Anna, d.Daniel and Rebecca, June29,1765.

Daniel, s.Daniel and Rebecca, Nov.10,1766.

Trustram, s.Daniel and Rebecca, Oct.26,1769.

Rebecca, d.Benjamin and Rebecca, Aug.4,1777.

Benjamin, s.Benjamin and Rebecca, Sept.12,1779.

Jonathan, s.Benjamin and Rebecca, Mar.9,1782.

Rebecca, d.Joseph and Rebecca, June4,1782.

Joseph, s.Joseph and Rebecca, Mar.21,1784.

Ira, s.Benjamin and Rebecca, June11,1784.

Isaac, s.Benjamin and Rebecca, Aug.25,1786.

Judith, d.Benjamin and Rebecca, Oct.2,1788.

Eli, s.Benjamin and Rebecca, Feb.25,1791.

Hannah, d.Benjamin and Rebeccah, June11,1793.

Betsy, d.Trustam and Elisabeth, Oct.28,1795.

Abigail, d.Benjamin and Rebeccah, Apr.6,1796.

Polly, d.Trustam and Elisabeth, Oct.24,1797.

Abraham, s.Benjamin and Rebecca, Sept.1,1798.

Daniel, s.Trustam and Elisabeth, Sept.9,1799.

Joel, s.Benjamin and Rebecca, Dec.1,1800.

Nathan, s.Trustam and Elisabeth, May24,1801.

Oliver, s.Trustam and Elisabeth, Nov.30,1803.

Betsy, d.Trustam and Elisabeth, May6,1805.

Samuel, s.Trustam and Elisabeth, May25,1807.

Naomi, d.Trustam and Elisabeth, May13,1809.

Joel, s.Abram and Betsey, Aug.15,1825.

Mary E[Iizabeth.PR7], d.Abram and Mary, May30,1837. [May29.PR7]

Susan E[llen.PR7], d.Abram and Mary, Mar.18,1839.


Charlotte, d.James and Mary, bp. Nov.4,1827.CR1

James Thompson, s.James and Mary, bp. Nov.4,1827.CR1

Mary, d.James and Mary, bp. Nov.4,1827.CR1


Hannah, d.Thomas and Hannah, Dec.21,1740.

Rebecca, d.Eliphalet and Hannah, June2,1742.

Mary, d.Thomas and Hannah, Feb.20,1744.

Hannah, d.Eliphalet and Hannah, May15,1744.

Hannah, d.Thomas, bp. Aug.5,1744.CR1

Thomas, s.Thomas, bp. Aug.5,1744.CR1

Samuel, s.Eliphalet and Hannah, June25,1747.

Elisabeth, d.twin, Eliphalet [jr.CR1] and Hannah, June3,1749.

John, s.twin, Eliphalet [jr.CR1] and Hannah, June3,1749.

Thomas, s.Thomas and Hannah, Nov.末,1750.

Rebecca, d.Eliphalet [jr.CR1] and Hannah, Mar.24,1751.

Samuel, s.Eliphalet and Hannah, Nov.16,1752.

Isaac, s.Eliphalet and Hannah, Jan.20,1755.

Eliphalet [jr.CR1], s.Eliphalet and Hannah, Apr.16,1757.

Jacob, s.Thomas and Abigail, June8,1780.

Benjamin, s.Samuel and Mehitable, June12,1781.

Abial, s.Samuel and Mehitable, Dec.24,1782.

Jonah, s.Thomas and Abigail, Sept.2,1784.

Samuel, s.Samuel and Mehitable, Sept.22,1784.

Uriah, s.Thomas and Abigail, Nov.15,1785.

Nancy, d.Samuel and Mehitable, Aug.20,1786.

Hannah, d.[Capt.CR1] Samuel and Mehitabel, May6,1788.

Pamela, d.[Capt.CR1] Samuel and Mehitable, Apr.9,1790.

Jonathan, s.Thomas and Abigail, Apr.12,1790.

Polly Spaulding, d.[Capt.CR1] Samuel and Mehitable, Mar.6,1792.

Rebecca, d.Thomas and Abigail, Dec.12,1792.

Benjamin, s.Benjamin and Sarah, Dec.27,1803.

Samuel Adams, s.Samuel and Nancy, Nov.11,1804.

Benjamin, s.Benjamin and Sarah, Apr.15,1806.

Nathaniel Wardell, s.Samuel, jr. and Nancy, Dec.7,1806.

William, s.Benjamin and Sarah, July7,1808.

John Simonds, s.Samuel and Nancy, Nov.17,1808.

Alonzo, s.Benjamin and Sarah, bp. Nov.末,1818.CR1

Amanda Georgeetta, d.Benjamin and Sarah, bp. Nov.末,1818.CR1

James Munro, s.Benjamin and Sarah, bp. Nov.末,1818.CR1

MARSHAL (Marshall)

Abel, s.Thomas, bp. Mar.23,1755.CR1

William, s.Thomas and Mary, May20,1757.

Samuel, s.Samuell, bp. July20,1766.CR1

Elsee, d.Silas and Eunice, Mar.22,1771.

Molly, d.Samuel and Sarah, Aug.18,1774.

MARSHALL (Marshal)

John, s.Thomas and Ruth, July15,1735.

Abel, s.Thomas and Ruth, Dec.3,1736.

Jonas [Jonah.CR1], s.Thomas and Ruth, Feb.14,1738.

Ruth, d.Thomas and Ruth, May8,1739.

Joel, s.Thomas and Mary, May24,1744.

Silas, s.Thomas and Mary, Feb.20,1745.

Rufus, s.Thomas and Mary, Nov.2,1747.

Mary, d.Thomas and Mary, May23,1750.

Daniel, s.Thomas and Mary, Nov.9,1752.

Hannah, d.Thomas and Mary, Nov.29,1759.

Hannah, d.Thomas and Mary, July31,1761.

John, s.John and Mary [wid.CR1], Oct.18,1762.

Sarah, d.Samuel and Sarah, Aug.7,1767.

Samuel, s.Samuel and Sarah, Sept.27,1768.

Silas, s.Silas and Eunice, Aug.6,1769.

David, s.Samuel and Sarah, Mar.27,1771.

Joel, s.Joel and Ann [(Mooar).PR17], Mar.3,1773.

Hermon, s.Joel and.Ann [(Mooar).PR17], Sept.23,1774.

Sarah, d.Daniel and Sarah, Mar.22,1775.

Rufus, s.Joel and Ann [(Mooar).PR17], Aug.2,1776.

John, s.Samuel and Sarah, Oct.14,1776.

Mehitable, d.Daniel and Sarah, Nov.15,1776.

Hermon, s.Joel [2d.CR1] and Ann [(Mooar).PR17], Apr.25,1778. [Apr.24.PR17]

Daniel, s.Daniel and Sarah, Apr.16,1779.

Sally Patch, d.Joel and Ann [(Mooar).PR17], Feb.12,1780.

Thomas, s.Daniel and Sarah, Nov.18,1780.

Elon, s.Joel and Ann [(Mooar).PR17], Dec.24,1781.

Judith, d.Daniel and Sarah, Nov.5,1782.

Eber, s.Joel and Ann [(Mooar).PR17], Dec.20,1783.

Hannah, d.Daniel and Sarah, Jan.10,1785.

Anna Moors, d.Joel and Ann [(Mooar).PR17], May8,1786.

Rebecca, d.John, bp. Nov.26,1786.CR1

Mary, d.Joel and Ann [(Mooar).PR17], Mar.19,1788. [Mar.20.PR17]

John, s.John, bp. July20,1788.CR1

Jacob, s.Jacob and Patty, Feb.21,1789.

Thomas, s.Daniel and Sarah, June13,1789.

Abiah [Abial.CR1], d.Joel and Ann [(Mooar).PR17], Oct.6,1790. [1791.PR17]

Patty, d.Jacob and Patty, Oct.17,1790.

William, s.Daniel and Sarah, May10,1791.

Louis [Lois.CR1; Louise.PR17], d.Joel and Ann [(Mooar).PR17], Aug.7,1792. [1793.PR17]

Enoch, s.Daniel and Sarah, Apr.9,1793.

Mary, d.Jacob and Patty, Nov.14,1793.

Abiel [Abel.CR1], s.Joel and Ann [(Mooar).PR17], Aug.26,1794. [1795.PR17]

Elsa, d.Daniel and Sarah, Apr.12,1795.

Lydia, d.Jacob and Patty, Jan.12,1796.

Elsa, d.Daniel and Sarah, Feb.26,1798.

Hannah, d.Jacob and Patty, Apr.16,1798.

Thomas Parley, s.Jacob and Patty, May7,1800.

Hermon, s.Hermon and Hannah, Oct.22,1813.

Alvin, s.Hermon and Hannah, Oct.28,1815.

Adeline, d.Hermon and Hannah, Jan.11,1817.

Louisa, d.Hermon and Hannah, Sept.11,1818.

Samuel, s.Abel and Abigail, Dec.27,1821.

James Eustis, s.Abel and Abigail, Sept.25,1824.

Langdon, s.Hermon and Hannah, Feb.24,1825.

Mary Elizabeth, d.Eber and Mary [(Frost).PR12], Nov.2,1825.

George Rugg, s.Abel and Abigail, Oct.30,1826.

Herman Augustus, s.Abel and Abigail, Mar.2,1829.

Thomas Washington, s.Thomas P[erley.PR15] and Olive [(Trull).PR15], July8,1829.

Lydia Ann, d.Eber and Mary [(Frost), Nov.6,1830.PR12].CR1

Charles Edwards, s.Abel and Abigail, Sept.17,1831.

Abba Ann, d.Abel and Abigail, Oct.14,1835.

George Langdon, s.Alvin and Hannah [M.E. (Jaques).PR17], Dec.14,1840.

Louisa Matilda, d.Alvin and Hannah [M.E. (Jaques).PR17], Apr.17,1843.

Beulah A., d.William, wheelwright, and Mary A., Feb.6,1846.

MARSTON (Masten, Mastin)

Amos, s.Amos and Judith, Feb.2,1786.

Dudley Jefferson, s.Dudley and Molly, Sept.29,1805.

Mary, d.Dudley and Molly, Dec.8,1808.

Hannah, d.Dudley and Molly, Aug.20,1811.

Samuel, s.Dudley and Molly, July19,1813.

Mahala, d.Dudley and Molly, Jan.30,1816.

MASTEN (Marston)

Anna, d.Amos and Judith, Oct.4,1775.

Samuel, s.Amos and Judith, Feb.10,1779.

Judith, d.Amos and Judith, June7,1780.

Dudley, s.Amos and Judith, May11,1782.

Judith, d.Amos and Judith, June25,1784.

Bravity, s.Amos, jr. and Lydia, Feb.24,1812.

Charles, s.Amos and Lydia, Dec.23,1813.

Amos, s.Amos and Lydia, Jan.13,1817.

Sarah Ann, d.Jeremiah and Sarah, Aug.29,1824.

Thomas William, s.Jeremiah and Sarah A., Mar.1,1827.

MASTIN (Marston)

Amos, s.Amos, bp. Dec.2,1790.CR1


Lucinda, d.Dr. Abel, bp. June20,1784.CR1

William Wyman, s.William and Sylva, Jan.8,1839.


Caroline Elizabeth, d.Hanson and Caroline, bp. Sept.6,1840.CR1


Thomas, s.Robert and Hannah, Apr.24,1738.

John, s.Robert and Hannah, Apr.3,1741.

Daniel, s.Robert and Hannah, Mar.3,1743.

Daniel, s.Robert, bp. Dec.16,1752.CR1

William, s.Robert and Sarah, Dec.15,1757.

Joseph, s.Robert and Sarah, May18,1759.

Thomas, s.Thomas and Lydia, May15,1761.

Samuel, s.Samuell, bp. July12,1761.CR1

Oliver, s.Samuell, bp. Apr.24,1763.CR1

Lydia, d.Thomas and Lydia, Feb.2,1764.

Robert, s.Robert and Rebecca, Aug.20,1764.

Hannah, d.John and Jane, Feb.28,1765.

Richard, s.Samuell, bp. Mar.17,1765.CR1

Thomas, s.Thomas, bp. May25,1766.CR1

Russell, s.Robert and Rebecca, Dec.1,1766.

John, s.John and Jane, Jan.31,1767.

Zebediah, s.Samuell, bp. June14,1767.CR1

Betty, d.Thomas and Lydia, May31,1768.

Molly, d.John and Jane, Apr.4,1769.

Aaron, s.Robert and Rebecca, May18,1769.

Moses, s.John and Jane, Feb.5,1771.

Roger, s.Thomas and Lydia, Mar.2,1771.

Becca, d.Samuell, bp. Dec.15,1771.CR1

Molly, d.Samuell, bp. Dec.15,1771.CR1

Isaac, s.Thomas and Lydia, Mar.17,1773.

Nathan, s.Thomas and Lydia, Apr.12,1775.

Joseph, s.John and Jane, Nov.25,1775.

Elijah, s.John and Jane, May11,1778.

Anna, d.Thomas and Lydia, May28,1779.

Daniel, s.John and Jane, Aug.8,1781.

Sarah, d.John and Jane, June3,1784.

Jeremiah, s.John and Jane, Jan.2,1786.

Robert, s.Aaron and Rebecca, Dec.2,1789.

Robert, s.Aaron and Rebecca, Mar.11,1794.

Abel, s.Russel and Susanna, Sept.8,1795.

Lydia, d.Russel and Susanna, July15,1808.

Elisabeth, d.Aaron and Rebekah, bp. Nov.末,1818.CR1

Ira, s.Aaron and Rebeka, bp. Nov.末,1818.CR1

Joseph Elven, s.Abel and Hannah, Feb.28,1826.

Lucy Alma, d.Warren, farmer, and Lucy Ann, Nov.25,1848.

William H., s.twin, Charles Henry, stone mason, b. Lowell, and Sarah Jane, of Lowell, b. New Hampshire, Dec.10,1849.

Charles A., s.twin, Charles Henry, stone mason, b. Lowell, and Sarah Jane, of Lowell, b. New Hampshire, Dec.11,1849.

MERIAM (Merriam)

Laban Lewis, s.H.C. and E., Jan.25,1836.

Charles Withington, s.H.C. and E., Aug.11,1837.

Mary Bates, d.H.C. and E., Feb.12,1839.

Rebecca Withington, d.H.C. and E., Apr.23,1840.

Elisabeth Ann Bates, d.H.C. and E., Feb.20,1842.

MERRIAL (Merrill)

Enoch, s.David and Martha, Nov.15,1794.

Eleazor Talor, s.David and Martha, Nov.30,1797.

Eleazor Talor, s.David and Martha, Nov.30,1800.

Harriot, d.David and Martha, Feb.12,1804.

MERRIAM (Meriam)

John Wells, s.Horatio C. and Esther, Oct.4,1843.

末末, s.Harrison G.O., farmer, and Irena O., Jan.13,1846.

Esther Lewis [Eter L. dup.], d.Horatio C. [farmer. dup.] and Esther, Aug.8,1846.

Horace Cook, s.H.C., lawyer, b. Concord, and Esther L., b. Canton, Mar.20,1849.

MERRILL (Merrial)

Deborah, d.Stephen and Abia, Apr.18,1727.

Hannah, d.Stephen and Abia, Mar.6,1729.

Abia, d.Stephen and Abia, Mar.13,1731.

Hannah, d.Stephen and Elisabeth, Oct.末,1732.

Hepzibah, d.Stephen and Abia, Jan.18,1733-4.

Stephen, s.Stephen and Abia, Jan.16,1735-6.

David, s.Stephen and Elisabeth, Apr.末,1735.

Abigail, d.Stephen and Abia, Jan.29,1737-8.

Elisabeth, d.Stephen and Elisabeth, Dec.末,1737.

Experience, d.Stephen and Elisabeth, May31,1740.

Nathan, s.Stephen and Elisabeth, Feb.20,1743.

Stephen, s.Stephen and Elisabeth, July3,1745.

Molly, d.Stephen and Elisabeth, Feb.14,1747.

Susanna, d.Stephen and Elisabeth, May15,1750.

Joseph, s.Stephen and Elisabeth, Apr.18,1752.

Sarah, d.Stephen and Elisabeth, Feb.14,1754.

David, s.David and Mary, Sept.5,1757.

Enoch, s.David and Mary, June12,1759.

Molly, d.David and Mary, May25,1761.

Rebecca, d.David and Mary, Oct.10,1763.

Anna, d.David and Mary, Feb.21,1766.

Lucy, d.David and Mary, July4,1768.

David, s.twin, David and Martha, at Dunstable, NH, Sept.19,1789.

Patty, d.twin, David and Martha, at Dunstable, NH, Sept.19,1789.

Cynthia, d.David and Martha, Nov.30,1791.

Charles, s.David and Martha, Dec.4,1809.

Sarah Jane, d.John F. and Permelia, July27,1829.

MOOR (Moors)

Dorcas, d.Joseph, bp. Apr.2,1761.CR1

Molly, d.Joseph, bp. Apr.2,1761.CR1

MOORS (Moor)

Joseph, s.Joseph, bp. Nov.20,1763.CR1

Rebecca, d.Joseph, bp. Apr.5,1767.CR1

MOREY (Mory)

Thomas, Apr.15,1795.PR16

Martha Ann, d.Thomas, farmer, and Martha Jane [(French).PR16], b. Billerica, Feb.24,1837.

Mary Jane, d.Thomas, farmer, and Martha Jane [(French).PR16], b. Billerica, Oct.31,1838.

Thomas Jefferson, s.Thomas, farmer, and Martha Jane [(French).PR16], b. Billerica, Sept.11,1840.

Catherine French, d.Thomas, farmer, and Martha Jane [(French).PR16], b. Billerica, Aug.19,1842.

James, s.Thomas, farmer, and Martha Jane [(French).PR16], b. Billerica, June24,1844.

Ellen Amanda, d.twin, Thomas, farmer, and Martha Jane [(French).PR16], Mar.15,1848.

Emma Augusta, d.twin, Thomas, farmer, and Martha Jane [(French).PR16], Mar.15,1848.


Mary, d.Michael, gardner, and Hannora, both b. Ireland, Dec.2,1848.

MORY (Morey)

Frances G[ilbert.PR16], s.twin, Thomas, farmer, and Martha G. [Martha Jane (French).PR16], Feb.2,1846.

Frederic A[lbert.PR16], s.twin, Thomas, farmer, and Martha G. [Martha Jane (French).PR16], Feb.2,1846.


Jeremiah, s.Jeremiah and Hannah, Apr.11,1779.

Philip, s.Jeremiah and Hannah, Feb.20,1781.

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