* Intentions also recorded
Mary S., a.23y., [d. Jacob and Nancy. dup.], and Stillman A. Biathrow, a.22y., of Reading, [s. Lewis and Sarah. dup.], Apr.20,1848.

George W., a.22y., of Stoneham, s.Moses and Mary, and Hannah Hadley, a.18y., d.James and Mary, Dec.29,1849.

JEFFERDS (see Jeffords)
Mary W., of Charlestown, and Jonas Evans, July28,1835.*

Jonathan, and Lydia Emerson, Nov.17,1772. CR

JEFFORDS (see Jefferds)
Sarah, and John Dunton, Feb.9,1714. CR [1714-5]

Harriet C., of Stoneham, and Joseph Wiggins, , [prob. 1736.].
Lemuel, and Sarah Wesson, Dec.20,1757. CR
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Margaret A.F., of Bradford, a.20y., and William B. West, a.25y., int. Dec.1,1847.
Thomas, of Malden, and Jemima Smith, Apr.5,1753. CR

Benjamin, and Elizbeth Foster, Apr.5,1765. CR
Benjamin, and Clarissa Prentiss, Mar.20,1805. CR
Benjamin, and Nancy Eaton, Oct.18,1815.*
Betsy, and Joseph Hartwell of Lunenburgh, Oct.18,1804. CR
Isaac, and Sarah B. Burditt, a.44y., Nov.28,1843.*
Nancy, and Stephen Russell, Apr.10,1800. CR
Sarah G., and Perley Green of Stoneham, Sept.22,1846.*
William, of Sudbury, and Mary Bryant, Oct.20,1737. CR
William, Jr., and Ruth Sterns, Sept.18,1796. CR
Zebediah, of Andover, and Lydia Bancroft, Sept.1,1761. CR

Eliza, and Daniel Nichols, May28,1837.* CR
Oren, and Elizabeth C. Tweed, Nov.15,1838.*
Simon, and Rebecca Pool, May2,1810. CR
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