Emeline Matilda, d.Isaac and Jane, June29,1842.

John, s.John and Mary C., Dec.25,1817.


Abigail, d.Lemuel and Mercy, Nov.2,1703.

Abigail, d.Joseph and Jemima, Mar.7,1740.

Abigail, d.Nathaniel and Abigail, Mar.9,1756.

Anna, d.Obadiah and Mary, Oct.29,1687.CC

Benjamin, s.Obadiah and Mary, Dec.21,1721.

Dorothy, d.Ezekiel and Phebe, Sept.4,1742.

Edward, s.Ezekiel and Phebe, June19,1740.

Elizabeth, d.Lemuel and Mercy, Oct.1,1696.

Elizabeth, d.Lemuel and Mercy, June22,1699.

Elizabeth, d.Nathaniel and Sarah, May9,1730.

Elizabeth, d.Ezekiel and Margaret, July2,1775.

Enoch, s.Nathaiel and Abigail, Aug.16, abt. 1763.

Ezekiel, s.Ezekiel and Margaret, July5,1709.

Ezekiel, s.Ezekiel and Phebe, Oct.17,1736.

Ezra, s.Ezekiel and Phebe, Mar.21,1746-7.

Ezra, s.Ezekiel and Margaret,末蔓末, [abt. 1770].

Jemima, d.Joseph and Jemima, July2,1734.

Jemima, d.Joseph and Jemima, Mar.7,1740.

John, s.Nathaniel and Sarah, July30,1740.

John, s.John and Hannah, Jan.13,1766.

Joseph, s.Lemuel and Mercy, Nov.11,1701.

Joseph, s.Joseph and Jemima, Mar.29,1732.

Lemuel, s.Lemuel, 末:1m:1671-2.CC

Lemuel, s.Nathaniel and Sarah, Mar.7,1724.

Lemuel, s.Nathaniel and Sarah, June12,1736.

Lois, d.Ezekiel and Phebe, July2,1744.

Lois, d.Ezekiel and Margaret, Aug.2,1767.

Margaret, d.Ezekiel and Margaret, Dec.7,1706.

Margaret, d.Ezekiel and Phebe, Aug.28,1734.

Margaret, d.Ezekiel, and Margaret, Apr.25,1763.

Mary, d.Lemuel and Mary [error for Mercy], Oct.2,1702.

Mary, d.Ezekiel and Phebe, Oct.25,1738.

Mary, d.Ezekiel and Margaret, July25,1765.

Nancy, d.Joseph and Phebe, Nov.4,1779.

Nathaniel, s.Lemuel and Mercy, Mar.9,1695.

Nathaniel, s.Nathaniel and Sarah, May4,1721.

Nathaniel, s.Nathaniel and Abigail, Aug.21,1750.

Obadiah, s.Obadiah and Mary, Apr.4,1690.CC

Obadiah, s.Nathaniel and Abigail, Dec.21,1758.

Phebe, d.Ezekiel and Phebe, June21,1733.

Phebe, d.Ezekiel and Phebe, Apr.9,1753.

Phebe, d.Nathaniel and Abigail, July30,1757.

Samuel, s.Nathaniel and Abigail, Dec.12,1751.

Sarah, d.Obadiah, Mar.9,1685.CC

Sarah, d.Lemuel and Mercy, Oct.21,1707.

Sarah, d.Nathaniel and Sarah, Sept.4,1733.

Sarah, d.Nathaniel and Abigail, Aug.25,1754.

Susanna, d.Ezekiel and Margaret, May31,1773.

Thomas, s.Nathaniel and Sarah, June6,1727.

William, s.Nathaniel and Abigail, Sept.6,1761.


Elwin G., s.James and Lucinda, Jan.29,1849. [This entry was made in 1849. Name changed as in the next entry.]

Emily Maria, d.James M. and Lucinda, Mar.7,1846.

George Andrew, s.James M. and Lucinda, Jan.29,1849. [This entry was made in 1869.]

Joseph Morton, s.James M. and Lucinda, Feb.17,1843.

Oliver Cousens, s.James M. and Lucinda, Aug.4,1837.

Samuel Davis, s.James M. and Lucinda, Dec.29,1832.

Thomas Jefferson, s.James M. and Lucinda, May25,1839.

Thomas, s.James and Lucinda, May25,1841. [This entry is probably an error, See the preeding.]


末末, ch.Benjamin and Ann, Apr.25,1850.

Alfred, s.William and Caroline, Nov.9,1843.

Benjamin Franklin, s.Benjamin and Ann, May14,1842.

Caroline Augusta, d.Benjamin and Ann, Mar.14,1832.

Charles E., s.Benjamin and Ann, Aug.15,1843.

Charles D., s.Crosman and Elizabeth A., Dec.28,1849.

Elizabeth Ann, d.Benjamin and Ann, Apr.4,1830.

Harriet Alvira, d.Benjamin and Ann, Dec.22,1835.

Louisa, d.Ruel and Lucretia, Apr.13,1813.

Ruel, s.Ruel and Lucretia, Feb.5,1816.

William Adams, s.William and Caroline, June23,1839.


Francis A., s.Josiah H. and Mary, Apr.5,1845.

John, s.John and Anna, July5,1713.

John F., s.Josiah H. and Mary J., Aug.14,1847.

Josiah H, s.Josiah [H.] and Mary J., Mar.15,1830.

Mary Elizabeth, d.Josiah H. and M.J., Mar.18,1848.


Mary Ann, d.Samuel and Hannah, Nov.5,1848.


Adoniram, s.Rev. Adoniram and Abigail, Aug.9,1788.

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