Dennis, [2d. int.], papermaker, a. 28 y., s. Dennis & Sarah, of Shirley, and Harriet A. Shattuck, a. 21 y., d. Nathaniel, Sept. 9, 1847.*

Hannah W., Mrs., [of Shirley. CR1], and Reuben Wyman [of Groton. CR1] May 15, 1844.

Mary of Shirley, and Edmund F. Nutting, int. Apr. 14, 1838 [m. at Shirley, May 3. VR4]

PARK (Parker, Parks)

John, Jr. [of Groton. CR1] and Lydia Hamlen [of Harvard. CR1] June 1, 1786.

PARKER (Park, Parks)

Abel, and Easther Shattuck, both of Groton, May 10, 1750.

Abel, and Eda [Ede. int.] Jewett, at Townsend, Oct. 19, 1777.*

Abigail, and Dudley Kemp, int. Oct. 3, 1783.

Abijah, and Sarah Lawrence, Jan. 21, 1772.*

Abijah, Jr., and Sally Woods, Mar. 13, 1798.*

Abijah, Jr., and Lydia Hosley, July 25, 1804.*

Abraham, and Lois Blood, both of Groton, Mar. 16, 1749.

Allen, and Charlotte Colson of Townsend, Dec. 27, 1826.*

Amelia, and John Tarbell, Mar. 10, 1805.*

Anna, and Jonas Wright, Feb. 12, 1770.*

Anna B. [Bancroft. int.], and Jeremiah White, Feb. 18, 1800.*

Asa, and Sibbell White, Dec. 6, 1792.*

Asher of Charlestown, and Sarah Farnsworth of Shirley, at Shirley, (by Rev. Jas. Howe) Feb. 11, 1830.

Augustus, and Jemima Blanchard of Littleton, int. Mar. 5, 1825.

Benjamin Woods, Maj., [of Groton. int.], and Deborrah Gatchel, Aug. 19, 1810.*

Caleb, and Olive Prescott of Westford, at Westford, Jan. 29, 1794.*

Charles E., and Sarah E. Parker, Sept. 24, 1839.*

Charles E., Dr., and Anna K. Pierce of Concord, NH, int. July 14, 1844.

Clarisa, of Groton, and William Buttrick, int. Dec. 3, 1814 [m. at Groton, Dec. 25. VR1].

Clarke of Dunstable, and wid. Martha Hunt, Apr. 19, 1838.*

Edmund, and Lydia Vernum, July 22, 1755.*

Edmund, and Elisabeth Green [of Groton. CR1], Apr. 13, 1757.

Edmund, [Jr. int.], and Mary Shepley, Mar. 7, 1783 [11. CR1].*

Edmund, and Nancy Hosley, Feb. 29, 1816.*

Eleazer, of Groton, and Abigail Lawrence, Jan. 22, 1767.*

Eliza, and John Ames, Jr., Dec. 3, 1835.*

Elisabeth, and Jonathan [John. int.] Stevens [of Lunenburg. int.], June 25, 1761.*

Elizabeth, and Joseph Tenney, Feb. 7, 1774.*

Elisabeth [Betty. int.], and David Shed, Jr., Dec. 27, 1797.*

Elisabeth, and Capt. Benjamin Lawrence, int. Aug. 6, 1798.

Betsy, and Abel Jewett, Oct. 12, 1806.*

Betsy, and Aaron Whitney, June 6, 1815.*

Elizabeth, [Mrs. int.], and Jonathan Shattuck, Oct. 9, 1817.*

Betsy H., and Nathaniel P. Sartell, Dec. 1, 1836.*

Elvira, and Otis Blake, machinist, June 13, 1844.*

Frederick F., and Anna [Ann. CR1] Varnum, Apr. 6, 1823,*

Hannah, and Asa Butterick, Mar. 8, 1808.*

Hannah, and William Chace, Apr. 23, 1815.

Hannah, [Mrs. int.], and John Williams, of Shirley, Sept. 20, 1818.*

Harriot, and James Lewis, Jr., [Esq. int.], Jan. 17, 1819.*

Harriot L. [Lydia. int.], and Job Hill, of Lowell, Jan. 18, 1836.*

Isaac, and Eunice Smith, Jan. 24, 1808.*

James, and Rebekah Bulkley, both of Groton, Dec. 22, 1748.

James, and Sally Boynton, Oct. 11, 1792.*

James A., and Lucy B. Wythe [Wyeth. int.] of Townsend, Nov. 10, 1843.*

Jesse, and Fanny Patch, June 18, 1835.*

Joel, and Hannah Gilson, Nov. 17, 1800.*

John [of Shirley. int.], and Abigail Blood, at Townsend, Mar. 16, 1778.*

John, and Sally Tarble [Tarbell. int.], Oct. 3, 1797.*

Jonah S., and Betsy K. Hosley, Nov. 26, 1840.*

Jonas, and Ruth Farmer, Dec. 18, 1788.*

Jonas, Junr., and Nancy H. [Harriss. int.] Gatchel, Nov. 29, 1814.*

Jonas, Dea., and Mrs. Mehitable [S. int.] Parker, June 18, 1829.*

Junia, and Rebecca Wood, Feb. 22, 1785,*

Lemuel, and Hanah Gilson, Nov. 13, 1783.*

Lemuel, Esq., and Mrs. [Miss. int.] Mehitable S. Frost [of Medford. int.], Apr. 28, 1814.*

Lemuel, Jr., [Ensign. int.], and Eliza Hosley, Nov. 5, 1817.*

Levi, and Mariah Johnson, Jan. 24, 1833.*

Life, and Polly [Mary. int.] Lawrence, Sept. 23, 1821.*

Lucindia, of Chesterfield, and Vryling Shattuck, int. Jan. 5, 1808.*

Lucretia, [Mrs. int.], and Benjamin M. Farley, [Esq. int.] of Hollis, Sept. 17, 1828.*

Luther, of Hollis, [NH int.], and Amy Woods, June 26, 1821.*

Lydia, of Bellirica, and Temothy Wetherbe, int. May 5, 1770 [m. at Billerica, May 29. VR17].

Lydia, and Reuben Shattuck, Nov. 25, 1773.*

Lydea, and Joseph Warren, int. Jan. 16, 1778.

Lydia, and David Whitney, of Tunbridge, VT, Sept. 10, 1818.*

Lydia, and John Loring, May 29, 1823,*

Patty [Polly. int.], and Henry Dorrell, Nov. 27, 1800.*

Patty P., and Joshua Spaulding, Nov. 18, 1830.*

Polly of Westford, and Benjamin Wheeler, [Jr. VR8], at Westford, Apr. 10, 1794.*

Mary, and Elijah Ames, Jr., June 27, 1802.*

Mary, and Winslow Wright, Feb. 1, 1803.*

Mary, of Groton, and Winslow Ames, int. Feb. 8, 1818 [m. at Groton, Feb. 27. VR1].

Mary, and Dr. Nehemiah Cutter, int. Jan. 13, 1822.

Mary, and Thomas Stevens, of Townsend, Nov. [17. CR1], 1822.*

Mehitable [S. int.], Mrs., and Dea. Jonas Parker, June 18, 1829.*

Mille, and Arnold Hutchinson, [Ensign. int.], May 20, 1819.*

Nancy, and David Bigsby [Bixby. int.], Apr. 26, 1790.*

Nancy C., and Jeremiah G. Shattuck, Dec. 29, 1826 [Dec. 27. CR1].*

Nancy, of Boston, and Joel Shattuck, int. Mar. 13, 1847.

Nathaniel, Jr., and Ruth Shattuck, Feb. 21, 1760.*

Nathaniel, and Sally Adams, of Groton, int. Jan. 9, 1796.

Nathaniel, and Sarah N. Bennett, of Lowell, Mar. 11, 1841.*

Olive, and Cyrus Haywood [Hayward. int.] of Concord, Apr. 16, 1835.*

Oliver [of Hollis. int.], and Betty Gilson, Aug. 31, 1789.*

Permelia, and Merrick Shattuck, Sept. 23, 1832.*

Phenehes [Capt. Phinehas. int.], and wid. Lydia Damon of Reading, at Reading, Dec. 19, 1782.*

Phinehas, and Polly Whitney, Sept. 18, 1804.*

Rebecca, and Samuel Farrar, [Jr. int.], May 20, 1819.*

Richard, and Martha Lawrence, Mar. 2, 1837.*

Roxana, and Lucus Adams, Dec. 3, 1823.*

Ruth of Mason, and Peter Rumerill, int. Mar. 12, 1785.

Ruth, and Zacheus Shattuck, Dec. 10, 1807.*

Ruth, and William E. Shipley of New York City, int. Feb. 11, 1828.

Samuel, and Submit Gilson, Nov. 22, 1791.*

Samuel, [Esq. int.], and Lucretia Bullard, Feb. 11, 1819.*

Sarah, and Jacob Ames, both of Groton, Jan. 24, 1751.

Sarah, and Thomas Lawrence, [Jr. int.], Feb. 15, 1785.*

Sally of Groton, and Reuben Shattuck, Jr., at Groton, July 21, 1799.

Sarah, and David Woods, July 3, 1823,*

Sarah E., and Charles E. Parker, Sept. 24, 1839.*

Sarah, and Whitcomb Tarbell, shoemaker, b. Mason, NH, May 23, 1844.*

Sybel of Groton, and Nathaniel Lakin, at Groton, Jan. 23, 1755.*

Sibble of Groton, and Benjamin Lawrence, at Groton, Nov. 21, 1769.*

Sybil [of Groton. CR1], and Benjamin Shattuck, Jr., [of Brookline, NH CR1], May 13, 1800.

Sibbel, and Benjamin Whitney of Tunbridge, VT, Feb. 10, 1825.*

Solomon, and Hepzibeth Douglis, both of Groton, Dec. 12, 1752.

Thomas, and Hannah Lakin, Nov. 26, 1800.*

Tryphena of Groton, and Isaac Woods, int. Aug. 24, 1754.

William of Groton, and wid. Sarah Richardson, at Groton, Jan. 9, 1755.*

William, and Martha Patch of Hollis, NH, int. Sept. 2, 1837.


Esther, and John Woodward [of Dunstable. CR1], Jan. 29, 1789.

Silas, and Sarah Atherton of Harvard, at Harvard, Apr. 29, 1762.*

PARKS (Park, Parker)

Elizabeth [Parker. int.] of Shirley, and Benjamin Lawrence, [Capt. int.], at Shirley, Aug. 30, 1798.*


Michael A. of Gloucester, and lndiania Shipley, int. May 14, 1833.

Sarah F. of Worcester, and Samuel H.T. Bennett, int. May 24, 1849.


Abel of Groton, and Rebecca Nutting, at Groton, Nov. 18, 1788.*

Ede of Groton, and Israel Shattuck, int. Apr. 18, 1789 [m. at Groton, May 28. VR1]

Fanny, and Jesse Parker, June 18, 1835.*

Martha of Hollis, NH, and William Parker, int. Sept. 2, 1837.

Mary [of Groton. int.], and John Chamberlain, Apr. 25, 1758.*

Timothy B. of Stow, and Lucy A. Bennett, a. 27 y., d. Isaac & Indiana, June 8, 1848.*

PATTEN (Pattin)

Mary, a. 45 y., b. Reading, d. Isaac & Mary, and Phineas C. French, widr., farmer, of Bedford, NH, a. 55 y., b. Bedford, NH s. Stephen & Dolly, Apr. 7, 1847.*


Elizabeth, and John Longley, both of Groton, July 16, 1751.

PATTIN (Patten)

John, Jr., of Bilrica, and Sarah Hosley, June 20, 1780.*


Charles H., and Grace S. Ide of Newfane, VT, int. June 10, 1824.

James of Middleton, and Susannah Newhall, Jan. 11, 1821.*

PEARCE (Pearse, Peirce, Pierce)

Mary, and Samuel Cole [Coal. int.], at Townsend, Dec. 25, 1777.*

PEARSE (Pearce, Peirce, Pierce)

Mary [Pierce. VR2], and Nathaniel Lund of Dunstable, int. Aug. 23, 1806 [m. at Dunstable, Nov. 13. VR2].

PEIRCE (Pearce, Pearse, Pierce)

Edmund, and Mary Peirce, int. Mar. 9, 1771.

Isaac, and Sarah Blood of Hollis, int. Nov. 7, 1769.

Mary, and Edmund Peirce, int. Mar. 9, 1771.

Rachel, and Jeremiah Eliot, Oct. 26, 1763.*


Mary, and Edmund Maynard of Sterling, Feb. 20, 1839.


Betsy, and Sewall Shattuck [of Wheelock. int.], Jan. 18, 1799.*

Ezekiel, and Eunice Turner, Feb. 15, 1759.*

Ezchiel [Ezekiel. int.] Jr., and Hepzabeth Jewett, May 9, 1786.*

John, and Phebe Lawrence, Oct. 18, 1796.*

Jonathan, and Eunice Shattuck, May 5, 1794.*

Jonathan [of Westminster, VT. int.], and Rachel Shattuck, Jan. 29, 1807.*

Rhoda, and Daniel Hawkes of Lynn, Nov. 7, 1771.*

Samuel, and Mary Hutson, Nov. 13, 1760.*


Hepzibah, and Solomon Shattuck, Apr. 27, 1763.*


Joseph of Henniker, and Mary Williams, Dec. 30, 1772.*


Milley, and Daniel Fuller, Esq., [of Athens, VT int.], Mar. 16, 1806.*

Samuel, Jr. [Lemuel. int.] of Townsend, and Milley Wood, at Townsend, June 13, 1791.*


Joshua, Jr. [of Andover. int.], and Mary Gilson, Jan. 13, 1796.*

PHILIPS (Phillips)

Abigail, and Oliver Newhall, May 5, 1774.*

Lydia, and Samuel Kemp, both of Groton, June 26, 1759.

PHILLIPS (Philips)

Lydia of Groton, and Richard Adams of Dunstable, Jan. 17, 1751.

PHILLIS (Fillis)

Peter of Pepperell, and Jenny Mitchel, of Shirley, "black persons," at Shirley, Nov. ––, 1806. VR4

Pompey, and Margaret Quaccoo [Quawco. int.], Mar. 5, 1771.*

PIERCE (Pearce, Pearse, Peirce)

Abigail, and Josiah Blood of Holies, May 24, 1770.*

Anna K. of Concord, NH, and Dr. Charles E. Parker, int. July 14, 1844.

Asa, and Mary Hale of Dunstable, NH, int. Dec. 6, 1824.

Calvin, and Jane B. Elliot, Nov. 27, 1827.*

Eben S., and Ethelinda A. Whitton, d. Benjamin, Apr. 10, 1845.*

Ebenezer [Richardson. int.], and Elizabeth Turner, Mar. 17, 1755.*

Ebenezer, and Aseneth Blood [of Groton. int.], Jan. 28, 1799.*

Elbridge G., and Sarah A. Davis of Shirley, int. Dec. 19, 1844 [m. at Shirley, Jan. 12, 1845. VR4].

Betsy of Townsend, and Joseph Shattuck, Jr., int. Jan. 4, 1805.

Ephraim, and Pattey Chamberlain of Holis, int. May 4, 1777.

Ezra, and Rebecca Lawrence of Groton, Oct. 5, 1775 [Oct. 25. CR1].

Hannah, Mrs., and James Brazer, Esq., [of Groton. CR1], Apr. 11, 1811.

James, and Achsah [C. int.] Elliot, Apr. 11, 1833.*

John, and Tabitha Porter of Groton, Sept. 5, 1775.

Jonathan of Townsend, and Lydia Conant, int. Nov. 19, 1809.

Molly of Groton, and Nathan Fish, int. Nov. 12, 1757.

Sarah, [Mrs. int.], and Samuel Shattuck, Mar. 12, 1761.*

Sarah, and Phineas Waite, [Jr. int.], of Groton, at Groton, Jan. 28, 1762.*

Sarah, and Elias Elliot of Mason, Jan. 26, 1775.*

Sarah, wid., and William Hutchinson, int. May 22, 1778.

Sarah, and Eber [Eben. int.] Blood [of Groton. CR1], June 3, 1792.*

Sally, and Jonathan Blood, Dec. 16, 1802.*

Silas, Capt., of Peterborough, and Hannah Wood, Oct. 2, 1784.*

Stephen, and Lydia Whitney, Sept. 2, 1766.*

Submit, and Eliab Hartwell of Townsend, int. Jan. 21, 1816.

Submit, and Absalom Lawrence, Aug. 18, 1825,*

Susan, and Walter E. Jewett, int. Nov. 22, 1848 [m. at Bedford, Dec. 19. VR18].


Samuel H. of Farmington, CT, and Rebecca Bowers, Nov. 28, 1816.*

Tabitha of Groton, and John Pierce, Sept. 5, 1775.

POWARS (Powers)

Hannah, and Edmund Shattuck, Esq., [of Groton, NH CR1], Feb. 26, 1801.

Lucy of Dunstable, and Jacob Woods, int. Oct. 3, 1796.

POWERS (Powars)

Jonas of Chelmsford, and Abigail Lovjoy, int. Apr. 3, 1825.

Jonathan J., and Priscilla E. [Emily. int.] Read, Oct. 13, 1826 [Oct. 12. CR1].*

Nathan of Townsend, and Rhoda C. Butterfield, int. Oct. 28, 1821.

Rebekah, and Jonathan Barron, at Townsend, Sept. 20, 1781.*

Whitcomb [of Holles. int.], and [Mrs. int.] Elisabeth Lawrence, Oct. 18, 1759.*

William [of Milford. int.], and Pamela Wright, Mar. 5, 1799.*


David [of Hollis. int.], and Betty Spaulding, Aug. 18, 1789.*

Lemuel, Jr., of Townsend, and Millie Woods, int. May 21, 1791.

Lucy of Groton, and Abel Kemp, May 4, 1775.

Mariah of Dunstable, and Oliver Glazier, int. May 17, 1835 [m. at Dunstable, June 2. VR2].


Timothy of Nashua, NH, and Catherine Gossam, June 29, 1842.*


Joseph F. of Lawrence, and Sarah P. Lawrence, int. Jan. 3, 1848 [m. at Lowell, Jan. 18. VR6].

Lydia of Westford, and Josiah Conant, Oct. 5, 1773.*

Olive of Westford, and Caleb Parker, at Westford, Jan. 29, 1794.*

William, and Abigail Hale of Sutton, at Sutton, Apr. 13, 1758.*


Lucy of New Ipswich, and Thomas Bancroft, int. Sept. 26, 1794.

Zebina of Wethersfield, VT, and Mary T. Woods, Feb. 26, 1817.*


Jeremiah, Jr. (see also Jedediah Jewett, Jr.), and Rachel Blood, at Townsend, May 8, 1776.

Zimri of Harvard, and Abigail T. Chase, May 12, 1830.*


John of Fitchburg, and Nancy Hall, Nov. 28, 1826.*

PROCTER (Proctor)

Gershon, of Dunstable, and Sarah Whiple, Sept. 25, 1781.*

John [of Westford. int.], and Rachel Shed, Feb. 5, 1794.*

Luther of Hollis, NH, and Frances P. Wallace, int. Feb. 14, 1845.

Salley, and Caleb Jewett, Jr., int. Jan. 6, 1816.

PROCTOR (Procter)

Gersham, and Mary Hagit [of Dunstable. CR1], Dec. 26, 1792.

James K., and Lucretia Blood, int. June 21, 1836.

Jasper Pope, and Mary Blood, both of Dunstable, May 8, 1817.


John, Jr., of Sudbury, and Abigail Smith of Concord, June 7, 1820.


Jonas, and Lydia Woods, Mar. 13, 1798.*


Lucy [of Townsend. CR1], and Jeremiah Ball, June 21, 1798.

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