Alonzo M., of Boston, and Martha E. Puffer, int.Nov.9,1846.

Elizabeth M., and Chelmsford Felch, int.Dec.11,1841.

Rachel F., of Sandown, NH, and Charles Davis, int.Sept.27,1840.

Samuel F., and Mary A. Stevens, July21,1838.

Sylvester, unm., a.25y., farmer, s.Ira and Sally, and Sarah Towle, unm., a.20y., operative, d.Solomon and Mary, May15,1845.


John, and Orpah Spaulding, Feb.24,1839.

Lucinda C., and George Warren, int.Oct.5,1844. [Stopped Oct.9 by request of Lucinda C. Mack.]

Orpah S., wid., a.28y., d.Isaac and Mary Spalding, and Sewall G. Mack, unm., a.30y., trader, s.John and Phebe, Sept.5,1844.

Patrick, unm., a.22y., laborer, s.Denis and Mary, and Ann Quinn, unm., a.21y., d.Lawrence and Mary, Sept.5,1848.

Sarah Jane, unm., a.23y., d.James and Sarah, and Brooks L. Palmer, unm., a.24y., machinist, s.Moses D. and Mary A., Apr.2,1846.

Sewall G., unm., a.30y., trader, s.John and Phebe, and Orpah S. Mack, wid., a.28y., d.Isaac and Mary Spalding, Sept.5,1844.


Bradford, of Taunton, and Abigail Allen, int.Nov.24,1842. [Forbidden by Abigail Allen.]

Mary A., unm., a.19y., operative, d.Richard and Sarah, and Bethuel F. Stevens, unm., a.22y., carpenter, s.Samuel and Jerusha, Apr.19,1847.*


James Stuart, see McGary, James Stuart.

MADDEN (Maddan)

Bridget, and Daniel Lesey, int.Apr.28,1833.

Ellen (Maddan), and Cornelius Donavan, int.Dec.16,1838.

Honora, see Marden, Onny.

Patrick, and Mary Wren, certif. Jan.11,1835.


Esther, and Bartlett Townshend, both of Dracut [at Dracut. dup.], Feb.18,1839.*


Walter [of Boston. certif.], and Mary Berry [of L. certif.], June5,1837.CR5


Martha, unm., a.29y., d.George and Jane Scott, and William Marks, unm., a.28y., dyer, s.Thomas and Mary Reany, Feb.15,1848.

Rebecca, unm., a.18y., d.George and Jane, and Everett W. French, unm., a.20y., manufacturer, s.Benjamin and Alice F., June24,1848.


Thomas, unm., a.24y., machinist, s.Joseph and Jane, and Ruth Maria Rollins, unm., a.20y., d.James and Nancy, Apr.5,1846.


Eliza J., of Pembroke, NH, and Naaman G. Swasey, int.Aug.20,1842.

Henry C., and Mehitable W. Clement, Sept.24,1839.

Josiah M., of Suncook Village, NH, and Maria B. Clark, int.May23,1846. [Publishment stopped by request of Maria B. Clark May25.]

Nelson A., and Harriet R. Kittredge, Nov.14,1847.

MAHAN (Maghin, Mahon, Mihan, Moher)

Ann [Maghin. int.], a.23y., operative, d.John and Ellinor, and Daniel McGlaughlin [McLaughlin. int.], unm., a.28y., operative, s.Neil and Isabella, Mar.7,1848.

Eliza, and John Canning, int.Nov.22,1835.

James (Mahon), and Briget Murray, int.Apr.20,1834.

James (Moher), of Andover, and Sarah A. Kennerson, Oct.6,1848.

Owen (Mahon), and Mary Murry, Jan.8,1843.

Patrick (Mahon), and Margaret Cummiskey, int.July29,1833.

Patrick (Mihan), and Mary Danaho, int.May4,1834.

Patrick (Mahon), and Rosana Noulan, int.Feb.22,1835.

Patrick (Mahon), unm., of Dracut, a.25y., operative, s.James and Mary, and Sarah Cassidy, unm., a.23y., operative, d.Thomas and Mary, Sept.1,1844.*

Rose (Mahon), and Owen Monaghan, int.Feb.7,1849.

Susan, and William McIntire, int.Nov.29,1835.


David, unm., a.28y., laborer, b. Ireland, s.Patrick and Mary, and Margaret Murphy, unm., a.24y., b. Ireland, d.Daniel and Johanna, Oct.22,1849.

Joseph [Nahor, of Dunstable, NH. int.], and Mary E. Shattuck [of L. int.], Oct.16,1833.

MAHONEY (Mahaney, Mahany, Mahony)

Alice, and Enry Dawlton, int.Feb.24,1849.

Catherine (Mahony), and Timothy Donavon, Feb.18,1843.

Catherine, wid., a.30y., d.Thomas and Mary, and Thomas Kennedy, unm., a.25y., laborer, s.Michael and Mary, Jan.17,1847.

Daniel (Mahany), and Catharine McLean, Mar.2,1848.

Johanna, unm., a.23y., b. Ireland, d.Timothy and Ellen, and Patrick Horrin, unm., a.25y., laborer, b. Ireland, s.Jeremiah and Mary, int.Aug.8,1849.

Margaret, unm., of Boston, a.22y., b. Ireland, d.John and Ann [Anne Marie. int.], and Nathaniel Allen [Allin.CR5], unm., a.27y., plumber, b. Ireland, s.Boyd and Ellen, Dec.11,1849. [Nov.30.CR5]

Mary Ann, unm., a.22y.[operative. int.], b. Ireland, s.Dennis and Catherine, and John O'Brien, unm., of Biddeford, ME, a.25y., laborer, b. Ireland, s.William and Julia, Sept.1,1849.

Mary, unm., a.30y., b. Ireland, d.John, and William Daly, unm., a.30y., laborer, b. Ireland, s.Patrick and Mary, int.Nov.15,1849.

Patrick (Mahaney), and Ellen Murphy, int.Apr.17,1847. [Stopped by order of P. Mahaney.]

Patrick, widr., a.36y., laborer, s.Dennis and Ellen, and Ellen Sullivan, a.25y., d.Thomas and Margaret, July10,1847.

Patrick (Mahony), and Mary Cronin, Oct.9,1847.CR6

Thomas (Mahony), unm., of Andover, s.Dennis and Johanna, and Hannah Hawly, unm., of Andover, d.Dennis and Hannah, abt. Aug.末,1848. [Aug.28.CR5]*


Jane, and John Pickett, both of Boston, Jan.13,1844.*


Rebecca, and Lorenzo D. Cummings, Apr.2,1837.*


Mary Adelia, of Tewksbury, and William Dyke Phillips, May16,1829.*

MAINS (Main, Maines)

Horatio N., unm., a.23y., carpenter, s.John and Abigail R., and Eliza Ann Weston, unm., a.24y., d.Peleg and Hannah, Nov.5,1846.

John, jr., unm., a.27y., carpenter, s.John and Abigail, and Mary Ann Conner, unm., a.27y., d.Levi and Mary P., Jan.30,1847.

Meribah Ann (Main), of Rochester, NH, and Edward F. Watson, from Nottingham, NH, at Rochester, NH [NY. int.], Apr.12,1835.

Rebecca Jane (Maines), unm., a.18y., operative, d.John and A.R., and John M. Sampson, unm., a.27y., overseer on railroad, s.Robert and Nancy, Feb.20,1849.


Alonzo F., unm., a.25y., machinist, s.David, and Eunice S. Hunt, unm., a.23y., operative, d.Enoch and Adeline, at Dracut, May6,1848.

David B., unm., a.21y., farmer, s.David and Azubah, and Lucy Ann McIntire, wid., a.28y., dressmaker, d.Benjamin and Lydia Smith, July20,1845.


Albert, and Harriet Wason, int.Sept.13,1835.

Albert, and Elizabeth Patterson, Oct.9,1837.

Albert, and Sarah Parker of Gilmanton, NH, int.Dec.1,1839.

Charles, of Brookline, and Harriet C. Thomas, int.Mar.30,1834.


Edward, a.25y., and Julia Daley, a.18y., int.June10,1848.

MALONE (Maloon, Melloon, Meloon, Millone, Milloon)

Catherine (Meloon), and Jeremiah Kennedy, Nov.19,1837.CR5

Catherine (Millone), and Thomas Moriarty, int.July12,1847. [Withdrawn by Catherine Millone July22.]

Elizabeth A. (Miloon), of Dracut, and Henry H. Brown, int.[July12,1847.]

James, unm., a.25y., laborer, b. Ireland, s.John and Mary, and Catherine Heire, unm., a.21y., b. Ireland, d.John and Bridget, Nov.18,1849.

Sarah A. (Melloon), of Dracut, a.21y., d.Henry, and John W. Perkins of Newmarket, a.33y., cordwainer, s.Luther, June12,1848.*

Thomas (Maloon), and Ann Kelley, int.Jan.18,1835.

MALONEY (Malouny, Moloney)

Bridget (Moloney), unm., a.21y., domestic, d.Dennis and Mary, and Michael Healy [], unm., a.22y., mason, s.Malachy and Ann, Jan.7,1845.

Cornelius, widr., a.60y., cloth dyer, s.Patrick and Mary, and Ellen O'Brien, wid., a.35y., d.Cornelius and Mary, July27,1848.

James, and Ellen Merriman, Nov.3,1839.CR5*

Margaret, and James Howard, July14,1840.CR5

Thomas (Malouny), unm., of Methuen, a.22y., laborer, s.Michael, and Jane Cassidy, unm., of Methuen, a.23y., servant, d.Peter, Oct.12,1845.

MANAHAN (Monaghan)


Deloss W., 2d.m., a.22y., operative, b. Cherry Valley, NY, s.David and Susan, and Margaret C. McLaughlin, unm., a.19y., b. Nova Scotia, d.John and Margaret, Sept.20,1849.


M. Homer, of Concord, and Marinda R. Blake, int.Apr.28,1847.


Anne, and James Lavery, int.July31,1836.

MANICE (Maneece, Meanice)

Ann (Meanice), and Patrick McAnn, certif. Nov.23,1834.

Catherine, and Michael Murphy, int.Jan.10,1841.

James, unm., s.Patrick and Catherine, and Bridget Lynch, unm., d.Patrick and Elizabeth, Aug.14,1848.

John (Maneece), and Ann Ryan, int.Jan.31,1836.

Julia, unm., a.25y., d.John and Catherine, and Thomas Hughes, unm., a.30y., laborer, s.Thomas and Nancy, Aug.12,1848.

Mary [], unm., a.20y., operative, d.John and Elisabeth, and Francis Hablitz, unmm., a.21y., operative, s.Francis and Elisabeth, Oct.21,1848.


Adaline E., and John E. Sargeant, int.Feb.22,1849.

Catherine [of L. int.], and Charles Lapham [of], Dec.末,1834. [Dec.22. int.]

Jonathan H., unm., of Boston, and Philener W. Dupee, unm., Nov.11,1848.

Julia Ann, and John M. Kimball, June6,1841.

Lydia, unm., of Manchester, NH, a.29y., dressmaker, d.Benjamin and Sarah, and Elias G. Spaulding, widr., a.38y., carpenter, s.Elias and Betsey, May12,1847.

Mary M., and Horatio G. Burgess, May30,1839.

Rose, and Thomas Dolin, int.Feb.2,1834.

Rosanna, and Alanson Hall, int.July19,1835.

Samuel S., and Sarah Jane Wood, int.Dec.7,1846.

Sarah S., see Seleam, Sarah.

Sarah H., unm., a.36y., dressmaker, d.John and Martha, and Thomas Moses, widr., [Gloucester. int.], a.35y., shipwright, s.Samuel and Abigail, Nov.5,1844.

Zadoch H. [of], and Apphia K. Moore [June30. int.], 1828.

MANNEN (Mannan)

Bridget, and Andrew Fannon, May17,1842.CR5

Patrick (Mannan), and Catherine Henry, certif. Oct.19,1834.

MANNING (Maning, Manion)

Catharine (Maning), unm., a.23y., operative, d.Daniel and Bridget, and Thomas Woods, unm., a.27y., laborer, s.Michael and Margaret, Jan.16,1847.

Daniel (Manion), and Elizabeth [] Moriarty, Feb.8,1843.

Elisha R., unm., organ maker, and Julia Ann Brown, unm., both of Mount Vernon, NH, Oct.7,1847.*

Eliza, and Abel B. King, Jan.16,1837.

Elizabeth M.F. [], of Sturbridge, and Joseph A. Brabrook, at Sturbridge, Jan.28,1841.

Ellen [Maning. dup.], unm., a.15y., operative, d.Michael and Betsey, and Dennis Garvey, unm., a.25y., laborer, s.John and Margaret, June6,1846.

Jesse, of Billerica, and Eleanor Morgan, May14,1838.

John, unm., a.24y., laborer, s.Patrick and Bridget, and Mary Murphy, unm., a.21y., d.Michael and Catharine, Apr.17,1847.

John, widr., a.30y., laborer, s.Michael and Margaret, and Nancy Sanders, unm., a.24y., d.Robert and Ellen, June8,1848.

Mary (Manion), and Thomas Young, July30,1842.

Michael, and Mary Griffin, Apr.29,1848.

Thomas, unm., a.24y., servant, s.Michael and Margaret, and Bridget Conor, unm., a.20y., servant, d.John and Catherine, June11,1847.

Walter K., unm., of Boston, a.24y., innkeeper, s.Peter and Elizabeth, and Frances R. Fullerton, unm., a.20y., d.Samuel and Rhoda, June6,1849.

William, 2d., unm., of Billerica, a.22y., farmer, s.Theophilus and Polly, and Mary Ann Baldwin, unm., of Billerica, a.19y., d.Joel and Mary F., Apr.16,1846.*

MANSFIELD (Mansefield)

Emery, and Mary H. Holmes, Sept.18,1841.

George W., of Wilmot, NH, and Sarah Tuttle, int.Dec.2,1842. [Withdrawn Dec.10. "Cash repaid to son of Sarah Tuttle or Duboyes."]

James, and Johanna Dempsey, int.Jan.20,1833.

Keziah B. [of Gilsum, NH. int.], and Joseph Carter [Cater. int.], Aug.7,1838.

Louisa (Mansefield), and John Nason, [at Chelmsford.dup.], May26,1839.

Mary Jane, and John A. Kelley, certif. Aug.31,1834.

Mary Ann, and James M. Pusher [Pushee. int.], Sept.22,1841.

Marinda, and Washington Sherman, July3,1842.

Rachel Ann, and William W. Morse, at Chelmsford, Apr.25,1841.

Rhoda L[], unm., a.28y., milliner, d.Asa and Rachel, and Oliver A. Charters, unm., a.25y., carpet weaver, s.William A. and Sarah, May10,1846.


Alvah, and Elizabeth Wood of Littleton, int.Mar.9,1829.

Augusta H., and George H. Griffin of Haverhill, int.Apr.27,1834.

Catharine M., and Samuel C. Pratt, Jan.3,1842.

David, and Dolly Herrick, Oct.15,1835.

Elizabeth, wid., and Alfred W. Whittredge, widr., blacksmith, July24,1845.

Franklin, and Betsey W. Foster, int.Mar.28,1831.

Harriet, and William W. George, Oct.10,1830.

Harriet R., and John Nesmith, Oct.19,1840.

Harriet, unm., a.21y., operative, d.John and Elizabeth, and Jay Chamberlain, unm., of Manchester, a.22y., mechanic, s.Charles and Telles, Nov.17,1845.*

Mary Ann, and Asa M. Herrick, Oct.末,1834.*


Charles W., and Sylva A. Hazard of Billerica, Sept.17,1840.CR1

Willard, of Seekonk, and Louisa Jewett, Jan.1,1838.

William S., and Margaret Fagins, Aug.5,1839.


Caroline A., and Joseph Bright, June7,1838.

David, jr., and Martha Kidder, int.Mar.23,1829.

Dorcas, see Marsh, Dorcas.

Joseph, and Nancy Kidder, at Westford, Mar.19,1835.

Maria, and Samuel B. Feild [], May13,1834.

Martha C., and Shubael Collins, int.Oct.20,1839.

Martha, wid., and Sewell Pratt, widr., Sept.17,1843.

Martha M., unm., a.19y., d.David and Martha, and Samuel P. Pierce, unm., a.25y., coppersmith, b. Westmoreland, NH, s.Samuel and Abigail, Oct.7,1849.

MARCH (Merch, Murch)

Colman W. [Murch.certif.], of Lynn [of Taunton. certif.], and Martha P. Johnson, Sept.29,1836.

Eliza M. (Merch) [], unm., a.21y., operative, d.Ephraim and Lucinda, and Daniel M. Foss, unm., of Alton, NH, a.25y., tailor, s.Samuel M. and Polly, July27,1845.

Ichabod, and Elizabeth Perkins, int.Dec.23,1827.

Isaac W., of Billerica, and Nancy A. Greely, Sept.7,1842.

Mary E. (Murch), unm., a.21y., operative, d.Josiah and Olive, and James C. Stanley, unm., a.20y., operative, s.James and Hannah, at Dracut, Nov.13,1847.

Sophia L., of Londonderry, NH, and Stephen Wright, int.Apr.21,1833.


Drury F., and Susanna Adams, at Framingham, Aug.1,1842.

MARDEN (Mardin, Morden)

Amanda T., of Allenstown, NH, and Alfred E. Adams of Barnstead, NH, May18,1849.*

Ann [Martin. int.], unm., a.18y., operative, d.T. and S., and Joseph W. Huntoon, unm., a.21y., operative, s.A. and P., May19,1846.

Charles, and Nancy Piper, int.Nov.11,1843.

Hannah (Mardin), and Benjamin Chamberlain, July26,1835.

Hannah W. (Mardin), and Edward M. Hutchinson, May24,1840.

Honora, see Marden, Onny.

Onny [Honora Madden.CR5], and Thomas Duffee, Aug.21,1836.CR5

Jeremiah A., and Joann Dyer [Dyar. dup.], July3,1839.

Olive E., and William Craig, int.Mar.28,1846.

Orinda [Mardin. int.], and Bela S. Caswell of Quincy, Nov.10,1839.

Patrick (Morden), and Mary Agerty, certif. Oct.1,1837.

Rebecca, and Lorenzo D. Cummings, certif. Mar.19,1837.

Samuel, and Abigail Emerson, int.Apr.29,1826.

Solomon, and Mary Converse, both of Windham, NH, June5,1839.*


Mary H., and John M. [Henry M. int.] Ide of Boston, Sept.11,1836.

MARK (Marks)

James M.C., and Catherine Fadder, Jan.7,1840.

William (Marks), unm., a.28y., dyer, s.Thomas and Mary Reany, and Martha Magee, unm., a.29y., d.George and Jane Scott, Feb.15,1848.


Mary, unm., a.22y., operative, d.James and Ellen, and Joseph Henry Baker, unm., a.26y., carpet weaver, s.Anton and Clara, June28,1846.


Adaline, and Nicholas G. York, Oct.7,1840.

Martha A., and Benjamin T. Peasley, Dec.18,1836.


Lucina G., see Martin, Lucina G.

MARONEY (Maronay, Moroony)

Bridget, and John O'Brien, int.July1,1846.

Catharine (Maronay), and William Connelly, Apr.30,1839.CR5

Jane (Moroony), unm., a.32y., domestic, d.Jeremia and Mary, and Thomas McCahy, unm., a.28y., waiter, s.Thomas and Catharine, Apr.13,1845.


Horatio P., see Moore, Horatio P.

Joseph R., Rev., of Saugus, and Hannah M. Webster, int.Feb.18,1843.

Julia, 2d.m., a.34y., b. Nova Scotia, d.John and Susan Welch, and Matthias Crapf, unm., a.38y., operative, b. Germany, s.Johan and M[], Oct.20,1849.


Abby A., unm., of Hudson, NH, a.22y., b. Hudson, NH, d.Thomas and Abigail, and J. Kimball Wheeler, unm., a.27y., pattern maker, b. Lyndeboro, NH, s.Josiah and Dolly, int.Nov.5,1849.

Almerin A., and Lucy A[nn.CR1] Buckman, Aug.15,1841.

Austin [Dr. int.], of Carlisle, and Mary [W. int.] Skelton, July21,1839. [1840. dup.]

Clarissa L., unm., a.29y., operative, d.William and Parmey, and Thomas Bedford [], widr., a.38y., barber, s.John and Ann, Feb.13,1848.

Daniel, and Sarah Culver, July5,1841.

Dorcas [Marble. int.], and William McFarlin, May6,1832.

James, of Northfield, NH, and Lucinda Cate, certif. May28,1837.

James L., and Sarah H. Nasmith, int.Sept.11,1848.

Joseph, of Pelham, NH, and Armine A. Dearborn, int.Mar.10,1849.

Martha A., and John C. Persons, int.Mar.27,1848.

Samuel, and Persis Abbott of Boylston, int.Mar.25,1838.

Sarah, and Philander [Philanthro. int.] Thompson of Woburn, Oct.22,1835.

Sarah J., and Hiram Martin, June15,1843.

Sylvanus T., unm., a.20y., tanner, s.S.L. and D., and Augustus [] E. Persons, unm., a.20y., operative, d.J. and M.A., May28,1846.

Thomas, widr., of Hudson, NH, a.51y., b. Dracut, yeoman, s.Ebenezer and Susanna, and Sarah Woodbury, unm., a.40y., seamstress, d.John and Abigail, July1,1847.

William J., and Welthen Allen, May1,1839.

MARSHALL (Marshal)

Abiah, and William Tyler of Amesbury, int.May2,1841.

Abigail W., and Michael Fannon, Mar.13,1831.

Amanda M., and Manorman Cram of Deerfield, NH, June16,1840.

Bradley, and Hannah S. Clough, Mar.10,1844.

Charles, and Electa Pollard, Sept.22,1833.

Charles P., of West Newbury, and Eunice A. Parker, May25,1837.

Charles G., unm., a.25y., operative, s.Ebenezer and Mary, and Mary Jane Coburn, unm., a.24y., dressmaker, d.Robert and Jane, Dec.30,1845.

Eliza A. [of], and George Marshall, July31,1836.

Elizabeth C., and Thomas Durant of Dracut, int.Sept.4,1836.

Elizabeth M., unm., a.25y., operative, d.Henry and Henrietta, and Matthew Molloy, unm., a.24y., laborer, s.John and Mary, July19,1845.

Elizabeth, unm., of Tyngsborough, a.20y., d.James and Dorcas, and Gilbert Hamblet, unm., of Hudson, NH, a.25y., carpenter, s.Thomas and Tamah, Jan.19,1848.*

George, and Eliza A. Marshall [of], July31,1836.

Hannah, and David Shed, Dec.28,1828.

Hannah, and Nathan Peobody, int.July18,1830.

Hannah, and John Spaulding of Wilton, NH, Feb.14,1837.

Herbert, and Mary P. Butterfield, Dec.24,1840.*

Hezekiah, unm., a.49y., farmer, s.Samuel and Sybil, and Hannah E. Garland, unm., a.30y., housekeeper, d.Richard and Mary, Dec.22,1845.

Horatio C., unm., a.26y., mason, s.Jesse and Dorcas, and Mary A. Brown, unm., a.23y., d.Eben and Mary, Oct.30,1846.*

Joel M. [unm.dup.], painter, a.26y., s.Eton and Lucy, and Harriet Boody [unm.dup.], operative, a.24y., d.Joseph and Mary, at Dracut, Dec.29,1844.

John S., and Mary B. Pierce, int.Sept.14,1834.

John B., of New York, and Hannah D. Walton, July30,1842.

John, and Mary Ring, int.Oct.9,1848.

Joshua, of Lynn, and Clarrissa Jones, int.June5,1831.

Julia Ann, and Reuben Taylor, both of Pelham, NH, Oct.8,1845.*

Lestina, unm., operative, d.Thomas and Martha, and Abner F. Bailey, unm., operative, s.David and Linda, Sept.22,1846.

Loring, and Abigail M. Haskell, Feb.16,1841.

Lucy A., and John W. Smith, Mar.25,1841.

Luther, and Mrs.Agnes Sanborn, int.Apr.7,1839.

Martha, and True Wiggins, Apr.17,1839.*

Martha C., and Andrew J. Hoyt, Sept.27,1842.

Mary, of Tewksbury, and Jonathan Spaulding, b. Tewksbury, s.Rev. Sampson, Feb.11,1771.PR1*

Mary S., of Boston, and Samuel Richardson, int.July28,1829.

Mary, and Robert B. Reed, Sept.20,1834.

Mary E. [Marshal. dup.], and Thomas W. Allen, Oct.1,1837.

Mary, of Lyndeborough, NH, and Brooks Shattuck, Sept.26,1838.

Nathaniel H., and Sophronia Currier, July24,1833.

Otis, and Sarah Lampson, Nov.15,1834.*

Rosanna, unm., a.23y., d.Norris and Judith, and David J. Bean, unm., a.25y., painter, s.David and Mary, May22,1844.

Sabra, of Pelham, and Moses Runnels, int.May29,1826.

Samuel, of Boston, and Ednah Farr, int.July8,1843.

Sarah E., and William H. Oliver, Oct.20,1833.

Sarah, wid., of Billerica, a.39y., d.John and Catharine Lampson, and William Cutler, unm., of Billerica, a.32y., farmer, s.Charles and Betsey, Dec.17,1846.*

Sewall T., and Catherine B. Hand, both of Dracut, Nov.18,1841.*

Thomas, and Pheby Mixon [Wixon. int.], July11,1833.

Thomas, and M[] N. Wiggin [of L. int.], both of Chelmsford, May24,1835.

William, and Dorcas Hill, int.Dec.8,1828.

MARSTON (Maston)

Amos jr., and Abby J. Danforth of Billerica, int.Oct.19,1844.

Anna Maria, unm., of Machiasport, ME, a.21y., b. Machiasport, ME, d.Jonathan, Esq. [and Sarah of Machiasport. int.], and William A. Richardson, Esq., unm., a.27y.[], lawyer, b. Tyngsborough, s.Daniel, Esq. [and Mary, of], Oct.29,1849.

Dudley P., see Marston, Jefferson D.

Frances H., unm., a.20y., d.Shurburne and Lydia, and Daniel B. Spaulding, unm., a.27y., jobber, s.Daniel and Abigail, Sept.14,1846.

George, and Mary H. Greenleaf of Haverhill, int.Nov.6,1847.

Hannah, of Tewksbury, and Cyrus Farrar, int.May16,1831.

James, and Judith T. Collier, int.Jan.8,1848.

Jefferson D. [Dudley P. int.], and Susen R. Miller, July28,1834.

Jonathan M., Capt., and Ursula S. Collins, int.Apr.9,1830.

Jonathan M., and Mary Ann Currier of Salisbury, int.Oct.23,1841.

Josiah, of Charlestown, and Eliza Ann Collier, Mar.20,1841.

Josiah S., and Henrietta M. Emerson, int.Oct.28,1843.

Mary Ann, and Thomas Ball, int.Feb.9,1834.

Mary D. [P. int.] (Maston), and Caleb M. Bean, Apr.1,1841.

Mary C., unm., a.23y., dressmaker, d.Jacob and Phebe, and Charles Raymond, unm., a.22y., machinist, s.Daniel and Sally, Aug.9,1847.

Rosa, and Thomas McGuire, certif. Jan.18,1835.

Rufus, and Lodica [] Judkins of Hopkinton, NH, Oct.20,1831.

Samuel, of Tewksbury, and Betsey M. Noyes, Aug.12,1840.

Samuel B., and Sarah E. Cousines, int.June12,1847.

Sally [], and Reuben Corliss, Dec.26,1842.

Sophronia, unm., a.21y., operative, and Isaac Jones, unm., a.24y., operative, Feb.3,1847.

Sullivan, and Catharine Weymouth, int.Aug.25,1847.

MARTIN (Marlin)

Abigail, and Milton Moore, int.Nov.14,1830.

Almira C., of Andover, and Daniel R. Wallace, int.Jan.27,1849.

Ambrose, unm., a.20y., boot maker, s.William and Mary, and Bridget Gardner, unm., a.19y., operative, d.Andrew and Mary, Nov.21,1846.

Ann, see Marden, Ann.

Atlanta H., unm., a.23y., dressmaker, d.Ebenezer and Olive, and Albert Jenne, unm., a.29y., mason, s.Frazier and Mary, May16,1847.

Charles L., and Orpha Ferrin, Mar.12,1842.

Charlotte, unm., a.20y., operative, d.John and Jane, and Hugh O'Neil [O'Neill. int.], unm., a.26y., operative, s.John and Jane, Aug.14,1847.

Clarrisa H., and Nathaniel D. Hardy,末蔓末,1836. [May8. int.]

Daniel, a.22y., operative, s.James and Ann, and Ann McQuade, unm., a.23y., operative, d.James and Catherine, Sept.21,1848.

Eastman S., and Philena Cobb, int.Mar.11,1848.

Edward, unm., a.23y., carpenter, s.Edward and Mary, and Ann Garrity [Ellen.CR3;], unm., a.24y., milliner, d.Bartly and Nancy, Nov.30,1844.

Edward, unm., a.26y., operative, s.John and Bridget, and Ellen Avery, unm., a.20y., operative, d.John and Ellen, Sept.2,1848.

Edward J., unm., a.20y., machinist, s.Edward and Sybil F., and Ann R. Black, unm., [of], a.18y., operative, d.Jonathan and Mary H., May6,1849.

Eliza, and Cumins Parris, Aug.17,1840.

Eliza Ann, and William Lewis, int.Nov.29,1840.

Elizabeth T. [L. int.], and Joseph McQuistin of Nashua, NH, Apr.21,1842.

Ellen, and Ed[] Roach, Nov.5,1837.CR5

Ezra A., and Eliza Ann Badger, Jan.31,1837.

Franklin, unm., a.27y., tin peddler, b. West Fairlee, VT, s.Thomas and Susan, and Matilda C. Pickering, unm., of Chelmsford, a.35y., b. Rochester, NH, d.William Samuel and Abigail, Oct.17,1849.

Frederike Louisa, of Boston, and Dr. Christian Frederic Geist, int.Sept.7,1844.

Hannah, and Col. Benjamin P. Brown, int.Oct.27,1826.

Henry [Austin. int.], unm., of Roxbury, a.24y., physician, s.Henry J. and Mary, and Frances C[offin. int.] Crosby, unm., a.22y., d.Nathan and Rebecca M., Aug.9,1848.

Hiram, and Sarah J. Marsh, June15,1843.

James H., and Susan Corliss, Nov.2,1842.

Jane, and Samuel L. Lewis, Jan.31,1838.*

Jane, and Jeremiah Nelson, Jan.13,1849.CR1

John, and Caroline E. Souther of Haverhill, int.July8,1832.

John, unm., a.26y., laborer, s.John and Bridget, and Sabina [Sibby.dup.] Barrett, unm., a.25y., operative, d.Patrick and Catherine, Sept.30,1847.

Joseph T., and Saloma Burbank, int.Aug.29,1831.

Lucina G. [Marlin. int.], and Lewis George, Aug.21,1838.

Margaret, and Edward Williams, Feb.5,1837.CR5

Margaret, and John Long, Apr.25,1839.CR5

Mary, and Marstin Airly, int.Apr.6,1834.

Mary Ann, and Daniel Kaley, Nov.25,1839.CR5

Mary A., and James Patrick, int.Nov.2,1844.

Michael, and Sarah A. Eaton, May2,1843.

Michael, widr., a.29y., laborer, s.John and Mary, and Anne Kiefe, unm., a.26y., operative, d.Daniel and Anne, Nov.25,1846.

Moses, and Hannah C. Rowe, int.May5,1833.

Sophronia, of Manchester, NH, and Nathaniel Hall of Allenstown, NH, Feb.19,1848.*

Thomas [of Manchester, NH. int.], unm., a.25y., laborer, s.John and Catherine, and Charlotte McDonnell, unm., a.18y., operative, d.Charles and Bridget, Nov.8,1846.

William, and Joanna L. Durant of Fitchburg, int.Dec.29,1842.

William B., unm., of Somersworth, NH, a.22y., merchant, s.John and Clarissa, and Clara M. Wallingford, unm., a.21y., d.Peter and Sarah, Feb.7,1848.

William, unm., of Thetford [], a.26y., laborer, s.William and Abigail, and Mary R. Hadley, unm., a.22y., operative, d.Peter and Elizabeth, Dec.19,1848.


Caleb M., and Mary Porter of Troy, int.Sept.21,1826.


Sarah, of Beverly, and Ephraim Stone, int.Jan.1,1832.


Abigail, and Arad Worcester, Jan.4,1835.*

Andrew A., and Sarah S. Williams, int.Nov.29,1842.

Archibald, unm., a.22y., teamster, s.George and Elizabeth, and Catharine Brown, unm., a.21y., operative, d.John and Catherine, Sept.24,1847.

Caroline R., and Francis Dounell [Donnell. int.], Apr.6,1834.

Elizabeth, unm., a.19y., d.Martin and Catharine, and Samuel Wilkins, 2d., unm., of Middleton, a.32y., s.D. and Mary, Apr.6,1845.

Elizabeth A., unm., a.17y., d.C. and Alura, and Jonathan M. Smith, unm., a.22y., machinist, s.J., Aug.19,1848.

Emily E., of Sturbridge, and John McGregory, int.May21,1845.

Hazen R., and Mary C. Burt, both of Methuen, Oct.9,1842.*

Henry, and Melissa A. Heath, both unm., May23,1848.

Hiram, and Sarah Barrows of Thetford, VT, int.Aug.3,1843.

Isaac, and Sarah A.C. Young, both of Chelmsford, Feb.14,1837.*

John F., and Elizabeth A. Foss, int.Oct.25,1847.

Joseph, and Abigail Bascom, Feb.27,1834.

Julia Ellen, and Lemuel Clark, jr., int.Mar.27,1847.

Lydia L., and Edward Wilson [of Dracut. int.], Dec.25,1843.

Mary A., and Amos Proctor, int.June24,1830.

Mary Ann, and Alfred Seaver of Swansey, NH, Apr.24,1842.

Rufus, of Boston, and Lucy Ann Kimball, int.May3,1840.

Sarah C., unm., [of Dover, NH. int.], a.25y., operative, d.George R. and Mary, and William A. Blaisdell, unm., of Manchester, NH [of L. int.], a.28y., painter, s.William and Hannah, Feb.19,1845.

Sarah, unm., a.37y., and Israel E. Cheney, widr., a.60y., musician, Dec.18,1848.*

Sarah J., unm., a.19y., b. Lovell, ME, d.Jonathan and Dorothy, and Leonard W. Chase, 2d m., a.22y., machinist, b. Hopkinton, NH, s.Jacob and Hannah, Oct.11,1849.

Stephen, and Betsey J. Austin, July16,1842.

Susanna, and George E. Holt of Andover, Mar.27,1843.

Thomas C., and Hannah H. Boynton, both of Dracut, Aug.20,1843.*

William, of Springfield, VT, and Almira Webber, int.Sept.2,1832.

MASTERSON (Marsterson)

Margaret (Marsterson), and William McKnown, int.Feb.1,1835.

Mary, unm., a.30y., d.John and Catherine, and Edward Murphy, widr., a.40y., laborer, s.William and Mary, July3,1849.

William, and Mary Farrell, Aug.23,1836.CR5

William, unm., a.24y., laborer, s.James and Catherine, and Catherine Brennan, unm., a.20y., d.James and Margaret, Aug.21,1847.


Hannah Jane, unm., a.20y., s.William and Hannah, and Charles Nichols, unm., a.23y., mason, s.William and Judith, May8,1846.

Samuel A., unm., of Manchester, NH, a.24y., operative, s.William and Hannah, and Persis F. Hutchins, unm., a.25y., operative, d.David and Betsey, Apr.14,1846.

MATHISON (Mathewson)

Martin, and Ann Maria Parker of Dover, NH, int.Oct.11,1845.

Mary (Mathewson), and John Nichols, Sept.3,1847.

MATTHEWS (Mathes, Mathews, Mathis)

Abraham (Mathes), and Dorothy Priest, int.Nov.8,1835.

Calvin S., and Mary Bailey of Newbury, VT, int.June1,1844.

Catharine (Mathews), unm., a.24y., d.James and Ann, and Timothy Twomey, unm., a.30y., laborer, s.John and Ellen, Feb.16,1847.

Elizabeth E. (Mathews), unm., a.16y., b. Stansted, VT. (sic), d.George and Jane, and Charles E. Jefts, unm., a.24y., moulder, b. Billerica, s.Simeon and Lucretia, int.Aug.1,1849.

Hannah H. (Mathews), unm., a.24y., operative, d.Samuel and Hannah, and Orin T. Hill, widr., a.22y., machinist, s.Nathaniel and Mary, Jan.2,1848.

Joseph (Mathews), and Nancy J. Smart, int.May11,1834.

Leonard B., unm., a.24y., carpenter, s.John and Cynthia, and Hannah S. Prescott, unm., [of Holderness, NH. int.], a.22y., tailoress, d.Samuel and Sarah, Jan.5,1845.

Mary (Mathews), and Henry Knox, int.Nov.13,1836.

Nancy J., wid., a.51y., d.John and Sarah Smart, and Lyman W. Carter, widr.[of Morristown, VT. int.], a.59y., carpenter, s.John and Sarah, Aug.17,1847.

Sarah F. (Mathis), of Durham, NH, and Thomas S. Kennard, int.Aug.16,1835.

Sophia (Mathews), and Rufus R. Ellis of Fitzwilliam, NH, Nov.10,1839.

William, and Olive Philbrick, Feb.18,1844.


George, and Maria M. Thompson of Derry, int.Apr.1,1838.

Warren, and Augusta Proctor, Sept.7,1837.

MAUDE (Maud)

Ellen, of Roxbury, and William Howgate, int.May20,1848.

Robert (Maud), and Harriette Tiffaney, int.Mar.22,1830.


John, of Augusta, ME, and Martha H. Fellows, int.Jan.1,1843.


Arthur L., unm., a.26y., operative, s.Samuel and Betsey, and Orissa Anderson, unm., a.23y., operative, s.John and Nancy, Jan.6,1845.

Elizabeth, and Oscar Sawyer, Dec.3,1842.

Martha Ann, and Josiah W. French, Dec.4,1841.

Rufus, and Irene Johnson, Sept.5,1837.


Betsey, and Kennith McLeod, Feb.21,1843.

Matthias, unm., a.25y., carpenter, b. Ireland, s.Matthias and Jane, and Catharine Reilley, unm., a.28y., b. Ireland, d.Patrick and Margaret, Oct.1,1849.

Sarah L., unm., a.20y., operative, d.Benjamin and Lucinda, and Azariah B. Wadleigh, unm., a.25y., carpenter, s.Ichabod and Lavina, Dec.21,1845.


Betsey F., unm., a.20y., d.Whitcomb and Mary, and Thomas Blake, unm., a.25y., farmer, s.William and Sarah, Dec.13,1846.

James, of Manchester, NH, and Mary L. Paul [Paull. int.], Sept.7,1840.

John T., of Freeport, ME, and Eliza Jane Stockwell [at Boston. in pencil.], Apr.3,1844.

John T., widr., of Albany, NY, a.34y., founder, s.Isaac J. and Lucretia, and Abigail P. Libby, wid., of Newburyport, a.28y., d.John and Sally, May17,1845.*


Benjamin, of Chilmark, Martha's Vinyard, and Hannah Smith, int.Oct.28,1843.


Abigail Ann, and William W[] Walcot, Feb.5,1834.

Abigail, and William P. Hayward of Boston, Mar.17,1835.

Almira, and Seth Morrill of Tewksbury, int.Feb.2,1834.

Elizabeth, of Sudbury, and Moses C. Hurlbut, certif. Sept.21,1834.

A.B., and Mary A. Merriam, Jan.4,1837.

John T. (Manar), and Rebecca J. Elliott, July28,1839.


Charlotte, and Alfred Nutter, int.Oct.1,1842.

Enoch B., of Acworth, NH, and Eliza Carey, int.Oct.17,1830.

Henry, Rev., of Ashburnham, and Betsey Goodnow, int.May2,1831.

Joseph R., unm., of Greenfield, a.22y., manufacturer, s.Samuel, and Catharine G. Caulkins, unm., a.25y., d.William, Feb.19,1845.

Sarah W., and Amariah [Amaziah G. int.] Lucas, July16,1837.

William H., and Jane Hale, int.Nov.28,1831.

McADAM (McAdams)

John (McAdams), unm., a.31y., weaver, and Agnes Leishman, unm., a.23y., d.Archibald, Jan.7,1845.

Mary, and William P. Deechan of East Cambridge, int.Aug.19,1844.

Susan, and Thomas Deechan, May10,1840.CR5


Ann [Eliza Ann. int.], and John S. Gilman, Apr.10,1837.

Eliza Ann, see McAffee, Ann.


Thomas [of L., 22y., laborer, s.James and Ellen. int.], and Mary Gallagher [a.24y., d.Daniel and Margaret. int.], June16,1849.


William, and Ann McGlaughland, Nov.29,1837.CR5


Patrick, unm., a.26y., laborer, b. Ireland, s.Patrick and Eliza, and Mary Conway, unm., a.22y., b. Ireland, d.Michael and Eleanor, Oct.3,1849.

McALLISTER (McAlister, McAlster, McCallister, McCollister)

Alexander (McCollister), unm., of South Reading, a.27y., carpenter, s.Daniel and Margaret, and Mary Jane Strong, unm., a.23y., operative, d.Samuel and Ann, July29,1846.

Clarissa (McAlister), unm., of Dracut, a.15y., operative, d.John and L., and James H. French, unm., of Tewksbury, a.20y., baker, s.Moses and Mary, at Dracut, Aug.12,1847.*

Ira (McAlster), and Lucinda Lovrein, certif. Oct.5,1834.

Isabel, unm., a.19y., operative, d.Daniel and Margaret, and Levi Hall, jr., unm., a.24y., operative, s.Levi and Nancy, May4,1847.

James (McAlister), and Fedleia Champlin, int.Mar.21,1842.

Mary A. (McCallister), and John A. Slack, Jan.1,1843.

Nelson (McCollister), unm., a.29y., laborer, s.John and Louisa, and Mary McGlaughlin, unm., a.19y., d.Francis and Mary, May1,1848.

Sophronia, and Samuel W. Parsons, May7,1839.


Arthur, unm., a.25y., laborer, s.James and Catherine, and Bridget McQuiad, unm., a.24y., d.Patrick and Mary, Feb.26,1848.

McALPINE (McAlpin)

Jane, and John M. Lull, Nov.10,1840.

John, and Lucy G. Chandler of Hopkinton, NH, int.Apr.14,1839.

Julia (McAlpin), and Leander C. Lull, May23,1841.

McANULTY (McAnalty, McAnnully, McNulty)

Francis, unm., a.27y., moulder, s.Bernard and Mary, and Catharine Mongan, unm., a.21y., operative, d.Maurice and Mary, Oct.2,1845.

Jane, unm., a.25y., domestic, d.Charles and Ann, and Patrick Davlin, unm., a.23y., laborer, s.Owen and Bridet, Apr.1,1845.

John (McAnalty), and Ezzabella McCafrey, int.Oct.27,1833.

Joseph (McNulty), of Augusta, ME, a.23y., b. Ireland, s.Gorman and Bridget, and Alice McCuskel [Cosker. dup.], a.20y., b. Ireland, d.Bernard and Ellen, Nov.7,1849.*

Margret, and William [] Hill, Oct.25,1844. [1843.CR1 and int.]

Margaret, unm., a.20y., d.Michael and Rosanna, and Farrell McOsker [Casher. int.], unm., a.22y., laborer, s.Owen and Alice, June3,1848. [June4.CR3]

Mary, unm., a.22y., d.Cormick and Bridget, and John Gallagher, unm., a.22y., laborer, s.Felix and Alice, Sept.23,1847.

Michael (McNulty), and Margaret Connelly, July23,1838.CR5

Patrick (McAnnully), and Mary An Carrigain, int.Mar.20,1848. [Stopped by P. McAnnully Mar.21.]

Patrick, and Catherine Lee, int.Sept.6,1848.

Rose Ann (McNulty), unm., a.20y., d.Patrick and Mary, and Patrick Quinn, unm., a.25y.laborer, s.Henry and Rose, Nov.16,1848.

Sarah, unm., a.21y., b. Ireland, d.Michael and Bridget, and James O'Brien, 2d.m., of Westford, a.30y., farmer, b. Ireland, s.Arthur and Sarah, int.Dec.25,1849.

William (McNulty), and Honorah Clearey, Aug.15,1839.CR5


Edward, and Ellen Coerolin [Carrolan. int.], June25,1843.

McARTHUR (McArther)

Hecter (McArther), and Sarah Parker, abt. 1830. [Sept.19,1830. int.]

Hector, widr., a.45y., weaver, s.Hector and Mary, and Nancy P. Law, unm., a.30y., housekeeper, d.Samuel and Mercy, July29,1845.


Patrick, unm., a.24y., laborer, s.Edward and Ellen, and Margaret Farrell, unm., a.20y., d.Michael and Mary, Aug.8,1847.


James, unm., a.23y., laborer, s.James and Sarah, and Catharine Duffy, unm., a.20y., servant, d.Michael and Hannah, July26,1847.

James, 2d.m., of Nashua, a.35y., laborer, b. Ireland, s.Henry and Catherine, and Mary Peyton, unm., of Nashua, a.30y., b. Ireland, d.Patrick and Alice, Oct.13,1849.

Susan, and Bernard Dolan, Jan.16,1849.


Jane, see O'Brien, Jane.


Jane, of Boston, and John O. Green, int.Apr.7,1839.

McCABE (McKabe)

Alexander, unm., a.22y., laborer, s.Patrick and Mary, and Mary Grant, unm., a.21y., operatie, d.Thomas and Mary, Aug.16,1845.

Anne, unm., operative, and John McCormick, unm., operative, Dec.5,1848. [Dec.30.CR6]

Bernard, and Ellen Brown, int.Jan.9,1847.

Bridget (McKabe), unm., a.24y., operative, d.Patrick and Bridget, and George Kerr, widr., a.29y., operative, s.James and Mary, Aug.15,1846.

Catherine [McNab. certif.], and Patrick Clark, Jan.14,1838.CR5

Dolly, unm., operative, and John Monaghan, unm., laborer, Aug.2,1848.

Francis, and Catharine Fox, Mar.6,1848.

James, and Mary McElroy, int.Jan.18,1835.

John, unm., a.19y., laborer, s.John, and Anne Murphy, unm., a.22y., servant, d.Thomas and Julia, Jan.30,1847.

Julia, see Cox, Julia.

Margaret, and John O'Healy [O'Melea.CR6], both of Manchester, NH, Dec.13,1847. [Dec.22.CR6]*

Mary, of Manchester, NH, a.29y., d.Owen and Catherine, and Christopher Sweeney of New Britain, CT, a.28y., s.Timothy and Mary, Nov.15,1849.*

Owen, and Anne Rogers, May8,1848.

Thomas, and Mary Innis, Feb.11,1849.CR5*

William, and Mary E[] Casey, May3,1841.CR5

Winfred, unm., a.20y., d.Patrick and Ellen, and Hugh Regan [Ragan. int.], unm., a.24y., laborer, s.Owen and Dalia, Feb.10,1849.

McCAFFREY (McCaffry, McCafrey, McCaghney, McCalfrey)

Alice, unm., a.19y., seamstress, d.Edward and Eliza, and Thomas [John. int.] Lannon, unm., [of Cambridge. int.], a.22y., grocer, s.Patrick and Catherine, June26,1847.

Charles (McCalfrey), of Poultney, VT, and Hannah McVey, int.Oct.27,1833.

Elizabeth (McCaghney), and John Whittaker, Apr.22,1842.

Elizabeth (McCaffry), unm., a.26y., operative, d.Thomas and Rose, and William Faherty, unm., a.30y., operative, s.William and Cornelia, June5,1847.

Hannah, unm., a.25y., d.Thomas and Rose, and James Liddy, widr., [of Taunton. int.], a.40y., laborer, s.Bryan and Rose, Jan.19,1848.

Ezzabella (McCafrey), and John McAnalty, int.Oct.27,1833.

Isabella, see McCaffrey, Ezzabella.

James (McCaffry), unm., [of Lancaster. int.], a.26y., laborer, s.Phelix and Bridget, and Sarah McLaughlin, unm., a.24y., d.Patrick and Rosanna, Nov.30,1848.

Thomas and Agnus Wedderburn [Widdaburn. int.], July21,1842.

McCAHEY (McCahy)

Mary, and Hugh O'Neil, July12,1842.

Thomas (McCahy), unm., a.28y., waiter, s.Thomas and Catharine, and Jane Moroony, unm., a.32y., domestic, d.Jeremia and Mary, Apr.13,1845.


John [Cahill. int.], and Catharine O'Reily [], Aug.11,1842.

Patrick, of Manchester, NH, and Ellen McKone, int.Aug.30,1845. [Withdrawn by Ellen McKone Sept.8.]

McCANN (McAnn, McCanne, McCarn, McCarne, McCenn, McGanne)

Ann (McCarn) [McCarne. int.], and Francis Slavin, Feb.23,1848.

Eliza (McGanne), and John Hill [jr. int.], Aug.15,1843.

James (McGanne), widr., a.28y., laborer, s.Michael and Sally, and Margaret Donnelly, unm., a.30y., operative, d.Charles and Isabelle, July7,1846.

Mary (McCarn), and James Bradley, certif. Oct.19,1834.

Mary, see McKenna, Mary.

Mary Ann (McGanne), and John Cline, July17,1843.

Mary, and Francis Rodgers, int.Jan.27,1844.

Mary, operative, and Mark Cummins, operative, Nov.20,1848.

Neill, and Catherine Costen, int.Aug.8,1848.

Neal (McCanne), 2d m., [], laborer, b. Ireland [s.Neal. int.], and Anne McDonald, unm.[of L., a.20y., dressmaker. int.], b. Ireland [], Oct.28,1849.

Patrick (McAnn), and Ann Meanice, certif. Nov.23,1834.

Patrick, unm., a.25y., laborer, s.Dennis and Mary, and Catharine Casey, unm., a.17y., operative, d.Charles and Mary McCarty, Sept.11,1847.

Rodrick (McCenn), and Euginiea Laurant, int.May6,1832.

Rosanna, and John Blaisdell, July26,1841.

Susan, and Lawrence Riodan, int.July27,1834.


Mary, and Thomas Calihon, int.Nov.20,1831.


Isabella, and Michael Conlin, June30,1836.CR5

McCARREN (McCarron)

Alice, and Thomas Carlon, Nov.20,1839.CR5

Isabella, unm., a.22y., d.Edward and Rose, and Simon Donnelly, unm., a.30y., laborer, s.Thomas and Ann, Feb.7,1849.

James, and Catherine O'Connel, Mar.3,1840.CR5*

Margaret, unm., a.22y., domestic, d.Patrick and Sarah, and Patrick Chrorkin, unm., a.22y., laborer, s.Patrick and Sarah, Oct.18,1845.

Sarah (McCarron), unm., a.18y., b. Ireland, d.Thomas and Rose, and William Kenney, unm., a.21y., laborer, b. Ireland, s.Christopher and Elizabeth, Nov.24,1849. [Nov.10.CR3]


Patrick, unm., a.28y., laborer, b. Ireland, s.James and Bridget, and Mary McCluskey, unm., a.21y., b. Ireland, d.Dennis and Mary, Nov.9,1849.

McCARTY (Carty, Maccarter, McCarte, McCarter, McCarthey, McCarthy, McCorte)

Ann (McCarthy), and Patrick Herlihy, laborer, both unm., Feb.6,1849.

Barney (McCorte), widr., a.48y., laborer, s.Hugh and Ann, and Rosanna Lynch, wid., a.50y., d.Francis and Bridget, July16,1847.

Bridget (Carty), unm., a.25y., servant, d.James and Maria, and Bernard Kelly, unm., a.32y., laborer, s.James and Dorothy, June8,1844.

Bridget, unm., a.24y., d.John and Bridget, and William O'Brien, unm., a.25y., laborer, s.William and Catharine, Apr.17,1847.

Bridget, unm., a.19y., d.Jeremiah and Ellen, and Dennis Laughlin, unm., a.23y., laborer, s.Michael and Catherine, Apr.22,1847.

Bridget, unm., a.19y., d.Ando and Joan, and Thomas Dandle [Doudle. int.], unm., a.23y., laborer, s.George and Alice, July5,1847.

Bridget, and Patrick Cleary [], Jan.13,1849.CR3

Catherine (McCarthy), and James Purcell, Mar.1,1840.CR5

Catharine (McCarthy), and John O'Loghlin, Feb.20,1844.

Catherine, and John O'Donnell, int.Mar.30,1847.

Catherine, a.18y., operative, d.Owen and Margaret, and Michael Griffin, unm., a.23y., operative, s.Michael and Johanna, Mar.2,1848.

Charles, unm., a.26y., laborer, s.John and Bridget, and Catherine Roche, unm., a.23y., d.James and Johanna, Jan.18,1848.

Daniel (McCarthy), and Ellen McCarthy, int.Nov.25,1832.

Daniel (McCarthey), and Nancy McClenny, int.Apr.7,1833.

David, and Margaret McCarty, int.June14,1835.

Dennis, and Catherine Leary, Sept.11,1836.CR5

Dora, 2d.m., a.30y., operative, d.William and Catherine Hamilton, and Timothy Donovan, unm., a.27y., laborer, s.Timothy and Honora, July17,1849.

Eleanor, unm., a.21y., domestic, d.John and Julia, and Francis Bushe, unm., a.28y., mechanic, s.Thomas and Mary, Feb.15,1846. [Feb.16.CR3]

Eliza, unm., operative, and Thomas Lynch, unm., operative, Nov.25,1848.

Elizabeth (McCarthy), unm., a.25y., d.Michael and Elizabeth, and Patrick Heaphy, unm., a.25y., laborer, s.Cornelius and Mary, int.June16,1849.

Ellen (McCarthy), and Daniel McCarthy, int.Nov.25,1832.

Ellen, and Eugene McCarty, Aug.16,1839.CR5*

Ellen (McCarthy), and John Sullivan, Aug.22,1840.CR5

Ellen, unm., of Groton, a.23y., d.Cornelius and Mary, and Thomas Taylor, unm., of Groton, a.22y., paper maker, s.John and Margaret, May25,1848.*

Eugene, and Ellen McCarty, Aug.16,1839.CR5*

Florence (McCarthy), unm., a.25y., laborer, s.Florence and Ellen, and Hannah O'Neil, unm., a.25y., operative, d.James and Mary, Sept.14,1844.

Helena, unm., a.24y., operative, d.Dennis and Ellen, and Florence Fitzgerald, unm., a.26y., laborer, s.Florence and Mary, Oct.12,1846.

Hugh, unm., a.25y., mason, b. Ireland, s.Bernard and Ann, and Margaret Green, unm., a.19y., b. Ireland, d.Hugh and Ann, Nov.28,1849.

James (McCarthy), and Mary Jeffers [], Nov.5,1842.

Jeremiah, and Mary Santry, Aug.2,1839.CR5

Jeremiah [], and Catharine Coggins [Cougan. int.], Nov.26,1842. [Nov.7.CR5]

Jeremiah, unm., of Georgetown, a.30y., mechanic, s.John and Bridget, and Hannah Bonner, unm., of Georgetown, a.21y., domestic, d.Denis and Bridget, June21,1845.*

Johannah, and Robert Mitchell, Apr.4,1842.CR5

Johanna, unm., a.26y., operative, d.John and Mary, and James Shea, unm., a.25y., laborer, s.Patrick and Jane, Feb.4,1845.

Johanna, wid., a.30y., d.Florence and Mary, and Bartholomew Crowley, unm., a.38y., laborer, s.John and Catherine, May27,1848.

John, and Margaret Fielden, int.Nov.21,1830.

John, and Julia Coleman, int.Sept.22,1839.

John, and Sarah Doe, int.May2,1843.

John (McCarter), widr., a.36y., laborer, s.John and Ellen, and Elizabeth Kane [Kaine.CR3], unm., a.26y., d.Charles and Ann, Sept.23,1847.

Julia [Judieth.certif.], and John Moran, Apr.16,1837.CR5

Julia, see McCarty, Mary.

Margaret, and Patrick Doyle, certif. Jan.18,1835.

Margaret, and David McCarty, int.June14,1835.

Margaret (McCarthy), and Dennis Cahellan [Cahalan. int.], Jan.8,1843.

Margaret, unm., a.26y., operative, d.Florence and Mary, and Patrick Coughlan, unm., a.24y., laborer, s.Patrick and Ellen, June26,1847.

Margaret (McCarte), unm., a.26y., d.Bernard and Rose, and Michael Goodwin, unm., a.28y., laborer, s.Bernard and Rose, Oct.16,1847.

Margaret, see Fitzgerald, Margaret.

Margaret, unm., a.22y., laborer (sic) [operative. int.], d.John and Ellen, and John [James.CR6] Hanifin, unm., a.28y., laborer, s.Timothy and Johanna, July21,1849.

Maria, and Jeremiah Sullivan, int.Feb.3,1833.

Mary [], unm., a.18y., operative, d.John and Julia, and Benjamin Sharton, unm., a.32y., laborer, s.Paul and Hannah, Apr.27,1847.

Mary [McCosty.CR5], unm., a.21y., d.Patrick and Mary, and James Collins, unm., a.24y., laborer, s.Edward and Ann, May17,1848.

Mary (McCarthy), unm., a.25y., b. Ireland, d.John and Bridget, and Michael Harrington, unm., a.25y., b. Ireland, s.Michael and Hannah, int.Aug.6,1849.

Mary, unm., a.21y.[operative. int.], b. Ireland, d.James and Mary, and Edward McClosky, unm., a.26y.[laborer. int.], b. Ireland, s.Dennis and Mary, Aug.30,1849.

Michael [], and Rosanna Dolan, Feb.26,1838.CR5

Michael (McCarthy) [], unm., a.28y., s.Charles and Catherine, and Mary Ann Hill, unm., a.22y., d.Lawrence and Margaret, May18,1847.

Michael, unm., a.22y., laborer, s.Bernard and Ann, and Ann Green, unm., a.20y., d.Hugh and Ann, Oct.28,1847.

Patrick, and Ellen Whooly [], July2,1842.

Patrick (McCarthy), unm., a.25y., laborer, s.Andrew and Johanna, and Nancy Kelly, unm., a.25y., operative, d.Thomas and Mary, July4,1846.

Patrick (McCarthy), and Margaret Crowley, int.May13,1847.

Patrick (McCarthy), and Mary Hixon [Hickson. int.andCR1], July24,1847.

Patrick, unm., laborer, and Catherine Fenerty, unm., operative, July5,1848.

Patrick, unm., laborer, and Eliza[] Brady, unm., operative, Jan.9,1849.

Thomas, and Eliza Graves [Gover.CR1; Groves.certif.], Nov.15,1836.

Thomas (Maccarter), and Bridget McCormick, July18,1841.CR5

Thomas, unm., a.27y., laborer, s.James and Mary, and Margaret Donelly, unm., a.25y., operative, d.John and Margaret, Jan.18,1845.


Alexander, and Hannah Quimby, Sept.30,1846.


John, unm., a.35y., mason, s.William, and Sarah E. Judkins, unm., a.21y., operative, d.John, Oct.12,1845.


John, unm., a.23y., laborer in dye house, s.John and Susan M., and Sarah Burnett, unm., a.18y., d.John and Rosanna, Apr.7,1844.

McCLEARY (McClary)

John, unm., of Milford, a.40y., mechanic, s.John and Catherine, and Ellen Tobin, unm., a.19y., operative, d.Richard and Johanna, Aug.20,1844.

Margaret J. (McClary), unm., a.20y., operative, and Josiah McIntire, unm., of Biddeford, ME, a.33y., farmer, Mar.3,1845.

Mary J. (McClary), and David L. Morrill, int.Nov.4,1848.

Sarah N., see Clary, Sarah N.

McCLENNAN (McClenny)

Nancy (McClenny), and Daniel McCarthey, int.Apr.7,1833.

Nancy Maria, and Francis R. Carr, int.Oct.21,1843.


Frances, and Nathaniel W. Davis, Nov.28,1834.


Mary Ann, unm., a.28y., b. Merrimack, NH, d.Asa and Mary, and Enoch S. Rand, 2d m., a.31y., expressman, b. Guilford, NH, s.George and Anna, int.Oct.16,1849.

McCLUSKEY (McClosky, McCluskay)

Dennis (McCluskay) and Catherine Farrell, int.Feb.2,1834.

Edward (McClosky), unm., a.26y.[laborer. int.], b. Ireland, s.Dennis and Mary, and Mary McCarty, unm., a.21y.[operative. int.], b. Ireland, d.James and Mary, Aug.30,1849.

Margaret, unm., a.24y., d.Bernard and Catherine, and James M. Farrell, unm., of Manchester, a.25y., laborer, s.Hugh and Mary, Feb.17,1848.*

Mary, unm., a.21y., b. Ireland, d.Dennis and Mary, and Patrick McCarton, unm., a.28y., laborer, b. Ireland, s.James and Bridget, Nov.9,1849.

Patrick [of], and Elizabeth Ward [of L. int.], May22,1839.CR5

Patrick (McClosky), unm., a.21y., operative, s.Michael and Bridget, and Mary Carr, unm., a.24y., operative, d.Roger and Rose, July30,1846.


James, and Jane Miller, May6,1837.*

McCORMICK (McCormack)

Bartholomew, and Mary White, int.Nov.8,1835.

Bridget, and Thomas Maccarter, July18,1841.CR5

John, and Margaret Tarbox, int.Feb.21,1831.

John, unm., of New York, merchant, and Caroline M. Pillsbury, unm., of Dracut, at Dracut, Feb.17,1845.*

John (McCormack), unm., a.22y., laborer, s.Michael and Mary, and Mary Ann Gaffeny, unm., a.21y., operative, d.Frances and Mary, Aug.1,1846.

John, unm., operative, and Anne McCabe, unm., operative, Dec.5,1848. [Dec.30.CR6]

Mary, unm., a.25y., operative, and James McDermott, unm., a.24y., laborer, May10,1847. [May15.CR6]

Thomas, and Margaret Ford, int.June27,1841.


James, unm., of Cambridge, a.23y., carpenter, s.Benjamin and Abigail, and Mary Rand, unm., a.24y., operative, d.William and Mary, Nov.27,1844.


Mary, see McCarty, Mary.


Thomas, unm., a.22y., blacksmith, b. Robinson, ME, s.John and Jane, and Rosanna Mills, unm., a.20y., b. Ireland, d.Edward and Sarah, Dec.17,1849.


David, and Lydia Robinson, Dec.29,1836.

James M., and Alma L. Mooar of Francestown, NH, int.Mar.10,1844.

John, unm., of [] Chelmsford, a.21y., laborer, s.James and Mary, and Margaret Sullivan [Draighton.CR5], unm., of Chelmsford, a.19y., servant, d.Michael and Margaret, June14,1845.

Lorinda, and Wait K. Weston, Dec.10,1839.

Mary B., and Josiah F. Nelson, int.Aug.12,1832.

Mary, and David Tapley, Apr.30,1837.


Betsey, and F. William Murray, Mar.4,1832.

Mary, and Daniel K. Kimball, July2,1832.

McCRILLIS (Crillis, McCrilles)

Hannah, and Lyman Clisbee, Mar.6,1834.

John [Crillis and McCrilles.dup.], and Prudence Scribner, both of Cambridgeport, at Cambridgeport, Aug.6,1838.*

Mary, unm., a.23y., operative, and Edwin Saunders, unm., a.23y., operative, Sept.15,1847.

Mary Jane, unm., a.20y., operative, d.Phillip and Caroline, and N. Charles Snell, unm., a.26y., operative, s.William and Nancy, Feb.15,1848.


James, unm., a.26y., weaver, s.James and Maria, and Elizabeth Ela, unm., a.20y., operative, d.Theodore and Prescilla, Feb.23,1847.

McCURDY (McCurdie)

Agness (McCurdie), and David Polson, abt. 1830. [Oct.17,1830. int.]

Ann Maria, and Almon W. Holmes of Francestown, NH, int.Sept.9,1838.

John T.G., and Jane Burbank, int.Apr.21,1833.

John, and Margaret Frame [Freme. dup.], June6,1838.

Robert, and Louiza Taylor, Jan.15,1837.


Alice [Cosker. dup.], a.20y., b. Ireland, d.Bernard and Ellen, and Joseph McNulty of Augusta, ME, a.23y., b. Ireland, s.Gorman and Bridget, Nov.7,1849.*

McDANIEL (McDaniell, McDaniels)

Catharine (McDaniell) [McDonnell. int.], and John Danahey, Nov.23,1842.

Ephraim (McDaniels), and Lovina R. Eaton [Yeaton. int.], Aug.14,1843.

Mary, unm., a.22y., operative, b. Ireland, d.J. and Ellen, and Richard [Patrick.CR5] Goggan, unm., a.25y., laborer, b. Ireland, s.Thomas and Catherine, Sept.2,1849.

McDERMOTT (McDermit)

Anne, and James Scott, May2,1840.CR5

Bridget (McDermit), and John Curry, int.Dec.29,1833.

Bridget, unm., a.24y., operative, d.Patrick and Bridget, and Lawrence Fox, unm., a.26y., laborer, s.Michael and Honora, Oct.12,1846.

Bridget [unm., a.20y., b. Ireland, d.Patrick and], and Patrick Gallagher [unm., a.25y., printer, b. Ireland, s.Charles and Ann. int.], July28,1849.CR3

Catharine, and Charles O'Rourke, Nov.25,1841.CR5

Catherine, unm., a.18y.[22y., operative. int.], d.Dominick and Rose [], and James Devlin, unm., a.22y., laborer, s.Roger and Mary [Rose. int.], June23,1849.

Elizabeth, and John Shepherd, Oct.8,1843.

Hugh, unm., of Andover, a.27y., mason, s.James and Catharine, and Rosanna Finley [Rose], unm., of Andover, a.25y., servant, d.Owen and Nancy, July28,1846.

James, unm., a.24y., laborer, and Mary McCormick, unm., a.25y., operative, May10,1847. [May15.CR6]

James, unm., a.27y., laborer, s.Thomas and Ann, and Catherine Cummisky, unm., a.22y., d.Patrick and Mary, Sept.14,1848. [Sept.11.CR3]

Matthew [Martin.CR5], unm., a.23y., laborer, s.John and Ann, and Ann Gorman, unm., a.20y., d.Owen and Ann, June3,1848.*

Michael, and Ann Dunican, Apr.29,1838.CR5

Patrick, unm., a.25y., laborer, s.William nd Mary, and Catharine Tighe, unm., a.24y., operative, d.Mathew and Margaret, Jan.9,1847.

Patrick, unm., a.23y., laborer, b. Ireland, s.Michael and Anne, and Margaret Legro, unm., a.23y., b. Ireland, d.John and Ellen, Oct.27,1849.

Thomas, and Margaret Leasey, int.Nov.10,1833.

Timothy, unm., a.25y., laborer [b.], s.Patrick and Mary, and Bridget Kerrins, unm., a.44y.[a.24y., operative. int.], b. Ireland, d.Patrick and Ann, Sept.6,1849.


Alexander, and Catharine Brogan, Feb.29,1840.CR5

Angeline, and Abijah Gilson, Feb.25,1843.

Ann, and John Gould, May22,1842.

Anne, unm.[of L., a.20y., dressmaker. int.], b. Ireland [], and Neal McCanne [McCann. int.], 2d.m., [], laborer, b. Ireland [s.Neal. int.], Oct.28,1849.

Catharine, unm., a.21y., d.John, and Joseph Corner, unm., a.26y., manufacturer, s.John and Mary, June14,1848.

David, and Nancy Loring [Louring. int.], Feb.9,1844.

David, and Catherine Callaghan, Sept.7,1844.CR1

Eliza, unm., a.18y., operative, d.John and Betsey, and Francis Hule, unm., a.27y., laborer, Apr.13,1846.

Esther, unm., a.17y., operative, d.John and Betsey, and Alexis Lavigne, unm., of Woburn, a.22y., farmer, s.Joseph and Mary, Aug.26,1844.

Isaac H., unm., of Waltham, a.22y., mason, s.Joseph and Mary, and Clarinda S. Morton, unm., operative, d.Elisha and Sarah, Nov.26,1846.

James, and Catherine Currier, May1,1842.CR5

James, of Dracut, a.32y., farmer, s.Patrick and Mary, and Margaret Thompson of Dracut, a.25y., Aug.5,1849.

James [unm., a.25y., weaver, b. Paisley, Scotland, s.John and Ann. int.], and Catherine Stevenson [unm., a.25y., b. Paisley, Scotland, d.William and Janette. int.], Nov.29,1849.CR1

Jane, and Philips Hardy, Dec.19,1838.

Jane, and Micajah B. Kimball of Windham, NH, int.Apr.11,1846.

John, and Margaret Dosmby, Oct.31,1839.CR5*

John, jr., unm., a.23y., manufacturer, s.John and Ann, and Esther Ann Sargent, unm., a.19y., d.Ebenezer and Hannah, Nov.28,1844.

Margaret, unm., a.25y., operative, d.Thomas and Margaret, and Bernard Cogan, unm., a.23y., laborer, s.Arthur and Mary, Apr.15,1847.

Margaret, and John Daly, Jan.30,1849.

Maria, and John W. Lord, Nov.20,1843.

Maria Louisa, unm., a.23y., operative, d.John and Elizabeth, and Joseph Dufrine [Dufrene. int.], unm., a.23y., mason, s.John and Josephine, Oct.13,1845.

Ruth [A. int.], and Otis Allen ["late of Tewksbury." int.], May20,1839.

McDONNELL (McDonnel, McDonnelly)

Alis (McDonnel), and Michael Ames, int.Nov.6,1836.

Bridget, and Michael McGinley [of Andover. int.], Mar.7,1848.

Catharine, see McDaniel, Catherine.

Charlotte, unm., a.18y., operative, d.Charles and Bridget, and Thomas Martin, unm.[of Manchester, NH. int.], a.25y., laborer, s.John and Catherine, Nov.8,1846.

John, and Margaret Armsby, int.Oct.13,1839.

Margaret, wid., a.30y., d.Charles and Ellen, and William Benson, unm., a.29y., carpenter, s.Thomas and Margaret, Dec.2,1847.

Mary, unm., a.18y., d.James and Johanna, and Thomas Cavenagh, unm., a.20y., operative, s.Patrick and Margaret, Apr.12,1845.

Mary (McDonnelly), and Michael Caughlan, int.Dec.26,1848.

McDONOUGH (McDonaugh)

Ellen (McDonaugh), unm., of Concord, a.24y., servant, d.Thomas and Mary, and Patrick Murry, unm., of Concord, a.27y., laborer, s.Michael and Bridget, Jan.15,1847.*

John, and Alice Dolan, Aug.20,1845.CR5

John, unm., [of Lawrence. int.], a.21y., machinist, s.John and Ann, and Margaret Green, unm., a.24y.[operative. int.], d.Thomas and Sarah [Ann. int.], June6,1849.

Mary, and Terence Byron, May14,1848.*

Rose, unm., a.19y., operative, d.Michael and Bridget, and John Mulvey, unm., of Lawrence, a.24y., operative, s.Francis and Mary, int.May29,1849.


Mary, see Doyle, Mary.


Hiram W., unm., a.22y., carpenter, s.James and Joanna, and Eliza C. Benson, unm., a.17y., d.Samuel and Emily, Aug.30,1846.

McELEER (McAleer)

Ann [McAleer.CR3], unm., a.23y., d.Christoopher and Jane, and William Cunningham, unm., a.21y., laborer, s.John and Mary, Oct.28,1847.

McELROY (McAlroy, McEllroy, McIlroy, McRoy)

David N. (McIlroy) [Clary.dup.], unm., of Andover, a.25y., milkman, s.David and Betsey, and Julia H. Parker, unm., of Dracut, a.20y., milliner, d.Amos and Susan, Mar.30,1848.*

Margaret [McRoy.certif.], and Edward McGinley, Aug.22,1837.CR5

Margaret (McIlroy), wid., a.29y., operative, d.Peter and Catherine, and William Short, widr., a.40y., laborer [operative. dup.], s.Edward and Margaret, June22,1846. [June25. dup.]

Margaret (McIlroy), wid., a.28y., operative, d.Edward and Bridget, and Thomas Purcell, widr., a.34y., mason, s.Bartholomew and Margaret, Oct.17,1846.

Mary, and James McCabe, int.Jan.18,1835.

Mary (McAlroy), and Neill Donnelly, June19,1837.CR5

Michael (McEllroy) [], unm., a.25y., servant, and Mary Clarkin, unm., a.21y., servant, May6,1847.

Michael, unm., of Tewksbury, a.20y., operative, d.Hugh and Ann, and Mary A. Graham, unm., a.19y., d.Francis and Elizabeth, Dec.25,1849.*


Sarah, and James Cassidy, int.Apr.29,1838.


Bernard, unm., of Andover [of Ballardvale. int.], a.28y., laborer, s.Bernard and Elizabeth, and Ann Rogers, unm., of Andover [of Ballardvale. int.], a.24y., d.Peter and Mary, Feb.11,1849.

McEVOY (McAvey, McAvoy)

Alice (McAvey), and John Riley of New York, int.May14,1842.

Andrew, and Ann Pendergrass, July14,1840.CR5

Ann, unm., a.20y., d.Joseph and Ann, and David Sands, unm., a.22y., laborer, s.John and Ellen, Oct.16,1848.

Catharine (McAvoy), and James Sands, int.Nov.25,1845.

Joseph, and Catherine Claffy, Jan.7,1849.CR5

Mary (McAvoy), and Daniel Hanlan, Aug.28,1837.CR5

Michael, widr., a.28y., laborer, s.Edward and Anne, and Mary Goulding, unm., a.22y., operative, d.John and Mary, July5,1844.

Roxana, and Peter Murphy, int.May2,1831.


Mary, unm., a.23y., d.Daniel and Bridget, and Daniel Sharkey, unm., a.35y., laborer, s.James and Mary, Jan.6,1848.

McFARLIN (Farlan, McFarland)

Abagail, and Alfred Carter of Wilmington, int.Nov.20,1826.

Archibal S., jr., and Caroline Bruce, Sept.8,1836.

Bridget, and Michael Murphy, int.Feb.22,1835.

Eliza Jane (McFarland), and Thomas Curry of Sanbornton, NH, May6,1838.

Ellen (Farlan) [Harlan.CR5], unm., a.19y., operative, d.James and Mary, and Peter Conner, unm., a.29y., laborer, s.Edward and Anne, Nov.15,1845.

John, and Catherine Murrey, int.Feb.22,1835.

Mary, and Thomas Jefferson Jenkins, int.Apr.4,1831.

Sarah A[nn. int.] (McFarland), of Belfast, ME, and William Page, Apr.2,1835.

Sarah (McFarland), and David Corner, unm., Apr.12,1849.

Sophia, and John D. Dickerman, Sept.4,1836.

Susan (McFarland), of Belfast, ME, and Capt. Burnice S. Hale, int.Aug.19,1832.

William, and Dorcas Marsh [Marble. int.], May6,1832.


Mary, wid., a.28y., d.Patrick and Mary, and Michael Tarpe, unm., a.23y., laborer, s.George and Mary, Feb.15,1848.*


Charles [of], and Ellen Fitzpatrick, Jan.9,1848.

McGAFFERTY (McCafferty, McGaffey, McGahey, McGaughey, McGaughy)

Elizabeth, unm., a.20y., operative, d.James and Elizabeth, and John Lachance, unm., a.24y., operative, s.Charles and Angeline, int.May21,1849.

Fergus (McCafferty), and Susan Mongan, int.Dec.27,1840.

Jeriah (McGaffey), unm., a.24y., carpenter, s.Daniel and Polly, and Adaline E. Bugbee, unm., a.20y., d.Charles and Lucy, Nov.20,1847.

Philip (McGahey) [], and Mary McQuade [], Nov.28,1843.

Thomas (McGaughy), unm., a.25y., bleacher, b. Ireland, s.John and Mary, and Mary McWade, unm., a.23y., b. Ireland, d.Owen and Ann, Oct.19,1849.

McGARAHAN (McGoraghan)

Mary (McGoraghan), unm., and Lawrence [] Keegan, unm., both operatives, Mar.2,1849.

Michael, unm., a.26y., operative, s.Patrick and Ann, and Ann Mullen, unm., a.20y., operative, d.John and Margaret, May12,1848.

McGARTY (McGarrity)

Alice [], and James Brady, Oct.16,1847.

McGARY (Macorey, McCarry, McCary)

James Stuart (Macorey), of New York, and Julia Leonora Hogan of Boston [of L. int.], May31,1840.CR5

John (McCarry), unm., operative, and Julia Doherty [], unm., operative, Dec.5,1848. [Dec.15.CR6]

Mary (McCary), unm., a.22y., operative, s.Cornelius and Susan, and Thomas Shiels [], unm., a.25y., laborer, s.Peter and Jane, Sept.24,1847.

Patrick, and Bridgett O'Brien, int.July5,1835.

Patrick, and Catherine Cosker, int.Feb.24,1849. [Stopped by Catherine Cosker Mar.3.]

Patrick, unm., a.21y., operative, s.John and Susan, and Catherine Cosgrove, unm., a.21y., d.William and Rose, May3,1849.

McGAULY (Gorley)

Bridget [], unm., a.19y., operative, d.Owen and Mary, and John Power [], unm., a.26y., mechanic, s.Richard and Catharine, Oct.7,1845.


Bridget, see McGauran, Mary.

Mary [Bridget. int.], unm., a.22y., operative, d.Thomas and Bridget, and Patrick Hagan, unm., a.26y., laborer, s.John and Jane, Jan.17,1846.


John A., and Sarah R. Patterson, int.Mar.22,1847.

Nancy, unm., a.26y., b. Ireland, d.Samuel and Nancy, and John Briarton, unm., a.20y., laborer, b. Ireland, s.John and Mary, int.Dec.24,1849.


Elizabeth, see McKee, Elizabeth.

Mary, see McKee, Mary.

McGINLEY (Maginley, McInley, McKinley)

Catherine (Maginley), and Robert Douglass, int.Mar.11,1838.

Daniel, and Ann Sheriden, int.July14,1833.

Edward, and Margaret McElroy [McRoy.certif.], Aug.22,1837.CR5

Betsey (McKinley), and Daniel B. Dame, Oct.9,1842.

Michael [of Andover. int.], and Bridget McDonnell, Mar.7,1848.

Robert (McInley), unm., of Dracut, laborer, and Mary Mitchell, unm., [abt. Apr.13,1849.]


Mary, unm., a.21y., operative, d.Patrick and Mary, and Thomas Tolland [Folten. int.], unm., a.25y., operative, s.Barry and Mary, June10,1847.


Rodney, and Hannah Murphy, June20,1848.CR5*

McGOVERAN (McGevern, McGovern, McGovran)

Ann, and James Gallagher, int.Sept.24,1843.

John, and Mary Murray, Nov.26,1836.CR5*

Julia (McGovern), unm., a.24y., d.Patrick and Catherine, and Conner McGuire, unm., a.24y., laborer, s.Terence and Rose, Nov.4,1847.

Nancy Anne (McGevern), and Dominick Mulledy, July30,1844.CR5

Terence (McGovran), and Julia O'Reiley [], Jan.12,1843.

McGOVREY (McGorrey)

Jane [McGorrey.dup.], and John Murray [Murry.dup.], int.Nov.29,1832.

McGOWN (McGowan, McGowen)

Agnes (McGowen), unm., a.20y., and Patrick Wallace, unm., a.25y., laborer, s.Patrick and Ann, Oct.5,1847.

James, and 末末 末末, int.Jan.16,1849. ["Stopped by him before posting. "]

Mary [McGowan. int.], unm., a.36y., operative, d.Edward and Grace, and Thomas Broaders, unm., a.27y., mechanic, s.John and Anastasia, Nov.2,1845.


Richard, and Mary Brady, Nov.30,1847.*


Ann, unm., a.24y., d.Patrick and Mary, and Simeon McVey, unm., a.26y., laborer, s.Simon and Hanoro, Feb.12,1849.

James, unm., a.28y., laborer, s.James and Bridget, and Mary C. Farrell, unm., a.19y., d.Edward and Margaret, Feb.20,1849.

Margaret, and John Boyle, Nov.28,1847. [Nov.27.CR6]

Martin, unm., a.28y., laborer, s.Michael and O., and Margaret Conway, unm., a.20y., d.Thomas and Bridget, May24,1847. [May21.CR3]

Roger, unm., a.26y., operative, s.Michael and Catharine, and Catharine Karney, unm., a.19y., operative, d.James and Ellen, May19,1846.

McGREGOR (McGregory)

James, of Boston, and Mary M. Kent, June1,1837.

John (McGregory), and Emily E. Mason of Sturbridge, int.May21,1845.


Patrick, and Mary Nael, int.June19,1842.


Patrick, unm., a.28y., laborer, s.Patrick and Winifred, and Catharine Tierney, unm., a.19y., operative, s.Patrick and Mary, Feb.3,1847.


Patrick, of Framingham, and Mary Lynch, int.July5,1846. [Stopped July14 by request of Mary Lynch.]

McGUINESS (McGinnis, McInnes)

Margaret, unm., a.24y., operative, d.James and Mary, and Patrick Casey, unm., a.25y., laborer, s.Bryan and Bridget, July15,1845.

Robert (McInnes), unm., a.27y., operative, s.David and Jennett, and Ann Young, unm., a.27y., operative, d.Thomas and Jennett, at Dracut, Oct.26,1847.

Thomas (McGinnis), and Mary Murphy, Nov.8,1840.CR5*

McGUINN (McGinn)

Sarah [McGinn. int.], a.23y., operative, d.Patrick and Ann, and John Belton, unm., a.24y., operative, s.Peter and Ann, Mar.6,1848.

McGUIRE (Maguire, Myguire)

Ann, and Charles Tummelly, int.Mar.1,1835.

Ann [C. int.] (Maguire), unm., a.20y., operative, d.Michael and Margaret, and Hugh Donohoe, unm., a.28y., brewer, Nov.20,1848.

Bridget, and Thomas Dorcy, int.Aug.3,1844. [Withdrawn by Thomas Dorcy Aug.5.]

Bridget (Maguire), unm., a.25y., operative, d.James and Bridget, and Mathew Finnigan, unm., a.24y., laborer, s.Michael and Ann, Sept.3,1844.

Bridget, unm., a.20y., d.Patrick and Ann, and Patrick Sherry, unm., a.22y., laborer, s.James and Margaret, Aug.18,1847.

Cannor, unm., a.24y., laborer, s.Terence and Rose, and Julia McGovern, unm., a.24y., d.Patrick and Catherine, Nov.4,1847.

Catharine (Maguire), unm., a.22y., operative, d.Hugh and Roxanna, and Patrick Bradley, unm., a.26y., [], laborer, s.James and Rose Ann, Sept.24,1846.

Catharine, unm., [b.], d.Patrick and Margaret, and William Kane [Cain.CR3], unm., a.22y., stonecutter, b. Ireland, s.Michael and Jane, Sept.28,1849.

Daniel (Maguire), unm., a.25y., laborer, s.Hugh and Rosana, and Eliza McTagart, unm., a.23y., operative, d.Mathew and Winifred, May8,1846.

Dennis (Maguire), unm., of Machester, a.26y., tailor, s.John and Ellen, and Susan Dustin, unm., of Manchester, a.23y., operative, d.Abraham and Eliza, May24,1846.*

Ellen (Maguire) [Myguire. int.], and Patrick Cahill, July1,1838.CR5

Ellen (Maguire), and John Dillon, int.June19,1847.

James J. (Maguire), unm., a.24y., trader, s.Michael and Margaret, and Bridget A. Cassidy, unm., a.21y., operative, d.Michael and Sarah, Feb.3,1847. [Jan.30.CR3]

Jane (Maguire) [of L. int.], unm., a.17y., d.Terence and Catherine, and Terence Kaine [Kane. int.; Cain.CR3], unm., a.19y., laborer, s.Edward and Catherine "Caine," Aug.16,1848. [Aug.14.CR3]

John (Maguire), unm., a.24y., trader, s.Patrick and Susan, and Catharine A. Mongan, unm., a.23y., operative, d.David and Mary, May24,1846.

John, and Ellen Donovan [Donohoe. int.], Feb.15,1848.

Margaret E. (Maguire), unm., a.22y., d.Michael and Margaret, and James P. Cassidy, unm., a.25y., merchant, s.Michael and Sarah, May10,1848.

Mary Ann (Maguire), and Vincent Navingloskey, int.Jan.31,1836.

Mary [McQuade. certif.], and James Bree, Aug.21,1837.CR5

Mary, unm., a.24y., d.Patrick and Mary Reilley, and James Moran, unm., [of Providence, RI. int.], a.30y., laborer, s.Patrick and Ann, Jan.21,1847.

Michael (Maguire), unm., a.24y., laborer, s.Patrick and Susan, and Rosanna Gorman, unm., a.22y., d.Patrick and Bridget, Nov.26,1848.

Patrick, unm., a.23y., laborer, b. Ireland, s.Owen and Ellen, and Mary Keirnan, unm., a.21y., b. Ireland, d.Michael and Ann, Sept.6,1849. [Aug.23.CR3]

Thomas, and Rosa Marston, certif. Jan.18,1835.


Mary, see Mehiggin, Mary.

McHUGH (McCue)

Catherine (McCue), and Thomas Carney, int.Oct.11,1829.

Francis, and Julia Smith, Feb.22,1838.CR5

Hugh, and Margaret King, int.Oct.13,1833.

Hugh, and Bridget Caffield, int.July5,1835.

Mary (McCue), and John Cole, int.Aug.26,1843.

Patrick [McCue. int.], of Boston, and Honora Ahern, Jan.21,1844.

Patrick, unm., laborer, and Anne Connelly, unm., operative, Jan.16,1849.

Patrick, unm., a.25y., operative, b. Ireland, s.John and Margaret, and Bridget Devany, unm., a.23y., b. Ireland, d.Patrick and Bridget, Nov.29,1849.

Thomas, and Elizabeth McGee, July末,1844.CR5*

McINTIRE (McEntire, McInire, McIntier)

Abel, and Eleanor Ferguson, June26,1842.

Elizabeth, and Foster Brown, int.Oct.7,1832.

George W., unm., of Chelmsford, a.23y., butcher, s.Martin and Mary, and Elizabeth Raynor, unm., a.21y., d.Thomas and Jane, Oct.19,1848.

Harriet N., and Jonathan P. Clement, Feb.11,1838.

Ira, and Elizabeth Dane of Andover, int.Jan.19,1834.

John, and Mary White, Dec.13,1835.

John [McEntire.CR3], and [] Susan Bradly, Apr.21,1844.CR3

John O., unm., a.24y., farmer, s.Silas and Eliza, and Eliza J. Willey, unm., a.19y., d.Israel and Mary, Feb.28,1846.

Josiah, unm., of Biddeford, ME, a.33y., farmer, and Margaret J. McClary, unm., a.20y., operative, Mar.3,1845.

Lewis (McIntier), and [] Zilpah Sargent [Nov.4. int.], 1827.

Lewis, and Jerusha Morton, July26,1837.

Lewis [McIntier. dup.], and Mary Jane Frost, Apr.25,1839.

Lovina, unm., a.19y., and James Ward, unm., of Manchester, a.24y., laborer, Dec.26,1847. [1846.CR3]*

Lucy A[nn. int.], a.17y., d.Levi and Mary, and Ezra George of Franklin, NH, a.21y., clerk, s.Samuel and Susan, July15,1845.

Lucy Ann, wid., a.28y., dressmaker, d.Benjamin and Lydia Smith, and David B. Major, unm., a.21y., farmer, s.David and Azubah, July20,1845.

Malona M., unm., a.23y., operative, d.John and Mary, and Thomas O. Additon, unm., a.21y., carpenter, s.Otis and Nancy, June28,1846.

Mary J.F., wid., a.35y., d.Abraham and Martha Frost, and Silas H. Priest, widr., of Southborough, a.33y., farmer, s.John and Abigail, Jan.7,1845.

Mary R., unm., a.26y., d.Lewis, and Joseph L. Simpson, widr., a.30y., machinist, s.Thomas and Eliza, int.July1,1846.

Mary Abigail, unm., a.21y., dressmaker, d.Levi and Mary, and Charles Weaver, unm., a.23y., carpenter, s.Frank and Naomi, Sept.1,1846.

Peter (McInire), see McKenna, Peter.

Rebecca, of Chelmsford, and Isaac N. Center, int.Feb.16,1830.

Rebecca, unm., a.18y., d.Levi and Mary, and Richard H. Pierce, unm., a.28y., carpenter, s.Charles and Sarah, Nov.29,1848.

Richard, of North Reading, and Fanny Cross, int.July21,1833.

Silas, and Clara D. Hutchins, int.Dec.7,1835.

Susan, unm., a.21y., operative, d.Isaiah and Sarah Ann, and Lorenzo Pinney, unm., a.27y., trader, s.Benjamin and Betsey, Nov.17,1846.

William, and Susan Mahan, int.Nov.29,1835.


Elbridge, and Rebecca Morrill, Dec.16,1846.


Elen, and John Drummond, int.June20,1830.

McKAY (Mackay, Mackey)

John F. [H. int.], unm., a.24y., operative, s.John and Margaret, and Bridget Wilson, wid., a.20y., operative, d.James and Alice Helan, Nov.14,1848.

John, unm., a.26y., operative, b. Ireland, s.Timothy and Ellen, and Ellen Roche, unm., of Boston, a.25y., b. Ireland, d.John and Nancy, Oct.25,1849.

Margaret (Mackey), unm., a.22y., domestic, and John Jackson, unm., a.23y., laborer, Nov.30,1848.

Philip, unm., of New York, a.23y., sailmaker, b. Ireland, s.Michael and Mary, and Mary Roe [Rowe. dup.], unm., a.21y.[operative, b. Dublin. int.], Ireland, d.John and Ellen, Aug.6,1849.

William P., 2d m., of Boston, a.37y., jeweller, b. Derry, Ireland, s.Patrick and Mary, and Mary Sabin Green, unm., a.27y., b. Hartford, VT, d.Benjamin and Mary S., int.Dec.28,1849.

McKEAN (McCone, McKaon, McKeen, McKeon)

Catherine (McKeon) [McCone. int.], and Charles Gorman, Sept.23,1842.

Eliza (McKeen), of Derry, and Andrew Tripp, certif. Sept.25,1836.

Ellen [McCone. int.], unm., a.25y., operative, d.John and Catharine, and William Moran, unm., a.24y., laborer, s.Patrick and Bridget, Oct.29,1845.

Julia, and Francis McMahan, Apr.25,1836.CR5

Rose (McKaon), and Patrick Harahan, May23,1839.CR5

Samuel, and Louisa Atwell, int.Sept.29,1839.

McKEE (McGee)

Elizabeth (McGee), and Thomas McHugh, July末,1844.CR5*

Fanny B. [], and Daniel Sinclair, June25,1843.

Margaret, and Peter Riley of Boston, int.Aug.9,1840.

Mary (McGee), unm., operative, and Edward Spencer, widr., laborer, Sept.17,1848.

Thomas, of Dover, NH, and Nany Puffer, int.Nov.13,1826.


Edward, and Margaret Benson, int.Oct.18,1835.

McKENNA (McCanna, McHanny, McInnah, McKenney, McKenny, McKinna)

Catharine, and James O'Neill, May14,1839.CR5

Catherine (McCanna), unm., a.22y., operative, d.Antony and Catherine, and Hugh Hanlan, unm., a.19y., mechanic, s.Hugh and Mary, Nov.13,1845. [Nov.3.CR3]

Francis, and Sarah Kelley, Jan.11,1838.CR5

James (McCanna), and Margaret Murphy, Nov.28,1838.CR5

James (McKinna), unm., of Andover, NH, a.26y., operative, s.Daniel and Catherine, and Ann Nicholson, a.21y., operative, d.Thomas and Ann, Feb.22,1848. [Mar.22.CR5]*

John, and Bridget Connor, July30,1838.CR5

Margaret (McCanna), unm., a.20y., d.Patrick and Catherine, and John Kennedy, unm., a.23y., laborer, s.John and Johanna, Jan.29,1848.

Mary (McKenny), and Edmund Shean, int.June2,1833.

Mary [McCann. int.], and Nicholas Trant, Oct.24,1841.CR5

Mary Jane (McHanny) [McNeeney.CR3], unm., a.26y., d.John and Elizabeth, and Francis Burns, unm., a.24y., laborer, s.Edward and Bridget, June29,1847.*

Mary [McKenny.CR5], unm., a.20y., d.Cornelius and Catherine, and Charles Asquith [], unm., a.24y., laborer, s.William and Elisabeth, Jan.15,1848.

Michael Henry (McKenney), of Chelmsford, and Ann Keenan, int.Apr.29,1838.

Peter (McInnah), and Mary Farley, Apr.28,1836.CR5

Sarah (McKenny), unm., a.23y., d.Henry and Sarah, and Daniel H. Garland, unm., a.27y., manufacturer, s.Richard and Mary, Dec.24,1846.

Susan [M. int.] (McKenney), unm., a.24y., operative, d.C., and Jonas Stevens, unm., a.29y., carpenter, s.J.H., Dec.6,1846.

McKENTY (McEntee)

Ellen, unm., a.24y., d.John and Mage, and John Collins, unm., a.28y., laborer, s.Dennis and Catherine, Feb.10,1849.

James (McEntee), unm., a.26y., operative, s.Michael and Ann, and Mary Brene [Brein.CR5], unm., a.19y., operative, d.Hugh and Sarah, June8,1848.

McKENZIE (McKinzie)

Hannah [McKinzie.CR2], and Joseph Senior, June27,1842.

Mary F., and George H. Thorne, unm., of Lexington, Feb.3,1849.

McKINIFF (McKenneth)

James [], unm., [of Andover. int.], a.24y., laborer, s.James and Ann, and Ann Hill, a.21y., d.John and Elisabeth, Feb.9,1848.

McKINLEY (McGinley)

McKINNON (McCanon, McHinnon, McKennon, McKiernan)

Ann (McKiernan), and Thomas Baxter, both of Manchester, NH, Dec.22,1847.*

Esther (McKennon), see Kiernan, Esther.

Jannette, unm., a.21y., milliner, d.Elizabeth, and William L. North, unm., a.26y., merchant, s.William and Laura, June30,1847.

Lydia Ann (McHinnon), of Portsmouth, and Leonard Huntress, int.Sept.22,1833.

Peter (McCanon), and Hannora Harion, certif. July13,1834.


Byron N., widr., of Hyde Park, VT, a.29y., farmer, s.B.H., and Harriet H.A. Smith, unm., a.19y., operative, d.Betsey, Apr.13,1848.

McKONE (McKnown)

Ellen, and Patrick McCahill of Manchester, NH, int.Aug.30,1845. [Withdrawn by Ellen McKone Sept.8.]

William (McKnown), and Margaret Marsterson, int.Feb.1,1835.


Henry L.S., unm., a.27y., merchant, s.Samuel and Keziah, and Lucy B. Hubbard, unm., a.17y., operative, d.Josiah and Mehetabel [Z. Whitmore.PR1], Sept.19,1846.

Samuel, and Elizabeth Dickey of Amherst, NH, int.Oct.15,1842.

McLANE (Maclan, McLain, McLean)

Ann (McLain) [McShane. int.], a.20y., operative, and John Loly [], a.27y., operative, both unm., Nov.10,1847. [Nov.27.CR5]

Catharine (McLean), and Daniel Mahany, Mar.2,1848.

David S., and Martha A. Kelsy, int.July16,1842.

Mary A., unm., a.22y., d.John, and Thomas S. Hodge, unm., of Roxbury, a.26y., printer, s.John and Rhoda, Dec.9,1847.

Roxanna, and Erastus C. Bridge, Sept.11,1839.

Thomas (Maclan), and Ellen Danahue, int.Jan.26,1834.

McLAUGHLIN (Laughlin, McGlaughland, McGlaughlin, McLaighlen, O'Laughlin, O'Loughlin)

Ann (McGlaughland), and William McAllarney, Nov.29,1837.CR5

Anne, unm., a.21y., operative, d.James and Elizabeth, and John Long, widr., a.28y., laborer, s.Thomas and Bridget, Oct.7,1844.

Bridget (Laughlin), and Mark Smith (, July3,1843.

Catherine, and Owen Tully, Nov.27,1847.

Daniel (McGlaughlin), unm., a.28y., operative, s.Neil and Isabella, and Ann Mahan [Maghin. int.], a.23y., operative, d.John and Ellinor, Mar.7,1848.

Dennis (Laughlin), unm., a.23y., laborer, s.Michael and Catherine, and Bridget McCarty, unm., a.19y., d.Jeremiah and Ellen, Apr.22,1847.

Elizabeth, and Patrick Conlan, Sept.4,1839.CR5*

Betsey, Mrs., and Simeon Jefts, int.Apr.13,1847.

Francis (O'Laughlin), unm., a.26y., laborer, s.Anthony and Susan, and Ann Hurley, a.21y., d.John and Mary, Apr.18,1849.

Hugh [of Haverhill. int.], and Roseanna Byrne [Roxanna], May29,1836.CR5

James, see John.

John (O'Loughlin), and Catharine McCarthy, Feb.20,1844.

John [James.CR5] (McGlaughlin), unm., of Haverhill, a.23y., operative, s.John and Mary, and Barbara Holey [Hooley.CR5], unm., a.18y., d.Dennis and Johanna, Jan.14,1848.*

Margaret, unm., a.20y., operative, d.Francis and Susan, and James Devlin [Davlin. int.], unm., a.21y., laborer, s.Patrick and Susan, May21,1846.

Margaret C., unm., a.19y., b. Nova Scotia, d.John and Margaret, and Deloss W. Manchester, 2d m., a.22y., operative, b. Cherry Valley, NY, s.David and Susan, Sept.20,1849.

Mary, and Daniel Quinn, July14,1839.CR5*

Mary (McLaighlen), unm., a.25y., operative, d.James and Elizabeth, and Patrick Conner [Connor. int.], unm., a.22y., operative, s.Bernard and Mary, July21,1846.

Mary, and Patrick Freeman, int.Jan.14,1847. [Stopped by P. Freeman.]

Mary, unm., a.20y., d.Thomas and Honora, and Thomas Sullivan, unm., a.25y., laborer, s.Cornelius and Johanna, July4,1847.

Mary Frances, unm., a.19y., d.John and Margaret, and John Molseed, unm., a.23y., laborer, s.Alexander and Fanny, July21,1847. [July24.CR3]

Mary (McGlaughlin), unm., a.19y., d.Francis and Mary, and Nelson McCollister, unm., a.29y., laborer, s.John and Louisa, May1,1848.

Mary, unm., a.25y., b. Ireland, d.Charles and Sarah, and Dennis Kerwin, unm., a.25y., b. Ireland, s.John and Bridget, Oct.18,1849.

Michael (McGlaughlin), and Susan Williams, June3,1841.CR5

Michael (McGlaughlin), unm., a.24y., trader [a.27y., laborer. int.], s.James and Ellen [Charles and], and Isabella Breen, unm., a.21y., d.Patrick [John. int.] and Mary, July19,1849.

Philip, and Bridget Sleven, int.Feb.1,1835.

Rosanna, unm., a.22y., d.John and Bridget, and Lawrence Carney, unm., a.26y., laborer, s.Michael and Mary Oct.30,1847.

Sarah, and Henry Murphy, Nov.24,1841.CR5

Sarah, unm., a.24y., d.Patrick and Rosanna, and James McCaffry, unm., [of Lancaster. int.], a.26y., laborer, s.Phelix and Bridget, Nov.30,1848.

Terrance, and Catherine Brennen, int.Oct.17,1830.

Thomas (McGlaughlin), unm., of Andover, s.Patrick and Bridget, and Mary Donnelly, unm., of Andover, d.Thomas and Isabella, June24,1848. [June21.CR5]

Timothy, unm., a.23y., grocer, s.James and Bridget, and Ann McNamee, unm., a.18y., servant, Oct.12,1844.


Kennith, and Betsy Maxwell, Feb.21,1843.


Margery, and Joseph Cheetham, Nov.29,1843.

McMAHON (McMahan, McMann)

Bridget, and Michael Purtill, Apr.17,1848. [Feb.4,1849.CR3]

Catharine (McMahan), and Michael Butler, Sept.30,1847.CR6

Francis, and Julia McKeon, Apr.25,1836.CR5

John (McMahan), unm., a.24y., laborer, s.Peter and Susan, and Jane Ford, unm., a.20y., d.Patrick and Ann, June9,1848.

Margaret [McMann. int.], unm., a.24y., servant, d.James and Hannah, and James Hansrahan [Handerhin. int.], unm., a.28y., laborer, s.James and Catherine, May12,1845.

Margaret, unm.[of North Andover. int.], a.20y., d.John and Ann, and John Campbell, unm., [of North Andover. int.], a.21y., laborer, s.Arthur and Elizabeth, Oct.26,1848.

Susan (McMann), and Patrick Quinn, int.Mar.26,1842. [Withdrawn by P. Quinn Mar.27.]

Thomas, and Rose Gavin, int.Sept.30,1838.

McMANN (McMahon)


Catherine, and Thomas McManus, int.June7,1835.

Felix, see McManus, Phelix.

Phelix [Felix. int.], unm., a.28y., tailor, s.Phelix and Anne, and Ellen Kelly, unm., a.21y., operative, d.William and Catherine, Apr.12,1845.

John, unm., a.27y., operative, s.John and Mary, and Ann Carrigan [Collicon. int.], unm., a.20y., operative, d.John and Ellen, May3,1846.

Patrick, and Sally Sleven, int.Nov.10,1829.

Thomas, and Catherine McManus, int.June7,1835.


Archibald, unm., of Watertown, a.27y., tailor, s.William and Sarah, and Sarah D. Chenery, unm., a.24y., operative, d.William and Hannah, Mar.9,1848.

Sarah P., unm., a.30y., operative, d.John, and Francis Hauffer, widr., a.43y., machinist, s.Francis and Dorothy, int.June2,1849.


[Susan], unm., of Andover, a.24y., domestic, d.Peter and Rosanna M., and John Fewdry, unm., of Andover, a.24y., mechanic, s.James and Elizabeth, Sept.8,1844.*


Diantha, unm., a.21y., operative, d.Abram and Harriet, and Moses Paige, unm., a.23 y, machinist, s.John and Betsey, Oct.5,1844.


Stephen, and Jemima Wardell [Waddell.CR1], Apr.6,1848.


Charles, and Elvirah Ames, certif. Sept.7,1834.

Hiram, see Merrow, Hiram.


Dorathy, see Murphy, Dorathy.[Dorothy]

McNAB (McNabb)

Catherine, see McCabe, Catherine.

John, and Catherine Lynch, May22,1842.CR5

Thomas (McNabb), and Susanna Donnelly, Apr.17,1837.CR5

McNALLY (McNallay)

Catharine, and Ed[] Trayner, Oct.2,1838.CR5

Elizabeth, unm., a.20y., operative, b. Ireland, d.Cornelius and Alice, and James Dalton, unm., a.23y., shoemaker, b. Nova Scotia, s.Peter and Ann, Sept.1,1849.

John (McNallay), and Bridget Fagan, int.July5,1835.


Catherine, and Owen Monahan, Aug.4,1839.CR5*

Mary, unm., operative, and Patrick Kneeland [], unm., operative, Sept.23,1848.

Owen, and Catharine Donnelly, May13,1848.*


Ann, unm., a.18y., servant, and Timothy McLaughlin, unm., a.23y., grocer, s.James and Bridget, Oct.12,1844.

Bridgett, and Michael Davlin, June5,1836.CR5

Owen, of Dracut, a.40y., s.Owen and Helen, and Bridget Burns of Dracut, a.30y., Aug.25,1849. [Aug.23.CR5]*

Patrick, unm., a.26y., shoemaker, s.Lawrence and Hannah, and Bridget Jaque [Tauge. int.], unm., a.24y., operative, d.Joseph and Ellen, Oct.20,1846.


Robert, see Norton, Robert.

McNEAL (McNeil, McNeill)

Anne (McNeil), of Hillsborough, NH, and Tappan Wentworth, int.Jan.2,1842.

Ann (McNeil), and James Cook, Aug.5,1847.

Jane L., unm., of Dracut, a.24y., d.William and Ruth, and C.B. Chatfield, unm., of Dracut, a.24y., peddler, s.Lewis and Sally, Oct.1,1848.*

Joseph D., and Betsey B. Ditson of Methuen, int.Jan.29,1842.

Mary, and John Webster, int.Aug.3,1834.

William T. (McNeill), unm., of Dracut, a.22y., carpenter, s.Abraham and Margaret, and Jane A. Stiles, a.21y., d.Jesse and Arethusa, Feb.10,1848.


Mary Jane, see McKenna, Mary Jane.


Susan, see McVey, Susan.


James, and Elizabeth Quarph, abt. Dec.2,1848.CR3*

McNULTY (McAnnulty)

McOSKER (McCosker, McCusker)

Ann, unm., a.24y., d.Patrick and Margaret, and James Rody, unm., a.28y., laborer, s.James and Mary, May3,1849.

Catherine, unm., a.25y., domestic, d.Patrick and Mary, and Andrew Green, unm., a.23y., laborer, s.Thomas and Sarah, May9,1844.

Farrell [Casher. int.], unm., a.22y., laborer, s.Owen and Alice, and Margaret McAnulty, unm., a.20y., d.Michael and Rosanna, June3,1848. [June4.CR3]

Laurence, see Cosker, Alonzo.

Margaret, unm., a.18y., d.Patrick and Mary, and Patrick Rafferty, unm., a.24y., laborer, s.John and Catherine, Jan.11,1849.

Mary (McCosker), unm., a.21y., operative, d.Patrick and Mary, and James Gallagher, unm., a.23y., laborer, s.Lawrence and Bridget, Sept.27,1845.

Michael, and Mary G. Heron, both of Manchester, NH, Nov.30,1849.*

Peter (McCosker), unm., a.26y., laborer, s.Edward and Ellen, and Sarah Downey, unm., a.21y., d.John and Sarah, July13,1848.

Thomas (McCusker), and Mary Monahan, int.Sept.23,1845. [Stopped by request of Mary Monahan Sept.29.]


John, of Andover, and Margaret Murry, certif. Nov.27,1836.


Eliza, and John Burke, int.Sept.15,1833.

McPHILAMY (Philamy)

Patrick [], and Catharine Quinn, July22,1839.CR5

McQUADE (McQuaid, McWade, Quade)

Ann, unm., a.23y., operative, d.James and Catherine, and Daniel Martin, a.22y., operative, s.James and Ann, Sept.21,1848.

Bridget, unm., a.23y., d.Hugh and Catharine, and Alonzo Cosker [Laurence McCosker.CR3], unm., a.25y., laborer, s.James and Ellen, Jan.21,1847.

Bridget (McQuaid), unm., a.24y., d.Patrick and Mary, and Arthur McAloon, unm., a.25y., laborer, s.James and Catherine, Feb.26,1848.

Bridget (McQuaid), unm., a.23y., d.Owen and Alice, and John McQuaid, unm., [of Somersworth, NH. int.], a.29y., laborer, s.Owen and Catherine, Feb.27,1848.

James [], and Ellen Corrigan, Nov.1,1840.CR5

John [Quade. int.], unm., a.25y., laborer, s.Thomas and Catherine, and Catherine Cowmey, unm., a.17y., d.Cornelius and Ann, July7,1847.

John (McQuaid), unm., [of Somersworth, NH. int.], a.29y., laborer, s.Owen and Catherine, and Bridget McQuaid, unm., a.23y., d.Owen and Alice, Feb.27,1848.

Margy (McQuaid), unm., a.24y., b. Ireland, d.Peter and Margy, and Patrick Golden, unm., a.22y., laborer, b. Ireland, s.Owen and Jane, int.Dec.31,1849.

Mary [McWade.CR5], and Matthias Delany, Nov.20,1836.CR5

Mary, see Maguire, Mary.

Mary [], and Philip McGahey [], Nov.28,1843.

Mary (McWade), unm., a.23y., b. Ireland, d.Owen and Ann, and Thomas McGaughy, unm., a.25y., bleacher, b. Ireland, s.John and Mary, Oct.19,1849.

Michael, unm., of Lawrence, a.27y., operative, s.Arthur and Ann, and Mary Riley, unm., a.20y., operative, d.Patrick and Mary, Sept.11,1847.

Michael, unm., a.24y.[], trader, s.Patrick and Catherine, and Mary Shineck, unm., a.22y., [21y., operative. int.], d.John and Mary, July17,1849.

Murty, and Susannah Brotherick, Jan.15,1837.CR5

Sarah, unm., a.22y., b. Ireland, d.Peter and Sarah, and John Harris, unm., a.25y., laborer, b. Ireland, s.Bernard and Margaret, int.Dec.25,1849.

McQUEENY (McQueeney)

Bridget [of Lawrence. int.], and Thomas Dolan, Jan.9,1848. [Jan.10.CR6]

Elizabeth [], and Patrick Duignan [Dignan. int.], Jan.9,1848.

Patrick (McQueeney), unm., laborer, and Ellen Mulheeran, unm., operative, Jan.2,1849.*

McQUESTIN (McQuesten, McQuestion, McQuistin)

Frances (McQuestion), and Zopher Jones, Feb.3,1830.

Joseph (McQuistin), of Nashua, NH, and Elizabeth T. [L. int.] Martin, Apr.21,1842.

Margaret (McQuesten), and Jonas M. Damon, Feb.22,1835.

Mary Jane, and Isaac N. Ford, May13,1838.


Margaret, see McElroy, Margaret.


Sewall, see Sawin, Sewall W.


Ann, see McLane, Ann.


Barbara, unm., a.23y., b. Ireland, d.Daniel and Mary, and Patrick O'Malay, unm., a.23y., laborer, b. Ireland, s.James and Mary, Sept.24,1849.

Morgan, unm., a.23y., laborer, s.Daniel and Mary, and Mary O. Melea [O'], unm., a.22y., d.Patrick and Mary O., May22,1849.

McSOLEY (McSolier, McSworly)

Ann, unm., of Nashua, NH, a.16y., b. Ireland, d.Alexander and Margaret, and Michael Conlan, unm., of Nashua, NH, a.20y., machinist, b. Ireland, s.Thomas and Mary, int.Oct.8,1849.

John (McSworly) [McSolier. int.], unm., a.23y., laborer, s.James, and Mary Gorman, unm., a.22y., operative, d.Neill and Ann, Oct.2,1845.


Anne, and William Lawless, Apr.28,1844.


John, unm., a.25y., operative, b. Ireland, s.Joseph and Ann, and Maggey McSwiggin, unm., a.23y., b. Ireland, d.Patrick and Sarah, Oct.27,1849.

Maggey, unm., a.23y., b. Ireland, d.Patrick and Sarah, and John McSwiggin, unm., a.25y., operative, b. Ireland, s.Joseph and Ann, Oct.27,1849.

McTAGART (McTagert)

Eliza, unm., a.23y., operative, d.Mathew and Winifred, and Daniel Maguire, unm., a.25y., laborer, s.Hugh and Rosanna, May8,1846.

James (McTagert) [unm., a.23y., tailor,], and Bridget Gunning [unm., a.22y., operative,], June9,1849. [July9.CR5]


Andrew, unm., a.32y., carpet weaver, s.Andrew and Maria, and Anne E. Holmes, wid., a.34y., dressmaker, d.Jeremiah and Sarah Kennison, July12,1844.


John, unm., a.19y., operative, b. Ireland, s.John and Winnifred, and Margaret Butler, unm., a.19y., b. Ireland, d.Michael and Anne, int.Oct.16,1849. [Stopped by McT. Oct.17.]

John, see McTiernan, Thomas.

Thomas [John. int.], unm., a.19y., operative, b. Ireland, s.John and Winnifred, and Catherine Reynolds, unm., a.19y., b. Ireland, s.John and Catherine, Nov.3,1849.


Mary, and David P. Clark of Rindge, NH, Feb.22,1844.

Sarah J., and John A. Dodge of Antrim, NH, Jan.19,1842.

McVEY (McVay)

Ann, and Patrick Monaghan, Sept.14,1843.

Bridget (McVay), and Jeremiah Leonard, int.Feb.8,1835.

Hannah, and Charles McCalfrey of Poultney, VT, int.Oct.27,1833.

Simon, unm., a.26y., laborer, s.Simon and Hanoro, and Ann McGrath, unm., a.24y., d.Patrick and Mary, Feb.12,1849.

Susan, and John Leonard of Strafford, VT, int.Apr.28,1833.

Susan [], and Patrick Bradly, Jan.30,1842.CR5


Mary, see McQuade, Mary.


Catherine, unm., a.19y., d.John and Margaret, and Owen Donnelly, unm., a.23y., s.Daniel and Catherine, June29,1848.

MEAD (Meade, Meads)

Catherine, unm., d.Dennis and Mary, and John Welch, unm., s.Robert and Julia, June24,1848.

Charles [], and Ann Maria Holmes, July6,1836.

Elizabeth A., unm., a.32y., d.Daniel and Mary, and John Prescott, widr., a.42y., carpenter, s.William and Susan, July2,1848.

Ellen, unm., a.19y., operative, d.Dennis and Mary, and Thomas Smith, unm., a.24y., laborer, s.William and Honora, Nov.17,1846.

Francis (Meade), unm., a.21y., laborer, s.Francis and Ellen, and Ellen Titer, unm., a.19y., d.Henry and Catherine, June23,1847.

Franklin, and Mehitable R. Moor of New Boston, NH, int.Sept.7,1844.

Jane P., and George W. Stearns, int.May11,1834.

John, and Mary S. Jones of Acton, int.Apr.18,1830.

Mary, unm., a.21y., operative, d.Dennis and Mary, and John Harrington, unm., a.29y., laborer, s.John and Catharine, May8,1846.

Patrick, unm., a.22y., laborer [operative. dup.], s.Dennis and Mary, and Mary Sullivan, unm., a.22y., operative, d.Daniel and Hannah, June13,1846.

Rhoda, and Thomas S. Whiting of Boston, int.Dec.27,1845.

Samuel H., and Mrs.Nancy Lyon, Apr.13,1827.

Sarah, unm., a.25y., tailoress, d.Daniel and Mary, and George F. Colburn, unm., a.28y., weaver, s.Samuel and Miriam, Sept.22,1844.

William (Meads), and Nancy M. Berry of Waltham, int.Aug.12,1832.

MEADER (Meder, Meeder)

Amos, of Andover, and Jane M. Goldsmith, Apr.27,1841.

Clara M., unm., a.20y., d.Edward S. and Clara, and William H. Gleason, unm., a.20y., operative, s.H.C. and Hannah, Dec.25,1845.

Betsy Ann, and Randall Huckins, Nov.5,1842.

George B. (Meeder), and Martha M. Cross, int.Apr.10,1836.

Gilman (Meder), and Lucy W. Smith, int.July2,1832.

Harriet E., and James H. Varnum, int.Apr.2,1847.

Jonathan W., unm., a.20y., operative, s.Edmund S., and Susan S. Felch, unm., a.19y., operative, d.Robert and Betsey, Jan.12,1847.

Martha, and Daniel W. Stokes, Dec.25,1841.

Mary A.J. [of Thetford, VT. int.], and Edward B. Howe, Sept.17,1837.

Mary Jane, unm., a.23y., tailoress, d.Stephen and Mary, and John P. Kelley, unm., of New York, a.30y., electrician, s.Jacob and Zipporah, Nov.2,1845.

Mehitable L.S. (Meeder), and William H. Spinney of Raymond, NH, Aug.28,1844.*

Susan H.C., and Nehemiah Richardson, Mar.24,1839.


Charles H[], unm., a.19y., stonemason, s.Aher and Hannah, and Sarah J[ane. int.] Sanborn, unm., a.19y., operative, d.Solomon and Sophia, Aug.10,1848.

Eliza F., and Erastus B. Bigelow, at Concord, May16,1843.

Robert, and Abbey A. Kent of Amherst, NH, certif. Oct.19,1834.


Abel W., unm., a.19y., laborer, s.A. and H., and Lucy A. Symmes, unm., a.23y., operative, d.J. and B., June4,1846.

Hannah W., and William P. Hall, both of Billerica, Apr.22,1844.*

Harriet A., and George L. Whitney, Mar.30,1841.

Mary, of Billerica, and James Townsend, Apr.7,1842.

Susan M., unm., a.20y., operative, d.Aaron and C.F., and James Livingston, unm., a.22y., mechanic, s.Asa and B.C., Apr.20,1848.

MEGAN (Megins)

James, and Mary Lacy, int.June3,1838.

Margaret (Megins), and James Muldoon, int.May4,1829.

MEHIGGIN (Mehagan)

Anna, unm., a.27y., seamstress, d.John and Ellen, and Philip J.D. [P. int.] Lyons, unm., a.32y., sail maker, s.James P. and Eliza P., June14,1846.

Mary (Mehegan) [McHogan. int.], unm., a.25y., d.Dennis and Catharine, and John Santry, unm., a.27y., laborer, s.John and Anne, Nov.15,1845.

MELCHER (Milcher)

Rebecca J. (Milcher), and Nathan E. Coburn of Hollis, NH, int.Nov.8,1831.

Sylvester, and Mrs.Mary Ann Johnson, Apr.20,1843.

MELEA (Molloy)


Patrick [Milligan.CR3], unm., a.32y., laborer, s.John and Ann, and Elizabeth Brown, a.25y., d.James and Sarah, Feb.20,1849.

MELLEN (Mellin, Mellon, Millen)

Caroline (Millen), and William Haywood, Oct.13,1840.

Charles B., of Reading, and Betsey S. Caverly, July3,1836.

Dunris (Mellin), and Anne Carroll, int.Jan.26,1834.

Eliza S. (Mellon), and Lewis G.P. Adams, Dec.31,1839.

Michael (Mellon), and Mary Ludlow, int.Nov.2,1847.

Rachel [Millen. dup.], and Charles Thompson [Tonson. dup.], Nov.5,1839.


Elbridge G., and Clarissa D. Trescott, May23,1838. [1839. dup.]


Benjamin, jr., and Eliza Ann Hutchinson, Oct.4,1825.

Charles F., and Abby S. Sanborn, Apr.4,1841.

Clarrissa, and James A. Favor, int.June4,1827.

Emerson, and Lucy Divoll, at Leominster, Oct.21,1834.

John B., and Sarah B. Morey, Feb.22,1835.


Elizabeth W., unm., a.25y., b. [Hamburg. int.], Germany, d.August and Elizabeth, and Philip F. Schnarbel, unm., a.27y., carpenter, b. [Hamburg. int.], Germany, s.Johannis A. and Margaret, Oct.6,1849.


Vincy, and Abijah Garland, both of Manchester, NH, Nov.24,1849.*

MERCER (Merser)

Farnham H. (Merser) [Messer, of Haverhill. int.], and Mary B. Celley [of L. int.], Dec.2,1835.

John, see Merrill, John.

Richard P., and Ann Pamelia Holden, int.Nov.28,1831.


Mary, of East Greenwich, RI, and James M. Ritchie, int.Oct.26,1848.

MERRIAM (Meriam, Merriman)

Abel H. (Meriam), and Lucy Ann Bruce of Waltham, int.Dec.5,1828.

Adaline Augusta, of Concord, and Joshua L. Conant, int.Apr.7,1828.

Catherine A., unm., a.26y., b. Princeton, d.Amos and Catherine, and Daniel H. Simons, unm., a.28y., trader, b. Haverhill, s.John and Sarah, int.Nov.23,1849.

Cynthia, and Jacob Baron, Sept.11,1842.

Darius, and Phebe Scales, Oct.21,1838.

Darius G., and Eliza E. Hawley, Nov.5,1843.

Betsey R. [H. int.], and James C. Hill, Dec.3,1835.

Elizabeth J., unm., a.21y., operative, d.Samuel and Ruth, and John H. Durgin, unm., a.22y., teamster, s.John and Susan, May29,1845.

Ellen (Merriman), and James Maloney, Nov.3,1839.CR5*

Horatio C. (Meriam), and Mary Bates of Cambridge, int.Aug.12,1832.

Horatio C., and Ester Lewis, int.Apr.12,1834.

Jacob A., and Elizabeth Skinner of Boston, Feb.10,1847.*

Maria, and John B. Brown, Aug.8,1842.

Martha A., and Albert Hatch, June6,1836.

Mary A. [Meriam.certif.], and A.B. Maynard, Jan.4,1837.

Mary A., and Alexander R. Abbott, May26,1841.

Mary (Merriman), and James Briggs, Jan.18,1842.CR5

Thaddeus [Thatcher. int.], unm., of Lawrence, a.29y., carpenter, s.Mathew and Abigail, and Lois Morse, unm., a.24y., d.Levi and Lois, Nov.5,1848.

MERRILL (Merrell)

Amanda, and Albert [Abel. int.] Stevens of Compton, Lower Canada, Oct.27,1841.

Ann F., of Dover, NH, and Thomas S. Richardson of Boston, certif. June29,1834.

Ann P., and Manuel B. Smith, July25,1841.

Asa, and Nancy Chadbourn, int.Mar.22,1845.

Benjamin, and Mary S. Bamford, Nov.7,1841.

Benjamin J., and Abigail Holt, Mar.22,1842.

Benjamin A., unm., [of Norridgewock, ME. int.], a.24y., stone layer, s.Nathan and Mary, and Lucy A. Yelden [Yelder. int.], unm., a.18y., operative, s.James and Martha, Feb.16,1848.

Benjamin, widr., a.47y., smith, s.Benjamin and Judith, and Clarinda Sprague, wid., a.42y., harnessmaker, d.Jonathan and Julia Corliss, May1,1848.

Caroline A., unm., a.18y., dressmaker, d.John and Betsey, and Samuel Beck, unm., a.23y., tinplate worker, s.Samuel and Hannah, Aug.10,1844.

Caroline, of Campton, NH, and John J. Pray, int.Jan.26,1849.

Charles A., unm., a.22y., operative, s.John and Deborah, and Sarah A. Foster, unm., a.22y., operative, d.Daniel and Sarah, Mar.22,1848.

Daniel, and Mary M. Waite, both unm., May5,1849.

Edwin B., and Laura Ann Spaulding [of L. int.], both of Manchester, NH, Oct.6,1842.

Edwin, and Betsey K. Carter of Tewksbury, int.Oct.22,1842.

Eliza H. [W. int.], and Dudley [Dudell and Ludell. dup.] L. Stokes, Apr.10,1838.

Eliza Ann, and Daniel M. Johnson of Boston, int.Mar.13,1844.

Emily W., see Morrill, Emily W.

Emeline, and Emery Haywood, Nov.14,1841.

Enos, and Philena W. Dustin, Dec.1,1839.

Esther B., and Hermon Phelps of Andover, Nov.13,1841.

Farnum, and Elizabeth W. Remington, certif. Oct.9,1836.

George H., and Susan R. Flint of Allenstown, NH, int.Nov.8,1840.

George, and Sarah Smith, both of Cambridge, Mar.20,1849.*

Hannah G., unm., a.22y., dressmaker, d.Joanna, and John W. Ricker, unm., a.21y., painter, s.S. and Elisa, Oct.9,1845.

Hannah C., unm., a.18y., d.Stevens and Lucretia, and Cyrus C. Clifford, unm., a.21y., s.Moses and Lavina, May14,1848.

Harriett, and Charles A. Frost [of], Sept.3,1835.

Harriet, unm., a.24y., tailoress, d.John and Margaret, and Gilman Clifford, unm., a.27y., painter, s.Jeremiah and Nancy, Nov.9,1844.

Harriet, unm., a.30y., teacher, d.Horatio and Rebecca, and Leonard Kimball, widr., a.40y., forestaller, s.Nathaniel and Susan, Jan.21,1847.

Horatio, jr., and Cinderella Shaw, at Haverhill, Mar.20,1844.

Jacob, and Bulah Read, int.Dec.1,1828.

John, of Newbury, VT, "this John Merrill proved to be a married man by the name of John Mercer," and Jane Maria Roberts, Aug.17,1841.

John A., of Manchester, NH, and Mary Farrington, Apr.24,1842.

John G., and Sophronia French, Oct.4,1842.

John F., unm., a.22y., machinist, s.John and Betsy, and Harriet N. Wilkins, unm., a.19y., d.Jonathan and Fanny, Sept.3,1846.

John, widr., boarding house, s.John and Patience, and Tamizon Tay, wid., boarding house, d.Alexander and N. Haskell, May18,1847.

John G., see Morrill, John G.

Joseph, and Mrs.Ruth Rowe, int.Oct.11,1826.

Joseph, and Martha Gates, Nov.29,1838.

Joshua, and Elvira Dow, int.Sept.17,1830.

Joshua, of Methuen, and Abigail J. Wyman, certif. Aug.7,1836.

Judith K., and Joseph Nash, both of Somersworth, NH, Aug.24,1839.*

Judith C., unm., a.23y., d.Ephraim and Sarah, and Levi B. Owen, unm., of Lawrence, a.21y., carpenter, s.Thomas and Betsey, Mar.19,1848.

Lavina F., and Thomas L. Richardson, Apr.末,1840.

Louisa W., and Henry L. Garrett of Boston, Sept.1,1842.

Louisa, unm., a.19y., operative, d.Ervin and Eleanor, and John Worthley, unm., a.20y., painter, s.Sewall and Rebecca, Mar.4,1847.

Lydia F., unm., a.21y., d.Rufus and Martha, and Amos S. Hyde, unm., a.24y., s.Timothy and Eunice, Jan.15,1848.

Maria A., unm., a.24y., operative, d.Samuel and Sarah, and Christopher Francis, unm., a.28y., shoemaker, s.Christopher and Anna, Mar.24,1847.

Martha W., unm., a.25y., d.William and Charity, and Jeremiah S. Carr, unm., a.27y., carpenter, s.John and Mary, Aug.28,1847.

Mary Ann, and George Chamberlain, Oct.16,1831.

Mary Ann S., and Abel Nickless, Jan.26,1835.

Mary Belainth (sic) (Merrell), of Chelmsford [Mary B. Merrill. Chelmsford rec.; May B. Merritt. Carlisle rec.], and Willard Durant of Carlisle, Feb.11,1836.*

Mary S., and James F. Welch, Aug.17, [1843.]

Mary L., unm., a.17y., d.Ephraim and Sarah, and Timothy Foster, unm., a.22y., manufacturer, s.John and Priscilla, May12,1844.

Mary B., unm., a.24y., d.Stephen and Mehetable, and George Kathan, unm., a.34y., operative, s.Gardner and Betsey, Oct.8,1845.

Mary H., unm., a.24y., d.Samuel and Hannah, and Collins H. Woodward, unm., a.28y., manufacturer, s.Joseph and Sarah, June20,1847.

Nathan B., and Esther T. Lang, May27,1838.

Nathan F., of Manchester, NH, and Lucy C. Young, Oct.18,1847.

Nehemiah P., and Lydia S. Goodwin, Oct.12,1837.

Phebe [Morrill. int.], and Edward Burrage, July末,1834.

Rufus, and Betsey J. Bartlet, July4,1838.

Samuel E., and Ann B. Garland, June15,1834.*

Samuel, unm., a.27y., grocer, s.John and Bethiah, and Lovina Woodward [], unm., a.22y., operative, d.Amasa and Mary Ann, Nov.9,1845.

Samuel, of Hudson, NH, a.25y., shoemaker, s.Isaac and Susan, and Betsey C. Hovey of Dracut, a.19y., d.Oliver and Frances, Dec.30,1845.*

Samuel, unm., a.25y., machinist, s.Joshua and Abigail, and Lydia A. Parker, unm., of Lawrence, a.19y., d.Washington and Fanny, June20,1849.

Samuel, 2d m., a.30y., operative, b. Vermont, s.John and Bethiah, and Lois T. Green, unm., a.26y., b. Vermont, d.Samuel and Hannah, Sept.23,1849.

Sarah, and Amos Parker, Aug.21,1842.

Sarah H., and Levi J. Gilbert, Feb.12,1843.

Sarah, and John M. Davis, both of Reading, Apr.17,1843.*

Sarah, wid., a.37y., operative, d.Jonathan and Mary, and Thomas Moran, unm., a.27y., laborer, s.Michael and Winefred, Oct.20,1845.

Sarah F., unm., a.23y., d.John and Betsey, and Daniel Bradt, unm., a.41y., trader, s.Barnabas and Margaret, Nov.20,1845.

Stephen A., unm., a.23y., and Maria W. Holmes, unm., a.23y., Dec.28,1844.

William S., and Martha Ann Carpenter of Uxbridge, int.May27,1832.

William P., unm., a.25y., carpenter, s.William and Susan, and Sarah T. Hill, unm., a.22y., dressmaker, d.Abram and Mary, Jan.17,1847.


Mary B., see Merrill, Mary B[elainth]

MERROW (McMorrow, Morrow)

Hiram [], unm., a.21y., operative, s.A. and C., and Mary Neal, unm., a.21y., Sept.14,1846.


John P., and Rebecca V. Eaton, Apr.17,1832.


Charles D., unm., a.21y., mason, s.William and Prudence, and Abby J. Thurston, unm., a.19y., operative, d.Oliver and Susan, May30,1848.


Charles, and Nancy C. French, int.Jan.13,1833.

Fanny, and Ebenezer Crummet, both of Methuen, Jan.18,1841.*

Farnham H., see Mercer, Farnham H.

George, unm., of Dracut, a.22y., shoemaker, s.James and Sophronia, and Eliza M. Rodgers, unm., of Dracut, a.19y., d.James and Hepsibah, July4,1845.*

Hannah E., unm., of Methuen, a.18y., d.Ira and Elizabeth, and Frederick Goodwin, jr., unm., a.27y., painter, s.Frederick and Betsey, Sept.14,1845.

John A., unm., a.21y., shoemaker, s.John and Hannah, and Mary J[ane. int.] Stacey, unm., a.19y., operative, d.William R. and Margaret, Feb.8,1846.

Kimball B., and Mary Collington, int.Apr.10,1848.

Mary, and George W. Wyman of Chelmsford, Oct.7,1841.

Phebe [], and Foster Newhall, Jan.29,1832.

MESSINGER (Messenger)

Alfred, and Sarah G. Winn of Hudson, NH, int.Dec.25,1831.

Charles O., of Fitchburg, and Sarah Jane Abbot, int.Oct.28,1832.

Enoch P. (Messenger), a.21y., and Harriet Bennett, a.27y., both unm., Nov.11,1848.


David S., and Lucinda Wilson of Windham, May24,1835. [May28.CR1]

David, unm., of Charlestown, a.26y., ship carpenter, s.Samuel and Betsey, and Ursula A. Currier, unm., a.23y., dressmaker, d.Abner and Anna, June14,1846.

Ellen [R.,], and Francis F. Johnston, Aug.3,1846.CR1

Enoch B[enjamin. int.], and Nancy R[oscetter. int.] Norton, Apr.17,1845.

Isaac N., and Nancy Aiken, int.July20,1844.

James A., unm., a.24y., machinist, s.Joseph A. and Chloes, and Lucinda B. Hutchins, unm., a.20y., dressmaker, d.David, Sept.11,1849.

Martin L., and Hannah C. Austin, Feb.28,1836.

Phebe, and Ezra Ames of Chelsea, Mar.20,1842.

Samuel A., unm., farmer, and Joan E. Combs, unm., operative, Nov.15,1844.

Sarah, and Elisha [Elihu. in pencil] S. Hunt, Jan.28,1839.

William H., and Rebecca S. Burge, Aug.28,1832.


Frederick, unm., a.21y., blacksmith, s.Henry Soler and Madelaine, and Clarissa Weimert, unm., a.18y., d.Peter and Clarissa, int.June13,1849.


Catherine, and James Sulivan, int.Feb.26,1832.


Robert, unm., a.26y., wool sorter, b. "New York state," s.Robert and Mary, and Lucy Ann Cumins, unm., a.23y., b. Greenfield [Haverhill. int.], NH, d.Avery and Lucy Ann, Dec.24,1849.


Abigail H. [], and Jaazaniah F. Bussey of Boston, Mar.5,1843.

Cynthia, unm., a.30y., operative, d.Thomas and Hannah, of Vermont, and Ebenezer Eaton, unm., a.29y., carpenter, s.Ebenezer and Apphia, of Maine, Aug.10,1844.

Cyrus, of Stowe, and Ann S. Whitney, Mar.22,1842.

Elizabeth P., and Alonzo S. Davis of Portland, ME, June15,1843.

Lucy, of Concord, and William Wheeler, int.Sept.6,1835.

Mary Jane [], and Edwin H. Allen, Apr.末,1837.

Samuel, and Lydia Hodgman, int.Oct.1,1827.

Thomas, jr., and Susannah Sawyer, int.Mar.11,1832.


Maurice, see Willard, Maurice.

Orrin, unm., of Becket, a.25y., farmer, s.Oliver and Abigail, and Rebecca L. Wood, unm., a.26y., operative, d.Uriah and Sarah, Oct.19,1845.


Adeline, unm., a.27y., operative, d.James and Mary, and Ezra B. Peabody, unm., a.24y., farmer, s.Isaac and Mary, Oct.16,1844.

Ann [] M., and James E. [Amos E. int.] Prentiss, July29,1840.

Cynthia M., of Alstead, and George Cater, certif. Sept.11,1836.

Harriet N., and Isaiah F. Ford, int.Feb.19,1848.

James F., and Nancy G. Dudley, int.May24,1848.

James A., unm., a.24y., carpenter, b. Ryegate, VT, s.David and Elizabeth, and Jane C. Wheeler, unm., a.20y., [operative. int.], b. Vermont, d.John and Lauriette, Sept.3,1849.

Jane, and John H. Coburn, Dec.25,1831.

Jane, and James McCoombs, May6,1837.*

Lester A., unm., of Woodstock, VT, a.36y., clerk, s.Wareham and Rhoda, and Laura Carleton, unm., a.27y., d.John and Rachel R., Aug.9,1846.

Mary A., and Livermore R. Hall of Rumford, ME, int.Dec.5,1846.

Rebecca F., and Harvey Manahan, Sept.6,1842.

Russell A., and Ellen E. Searle, int.Oct.25,1845.

Samuel T., and Roxanna Jeffs of Tewksbury, int.Oct.1,1827.

Sarah G., and David Coruth, both unm., Feb.26,1848.

Susen R., and Jefferson D. [Dudley P. int.] Marston, July28,1834.

Susan A., and Michael B. Caswell, July9,1837.

William P., and Abigail Noyes, May7,1837.

William, and Nancy Crawford, Apr.26,1842.

William, and Clara M. Daniels, int.Apr.10,1846.

MILLIKEN (Miliken, Mulligan, Mulliken)

Anne (Mulligan), and John Sheridan, Apr.28,1842.CR5

Esther S. (Mulliken), of Lynn, and Warren C. Philbrick, int.Jan.20,1849.

George W. (Miliken) [Miliken. dup.], and Judith S. Whittier, Sept.19,1838.

Oliver P., unm., a.24y., printer, s.Isaac and Sarah, and Mary [A. int.] Ayre, unm., a.23y., milliner, d.Tristram and Francis, Aug.12,1845.

MILLS (Milles)

Abigail H., see Miles, Abigail H.

Abigail, unm., a.26y., operative, and Benjamin F. Foster, unm., a.30y., farmer, s.Benjamin and Martha, Dec.29,1844.

Andrew, and Eliza Smith, both unm., Jan.28,1847.

Catherine G., and Alanson Mitchell, int.May15,1836.

Guy C., a.24y., operative [unm., a.21y., clothier, s.Samuel and Harriet. int.], and Miriam H. Dolloff, a.22y.[unm., a.19y., operative, d.John and Eunice. int.], June16,1849.

Irene T., unm., a.39y., housekeeper, d.Daniel, and John J. Whitehouse, widr., a.36y., machinist, s.Jonathan, Oct.11,1845.

Kate, unm., of Boston, and Andrew Caughran [Coughran.CR1], unm., [at Boston.CR1], Oct.16,1848. [Oct.26.CR1]

Lucina T. (Milles), and Samuel J. Gates, int.Sept.14,1841.

Margaret, and Michael Shilds, int.May11,1834.

Martha R., unm., a.24y., operative, d.John and Martha, and Oren B. Gowen, unm., a.30y., stone cutter, s.William and Abigail, at Dracut, Jan.11,1848.

Mary Jane, see Miles, Mary Jane.

Mary, of Dunbarton, NH, and Stephen B. Smith, cerrtif. Sept.24,1837.

Nancy, unm., a.19y., d.Benjamin and Nancy, and John C. Tolman, unm., a.19y., operative, s.John and Salome, Dec.8,1845.

Nathan, of Campton, NH, and Isabel M. Edson, Oct.3,1841.

Rachel M., unm., a.19y., housekeeper, d.John B. and Drusilla, and Otis N. Cutler, unm., a.21y., grocer, s.Stephen and Roxana, Nov.20,1845.

Rosanna, unm., a.20y., b. Ireland, d.Edward and Sarah, and Thomas McCoubrey, unm., a.22y., blacksmith, b. Robinson, ME, s.John and Jane, Dec.17,1849.

Sarah G., and Francis L. Moore of Londonderry, NH, [VT. int.], Aug.26,1841.

William P. [of Charlestown. int.], and Eunice Grant [Emma Grant, int.], Sept.15,1833.

William, and Mary Ann Young, int.Jan.17,1845.

Zilla, and Ebenezer Burbank, Mar.22,1842.


John, and Eliza Townsend, int.Mar.13,1847.

Joseph, and Ann Exley, Mar.31,1841.

Susannah, unm., a.23y., operative, d.Thomas and Sarah, and William H. Ainley, unm., a.25y., machinist, s.Thomas and Mary, July17,1845.


Ann, of Dorchester, and Nelson Streeter, certif. Mar.26,1837.

Moses W., and Marrion W. Rollins, Feb.7,1841

Samuel H., unm., a.23y., operative, s.Amos and Betsey, and Melissa Ann Fowler, unm., a.20y., operative, d.John and Susan, Oct.9,1844.

MINER (Minor)

Abraham (Minor), unm., of Boston, a.27y., machinist, s.Abraham and Electa, and Mary Ann Stockwell, unm., a.27y., operative, d.James and Hannah, Mar.24,1846.*

Ethan N., and Huldah Huckins, July27,1847.

James M., unm., a.27y., farmer, s.Elijah and Temperance, and Orinda French, unm., a.18y., operative, Sept.19,1844.

John T., unm., a.27y., operative, s.Amos and Fanny, and Helen M. Closson, unm., a.20y., d.John R., Nov.7,1845.

Luvia C., unm., a.19y., dressmaker, d.William and Tamison, and Franklin Field, unm., a.27y., machinist, s.William and Mary, June [Jan. ?] 19,1847.

Linah T., of Lempster, NH, and Lyman D. Hurd of Methuen, Mar.12,1839.*[Methuen records have Sarah T. of Leominster, NH.]

Sarah G., and Albert Hancock, Aug.4,1842.


Patrick, and Ann Duffy, Apr.17,1837.CR5


Margaret, unm.[of L. int.], a.22y., d.Michael and Mary, and Michael Gilligan, unm., a.26y., laborer, s.William and Ellen, Dec.19,1847.


Ann R., and George W. Richardson, both of Dracut, Apr.27,1842.*

Daniel, and Mary Pherson, Sept.14,1834.


Abigail C., and Charles A. Thomas of Leeds, ME, int.Dec.6,1845.

Alanson, and Catherine G. Mills, int.May15,1836.

Archibald, of Manchester, NH, and Elizabeth Baker, int.May20,1848.

Clarissa H., of Andover, NH, and William P. Heath, int.Nov.29,1845.

Cyrus P., a.24y., millwright, s.John and Polly, and Sarah B. Ham of Mercer, ME, a.24y., seamstress, d.William, int.Sept.8,1847.

Eliza D., unm., a.23y., operative, d.Edward and Eliza, and William F. Francis, unm., a.24y., operative, s.Joseph and Lucretia, Dec.21,1845.

Betsey M., and Galeon Parkhurst, int.Dec.30,1838. [Jan.13,1839. dup.]

Betsey S., and George W. Fletcher, int.May4,1848.

Francis, and Julia Sacabese Swansoneptune, certif. Sept.7,1834.

Horace M.B., unm., of Boston, a.26y., seaman, s.William and Abigail, and Sarah Giles, unm., a.22y., operative, d.James and Lydia, Nov.7,1844.

James [Jerome. int.], widr., a.28y., seaman, s.Jeremiah and Ruth, and Martha Ring, unm., a.21y., dressmaker, d.Charles and Sarah, May28,1848.

Laura [of Pittsford, VT. int.], and Augustus Bowers, Jan.20,1841.

Leonard, Lt., and Charity B. Johnson, Feb.21,1827.

Martha A., unm., [of Litchfield, ME. int.], a.24y., b. Litchfield, ME, d.Samuel and Sally, and William Thomas, unm., of Amherst, NH, a.32y., laborer, b. Amherst, NH, s.Israel and Lydia, Dec.24,1849.

Mary L., and William Carr, June11,1840.

Polly W., and John G. Hill, int.Mar.28,1841.

Mary, unm., of Nashua, and John Cory [Coy, of Nashua, NH. int.], unm., both operatives, Mar.30,1849. [Apr.13.CR6]

Mary, unm., and Robert McInley, unm., of Dracut, laborer, [abt. Apr.13,1849.]

Phebe J., and Alanson P. Wadleigh, int.Oct.1,1846.

Robert, and Johannah McCarty, Apr.4,1842.CR5

Sarah N., unm., a.22y., operative, d.George and Hannah, and Samuel M. Heald, unm., a.30y., mill man, s.Samuel and Sibel, at Dracut, Dec.30,1847.

Zilpha M., and Ira Bisbee, Jan.8,1843.


John W., and Emeline Prouter, int.Sept.16,1846.


Irena, of Billerica, and John Brown, jr., int.Nov.21,1831.

John, and Martha Hill [], Oct.9,1828.

William, and Almira Prescott, int.Sept.14,1844.


Pheby [Wixon. int.], and Thomas Marshall, July11,1833.


William, of Medford, and Eliza Davis, certif. Nov.23,1834.

MOLLOY (Malea, Malley, Malloy, Melea, Meloy, Mulloy, O'Malay, O'Melea, O'Meley)

Anne E. [of L. int.], and Patrick H. Whelan [of Whitfield, ME. int.], May30,1839.CR5

Austin (Malley), unm., a.25y., laborer, s.James and Mary, and Catharine Shanley, unm., a.23y., operative, d.Martin and Catharine, Jan.20,1847.

Catherine, unm., a.25y., operative, d.John and Catherine, and Charles Molloy, unm., a.27y., mechanic, s.Edward and Margaret, Jan.15,1845.

Charles, unm., a.27y., mechanic, s.Edward and Margaret, and Catherine Molloy, unm., a.25y., operative, d.John and Catherine, Jan.15,1845.

Edward, unm., a.27y., mechanic, s.John and Catherine, and Ellen Divine, unm., operative, a.23y., d.Patrick and Elizabeth, Jan.27,1845.

Edward (Malloy), unm., a.20y., laborer, and Mary O'Neil [of L. int.], unm., a.18y., Apr.19,1847.

John (Meloy), and Anna H. Hoear, May1,1836.CR5

Mary (Mulloy), and Bernard Murphy, certif. June29,1834.

Mary (O'Meley), and Francis Burke, int.Dec.29,1846. [Publishment stopped Jan.9 on request of Mary O'Meley.]

Mary (Malea), unm., a.22y., operative, s.John and Bridget, and Edward Durkin, unm., a.31y., mason, s.John and Sarah, Sept.15,1847.

Mary (Malley), and Thomas Malley, int.Nov.1,1848. [Stopped by Mary Malley Nov.14.]

Mary O. (Melea) [O'], unm., a.22y., d.Patrick and Mary O., and Morgan McShea, unm., a.23y., laborer, s.Daniel and Mary, May22,1849.

Matthew, unm., a.24y., laborer, s.John and Mary, and Elizabeth M. Marshall, unm., a.25y., operative, d.Henry and Henrietta, July19,1845.

Patrick (O'Malay), unm., a.23y., laborer, b. Ireland, s.James and Mary, and Barbara McShea, unm., a.23y., b. Ireland, d.Daniel and Mary, Sept.24,1849.

Thomas (Malley), and Mary Malley, int.Nov.11,1848. [Stopped by Mary Malley Nov.14.]


John, unm., a.23y., laborer, s.Alexander and Fanny, and Mary Frances McLaughlin, unm., a.19y., d.John and Margaret, July21,1847. [July24.CR3]

MONAGHAN (Manahan, Mannahan, Minahen, Minehan, Monahan, Monan, Moneghan, Monehan, Murnan, Murnighn)

Ann, unm., operative, and Thomas Rogers, unm., laborer, Aug.21,1848.

Arthur [unm., a.22y., laborer, s.Hugh and], and Julia Lynch [unm., a.20y., operative, d.Patrick and Bridget. int.], June16,1849.CR5

Bridget (Moneghan), and Michael Boyle, int.June14,1835.

Bridget (Manahan), unm., a.19y., d.Patrick and Mary, and John Murphy, unm., a.23y., laborer, s.Patrick and Margaret, May2,1847.

Bridget (Manahan), unm., a.24y., d.Thomas and Margaret, and Michael Gallagher, unm., [of Lawrence. int.], a.27y., laborer, s.Michael and Mary, Nov.21,1848.

Catherine (Minehan), and Thomas Shea, Nov.12,1837.CR5

Catharine (Minahen), and Maurice O'Neil, Feb.15,1848.

David, of Francestown, and Sarah Hart, int.Apr.19,1840.

Elizabeth E., and John B. Richardson of Sanbornton, NH, May1,1843.

Harvey, and Rebecca F. Miller, Sept.6,1842.

Honorah, and John Roche [], Aug.21,1836.CR5

John F. (Mannahan), unm., a.23y., carpenter, s.Adam and Mary, and Nancy A. Horn, unm., a.20y., operative, d.Noah, Oct.26,1844.

John F., widr., a.25y., carpenter, s.Adam and Mary, and Sarah M. Wheeler, unm., a.23y., of Haverhill, NH, d.Abel and Mehitable, Jan.5,1847.

John, and Mary Higgins, int.May23,1848. [Stopped by J. Monaghan May24.]

John, unm., laborer, and Dolly McCabe, unm., operative, Aug.2,1848.

Mark, and Abby Handon of Francestown, NH, int.Dec.1,1833.

Mark, and Mary A. Tibbets [Tibbetts.dup.], Jan.24,1841.

Mary (Monahan), and Philip Fitzpatrick, Oct.25,1840.CR5

Mary (Monahan), and Thomas McCusker, int.Sept.23,1845. [Stopped by request of Mary Monahan Sept.29.]

Owen (Monahan), and Catherine McNamara, Aug.4,1839.CR5

Owen, and Rose Mahon, int.Feb.7,1849.

Patrick (Monehan), and Ann Powers, int.July19,1835.

Patrick (Minehan), and Anora Sullivan, int.Jan.24,1836.

Patrick, and Ann McVey, Sept.14,1843.

Sarah (Monan) [Murnan.CR6; Murnighn. int.], and Patrick Connelly, Apr.28,1848.

Sira, and Patrick Frawley, int.Feb.3,1833.

MONGAN (Mangan, Mingan)

Catharine, unm., a.21y., operative, d.Maurice and Mary, and Francis McAnulty, unm., a.27y., moulder, s.Bernard and Mary, Oct.2,1845.

Catharine A., unm., a.23y., operative, d.David and Mary, and John Maguire, unm., a.24y., trader, s.Patrick and Susan, May24,1846.

Edward (Mangan), unm., a.29y., laborer, b. Ireland, s.John and Ann, and Bridget Kane, unm., a.23y., b. Ireland, d.Peter and Mary, int.Dec.27,1849.

Hugh (Mingan), and Caroline Didiat, int.July13,1834.

Mary A. [Morgan. int.], unm., a.18y., operative, d.E., and Leonard Lamphire [Lamphere. int.], jr. [of Dracut. int.], unm., a.20y., teamster, s.L. and M., June6,1846.

Michael (Mangan), and Harriet Jameson, int.Oct.13,1833.

Susan, and Fergus McCafferty, int.Dec.27,1840.

MONGOVAN (Mongavan)

Margaret, unm., a.23y., d.James and Bridget, and Patrick Ballinger, unm., a.25y., laborer, s.Patrick and Mary, Jan.21,1848.

Thomas (Mongavan), unm., a.27y., mason, s.Mathew and Mary, and Bridget Howard, unm., a.25y., operative, d.Mathew and Bridget, Apr.11,1847.


Harriet E., and George W. Gedding, both of Chelmsford, Apr.16,1837.*


Robert, and Sarah A. Stockbridge, int.Nov.16,1847.


Lorenzo D., and Eliza Ann Palmer, int.Apr.14,1839.


Abigail, Mrs., of Chelmsford, and William Sweetser, int.July12,1835.

Abigail, and John B. Perry [of Boston. int.], Apr.13,1836.

Abigail, unm., a.23y., tailoress, d.William and Abigail, and Leander Crosby, unm., of Billerica, a.30y.farmer, s.Jeremiah and Ruth, Feb.22,1846.

Ann, and Reuben Byram, Feb.19,1843.

Arvilla, and Levi A. Rockwell of Dracut, int.May6,1844.

David J., and [] Harriet D. Boyd of Hallowell, ME, Feb.19,1832.

Eunice, and Thomas J. Hunt, int.June28,1840.

Hannah Morrill, and [Rev. int.] Daniel Gordon Estes of Amesbury, Oct.14,1846.CR1

Isaac, unm., of Billerica, a.22y., farmer, s.Elijah and Rebecca, and Lois H. Cross, unm., of Billerica, a.19y., d.Gersham and Polly, July1,1849.*

Jane, 2d.m., a.50y., d.William C. and Mehitable White, and James Davis, 2d.m., a.60y., farmer, b. Washington, NH, s.Josiah and Susanna, Aug.23,1849.

John A., and Elizabeth A. Beals of Manchester, NH, int.July30,1847.

Levi K., and Eliza A. Wilson, both of Boston, May30,1848.

Lewis P., and Caroline Ladd, int.Sept.29,1848.

Lucinda, unm., a.28y., operative, d.William and Abigail, and Nathaniel Downes, unm., a.27y., watchman, s.Joshua and Comfort, May4,1847.

Martha L., unm., a.21y., operative, d.John and Sally, and Henry N. Cary, unm., a.21y., s.John L. and Affy, Apr.19,1847.

Martha M., and Samuel Hackett, int.Jan.5,1849.

Mary D., and George H. Carlton, Apr.25,1832.

Mary, and William P. Glover, Jan.1,1837.

Mary E., and Daniel D. Hackett [Hacket. int.], Apr.21,1840.

Nahum P., unm., a.25y., operative, and Melinda S. Elliott, unm., a.22y., operative, Jan.2,1847.

Nancy Jane, and Lewis Combs, int.Jan.8,1830.

Nancy J., and Sherburn S. Poor, int.Oct.30,1831.

Nancy J[ane. int.], unm., a.19y., d.John and Nancy, and John G. Morrill [Merrill. int.], unm., a.22y., mariner, s.James and Joanna, July4,1848.

Samuel, of Boston, and Harriet L. Hanson, int.Feb.24,1839.

Sarah Jane, and Thomas Jameson, abt. 1830. [Jan.31,1830. int.]

Sarah C., unm., a.30y., operative, s.Joseph and Harriet, and Rufus Harwood, widr., of Chelmsford, a.29y., farmer, s.Jonathan and Mary, Oct.6,1845.*

Sarah E., of Dracut, and Charles H. Ranlet, int.Sept.11,1847.

Simon, of Limington, ME, and Harriet W. Hubbard, d.Josiah and Mehetabel Z. (Whitmore), June16,1833.PR1*

Stephen S., unm., a.28y., operative in factory, s.John and Sally, and Judith C. Carter, unm., a.21y., d.Ephraim and Sarah, May26,1844.

Susan H., and James Dana of Charlestown, June1,1837.

William H., and Martha A.K. Brickett of Newburyport, int.July21,1833.

William H., and Harriet M. Leslie, Jan.14,1839.

William D., unm., a.24y., lock maker, s.William and Jane, and Emma H. Braynard, unm., a.19y., d.Spencer and Betsey, Dec.31,1848.


Margaret, unm., a.20y., operative, d.H. and M., and Samuel Swett, unm., of Marblehead, a.24y., seaman, s.W. and S., May21,1846.

Mary, and John Brierly, Nov.19,1840.


Ann, and Arthur Cummiskey, int.Jan.10,1836.

Ann, and Valentine Gadsbey, Aug.20,1837.CR5

Anne M., unm., a.22y., b. Ireland, d.Patrick and Mary, and Patrick Gannon, 2d m., a.32y., laborer, b. Ireland, s.John and Ann, July21,1849.

Catherine B., and Charles B. Peirce [Pierce. int.], Apr.14,1836.

James S., unm., a.23y., operative, s.James and Elizabeth, and Caroline C. Frye, unm., a.25y., operative, d.Rowland and Mary, Mar.11,1847.

Mary S., and George W. Gerry, Sept.20,1840.

Samuel, unm., a.37y., watchman, s.Timothy and Naomi, and Lydia Huntington [Harrington. dup.], unm., a.29y., operative, d.William and Hannah, June14,1849.

MOORE (Mooar, Moor, Moores, Moors, More)

Adeline F. (More), and Ira Blake, Dec.27,1840.

Alma, and Abram Brigham, abt. 1831. [Mar.20,1831. int.]

Alma L. (Mooar), of Francestown, NH, and James M. McCoy, int.Mar.10,1844.

Anna, and Horatio Atwood of Chelmsford, Apr.28,1839.

Ann, and Franklin Farrar, Sept.9,1833.

Ann Maria, and Benjamin O. Paige, Sept.15,1843.

Apphia K., and Zadoch H. Mann [of Beverly, June30. int.], 1828.

Augustus P. (Moors), unm., a.23y., bleacher, s.Simeon and Betsey, and Almira L. Stickney, unm., a.21y., d.William and Sarah, Aug.4,1845.

Charles, of Woburn, and Betsy Elizabeth Blood, int.Feb.2,1834.

Charlotte (Moor), unm., of Tewksbury, a.24y., d.John G. and Emeline, and David S. Swan, unm., of Fulton, Arkansas [a.26y.dup.], merchant, s.Samuel and Jeanette, May21,1844.*

Eliza H., and Jacob Willey, June1,1834.

Elizabeth C., of New Salem, and George B. Jackson, int.Dec.18,1836.

Elizabeth A., unm., a.24y., operative, d.Roderick and Susan, and William F. Andrews, a.24y., manufacturer, s.Ephraim and Elizabeth, June2,1844.

Emily, and Christopher Hall, Mar.18,1838.

Ephraim L. (Moores), see Morse, Ephraim L.

Ezra, and Sarah R. Holbrook, certif. May14,1837.

Francis L., of Londonderry, NH [VT. int.], and Sarah G. Mills, Aug.26,1841.

Harriett A., unm., of Newton, a.26y., d.Chauncey and Betsey, and John H. Nutting, unm., of Amherst, a.28y., mechanic, s.George and Judith, June2,1846.*

Henry, and Mary P. Swasey, at Concord, Nov.22,1842.

Horatio N., and Jane B. Googing, Nov.27,1842.

Horatio P. (Moor) [Marr. int.], unm., a.32y., machinist, s.Dennis and Sarah, and Eliza A[nn. int.] Blackstone, unm., a.22y., dressmaker, d.Benjamin and Betsey, at Dracut, Sept.28,1845.

Hugh K., of Boston, and Mary Ann Conner, int.May22,1840.

James M. [G. int.], and Orinda Cummings, June7,1832.

James, and Sarah Peasley, int.Jan.25,1835.

James, of Bedford, and Emily K. Noyes Dec.20,1843.

James R., and Ruth E. [C. int.] Nash, Apr.6,1848.

James A., unm., a.28y., operative, s.James and Catherine, and Mary B. Blethen, unm., a.21y., operative, d.Reuben and Ruth, Nov.18,1848.

John S. (Moor), and Lucy Kendall, Apr.27,1840.

John H. (More), and L. Lucina Shaw, Jan.17,1843.

John N., and Abigail Young, Feb.15,1844.

John, unm., operative, and Mary Kennedy, unm., operative, Dec.5,1848.

Joseph, and Caroline Matilda Howes, Apr.18,1839.

Joseph, of Lancaster, and Adaline Hollon, int.Dec.25,1843.

Julia A. [of L. int.], and John B. Atkinson [of Methuen. int.], Dec.27,1835.

Lavinia G., and John G. Walbridge, June19,1839.

Lorenzo, and Hannah D. Greenleaf, at Newburyport, Oct.18,1842.

Lorinda [], b. Bolton, a.24y., d.Thomas and Eunice (Houghton), and James Hovey Rand, architect, b. Boston, a.21y., s.Gardner and Sarah (Frothingham), Mar.1,1835.

Louisa N., unm., a.27y., milliner, d.Alexander and Mary, and Noadiah Lund, unm., a.28y., freight master, s.Stephen and Rachel, June10,1848. [1849. dup.]

Lucy C., and J.D. Pillsbury, certif. Jan.18,1835.

Margaret, and James William Bailey, certif. June1,1834.

Marshall, and Mary Ann Farrar, int.Sept.12,1830.

Martha, and Asahel Wheeler of Sudbury, int.May16,1841.

Martha [Mooar. int.], unm., a.29y., tailoress, d.Jacob and Phebe, and Moses Fisher, widr., a.36y., carpenter, s.Benjamin and Ziporah, Sept.29,1845.

Martha M., and Joseph Raynes, Feb.4,1849.

Mary, and George Worster [Worcester. int.], Jan.21,1833.

Mary L[eavitt. int.], and Hezekiah Smith [of Lexington. int.], June19,1833.

Mary Jane, and Bradbury M. Rowe, June11,1835.

Mary S. (More), and Silas H. Priest of Marlborough, Apr.25,1841.

Mary A., and George W. [P. int.] Wright, Aug.20,1842.

Mary (Mooar), unm., a.27y., tailoress, d.Phebe, and Joseph S. Grush, widr., a.29y., hairdresser, s.John H. and Hannah, Dec.25,1845.

Mary S., unm., a.29y., d.Chauncey and Betsey, and Francis B. Smilie [], unm., of Roxbury [of Brookline. int.], a.28y., painter, s.David and Athelia, Feb.24,1848.

Mary Jane, unm., a.24y., b. Goffstown, NH, d.Samuel and Mary, and Aaron Prescott, unm., a.28y., operative, b. Orange, VT, s.Joshua and Nancy, int.Dec.24,1849.

Mehitable R. (Moor), of New Boston, NH, and Franklin Mead, int.Sept.7,1844.

Micah Grout, and Rebecca Duntley of Charlestown, int.Dec.19,1831.

Milton, and Abigail Martin, int.Nov.14,1830.

Marinda, and George Cummings of Winchester [Winchendon. int.], Sept.20,1836.

Nancy, of Boston, and Michael Dolton, int.May2,1830.

Olive D., and Abel Clarke, June5,1834.

Orlena M., unm., a.25y., operative, d.Roderick and Susan, and John F. Emerson, unm., a.25y., machinist, s.Joseph and Susan, Dec.30,1847.

Peter, and Hannah Duffy, int.Jan.22,1842. [Withdrawn by Peter Moore Jan.24]

Phebe D. (Mooar), of Andover, and Jacob Crosby, int.Aug.19,1832.

Ruth J., and Nathaniel D. Roby of Candia, NH, July4,1842.

Salathiel [Moors, s.Miel. dup.], and Mary Ann Ray, Sept.20,1835.

Sophia, and Andrew Kelley, Nov.10,1836.

Stephen, and Hannah Stevens of Andover, int.Mar.3,1833.

Thomas, and Jane Shattuck, Apr.28,1831.

Thomas, jr., of Hillsborough, and Mary D. Converse, certif. Oct.15,1837.

Thomas (Moor), and Cynthia B. Heath, int.Nov.2,1847.

Tyrus C., and Mary Davis, Dec.25,1838.

William L., and Susan B. Kenniston [Kenister. int.], May11,1834.

William P. [of Newton. certif.], and Hannah M[aria.certif.] Downer, June14,1837.

MORAN (Marren)

Bridget, and Frederick Fredny of Boston, int.Jan.6,1844.

Bridget, unm., a.25y., operative, d.James and Elizabeth, and James [John. int.] Garvey, unm., a.25y., laborer, s.John and Johanna, May24,1846.

Ellen, unm., a.17y., b. Ireland, d.Terence and Mary, and John Galagher, unm., a.21y., laborer, b. Ireland, s.Anthony and Margaret, Oct.26,1849.

Gill, 2d m., of Dracut, a.32y., laborer, b. Ireland, s.James and Catherine, and Catherine Lynch, unm., a.29y.[], b. Ireland, d.James and Ann, Nov.28,1849.

James, unm., a.21y., laborer, s.Patrick and Bridget, and Anne Casey, unm., a.24y., operative, d.Hugh and Bridget, July15,1845.

James, unm., [of Providence, RI. int.], a.30y., laborer, s.Patrick and Ann, and Mary McGuire, unm., a.24y., d.Patrick and Ann Reilley, Jan.21,1847.

Johanna, unm., a.25y., b. Ireland, d.Dennis and Mary, and John O'Brien, unm., a.24y., laborer, b. Ireland, s.Dennis and Mary, Nov.28,1849.

John, and Julia [Judieth.certif.] McCarty, Apr.16,1837.CR5

John, unm., a.21y., laborer, s.James and Eliza, and Ellen O'Neil, unm., a.18y., spinster, d.Michael and Margaret, May14,1844.

John [Marren. dup.], unm., a.24y., operative, s.Thomas and Ann, and Agnes Hannurin [Hannawin. dup.], unm., a.23y., d.Owen and Catherine, Nov.30,1848.

Lucretia A., see Moreland, Lucretia A.

Mary, Mrs., and Daniel Handlen, certif. Aug.27,1837.

Mary, and John Carney, int.Jan.14,1843.

Mary, wid., a.30y., housekeeper, d.Martin and Margaret, and John Carr, widr., a.28y., operative, s.James and Elizabeth, July29,1844.

Mary, and James R. Blessington, Nov.4,1847.

Mary, unm., a.19y., d.John and Ellen, and Michael Long, unm., a.25y., laborer, s.Thomas and Johanna, Feb.9,1848.*

Mary and James Scully, Aug.15,1849.CR3*

Michael, unm., a.30y., laborer, b. Ireland, s.Patrick and Bridget, and Maria Farley [Fairley.dup.], unm., a.20y.[operative. int.], d.Michael and Elizabeth, Aug.2,1849.

Patrick and Honoragh Fitzgerald, int.June9,1833.

Thomas, unm., a.27y., laborer, s.Michael and Winefred, and Sarah Merrill, wid., a.37y., operative, d.Jonathan and Mary, Oct.20,1845.

William, unm., a.24y., laborer, s.Patrick and Bridget, and Ellen McKean [McCone. int.], unm., a.25y., operative, d.John and Catharine, Oct.29,1845.


Patrick, and Margaret Hagarty [Mary Agerty.certif.], abt. Oct.1,1837.CR5


Lucretia A. [Moran. dup.], unm., a.28y., b. Wiscasset, ME, d.Mary, and Christopher C. Hall, 2d m., a.40y., boarding house keeper, b. Windham, NH, s.Christopher and Betsey, int.Dec.31,1849.

MOREY (Moroy, Mory, Mowry)

Alice R., unm., a.20y., operative, d.William and Mary, and George W.N. Carr, unm., a.19y., moulder, s.B.D. and L.M., Dec.6,1847.

Charlotte L., and David B. French, int.Nov.1,1845.

Betsey E., and Lyman A. Pond, Aug.5,1839.

James W. (Mowry), widr., of Northampton, minister, and Arethusa Sawyer, unm., milliner, Jan.1,1849.

Luke (Mowry), of Providence, RI, and Fanny Wheelock, Nov.16,1843.

Mandana, of Boston, and James Fraser, int.July12,1840.

Mary M., and Charles B. Osgood, Sept.16,1838.

Nancy (Moroy), and William B. Corser, certif. Aug.28,1836.

Nathan B. (Mowry), and Elizabeth F. Blaisdell, int.Oct.16,1845.

Samuel, and Loucinda W. [Cynthia W.PR1] Saunderson [Nov.10. int.], 1828.

Samuel C., widr., a.38y., overseer, s.Joseph and Nancy, and Clarissa T. Alden, unm., of Providence, RI [Chesterfield, NH. in pencil.], a.26y., operative, d.Oliver and Mary, Aug.29,1844. [Aug.28.PR1]*

Sarah, and Abraham Bickford, int.Nov.7,1831.

Sarah B., and John B. Melvin, Feb.22,1835.

Sherman M., unm., a.21y., mechanic, s.Samuel and Belinda, and Sarah A.C. Smith, unm., a.19y., d.Sherborn and Sarah, Apr.24,1847.

Stephen L. (Mory), and Mary A. Jones, int.Aug.12,1832.

William, unm., a.25y., operative, s.Timothy and Ann, and Mary Fannon, unm., a.21y., operative, d.James and Mary, June12,1848.

MORGAN (Morghan)

末末, of Nashua, and 末末 Frye, Dec.27,1836.*

Anne (Morghan), and Bernard Riley, int.Dec.22,1833.

Christopher, and Eliza Ann Howard, Sept.17,1843.

E[leanor. int.] D., and Samuel J. Sawyer, Feb.28,1836.

Eleanor, and Jesse Manning of Billerica, May14,1838.

Elizabeth E., unm., a.28y., operative, d.Richard and Patience, and James Arnott, unm., a.35y., operative, s.Collin and Jane, June26,1847.

Hannah A., and John Dean of Providence, RI, May21,1845.

Lucy A., unm., a.21y., operative, d.Mack and Susan, and Bela N. Bartlett, unm., a.22y., mechanic, s.Sylvanus and Mary, Feb.27,1845.

Polly H., and Jonathan D. Long of Brookline, int.Apr.11,1846.

Mary A., see Mongan, Mary A.


Elizabeth [], and Daniel Manion [Manning. int.], Feb.8,1843.

Betsey, and John Kavanagh, int.Feb.21,1848.

Ellen, unm., a.24y., b. Ireland, d.Thomas and Eliza, and Thomas Shea, unm., a.27y., laborer, b. Ireland, s.Maurice and Honora, Nov.10,1849.

Honora, and Patrick Deniahy, certif. Jan.11,1835.

Thomas, and Catherine Millone, int.July12,1847. [Withdrawn by Catherine Millone July22.]

MORING (Morring)

Andrew D., and Sarah Hayes, int.Feb.15,1847.

Ann (Mooring), and John Sullivan, certif. Nov.2,1834.


Charlotte, of Boston, and Robert Wood, int.Aug.8,1844.

MORRILL (Morrel, Morrell)

Abigail W., and Joshua Currier, certif. July24,1836.

Amos (Morrell), of Manchester, NH, and [Mrs.dup.] Sally Philbrick, Mar.12,1840.

Barnard C., and Eliza B. Fisher, int.Feb.3,1833.

Charles M. [Morrell. int.], and Elvira Cochran of New Boston, NH, Dec.3,1835.

Charles, and Sarah R. Palmer of Bangor, ME, int.June20,1841.

Charlotte, and Abiel Abbot, Nov.26,1826.

Chauncey, and Almira Aldrich, int.Dec.7,1846.

Cyrus K., and Catherine E. Winn, May30,1839.

David L., and Mary J. McClary, int.Nov.4,1848.

Emily Augusta, and William S. Curtis, May10,1842.

Emily W. [Merrill. int.], unm., a.25y., operative, d.Samuel and Abigail, and Joseph F. Newton, unm., a.24y., laborer, s.Trueman and Eunice, Jan.18,1846.

Ezekiel, and Adeline Coffin, abt. 1830. [Mar.14,1830. int.]

Ezekiel, and Hannah C. Pool of Watertown, int.Nov.8,1831.

Frederick (Morrel), and Angeline [A.D. in pencil.] Burdet [Burditt. int.] of Chelmsford, July11,1841.

Hannah F., and John Brown of Methuen, Aug.2,1836.

Hannah W., and George W. Champlin, int.Sept.28,1842.

Harriet, and John Cushing, int.Sept.23,1827.

Henry, and Harriet Bagley of Amesbury, int.May2,1831.

Hiram O., and Mary B. Clark, int.Apr.7,1833.

James M., and Deborah H. Woodman, int.Aug.28,1831.

Jason W., and Abigail B. Woodman of Bedford, NH, int.Nov.27,1847.

Jerry B., unm., a.26y., operative, s.Paul and Polly, and Harriet M. Currier, unm., a.23y., operative, d.John and Joy, Oct.8,1846.

John H., and Emeline B. Cole of Manchester, NH, int.July25,1843. [Stopped by John H. Morrill July30.]

John H., unm., a.23y., laborer, s.John and Mary, and Betsey H. Pierce, unm., a.16y., d.Joshua and Sarah, July31,1844.

John G. [Merrill. int.], unm., a.22y., mariner, s.James and Joanna, and Nancy J[ane. int.] Moody, unm., a.19y., d.John and Nancy, July4,1848.

Joseph S., and Martha Small, int.Aug.11,1839.

Julia, and Samuel Wood, int.June6,1831.

Laura, and Parker Flanders, Mar.7,1838.

Lovina S., unm., a.24y., b. Waterville, ME, d.Josiah and Lovina, and Lorenzo D. Davis, unm., a.26y., stone cutter, b. Chelsea, VT, s.Nathan and Lydia, Sept.26,1849.

Lydia C. (Morrell), of Stanstead, Canada, and George M. Libbey of Charlestown, Dec.11,1848.*

Marianna, and Daniel A. Leslie, May5,1836.

Mary K. (Morrell), and George W. Chase, Sept.20,1835.

Mary A.M., of Springfield, NH, and George Runels, int.Nov.26,1845.

Nancy S., unm., of Methuen, a.24y., operative, d.John and Rebecca, and Nathaniel Loud, jr., unm., of Methuen, a.23y., shoemaker, s.Nathaniel and Mary, Dec.31,1846.*

Naomi M., unm., a.19y., operative, d.Eli R., and Franklin Harding, unm., a.23y., spinner, s.Timothy, Apr.5,1848.

Nathan [Nathaniel. int.] W., and Elizabeth Jones, Aug.12,1843.

Nathaniel, and Emeline Eliza Prescott of Concord, int.Nov.20,1827.

Nathaniel E., and Elizabeth Kidder, June27,1832.

Nathaniel, jr., and Tryphena Lyman, int.May17,1835.

Otis H., and Laura G. Randall of Chesterfield, NH, int.Nov.11,1838.

Phebe, see Merrill, Phebe.

Rebecca, and Kendall Pierce, int.Nov.29,1845. [Forbidden by the mayor, the parties being paupers in almshouse.]

Rebecca, and Elbridge McIntosh, Dec.16,1846.

Ruth, and Abiel Abbot, Feb.24,1828.

Sabra, and James Dickey of Wilmot, NH, Dec.22,1839.

Sarah C., and Davis [] H. Sinclair, Jan.19,1840.

Sarah A., and George C. Rich of Salisbury, June12,1840.

Sarah S.M., and Stephen E. Cleaves, int.May8,1848.

Sarah Jane, unm., of Tewksbury, a.19y., d.John and Permelia, and Azel W. Patten, unm., of Billerica, a.21y., cabinet maker, s.Aaron H. and Eliza, Nov.14,1848.*

Sarah F., and William D. Hall, both of Lawrence, Jan.7,1849.CR1*

Seth, of Tewksbury, and Almira Maynard, int.Feb.2,1834.

William F.C., unm., a.24y., operative, s.Samuel and Lydia, and Luthera M. Stevens, unm., a.21y., d.Eli and Clarinda, Sept.14,1845.

MORRIS (Morriss)

Allice (Morriss), and Ethan Willoughby, Jan.1,1834.

Daniel, unm., a.23y., laborer, s.Owen and Bridget, and Hannah Lavelle, unm., a.24y., operative, d.John and Barbara, May18,1844.

Lucy, d.Arthur, and Nehemiah Latham, s.Arthur,末蔓末,1757.PR1*


Amos E., and Lucinda Bean, certif. Aug.6,1837.

Caleb, unm., a.24y., machinist, s.John and Ellen, and Abigail Horner [Homer. int.], unm., a.25y., operative, d.William and Betsey, at Dracut, Sept.13,1845.

Caroline G., of Sanbornton, NH, and Sawyer Blanchard, int.Sept.29,1833.

Catherine A., unm., a.20y., b. Canada, d.John and Elizebeth, and William H. Witherell, unm., a.24y., spinner, b. Rochester, NH, s.John and Betsey, int.Dec.20,1849.

Daniel J. [T. int.], of Methuen, and Mary A. Dyer, at Dracut, Oct.30,1845.

Emily, and William Newman, Feb.24,1835.

James G., and Mary H. Hill, Sept.7,1848.

John, and Margaret Butler, int.June14,1835.

Josiah S., and Phebe L. [V. dup.] Knight, Sept.5,1831.

Nathaniel and Mary Knight, int.Sept.1,1839.

Nathaniel, and Hannah P. Batchelder, int.Mar.19,1842.

Phebe, and John G. Duncan, Oct.17,1839.

Richard, unm., a.29y., laborer, b. Ireland, s.Owen and Bridget, and Celia Laville [Lavelle. int.], unm., a.24y., d.Thomas and Bridget, Oct.13,1849.

Samuel W., unm., of Henniker, NH, a.24y., farmer, s.Samuel and Betsey, and Emily V. Bragg, unm., a.24y., operative, d.Ariel and Eleonora, Dec.17,1845.

Sarah M., unm., a.22y., operative, d.John and Lucy, and Edmund Ellis, widr., a.36y., carpenter, s.Nathaniel and Anna, Jan.1,1845.

Sophia, of Amherst, NH, and John Underwood, int.Oct.29,1827.

Stephen, and Lydia Hanson, May20,1839.

Susan, and Lewis Cutting, Aug.29,1830.

William D., and Sarah Eastman, Dec.12,1837.

William, unm., a.27y., laborer, s.James and Mary, and Mary Holt, wid., a.25y., d.William and Mary, Jan.6,1848.*


Hiram, see Merrow, Hiram.

MORSE (Moores, Moorse, Morss)

Alanson H., and Caroline L. Worster [Worcester. dup.], Dec.22,1839.

Elmira, and Ezra Abbott Upham of Chelmsford, Apr.5,1836.

Amos, and Mariah Ingalls of Townsend, int.Apr.27,1834.

Andrew, of Quincy, and Mary J. Gordon, int.June28,1840.

Ann P., unm., a.23y., tailoress, d.Newbury and Mary, and George W. Avery, unm., a.25y., manufacturer, s.Thomas and Lydia, Nov.24,1847.

Benjamin F., and Sarah Gilmore, Feb.18,1836.

Benjamin F., and Lucinda Newcome, Jan.29,1842.

Benjamin F., widr., a.34y., operative, s.Benjamin and Abigail, and Mary Chandler, unm., a.41y., operative, Dec.18,1845.

Caroline, and John Brown, Apr.14,1834.

Curtis [of L. int.], and Sally Cutter [of Newton. int.], Sept.14,1828.

Cynthia, of Methuen, and Samuel E. Lull, int.Oct.8,1842.

Dorcas, and Danniel Whittier, Sept.25,1832.

Eliza M., and Hiram F. Flanders, int.Dec.29,1846.

Elizabeth, of New Boston, NH, and Darius Richards, int.Mar.18,1829.

Elizabeth, of Methuen, a.21y., d.Amos, 2d and Sally, and Israel W. Young of Methuen, shoemaker, a.21y., s.John, at Methuen, Jan.21,1845.*

Ellen, unm., of Brighton, ME, a.22y., b. Maine, d.Nathaniel and Mary, and Nathaniel B. Shepard, unm., a.21y., operative, b. Maine, s.Joseph H. and Lois B., int.Sept.4,1849.

Ephraim L. [], widr., a.28y., painter, and Hannah E. Glover, unm., a.17y., operative, Apr.16,1845.

Gilman, and Lucy A. Hubbard, both of Manchester, Nov.29,1845.*

Hazen, of Hampstead, NH, and Nancy Norton, int.Nov.8,1840.

Isaac S., Esq., unm., a.27y., lawyer, s.Bryan and Susanna, and Eloise La Barte, unm., of Groton, a.20y., d.John J. and Mary, Sept.26,1844.

Isaac A., and Ellen [Helen. int.] M. Shed, Oct.15,1848.

James F., and Susan M. Gould, int.Sept.21,1847.

James M., unm., a.26y., carpenter, b. Canaan, NH, s.James and Lucy, and Rhoda Smith, unm., a.25y., b. Buxton, ME, d.Abel and Betsey, Nov.25,1849.

Joel R., and Ann M. Hardy, both of West Newbury, July23,1843.*

John [], and Henrietta Moulton, Nov.14,1832.

Joseph, jr., of Boston, and Mary Ann Smith, int.Feb.10,1839.

Josiah W., and Jane B. Tilton, int.May29,1836.

Josiah, and Eliza W.G. Elexer, int.Feb.26,1842.

Judith C., of Exeter, NH, and Henry M. Danforth of Dana, June4,1843.*

Julia Ann, unm., a.24y., domestic, d.Jacob and Lydia, and Aaron Holden, unm., a.25y., baker, s.Aaron and Rebecca, Sept.8,1844.

Leonard, of Francestown, NH, and Phebe Smith, int.Aug.14,1845.

Lois, unm., a.24y., d.Levi and Lois, and Thaddeus [Thatcher. int.] Merriam, unm., of Lawrence, a.29y., carpenter, s.Mathew and Abigail, Nov.5,1848.

Levina, and Solomon Avery, June3,1832.

Lucy Ann, unm., a.23y., operative, d.John and Lucy, and William F. Worcester, unm., a.27y., machinist, s.Leonard and Rebecca, Sept.20,1846.

Lydia B., and Alfred Gale, May6,1838.

Lydia, and Sidney S. Russell, int.Sept.2,1838. [Sept.16. dup.]

Mark H., and Eunice J. Jones, Aug.6,1838.

Mary E., of New Boston, and Addison Parker, int.Mar.28,1830.

Mary Jane, unm., a.20y., operative, d.David and Hannah, and Albert Tenney, widr., a.27y., stone layer, s.Moses and Shuah, Nov.27,1845.

Mary E., and Corydon O. Phillips, Oct.3,1846.

Moses H., and Jane M. Dinsmoor of Chester, NH, int.Aug.20,1828.

Nason H., and Sarah E. Whitehouse of Pembroke, NH, int.Apr.24,1847.

Nathan C., of Prospect, ME, and Elisabeth W. Abbott, int.Jan.7,1843.

Olive R., of Waldoborough, ME, and Selwin Bancroft, int.May8,1843.

Perley, and Lucy C. Alden of Belfast, int.Sept.10,1828.

Philura, and Ebenezer Hadley, at Chelmsford, Oct.31,1837.

Phebe, and Benjamin Smith of Wakefield, VT, Mar.3,1840.

R. Hartford, unm., of Foxborough, a.35y., laborer, s.John and Rhoda, and Elsey Lawrence, wid., a.38y., laborer, d.Samuel and Elizabeth Rideout, Oct.30,1844.

Rebeccah D., of New Boston, NH, and David Upton, int.Aug.3,1829.

Richard, unm., a.19y., cigar maker, s.Jonathan and Eliza, and Melinda Silver, unm., a.18y., d.Timothy and Melinda, June15,1844.

Ruby, and Moses Durell, Dec.29,1839.

Samuel P., and Catherine L. Emerson of Weare, NH, int.Jan.6,1833.

Samuel P., and Sophia Folsom, Dec.31,1839.

Sarah A., of Chelmsford, and John S. Elliot, int.Mar.30,1834.

Sarah D., and Joseph Lombard, jr., int.Mar.28,1846.

Sarah H., unm., of [West. int.] Rumney, NH, a.24y., and Ephraim B. Patch, widr., a.39y., auctioneer, at Concord, NH, Dec.17,1846.

Sarah L., unm., a.20y., dressmaker, d.Caleb and Sarah, and John L. Whitney, unm., a.21y., printer, s.John and Jane, Sept.9,1848.

Sophia W., and Myron Warner of Wales, NY, certif. May7,1837.

Stephen, Esq., of Compton, NH, and Mehitable Gordon, int.Mar.4,1844.

Susan (Moorse), of New Boston, and Samuel N. Tucker, certif. Jan.18,1835.

Susan, unm., a.25y., d.Leonard and Elizebeth, and Dana B. Gove, unm., a.27y., shoedealer, s.Jesse and Rhoda, June13,1849.

Willard, and Sarah A. Robins, int.Dec.2,1827.

William H., and Allice Lund, int.Feb.17,1833.

William H., and Mary Jane Robinson of Sanbornton, int.Mar.20,1836.

William L., and Sarah Putnam, Nov.30,1836.

William W., and Rachel Ann Mansfield, at Chelmsford, Apr.25,1841.

William F., and Betsey J. Annis, Feb.6,1844.

William H., unm., a.22y., operative, s.Mark and Betsey, and Martha J. Foss, unm., a.21y., operative, d.William and Sally, at Dracut, Sept.5,1846.

William G., unm., a.22y., overseer, s.Jonathan and Charity, and Laura Jane Wood, unm., a.23y., d.Jonathan and Susan, Nov.21,1847.

William, unm., a.29y., and Nancy J. [Mary Jane. int.] Thompson, unm., a.22y., Sept.11,1848.

Willis, and Rosilla Read, Aug.26,1835.

Wilson S., of Winchester, NH, and Martha E. Cogswell of Chelmsford, Oct.15,1834.*


Abigail, and Moody Austin, Apr.2,1834.

Clarinda S., unm., operative, d.Elisha and Sarah, and Isaac H. McDonald, unm., of Waltham, a.22y., mason, s.Joseph and Mary, Nov.26,1846.

Hallet W., of Boston, a.22y., trader, s.Cornelius B. and Sophia, and Lavina G. Robinson, unm., a.20y., operative, d.Chase and Betsey, June4,1845.

Israel R., and Betsey G. Stillings, int.May18,1844.

Jane G., and John O. Libby, Oct.22,1843.

Jerusha, and Lewis McIntire, July26,1837.

Phebe S., unm., a.18y., d.Elisha and Sarah, and William R. Silver, unm., a.21y., keeper of bath house, s.William and Betsey, July12,1846.

Robert, and Elizabeth Wilson, May2,1836.

Zebiah, and John J. Crane, Oct.16,1831.


Mary A., of Newburyport, and Oliver H. Perry, int.Feb.3,1849.


Christina, and George W. Hand, certif. Nov.9,1834.

Florenda [of L. int.], and Merari Tuttle [of Boscawen, NH. int.], Sept.13,1835.

Joseph L., unm., a.25y., stonemason, s.Dearborn B. and Mary, and Abby Nye, unm., a.21y., operative, d.Ezra and Ann, July2,1849.

Josiah W., and Jane B. Tilton, May19,1836.*

Lydia D., and Stephen C. Sanborn, int.July15,1848.

Mary, of Beverly, and Smith E. Fields, int.Mar.22,1835.

Thomas, widr., [of Gloucester. int.], a.35y., ship wright, s.Samuel and Abigail, and Sarah H. Mann, unm., a.36y., dressmaker, d.John and Martha, Nov.5,1844.

MOULTON (Morelton)

Andrew W., and Mary C. Bartlett, certif. May28,1837.

Benjamin E., and Jane [Mary Jane. int.] Bamford, Feb.1,1827.

Henrietta, and John Morse [], Nov.14,1832.

Ira, and Ann G. Knowlton, both of Freedom, NH, Sept.27,1843.*

James F., unm., of Sanford, ME, a.22y., blacksmith, s.J., and Emily D. Watkins, unm., a.20y., housekeeper, d.H., Oct.18,1846.

Joseph T., unm., of Waltham [of L. dup.], a.19y.bleacher, s.Jacob and Betsey, and Maria Jane Babcock, unm., a.20y., operative, d.Hugh and Sarah, Apr.12,1846.

Marietta, unm., a.25y., operative, d.Henry and Roxellana, and Thomas Storah, unm., a.22y., painter, s.George and Lovina, July19,1847.

Mary Ann, and Daniel H. Chandler, Dec.19,1841.

Mary M., unm., a.25y., operative, d.Michael and Mary, and Henry L.C. Newton, unm., a.21y., printer, s.Silas and Sarah, Oct.26,1844.

Minerva Jane [Morelton. int.], and Ransom M. Roby, unm., May3,1848.

Oliver, unm., a.25y., watchman, s.John and Olive, and [] Bridget Berry, a.25y., d.末末 McCabe, Dec.25, [1845 or 1846.]

Sarah J., and Seth Kenerson, int.Nov.6,1841.

Sarah F., unm., a.35y., d.Daniel and Sarah, and Amos Upham, widr., a.48y., joiner, s.Amos and Hannah, Jan.17,1848.

Solomon [Solon. int.] W., and Sarah Speare [], May17,1840.

Stephen, of Milton, and Emily Nute, int.Mar.28,1842.

Stephen, unm., of Bradford, VT, a.22y., locksmith, b. Bradford, VT, s.Moses and Catherine, and Frances M. Felton, unm., a.18y., dressmaker, b. Westford, d.Levi and Judith, Aug.11,1849.

William, and Catherine Clement of Nashua, NH, int.Nov.26,1837.

William B., and Jane F. Huntoon, Dec.1,1839.


Ellen, unm., a.30y., d.Denins and Ellen, and Thomas Ragan, unm., a.40y., laborer, s.Richard and Catherine, Feb.20,1849.


Commodore, and Eliza Ann B. Dodge, Mar.27,1839.


Ezra, and Sarah B. [R. certif.] Holbrook, May14,1837.


Catharine H., and Benjamin L. Holt of Woodstock, VT, Mar.13,1839.

Sarah E., and William Watson, Oct.3,1842.

Sophia A., and George W. Taft [of Cornish, NH. int.], June1,1843.

MUDGETT (Mudget)

Ambrose H., of Sandwich, NH, and Susan R. Walker, May21,1848.

Betsy (Mudget), and John Goldsmith of Andover, int.Nov.1,1835.


George, and Caroline Grey, int.Dec.16,1847.


Charles, and Sarah Hopson [Hobson.CR1], Aug.9,1847.

Jessey Elizabeth, unm., a.21y., b. Nova Scotia, d.Charles and Elizabeth, and Thomas Walkden, unm., a.30y., carpenter, b. England, s.William and Mary, Dec.22,1849. [Nov.22.CR1]


Caroline A., of Portsmouth, NH, and Josiah Nichols, Oct.3,1837.


James, and Margaret Megins, int.May4,1829.

MULHAIR (Muhare)

Mary [Mulhare. int.], unm., a.22y., operative, d.Patrick and Ann, and Cornelius Lynch, unm., a.24y., operative, s.Michael and Mary, Sept.26,1848.

MULHERN (Mulheeran)

Ellen (Mulheeran), unm., operative, and Patrick McQueeney, unm., laborer, Jan.2,1849.*

James, unm., a.22y., trader [a.23y., operative. int.], b. Ireland, s.Edward [Bryan. int.] and Mary, and Mary Sharkey, unm., a.20y., b. Ireland, d.Thomas and Sarah [Bridget. int.], July21,1849.


Michael, unm., a.27y., laborer, b. Ireland, s.Edmund and Catharine, and Mary Cloyne, unm., a.25y., b. Ireland, d.Thomas and Mary, Sept.6,1849.

MULLANY (Mullaney)

Anthony, and Catherine Keating [Caten. int.], Oct.19,1847. [Oct.15.CR6]

Edward (Mullaney) [of Boston. int.], and Julia Foley, Nov.21,1843.

Patrick, and Margaret Kavenaugh, Jan.17,1844.


Dominick, and Nancy Anne McGevern, July30,1844.CR5

MULLEN (Mullan, Mullin, Mullins)

Ann, unm., a.20y., operative, d.John and Margaret, and Michael McGarahan, unm., a.26y., operative, s.Patrick and Ann, May12,1848.

Arthur [Mullan. int.], unm., a.30y., laborer, s.James and Mary, and Anne Gorman, unm., a.31y., operative, d.Edward and Sarah, Nov.8,1845.

Bridget, and Michael Coyle [], Feb.26,1842.

Charles, unm., a.30y., wool sorter, s.Michael and Catherine, and Elizabeth Bailey, unm., a.23y., d.Daniel and Sophia, June22,1847.*

Betsy (Mullin), unm., a.20y., operative, d.John and Mary, and William Auries [], unm., a.22y., operative, s.Jos.anad Jesebel, Dec.5,1846.

Henry [Mullin. int.], unm., a.28y., blacksmith, s.James and Mary, and Mary Kelly, unm., a.24y., d.William and Margaret, Jan.17,1847.

John, of Andover, and Mary A. Young of Acton, ME, Oct.11,1842.*

Mary (Mullins), and Pattrick Lynch, int.Feb.19,1832.

Michael, unm., a.21y., laborer, s.Laughlin and Bridget, and Bridget Cosgrove, unm., a.20y., d.Daniel and Sarah, June4,1848.

Michael [], unm., and Mary Hammell, unm., both operatives, Feb.7,1849.

Patrick, and Mary [Anne. int.] Riley, Nov.27,1839.CR5

Sarah, and Merrill Carter, Apr.15,1840.

MULLIGAN (Milliken)


Bridget, unm., a.21y., operative, d.John and Anne, and Patrick Harrihan, unm., a.23y., weaver, s.Thomas and Julia, Nov.2,1846.

John, unm., of Lawrence, a.24y., operative, s.Francis and Mary, and Rose McDonough, unm., a.19y., operative, d.Michael and Bridget, int.May29,1849.

Mary, unm., a.22y., d.Patrick and Catherine, and Martin Quinn, unm., a.25y., laborer, s.James and Bridget, Dec.4,1848. [Dec.2.CR3]


Rebecca, and Alpheus D. Burgess, int.Dec.16,1843.


Mary, see Manice, Mary.

MUNROE (Munrow)

Ebenezer L., and Eliza Pearce, June5,1837.*

Isaac, and Elizabeth Hartshorn of Boston, int.Dec.14,1832.

John, and Bridget Burns, int.Jan.18,1847.

Josiah [], and Sarah Leathers of Peterboro [NH. int.], June19,1836.

Leonora (Munrow), of Waltham, and Jeremiah Linscott, int.Nov.25,1827.

Mary, of Woburn, and Daniel Kimball, int.Feb.9,1828.

Mary Ann, and Jasen Phelps of Tewsbury, int.Dec.18,1831.

Otis, of North Brookfield, and Betsey Whipple, int.Sept.2,1838.

William, and Margaret Swap, July3,1843.


Alfred J. [Alfred T. int.], unm., a.23y., operative, s.Henry and Olive, and Ann Maria French, unm., a.17y., operative, d.Thomas and Mary, Sept.14,1848.

Benjamin R., and [] Hannah Jane Wiggins, Aug.21,1841.


Mary, and Manasseh C. Goodhue, int.Jan.18,1845.

MURCH (March)


Cornelia M., and Charles W. Brown of Roxbury, Dec.1,1836.

MURPHY (McMurphy, Murphey)

Anne, unm., a.22y., servant, d.Thomas and Julia, and John McCabe, unm., a.19y., laborer, s.John, Jan.30,1847.

Ann, unm., a.37y., d.Michael and Ellen, and Michael Shary [], unm., a.34y., laborer, s.Michael and Catherine, May18,1848.

Bernard, and Mary Mulloy, certif. June29,1834.

Bernard, unm., [of], a.26y., laborer, s.Thomas and Bridget, and Margaret [Bridget. int.] Donohoe, unm., a.20y., d.John and Bridget, Sept.20,1848.

Bridget (Murphey), and John Fitzerald, Nov.1,1842.

Bridget, unm., a.20y., operative, d.William and Margaret, and James Dullard, unm., [of], a.23y., weaver, s.John and Catharine, Apr.8,1845.

Bridget, unm., a.22y., laborer (sic), and James Smith, unm., a.26y., laborer, Sept.17,1847.

Bridget, unm., d.John and Bridget, and Rodney Gookin, unm., s.Richard and Hannah, June20,1848.*

Bridget, and Martin Burk, June29,1849.CR5*

Catharine, and Hugh Sweeny, Feb.1,1841.CR5

Catharine, unm., a.20y., operative, d.Thomas and Judith, and Richard Barry, widr., a.30y., laborer, s.William and Bridget, Feb.1,1847.

Cornelius, and Eliza Burk, int.Feb.7,1836.

Cornelius, unm., a.23y., laborer, s.Daniel and Ellen, and Julia Leary, unm., a.22y., d.Dennis and Mary, Aug.7,1847.

Cornelius [], and Esther Kiernan [McKennon. int.], Oct.19,1847. [Oct.27.CR6]

Cornelius, unm., a.24y., laborer, s.Thomas and Judith, and Bridget Hopkins, unm., a.22y., d.John and Jane, Mar.1,1848.

Daniel, and Mary Sullivan, int.Oct.8,1846.

Daniel, and Mary Scannell, Nov.30,1847. [Dec.5.CR6]

Daniel, unm., a.29y., s.Daniel and Mary, and Mary Sullivan, unm., a.24y., d.Dennis and Johanna, July6,1848.

Daniel, unm., a.21y., operative, s.John and Mary, and Bridget Kelley [], unm., a.19y., d.Patrick and Mary, Nov.17,1848. [Nov.27.CR5]

Dorothy (McMurphy), and George Tyler [Taylor. int.], Dec.22,1833.

Edward, and Mary Corrigan, int.Apr.18,1841.

Edward, widr., a.40y., laborer, s.William and Mary, and Mary Masterson, unm., a.30y., d.John and Catherine, July3,1849.

Ellen, and Patrick Mahaney, int.Apr.17,1847. [Stopped by order of P. Mahaney.]

Hannah, and Rodney McGorkin, June20,1848.CR5*

Henry, and Sarah McLaughlin, Nov.24,1841.CR5

Hanora, and Patrick Hanley, int.Oct.18,1848.

James, and Mary Burns, int.Jan.27,1833.

James, and Ellen Donovan [Dunivan. int.], Nov.30,1847.

James [of Franklin, NH int.], and Catharine Lahy, Feb.1,1848.

James, unm., a.21y., laborer, s.Timothy and Honora, and Johanna Murphy, unm., a.18y., d.Dennis and Catherine, July11,1848.

James, and Julia Towmy, Feb.10,1849.

Johanna, wid., a.28y., operative, d.David and Catherine, and Edmund Hayward, unm., a.24y., farmer, s.Cyril and Eunice, Apr.26,1846.

Johanna, unm., a.18y., d.Dennis and Catherine, and James Murphy, unm., a.21y., laborer, s.Timothy and Honora, July11,1848.

John, and Peggy Sullivan, int.Sept.17,1831.

John, and Bridget S. Kelly, Sept.22,1836.CR5

John, and Ellen Crowe, May29,1845.

John, unm., a.22y., moulder, s.Luke and Mary, and Mary Jane Sargent, unm., a.19y., housework, d.Hall and Betsey, May17,1846.

John, unm., a.23y., laborer, s.Patrick and Margaret, and Bridget Manahan, unm., a.19y., d.Patrick and Mary, May2,1847.

John, unm., a.24y., laborer, s.Dennis and Catherine, and Margaret Murphy, unm., a.22y., d.Cornelius and Catherine, June7,1848.

John [a.21y., stonecutter, s.Michael and], and Bridget Byrne [a.24y., d.Cornelius and], May8,1849.

Julia, and John Sweeny, Jan.20,1838.CR5

Margaret, and James McCanna, Nov.28,1838.CR5

Margaret, and Cornelius Sullivan, int.June26,1847. [Withdrawn July2 by Cornelius Sullivan.]

Margaret, unm., a.22y., d.Cornelius and Catherine, and John Murphy, unm., a.24y., laborer, s.Dennis and Catherine, June7,1848.

Margaret, unm., a.24y., b. Ireland, d.Daniel and Johanna, and David Mahir, unm., a.28y., laborer, b. Ireland, s.Patrick and Mary, Oct.22,1849.

Maria, and John Dixon, Apr.21,1842.

Mary, and Jeremiah Haggerty, Jan.28,1838.CR5

Mary, and Thomas McGinnis, Nov.8,1840.CR5*

Mary, unm., a.22y., operative, d.Peter and Mary, and William Brannan, unm., of Andover, a.22y., mechanic, s.Martin and Catherine, Aug.13,1845.*

Mary, unm., a.20y., operative, d.Dennis and Catharine, and Morris Dwyer, unm., a.20y., laborer, s.John and Johanna, Jan.30,1847.

Mary, unm.a.21y., d.Michael and Catharine, and John Manning, unm., a.24y., laborer, s.Patrick and Bridget, Apr.17,1847.

Mary, a.19y., operative, d.Bartholomew and Ellen, and Andrew Casey, unm., operative, s.John and Ellen, Feb.19,1848.

Mary, and John Ryan, Feb.15,1849.CR3*

Mary [unm., a.22y., operative, d.Jeremiah and Margaret. int.], and James Driscoll [unm., a.25y., laborer. int.], July31,1849.

Mary, unm., a.20y., operative, b. Manchester, Eng., d.Thomas and Elezabeth, and Matthew Handley, 2d m., a.22y., bobbin maker, b. Derby, VT, s.Patrick and Mary, Aug.13,1849. [Aug.18.CR5]

Michael, and Bridget McFarlin, int.Feb.22,1835.

Michael, and Joanna Carroll, Dec.10,1837.CR5

Michael, and Ellen Cumerford, Nov.27,1839.CR5

Michael, and Catherine Manice, int.Jan.10,1841.

Michael [jr. int.], and Catherine Cahill [Cahil. int.], Aug.29,1841.CR5

Michael, widr., a.45y., laborer, s.Thomas and Margaret, and Mary Cavanah [], wid., a.31y., operative, d.James and Rosanna Chute, Oct.12,1845.

Nancy, unm., a.23y., d.Henry and Abigail, and William A. Couliard, unm., a.23y., blacksmith, s.Joseph and Betsey, Dec.8,1845.

Olive, of Dover, NH, and Nicholas Pinkham [Parker. dup.], int.Oct.14,1838. [Oct.28. dup.]

Patrick, and Mary Connelly, int.Jan.18,1835.

Patrick, and Catherine Burnet [Burnes.certif.], Aug.22,1837.CR5

Patrick, unm., a.19y., laborer, s.Michael and Honora, and Mary Roach [Roche. int.], unm., [of Keene.CR5], operative, d.Michael and Mary, Feb.16,1847.

Patrick, unm., a.26y., laborer, s.Thomas and Margaret, and Rosanna Graham, unm., a.18y., d.John and Bridget, Dec.5,1847.

Peter, and Roxana McEvoy, int.May2,1831.

Peter, and Bridget Kelly, May21,1846.CR3

Rosanna, unm., a.22y., operative, d.Eugene and Bridget, and Robert Kelly, unm., a.23y., stone cutter, s.Robert and Bridget, Sept.12,1844.

Thomas [of Concord, NH int.], and Ellen Lynch, Oct.19,1842.

Thomas, and Mary Leary, Feb.3,1849.

Timothy, and Gerusha Shattuck, int.May27,1832.

William, and Margaret Fitzgerald, int.Oct.7,1847.

MURRAY (Moorray, Murrey, Murry)

Alice, unm., a.19y., d.Arthur and Bridget, and John Huron [Heeran. int.], unm., a.22y., stone mason, s.Patrick and Margaret, Nov.8,1848.

Ann, unm., a.36y., operative, d.John and Zevirah, and Nathaniel C. Kendall, unm., of Dunstable, a.49y., farmer, s.Benjamin and Sibel, Dec.22,1846.

Briget, and James Mahon, int.Apr.20,1834.

Catherine (Murrey), and John McFarlin, int.Feb.22,1835.

Catherine, unm., a.22y., operative, d.Jeremiah and Ellen, and Jeremiah Leary [], unm., a.30y., laborer, s.Timothy and Mary, Feb.3,1845.

Catharine T., and Samuel Hoyt, June11,1848.

Elbridge G. (Murrey), of Dunstable, NH, and Louisa Boutwell, int.June3,1832.

Eliza A. (Murry), and John M. Crosby, Sept.7,1848.

Elizabeth P., and Mark L. Willey, Nov.11,1843.

F. William, and Betsey McCracken, Mar.4,1832.

Francis, and Anne Burns, May29,1843.

Goodwin G., and Luritta Carey, int.May5,1833.

Hanora, a.20y., d.Thomas and Margaret, and John Guttery, unm., a.23y., laborer, s.Michael and Rachel, Feb.20,1849.

Hugh (Murry), unm., a.24y., mechanic, s.John and Sarah, and Johanna Lannigan, unm., a.22y., operative, d.Stephen and Ellen, Apr.14,1845.

James (Moorray), and Lera Quinn, int.Sept.2,1832.

Jennet (Murrey) [Murry.dup.], and John Taylor, Nov.24,1837.

Jeremiah (Murrey), and Catherine Reardy, int.Jan.17,1830.

Jeremiah, and Mary Ann Wallace, certif. May18,1834.

Joana (Murrey), and Thomas Murrey, int.Nov.16,1828.

Johanna, and Edward Hogan, Oct.24,1836.CR5

John [Murry.dup.], and Jane McGovrey, int.Nov.29,1832.

Julia, unm., d.William, and William Donovan, unm., a.24y., blacksmith, s.John and Julia, May5,1849.

Laurett (Murrey), and Leonard Foster of Carlisle, int.Jan.17,1836.

Margaret, and Peter Connoly, int.Sept.13,1835.

Margaret (Murry), and John McOvery of Andover, certif. Nov.27,1836.

Mary (Murry), and James O'Brian, int.Oct.19,1828.

Mary (Murry), and Timothy Ford, int.Sept.29,1833.

Mary, and John McGoveran, Nov.26,1836.CR5*

Mary (Murry), and Owen Mahon, Jan.8,1843.

Michael, and Mary Donavon, int.Feb.12,1832.

Patrick, unm., a.30y., laborer, s.John and Catherine, and Bridget Brennan [Brannan. int.], unm., a.28y., servant, d.Richard and Mary, Oct.13,1845.

Patrick (Murry), unm., of Concord, a.27y., laborer, s.Michael and Bridget, and Ellen McDonaugh, unm., of Concord, a.24y., servant, d.Thomas and Mary, Jan.15,1847.*

Rhoda, and William Bannister, Apr.22,1849.

Samuel (Murry), and Margaret Harland, int.Jan.6,1833.

Thomas (Murrey), and Joana Murrey, int.Nov.16,1828.

Thomas, and Margaret Lavelle, Aug.27,1843.

MURTAUGH (Murtagh, Murtoy)

Edward [], and Mary Burns, Feb.6,1843.

Mary (Murtoy), unm., a.19y., d.Michael and Margaret, and James Irwin, unm., a.24y., laborer, s.Archison and Ann, Nov.29,1848.

Michael (Murtoy), widr., a.44y., laborer, s.Michael and Mary, and Hanora Kenalty, unm., a.30y.[], d.James and Winifred [], June26,1849.

MUZZEY (Mussey)

Aaron G., of Boston, and Elizabeth Judkins, int.Apr.26,1840.

Asa A., and Abigail C. Cilley, certif. Jan.15,1837.

Dexter (Mussey), and Lydia Russell, Oct.4,1836.

Ira (Mussey), and Hannah E[lizabeth] Evans, Apr.8,1832.


Adeline, unm., a.27y., operative, d.Stephen and Caroline, and Charles W. Noyes, unm., a.25y., mason, s.Henry and Mary, Oct.8,1848.

Joseph, and Mary Darling of Swanzey, NH, int.Dec.1,1829.

Louisa, and Gilman T. Darling, Oct.26,1837.

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