov.14,1844.*


Albert, and Sarah G. Miner, Aug.4,1842.

Leonard, and Mary Hazeltine, Feb.2,1843

Levi, and Luvenia Cram, Dec.31,1840.

Ruth, of Dracut, and Joseph Wear, int.June14,1845.

Selina, and Henry E. Austin, Apr.末,1841.

Stephen, and Mehitable Brown, int.Nov.29,1840.

Temperence E., and Joseph Brown, certif. Nov.2,1834.

William, and Catherine C. Smith, Aug.30,1846.CR1


Catherine B., and Sewall T. Marshall, both of Dracut, Nov.18,1841.*

George W., and Christina Moses, certif. Nov.9,1834.


Timothy [Harnden. dup.], of Reading, and Mary Ann Stetson [Strutson. int.], Dec.2,1838.


Daniel, and Mrs.Mary Moran, certif. Aug.27,1837.


Abby, of Francestown, NH, and Mark Manahan, int.Dec.1,1833.


Patrick, unm., a.28y., laborer, s.Michael and Mary, and Mary Slaney, unm., a.22y., operatice, d.Bartholemew and Hannah, Aug.30,1847. [Aug.26.CR6]


Maria, and Michael Baren, Sept.7,1848.CR3*


Stedman W., and Rebecca T. Gay of Nashua, NH, int.July19,1840.


Daniel, and Mary McAvoy, Aug.28,1837.Cr5*

Hugh, unm., a.19y., mechanic, s.Hugh and Mary, and Catherine McCanna, unm., a.22y., operative, d.Antony and Catherene, Nov.13,1845. [Nov.3.CR3]

HANLEY (Handley, Hanly)

Catharine, unm., a.18y., d.Jeremiah and Margaret, and Patrick Sullivan, unm., a.23y., laborer, s.John and Ellen, Nov.13,1847.

Maria, and Samuel Wiley of Westford, int.June19,1848.

Mathew [Handley.int], unm., a.21y., s.Patrick and Mary, and Mary Cuddy, unm., a.21y., d.Bernard and Margaret, Jan.29,1848.

Matthew (Handley), unm., a.22y., operative, s.Patrick and Mary, and Margaret Galagher, unm., a.19y., operative, d.Thomas and Mary, int.May23,1849.

Matthew (Handley), 2d m., a.22y., bobbin maker, b. Derby, VT, s.Patrick and Mary, and Mary Murphy, unm., a.20., operative, b. Manchester, Eng., d.Thomas and Elezabeth, Aug.13,1849. [Aug.18.CR5]

Patrick J. (Hanly), of Lyndeborough, and Esther Bonner of Peterborough, Oct.15,1843.*

Patrick, and Hanora Murphy, int.Oct.18,1848.

Patrick (Handley), widr., and Ellen Foley, wid., Mar.17,1849.

Richard, unm., [of Suncook, NH int.], a.26y., laborer, s.John and Bridget, and Joanna Ryan, unm., a.20y., d.Edward and Joanna, Nov.11,1847.

Thomas, and Johanna E. Colman [Coleman.CR6], Feb.26,1848.

HANNAFORD (Haniford)

Ellen, and John Quinn, Apr.3,1842.CR5

Emily J[ane. int.], and Charles G[eorge. int.] Bird, Apr.2,1849.

George G., unm., a.23y., operative, s.William and Rhoda, and Augusta J. Tilton, unm., a.20y., operative, d.Levi and Anna, Oct.15,1844.

Lucinda S., and Eli G. Dale of Boston, Oct.26,1848.

Martha W. (Haniford), and John B. Palmer, July5,1847.

Mary A[nn. int.], unm., a.20y., and John O'Neal, unm., a.23y., June22,1848.


Bridget, and John Buckley, Nov.12,1839.CR5

HANNIFAN (Hanifan, Hanifin, Hannafin, Hannifin)

Ellen (Hanifin) [Hanifan. int.], and Micahel Begley, June14,1840.CR5

Honorah (Hannifan), and Maurice Quinn, Apr.23,1837.CR5

James, see Hannifan, John.

Johanna (Hannafin), unm., a.22y., operative, d.John and Judy, and Patrick Gloster, unm., a.24y., laborer, s.Mathew and Johanna, Apr.11,1847.

John [James.CR6] (Hanifin), unm., a.28y., laborer, s.Timothy and Johanna, and Margaret McCarty, unm., a.22y., laborer (sic) [operative. int.], d.John and Ellen, July21,1849.

Patrick (Hannifin), and Mary Barry, int.Jan.27,1849.


Sarah, and Thomas Carey, Oct.30,1839.CR5

HANNURIN (Hannawin)

Agnes [Hannawin. dup.], unm., a.23y., d.Owen and Catherine, and John Moran [Marren. dup.], unm., a.24y., operative, s.Thomas and Ann, Nov.30,1848.


Terrance [of Dracut. int.], and Ann Burns, Nov.18,1841.CR5


Armaritha, a.21y., and Benjamin C. Fields, a.24y., trader, May13,1847.

Edmund B., and Mary S. Greene, int.July31,1844.

George W., and Susan Boston, int.Aug.25,1839.

Isaac C., unm., a.25y., blacksmith, b. Chatham, NH, s.Charles and Elizabeth, and Ellen C. Smith, unm., a.19y., d.John and Eliza, int.Sept.6,1849.

Stephen Richardson, unm., a.38y., merchant, s.Reuben and Susan, and Rebecca C[raig.CR2] Prescott, unm., a.22y., d.Isaiah and Roxana, Oct.5,1844. [Sept.10.CR2]*


Harriet E., of Boston, and George Hedrick, int.July13,1834.


Charles R., unm., a.26y., machinist, s.Stephen and Susan, and Sarah E. Gatchell, unm., a.21y., tailoress, d.William and Rebecca, Jan.10,1847.

Dustin D., and Mrs.Abigail J. Fox, int.Apr.29,1847.

Elizabeth, and John A. Hamilton, int.July5,1845.

Hannah, and Rev. Enoch W. Freeman, certif. Sept.7,1834.

Harriet L., and Samuel Moody of Boston, int.Feb.24,1839.

Harriet L., and George [W. int.] Caswell, July5,1841.

Harriette J., and William S. Robinson of Boston, int.Nov.4,1848.

Hiram, and Martha G. Bickford, Feb.6,1837.

James L., and Martha Dickerman, Oct.25,1835.

Joseph, and Catharine Grant, Mar.2,1838.

Joshua, and Caroline Berry, int.Aug.14,1848.

Lorenzo D., and Abigail Odlin, Jan.10,1841.

Lorenzo D., and Hannah H. Farrington, int.Jan.30,1847.

Lydia, and Stephen Morrison, May20,1839.

Mary Jane, unm., a.19y., operative, d.S.D., and Aaron C. Clifford, unm., a.25y., operative, s.S., Nov.7,1847.

Mary E., and William B. Greenleaf, int.Nov.7,1848.

Parmelia [S. Hunton. int.], and Daniel M. Knight, May31,1835.

HANSRAHAN (Handerhin)

James [Handerhin. int.], unm., a.28y., laborer, s.James and Catherine, and Margaret McMahon [McMann. int.], unm., a.24y., servant, d.James and Hannah, May12,1845.


Abram, unm., a.26y., operative, a.James and Mary, and Roxanna Wilson, unm., a.21y., operative, d.Samuel and Sarah, July26,1846.

Andrew, unm., a.22y., turner, s.Ephraim and Hannah, and Eliza N. Adams, unm., a.20y., operative, d.William and Martha, Aug.12,1846.

Ephraim, and Harriet A. Whitton, certif. Feb.12,1837.

William E.S., unm., a.23y., painter, s.James and Mary, and Maria Havin, unm., a.26y., housekeeper, d.John and Susan, Feb.16,1847.

HARADEN (Haradon)

Mary, and James Weston, Nov.29,1839.

Nancy (Haradon), and Charles H. Brown, int.Apr.29,1843.


Ann, see Harken, Ann.[Harkins]


Franklin, unm., a.23y., spinner, s.Timothy, and Naomi M. Morrill, unm., a.19y., operative, d.Eli R., Apr.5,1848.

James, and Catherine Hasmer of Templeton, int.June16,1833.

Jeremiah [of Tewksbury.CR1], and Mary Jane Woodbury [of Newburyport.CR1], June1,1828.*

Joseph, and Eliza M. Bacon of Medway, int.June6,1846.

Mary Jane [of Tewksbury.int.], and William F.J. [Frederick Josiah.CR1] Damon [of L. int.], July15,1832.

Sarah Jane and William M. Spaulding, Aug.7,1843.


Amy, and George Varnum [Farnam.int.], Apr.2,1834.

Ann M., and Joel R. Morse, both of West Newbury, July23,1843.*

Benjamin T., and Frances A. Davis of Newburyport, int.Aug.29,1846.

Caroline, and Jonas L. Parker, Feb.28,1836.

Charles, and Harriet F. York of Exeter, NH, Nov.5,1840.

Clarissa J., and Rev. Edward A. Rice, Feb.19,1843.

Darius, and Mary P. Woodward, Nov.23,1835.

Eliza R., of Woburn, and George Clough, int.Sept.20,1840.

Ephraim L., of Hollis, NH, and Delana Lapham, May24,1838. [1839. dup.]

Evelina B., and Enoch S. Rand, Jan.13,1839.

Hannah D., and Harvey M. Ferrin, int.June27,1841.

Hannah C., and Gilson [Gilson. int.] J. Brown, Jan.14,1844.

Henry M., and Luvy Ann Heerman, int.Apr.9,1842.

James T., and Hannah W. Ray of Mount Vernon, int.Dec.30,1829.

Jameson, and Harriet Hildreth of Westford, July4,1841.

Jane, and Oliver E. York of Exeter, NH, Nov.28,1844.

Job, and Esther Woodcock, Nov.26,1843.

John Charles, and Lucia Ann Hall, int.July12,1845.

John, and Sophia Danforth, int.Nov.29,1845.

Laura, and Reuel Goodwin, jr. of Billerica, int.Feb.23,1834.

Leonard, and Adaline Clough of Dracut, June5,1838.

Mary [of L. int.], and Elisha Aldrich, abt. 1831. [of Grafton, VT, Apr.10,1831. int]

Mary S., and Samuel Coburn, jr., May6,1832.

Noami, and Luther S. [L. int.] Reed, Mar.15,1835.

Nathaniel D., and Clarissa H. Martin,末蔓末,1836. [May8. int.]

Otis B., and Margaret Archibald, int.Sept.27,1830.

Philip, and Rebecca Perry of Dublin, NH, int.Oct.29,1832.

Philip, and Electa H. Richardson of Andover, VT, Mar.1,1843.

Philips, and Jane McDonald, Dec.19,1838.

Phineas B., of Bradford, and Ann Maria Kimball of Sanbornton, NH, May4,1841.*

Reuben K., of Hopkinton, NH, and Zilpha F. Barden, int.Nov.17,1833.

Salma D., and Jane B. Kendall, int.Jan.8,1848.

Samuel P., of Tewksbury, and Elizabeth T. Ralph, int.Nov.9,1830.

Samuel P., and Clarrissa Stone, Nov.22,1835.

Sarah Ann, and Nathan S. Sleeper, int.Jan.3,1836.

Sarah, and Josiah Byam, both of Chelmsford, Dec.28,1841.*

Silas, of Boxford, and Mrs.Sarah Dow, int.July8,1848.

Simeon C., and Elvira M. Fisher, certif. Dec.18,1836.

Simeon, of Andover, and Mary Jefferson, int.Mar.8,1840.

Sylvester, and Catherine Edwards, Nov.4,1841.

Thomas J., and Eliza Jane Archibald, Mar.4,1839.

Walter, and Ruth M. Clark of Hopkinton, NH, int.Feb.5,1844.

Warren, unm., a.27y., operative, s.Silas and Rhoda, and Julia Ann Hopkins, unm., a.23y., operative, d.William and Mary Ann, Nov.18,1845.

William H., and Mary Jane Russell, Apr.27,1845.


Jozef [Karezewski. int.], and Delia B. Roby, Mar.20,1836.[Joseph]

HARGRAVES (Hargreaves)

Elizabeth [Hargreaves.int.], and Thomas Beck, Aug.8,1842.


Hannora, and Peter McCanon, certif. July13,1834.

HARKINS (Harken)

Ann, and Richard Duhig, Jan.20,1848.

Ann [Harden. int.], and James Crowley, May11,1849.

Catherine, and Anthony O'Donnell [O'Connell.CR6; Antony O'Donnel. int.], both b. Ireland, Oct.28,1849. [Oct.29.CR6]

HARLAN (Harland)

Ellen, see McFarlin, Ellen

Margaret (Harland), and Samuel Murry, int.Jan.6,1833.

Michael (Harland), see Holland, Michael.

HARLEY (Hurley)


John B., and Eleanor E. Burnap, Nov.22,1842.

Lucius, widr., a.32y., millwright, s.Simeon and Susan, and Achsah Christy, unm., a.31y., tailoress, d.Joseph and Polly, Apr.18,1847.

HARMON (Harman, Herman)

Abram B., and Almira B. Jones, int.June18,1842.

Adeline B. (Harman), and Daniel Leman, Jan.10,1844.

Daniel (Harman), unm., a.23y., laborer, s.Daniel and Mary, and Honora Flynn, unm., a.20y., operative, d.Owen and Mary, Jan.9,1847.

Miranda, unm., a.19y., operative, and Andrew Hackett, unm., a.24y., stone layer, s.Benjamin and Hannah, at Dracut, Jan.5,1847.

Moses M., and Adeline E. Noble, int.Feb.6,1847.

Olive B., unm., a.24y., operative, d.Abner, and Augustus L. Prescott, widr., a.26y., manufacturer, s.Samuel, Sept.5,1847.

Sally A., and Charles H. Hunt, Jan.27,1842.

Selina [Herman. int.], and John W. Pulsifer, Apr.2,1844.

Walter, and Laura A. Snell, both of Eaton, NH, Dec.14,1842.*

William, 2d, widr., of Freedom, NH, and Louisa [H. int.] Kenison, wid., Feb.1,1849.


Edwin, unm., a.25y., expressman, s.Samuel and Nancy, and Mary A. Beal, unm., a.20y., d.Daniel and Mary, Dec.25,1847.

Henry, and Mary Ann Leightner of Roxbury, int.Nov.27,1847.

Timothy, see Handell, Timothy.


Margaret, and Michael Doyle, Jan.9,1848.


Hannah D., see Harvey, Hannah D.


George, widr., a.34y., trader, s.Samuel and Mary, and Rosannah K. Harper, unm., a.19y., operative, d.Abraham and Betsey, Oct.26,1846.

Hannah S. [T. int.], and Samuel Horn, Dec.13,1835.

Jane W. [P. int.], unm., a.26y., operative, d.Samuel and Phebe, and Harrison W. Streeter, unm., a.22y., operative, s.Asahel and Mary, Dec.11,1846.

Margaret, unm., a.23y., operative, d.James and Mary, and Parker Perry, unm., a.24y., shoemaker, s.John and Deborah, Sept.12, [1844.]

Mary Jane, and Charles Thompson, int.Apr.15,1848.

Rosannah K., unm., a.19y., operative, d.Abraham and Betsey, and George Harper, widr., a.34y., trader, Samuel and Mary, Oct.26,1846.

HARRIGAN (Harigan, Horgan, Horrigan)

Bartholomew, and Johanna Purcell, both of Billerica, Feb.10,1844.*

Bartholomew, see Harrigan, Michael.

Catharine [Horrigan. int.], and Cornelius Leary [Lary.int.], Feb.17,1844.

Jeremiah (Horgan) [Harigan. int.], and Mary Anne Green, Jan.9,1844.

John, unm., a.21y., laborer, s.James and Margaret, and Ellen Sheehan, unm., a.24y., operative, d.Daniel and Ellen, Jan.18,1845.

Mary Ann, unm., a.24y., d.Thomas and Honora, and William Walch [Welch.int.], unm., a.26y., laborer, s.Edward and Ellen, Aug.26,1847.

Michael [Bartholomew.int.], unm., a.22y., laborer, s.Thomas and Honora, and Ann Farrell, unm., a.24y., d.Patrick and Margaret, Oct.14,1847.

HARRIHAN (Harahan)

Bridget, unm., a.21y., operative, d.James and Mary, and Miles O'Rourke, unm., a.23y., laborer, s.Daniel and Mary, July9,1847.

Patrick (Harahan), and Rose McKaon, May23,1839.CR5

Patrick, unm., a.23y., weaver, s.Thomas and Julia, and Bridget Mulvey, unm., a.21y., operative, d.John and Anne, Nov.2,1846.

HARRIMAN (Harraman, Herriman)

Aaron, unm., a 25y., watchman, b. Eaton, NH, s.John and Betsey, and Harriet Elwell, unm., a.22y., b. Thomaston, ME, d.Andrew and Harriet, Oct.16,1849.

Amanda T., unm., a.17y., milliner, d.John and Nancy, and Jason E. Harris, unm., a.24y., carpenter, s.William and Olive, Jan.2,1848.

Arthur L., and Mary G. Clough, Oct.20,1833.

Cyrus (Harraman), and Abigail Black, June2,1840.

Daniel [Darius.int.], and Olivia Woodcock, June25,1840.

David P., of Andover, and Almira Goodhue, int.Apr.14,1839.

Esther, of Goffstown, NH, and Josiah Parker, int.May19,1839.

Jessee P., and Ellen Johnson of Danvers, int.Aug.9,1827.

John S., widr., a.36y., blacksmith, s.Daniel and Abigail, and Sarah B. Waldron, unm., a.37y., dressmaker, d.John and Comfort, June14,1846.

Martha (Herriman), and George Hastings, Apr.3,1833.

Mary Jane, and Thomas S. Hutchinson, Oct.11,1839.

Otis W., and Hannah N. Durgin, int.Feb.5,1842.

William (Herriman), of Montville, ME, and Sarah A. Parsons of Roxbury, Nov.26,1846.*


Catharine, unm., a.27y., operative, d.John and Catharine, and John Sullivan, widr., a.26y., laborer, s.James and Ellen, Oct.15,1846.

Catharine, unm., a.22y., operative, d.Daniel and Margaret, and Cornelius Sullivan, unm., a.28y., laborer, s.Patrick and Johanna, Nov.28,1846.

Catharine, unm., a.17y., operative, d.Cornelius and Mary, and Daniel Cadogan, unm., a.26y., laborer, s.Timothy and Mary, Jan.21,1847.

Catharine, unm., operative, and Patrick Sullivan, unm., laborer, July2,1848.

Charles, jr., of Lexington, and Sarah H. Wade, Apr.6,1840.

C[larissa], of Lexington, and S[amuel] H. Elliott, int.Nov.22,1835.

Cornelius, unm., a.24y., laborer, s.John and Catherine, and Mary Sullivan, unm., a.22y., d.Eugene and Johanna, Jan.17,1847.

Cornelius, unm., a.20y., operative, b. Ireland, s.Jeremih and Ellen, and Ellen Harrington, unm., a.20y.[operative. int.], b. Ireland, d.Cornelius and Ellen, Sept.10,1849.

Betsey [Farrington. int.], a.20y., d.Stephen and Betsey, and Daniel Curier, unm., a.21y., mechanic, s.Daniel and Ruth, Aug.20,1845.

Ellen, unm., a.20y.[operative. int.], b. Ireland, d.Cornelius and Ellen, and Cornelius Harrington, unm., a.20y., operative, b. Ireland, s.Jeremiah and Ellen, Sept.10,1849.

Hannah, and David Tilden, Dec.28,1826.

Hannah, of Waltham, and Michael G. Brackett, int.Apr.30,1827.

Hannah L., and Jonathan Janes, May14,1840.

Honora, unm., a.19y., d.John and Ellen, and Patrick Dolan, unm., a.25y., laborer, s.John and Mary, Nov.15,1847.

James, unm., operative, and Catharine Ash, unm., operative, Sept.22,1848.

Jeremiah, and Honora Crawly [Crowley, certif.], Nov.15,1836.CR5

Joel, of Concord, and Emily S. Summer, Nov.26,1840.

John T., and Mary O'Leary [O'Lary.int.], May27,1843.

John, unm., a.45y., laborer, and Catharine Shea, unm., a.40y., operative, Nov.25,1844.

John, unm., a.29y., laborer, s.John and Catharine, and Mary Mead, unm., a.21y., operative, d.Dennis and Mary, May8,1846.

Julia Ann, and John B. Hartwell, July15,1831.

Julia, and Patrick Griffin, int.Feb.6,1849. [Stopped by Patrick Griffin Feb.7.]

Julia, see Farrington, Julia.

Lucinda F. [of L. int.], and Horatio Warren [of Westborough.int.], Feb.8,1833.

Margaret, and Jeremiah Driscoll, Nov.14,1849.CR5*

Mary B., of Lexington, and Charles J. Adams, int.Apr.26,1835.

Mary, and Roger Sullivan, Oct.8,1836.CR5

Mary S., and Thatcher T. Chase of Derry, NH, Nov.3,1841.

Mary, and Quinlan [Quinn. int.] Sullivan of Boston, Nov.3,1843.

Mary, unm., a.20y., d.Timothy, and Johanna, and John Denning [Dennis.int.], unm., a.25y., operative, s.Joseph and Ellen, Oct.16,1848.

Michael, and Catherine Kenney, int.Aug.21,1848.

Michael, unm., a.25y., laborer, b. Ireland, s.Michael and Hannah, and Mary McCarthy, unm., a.25y., b. Ireland, d.John and Bridget, int.Aug.6,1849.

Phebe, and Varnum A. Shed, Nov.8,1835.

Ransley, and Lucinda Furnall, Feb.9,1836.

Ruth, of Waltham, and Levi Gurney, int.Apr.17,1826.

Ruth, and Bradbury C. Rollins of Medford, int.Nov.6,1847.

Samuel, and Hannah Lovejoy, Oct.6,1829.


Alfred G., a.27y., teamster, and Almira C. Bartlett, a.25y., Feb.15,1849.

Alvah, and Caroline Patch, int.Nov.12,1842.

Bela, of Haverhill, and Dorcas Tripp, int.Aug.10,1834.

Bela, and Betsey Hazeltine, Mar.24,1839.

Bridget, unm., a.28y., operative, d.Richard and Honora, and John O'Brien, unm., a.26y., laborer, s.John and Sarah, July30,1846.

Charles F., unm., a.26y., s.Leonard and Jane, and [Sarah Jane Crossman. int.], Nov.24,1844.

Eliza C., unm., a.21y., cigar maker, d.Leonard and Dudley N. Lane, unm., a.22y., cigar maker, s.Luke and Martha, Sept.18,1844.

Emeline, and Orange Whitney, int.Oct.3,1835.

George, and Laura Pressey, Nov.6,1847.

Hannah H., unm., a.24y., operative, d.Caleb and Dorcas, and Benjamin F. Turner, widr., a.42y., clerk, s.Benjamin and Avis, July4,1847.

James, and Charlotte E. Downe [Downer. int.], June15,1834.

James, unm., a.25y., stone cutter, s.James and Mary, and Lura [Laura.int.] Fletcher, unm., a.24y., d.John and Dolly, July3,1847.

Jason E., unm., a.24y., carpenter, s.William and Olive, and Amanda T. Harriman, unm., a.17y., milliner, d.John and Nancy, Jan.2,1848.

John, jr., and Lucy Jane Bacon of Newton, int.Oct.11,1845.

John, unm., a.25y., laborer, b. Ireland, s.Bernard and Margaret, and Sarah McQuade, unm., a.22y., b. Ireland, d.Peter and Sarah, int.Dec.25,1849.

Leonard, and Olive R. Kimball, Aug.30,1835.

M. Jane, and Joseph N. Crane, Apr.16,1842.

Mahala A., and Otis B. Bates, both unm., June2,1848.

Mary J., unm., a.25y., dressmaker, d.Leonard and Jane, and Elbridge Crosman, unm., a.26y., operative, s.Bounds and Judith, Mar.29,1846.

Mary A., unm., a.25y., dressmaker, d.Nathan and Tamisin, and John Andrews, jr., unm., a.23y., carder [operative. int.], s.John and Hannah, Oct.6,1846.

Matilda M., and John Franklin, int.Jan.17,1831.

Norman A., and Jane A. Stewart, Dec.21,1843.

Norman, widr., a.25y., painter, and Charlotte L. [A. int.] Wooster, unm., a.24y., operative, May3,1846.

Page M., and Mary C. Tibberts of Methuen, int.Jan.23,1847.

Richard D., unm., a.24y., operative, s.R.D. and Martha A., and Julia A. Greenleaf, unm., a.25y., operative, d.Lowell and Betsey, May8,1847.

Samuel, and Catharine B. Smart, Oct.15,1843.

Simon, of Dracut, and Mary Wilson, certif. Nov.6,1836.

Thomas W., widr., of Boston, a.36y., printer, and Sarah Ann [Ann S. int.] Fielding, unm., a.25y., d.Stephen R. and Sarah, May26,1847.

Timothy N., of Methuen, and Mrs.Elizabeth Standish, int.Aug.18,1845.

William, and Abigail G. Shepherd, both of Dracut, Nov.5,1839.

William H., unm., a.23y., coachman, s.David and Rosamill, and Selenda M. Wakefield, unm., a.20y., tailoress, d.Silas and Mary, Feb.24,1847.


Bridget [Jane. int.], unm., a.24y., operative, d.Bartley and Catherine, and Patrick Harrison, unm., a.25y., laborer, s.Thomas and Ellen, May11,1846.

Jane, see Harrison, Bridget.

Julia, and John Shaw of Chelmsford, int.Oct.17,1846.

Patrick, unm., a.25y., laborer, s.Thomas and Ellen, and Bridget [Jane. int.] Harrison, unm., a.24y., operative, d.Bartley and Catherine, May11,1846.

HART (Heart)

Allen, and Sophronia A. Canfield, Mar.14,1846.

Corenlius, and Ellen Crowley, int.Nov.24,1848.

Elizabeth L., unm., of Johnson, VT, a.25y., dressmaker, d.George and Prudence, and Abel Amsden, unm., of Waldron, VT, a.25y., grocer, s.Adam and Permelia, Oct.29,1849.

Emeline [Heart. dup.], and Harrison Payne, Jan.16,1839.

James W. (Heart), unm., a.25y., carpenter, s.George and Abigail, and Marietta Swett, unm., a.23y., spinster, d.John and Elenor, July24,1847.

John, of Andover, and Elizabeth Trusdell, int.Dec.9,1832.

Maria, unm., a.18y., operative, d.Luke and Mary, and Michael Igo, unm., [of Andover. int.], a.26y., operative, s.Patrick and Mary, Feb.3,1848.

Mary, of Woburn, and Stephen A. Coburn, int.Dec.31,1842.

Relief L., and Micah R. Eldridge of Amherst, NH, June5,1836.

Sarah, and David Manahan of Francestown, int.Apr.19,1840


Charles, and Wealthy Brown, Sept.20,1836.

Eliza [Mrs.int.], and Jesse Balcom, May12,1840.

Louisa, see Hatford, Louisa.

Mary Ann, and Warren [Warner. int.] A. Gorham of Boston, Nov.15,1836.

Melinda R., unm., a.22y., operative, d.Mark and Eliza, and John Avery [2d.int.], unm., a.23y., operative, s.Foster and Rebecca, June25,1846.

Susan, and Samuel Paris, at Dracut, Nov.27,1839.

Thomas, and Elizabeth Cole, Feb.12,1849.CR3


Patrick, unm., a.24y., laborer, s.Patrick and Ann, and Mary Halloran, unm., a.25y., operative, d.Patrick and Bridget, Feb.6,1847.


Catherine, wid., a.34y., domestic, d.John and Honora, and John Vail, widr., a.37y., laborer, s.Patrick and Bridget, Aug.15,1844.


Emily, and Michael Davis, Apr.25,1836.

Mary, and Thomas Dean Smith, int.Nov.1,1835.

Thomas, and Emily Burbank, Oct.19,1832.CR1

HARTSHORN (Hartshorne, Hartson)

Edward, unm., a.28y., merchant, s.Loammi and Sibbel, and Margaret F. Putney, unm., a.24y., d.John and Sophia, Jan.29,1845.

Elizabeth, of Boston, and Isaac Munroe, int.Dec.14,1832.

Hannah W., unm., a.25y., tailoress, d.Samuel and Mary, and Hiram K. Fuller, unm., a.25y., millwright, s.John A. and Mary, Nov.6,1846.

Hollis, unm., [of Medford.int.], a.25y., currier, s.Emery and Emily, and Ann Maria Evans, unm., a.20y., operative, d.Samuel and Mary, Nov.25,1846.

Jonathan (Hartshorne), and Margaret L. Clark, Mar.19,1842.

Jonathan (Hartson), and Clara S. Judkins, Nov.17,1847.

Nancy P., of Boston, and Jacob Robbins, int.May18,1830.


Anne W., of Littleton, and John S.C. Knowlton, int.Sept.15,1829.

George G., widr., of Boston, a.29y., portrait painter, s.Ephraim and Huldah, and Laura W. Tyler, unm., a.23y., dressmaker, d.John and Betsey, June29,1845.

John B., and Julia Ann Harrington, July15,1831.

Jonathan, Esq., widr., of Littleton, a.63y., farmer, s.John and Mary, and Hannah W. Peabody, wid., a.49y., housekeeper, d.John and Abigail Woodbury, June2,1847.

Lowell, unm., a.32y., fish dealer, s.Emerson and Emily, and Sarah Jane Wyman, unm., a.18y., house maid, d.Rueben, Oct. [5. int.], 1844.

Nathaniel, and Abigail J. Rowdall [Randall. int.], Nov.7,1832.

Susan, a.39y., housekeeper, d.Thomas and Martha Hammond, and Robert F. Shepard, unm., of Holderness, NH, a.44y., farmer, s.Jacob and Jane, May20,1844.

HARVEY (Hervey)

Adaline S., of Hopkinton, NH, and Madison B. Tallant, int.Mar.23,1834.

Catherine, unm., a.18y., b. Ireland, d.Hugh and Margaret, and John Lynch, unm., a.22y., tailor, b. Ireland, s.James and Ann, int.Dec.12,1849.

Charles W., and Emily E. Swaney, int.May30,1846.

David S., unm., a.21y., machinist, s.Jonathan and Susan, and Sarah J. Whittemore, unm., a.19y., operative, d.Isaac and Abigail, May6,1847.

Edmund, and Louisa Elliott, int.July22,1838.

Hannah D. [Harney.int.], unm., a.27y., tailoress, d.John and Sally, and Charles H. Coalraush, unm., a.35y., dyer, s.Henry C. and Dorothy, Mar.14,1848.

John M., and Emeline Gardner of Salem, int.Sept.15,1839.

Louisa Ann, unm., a.18y., d.Jacob and Lydia, and Paschal Sturtevant, unm., a.24y., operative, s.Cyril and Lucy, Mar.14,1849.

Mary, and David H. Greely, int.July8,1838. [July22. dup.]

Moses C., of Dracut, a.23y., operative, s.William and Polly, and Amanda M. Knox of Dracut, a.18y., d.James and Sarah, Nov.26,1846.*

Nancy, and Henry A. Coburn, Nov.2,1837.

Samuel W., and Mary A. Kent, Nov.2,1842.

Samuel T., and Ann Sawyer, int.Dec.23,1843.

Sarah (Hervey), and Charles P. [R. dup.] Kelton of Roxbury,末蔓末,1830. [Feb.16,1830. int.]

Stephen, widr., of Freeport, ME, a.35y., laborer, s.Stephen and Priscilla, and Rose Ann Locke, unm., a.32y., operative [weaver. int.], d.John and Marcia, June19,1849.

William, and Fizah [Tirzah.int.] P. Collins, July24,1836.

William, and Amanda M. Dellaware, July21,1839.

William F., and Arvilla S. Thurlow, both of Dracut, Apr.7,1844.*


Mary W., of Littleton, and Stedman Willard, int.Jan.9,1828.

Rachel, unm., a.18y., operative, d.James and Abigail, and Crosby R. Edmands, unm., a.21y., teamster, s.Gardner and Elsa, May10,1849.

Rufus, widr., of Chelmsford, a.29y., farmer, s.Jonathan and Mary, and Sarah C. Moody, unm., a.30y., operative, s.Joseph and Harriet, Oct.6,1845.

William D., and Martha Dyer, int.Aug.23,1835.


Aaron, of Gloucester, and Frances W. Josephs, Sept.17,1839.

Abigail M., and Loring Marshall, Feb.16,1841.

Almira, and Moses Critchet, int.Oct.28,1832.

Clarissa H., and John Adams, int.Sept.26,1831.

Harriet, of Beverly, and Perkins Haskell, int.Apr.21,1833.

Hester Ann, unm., a.26y., [operative. int.], d.Moses G. and Rosella, and John G. Francis, unm., a.24y., blacksmith, s.Charles and Jemima, June16,1849.

Jacob, and Mary Farwell Snow of Fitchburg, int.May9,1830.

Joseph, and Mary Prescot of Westford, int.Nov.30,1826.

Lucy Jane, and Durrell Kimball, int.Aug.11,1833.

Mary, and Phineas V. Carlton, int.Dec.15,1833.

Perkins, and Harriet Haskell of Beverly, int.Apr.21,1833.

Phebe, and Benaiah Gordon, Dec.26,1826.

Sarah, and James Dennis, Sept.19,1832.

Sarah R., and George P. Prescott, int.Feb.26,1842.

Theodore B., unm., a.32y., machinist, s.Elias and Martha K., and Harriet M. Conant, unm., of Dracut, a.22y., d.Abel and Harriet, Dec.2,1847.

Thurlow, and Sophia Blunt, int.Sept.4,1831.


Edson, and Maria O'Connor, int.Jan.10,1836.

HASTINGS (Hastins)

Aaron, of Needham, and Eliza Fisher, int.Aug.16,1830.

Abigail, and Samuel Fuller, at. Shirley, Dec.10,1840.

Abby F., unm., of Boston, a.24y., d.B. and A., and Henry M. Rice, unm., a.32y., butcher, s.W. and C., May5,1847.

Albert, of Boston, and Ann Waugh, Dec.3,1838.

Bradley, and Hannah A. Dale, Oct.11,1836.

Charles, of Waltham, and Martha Wellington, int.June6,1826.

Charles, and Ann Parks of Stow, int.Oct.10,1830.

George, and Martha Herriman, Apr.3,1833.

George A., of Billerica, and Hannah Whipple, int.Feb.1,1835.

Jonas [Hastins.dup.], and Betsey Bailey, Nov.26,1837. [Oct.22. dup.]

Lydia, and Charles Green, int.Sept.12,1828.

Martha W., unm., of Bridgewater, VT, a.21y., d.Abijah and Rebecca, and Roswell Smith, unm., a.22y., operative, s.Roswell and Sarah, Nov.25,1845.

Samuel E., and Elizabeth Vose, int.Oct.21,1828.

Segismond H., and Maria Carter, both unm., Mar.1,1849.

Sophia, unm., a.23y., d.Abijah and Rebecca, and Alfred Goddard, unm., a.21y., machinist, s.Samuel B. and Hannah, Nov.25,1845.

Theodore L., and Mary Fuller, int.Apr.7,1833.


Abby, of Boston [of L. int.], and George F. Sawtell, Sept.23,1841.


Abigail A., of Boston, and William Sage, certif. Dec.4,1836.

Albert, and Martha A. Merriam, June6,1836.

Almira, and Phineas W. Chamberlain of Bedford, int.May2,1831.

Asenath, and Ira Saunderson, bef. Apr.30,1830. [Aug.19,1829. int.]

Clarrissa, and Joseph Page, int.Feb.19,1832.

Eunice, unm., a.27y., operative, d.Josiah and Esther, and George W. Kenney, unm., a.25y., operative, s.Dudley and Sarah, Feb.18,1846.

George S., unm., a.26y., harness maker, s.Jonathan and Hannah, and Lydia G. Hudson, unm., a.25y., dressmaker, d.Francis and Lucretia, Dec.28,1845.

George W., of Salem, NH, and Clarissa Knowlton, int.July26,1847.

Joel, and Elizabeth Shipley, July31,1842.

Joel M., unm., a.25y., machinist, s.Alfred and Sarah, and Caroline J. Emerson, unm., a.23y., tailoress, d.Moses and Caroline, Dec.3,1848.

Jonathan, and Cleora Augusta Swett, Oct.29,1843.

Joseph A., unm., a.23y., painter, s.Rufus and Poan (sic), and Philura Tilden, unm., a.24y., dressmaker, d.Charles and Susan, Sept.28,1845.

Margaret, and Benjamin Cheever of Dracut, int.Apr.28,1833.

Mary B., unm., a.23y., operative, d.Henry B. and Lois, and Nathaniel D. Starbird, unm., a.21y., operative, s.Seammon and Hannah S., Mar.6,1847.

Nancy, and Nicholas Puvey [Purvey.dup.] of Newburyport, July5,1840.

Samuel M., unm., a.26y., operative, s.Alfred and Sarah, and Harriet N. Walton, unm., a.25y., operative, d.David and Mary, at Dracut, Nov.6,1847.

Seth W., and Jane Kimball of Hopkinton, NH, int.July5,1835.

Seth W., and Mary E. Webster of Haverhill, int.May16,1846.

Susan J., unm., and Isaac W. Calef, unm., of Cambridge, Oct.2,1847.*

William, and Caroline Parker of Groton, int.Nov.21,1827.


Louisa [Hartford.int.; Statford.dup.], and Charles N. Lancil [V. Lancil. int.] of Bangor, ME, June2,1837.


Hiram, and Dorothy M.V. Pray, both of Andover, Feb.12,1843.*

Sarah, unm., a.28y., dressmaker, and James Young, widr., a.29y., operative, s.Bela and Betsey L., May19,1846.


Francis, widr., a.43y., machinist, s.Francis and Dorothy, and Sarah P. McMaster, unm., a.30y., operative, d.John, int.June2,1849.

HAVEN (Havin)

Ann [Hearin. int.], and Bernard Reynolds, July24,1842.

Catherine D., of Dedham, and Francis Hilliard, Esq., int.July10,1831.

Elbridge G., of Reading, and Lucy [Louisa.int.] A. Thurston, Nov.3,1840.

Maria (Havin), unm., a.26y., housekeeper, d.John and Susan, and William E.S. Hapgood, unm., a.23y., painter, s.James and Mary, Feb.16,1847.


John, unm., a.32y., machinist, s.Thomas and Bridget, and Catharine M. Carroll, unm., a 22y., operative, d.Myles and Margaret, Nov.14,1846.


Patrick, and Catherine Fitzpatrick, int.Feb.9,1834.


Charles W., and Abby Ann Corliss, July10,1838

George W., and Jane W. Fernald, both unm., Dec.13,1845.

William, and Eleanor Cofrin of Chester, NH, certif. July2,1837.


A[ndrew.int.] N., unm., a.24y., cordwainer, s.Matthew and Charlotte, and Laura Brigham, unm., of Franconia, NH, a.25y., operative, d.William and Lydia, Mar.20,1847.


Emeline E., and Moses Brown, jr., int.Aug.30,1848.


Charlotte A., Mrs., and Thomas Cooper, int.Apr.28,1839.

HAWLEY (Hawly)

Eliza E., and Darius G. Merriam, Nov.5,1843.

Eunice [of L. int.], and George Gassner [of Hartford, CT Mar.17. int.] 1829.

Hannah (see Hawly), unm., of Andover, d.Dennis and Hannah, and Thomas Mahony, unm., of Andover, s.Dennis and Johanna, abt. Aug.末,1848. [Aug.29.CR5]*


Ellen, unm., a.18y., servant, d.Jerry and Mary, and Luke O'Brian, unm., a.21y., servant, s.Denis and Susan, July1,1847.

Patrick, see Hayes, Patrick.


Caroline S., and William Thurber, June19,1842.

Clarissa, and James Brown, int.June12,1831.

Eliza D., dressmaker, a.22y., d.Henry and Lucy, and Henry Pulsifer of Manchester, mechanic, a.27y., s.Samuel and Abigail, at Dracut, July4,1844.*

Henry, of Quincy, and Mary E. Richardson, int.Nov.27,1848.

Mathew, of Maine, and Hanna Grady, Nov.3,1849.CR5*

May Jane, and John Edgarton, Apr.27,1834.

Patrick, unm., a.22y., laborer, s.William and Mary, and Bridget Fitzpatrick, unm., a.26y., servant, d.John and Mary, June9,1845.

Rufus N., and Sarah A. Pierce, Mar.18,1837.*

HAYES (Haise, Hays)

Aurelia S., unm., a.23y., operative, d.Lemuel and Abigail, and Fordyce Fuller, unm., of Chelsea, VT, a.25y., operative, s.David and Sally, July4,1847.

Deborah, of Natick, a.32y., d.Ichabod and Deborah, and John H. Hurd, of Natick, a.25y., leather cutter, b. New Hampshire, s.Jonathan and Abigail, Oct.17,1849.*

Betsey Ann., wid., a.28y., d.末末 Evens, and William Weir, unm., of Pelham, NH, a.23y., farmer, s.James and Elizabeth Dec.9,1847.

Elmer, and Freelove Powers, int.Jan.1,1848.

Freelove J.E., and Josiah S. Sawyer, Oct.15,1842.

Hannah W., of Sanbornton, and William F. Carter, certif. May1,1836.

Henry A., and Sarah Burnham, July4,1837.

Ichabod, and Betsey A. Brooks, Mar.16,1840.*

James, of Providence, and Mary Ann Dervin, int.June27,1841.

John, and Mary Fitzgerald, Aug.14,1836.CR5

Mary A[nn. int.] unm., a.24y., operative, d.Joseph, and Charles S. Kimball, unm., a.26y., operative, s.John, at Dracut, Oct.29,1848.

Miranda, of Plattsburg [NY int.], and James Tucker [both of Plattsburg. dup.], Mar.11,1838.

Nathan, unm., a.22y., operative, b. Vermont, s.Ezra and Betsey, and Mary Sturtevant, unm., a.19y.[operative. int.], b. Vermont, d.John and Jemima, Sept.8,1849.

Patrick [Hay.int.], unm., a.23y., operative, s.Patrick and Mary, and Mary Desmond, unm., a.18y., operative, d.Dennis and Ellen, Feb.5,1848.

Patrick, widr., a.30y., laborer, s.Thomas and Ellen, and Margaret Sullivan, wid., a.34y., d.Timothy and Margaret, int.July7,1849.

Sarah, and Andrew D. Moring, int.Feb.15,1847.

Sewell, of Poland, ME, and Hannah J.W. Centor, int.May20,1847.

Timothy (Haise), and Laura Driscol, int.May31,1835.

William H.E., and Sarah P. Andrews, both of Boston, July9,1843.*

William H., of Fitchburg, and Abiah P. Persons, Mar.13,1847.


Faxon, unm., a.20y., machinist, s.William and Mary, and Sarah Ann [Jane. int.] Goodwin, unm., a.21y., d.Reuben and Elizabeth, June16,1846.

Mary Ann, unm., a 21y., d.Edward and Mary, and John P. [Joseph R. int.] Goodwin, unm., a.23y., carpenter, s.Reuben and Polly, Sept.29,1844.

HAYNES (Haine, Haines, Heynes)

Alfred, 2d m., a.40y., overseer, b. Canterbury, NH, s.Joseph and Mary, and J. Alexena P. Snipe, unm., a.26y., b. Bath, ME, d.Charles and [Sophia.in pencil.], int.Oct.5,1849.

Alonzo (Haines), and Lovina Brown of Vinalhaven, ME, int.June21,1845.

Charles B., and Lucy Clemens, Nov.21,1841.

Crosby K. (Haines), and Lavina A. Davis, int.Aug.22,1846.

Dorcas A., and Crowell Bonney, jr., May8,1842.

Emeline, of Townsend, and J. Judson Judkins, int.Nov.11,1838. [Nov.25. dup.]

Francis P., and Mary Jane [Ann. int.] Hale, May27,1832.

George (Heynes), and [Mrs.dup.] Frances [Fanny.int.] Portor, Dec.13,1840.

George, teamster, a.31y., s.Peter and Sarah, and Elizabeth M. Libbey, seamstress, a.19y., d.John and Sarah, at. Dracut, Mar.1,1845.

George W. (Haines), unm., a.23y., painter, s.Ezra and Pamelia, and Mary A. Howe, unm., a.21y., housekeeper, d.Charles and Betsey, Mar.7,1846.

Gilbert (Haines), and Lydia Churchill, int.Sept.12,1831.

Harriet, unm., a.22y., operative, d.Joseph and Lydia, and Caleb Ash, unm., a.22y., stone layer, s.Samuel and Sabrina, Sept.3,1846.

Henry, and Adeline Walker, Nov.22,1838.

Jane, and Josiah B. Robinson, int.Feb.3,1833.

Joseph, and Louis P. Conant of Concord, int.Oct.25,1828.

Lucy M. [Haines.int.], and Samuel Stickney, Dec.31,1832.

Lucy, and Jonathan Knowles, 2d, int.Jan.23,1844.

Lydia, wid., a.35y., housekeeper, d.Jabez and Mary Churchill, and John Barnes, widr., a.44y., carpenter, s.John and Ruth, Nov.26,1846.

Maria P. (Haine), and Charles Webster, int.June2,1833.

Martha J. (Haines), unm., of Wolfborough, NH, a.24y., operative, d.John and Martha, and Havilah D. Canney, unm., of Tuftenborough, NH, a.26y., farmer, s.John and Belinda, Sept.30,1847.*

Mary A., of Rumney, and Benjamin F. Watson, May19,1836.

Mary A.G., and Henry H. Flanders, int.Mar.24,1839.

Mary A., unm., of Concord, a.22y., d.Peter and Sally, and Ezekiel J. Wilson, unm., of Concord, a.26y., laborer, s.Isaac and Ruth, Dec.26,1844.*

Noah M., and Elizaeth Kenniston, int.Feb.24,1833.

Phinheas R., of Salem, NH, and Rebekah G. Berick, int.June24,1848.

Prentiss, unm., a.24y., teamster, s.P. and S., and Emily M. Titus, unm., a.19y., dressmaker, Aug.11,1844.

Rosanna J., and John W. Sargent of Haverhill, int.June10,1847.

Roxanna, of Sudbury, and Daniel Holden of Dracut, Jan.10,1844.*

Samuel S., unm., a.25y., carpenter, and Sybel Sartell, unm., of Pepperell, a.20y., d.Beniah and Mary, Aug.6,1845.

Sarah, and Elijah Strong, Feb.12,1839.

Sarah A. (Haines), unm., a.24y.[operative. int.], b. Wolfborough, NH, d.John, and David W. Hill, 2d m., a.31y., moulder, b. Biddeford, ME, s.Jeremiah and Abigail, Sept.19,1849.

Sherburn, and [Mrs.int.] Nancy Hacket, Apr.7,1842.

Sophia, of Waltham, and John Danforth, int.July25,1829.

Sophronia A., and Samuel A. Forrest of Boston, int.Aug.19,1843.

Sophronia, unm., a.21y., operative, d.Benjamin and Jemima, and Shepard F. Handerson, unm., a.22y., operative, s.Samuel and Abigail, Aug.17,1845.

William, of Epsom, NH, and Maria Peasly of Haverhill, July4,1837.*

William B., and Susan B. Nelson, Apr.14,1840.

HAYWARD (Haywood, Heywood)

Asa E., unm., a.22y., merchant, s.Asa and Mary, and Fanny C. French, unm., a.16y., d.J.B. and Maria, Sept.5,1848.

Chastina, and Peter P. Burns, int.Sept.20,1840.

Edmund, unm., a.24y., farmer, s.Cyril and Eunice, and Johannah Murphy, wid., a.28y., operative, d.David and Catherine, Apr.26,1846.

Betsey G., unm., a.19y., operative, d.Josiah, and Alanson Folsom, unm., a.24y., mason, s.Peter, Oct.13,1844.

Emery (Haywood), and Emeline Merrill, Nov.14,1841.

Mary A. (Heywood), of Bucksport, ME, and Amasa W. Parker, int.Oct.18,1840.

Mary L., and Charles Clay of Methuen, Feb.2,1843.

Nancy M., and John W. Damon, Aug.26,1832.

Nancy L. (Heywood), of Westford, and Charles B. Richmond, int.May10,1840.

Stephen, widr., of Andover, a.50y., operative, s.Hezekiah and Mary, of England and Sarah Coson, wid., of Andover, a.41y., operative, d.John and Vashda, May27,1844.*

William P., of Boston, and Abigail Maynard of L, Mar.17,1835.

William (Haywood), and Caroline Millen, Oct.13,1840.

William C. (Haywood), unm., a.31y., mechanic, s.Arza and Temperance, and Margaret Linn, unm., a.26y., operative, d.J. and Ester, Apr.27,1845.


Sylva A., of Billerica, and Charles W. Manuel, Sept.17,1840.CR1

HAZELTON (Haseltine, Haselton, Hasleton, Hazeltine, Heseltine, Hezeltine)

Axia, and Cornelius Green, both of Cambridge, July30,1840.*[Achsah]

Betsey (Hazeltine), and Bela Harris, Mar.24,1839.

Follensbee, and Betsy Wheeler, Feb.26,1834.

George W., and Dorothy C. Armstrong of Dracut, Feb.24,1848.

Henrietta S., of Chester, NH, and William B. Brown, int.Nov.17,1839.

John A. [Heselton. int.], and Ellen B. Lewis, Jan.18,1838.

Judith (Heseltine) [Hasleton. int.], and Milton [Newton. int.] George of Thompson, Ct, Dec.21,1831.

Mary (Haseltine), and Leonard Hancock, Feb.2,1843.

Percis (Hezeltine), of Methuen, and Thomas K. Breed, jr., int.Jan.18,1835.

Samuel, and Sarah Norton, Aug.10,1842.


Phebe E., and Hiram L. Seavy, int.Dec.6,1840.

Ruth, and David M. Clark, int.Dec.25,1846.


Catherine [Theady.int.], unm., a.24y., d.Michael and Margaret, and Terence O'Brien, unm., a.22y., laborer, s.John and Rose, May15,1848.

HEALD (Held)

Benjamin F., of Carlisle, and Susan P. Kimball, int.Jan.7,1838.

Benjamin R., of Charlestown, a.37y., stone cutter, s.Thomas and Rebecca, and Lydia Corwin of Charlestown, a.30y., d.John and Carissa, July4,1847.*

Eliza Ann, of Carlisle, and Isaac Flanders, certif. Oct.19,1834.

Eliza F. (Held), and George W. Kittridge [Kitteridge. dup.], Nov.27,1839.

Betsey, unm., of Carlisle, d.Jonathan and Betsey, and Daniel Brooks, unm., of Windsor, VT, Nov.22,1847.*

Esther, of Carlisle, and Hiram Thompson, int.Mar.30,1827.

Harriet, and Enoch Ordway, June15,1842.

Harriet, and James Crombie, Sept.15,1842.

Joanna, and Silas P. Billings, int.June24,1833.

Josiah, jr., of Lovell, ME, and Eliza C. Jones, Sept.1,1842.

Lucy W., and Henry A. Gould of Worcester, int.Sept. 1,1846.

Mary W., unm., a.27y., d.John and Dorcas, and Ebenezer B. Currier, widr., a.30y., trader, s.Seth and Tabitha, at Carlisle, May18,1845.

Mary A., unm., a.22y., d.Simon, and Charles F. Gage, unm., of Springfield, a.29y., blacksmith, s.Daniel, June23,1845.

Nelson L., and Harriet M. French of Palmyra, ME, int.July27,1846.

Samuel M., unm., a.30y., mill man, s.Samuel and Sibel, and Sarah N. Mitchell, unm., a.22y., operative, d.George and Hannah, at Dracut, Dec.30,1847.

Sarah E., and Liberty Frost, int.Jan.4,1835.

Sophia C., unm., a.24y., d.R. and S., and Ivory G. Wakefield, unm., a.27y., manufacturer, s.William, Nov.18,1846.

Warren, and Elizabeth Elkins, Oct.19,1837.*

HEALEY (Healley, Heally, Healy, Hely)

Amelia, and Peter Ridings, Sept.6,1832.

Andrew [Haley.CR5], and Bridget Burns [Byrns.CR5], both of Nashua, NH, Jan.16,1849. [Jan.10.CR5]*

Arsenath (Healy), and Gardner F. Currier of Medway [of L. int.], May30,1838.

Edward, unm., a.21y., laborer, s.Francis and Ann, and Ann Kilkenny, unm., a.19y., d.Patrick and Rose, Aug.17,1847.

Henry (Healy), and Maria Buncher, July2,1840.

John (Healy), unm., a.21y., laborer, s.John and Ellen, and Margaret Young, unm., a.20y., operative, d.Edward and Catherine, Oct.17,1846.

John (Healley), and Margret Powers, May14,1849.CR5*

Lydia (Heally), and Samuel Converse, Feb.2,1832.

Mary Jane [Healy.int.], and Edson Chamberlain, Dec.3,1835.

Mary W., and Abiel G. Richardson, Jan.17,1849.

Michael (Healy [Hely.int.], unm., a.22y., mason, s.Malachy and Ann, and Bridget Moloney, unm., a.21y., domestic, d.Dennis and Mary, Jan.7,1845.

Ruth P., and James M. Stone, at. Boston, Mar.31,1842.


George, unm., a.21y., machinist, s.John and Mary Ann, and Abby Furbush, unm., a.18y., operative, d.Samuel and Ellen, Aug.16,1848.


Patrick, unm., a.25y., laborer, s.Cornelius and Mary, and Elizabeth McCarthy, unm., a.25y., d.Michael and Elizabeth, int.June16,1849.

HEARD (Hurd)


Ann, see Haven, Ann.

HEARN (Hern)

Abby, wid., a.47y., and Brian Donnelly, widr., 39y., laborer, Sept.5,1847.

Ann [Hern.CR6; Kern. int.], unm., a.18y., b. Ireland, d.Edward and Ann, and Terence O'Rourke, unm., a.22y., laborer, b. Ireland, s.John and Bridget, Nov.15,1849.


Albe C., and Mary B. Pillsbury, int.Aug.6,1842.

Alden, unm., of Brighton, preacher, and Ruth Heath, unm., of Boston, Jan.1,1849.*

Alfred [W. int.], and Mary G. Brown, Oct.16,1836.

Cynthia B., and Thomas Moor, int.Nov.2,1847.

Daniel K., unm., a.25y., trader, s.David and Eleanor, and Rebecca Wheeler, unm., a.26y., dressmaker, d.Jonathan and Polly, May22,1845.

Dudley, and Mary Noyes, Oct.27,1841.

Edmond [Emma.int.], and Richard R. Aldrich, June10,1832.

Eliza M., and Smith Kimball, July10,1841.

Eliza P., and Enos S. Ballard, int.Feb.22,1847.

Elizabeth S. [T. int.], and John M. Gilbert, May20,1848.

Emma, and William Edmandson, unm., July20,1848.

Ezra G., and Hannah E. Brown of New Boston, NH, int.Aug.22,1843.

George W., and Martha Davis, Dec.22,1839.

George W., unm., a.23y., carpenter, s.Moses and Ruth, and Hannah W. Bunker, unm., a.23y., operative, d.James and Lois, May28,1846.

George, widr., a.27y., farmer, s.Daniel and Judith, and Clarissa M. Richardson, unm., a.25y., operative, d.Nathaniel and Mary, Dec.26,1846.

Henry, of New York, and Catharine C. Dennison, int.June1,1845.

Hiram, and Eliza J. Hunt, int.Oct.11,1845. [Publishment stopped Oct.14 by order of E.J. Hunt.]

James A., and Hannah L. Colby, int.Mar.1,1842.

James P. [James T. int.], unm., a.21y., machinist, s.Ruth, and Harriet S. Clark, unm., a.17y., operative, d.B.B. and Susan, May13,1848.

Mariette, unm., a.24y., tailoress, d.Jacob, and William G. Lane, unm., a.23y., farmer, s.Noah and Sarah, at Dracut, May20,1846.

Mary Ann, and George Edwards, int.Dec.3,1837.

Melissa, and Leonard Clark, int.Aug.28,1841.

Melissa A., and Henry Mason, both unm., May23,1848.

Phela D., and Francis Carr, Dec.10,1829.

Robert T., unm., a.24y., spinner, s.James and Nancy, and Lydia Ann Brown, unm., a.19y., operative, d.John and Joan, Jan.16,1847.

Roswell L., of Westford, and Elizabeth T. George, int.Nov.4,1843

Ruth, unm., of Boston, and Alden Heath, unm., of Brighton, preacher, Jan.1,1849.*

Sarah, and Thomas Ball, int.Dec.22,1833.

Sarah T., and Seth E. Dodge, Dec.30,1838.

Sarah Ann, of Concord, N.H., and John A. Tilton, of Acton, Jan.9,1842.*

Sarah E.P., of Bradford, and Oliver B. Skelton, int.Nov.5,1842.

Sargent, and Rebecca How, int.Aug.30,1835.

Thomas, and Eleanor Rice, Dec.17,1840.

William H., and Margaret Nutting, int.Nov.11,1838.

William P., and Clarissa H. Mitchell of Andover, NH, int.Nov.29,1843.


Eliza, and George Follows, Oct.9,1843.CR1

John, and Maria Clines, Mar.18,1843.


Ann, and Hugh Casey, certif. Sept.10,1837.


Thomas, and Margaret Vanvronker, May8,1836.


Jerimiah, unm., of Strafford, VT, a.26y., blacksmith, s.Horace and Clarissa, and Julia A. Balcom, unm., a.18y., operative, d.Jesse, and Olive, Sept.7,1845

Lantha F. [Leantha F. int.], unm., a.22y., d.Horace and Clarissa, and Lucius R. Wright, unm., of Boston, a.26y., clerk, s.Samuel and Clara, May10,1848.

Louisa, see Hodghes, Louisa.

Mary C., and Jesse Balcom, Jan.27,1849.


George, and Harriet E. Hansell of Boston, int.July13,1834.

George, and Mary A. Eldredge of Nashua, NH, int.Apr.14,1839.


Catherine, unm., a.21y., b. Ireland, d.John and Bridget, and James Malone, unm., a.25y., laborer, b. Ireland, s.John and Mary, Nov.18,1849.

HELAND (Hyland)

HEMENWAY (Heminway, Hemmenway)

Edson H. (Hemmenway), and Elizabeth Eaton, int.June1,1847.

Francis (Heminway), and Lucinda Hamblin, Oct.6,1841.

Francis, and Elizabeth W. Capen, Jan.1,1844.

Harriet, and John Wilkins, both of Hillsborough, NH [Framingham.int.], Sept.5,1830.

Martin, widr., a.27y., manufacturer, s.Abijah and Lucinda, and Cynthia Coburn, unm., a.27y., seamstress, d.Abram and Miriam, May12,1844.

Newell G., and Thankful S. Waterman, int.May13,1847.

Susan, unm., a.30y., operative, d.Abijah and Lucinda, and William Twichell, widr., a.31y., manufacturer, s.Enos and Azubah, Dec.8,1844.


Nancy, and Stephen Hodgkin, Oct.5,1834.


Nathaniel Hurd, unm., of Boston, and Anna Dana, unm., July10,1844.


Wealthy M., of Randolph, VT, and Joseph F. Stillings, int.Dec.9,1848.


Margaret [2d.m., a.26y., b. Ireland, d.Dennis and Mary.int.], and Robert Noonan [unm., a.28y., laborer, b. Ireland, s.Patrick and Mary.int.], Nov.29,1849.CR5

HENDERSON (Handerson)

Abigail M., and Charles F. Wakefield, int.Nov.14,1831.

Shepard F. (Handerson), unm., a.22y., operative, s.Samuel and Abigail, and Sophronia Haynes, unm., a.21y., operative, d.Benjamin and Jemina, Aug.17,1845.


Hannah, and Charles Gordon, May末,1834.


Martha [unm., a.20y., housekeeper, b. Ireland, d.James and Ann. int.], and Patrick Fardy [unm., a.21y., farmer, b. Ireland.int.], July19,1849.CR3


Alice, and Matthew Kane, May7,1848.CR3

HENRY (Henery)

Catherine, and Patrick Mannan, certif. Oct.19,1834.

Eliza, unm., a.23y., operative, d.Edward and Margaret, and Joseph Byrnes [Burns.int.], unm., a.27y., mason, s.Lawrence and Mary, Oct.2,1846.

James (Henery), and Martha Whittaker, Dec.末,1834.

James R., unm., of Bradford, a.24y., clerk in store, s.Aaron and Miriam, and Fanny Lilley, Nov.28,1844.*

Mary Ann E., of Pawtucket, RI, and Horatio W. Foster, int.Sept.6,1840.

Sophia, unm., a.19y., operative, d.John and Sandana, and Hiram Higgins, a.26y., laborer. s.Samuel and Olive, Sept.18,1844.


Cynthia, see Herbert, Scynthia.

Scynthia F. [Cynthia T. int.andCR1], and Jeremiah Hearsey, Sept.13,1836.

Levi, and Betsey P.R. Herrick, int.July31,1831.

HERLIHY (Herlily)

Patrick, and Margaret Kennedy, int.Jan.1,1849. [Stopped by Patrick Herlihy Jan.6.]

Patrick (Herlily), laborer, and Ann McCarthy, both unm., Feb.6,1849.

HERMON (Heerman)

Catherine, unm., a.21y., d.H., and Harvey D. Cutting, unm., a.28y., carpenter, s.C., at. Lawrence, Nov.14,1847.

Dorcas A., and Seth E. Dodge, int.Nov.30,1844.

Lucy Ann (Heerman), and Henry M. Hardy, int.Apr.9,1842.

HERON (Aherin, Heren)

Mary (Heren) [Aherin.CR5], and Francis Riley, Feb.16,1849.

Mary G., and Michael McOsker, both of Manchester, NH, Nov.30,1849.*


Adeline, see Hirsch, Adeline.

Asa M., and Mary Ann Mansur, Oct.末,1834.

Charles P., and Caroline M. Baker, Nov.25,1841.

Dolly, and David Mansur, Oct.15,1835.

Edward B., and Clymena B. Smith, bot hof L., certif. June12,1836.

Elisha, of Morristown, VT, and Bethia Libby of Chelmsford, at Chelmsford, Jan.20,1842.*

Eliza Ann, and Oscar G. Ingalls of Boxford, June14,1841.

Betsey P.R., and Levi Herbert, int.July31,1831.

Mary B., and David W. Waterman, Oct.22,1837.

Nancy D., of Wilton, NH, and Silas B. Winn, int.Sept.19,1841.

Sabra, and Samuel Woodbury Bridges, both of Wilton, NH, Feb.5,1837.CR1*

Sophia, and Henry Weston of Dunstable, NH, May22,1836 or 1837.

HERSEY (Hearsey)

Amos J. (Hearsey), and Sarah O. Dickey, Dec.2,1832.

Amos J., and Susan Combs, June13,1841.

Henry (Hearsey), and Martha Atherton of Harvard, int.Apr.8,1832.

Jeremiah (Hearsey), and Scynthia F. [Cynthia T. int.andCR1] Herbert, Sept.13,1836.

Stephen, and Caroline M. Thompson, Dec.19,1848.

HESLIN (Hislan)

Bridget, unm., a 26y., d.Hugh and Ann, and George Austin, widr., a.28y., laborer, s.George and Mary, Nov.24,1846.

Peter [Hislan. int.], and Mary Carson, Oct.26,1839.CR5

HEWIT (Hewett)

Richard L. [Hewett. int.], and Sarah E. George, Jan.24,1833.


Mary, and Jeffry Cole, both of Boston, at Boston, Jan.30,1848.CR1*

HICKEY (Hicky)

James, unm., a.26y., laborer, s.John and Ann, and Barbara Kelley, unm., a.22y., d.James and Mary, Feb.11,1849. [Jan.29.CR3]

Julia [of L. int.], and Michael Ryan [of Worcester. int.], Aug.7,1838.CR5

Martin (Hicky), unm., a.27y., laborer, s.Patrick and Mary, and Catharine Gillian, unm., a.40y., operative, d.Jeremiah and Mary, Aug.4,1845.

Mary, and William Welch, abt. Feb.3,1842.CR5

Mary, unm., a.18y., operative, d.John and Margaret, and David [Daniel. int.] Dillon unm., a.26y., laborer, s.William and Honora, Nov.30,1846.

Patrick, and Fanny Rinust, Feb.5,1837.CR5

HICKSON (Hexon, Hixon)

Catherine, and Maurice Neligan, Apr.28,1840.CR5

Catherine, wid., a.21y., operative, d.Robert and Mary, and Daniel Shea, unm., a.24y., laborer, s.William and Mary, Apr.21,1847.

Elius (Hexon) [Hixon. int.], and Clarissa Lowd [Loud.int.], Dec.15,1835.

Elizabeth Hixon, unm., a.20y., d.Jacob and Roxana, and Elbridge Pierce, unm., a.21y., machinist, s.David and Mary, Oct.5,1847.

Henry, unm., s.John and Mary, and Mary Cunahan [Counahan. int.], unm., d.John and Catherine, July22,1848. [July12.CR5]

Mary (Hixon) [Hickson. int.andCR1], and Patrick McCarthy, July24,1847.


Harriet, unm., a.18y., operative, d.James, and Jeremiah Danzel, unm., of Amesbury, a.21y., baker, s.Timothy and Sarah, Apr.2,1849.

HIGGINS (Huggins)

Freeman [Huggins, of Saco, ME int.], and Dorcas Ann Stevens [Stearns.int.], Sept.15,1832.

Hiram, and Harriet Tibbetts, int.May21,1842. [Withdrawn June1 by Hiram Higgins with the consent, as he says, of Harriet Tibbetts.]

Hiram, and Thankful Elizabeth Bessey, int.Feb.29,1844. [Forbidden by T.E. Bessey, Mar.1.]

Hiram, a.26y., laborer, s.Samuel and Olive, and Sophia Henry, unm., a.19y., operative, d.John and Sandana, Sept.18,1844.

Julia, unm., and Charles Chappelle, unm., Mar.16,1849.

Mary, and John Monaghan, int.May23,1848. [Stopped by J. Monaghan May24.]

Olive, and Joseph Fowler, July15,1841.

Olive, and Alexander Wyman, int.July9,1842.


Climena, unm., a.20y., operative, d.Winthrop and Matilda, and William L. Ainsworth, unm., a.24y., manufacturer, s.L. and Fanny, May28,1848.


William H., of [East. int] Randoph, and Charlotte Shaw, May25,1842.

HILDRETH (Hildrith)

Asa, of Hopkinton, and Parasina Read,末蔓末,1830. [Mar.22,1830. int.]

Benjamin F., of Sandisfield, and Sarah M. Whitcomb of Warren, VT, Apr.24,1848.

Benjamin W., unm., [of Manchester. int.], a.35y., cabinet maker, s.Nathaniel and Ruth, and Almira Tallman, a.22y., d.Jared and Sarah, Nov.15,1848.

Caroline, and [Capt. int.] Henry Jones Baxter, Nov.9,1829.

Dexter, and Hannah Dore, int.Sept.30,1838.

Dexter, widr., a.38y., grocer, s.Elijah and Jane, and Nancy Ann Dore, unm., a.16y., operative, d.James and Abigail, Apr.28,1844.

Edward W., of Charlestown, and Harriet A. Florida, int.Feb.16,1848.

Betsey A[nn. int.], and Thomas Day, June19,1838.

Elvira, and Hartwell Ross, Apr.1,1838.

Ephraim, and Nancy Ayer, Jan.23,1837.

A.B.F., and Olive Fuller of North Paris, ME, Feb.6,1842.*

Fisher A., and Lauretta Coburn of Dracut, int.Sept.26,1846.

Francis Maria, of Dracut, and George Somes, int.Aug.13,1831.

Greenough, and Mrs.Sophiah Hollis, int.Aug.23,1832.

Hannah H., and Asa C. Kingsbury, int.Apr.29,1838. [May13. dup.]

Harriet, of Dracut, and Jonathan Hill, June28,1829.

Harriet, and Israel Litchfield, int.Sept.9,1832.

Harriet, of Westford, and Jameson Hardy, July4,1841.

Horace, of Westford, and Evelina Read, int.Oct.24,1830.

Isaac C., and Mary Ann Brown of Canterbury, NH, int.Nov.5,1842.

James, and Martha Howe of Dorchester, int.May24,1826.

Jane E., and Abram R. Libby of Pembroke, NH, int.July17,1837.

Jarius C., of Holliston, and Ruth Emerline [R. Emeline. dup.] Watson, Nov.19,1838.

John D., of Manchester, and Lydia A. Wheeler, int.Sept.21,1847.

Julia, and Timothy Dort of Gilsum, NH, Mar.10,1836.

Julia A., and John E. Ames, int.Dec.12,1848.

Lemuel, see Hildreth, Samuel

Lucy, and Robert Worden, Jan.31,1836.

Martha, and William W. Culvert, int.Aug.23,1830.

Mary A. (Hildrith), and Warren Streeter, Nov.28,1839.

Mehitable B., of Westford, and Foster Woodward of Lyndborough, NH, May29,1839.*

Nancy, of Westford, and Jacob Upham, int.Oct.6,1833.

Otis, and Dorcas Kent [Oct.30 int.], 1828.

Samuel, of Dracut, and Rowena E. Wood, int.Mar.5,1849.

Samuel [Lemuel. dup.], 2d m., of Acton, farmer, and Abigail Skinner, unm., May2,1849.

Sarah C., and Josiah F. Perry, both of Chelmsford, Feb.8,1836.*

Sarah J., unm., of Dracut, a.26y., gentlewoman, d.Israel and Dolly, and Benjamin F. Butler, unm., a.26y., attorney at Law, s.Charlotte, wid., May16,1844.

William, and Lucinda H. Crockett, Dec.1,1839.

Zoa, and Liberty C. Wright, int.Nov.29,1843.

HILDRUP (Hilldroup, Hilldrup)

Caroline P., of Nashua, and Brooks Truell, int.Nov.6,1847.

Mary (Hilldrup), of Newburyport, and Charles E. Whitehouse, int.Mar.12,1846.

Sarah Maria (Hilldroup), unm., a.24y., d.James and Harriet, and Benjamin Elliott, unm., a.25y., carpenter, s.John and Mary, June24,1848.*

HILL (Hills)

Alice, Mrs., and John Cilley of Waterford, ME, int.Sept.10,1843.

Elmira, unm., a.25y., d.Cyrus and Lovina, and Benjamin Franklin Snow, unm., of Stoneham, a.29y., shoemaker, b. North Lincoln, ME, s.Joseph and Rebecca, int.Oct.27,1849.

Ann, and William D. Knights, int.Feb.16,1840.

Ann, a.21y., d.John and Elisabeth, and James McKiniff [McKenneth.int.], unm., [of Andover. int.], a.24y., laborer, s.James and Ann, Feb.9,1848.

Arvilla, and Harrison H. Fuller, Mar.3,1839.

Asa, unm., a.23y., mason, s.Asa and Susan, and Dorothy G. Baldwin, unm., a.22y., tailoress, do William H. and Hannah, Nov.15,1846.

Benjamin B. (Hills), and Rebecca H. Bailey, Nov.22,1827.

Benjamin C., and Synthia [Cynthia.int.] H. Collier, Apr.1,1842.

Bridget C., unm., a.21y., b. Ireland, s.Lawrence and Margaret, and Patrick Dempsey, unm., a.27y., grocer, b. Ireland, s.Christopher and Catherine, Oct.25,1849.

Calvin B., unm., a.26y., stone cutter, s.James B. and Betsey, and Angeline L. Ladd.unm., a.30y., d.Isaac and Huldah, Aug.6,1849.

Charles, of Woburn, and Cordelia B. Emerson, int.Dec.22,1845.

Clara A., of Portsmouth, NH, and Samuel Ingalls, int.Dec.10,1842.

Daniel, and Ellen O'Donnell, Oct.15,1847.*

David, and Mary G. Bailey of Hopkinton, int.May16,1831.

David, and Elizabeth Goen of New Ipswich, NH, int.Nov.3,1839.

David W., of Francestown, NH, and Mary L. Shed, Oct.27,1842.

David W., 2d m., a.31y., moulder, b. Biddeford, ME, s.Jeremiah and Abigail, and Sarah A. Haines, unm., a.24y.[operative. int.], b. Wolfborough, NH, d.John, Sept.19,1849.

Dorcas, and William Marshall, int.Dec.8,1828.

Edwin A., unm., of Boston, a.30y., carpenter, s.Abraham and Drusilla, and Sarah A. Rollins, unm., a.25y., operative, d.Joseph and Rachel, Aug.18,1846.

Eleanor B., unm., a.18y., operative, d.Peter and Sarah, and Charles F. Eastman, unm., a.25y., watchman, s.Ezekiel and Abigail, July18,1847.

Eliza J., and John L. Hadley, int.Jan.16,1847.

Elizabeth A., and James M. Dexter, Aug.12,1832.

Emely [Elmira.int.], and James R. Stearns, Oct.14,1834.

Emeline, and Calvin Webb, Nov.11,1838.

Epapheas A., unm., a.27y., teamster, b. Middlesex Village, s.John and Rachel, and Benette [Zenetta.int.] G. Huntoon, unm., a.19y., d.David and Sally, July30,1848.

Eunice A., of Keene, NH, and Joseph A. Brabrook int.Sept.2,1833.

Frances, and Daniel Judkins, July15,1838. [1839. dup.]

George W. (Hills), and Ether [Esther. int.] Farnsworth, Mar.14,1833.

George A., unm., a.23y., operative, s.Benjamin and Hannah, and Joannah F. Caverly, unm., a.21y., operative, d.Samuel and Abigail, Feb.28,1846.

George W. (Hills), widr., of Hudson, NH, farmer, and Mary W. Hodgdon, unm., Aug.16,1848.

Grenville, and Eliza B. Gove, Dec.末,1834.

Hannah M., and William P. Simonds of Malden, Feb.4,1840.

Hannah W., and George N. Trowbridge of Westford, int.Sept.16,1843.

Harriet J., unm., a.25y., d.Daniel T., and Sally Colcord, and Robert B. Dame, unm., a.26y., mason, s.John and Mary, June23,1844.

James C., and Cyrene B. Howard, Nov.24,1833.

James C., and Betsey R. [H. int.]Merriam, Dec.3,1835.

Job, and Harriet L. Parker of Pepperell, int.Jan.17,1836.

John, and Mary Connoly, int.Aug.17,1834.

John, and Hannah Abbott, Dec.29,1839.

John G., and Polly W. Mitchell, int.Mar.28,1841.

John [jr. int.], and Eliza McGanne, Aug.15,1843.

Jonathan, and Harriet Hildreth of Dracut, June28,1829.

Joseph H., of Northwood, NH, and Lucy Ann Small, int.May3,1845.

Joseph E., unm., a.28y., operative, s.Joseph and Lucy, and Elizabeth Underhill, unm., a.22y., tailoress, d.Stephen and Sarah A., May7,1845.

Josiah, of Billerica, and Mary French, Dec.5,1839.

Josiah, and Mary Carter, Sept.16,1841.*

Loruhama, and Stephen R. Calvin of Honeoye Falls, NY, Aug.19,1839.

Martha [Hills.int.], and John Mixer, Oct.9,1828.

Mary, and Joshua Decatar, int.May12,1833.

Mary, and Joseph Lamay, Dec.13,1840.*

Mary Ann M., and George F. Corey, int.Apr.2,1842.

Mary A., and John Trowbridge, int.Sept.26,1846.

Mary Ann, unm., a.22y., d.Lawrence and Marg[are]t, and Michael McCarthy [2d.int.], unm., a.28y., s.Charles and Cath][erin]e, May18,1847.

Mary E., unm., a.22y., operative, d.Edmond and Betsey, and Charles Jackson, unm., of Bedford, a.22y., farmer, s.Joshua and Deborah, Aug.6,1848.

Mary H., and James G. Morrison, Sept.7,1848.

Miriam, of Dracut, and Joseph Niles, int.Aug.13,1847.

Nathaniel, and Abigail J. Woodbridge, int.May31,1829.

Orin T., widr., a.22y., machinist, s.Nathaniel and Mary, and Hannah H. Mathews, unm., a.24y., operative, d.Samuel and Hannah, Jan.2,1848.

Parsons C., of Lynn, and Caroline W. Fuller, Oct.4,1843.

Paul, and Belinda P. Hadley of Chelmsford, int.Aug.31,1845.

Rosina F., unm., a.23y., d.Benjamin and Sarah, and Moses Chase, unm., a.25y., carpenter, s.Abner and Hannah, Nov.15,1846.

Roswell, and Nancy Kent, Dec.25,1836.

Russell (Hills), and Cynthia Stratton, int.Apr.4,1831.

Samuel W., and Emelina A. Olds, both unm., Mar.15,1849.

Sarah, and Dennie Lawrell [Laurel. int.], Feb.18,1834.

Sarah G., of Loudon, NH, and Jeremiah Whittier, int.Mar.26,1842.

Sarah T., unm., a.22y., dressmaker, d.Abram and Mary, and William P. Merrill, unm., a.25y., carpenter, s.William and Susan, Jan.17,1847.

Sarah C., unm., and Aaron Scadding, widr., May6,1847.

Sarah F., unm., a.23y., d.Samuel and Sarah, and Charles F. Stiles, unm., of Pelham, NH, a.26y., farmer, s.Charles and Lucinda, June11,1849.

William [Gibby.int.], and Margaret McAnulty, Oct.25,1844. [1843.CR1 and int.]


Sarah G., unm., a.17y., and Edward K. Wiley, unm., a.19y., moulder, Mar.1,1849.


Ann, and Silas Burnham, Aug.7,1842.

Ephraim M., unm., a.22y., druggist, s.Theophilus and Catharine P., and Ellen P. Winslow, unm., a.18y., d.Edward and Lois, Jan.7,1847.

Francis, Esq., and Catherine D. Haven of Dedham, int.July10,1831.

William, jr., Esq., and Elizabeth T. Newhall of Boston, int.June24,1833.


Elizabeth, and John Dummon [Drummond.int.], Oct.20,1833.

William F., unm., a.26y., manufacturer, s.Richard and Sarah, and Abigail F. Cox, unm., a.25y., operative, d.William, Oct.19,1844. \


Alice [Ann. int.], unm., a.20y., operative, d.John and Ann, and Patrick Regan [Ragan. int.], unm., a.26y., operative, s.Michael and Catherine, Nov.6,1847.

Catherine, unm., a.28y., d.John and Judy, and Patrick Hagerty, unm., a.30y., laborer, s.John and Mary, Oct.11,1848.

Charles F., unm., a 22y., carpenter, s.Bagley and Ruth, and Mary Ann Roberts, unm., a.18y., operative, s.Dean and Betsey, June27,1846.

Ruth Ann, unm., a.18y., dressmaker, d.Bagley, and Ruth, and Nathaniel N. Lathe, unm., a.23y., operative, s.Dean and Betsey June27,1846.

Thomas [of L. int.], and Emeline Thompson [of Boston. int.], June20,1834.


Charles E., and Sarah S. Comerford of Newburyport, int.Nov.4,1847.

Jane, unm., operative, d.Ebenezer and Betsey, and John H. Searl, widr., s.John and Nancy, at Dracut, Dec.6,1845.


Eliza Jane, unm., a.19y., operative, s.John and Sarah, and Clement B. Kimball, unm., a.20y., engineer, s.Thomas and Rebecca, Jan.4,1848.


Adeline [Herrick. int.], and George W. Stanley, Feb.7,1836.

Elizabeth, and Gilbert C. Carr, Nov.25,1841.

Irene, and David Truel [Truell. int.], Apr.22,1839. [1838. dup.]

William E., of Chelmsford, And Frances Ann Willard, int.June24,1833.


Alexander, of Hingham, minister, and Chastina Sanderson, May9,1843.


Daniel, and Susan Jefferson, Sept.3,1841.

Dennis K., see Kaho, Dennis.

Lorenzo A., unm., a 22y., operative, s.Wells and Polly, and Martha A. Pool, unm., a.25y., operative, d.Asiel and Lucy, June7,1846.

Orpha G., and Charles J. [L. int.] Holmes, [at Boston. dup.], May31,1840.

Sarah, and George Parks, Sept.17,1837.


Henry B., of Manchester, NH, and Drusilla S. Whittier, June27,1848.


Bridget, and James Trainer, int.Feb.1,1835.

Jonathan, and Marcia Story, int.Sept.20,1835.

Jonathan, and Mary E. Parker, June3,1841.

Martha M. [Hovey.int.], unm., a.20y., shoe binder, d.James and Mary, and Charles B. Abbott, unm., a.29y., farmer, s.Benjamin and Polly, Aug.4,1846.

Nathan, and Nancy Stevens, int.Oct.13,1833.

Uriah [J. int.], and Mary F. Bancroft, Jan.4,1833.

HOAR (Hoear)

Achsah, and Adoniram Woodward, May27,1834.

Anna H. (Hoear), and John Meloy, May1,1836.CR5

Michael, unm., a.25y., trader, s.William and Bridget, and Catharine Ford, unm., a.19y., operative, d.Timothy and Abigail, Aug.27,1846.


John, 2d m., a.29y., operative, b. Ireland, s.Edward and Elizabeth, and Bridget Leonard, unm., a.24y., b. Ireland, d.Cyril and Bridget, int.Aug.31,1849.


Ann Maria, and Joseph S. Foye of Portsmouth, NH, int.Sept.30,1838. [Oct.14. dup.]

Sophia M., a.19y., and John C. Baker, music teacher, a.21y., at Billerica, Aug.26,1844.


Alvina, see Hobbs, Elvira.

Caroline, unm., a.21y., dressmaker, d.Daniel F. and Mary, and Almond S. Foss, unm., a.22y., machinist, s.Wallis D. and Mary, Dec.4,1846.

Eben R., unm., a.24y., and Catharine B. Ward, unm., a.25y., Dec.25,1845 or 1846.

Elizabeth L., and William G. Cook, July17,1842.

Elvira [Alvina.int.], unm., a.24y., tailoress, d.Daniel F. and Betsey, and Richard Libby, unm., a.24y., machinist, s.James and Sarah, Jan.2,1848.

Francis, Ens., and Rebecca Worcester of Tewksbury, int.Nov.20,1826.

Lucinda, unm., a.19y., d.Stephen and Lydia, and James Berry, unm., a.22y., laborer, s.Benjamin and Abigail, July8,1849.

Lydia, unm., a.20y., dressmaker, d.Stephen, and Lydia, and William W. Bates, unm., of Waterville, ME, a.24y., carriagemaker, s.Elijah and Sarah, Sept.24,1848.

Nathan, of Pelham, NH, and Clarissa Fox, int.June6,1846.

Reuben, and Caroline Sweetser, Jan.15,1843.

Reuben, and Betsey G. Saltmarsh of Hookset, NH, int.Apr.20,1849.

Samuel C., unm., of Methuen, a.30y., yeoman, s.Daniel F. and Betsy, and Sarah P. Hovey, wid., of Methuen, a.34y., d.Seth and Betsy Johnson, Apr.28,1847.*

Sarah M., of Waltham, and William G. Baker, int.Feb.3,1848.

Susan, and John T. [F. int.] White, June8,1834.

William F., unm., a.25y., machinist, s.David and Lydia, and Betsey Lang, unm., a.27y., d.William and Betsey, Oct.15,1848.

HOBSON (Hopson)

Henry, and Sarah Waymouth, May14,1838.

Mary, and David Kelley [Kaley.int.], July20,1842.

Sarah (Hopson), and Charles Muhlig, Aug.9,1847.

HODGDON (Hodgedon, Hodsdon)

Belinda, and Gardner Gove, both of Dracut, at Dracut, Oct.19,1842.*

Catharine A., unm., and John E. Kennedy, widr., Nov.6,1847.

Charles B., of Woburn, and Sylvia M. Cummings, int.Sept.27,1845.

Elizabeth [Hodgedon. dup.], and Abial [Mial. int.] Parker of Charlestown, Sept.16,1838.

Hannah W., and Abram Spalding, int.Feb.14,1846.

Hannah T., unm., a.17y., operative, d.Thomas and Sarah, and Abiel H. Chase, unm., a.24y., operative, s.Francis and Mary, Jan.1,1848.

James M., of Groton, and Hannah S. Webster, Oct.9,1842.

John (Hodsdon), and Livona Blanchard, int.Sept.25,1831.

John D., widr., boxmaker, and Fanny N. George, unm., of Walden, VT, Nov.18,1847.

John M., unm., of Lawrence, a.25y., stablekeeper, s.David and Abigail, and Ann Foster, unm., of Methuen, a.28y., d.William and Jane, Nov.18,1847.*

Joseph M., and Catherine A. Smith of Carthage, ME, int.Apr.13,1849.

Mary Ann, and Bradford W. Stetson, Nov.29,1841.

Mary W., unm., and George W. Hills, widr., of Hudson, NH, farmer, Aug.16,1848.

Moulton, unm., a.24y., operative, s.Samuel, and Julia A. Emery, unm., a.23y., operative, d.Joshua, May26,1846.

Peace G., and Levi Gilman, jr., int.Sept.2,1838. [Sept.16 dup.]

Sarah L. [S. int.], and Wingate Bradbury, Esq., of Athens, ME, Oct.26,1837.


Joseph [A. int.], and Susan B. Clark, Dec.15,1830.

Mary A., and Lorenzo Stearns of Harvard, Mar.28,1839.

Thomas S., unm., of Roxbury, a.26y., printer, s.John and Rhoda, and Mary A. McLane, unm., a.22y., d.John, Dec.9,1847.

William, and Dorcas N. Eaton, Dec.14,1846.

William, unm., a.22y., laborer, s.Joseph and Mary Ann, and Bridget Teaven, unm., a.21y., d.Owen and Ann, Feb.20,1849.


Louise, of Walpole, and George Wellman, certif. Nov.30,1834.

HODGKIN (Hodgkins)

Ann, and Stephen J. Palmer, int.July31,1847.

Julia (Hodgkins), unm, a.25y., b. Lewiston, ME, d.Jonathan and Sally, and Artemas B. Bartlett, unm., a.23y., carpenter, b. Bethel, ME, s.Ebenezer and Lois, Dec.25,1849.

Stephen, and Nancy Hemprill, Oct.5,1834.


Abigail E., and Parker D. Jane, int.Apr.13,1829.

Benjamin, and Betsey Ann Coburn, Nov.27,1839.

Edward, and Johanna Murray, Oct.24,1836.CR5

Eleanor, and Lewis Lovering, July26,1843.

Emeline, of Mason, NH, and Charles Smith, int.Mar.1,1840.

Esther Maria, and Ephraim Tibbetts jr., Feb.13,1842.

George, and Abigail Blood, May19,1831.

Harriet J., and Jonas Stratton, Nov.3,1839.

Isaac, and Clarissa W. Leonard, June5,1842.

Julia A [nn. int.], and Eli Wentworth, Aug.12,1834.

Louisa A., and Thomas Vinell, jr., both of Dracut, Apr.29,1839.*

Lucy, unm., of Carlisle, bleacher, d.Josiah and Lucy, and Joseph Lewis, jr., widr., a.27y., bleacher, s.Joseph and Joanna, Nov.6,1844.

Lydia, and Samuel Miles, int.Oct.1,1827.

Mary Ann, and Charles George, int.July12,1848.

Nancy, Mrs., and William Kimball, int.Apr.12,1845.

Sarah, and Benjamin F. [L. certif.] Chase, Aug.28,1834.

Solomon, and Sarah A. Dickey, int.Jan.3,1836.

Thomas C., and Martha N. Felt, May30,1841.

Urania N., unm., a.20y., operative, d.Stillman and Dorothy, and Stephen D. Gordon, unm., of Manchester [NH int.], a 27y., operative, s.Henry and Sarah P., Nov.16,1845.


Edward, and Johanna Murray, Oct.24,1836.CR5

Joseph, unm., a.23y., laborer, b. Ireland, s.John and Julia, and Johanna Neligan, unm., a.18y., b. Ireland, d.John and Margaret, Nov.3,1849.

Julia Leonora, of Boston [of L. int.], and James Stuart Macorey of New York, May31,1840.CR5

Margaret, unm., a.20y., b. Ireland, d.Thomas and Elizebeth, and Edward Rice [Price.CR5], unm., of Boston, a.22y., mason, b. Ireland, s.John and Ellen, Sept.10,1849.

Maria, unm., of Boston, a.22y., operative, d.Michael and Margaret, and William Coghran [Cochran. int.], unm., a.27y., laborer, s.John and Ellen, May6,1847.

Patrick, unm., a.29y., laborer, s.Patrick and Ellen, and Julia Doley [Judy Daley.int.], unm., a.19y., d.David and Margaret, Jan.9,1849.

William, unm., of Lawrence, a.26y., laborer, b. Ireland, s.James and H., and Elizabeth (Mahoney) Whalin, 2d m., a 26y., b. Ireland, d.Jeremiah and Elizabeth, Sept.18,1849.

HOLBROOK (Holbrooke)

Albert M., and Lucy A. Laton of Nashville, NH, int.Apr.8,1843.

Julia, and John C. Coburn, July10,1836.

Martha P., unm., a.28y., b. Sherburne, d.Walter, and H.H. Norcross, unm., of North Bangor, ME, a.30y., postmaster, b. Charleston, ME, s.James, Nov.2,1849.

Mary Ann, and Jonathan Bascom, jr. of Boston, Feb.2,1842.

Mary A., unm, a.26y., d.Adin and Mary, and Onslow Stearns, unm., of Nashville, NH, a.34y., railroad agent, s.John and Mary, June26,1845.

Mary G., unm., a.22y., d.Walter and Eunice, and Henry N. Nelson, unm., a.22y., carpenter, s.Nathaniel and Lydia, Nov.5,1846.

Moses (Holbrooke), and Dorcas A. Spoffard of Buxton, ME, int.Apr.27,1844.

Sarah B. [R. certif.], and Ezra Mowe, May14,1837.


Aaron, unm., a.25y., baker, s.Aaron and Rebecca, and Julia Ann Morse, unm., a.24y., domestic, d.Jacob and Lydia, Sept.8,1844.

Amasa, and Celia Foster, both of Billerica, Jan.26,1841.*

Ann Pamelia, and Richard P. Mercer, int.Nov.28,1831.

Artemus, and Jerusha Brown, Apr.11,1809.*

Artemas, and Ann Bowers, Oct.16,1823.*

Benjamin F., and Almeda Emerson, Dec.31,1846.

Daniel, of Dracut, and Roxana Haynes of Sudbury, Jan.10,1844.*

Elizabeth, and Andrew Kelly, Aug.2,1843.

Horatio, and Roxana Courser, int.Apr.5,1829.

Isaac, and Loiza Wellington of Reading, int.Dec.23,1827.

James, unm., a.20y., operative, b. Ireland, s.James and Bridget, and Bridget Riley, unm., a.20y., b. Ireland, d.Thomas and Rose, Dec.25,1849.

Margaret, unm., a.18y., d.Thomas and Mary, and Francis Scales, unm., a.21y., moulder, s.Sidney and Arethusa, July27,1846.

Mary, and James Lawson, Dec.25,1839.

Richard, and Ruth Currier, Dec. [27.CR1], 1826.

Rozalinda, and Zalmon L. Smith, int.Aug.26,1832.

Roxann, and Asa Judkins, int.Nov.29,1842.

Sarah Jane, unm., a.21y., teacher, d.Artemas and Ann, and George W. Shattuck, unm., a.24y., teacher, s.Abel and Mary, July1,1846.


Mary P., and Ira Clough of Dracut,末蔓末,1836. [May1. int.]

HOLLAND (Hallant)

Anne, unm., operative, and James Fahey, unm., operative, [both of Thetford, VT int.], Sept.23,1848.

Dennis, and Elisabeth Jeffers, Sept.21,1841.CR5

John W., and Arville Nickless, 1829 or 1830. [Dec.1,1829. int.]

Mary, unm., a.24y., operative, d.Jeremiah and Margaret, and James Collins, unm., a.28y., laborer, s.Andrew and Mary, Jan.7,1847.

Mary, and John Leary, int.July19,1848.

Michael [Harland.int.], unm., a.28y., laborer, s.Jeremiah and Catherine, and Mary Kelley, unm., a.26y., servant, d.Timothy and Margaret, Jan.11,1845.

Michael [Hallant. int.], unm., a.28y., sailor, s.Jeremiah and Catharine, and Mary Kelly, unm., a.18y., operative, d.Daniel and Ellen, Oct.4,1845.

Nancy, and John Driscoll, Aug.24,1843.

Sarah, unm., a.25y., servant, d.Jeremiah and Catharine, and Maurice Cummins, unm., a.22y., laborer, s.Jeremiah and Catharine, June15,1844.

Sarah, unm., and Michael Sullivan, unm., both operatives, Feb.22,1849.

HOLLEY (Holey)

Barbara (Holey), unm., a.18y., d.Dennis and Johanna, and John McGlaughlin, unm., of Haverhill, a.23y., operative, s.John and Mary, Jan.14,1848.*

John, and Margaret Sullivan, int.Apr.9,1846.


Daniel, unm., of Dracut, a.30y., paper maker, s.Daniel and Phebe A., and Harriet Warren, unm., a.18y., d.Isaac and Betsey, Oct.17,1847.*


Amos F., unm., of Boston, a.29y., painter, s.Jeptha and Minerva, and Martha Paine, unm., a.18y., housekeeper, d.Elijah and Cynthia, May12,1847.

Sophiah, Mrs., and Greenough Hildreth, int.Aug.23,1832.

Thomas B., and Abigail C. Ring, Nov.26,1837.


Zebia A., and Merrill Whitney, Apr.16,1843.*


Adaline, and Joseph Moore of Lancaster, int.Dec.25,1843.


Lewis, unm., a.25y., spinner, s.Benjamin, and Amanda M. Hackett, unm., a.20y., dressmaker, d.Rufus, Dec.28,1847.

Melintha C., and Nathaniel Smith, Mar.31,1838. [1839. dup.]

HOLMES (Home, Homes)

Abram [Alvan. int.] E., unm., a.21y., carpenter, s.Ellis and Catharine, and Emily G. Stevens, unm., a.24y., d.Jonathan and Sarah, Sept.27,1847.

Almon W., of Francestown, NH and Ann Maria McCurdy, int.Sept.9,1838.

Alvan, see Holmes, Abram.

Amanda, of Hopkinton, NH, and John Wilson, int.Oct.5,1846.

Ann Maria, and Charles Mead [Meads.int.], July6,1836.

Anne E., wid., a.34y., dressmaker, d.Jeremiah and Sarah Kennison, and Andrew McTear, unm., a.32y., carpet weaver, s.Andrew and Maria, July12,1844.

Barney, and Jane Cooper, both of Westford, Oct.13,1842.*

Caroline, and Ira H. Williams, Apr.5,1840.

Charles J. [L. int.], and orpha G. Hitchcock, [at Boston. dup.], May31,1840.

Daniel G., and Huldah B. Currier, certif. May22,1836.

Elijah, and Hannah Abbott, int.Aug.11,1833.

Elizabeth (Homes), and William M. Corey, July11,1833.

Elvira, unm., a.25y., d.James and Olive, and Stephen B. Leavitt, unm., a.24y., blacksmith, s.William B. and Lucy, May19,1849.

George, and Ann Bannister [Kenister. int.], Dec.15,1833.

Harrison (Homes), and Mary Ann Saunderson, int.Sept.25,1827.

Irene, and Joseph W. Durgin, May13,1841.

Louisa C., and Elisha Sanborn, int.Sept.10,1846.

Maria W., unm., a.23y., and Stephen A. Merrill, unm., a.23y., Dec.28,1844.

Mary H., and Emery Mansfield, Sept.18,1841.

Mary J., and Joseph Cater, Oct.24,1841.

Mary W. (Home), see Woolstenholme, Mary W.

Mary J[ane. int.], and William E. Plaisted, both of unm., May21,1848.

Oliver A., of Windham, NH, and Rebecca Carter, July21,1842.

Patrick, laborer, b. Ireland, and Mary Golden, b. Ireland, July20,1849. [July4.CR6]*

Seth L., and Louisa Fairbank, Jan.12,1836.

Stilman D. [Stillman B. Homes.int.], unm., a.29y., painter, s.John and Betsey, and Betsey Clark, unm., a.23y., operative, d.Polly, Aug.16,1846.

Susan S., unm., a.22y., operative, d.Tristram and Catherine, and Nathaniel F. Tukey, unm., a.21y., shoemaker, s.John and Deborah, at Dracut, Jan.31,1847.


Abigail, of Temple, NH, and John Putnam, certif. June29,1834.

Abigail, and Benjamin J. Merrill, Mar.22,1842.

Adam C., and Hannah R. Emery, int.Nov.1,1835.

Alfred E., and Clarissa W. Rodgers, May5,1839.

Benjamin L., of Woodstock, VT, and Catharine H. Mower, Mar.13,1839.

Charles, and Harriet Oldham, Oct.17,1837.

Daniel, and Sarah A. Sanborn [Sandburn. int.], Aug.29,1836.

Ebenezer L., and Mehitable L. Swain, int.Aug.25,1833.

Edmund [of Dracut. int.], and Hemitable Roby, Dec.25,1837.

Edward, and Ann Ross, certif. Sept.21,1834.

Betsey M., and Elbridge G. Bemis of Dracut, Jan.8,1843.

George, and Hannah M. Brigham, at Boston, Oct.26,1841.

George E., of Andover, and Susanna Mason, Mar.27,1843.

Gilman W., of Concord, NH, and Mary Jones, int.Aug.23,1840.

Henry B., of West Royalston, and Martha S. Wood of Leominster, Dec.22,1841.*

Henry, jr., unm., a.29y., teamster, s.Henry and Pamelia, and Ann R. Kendall, unm., a.21y., operative, d.Thomas M., and Rebecca, Oct.22,1846.

Herman, unm., a.21y., painter, s.Herman and Nancy, and Maria M. Philbrook, unm., a.20y., d.Greenleaf and Mary, Feb.7,1846.

Hermon, unm., a.22y., painter, s.Hermon and Mary, and Eunice M. Goss, unm., a.17y., d.George and Sarah, July4,1847.

James, widr., a.45y., laborer, s.James and Mary, and Sarah Carpenter, wid., a.45y., laborer, d.Edmund and Elizabeth Long, Dec.10,1848.

Joseph S., and Caroline Cushing, Oct.5,1834.

Laura A., and Martin Cushing, Jan.1,1840.

Lucinda, of Allenstown, and Warren Flint, int.May29,1828.

Luther, and Harriet J. Kelley, Mar.4,1845.

Mariam S., and George H. French, int.Jan.14,1847.

Mary C., of Lyndeborough, and Luke A. Lucas, int.Nov.12,1837.

Mary H., and Samuel P. Rich of Providence, RI, int.Aug.1,1842.

Mary Anne, unm., a.26y., s.Benjamin and Betsey, and William Allen, unm., a.21y., machinist, s.John P. and Sarah, Dec.24,1845.

Mary, wid., a.25y., d.William and Mary, and William Morrison, unm., a.27y., laborer, s.James and Mary, Jan.6,1848.*

Nehemiah and [Mrs.int.] Locadia Vance, Feb.16,1840.

Rebecca J., and James Law, July14,1842.

Reuben L., of Boston, and Sarah D. Farnum, June15,1842.*

Sarah E., and George H. Hoyt, Mar.30,1840.

Sophia F., and Daniel Wheeler, Aug.24,1838. [1839. dup.]

Sophronia, and William H. Smith, both of Methuen, May30,1837.*

Sumner, and Climena Ricker, int.Jan.8,1849.

HOLTON (Holten)

Francis, and Mary Curry, int.Oct.27,1847.

Frederick (Holten), unm., a.28y., merchant, s.Luther and Betsey, and Clara A. Bowers, unm., a.17y., d.James and Hannah, May21,1844.


Abigail, see Horner, Abigail.

Mary W. (Home), see Woolstenholme, May W.


Calvin, and Laura A. Gaffield, Dec.7,1843.

Elizabeth [B. int.], and Marston Severance [Severence. int.], Nov.5,1840.

Mary White, unm., a.25y., operative, d.Pemberton and Hannah, and Frederick E. Parker, unm., of Bradford, a.27y., cordwainer, s.Nathaniel and Abigail, Nov.20,1844.

William H., and Martha Ann Brown, int.Jan.22,1832.


Abraham K., and Adeline M. Baker, Dec.4,1843.

David G., and Mary Ann Fisher, int.July20,1834.

Elizabeth, and James Nelson, Sept.7,1846.

Frances M., unm., and Charles Adams, both of Danvers, May6,1848.*

John A., and Jane E. Baker, Dec.3,1835.

Mary P., and Russell Corwin, Feb.18,1830.

William L., unm., a.28y., carpenter, s.Abraham and Eliza, and Ann Maria Dole, unm., a.18y., operative, d.Seth J. and Mary Ann, Nov.25,1844.


Lyman W., and Charlotte Nichols of Springfield, int.Jan.29,1848.

Martha M. [Crooker. int.], unm., a.22y., d.Gamaliel and Permula, and Ambrose Hopkinson, widr., a.31y., trader, s.Theophilus and Susan, May23,1846.


Mehitable S., and Frederick [E. int.] Keaser, Jan.4,1835.

HOOLEY (Whooly)

Barbara, and James McLaughlin, Jan.14,1848.CR5*

Daniel, and Mary Daly, Jan.18,1840.CR5

Ellen (Whooly), and Patrick McCarty, July2,1842.


Nancy A. [Mrs.int.], and Gorden Batchelder, Oct.16,1841.


Arvilla, of Waltham, and Hiram Corbett, int.Oct.20,1827.

Bridget, unm., a.22y., d.John and Jane, and Cornelius Murphy, unm., a.24y., laborer, s.Thomas and Judith, Mar.1,1848.

Clark, of Antrim, NH, and Lucy P. Lawrence, int.Feb.1,1845.

Betsy Ann, of Antrim, and Amasa Kimball, int.Aug.27,1826.

Hannah H., of Dedham, and George Briggs, int.Aug.13,1831.

Hannah, and Jonas Alexander, both of Wilmington, Jan.7,1841.*

John F., and Cordelia C. Sides, int.July26,1846.

Julia Ann, unm., a.23y., operative, d.William and Mary Ann, and Warren Hardy, unm., a.27y., operative, s.Silas and Rhoda, Nov.18,1845.

Keziah, of Wilmington, and Andrew J. Wheeler, int.Sept.13,1842.

Louisa A., and Clem [Celim.int.] Flanders, Dec.10,1837.

Louisa, unm., a.25y., operative, and Moses Bickford, unm., of Dracut, a.27y., blacksmith, Nov.16,1844.

Mary Ann, of Waltham, and Abraham Whitney of Methuen, Mar.29,1830.*

Mary Ann, unm., a.19y., d.William and Mary Ann, and Daniel Newell, unm., of Boston, a.21y., printer, s.Daniel and Dorothy, Aug.30,1845.

Mary E., of Portland, ME, and Nicholas G. Norcross, int.Sept.30,1848.

Orpha, and George E. Davis, Oct.21,1841.


Ambrose, and Prudence G. Walker, Apr.22,1843

Ambrose, widr., a.31y., trader, s.Theophilus and Susan, and Martha M. Hooker [Crooker. int.], unm., a.22y., d.Gamaliel and Permula, May23,1846.

Thomas, Esq., and Corinna A. Prentiss of Keene, certif. Nov.27,1836.


Anna M., unm., a.22y., operative, d.Richard and Mary, and Benjamin S. Butterworth, unm., a.21y., operative, s.John and Ann, June12,1845.


Caroline M., and Isaac Flint of Calais, ME, Feb.25,1839.

HORGAN (Harrigan)

HORNE (Horn)

Adaline, unm., a.29y., operative, d.Jonathan and Betsey, and James E. Gardner, unm., a.39y., painter, s.Robert and Lydia, Sept.7,1847.

David W., unm., a.25y., carpenter, s.Jonathan and Betsey, and Mary Smith, unm., a.21y., d.James W. and Mary, Nov.9,1848.

Dorcas (Horn), and David Bumpford [Bumford.dup.], Dec.24,1837.

Ellen M. [Horn. int.], unm., d.Sylvester and Elisa, and George J. Adams, unm., painter, s.Smith and Sarah, Apr.5,1846.

Julia M., and Perley A. Davis, Oct.22,1837.

Mariah A. [Howe. int.], and Josiah Johnson, Nov.10,1833.

Martin N. (Horn), and Lydia Chase, Mar.20,1836.

Mary (Horn), and Benjamin O. Farwell of Westford, int.Dec.3,1842.

Mary (Horn), unm., a.21y., d.W. and K., and Oliver Wentworth, unm., a.23y., carpenter, s.P. and K., July7,1844.

Mary A. (Horn), unm., a.32y., d.Stephen and Betsey, and Stephen Walch, widr., a.29y., machinist, s.Ephraim and Mary, May6,1848.

Nancy A. (Horn), unm., a.20y., operative, d.Noah, and John F. Mannahan, unm., a.23y., carpenter, s.Adam and Mary, Oct.26,1844.

Noah (Horn), of Farmington, and Thracia [Gracis.dup.] Ann Bellows, Jan.22,1838. [1837. dup.]

Samuel (Horn), and Hannah S. [T. int.] Harper, Dec.13,1835.

Sarah B., of Haverhill, and Daniel H. Huntington, int.Apr.20,1844.

Susan E. (Horn), and Thomas Foye, July1,1840.

Susan C., and Ezekiel K. Davis, May14,1843.


Abigail [Homer. int.], unm., a.25y., operative, d.William and Betsey, and Caleb Morrison, unm., a.24y., machinist, s.John and Ellen, at Dracut, Sept.13,1845.


Patrick, unm., a.25y., laborer, b. Ireland, s.Jeremiah and Mary, and Johanna Mahoney, unm., a.23y., b. Ireland, d.Timothy and Ellen, int.Aug.8,1849.

HORSLEY (Hoseley, Hosely)

James A., unm., a.21y., mechanic, s.Samuel and Mary, and Olive Ann Reed, unm., a.19y., operative, d.Charles and Susan, Nov.21,1846.

Sarah A.E. (Hosely) [Hoseley.int.], and William H.T. Nichols, Aug.8,1837.


Sarah F., and Charles L. Tilden, Apr.5,1836.


Nancy J., unm., a.20y., operative, d.Joel and Mary, and Samuel L. Comings, unm., a.24y., machinist, s.Uriah and Sarah, June18,1845.


John M., and Susan F. Page, int.Mar.15,1845.

HOSMER (Hasmer)

Catherine (Hasmer), of Templeton, and James Harding, int.June16,1833.

Edward A., unm., of Nashville, NH, a.26y., music teacher, b. Chelmsford, s.Benjamin and Pamelia, and Sarah Jane Allen, unm., a.17y., d.Otis and Louisa, Aug.13,1849.

Harriet, and William Wilson, Feb.27,1837. [1838. dup.]

Leonora W., and John Fellows, both of Boscawen, May26,1846.CR1*

Silas, of Acton, and Mary Puffer, int.Dec.25,1847.


Alvin, and Esther Runnels, int.Oct.3,1835.

Daniel G., unm., a.28y., teamster, s.Abel and Lydia, and Susan J[ane. int] Jacobs, unm., a.20y., operative, d.Daniel and Sarah, Dec.7,1845.

Ellen E., of Lancaster, and Arez L. Clapp, int.Apr.23,1847.

Levi, of Berlin, and Lucy A. Conant, int.Nov.7,1848.

HOUSTON (Houstan)

Adams, and Mary A[deline. int.] Drake, July27,1834.

Laura (Houstan), and William Davis of Canaan, N.H., June28,1841.


Charles, and Catharine Smith of Dover, NH, at Dover, NH, Nov.7,1843.

Eliza Ann, and David P. Fuller, int.Aug.10,1844.

Betsey C., of Dracut, a.19y., d.Oliver and Frances, and Samuel Merrill of Hudson, NH, a.25y., shoemaker, s.Isaac and Susan, Dec.30,1845.*

Martha M., see Hoag, Martha M.

Pyam, and Irene Bisbee, Sept.4,1842.

Sarah, and Sylvester Proctor of Lyndeborough, NH, int.Dec.27,1840.

Sarah P., wid., of Methuen, a.34y., d.Seth and Betsy Johnson, and Samuel C. Hobbs, unm., of Methuen, a.30y., yeoman, s.Daniel F. and Betsy, Apr.28,1847.*

William C., unm., a.25y., shoe manufacturer, s.Leonard and Sarah, and Mary F. Simpson, unm., a.22y., cap maker, d.Robert and Eunice, Sept.5,1846.


Andrew, of Newburyport, and Hannah P. [G. int.] Ellard, July28,1840.

Ann [Mrs.int.], and John Bowers, Sept.9,1841.

Bridget, unm., a.25y., operative, d.Mathew and Bridget, and Thomas Mongavan, unm., a.27y., mason, s.Mathew and Mary, Apr.11,1847.

Caroline, and Franklin F. Pearl, Sept.12,1842.

Clara R., unm., of Bangor, ME, and Benjamin F. Palmer, unm., int.Oct.10,1849.

Direxa [C. int.], unm., a.22y., d.Stephen and Laura, and George Danforth, unm., a.23y., farmer, s.Silas and Lucretia, Oct.29,1847.

Eliza Ann, and Christopher Morgan, Sept.17,1843.

Everett, unm., a.25y., watchman, s.Ruel and Mary, Esther Ann Reed, unm., a.25y., operative, d.Asa and Esther B., Jan.14,1847.

George, and Polly Wells, June8,1843.

Harriet P., and Charles B. Snow, int.Apr.2,1842.

Harriet C., unm., a.20y., operative, d.Elijah, and Hiram Pulsifer, unm., of Pelham, NH, a 24y., operative, s.Jonathan and Harvey, Mar.29,1849.

Henrietta, of Dorchester, and Henry J. Nazro, int.Mar.17,1832.

Horace, and Susan Richardson, Oct.16,1834.

James, and Margaret Maloney, July14,1840.CR5

Jane E., unm., a.20y., operative, d.Richard and Ann, and Josiah Conant, unm., a.23y., operative, s.Noah and Mary, Oct.22,1845.

Joshua, and Caroline Chandler, Sept.29,1831.

Lucinda M., unm., a.26y., operative, d.Daniel and Marium, and John J. Parker, unm., a.30y., farmer, s.Asa and Elizabeth, Apr.13,1847.

Margaret, see Howard, Mary.

Martha, and Benjamin F. Whitten, Oct.6,1841.

Mary, d.James, and Chilton Latham, 2d s.Charles,末蔓末,1770.PR1*

Mary [A. int.; Margaret.CR5], unm., d.Patrick and Bridget, and John Ryan, unm., s.Thomas and Sarah, July7,1848.

Mary, unm., a.21y., b. Ireland, d.Michael and Anna, and Michael Crowe, unm., a.30y., laborer, b. Ireland, s.Patrick and Anne, Oct.13,1849.

Nancy R., unm., operative, and George B. Sylvester, unm., carpenter, Feb.6,1848.

Nathan W., unm., of North Bridgewater, and Hannah M. Hunter of Boston, Mar.29,1848.*

Nathaniel, and Mary Willard of Langdon, NH, int.Aug.26,1832.

Patrick, and Rose [Rosanna.int.] Collins, Apr.28,1841.CR5

Samuel, and Irena Kimball of Manchester, NH, int.Aug.9,1835.

Cyrene B., and James C. Hill, Nov.24,1833.

Sophronia, and William Cheney, Nov.22,1838.

Spaulding, and Julia A. Davis of Oxford, int.Oct.27,1847.

Stephen, unm., a.22y., operative, s.William and Jane, and M[aria.int.] J. Kendrick, unm., a.24y., operative, d.John and Sarah, Jan.20,1847.

Susan A., unm., of Nashville, NH, a.18y., operative, d.John and Esther, and Chapman H. True, unm., a.23y., operative, s.Henry and Harriet, Dec.30,1845.

Woodard D., of Boston, and Rebecca P. Townson, int.June22,1848.

HOWE (How, Howes)

Aaron B., and Elizabeth Bennett, Aug.31,1834.

Aaron P., of Methuen, and Elvira Page, May25,1843.

Adeline B. (How), and William S. Barnes of Boston, Feb.7,1830.

Adaline, of Deerfield, and Levi Sweat, int.June6,1831.

Benjamin G. (Howes), and Sarah J. Eaton of Groton, int.Apr.7,1849.

Bethiah W., and George W. Kenney, int.Oct.26,1844.

Caroline Matilda (Howes), and Joseph Moore, Apr.18,1839.

Charlotte A., unm., a.18y., operative, d.Charles M. and Betsey, and Ira L. Bickford, unm., a.24y., operative, s.Isaac and Sarah, Apr.14,1849.

Clarinda S., unm., a.17y., operative, d.Hannah, and Alfred H. Flanders, unm., of Manchester, NH, a.20y., operative, May1,1847.

Edward B., and Mary A.J. Meader [of Thetford, VT. int.], Sept.17,1837.

Eleanor, and Nathaniel Leathers, jr., Aug.10,1843.

Elisabeth, and Albert Robinson, int.Apr.5,1835.

Enoch, and Emily Farnum of Dublin, NH, int.Sept.20,1835.

Ephraim, and Irene Jones, Oct.18,1835.

George W., of Lancaster, and Mary Ann Jenness, May1,1845.

George (Howes), a.25y., operative, and Ellen Black, a.22y., dressmaker, both unm., of Maine, Feb.27,1848.*

Hannah, unm., a.19y., d.Isaac, and Life Parker, jr., unm., a.23y., marble engraver, s.Life, Feb.8,1845.

Harrison G., of Tewksbury, and Caroline Scott, abt. 1829. [May31,1829. int.]

Horace F. (How), of Dracut, and Caroline Smith, July14,1842.

James M. (How), and Sarah K. Fowler, int.July26,1835.

Joseph S. [How.int.], and Nancy Ayer, Oct.1,1837.

Joseph T., of Natick, and Eliza D. Jenness of Littleton, at Littleton, Apr.10,1839.*

Josiah S., of Dracut, and Betsey W. Langley, June30,1842.

Levi, unm., of Pelham, a.27y., farmer, s.Winslow and Patty, and Matilda J. Kimball, unm., of Pelham, a.18y., housekeeper, d.Samuel and Philena, Sept.末,1846.*

Louisa M., of Haverhill, and Charles Davidson, int.June24,1843.

Lydia A., unm., a.24y., operative, d.Joseph and Charlotte [Charles (sic). dup.], and Stephen T. [S. dup.] French, unm., of Athens, VT, a.35y., farmer, s.Elias and Julia, Mar.29,1846.

Mariah A., see Horne, Mariah A.

Maria (Howes), and Patrick Day, int.Sept.28,1847.

Martha, of Dorchester, and James Hildreth, int.May24,1826.

Mary J. [How.int.], and Sidney Davis, both of Billerica [at Billerica.dup.], Nov.26,1840.

Mary A., unm., a.21y., housekeeper, d.Charles and Betsey, and George W. Haines, unm., a.23y., painter, s.Ezra and Pamelia, Mar.7,1846.

Milton, and Charlotte H. Narney of Dover, NH, int.June20,1832.

Nancy A. (Howes), and Ora K. Goodale, Mar.10,1843.

Nancy M., unm., a.18y., d.Ephraim S. and Lydia, and Austin Brown, unm., a.25y., carpenter, s.Miner and Maria, Dec.19,1846.

Norman, of Chester, VT, and Sarah Lyon, May30,1842.

Persis E., unm., a.19y., d.Jeroboam and Abigail, and Winthrop Gove, unm., a.26y., carpenter, s.David and Susan, Jan.5,1845.

Persis B., and Rufus L. Page, int.Dec.6,1845.

Rebecca (How), and Sargent Heath, int.Aug.30,1835.

Samuel P. (Howes), Limner, and Catharine Bennett, unm., operative, Nov.10,1844.

Sarah K., and Jonathan Kendall, certif. Sept.21,1834.

Sarah, of Methuen, and Harrison Trull, int.Feb.10,1839. [Feb.24. dup.]

Cyrene, and Stephen Bartlet, both of Dracut, at Dracut, Jan.23,1842.*

William, and Caroline M. Stone of Sudbury, Apr.24,1842.


Thomas G., unm., a.21y., weaver, s.John and Ann, and Ann Lannigan, unm., a.19y., operative, d.Stephen and Ellen, Feb.3,1845.


William, and Ellen Maude of Roxbury, int.May20,1848.


John, s.Joseph and Susan (Barker), and Mary Carlile, d.John and Elizabeth, Jan.28,1788.PR1*

Joseph, s.Joseph and Sarah Barker,末蔓末,1746.PR1*

Lewis T., of Chelmsford, and Mary A. Dudley, int.Oct.19,1847.

Mary [of Providence, RI int.], and Roland Lyman [of L. int.] Dec.30,1831.PR1

Penelope, d.John and Mary (Carlile), and Amherst Everett, Aug.19,1813.PR1*


Lawrence, unm., a.23y., iron moulder, s.Samuel and Julia, and Ellen Devoy, unm., a.22y., operative, d.Nicholas and Mary, May18,1844.*

Mary Ann, and Thomas Shute [Chute. certif.], June25,1837.CR5


Abraham, of Taunton, and Elizabeth Walton, Aug.20,1846.CR1

Ellen [Elinor. dup.], and Charles Henry Renn [Charles H. Penn. dup.], July2,1848.

James, and Priscilla E. Pierce, Aug.1,1848.

Samuel, unm., a.23y., engineer, s.John and Esther and Elizabeth Whittaker, unm., a.18y., d.James and Mary, Apr.11,1847.

HOYT (Hoit)

Abby L., of Hampstead, NH, and William Shepard, int.Mar.10,1849.

Alfred, unm., a.26y., operative, s.Stephen and Selona, and Mariah J. Brooks, unm., a.16y., operative, d.Joseph and Betsey, Nov.14,1848.

Alvah F., and Betsey C. Rundlett, Dec.18,1839.

Amanda, and Alvin D. Gale, int.Nov.25,1846.

Andrew J., and Martha C. Marshall, Sept.27,1842.

Asa, of Cambridge, and Hannah Currier, Feb.28,1842.

Augusta A. [Hoit. int.], and Daniel Fuller, jr. of Chelsea, VT, Apr.6,1842.

Bartlett, and Mary Brown, Oct.24,1830.

Caroline M., unm., a.22y., operative, d.Joseph and Mary, and John Wedgewood, unm., a.29y., trader, s.Jeremiah and Zipporah, at Dracut, May26,1847.

Charles W. (Hoit), unm., a.28y., teacher, s.Joseph, and Eliza A[nn. int.] Goodwin, unm., a.22y., d.Eliza, Mar.12,1846.

Dennis, and Phidela Barton, Oct.29,1832.

Eliza Ann, and Andrew B. Eaton, abt. 1831. [Mar.14,1831. int.]

Elizabeth, and Joseph Lancaster, jr.,末蔓末,1687.PR1*

Elizabeth S., and Nathaniel T. Staples, Dec.16,1838. [1839. dup.]

Emily A., and James G. Fields, int.July31,1836.

George F. (Hoit), of Boston, and Mary Ann Severance, certif. June12,1836.

George H., and Sarah E. Holt, Mar.30,1840.

Hannah (Hoit), of Weare, NH, and Joseph Lupkin, int.Sept.2,1833.

Henry [Harry.int.] W., unm., a.23y., joiner, s.John and Dolly P., and Lucy L. Clough, unm., a.18y., operative, d.Jesse and Amanda, Dec.19,1846.

Joseph P., and Martha Danforth of Clarement, NH, certif. Dec.29,1834.

Laura C., and Dearborn Ladd, Apr.6,1843.

Lewis M.M., and Mary E.N. Bacon of Newton, May16,1840.

Mahalah P., and Isaac A. Reed, Oct.16,1837.

Mary Jane (Hoit), and David R. Fuller, Jan.19,1841.

Mary F. (Hoit), and Jonas Spaulding, both of Dunstable, June12,1843.*

Mindwell [Hoit. int.], and Robert Crozier, Nov.7,1840.CR1

Rosette (Hoit), and George E. Flanders, int.Feb.7,1848.

Samuel J. (Hoit), and Hannah L. Willey, Oct.16,1842.

Samuel, and Catharine T. Murray, June11,1848.

Sarah Jane (Hoit), and Joseph Fogg, June30,1836.

Sarah Jane (Hoit), and William C. Johnson of Boston, Aug.26,1838.

Sarah N., and Prentice S. Danforth, int.Sept.16,1841.

Sophronia U., unm., a.18y., operative, d.Samuel and Lucy, and Samuel J. Fogg. unm., a.23y., operative, s.Ebenezer and Deborah, Oct.8,1844.

Susan E. [Mrs.int.], and William Dwelley of Brooks, ME, Aug.29,1839.

Susan C., and Charles G. Hutchinson, July3,1842.

Thomas, of Manchester, NH, and Abby H. Brown, int.Nov.17,1839.

William P. (Hoit), and Cordelia J. Smith, int.末蔓末,1838. [Withdrawn, banns forbidden.]

HUBBARD (Hebard, Hibbard)

Cynthia G. [of L. int.], and Lyman Kimball [of Charlestown. int.], Feb.10,1835.

Daniel, and Frances J. Turner, int.Apr.14,1848.

Eliza P., and William Hall, int.Sept.6,1835.

Elizabeth, and Henry M. Gorham of Burlington, VT, int.May26,1833.

George, of Groton, and Hannah [Joanna.int.] H. Thomas, Sept.24,1835.

Harriet W., d.Josiah and Mehetabel Z. (Whitmore), and Simon Moody of Limington, ME, June16,1833.PR1*

James C. (Hebard), and Emily Scott, Nov.19,1838.

John, Hon., s.John and Mary, and Rebecca Preston, d.Dr. John, of New Ipswich, NH, Aug.10,1791.PR1*

Josiah, s.John and Rebecca H., and Mehetabel Z. Whitmore, d.Gordon and Zipporah W., of Lebanon, NH, Sept.23,1814.PR1*

Lucy A., and Gilman Morse, both of Manchester, Nov.29,1845.*

Lucy B., unm., a.17y., operative, d.Josiah and Mehetable [Z. (Whitmore).PR1], and Henry L.S. McLanathan, unm., a.27y., merchant, s.Samuel and Keziah, Sept.19,1846.

Lydia M. (Hibbard), and Thomas L. Bishop, int.Aug.4,1848.

Martha M. (Hibbard), and James Weir [Wier. int.], Mar.2,1834.

Mary, unm., of Springfield, a.19y., and Otis A. Snow, unm., a.21y., operative, s.O., Aug.7,1847.

Nathan S. (Hebard), unm., a.23y., stonemason, s.Silas and Lucy, and Phebe I. grant, unm., a.26y., operative, d.Ezra and Phebe, Mar.17,1845.

Rebecca P., unm., a.29y., b. Lebanon, NH, d.Josiah and Mehitabel [Z. (Whitmore).PR1], and Moses E. Swett [Sweat. dup.], unm.of Limington, ME, a.33y., physician, b. Parsonfield, ME, s.Moses and Eliza, Nov.22,1849.

Rodney, and Salley Robinson, int.Aug.31,1830.

Sophronia, unm., a.19y., d.Seymour and Sophronia, and Thomas Sprague, unm., a.22y., yeoman, s.Thomas and Nabby, Oct.24,1844.

William, widr., cordwainer, and Mary Barrell, Oct.23,1847.*


Abigail P., and Frye H. Hutchins, int.Aug.16,1835.

Ann G., and David S. Giles, Aug.7,1842.

Daniel C., and Abigail C. Brown, both of Dracut, Sept.11,1842.*

Huldah, and Ethan N. Miner, July27,1847.

Ivory L., unm., of Somersworth, NH, a.47y., shoe dealer, and Hannah Brainard [Braynard.int.], unm., a.30y., dressmaker, d.S. and P., Sept.13,1847.

John, unm., a.21y., operative, s.Jonathan and Abigail, and Emily Gustin, unm., a.20y., operative, d.Aaron and Miriam, Oct.30,1845.

Randall, and Betsy Ann Meader, Nov.5,1842.

HUDDLESTON (Huddlestone)

Maria [Huddlestone. int.], and Willard Proctor of Chelmsford, Apr.8,1832.


Angeline, unm., a.24y., tailoress, d.Charles and Fanny, and Albert B. Plimpton, unm., a.25., carpenter, s.Simon and Betsey, May12,1846.

Catherine H., d.Francis and Lucretia (Howe), and William Fiske, s.Aaron, Nov.16,1830.PR1*

Lydia G., unm., a.25y., dressmaker, d.Francis and Lucretia, and George S. Hatch, unm., a.26y., harness maker, s.Jonathan and Hannah, Dec.28,1845.

HUGHES (Hewes, Hews, Huce, Huges, Huse)

Charles (Hews), and Louisa [Lurissa.int.] Smith, Dec.22,1836.

Chastina (Hewes), and Calvin Goodspeed, Apr.20,1834.

David F. (Hewes), and Mary Crosby, both of Foxborough, Sept.27,1838.*

Edward (Huges), and Rose Duffey, int.Jan.3,1836.

George W., and Betsey Silver, Nov.28,1839.

Jesse (Huse), widr., a.44y., boarding-house keeper, s.Enoch and Sally, and Rhoda Blanchard, unm., a.34y., operative, d.Cyrus and Chloe, at Dracut, Feb.10,1847.

John, and Mary Shean, Nov.6,1838.CR5

Jonathan M. (Huse), and Julia Ann Littlehale of Tyngsobrough, int.Jan.12,1829.

Julia Ann (Huse), and Silas Betton, Mar.19,1833.

Mary B. (Huse), unm., a.20y., d.Jesse and Rhoda, and William Kimball, unm., of Woburn, a.30y., trader, s.Willbraham and Deborah, June17,1849.

Patrick F., and Caroline Ladd, Dec.20,1842.

Rebecca (Huce), and Sawyer Blanchard, certif. July9,1837.

T[homas] Muzzy (Huse), and Elizabeth Scobey, May20,1838. [1839. dup.]

Thomas, unm., a.30y., laborer, s.Thomas and Nancy, and Julia Manice, unm., a.25y., d.John and Catherine, Aug.12,1848.

Timothy (Huse), of Haverhill, a.24y., carpenter, s.Daniel and Sarah, and Angeline Gordon, unm., of Haverhill, a.25y., d.Jesse and Harriet, Nov.27,1845.*

William S[heridan.CR3], unm., a.29y., laborer, s.Ambrose and Mary, and Ellen Walsh, unm., a.22y., d.Michael and Ellen, Nov.15,1846 or 1847. [1846.CR3]


Francis, unm., a.27y., laborer, and Eliza McDonald, unm., a.18y., operative, d.John and Betsey, Apr.13,1846.


Elmira, and Moses P. Sias, int.Apr.9,1842.

Amy, and Cullen F. Kittridge, May28,1835.

Didemia R., and John N. Berry, int.Oct.8,1842.

Henry, unm., a.25y., printer, s.Amos and Betsey, and Sarah Brown, unm, a.22y., milliner, d.Jonathan and Hannah June5,1845.

William H., and Mary E. Stearns of Dracut, int.Mar.30,1849.

HULME (Hulm)

Joseph, and Mary E.C. Taylor, int.Jan.19,1840.

William (Hulm), unm., a.23y., manufacturer, s.Michael and Catharine, and Amanda Willey, unm., a.26y., d.Eben D. and Sarah A., Nov.30,1848.


Thomas P., and Betsey Austin, Nov.22,1843.


Isaac N., unm., a.24y., blacksmith, s.Moses and Hannah, and Sarah F. Goodwin, unm., a.22y., operative, d.Aaron and Sarah, May28,1845.

Moses L., unm., of Manchester, a.32y., carpenter, s.Daniel and Merriam, and Almira B. James, unm., a.25y., operative, d.John and Mehitable, Dec.5,1844.


Anne Maria, of Charlestown, and George S. Sparrell, int.Aug.23,1835.

Cynthia E., unm., a.23y., operative, d.Ebenezer and Abigail, and Stephen Decker, unm., a.24y., operative, s.John and Rosanne, Oct.19,1845.

James, and Abigail Butterfield, Dec.17,1832.


Martha N., and George W. Wilson, Apr.2,1843.


Alexander, unm., a.23y., dyer, s.Stephen and Mary, and Sophia Shorney, unm., a.17y., spinner, d.Christopher and Lorinda, Jan.14,1846.

Alfred J., unm., a.20y., machinist, s.Thomas and Ann, and Mary E. Newman, unm., a.18y., d.Thomas and Lucia, Aug.22,1847.

Ambrose [S. int.], and Jeannette Flanders, May13,1841.

Augustus, and Miranda Atherton, Mar.19,1833.

Augustus, and Philendy Rollins, Sept.7,1837.

Bethiah L. [P. int.], and Samuel W. Brown, Nov.29,1827.

Charles H., and Sally A. Harmon, Jan.27,1842.

Deborah R., of Billerica, a.25y., d.Thomas and Deborah, and Jonathan E. Read, unm., of Burlington, farmer, Apr.13,1846.*

Dorcas L., and William Basset [Dec.15. int.], 1828.

Elihu, see Hunt, Elisha.

Elisha [Elihu. in pencil.] S., and Sarah Metcalf, Jan.28,1839.

Eliza T., of Concord, and David W. Buttrick, int.May30,1831.

Eliza J., and Hiram Heath, int.Oct.11,1845. [Publishment stopped Oct.14, by order of E.J. Hunt.]

Eunice S., unm., a.23y., operative, d.Enoch and Adeline, and Alonzo F. Major, unm., a.25y., machinist, s.David, at Dracut, May6,1848.

Evelina, unm., teacher, d.Rebecca, and George Winslow, widr., machinist, s.Patty, Feb.1,1849.

Frederic P., widr., a.30y., machinist, s.Stephen and Mary, and Mary Jane Shawney, unm., a.19y., operative, d.Christopher and Olinda, July3,1846.

Hannah W., wid., a.28y., d.John Ward, and Lewis Tatro, widr., a.30y., shoemaker, Jan.27,1848.

Jane, and John Swett of Chelmsford, int.May9,1830.

John B., unm., a.25y., operative, s.Samuel and Joanna, and Sarah P. Burnham, unm., a.19y., operative, d.Ezekiel and Mary, June26,1845.

John F., of Abington, and Sarah J. Nickerson, int.Apr.7,1848.

Jonathan T.P., and Irene Drew, Sept.27,1835.

Lucy M., and Hugh Riley of Boston, int.May12,1833.

Martha A.P., and Asa T. Whiting, Jan.24,1833.

Mary Elizabeth, and Joseph Brown of Baldwin, ME, int.Nov.3,1829.

Mary, and Daniel Knapp, abt. 1830. [Oct.10,1830. int.]

Mary, of Chelmsford, and John Swett [both of Chelmsford.dup.], July9,1837.*

Michael, unm., a.26y., mason, s.Michael and Julia, and Mary Dwyer, unm., a.22y., d.Edmund and Elizabeth, Nov.20,1847. [1846.CR3]

Nancy, and Joseph Burrows [May4. int.], 1829.

Olive D., and Charles Brown, May11,1828.

Perthania, and Amos Elgreadge, int.Jan.20,1833.

Rebeccah, and Larkin P. Page of Bedford, int.Dec.1,1829.

Rebecca T., and William Buse, int.Aug.14,1831.

Robert, and Nancy E. Chaffin, int.Mar.26,1842.

Samuel, and Sally Turner, int.Sept.30,1832.

Samuel W., and Charlotte A. Walker, Feb.18,1849.

Sarah D., and Benjamin F. Kimball [of Andover, Dec.8. int.], 1828.

Susan C., and William Whiting, int.Mar.31,1833.

Thaddeus W., widr., of Marlborough, a.30y., tailor, s.Thomas T. and Lucy, and Philomela Thomas, a.22y., d.Samuel and Hannah, Feb.18,1846.*

Thomas J., and Eunice Moody, int.June28,1840.


Benjamin, and [R. int.] Jane Sayward, Feb.21,1843.

Hannah M., of Boston, and Nathan W. Howard, unm., of North Bridgewater, Mar.29,1848.*

Heman, and Hannah R. Folsom, Dec.10,1843.

Mary, and Norman Farr, both unm., of Boston, Oct.23,1847.*

Olive M., unm., a.22y., d.Samuel and Hannah, and Joshua Prouty, unm., a.23y., carpenter, Oct.24,1847.

William, and Jane Dyke, Nov.12,1843.


Charles H.N., and Mary J. Latham of Boston, int.Sept.9,1843.

Daniel H., and Sarah B. Horne of Haverhill, int.Apr.20,1844.

David, of Roxbury, and Jane Dill, int.June2,1844.

George W., of Atkinson, ME, and Almira J. Potter, Nov.9,1848.

Heman, and Cybil Boynton of Pepperell, int.Jan.16,1832.

James, unm., a.27y., watchman, s.Jabez and Abigail, and Rachel C. Burbank, unm., a.27y., operative, d.Hazen and Hannah, at Dracut, May6,1846.

James F[reeman. int.], unm., [of Exeter. int.], a.21y., mill agent, s.Elisha and Hannah, and Ellen S[ophronia.int.] Whipple, unm., a.21y., d.Oliver M. and S.R., June30,1848.

Lydia [Harrington. dup.], unm., a.29y., operative, d.William and Hannah, and Samuel Mooney, unm., a.37y., watchman, s.Timothy and Naomi, June14,1849.


Cynthia, unm., a.25y., d.David and Fanny, and Charles Lilley, unm., a.27y., manufacturer, s.William and Betty, Dec.2,1847.

Louisa, and Matthias Gammell, int.Jan.12,1847.

HUNTOON (Hunton)

Abigail F., of Salisbury, and Edward Doane, jr., int.Jan.17,1831.

Almira R., unm., of Dracut, a.23y., d.Jeremiah and Sarah, and John R. Thrasher, unm., of Worcester, a.25y., blacksmith, s.Benjamin and Bashabee, Aug.10,1847.*

Benette G. [Zennetta G. int.], unm., a.19y., d.David and Sally, and Epapheas A. Hill unm., a.27y., teamster, b. Middlesex Village, s.John and Rachel, July30,1848.

Caroline [Hunton. int.], and Benjamin F. [T. int.] Williams [of Orange, NH int.], Sept.12,1833.

Cromwell P., of Readfield, ME, and Luvian Currier, Nov.15,1836.

Daniel, and Mary Jane Phenix, Oct.21,1843.

Betsey, and Samuel R. Welch, Mar.4,1843.

Harvey, of Boston, and Mary Jane Cunningham, Dec.25,1843.

Hazen P., unm., of Craftsbury, VT, a.23y., trader, s.David and Sally, and Emily Slack, unm., a.17y., operative, d.Betsey, June11,1845.

Hazen P., and Lucia Ann Ray, int.Aug.1,1848.

Hiram, of Unity, NH, and Ary Semanthy Fowler, int.Dec.4,1831.

James W., unm., a.24y., daguerrean artist, b. Groton, VT, s.David and Sally, and Rosanna S. Slack, unm., a.20y., b. St. Albans, VT, d.Charles and Betsy, int.Dec.8,1849.

Jane F., and William B. Moulton, Dec.1,1839.

John F., and Emmeline A. Saunders, Dec.8,1835.

Joseph W., unm., a.21y., operative, s.A. and P., and Ann Marden [Martin. int.], unm., a.18y., operative d.T. and S., May19,1846.

Mary W., and George F. Whittredge of Lynnfield, Dec.26,1842.

Moses C., unm., a.26y., shoemaker, s.Nathaniel and Betsey, and Amanda M. Dearborn, unm., a.21y., operative, d.Peter and Elizabeth, Jan.3,1847.

Parmelia (Hunton), see Hanson, Parmelia.

Zennetta G., see Huntoon, Benette G.

Silpha [Zilpah.int.], and John H. Scribner, July2,1840.


James L., and Mary Ann Pierce, Apr.14,1841.

James L[ewis.int.], widr., a.26y., stabler, s.Joseph and Sally, and Harriet P.T. Page, unm., a.24y., dressmaker, d.David and Elizabeth, Aug.21,1844.

Leonard, and Lydia Ann McHinnon of Portsmouth, int.Sept.22,1833.

Willard L., and Mary Jane Raynels [Reynolds.int.], May11,1839.

William C., and Laura Prescott of Merideth, May18,1839.*

HURD (Heard)

Almira A., unm., a.22y., dressmaker, d.Reuben and Sarah, and Joseph S. Taylor, unm., a.27y., overseer, s.John and Mary, Feb.22,1846.

Amos H., and Betsey B. Edgerly of Somersworth, certif. Oct.16,1836.

Charles H. (Heard), unm., of Boston, a.25y., laborer, s.Edward and Olive, and Charlotte B. Knowles, unm., s.22y., d.Samuel and Charlotte, May18,1848.*

Eliza [Mrs.dup.], and [Rev. int.] Jonathan E. Forbush [Furbush.dup.] of Wrentham, Feb.2 [28. dup.], 1839.

George, unm., a.23y., farmer, and Ellen Ham, unm., a.19y., operative, both of Lawrence, Dec.12,1847.*

Jeremiah E., and Abigail Stearns, Jan.23,1839.

Joanna, and John G. Goodwin, both of Dracut, at Dracut, May5,1842.*

John H., of Natick, a.25y., leather cutter, b. New Hampshire, s.Jonathan and Abigail, and Deborah Hayes of Natick, a.32y., d.Ichabod and Deborah, Oct.17,1849.*

Jonathan B., unm., a.22y., operative, s.David and Hannah, and Harriet Goodwin, unm., a.22y., operative, d.Elijah and Abigail, Nov.13,1847. [Nov.11. dup.]

Louisa E. [Louis E. dup.; Lois E. int.], and George H. James, June20,1838.

Louisa B., and Joseph L. Simpson, Sept.15,1839.

Lyman D., of Methuen, and Linah T. Miner of Lempster, NH, Mar.12,1839.[Methuen records have Sarah T. of Leominster, NH.]

Martha W.M., of Dover, NH, and John Palmer, int.Oct.11,1835.

Samuel, and Eliza Clark of Waltham, int.June7,1826.

Sophia, and Dennison Dudley, int.Nov.1,1842.

Stephen N., unm., a.24y., operative, s.John and Lydia, and Sarah J. Webster, unm., a.22y., operative, d.Samuel and Sarah, Sept.28,1845.

HURLBURT (Hurlbut)

Clarissa, unm., a.27y., d.John T. and Lucinda, and Joseph S. Dealand, unm., a.25y., carpenter, s.Joseph ad Mary, Sept.27,1848.

Moses C. (Hurlbut), and Elizabeth Maynard of Sudbury, certif. Sept.21,1834.

Seth A., unm., of Manchester, NH, a.30y., and Lucy M. Gale, unm.of Manchester, NH, a.24y., both operatives, Feb.7,1849.*

HURLEY (Harley, Hurly)

Ann, a.21y., d.John and Mary, and Francis O'Loughlin, unm., a.26y., laborer, s.Anthony and Susan, Apr.18,1849.

James (Harley), of Milberton, Lower Canada, and Catherine Kelley, int.Dec.3,1837.

Jeremiah, and Ellen Crowly, Feb.6,1842.CR5

John, unm., a.23y., laborer, s.John and Mary, and Margaret Ryan, unm., a.26y., domestic, d.Edmund and Johanna, Feb.9,1846.

John, and Margaret Bowes, May14,1849.

Margaret, unm., a.37y., operative, d.Michael and Mary, and Michael Young, widr., a.50y., laborer, s.Thomas and Anne, Jan.24,1846.

Margaret, unm., a.22y., operative, d.Charles and Johanna; and David Ahern, unm., a.23y., laborer, s.Maurice and Mary, Oct.6,1846.

Mary, unm.[2d m.int.], of Lawrence, a.23y., b. Ireland, s.Turns and Mary [Burns.int.], and Albert Currier, unm., a.21y., farmer, b. Andover, NH, s.Ebenezer and Betsey, Sept.1,1849.

HURON (Heeran)

John [Heeran. int.], unm., a.22y., stone mason, s.Patrick and Margaret, and Alice Murray, unm., a.19y., d.Arthur and Bridget, Nov.8,1848.


Joseph, unm., a.21y., operative, s.Robert and Ann, and Catherine Seize, unm., a.22y., operative, d.Lawrence and Margaret, Nov.10,1848.


Albert, unm., a.21y., tin plate worker, s.Henry and M., and Elizabeth [A. int.] Whitehouse, unm., a.19y., operative, d.Henry and A., at Dracut, Nov.9,1845.

Albert B., unm., a.25y., manufacturer, s.Benjamin and Mary, and Lucinda Parkhurst, unm., a.22y., d.Elisha and Sarah, Apr.19,1847.

Ann, and Samuel E. Dodge, Sept.6,1842.

Clara W., unm., a.19y., operative, d.Jacob and Clara, and Azra Johnson, unm., of Pelham, NH, a.23y., operative, s.George and Silas, Apr.8,1849.

Daniel, unm., a.28y., dyer, s.Ezekiel and Mercy, and Emily Perkins, unm., a.24y., operative, d.Levi and Sarah, Sept.6,1846.

Elizabeth T., unm., a.22y., operative, d.Levi and Sarah, and John G. Ham, unm., a.24y., mason, s.Ivory and Sarah, Nov.10,1844.

Julia A.M., unm., a.21y., operative, d.William and Martha, and Hiram Chipman, unm., of Charlestown, a.27y., operative, s.James and Hannah, Apr.1,1846.

Micajah, unm., of Haverhill, a.19y., shoemaker, b. Farmington, NH, s.Jeremy and Abigail, and Sarah Dorrety, unm., a.21y., b. Ireland, d.James and Mary, Sept.13,1849.

Oliver P., and Sarah S. Philbrick, Nov.15,1843.

HUTCHINS (Hutchings)

Abigail, and Daniel Cavely of Dracut, int.May3,1845.

Clara D., and Silas McIntire, int.Dec.7,1835.

Edward, unm, a.21y., printer, s.Joseph and Sarah, and Abby W. Lincoln, unm., a.22y., d.Tisdale and Abigail, Apr.30,1846.

Elizabeth L., unm., a.20y., operative, d.Asa E. and Sally, and Andrew Warren, unm., of Winslow, ME, a.23y., farmer, s.Andrew and Catharine, June18,1844.

Frye H., and Abigail P. Huckins, int.Aug.16,1835.

Hannah H., unm., a.27y., b. New Hampshire, d.Ebenezer and Abigail, and Amasa Tucker, unm., a.25y., operative, b. Maine, s.Amasa and Ruth, Oct.17,1849.

Harriet, unm., a.22y., d.Sylvester and Abigail, and James Frye, unm., of Dracut, a.26y., mason, s.Enoch and Polly, July6,1846.*

Henry G., unm., a.26y., painter, s.Amasa and Amy, and Sarah E. Fogg, unm., a.21y., operative, d.Abel and Mary, July1,1846.

Isaac, unm., a.21y., operative, s.James and Joan, and Almatia Davenport, unm., a.21y., operative, d.Jonathan B. and Nancy, Oct.17,1847.

John C., unm., of Billerica, a.24y., s.Perley and Polly, and Susan E. Richardson, unm., of Billerica, a.20y., d.Joel and Susan, at Billerica, Jan.11,1849.*

Lucinda B., unm., a.20y., dressmaker, d.David, and James A. Metcalf, unm., a.24y., machinist, s.Joseph A. and Chloes, Sept.11,1849.

Lucy A., of Rumford, ME, and William A. Johnson, int.Nov.25,1846.

Lydia E., and T. Cooledge Robbins, int.Dec.30,1848.

Lyman D. [Hutchings.int.], and Nancy W. Barton, Mar.末,1839.

Matthias, of Carlisle, and Emojane W. Rugg, int.July6,1847.

Nancy H., of Rumford, ME and Isaac Swan, Nov.10,1831.

Persis F., unm., a.25y., operative, d.David and Betsey, and Samuel A. Masury, unm., of Manchester, NH, a.24y., operative, s.William and Hannah, Apr.14,1846.

William E., unm., of Greene, ME, a.24y., farmer, s.Eliakim and Eunice, and Joan York, unm., a.27y., operative, d.Joseph and Jane, Mar.29,1849.


Austin and Rosilla Angel, June14,1840.

Benjamin, and Mary S. [L. int.] Simonds, Mar.22,1835.

Benjamin K., and Caroline A. Philbrick, int.Jan.19,1847.

Charles, of Pelham, NH, and Myra Parker of Dracut, at Dracut, Apr.9,1840.*

Charles G., and Susan C. Hoyt, July3,1842.

Charles E., and Anna A. Russell of Amherst, int.Jan.27,1849.

Clara A., and James H. Chapman, int.Sept.4,1847.

Daniel, and Frances Shepard, int.Aug.9,1835.

Daniel, and Lydia Shepard of Amherst, certif. Aug.13,1837.

Edward M., and Hannah W. Mardin [Marden. int.], May24,1840.

Edward B., and Caroline E. Jones, int.May11,1846.

Eliza Ann, and Benjamin Melvin, jr., Oct.4,1825.*

Betsey S., and Samuel S. Rugg, May19,1836.

Henry T., and Asenath Andrews, int.May3,1842.

Henry T., and Ellen M. Dorr, int.Jan.19,1843.

Hezekiah A., and Abigail Bicknell, Apr.11,1834.

Lisette, unm., a.28y., spinster, and True W. White, widr., a.35y., shoe manufacturer, both of Methuen, Sept.7,1845.*

Mary A., and Samuel J. Page, int.Mar.22,1835.

Mary M., unm., a.18y., dressmaker, d.Willard and Mary, and Charles E. Blaisdell, unm., a.21y., painter, s.Tracy and Frances, June15,1847.

Obadiah, and Mary Bean, int.Feb.23,1834.

Orin, unm., a.26y., stone layer, s.William and Susan, and Sarah M[aria.int.] Parker, unm., a.26y., operative, d.John and Elsie, at Dracut, May13,1847.

Reuben M., and Anna Gilson, abt. 1830. [Apr.11,1830. int.]

Sybel, of Milford, NH, and Hezekiah B. George, int.Apr.10,1836.

Thomas S., and Mary Jane Harriman, Oct.11,1839.

William, unm., a.21y., farmer, s.Osgood and Hannah, and Mary E. Brown, unm., a.22y., operative, d.Nathan and Matilda, Sept.25,1845.


Alice M., of Francestown, NH, and Joseph A. Wheeler of L, int.May19,1847.

Ammi, and Mary Ann Courson of Milton, NH, int.Nov.26,1837.

Amos S., unm., a.24y., s.Timothy and Eunice, and Lydia F. Merrill, unm., a.21y., d.Rufus and Martha, Jan.15,1848.

Caroline E. [unm.dup.], a.21y., George M. Thompson, shoemaker [unm.dup.], a.25y., at Dracut, July28,1844.

David, unm., a.30y., and Sarah Whiting, unm., a.25y., d.Phineas and Sarah, Nov.3,1847.

Ephraim Augustus, of Freeport, ME, and Susan Hale Coffin of Newburyport, at Newburyport, Jan.5,1843.CR1*

Harriet N. [K. int.], unm., a.19y., dressmaker, d.Daniel, and Timothy H. Chellis, unm., a.24y., carpenter, s.Thomas, Oct.25,1847.

Sylvia, and Asa Doane [Dec.2. int.], 1827.

HYLAND (Heland)

Catherine, and Farrell O'Rourke, May6,1848.

Catherine, a.24y., d.Edward and Ann, and Patrick Conners, unm., a.25y., laborer, s.John and Mary, Apr.15,1849.

Ellen (Heland), unm., a.20y., and Patrick Heland, unm., a.22y., int.May16,1849.

Mary Ann (Heland), unm., a.18y., operative, d.Richard and Honora, and Thomas Dunne, unm., a.26y., laborer, s.Thomas and Julia, Apr.12,1845.

Mary (Heland), unm., a.30y., b. Ireland, d.John and Bridget, and Patrick Bardy, unm.[2d.m.int.], a.43y., laborer, b. Ireland, s.John and Bridget, Sept.14,1849.

Patrick (Heland), unm., a.22y., and Ellen Heland, unm., a.20y., int.May16,1849.

Thomas, unm., a.37y., laborer, s.Patrick and Bridget, and Margaret Carroll, unm., a.28y., d.George and Fanny, July9,1848.

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