Elisabeth, of Harvard, and Jacob Chase, Lt., int. Apr. 26, 1816 [m. May 21, at Harvard. VR3]

Elizabeth, of Harvard, and Adolphus Haskell, int. Aug. 15, 1840 [m. Oct. 1, at Harvard. VR3]

Joel, and Abigail Tufts, of Roxbury, NH, int. Mar. 16, 1822.


Anna, of Hollis, and Shebual Conant, int. Dec. 23, 1804.

Benjamin M., [Esq. int.] of Hollis, and [Mrs. int.] Lucretia Parker, Sept. 17, 1828.*

Elizabeth, of Holis, and Samuel Chafin, int. Dec. 26, 1809.

Samuel, and Hannah Chandler, of Andover, at Andover, Mar. 5, 1778.*


Ezra [of Townsend. int.], and Sally Shepherd, Dec. 8, 1808.*

Oliver [of Billerica. int.], and Rachel Shed, Apr. 5, 1757.*

Rebecca, and Thomas Shattuck, Dec. 30, 1762.*

Ruth, and Jonas Parker, Dec. 18, 1788.*

Sally, and Oliver P. Lewis, both of Groton, Mar. 21, 1818.


Anna [of Groton. CR1], and William Colburn of Hollis, June 25, 1772.

Fanny, and Timothy Nutting, Jan. 30, 1808.*

Hannah [Varnum. int.], and Mijah Mosier [Abijah Mosher. int.], at Townsend, Feb. 15, 1776.*

Louisa, and Luther A. Tarbell of Brookline, NH, int. Apr. 7, 1842 [m. May 2, at Groton. VR1]

Olive [of Groton. int.], and Benjamin Whitney, [Lt. int.], Mar. 5, 1794.*

Sarah of Shirley, and Asher Parker of Charlestown, at Shirley, Feb. 11, 1830. By Rev. Jas. Howe.

William, and Hepzibeth Chandler of Townsend, at Townsend, Apr. 12, 1762.

Zeccheus, and Abigail Whitney, Dec. 12, 1759.*

FARRAR (Farrer)

Caroline, and Thaddeus Wheeler, [Jr., of Hollis. int.], Feb. 13, 1831.*

Eleanor Eliza, and Elijah Shattuck, Jr., Dec. 2, 1819.*

Elisabeth, Mrs., and Timothy Cummings, [of Westford. int.], June 29, 1813 [19. CR1].*

Farwell, and Eliza K. Raymond, of Charlestown, int. July 22, 1828.

Indiana, and Asa Blood, May 3, 1812.*

Isaac Brown [of New Ipswich. int.], and Anna Lawrence, May 31, 1795.*

John, of Temple, NH, and Submit Nutting, Aug. 17, 1815.*

John, and Mary B. Swift, Oct. 20, 1841.*

Joseph, and Patty Nutting, Sept. 4, 1787.*

Joseph, [Lt. int.], and Betsey Fletcher [of Dunstable. int.], Jan. 17, 1799.*

Josephine A., and James S.N. Howe, int. Sept. 8, 1849.

Louisa of New Ipswich, NH, and Daniel Smith, int. Mar. 13, 1816.

Mary, and Henry Spaulding, Sept. 6, 1814.*

Samuel, and Polly Nutting, Sept. 12, 1790.*

Samuel, [Jr. int.], and Rebecca Parker, May 20, 1819.*

Sally, and John Butterick [Buttrick. int.], Apr. 24, 1814.*

Timothy, Esq., of New Ipswich, and Anna Bancroft, Oct. 14, 1779* [Dec. 9. dup.]

FARRER (Farrar)

Joseph, and Hannah Kimbelle of Fitchburg, int. Aug. 15, 1781.


Assenah, of Mason, and Ebenezer Shattuck, int. Sept. 6, 1812.

Lucy, of Mason, and Joseph Lawrence, Jr., int. Oct. 29, 1803.

Lydia, of Groton, and John White, at Groton, Dec. 25, 1788.*

Lydia, Mrs., of Fitchburg, and Shebuel Conant, int. Feb. 10, 1820.

Royal E., of Natick, blacksmith, a. 22 y., s. Daniel & Susan, and Sarah Wolcutt, a. 20 y., d. John & Rebecca, Sept. 10, 1846.*

Susannah, and James Dadee [Dayde. int.], Dec. 7, 1780.*

Zacheus, of Groton, and Lydia Gilson, Jan. 18, 1780.*


Lavina [Mrs. int.], and Ezekiel Newell, Nov. 10, 1839.*

Mary, of Townsend, and James Q. Sartell, int. Sept. 16, 1838.

FILLIS (Phillis)

Peter, and Jane Michell of Shirley, blacks, int. Nov. 25, 1806.


Elisabeth, and James Lawrence, Sept. 21, 1756.*

Nathan, and Molly Pierce of Groton, int. Nov. 12, 1757.


Timothy N., of Wrentham, and Achsa Shattuck, Nov. 7, 1832.*


Abby D., and Nathan R. Marden, int. Sept. 24, 1836.

Anna, and Ephraim Lawrence, Mar. 3, 1768.*

Daniel, and Elizabeth Vernum, Apr. 22, 1766.*

David [of Dunstable, NH. CR1], and Prudence Woods, [of Dunstable. CR1], Oct. 25, 1798.

Elizabeth, and Zacharia Shattuck, both of Groton, Mar. 3, 1747.

Eunice, and William Scott, Dec. 11, 1784.*

Harriet R., and Isaac T. Stevens, of Bangor, ME, Oct. 15, 1835.*

John, and Anna Blood, of Groton, Sept. 26, 1775.

John D., and Almira Shattuck, June 2, 1833.*

Mary, and Robert Blood, Oct. 27, 1756.*

Mary, and Oliver Eliot [of No. 1. int.], Jan. 19, 1758.*

Polly, and Henry Blood [of Groton. int.], June 20, 1792.*

Micah, and Lydia Bowers, Mar. 13, 1800.*

Nathan, and Dolly Johnson Holt of Wilton, NH, int. Jan. 23, 1802.

Orin W., and Hannah Marrilla Tucker of Lunenburg, int. Oct. 27, 1835.

Samuel, [a. 72 y. int.], and Eunice Gilson, [Mrs., a. 21 y. int.], Aug. 31, 1775.*

Sarah, and Simon Gilson, Apr. 14, 1756.*

Sarah, of Groton, and John Nutting, Jr., [3d. int.], May 21, 1783.*

Sarah, and Solomon Woods of Dunstable, int. Mar. 1, 1808 [m. at Dunstable, Apr. 5. VR2]

Sally, and John Marshall, Jan. 22, 1815.

Submit [of Groton. CR1], and Nathaniel Fletcher [of Dunstable. CR1], Feb. 21, 1792.

Thomas, and Sarah Shipley, Mar. 17, 1768.*

Varnum, and Salley Emes of Dublin, NH, int. July 21, 1810.


Daniel, Dea., and Mrs. Sarah Spaulding, Apr. 19, 1804.


Alice of Bedford, and Henry Woods, [Jr. int.], at Bedford, May 30, 1780.*

Anna, and Simeon Nutting, Feb. 15, 1814.*

Calvin, and Harriet Warner, int. Nov. 15, 1845.

Charles of Roxbury, and Nancy J. Adams, Oct. 6, 1833.*

Betsy of Groton, and William T. Lawrence, Apr. 26, 1834.*

Jonas, and Anna [Annis. int.] Shattuck, at Townsend, Oct. 1, 1775.*

Jonas, and Thirza Jewett, Oct. 29, 1809.*

Joseph, and Amelia P. Hosley, Jan. 16, 1840.* CR1

Milley [Permelly. int.] and Thomas Blood of Groton, at Groton, Oct. 17, 1799.*

Rebecah [Mrs. int.] of Groton, and Benjamin Whitney, Oct. 14, 1779.*

Richard [of Flint Town. int.], and Lydia Wood, Apr. 2, 1789.*

Sarah, and Samuel Hemingway of Groton, at Groton, Apr. 26, 1774.*

Sarah, and Ira Dodge of Groton, May 13, 1838.*

William of Groton, and Eliza E. [Emely. int.] Shattuck, Dec. 25, 1834.*

Zacchriah, [Junr. CR1] and Amelia Blood [of Groton. CR1], Nov. 11, 1800.

Zechariah, Capt. [of Groton. CR1], and Elizabeth Tuttle, May 11, 1809.*


Abigail [of HolIes. int.], and Samuel Wright, Mar. 15, 1756.*

Elijah A., of Townsend, and Lois H. Chapman, Apr. 4, 1839.*

Esther, of Hollis, and Thomas Colburn, int. Nov. 5, 1757.

Joseph [of Hollis. int.], and Sarah [Sally. int.] Boynton, May 21, 1799.*

Lydia of Brookline, and Emerson Wheeler, int. Sept. 2, 1805.

Polly of Mason, NH, and Amos Hodgman, int. Sept. 11, 1823.

Reuben [of Hollis. int.], and Hannah Boynton, Feb. 2, 1790.*

Samuel [W. int.], and Sarah Newell, Feb. 19, 1835.*

Sarah of Hollis, and Benjamin Jewett, Dec. 31, 1754.*

Sally, and William Warren, Apr. 19, 1808.*

Silas of E. Sudbury, and Azubah Lawrence, Apr. 10, 1831.*


Anna of Chelmsford, and Luther Bancroft, int. Dec. 27, 1802. [m. at Westford, Feb. 22, 1803. VR8]

Elizabeth, Mrs., and Rev. Josiah Goodhue, both of Dunstable, July 28, 1757.

Elisabeth [of Dunstable. CR1], and Jonathan Fletcher [of Westford. CR1], Jan. 31, 1793.

Betsey [of Dunstable. int.], and Joseph Farrar, [Lt. int.], Jan. 17, 1799.*

Esther of Westford, and James Tarbell, int. Oct. 27, 1754 [1755. VR8]

Jonathan [of Westford. CR1], and Elisabeth Fletcher [of Dunstable. CR1] Jan. 31, 1793.

Joseph, Jr., [Capt. int.], and Ruth B. Elliot, Nov. 6, 1828.*

Lucy, and William Blood, both of Groton, Jan. 5, 1748.

Lucy [of Dunst able. CR1], and Hosea Hildreth [of Raby. CR1], Mar. 19, 1798.

Nathaniel [of Dunstable. CR1], and Submit Fisk [of Groton. CR1], Feb. 21, 1792.

Sarah, Mrs., and Daniel Lawrence, of Hollis, NH, int. Apr. 23, 1825.


Harriet, and Leander French [of Dunstable, NH. int.], Dec. 15, 1833.*


Esther E. [Follansbee. int.], a. 22 y., b. Vermont, and George Cable of Hollis, NH, farmer, a. 21 y., b. Canada, s. John & Mary Ann, Apr. 29, 1849.*


Bulah, and Thaddeus Bancroft, both of Groton, Sept. 5, 1775.

Ebenezer Dana of Boston, and Lydia Harrington, May 11, 1817.*

Jonathan of Groton, and Thankful Harrington, at Groton, Apr. 11, 1759.*

Leonard, and Lucy Wetherbee, at Townsend, Oct. 29, 1778.*

Samuel of Boxford, and Jane Boynton of Groton, Nov. 24, 1748.

Stephen, and Sarah Blood, both of Groton, Aug. 5, 1747.


William F., merchant, b. Boston, and Caroline C. Lewis, Aug. 21, 1844.*


Leander [of Dunstable, NH. int.], and Harriet Flint, Dec. 15, 1833.*

Leander, and Susan Walcut [Walcott. int.], Sept. 3, 1835.*

Polly [of Raby. CR1], and Joseph Tucker, Feb. 19, 1795.

Phineas C., widr., farmer, of Bedford, NH, a. 55 y., b. Bedford, NH, s. Stephen & Dolly, and Mary Patten, a. 45 y., b. Reading, d. Isaac & Mary, Apr. 7, 1847.*


Mehitable S., Mrs. [Miss, of Medford. int.], and Lemuel Parker, Esq., Apr. 28, 1814.*

Mindwell, Mrs. [of Groton. CR1], and Simon Gilson, Cornet, May 11, 1796.*

Rebekah, and Adam Hill [of Townsend. int.], Sept. 17, 1797.*


Henry S. of Worcester, and Catherine Gilson, May 4, 1826.*


Amos, and Patty Burrage of Lunenburg, int. Feb. 1, 1812.

Daniel, Esq., [of Athens, VT int.], and Milley Petts, Mar. 16, 1806.*

David, and Mary Holding of Groton, int. Aug. 17, 1810 [m. at Groton, Oct. 20 VR1]


Charles, [Jr. int.], of Andover, and Hannah Gilson, Dec. 6, 1784.*


Samuel L., and Sarah Jane Blood, int. Jan. 20, 1845.

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