* Intentions NOT recorded
John and Mary Fanning, May 16, 1780.*
John and Grace Underwood of Needham, May 24, 1798, in Needham.

Daniel of Worcester and Beulah How of Framingham, Sept. 22, 1780.*
Mile R. of Holliston and Mary Ann W. Barber, Nov. 9, 1841.

Benjamin of Roxbury and Rebecca Sanger, Nov. 11, 1822.
Elizabeth of Holliston and Benjamin Ware, int. Dec. 31, 1849.
Ellen of Holliston and Jonathan T. Morse, int. Apr. 15, 1843.

Celia and Elijah Hill, Jan. 7, 1841.
Horace D. of Northampton and Almira Dearth, Feb. 22, 1838.

Philip S. and Phebe Stanley of Sedgwick, ME, int. Mar. 3, 1846.

John of Holliston and Margret Lealand, Oct. 29, 1730.*

Eliphalet and Harriet Leland of Holliston, Apr. 25, 1832.
George D. of Framingham, s. Jason and Betsy, a.27y., and Mary A. Kendall, d. Timothy and Polly, a.29y., Nov. 14, 1849.
John of Keene, NH and Sylvia Perry of Holliston, Nov. 13, 1826, in Medway.
Martha and Joseph Dowse, Jr., June 11, 1819.
Martha W., d. John and Olive H., a.24y. and James C. Austin, widr., s. James and Susannah, a.29y., Nov. 4, 1847.
Mary Ann, d. William and Mary of Swanzey, NH, a.19y. and Amos Bullard, s. Braton and Irene, a.22y., Jan. 11, 1846.
Sally and Royal Stone, Apr. 30, 1817.*
Thankful and Benjamin Dowse, Apr. 15, 1813.*

Vol. 1
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CHAMBERLIN (see Chamberlain)
Elizabeth and John Grout, Dec. 9, 1779.*
James and Hannah Adams, Nov. 23, 1768.*
Wetherby and Eliza Bowker, Nov. 8, 1830.

Caleb L. of East Medway and Betsy Coolidge, int. Aug. 18, 1845.
Charles and Olive D. Clements, Feb. 11, 1837.

Elisabeth and Nathanael Bullard, Jr. of Needham, Dec. 12, 1751, in Needham.*
Sarah, d. Alexander and , a.17y., and Sanford W. Howard, s. and Mary, a.24y., Aug. 29, 1847, both of Natick.*

Ruth, wid. and Ezekiel Rice of Framingham, Jan. 8, 1772.*

(JohnMR) Dea.of Mendon and wid. Ruth Bullard (Hill.MR), Sept. 10, 1768.

Mary E., d. Henry and Sarah, a.21y. and Benjamin T. Twitchell, s. John and Lucy, a.31y., Jan. 3, 1849.

Lowell of Holliston and Mary Holbrook, int. Apr. 3, 1834.

Calvin of Dover and Olive Holbrook, Mar. 28, 1805.*
John, Jr. of Dedham and Ruth Hill, Mar. 12, 1766, in Dedham.*

Susanna of Newton and Moses Perry, Nov. 13, 1767, in Newton.*

Anna and Abner Morse, Feb. 19, 1756.*
Mary and David Morse, Feb. 13, 1755.*
Rebeca and Daniel Greenwood of Dublin, May 28, 1772.*

Horace B. of Worcester and Agnes Sanger, Nov. 22, 1838.

CLAP (see Clapp)
Abigail of Dedham and Eleazer Morse, Feb. 7, 1716-7.*
Jerusha and Capt. Andrew Putnam of Sterling, Oct. 5, 1790.*

CLAPP (see Clap)
Abigail and Joseph Crackbone, Jan. 1, 1782.*
Vol. 1
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Esther of Walpole and Elias Grout, May 25, 1791, in Walpole.*
Susanna and Silas Grout of East Sudbury, Aug. 21, 1788.*

CLARK (see Clarke, Cleark, Clerk)
Alexander, Jr. of Framingham and Abigal B. Adams, Apr. 7, 1840.
Alpheus and Nancy Leland, June 6, 1810.*
Arthur and Hannah Morse, Oct. 20, 1719.*
Arthur and Hannah Pratt of Newton, May 28, 1754, in Newton.*
Arthur and Hannah Parker of Concord, Nov. 4, 1767, in Concord.
Asa and Sarah Daniell of Medway, May 31, 1759, in Medway.*
Asa and Mehitable Esty of Natick, May 23, 1793, in Natick.*
Asa E. and Clarissa Whiteing of Amherst, NH, int. Sept. 20, 1828.
Betsey and Moses Bullard, June 7, 1801.*
Clarisa and Reuben Underwood, May 14, 1835.
Daniel and Joannah Perry, Jan. 29, 1756.*
Elizabeth of Medfield and Daniel Holbrook, Feb. 22, 1721-2.*
Elizabeth and Rev. Philander Bates of Grand Blanc, MI, May 25, 1840.
Elizabeth W. and John R. Morse of Worcester, Sept. 19, 1832.
Hannah and Jethro Hatch, July 4, 1751, in Falmouth.*
Hannah and Enoch Draper of Dover, June 19, 1788.*
John, Jr. and Clarisa Frost of Medfield, Nov. 25, 1821.
John, 3d and Clarissa Daniels, Sept. 1, 1825.
Lois and Jonas Peirce, Jr., both of Weston, Feb. 8, 1787.*
Lucee (Lucy int.) and Henry Pratt, Aug. 26, 1819.
Martin and Sally Bullard, Oct. 25, 1816.*
Mary A. of Roxbury and Nathaniel Dowse, int. Mar. 31. 1838.
Mary Ann, d. Alpheus and Nancy, a.28y. and James Whitney of Natick, s. James and Lois, a.28 y, May 9, 1844.
Mary Jane (Sarah Jane int.) of Holliston and Nicholas Wentworth, Oct. 8, 1843.
Michael and Lucy Allen of Weston, Jan. 27, 1789, In Weston.*
Michael and Susanah Perry, Jan. 1, 1809.*
Nathaniel F., s. Amos and Permelia, a.29y., and Eleanor Leland, d. Daniel, 2d and Rachel, a.27y., Sept. 3, 1844.
Newell of Unionville and Mercy Leland, Sept. 29, 1841.
Olive and George Colburn of Dedham, Jan. 1, 1804.*
Vol. 1
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Polly and Lemuel Lealand, 2d, Apr. 4, 1810.*
Prudence and Hopestill Lovell of Medway, Oct. 11, 1809.*
Sally and Walter Barber, May 29, 1817.*
Sally and William Stratton, int. Feb. 18, 1820.
Samuel and Mary Moore of Framingham, Jan. 15, 1735, in Framingham.
Samuel and Sarah Harrington of Westborough, Sept. 24, 1755, in Westborough.*
Samuel, Jr. and Elizabeth Learned, Apr. 23, 1778.*
Sarah and Benjamin Morse of Holliston, Apr. 11, 1752.*
Sarah and William King of Hutchinson, June 28, 1775.*
Sibbilla and James Holbrook, Feb. 11, 1756.*
William and Elizabeth Whiting (WhitneyM.R.), June 24, 1784.

CLARKE (see Clark, Cleark, Clerk)
John and Silence Barber, June 17, 1784.*
Samuel and Mary Breck, June 8, 1825.

John of Framingham and Desire Perry, Mar. 25, 1762.*

Joseph and Grace C. Hewins of Holliston, int. Nov. 27, 1843.
Susan A., d. Joseph and Susan, a.22y. and James R. Whitney, s. Isaac and Sally, a.24y., May 15, 1845.

CLEARK (see Clark, Clarke, Clerk)
Jonah of Petersham and Mary Cleark, June 8, 1769.*
Mary and Jonah Cleark of Petersham, June 8, 1769.*

CLEAVELAND (see Cleveland)
Lydia of Medfield and David Hill, Nov. 13, 1788, in Walpole.*

Olive D. and Charles Champney, Feb. 11, 1837.

CLERK (se Clark, Clarke, Cleark)
Ezra of Medfield and Margaret Morse, Jan. 8, 1707-8.

CLEVELAND (see Cleaveland)
Esther and Hezekiah Coolidge, Aug. 12, 1790.*

Dinah and William Goomer, Aug. 16, 1745. Negroes, in Boston.*

Abigal of Medfield and Joseph Bacon, Dec. 3, 1767.*

Vol. 1
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Seth of Sliptown so-called and Cate Perry, Jan. 5, 1766.*

Nathan of Dover and Lois Green, Oct. 26, 1842.

Elihu and Deborah Myrick, wid. Dartmouth, Mar. 26, 1792, in Dartmouth.*
George R. and Elizabeth Holbrook, int. Feb. 28, 1830.
Joseph and Betsey Palmer of Wareham, Dec. 2, 1784, in Wareham.
Laban and Abigail Tobey of New Bedford, Sept. 23, 1793, in New Bedford.
Zacariah and Deborah Beard, Jr. of Dartmouth, Nov. 16, 1769, in Dartmouth.

James A. of Brighton and Mary Fisk, Nov. 24, 1842.

George of Dedham and Olive Clark, Jan. 1, 1804.*

COLE (see Coal)
Abigail and Joseph Coal of Hope, ME, Oct. 10, 1821.
Joseph of Hope, ME and Abigail Cole, Oct. 10, 1821.
Keziah of Medfield and Capt. Amos Lealand, Aug. 24, 1808.*
Olive and Jonas Lealand of Framingham, Oct. 17, 1793.*
Onesimas and Jemima Lealand, Oct. 16, 1771.*
Onesimus and Betsy Wheelor of Concord, Nov. 7, 1793.*
Zeruiah and William Mastick, Sept. 12, 1785.*

Phineas and Hannah Daniels, Jan. 1, 1729-30.*

Bethiah and Daniel Gookin, July 21, 1692.*

Siles of Stow and Dorithy Brown, Feb. 16, 1770.*

Elisabeth of Newton and William Bedlam, July 8, 1771, in Newton.*
Mary of Watertown and Samuel Morse, Jan. 13, 1712-3.*

COOLEDGE (see Coolidge, Coollidg, Coollidge)
Grace and Joseph Ware, Sept. 24, 1776*

COOLIDGE (see Cooledge, Coollidg, Coollidge)
Aaron and Catherine Hill, July 1, 1819.
Abraham and Sarah Hemenway, Jan. 1, 1789.*
Amos, Capt. and Zeruiah Brown of Sudbury, Feb. 25, 1768, in Sudbury.*
Andrew and Elizabeth A. Temple of Framingham, int. Apr. 7, 1845.
Vol. 1
Page 117
Betsy and Caleb L. Champney of East Medway, int. Aug. 18, 1845.
Beulah and Andrew Bullard, July 22, 1812.*
Cally and Horatio Coolidge, Nov. 27, 1816.*
Curtis of Holliston and Orinda Coolidge, int. Mar. 3, 1828.
Daniel and Beulah Smith, May 11, 1780.*
Daniel, Jr. and Hannah Frost of Marlborough, NH, int. Apr. 29, 1815.
Daniel, 3d and Sarah Sawin, Jan. 7, 1835.
Eliza, d. Aaron and Catherine, a.27y. and William Dowse, widr., s. Benjamin and Thankful, a.33y., Jan. 16, 1849.
Elizabeth and Capt. Samuel Sanger of Boston, Dec. 23, 1830.
George and Elvira Daniels, Apr. 3, 1834.
Hannah and John Phipps, Aug. 2, 1781.*
Hannah and Aaron Morse, both of Natick, Dec. 27, 1827.*
Harriet, d. Daniel, dec. and Beulah, a.42y. and William Phipps, widr., of Franklin, s. John, dec. and Hannah, a.59y., Oct. 14, 1846.
Hezekiah and Esther Cleveland, Aug. 12, 1790.*
Horatio and Cally Coolidge, Nov. 27, 1816.*
James and Freelove Monk of Stoughton, Sept. 12, 1728, in Stoughton.*
Joel and Martha Ware, Oct. 11, 1781.*
John and Anna Russell, May 29, 1739, in Woburn.*
Jonathan F. and Eliza Haven of Framingham, Feb. 20, 1840, in Framingham.
Joseph and Martha Daniels, Feb. 22, 1781.*
Martha and Marshal, H.H. (Marshal Holbrook Hamilton int.) Breck, Dec. 2, 1830.
Oren of Natick and Rebecca Frost, Dec. 29, 1822.
Orinda and Curtis Coolidge of Holliston, int. Mar. 3, 1828.
Ruggles S. and Eveline D. Bowker of Hopkinton, int. Mar. 30, 1847.
Samuel of Natick and Hannah Russell, Mar. 25, 1779.*

COOLLIDG (see Cooledge, Coolidge, Coollidge)
Isaac and Hannah Morse, Apr. 26, 1710.*

COOLLIDGE (see Cooledge, Coolidge, Coollidg)
Abigal and Joseph Fairbank, June 25, 1761.*
Amos and Mary Lealand, Dec. 25, 1728.*
Charlottee and Hezekiah Fuller of Needham, Dec. 25, 1805.*
Grace and Ezra Holbrook, Nov. 30, 1738.*
Vol. 1
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Hannah and Jonathan Fairbanke, June 2, 1726.*
Joseph and Elizabeth Frost, Jan. 26, 1746.*
Lemuel and Clarissa Lealand, Apr. 25, 1805.*
Lucy and Joseph Crackbone, Oct. 10, 1750.*
Mary and Jonathan Russell, July 13, 1727.*
Mary and Benjamin Ware, Jan. 31, 1754.*
Sally and Luther Haven of Framingham, Oct. 13, 1795.*
Sarah and Nathaniel Morse of Medfield, Feb. 3, 1719-20.*

John B. and Hannah M. Weston, July 7, 1833.
Lois B. and Edward Holbrook, Nov. 23, 1826.

COUZENS (see Cozens, Cozzens, Cozzins, Cusans, Cuzzens)
Mary and William Adams of Uxbridge, Aug. 19, 1730.*

Sarah and John Mistrick of Framingham, Aug. 12, 1747.*

COZENS (see Couzens, Cozzens, Cozzins, Cusans, Cuzzens)
Ruth of Holliston and Caleb Stanford, Apr. 2, 1740.*

COZZENS (see Couzens, Cozens, Cozzins, Cusans, Cuzzens)
Asa and Margeret Gibbs, int. Oct. 25, 1823.
Eli and Eunice Brown of Jackson, ME, int. Jan. 7, 1838.
Isaac and Susannah Cuzzens of Holliston, Dec. 27, 1779.*
Isaac, Jr and Mary Fay. of Holliston, May 6, 1824.*
Joann S. and Charles Twitchell, int. Feb. 4, 1829.
John C. and Sarah Leland, Nov. 28, 1833.
Joseph and Ruth Stratton, Dec. 19, 1802.*
Julia and Joshua Twitchell of an unincorporated plantation in County of Hancock (dup. Jackson, ME), Feb. 22, 1809.*
Polly and Ebenezer Twitchell of Jackson plantation, ME, Feb. 22, 1810.*
Rebeccah and Samuell Lamb, Mar. 18, 1762.*
Rebecah, wid. and Patrick Shays of Hopkinton, Oct. 30, 1765.*
Sarah and Justin E. Eames of Hopkinton, June 4, 1835.
Sarah, wid., d. Eli and Rebecca Leland, a.39y. and Henry Leland, widr., s. David dec. and Phebe, a.38y., May 6, 1847.
Susanna and Charles Morse, int. Oct. 21, 1832.
Sylvia and Jackson King of Holliston, May 1, 1824.

COZZINS (see Couzens, Cozens, Cozzens)
Asa and Lois Cozzins, Nov. 8, 1808.*
Lois and Asa Cozzins, Nov. 8, 1808.*

Vol. 1
Page 119
CRACKBON (see Crackbone)
Hannah and Sylvanus Badlam of Ashford, CT, Nov. 28, 1792.*

CRACKBONE (see Crackbon)
Joseph and Lucy Coollidge, Oct. 10, 1750.*
Joseph and Abigail Clap, Jan. 1, 1782.*

Joseph of Cambridge and Eunice Dowse, Feb. 14, 1813.*

John and Mary Gibson, Mar. 23, 1775.*
Mary and Thomas Fessenden of Framingham, Sept. 24, 1782.

Abishai of Boylston and Keziah Johnson, Aug. 3, 1823.

Beriah and Sarah Brown of Killingly, Aug. 13, 1742, in Sutton.*
James of Leavitt and Abigail Whiting of Holliston, Feb. 12, 1783.*
Jeremiah of Medway and Sarah Greenwood, May 1, 1783.*
John of Volentine, CT and Betsey Sparhawk, Dec. 25, 1814.*

CUSANS (see Couzens, Cozens, Cozzens, Cozzins, Cuzzens)
Isaac and Martha Weston of Framingham, Jan. 13, 1714-5, in Framingham.*

Jacob and Eliza Wight, Apr. 1, 1824.

Abigail and John Breck, Jr., Dec. 3, 1789.*
Elizabeth L. and Elijah P. Leland, Dec. 3, 1834.
Martha C. and Sumner G. Goulding, Apr. 21, 1840.
Simeon and Elmira A. Bullard of Medway, int. Nov. 19, 1841.
Ursula and Capt. Orlando Leland, Jan. 1, 1839.

Abigail and Otis B. Bullard, both of Holliston, Jan. 11, 1843.*

CUZZENS (see Couzens, Cozens, Cozzens, Cozzins, Cusans)
Jacob and Mary Wallis, Jan. 3, 1721-2.*
Jesse of Holliston and Nancy Dowse, Sept. 1, 1816.*
Joseph and Rebecca Hill, Nov. 3, 1742.*
Melody and William Rider of Natick, Feb. 24, 1774.*
Sarah and Joshua Twitchell, Jan. 1, 1778.*
Susannah of Holliston and Isaac Cozzens, Dec. 27, 1779.*
Vol. 1
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