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LAKEN (see also Lakin)
Milly of Pepperell, and Abraham Simonds of Groton, at Groton, June12,1800 []

LAKIN (see also Laken)
Anna, and Fiefield Holt, [Jr. int.] of Wilton, Nov.5,1772.*
Betsey, and John Crawford, Jr., Mar.11,1802.*
Charles, and Mary E. Hunt, Dec.1,1836.*
Ebenezer, and Eunice Lakin, both of Groton, Dec.11,1759 [1760. CR1]
Edmund, and Clarissa Hosley of Temple, NH, int. Oct.26,1827.
Eunice, and Ebenezer Lakin, both of Groton, Dec.11,1759 [1760. CR1]
Eunice, and Jonas Woods, both of Dunstable, Nov.25,1802.
Hannah, and Daniel Shed, Nov.23,1757.*
Hannah, and Thomas Parker, Nov.26,1800.*
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Hepzebeth of Groton, and Robinson Lakin, [Jr. int.], Oct.31,1780.*
Isaac, Jr., of Groton, and Mary Lawrence, int. Feb.9,1753/4 [m. at Groton, Mar.9,1754. VR1]
James, and Elizabeth Shattuck, Nov.5,1772.*
James, Jr., and Betsy Harrington, Nov.3,1805.*
John of Groton, and Anna Jewett, Jan.21,1808.*
Josiah of Raby, and Polly McNeal, residing in Pepperell, int. [bet. Sept. 21, & Nov.24,1793.]
Lemuel, [Jr. int.], and Betsy Lawrence, Sept.5,1830.*
Luther [of Shirley. int.], and Mary Emerson Lawrence, Nov.26,1808.*
Luther, and Martha Lund, int. May8,1841.
Lydia, and Jeremiah Shattuck, both of Groton, Aug.10,1749.
Mary, and Jonathan Nutting, Oct. 28 [20. CR1], 1800.*
Mary, and James Shattuck, Jr., July6,1809.*
Nancy, and Josiah F. Conant of Boston, Jan.1,1833.*
Nathaniel, and Sybel Parker of Groton, at Groton, Jan.23,1755.*
Nathaniel, [Jr. int.], and Mary Dodge of Groton, at Groton, Jan.18,1785.*
Nathaniel, 3d, and Hannah Shepley, Mar.4,1798.*
Naomi, and Leonard Blood of Hollis, [NH. int.], Jan.8,1829.*
Olive, and Nathaniel Gilson, Jr., Nov.29,1810.*
Rachel, and William Lawrence, Jr., both of Groton, at Dunstable, Mar.23,1807.
Rhoda, and John Adams, Nov.23,1773.*
Rhoda, and Amos Whitemore [of New Ipswich. int.], Sept.29,1805.*
Robinson, Jr., and Eunis Kemp of Groton, int. Apr.20,1777.
Robinson, Jr., and Hepzebeth Lakin of Groton, Oct.31,1780.*
Sibbel, Mrs., and Capt. Asa Holden [of Shirley. int.], Dec.6,1810.*
Susanna, of Groton, and Samuel Styles of Lyndeborough, July15,1772.
Sybell, and Eleazer [Ebenezer. int.] Gilson, Oct.30,1758.
Winslow, and Esther Sartell of Shirley, int. July6,1781.

Joseph, Maj., and Mrs. Eliza Bancroft, Dec.25,1843.*

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LAMPSON (see also Lamson)
Jane [Lamson. int.], and John Laughton, Mar.12,1766.*
Mary [Lamson. int.], and Joseph Shattuck, Jan.16,1770.*
Oliver [of Acton. int.], and Janey Adams, Feb.11,1761.*

LAMSON (see also Lampson)
Elenor, and Hiram Dean of Jeffrey, int. Dec.30,1775.
Lois, and Moses Kezar of Shirley, int. Oct.31,1776.

Nehemiah [of Lunenburg. int.], and Sarah Shattuck, Mar.26,1759.*
Sarah [Sally Lain. int.] of Bedford, and Samuel Gleason [Gilson. int.], at Bedford, Dec.26,1778.*
William A. [of Bedford. int.], shoemaker, and Mary P. Wright, Sept.29,1844.*

Daniel K. of Littleton, and Mary Lawrence, Nov.3,1833.*

Abigail, and James McConner, May6,1790.*
Abigail, [Mrs. int.], and Nathaniel Sartell, at Townsend, no date, int. Apr.24,1778.
Ebenezer [Lawton. int.], and Abigail Blood, Dec.1,1768.*
John, and Jane Lampson [Lamson. int.], Mar.12,1766.*
Oliver, and Sally Simonds of Groton, at Groton, May10,1794.

Lucy, a.18y., b. Brookline, NH, and James H. Tarbell, painter, a.25y., b. Townsend, s.Abijah & Betsy, Nov.6,1845.*
William, and Mary Boynton, int. May17,1845.

Abel of Groton, and Mary Jewett, at Groton, Feb.16,1797.*
Abel, and Nancy Jewett of Groton, May11,1828.*
Abigail, and Eleazer Parker of Groton, Jan.22,1767.*
Abraham and Augusta C. Shattuck of Brookline, int. Aug.26,1843.
Absalom, and Priscilla Green, Jan.31,1797.*
Absalom, and Elizabeth Hobart of Hollis, NH, int. Dec.27,1817.
Absalom, and Elizabeth Hobart, int. June1,1824.
Absalom of Hollis, NH, and Submit Pierce, Aug.18,1825.*
Alden, and Lucy C. Williams, Feb.20,1839.*
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Anna, and Isaac Brown Farrar [of New Ipswich. int.], May31,1795.*
Anna, and Jonah Williams, int. June16,1816 [m. at Westford, Sept. 25. VR8]
Anna, and Brooks Tarbell, July20,1817.*
Asa, and Abigail King of Littleton, int. Mar. the 1757 [m. at Littleton, July27,1758. VR5]
Asa F., Esq., and Sarah Jane Bancroft of Groton, int. June24,1837.
Azubah, and Silas Flagg of E. Sudbury, Apr.10,1831.*
Benjamin, and SibbIe Parker of Groton, at Groton, Nov.21,1769.*
Benjamin, [Capt. int.] and Elizabeth Parks [Parker. int.] of Shirley, at Shirley, Aug.30,1798.*
Benjamin, and Betsey Houghton, int. Apr.3,1828.
Betsy, and Mial Ames, May21,1812.*
Betsey, and Eleazer Hale, July26,1821.*
Betsy, and Lemuel Lakin, [Jr. int.], Sept.5,1830.*
Bryant, and Olive Shattuck, May28,1818.*
Clarissa, Mrs., and Marvin Whittemore, int. Oct.27,1821.
Cummings, and wid. Amelia Shattuck, Apr.30,1835.*
Daniel, of Hollis, NH, and Mrs. Sarah Fletcher, int. Apr.23,1825.
Daniel E., and Rachel G. Chapman, Mar.14,1833.*
Daniel Hall, and Keziah Shattuck, May27,1801.*
Daniel H., and Sally Ames, July18,1824.*
Dorothy, of Groton, and Baniah [Beniah. int.] Hutson, at Groton, Mar.7,1754.*
Edmund, and Lydia Green, May29,1808.*
Edmund, [2. int.], and Emma Ann Bailey, of West Newbury, Oct.7,1838.*
Edmund, and Lucretia Jewett, Dec.29,1842.*
Elisabeth, [Mrs. int.], and Whitcomb Powers [of HolIes. int.], Oct.18,1759.*
Elisabeth, and Eleazer Heald of Westford, Aug.7,1783.*
Elizabeth, and Ebenezer Gilson, Jr., Aug.24,1769.*
Elizabeth, Mrs., and Josiah Blood, Oct.4,1802.*
Ephraim, and Anna Fisk, Mar.3,1768.*
Ephraim, Dea., and Mrs. Ruth Green, int. May25,1776.
Ephraim A., and Clara P. Buttrick, Nov.28,1833.*
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Eunice, and Washington Wright, Feb.17,1798.*
Ezekiel, and Elizabeth Scott, Aug.29,1782.*
George W., and [Mrs. int.] Dorcas Green, Sept.15,1817.*
Hannah, and James Russel, int. May20,1815.
Henry, and Lydia Shattuck, Jan.25,1827.*
Jacob, and Susannah Wright, Nov.22,1814.
James, and Elisabeth Fish, Sept.21,1756.*
James, 3d., and Anna Wright of Westford, at Westford, Oct.29,1787.*
Jemima, and Michael Henderson [of New Ipswich. int.], Apr.7,1814.*
Jeremiah, and Anna Woods of Groton, Feb.1,1774.*
Jesse, and Betty Jewett, int. Apr.14,1799.
John, [Jr., of Mason. int.], and Lois White, Dec. [28. CR1], 1797.*
John, and Sally Ames, Apr.15,1819.*
John, of Harvard, and Roxana Green, int. Sept.23,1838.
John W. of Shirley, and S. [Sarah. VR4] R. Nutting of New Ipswich, NH, Dec.19,1841.
Jonas, and Betsy Hazen [of Groton. int.], Oct.1,1794.*
Joseph, and Lydia Shattuck, Apr.9,1771.*
Joseph, Jr., and Lucy Farwell of Mason, int. Oct.29,1803.
Kezia, Mrs., and Capt. Samuel Moody Emerson, int. Jan.3,1818.
Kezia [S. int.], and Moses Gill [of Groton. CR1] Sept.14,1826.*
Lemuel, and Sarah Williams, Jan.21,1768.*
Levi, and Elisabeth Holden, June 17 [12. CR1], 1781.*
Levi, and Clarissa Sterns of Milford, NH, int. Mar.19,1814.
Luther, and Thirza B. Spaulding, June4,1826.*
Lydia, and Jonathan Jefts, both of Nbr. One, Dec.27,1758.
Lydia, and Ezra Blood, Sept.6,1796.*
Martha, and Richard Parker, Mar.2,1837.*
Mary, and Isaac Lakin, Jr., of Groton, int. Feb.9,1754 [m. at Groton, Mar. 9. VR1]
Mary, and Eliab Bennett, int. Jan.7,1815.
Mary [Polly. int.], and Isaac Spaulding [of Hollis, NH. int.] June9,1816.*
Mary, and Daniel K. Lapham of Littleton, Nov.3,1833.*
Mary Emerson, and Luther Lakin [of Shirley. int.], Nov.26,1808.*
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Mehitabel, and Ebenezer Williams, Apr.22,1806.*
Mehitable, and Samuel Newell, Nov.9,1823.*
Meriah, and Stephen Stimpson, int. Apr.28,1772 [m. at Littleton, May 28. VR5]
Miles, and Nancy M. Houghton of Nashua, NH, Aug.16,1837.*
Mindwell G., a.21y., b. Groton, d.Joseph & Mindwell, and Henry D. Shattuck, a.26y., s.Henry and Azubah, Nov.29,1849.*
Molley, and Nathaniel Wright, s.Samuel & Hannah, Mar.7,1776.*
Nancy, and Thomas F. Tarbell, July21,1833.*
Nancy J., wid., of Groton, a.36y., b. Groton, d.Wm. & Rebecca Jewett, and John A. Sewell, merchant, a.36y., b. England, s.Robert & Betsey, Jan. 31 [21. CR1] 1847.*
Nathan, and Susannah Williams, Nov.26,1809.*
Nathan, Jr., and Betsy Shattuck, Mar.31,1829.*
Nathaniel of Groton, and Patience Lawrence, int. May16,1782.
Nathaniel, and Salley Williams, int. Feb.3,1804.
Nicolas, and Sarah Cumings of Hancock, int. Dec.25,1784.
Parintha, and James S. Davis, both of Concord, Nov.27,1828.
Patience, and Nathaniel Lawrence of Groton, int. May16,1782.
Peter, and Elisabeth Bowers, June7,1798.*
Peter Parker, and Betsy Shed, Dec.27,1807.*
Phebe, and John Perham, Oct.18,1796.*
Polly [Mary. int.], and Life Parker, Sept.23,1821.*
Prudence [Lawrence. int.], and Oliver Shed, Jr., of Groton, Apr.20,1802.*
Ralph, and Phebe Hobart of Groton, int. Nov.27,1829 [m. at Groton, Dec. 28. VR1]
Ransom, and Elsey Ridout, int. May4,1821.
Rebecca of Groton, and Ezra Pierce, Oct. 5 [25. CR1], 1775.
Rebecca, [Mrs. int.], and Ziba Tarbell, Oct.28,1819.*
Richard of Number One, and Lucy Adams, int. Dec.12,1758.
Ruth, and Elijah Smith [of Swanzy. int.], Nov.18,1798.*
Ruth [P. int.] and John Shattuck, July19,1825.*
Vol. 1
Page 191
Samuel B. of Hollis, [NH. int.], and Eliza Elliot, Nov.29,1827.*
Samuel B., and Indiana Elliot, Mar.2,1830.*
Sarah, and John Swallow, both of No. One, Nov.19,1755.
Sarah, and Eliab Turner, int. May17,1769 [int. May12,1770 dup.]
Sarah, and Abijah Parker, Jan.21,1772.*
Sarah, and Abraham Hodgman of Raby, Dec.19,1782.*
Sarah [Sally. int.] and Abraham Bailey, Dec.30,1793.*
Sarah P., and Joseph F. Prescott of Lawrence, int. Jan.3,1848 [m. at Lowell, Jan. 18. VR6]
Sibyl P., and Henry Shattuck, Jr., Apr.2,1826.*
Susan I., and Benjamin A. Twiss of Hollis, NH, int. May27,1841.*
Sybil, and Isaac Boynton [of Raby. CR1], Aug.13,1801.*
Tamers, and Solomon Gilson, int. Mar.23,1781.
Thomas, [Jr. int.], and Sarah Parker, Feb.15,1785.*
Thomas, and Anna Shattuck, Aug.10,1780.*
Thomas [G. int.], and Betsey [V. int.] Right [Wright. int.], June1,1841.*
Thomas S., and Rebeckah Dorrell, May7,1807.*
William, Jr., and Rachel Lakin, both of Groton, at Dunstable, Mar.23,1807.
William T., and Betsy Fitch of Groton, Apr.26,1834.*
Zeruiah [Viah. int.], and Josiah Nutting, Sept.24,1767.*

Abigail of Hollis, and Edmund Williams, int. Dec.11,1796.
Emerline C. of Dougglass, and Walter Spaulding, int. Apr.5,1838.
Francis, and Abigail Tucker, int. Dec.3,1772.
Francis, and Huldah Williams, Jan.15,1799.*

Calvin of Natick, and Mary E. Walcott, June1,1843.*

Enos, [Capt. int.], of Dover, VT, and Matilda Keep, Jan.7,1817.*

Joseph of HolIes, and Mary Gilson, Feb.15,1770.*

Caroline C., and William F. Freeman, merchant, b. Boston, Aug.21,1844.*
Vol. 1
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Harriet L. [], and Charles M. [Mayo. Int.] Ellis, [Esq. int.] of Roxbury, Feb.15,1844.*
James, Jr., [Esq. int.], and Harriot Parker, Jan.17,1819.*
Mary B., and Davis B. Weston, both of Charlestown, Aug.30,1838.
Oliver P., and Sally Farmer, both of Groton, Mar.21,1818.
Persis, Mrs., and John Green, int. Nov.22,1777.
William F., of Francestown, NH, and Lucy [T. int.] Boynton, Sept.22,1835.*

Andrew, of Acton, and Synthia Blood, int. July29,1837 [m. at Townsend, Aug. 27. VR10]

Hitty [of Ashby. CR1], and John Crosby [of New Ipswich. CR1], Oct.31,1793.
James of Gilsom, and Susannah Kimball, int. June10,1786.

Michael, and Julia Moriarity, int. Jan.1,1848.

Anna, and Samuel Bartlett, both of Shirley, Oct.27,1761.
Hannah M. [Langley. int.] of Cambridge, and William Elliot, Nov.29,1827.*
John, and Elizabeth Patterson, both of Groton, July16,1751.

Jefferson of Groton, and Eliza K. Shipley, int. Dec.28,1833 [m, at Groton, Jan.12,1834. VR1]
John, and Lydia Parker, May29,1823.*

LOVEJOY (see also Lovjoy)
Louis [Lois. int.], and Noah Weyman [Wyman, of Woburn. int.], Mar.13,1793.*
Nancy, and Amaziah Shattuck, June4,1799.*

LOVJOY (see also Lovejoy)
Abigail, and Jonas Powers of Chelmsford, int. Apr.3,1825.
James B., and Nancy A. Shattuck, int. Nov.14,1831.
Jesse, and Sarah Shattuck, Sept.2,1788.*
Lucy L., a.17y., b. Hollis, NH, d.Stephen, of Hollis, NH, and Addison Wood, shoemaker, a.21y., S. Andrus & Anna, Mar.15,1848.*
Mary, and Richard Stevens, int. Jan.13,1779,
Samuel, and Elisabeth Eliot, May18,1779.*

Daniel C., and Julia A. Chapman of Harvard, May6,1847. CR1
Vol. 1
Page 193
John [of Rindge, NH. VR 4. ], and Nancy Nutting, int. Dec.2,1837 [m. at Shirley, Dec. 28. VR 4]

Martha, and Luther Lakin, int. May8,1841.
Nathaniel of Dunstable, and Mary Pearse [Pierce. VR2], int. Aug.23,1806 [m. at Dunstable, NH, Nov. 13. VR2]
Steven of New Ipswich, and Sybel Whitney, int. Aug.,1771 [m. at Groton, Aug. 14. VR1]
William Plummer, and Mrs. Mary Blood, both of Dunstable, Oct.7,1835.
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