Alpheus, s.Samuel and Anna, Sept.7,1761.

Anna, d.Samuel and Anna, Feb.28,1759.

Caroline, ch.Alpheus and Lydia, June1,1806.

Jacob, s.Samuel and Anna, Apr.14,1758.

Jacob, ch.Alpheus and Lydia, Dec.31,1803.

Lydia, ch.Alpheus and Lydia, June20,1797.

Lydia Hammond, ch.Alpheus and Lydia, Oct.24,1801.

Nancy, ch.Alpheus and Lydia, May23,1791.

Samuel, s.Samuel and Anna, Sept.11,1756.

Samuel, s.Jacob and Lois, Feb.7,1785.

Samuel, ch.Alpheus and Lydia, Feb.7,1799.

Sally, ch.Alpheus and Lydia, Aug.12,1794.

William, ch.Alpheus and Lydia, July6,1788.


William, s.James and Bridget, Dec.5,1847.


Eliza Ann, ch.Samuel and Betsey, Apr.14,1821.

Samuel, ch.Samuel and Betsey, Sept.25,1819.


Aaron, ch.Joshua and Ruth, Mar.27,1755.

Alfred S., ch.Horace and Martha, June16,1829.

Alvis, ch.Joseph and Susanna, June29,1789.

Alvis, s.Capt. Alvis and Susan, Nov.1,1819

Anna, ch.Joshua and Ruth, Apr.8,1761.

Charles, ch.Joseph and Susanna, Apr.16,1788.

Charles Madison, s.Capt. Alvis, Sept.10,1821.

Elizabeth, ch.Joshua and Ruth, Aug.4,1765.

Esther, ch.Joshua and Ruth, July5,1773.

Eunice, ch.Francis and Dorcas, Mar.4,1834.

Francis, ch.Joseph and Susanna, Oct.26,1790.

Hannah, ch.Edward and Martha, June9,1788.

Isarel H., s.Asaph M. and Phebe, May26,1848.

Joseph, ch.Horace and Martha, Mar.1,1840.

Josiah, ch.Joseph and Susanna, Feb.11,1801.

Josiah, ch.Francis and Dorcas, Mar.17,1840.

Leonard, ch.Joseph and Susanna, Oct.23,1793.

Lois, ch.Joshua and Ruth, Mar.13,1768.

Lucy, ch.Joshua and Ruth, May9,1770.

Lydia, ch.Edward and Martha, Mar.9,1777.

Maria, ch.Joseph and Susanna, Mar.7,1802.

Patty, ch.Edward and Martha, Apr.18,1773.

Mary, ch.Joshua and Ruth, Jan.19,1757.

Polly, ch.Joseph and Susanna, Jan.24,1797.

Maynard Jefferson, ch.Alvis and Susan, Feb.16,1823.

Moses, ch.Joshua and Ruth, July19,1763.

Rosilla Antonette, ch.Alvis and Susan, Aug.29,1826.

Roxana, ch.Joseph and Susanna, Dec.12,1807.

Roxana Maria, ch.Alvis and Susan, May28,1824.

Ruth, ch.Joshua and Ruth, Mar.13,1759.

Samuel, ch.Edward and Martha, Oct.16,1780.

Sally, ch.Joseph and Susanna, Jan.30,1799.

Seth Harrington, ch.Alvis and Susan, Oct.25,1831.

Susan Everline, ch.Alvis and Susan, Dec.22,1828.

Susanna, ch.Joseph and Susanna, June14,1795.

Susanna, ch.Joseph and Susanna, Dec.18,1811.

William, ch.Edward and Martha, June12,1774.

William, ch.Edward and Martha, Feb.6,1784.

William Batchelder, s.Asaph M. and Phebe, Dec.25,1849.


Elizabeth, d.Winthrop [b. Stow] and Lydia Ann [b. Concord], Jan.15,1849.

Francis Eaton, s.Winthrop and Lydia A., July1,1842.

Francis E., s.Winthrop and Lydia Ann, Mar.8,1844.

George Winthrop, s.Winthrop and Lydia A., June24,1840.

Lydia Ann, d.Winthrop and Lydia Ann, Mar.7,1847.


Mary Esabel, d.Albert [b. Waterville, ME.] and Mary Jane [b. Wrentham], Sept.23,1848.


Francis Field, s.William and Mary, Mar.18,1842.

John Wells, s.William and Mary, Dec.31,1845.

Mary Field, d.William [b. Union, ME.] and Mary [b. Boston], Aug.26,1848.

William Francis, s.William and Mary, June16,1839.


Emma Lee, d.John [b. Marlboro, NH.] and Mary W., Sept.29,1849.


John Henry, s.Noah and Mary, Apr.17,1848.


Carrie A., ch.John [b. St. Johns, N.B.] and Elmira [b. Natick], Oct.14,1849.

Elizabeth Ann, d.John and Elmira, July11,1841.


Catherine, d.Michael [b. Ireland] and Mary [b. Ireland], Dec.24,1847.

James, s.Michael [b. Ireland] and Mary [b. Ireland], Dec.24,1849.


Angeline Hale, ch.Jonas C. and Hannah, Jan.1,1840.

Edward Henry, ch.Jonas C. and Hannah, June10,1829.

Frederick, ch.Jonas C. and Hannah, Feb.4,1837.

Jonas Carter, ch.Jonas C. and Hannah, Feb.14,1835.

Lucy Ann Loyd, ch.Jonas C. and Hannah, May19,1831.

Mary Eaton, ch.Jonas C. and Hannah, May19,1841.

William Payne, ch.Jonas C. and Hannah, Apr.1,1833.


Amos, ch.Isaac and Elizabeth, Nov.9,1773.

Cutting, s.Isaac and Elizabeth, May14,1772.

Daniel, s.John and Ruth, Dec.19,1772.

Daniel, s.John and Ruth, Apr.1,1777.

Daniel, ch.Capt. Isaac and Elizabeth, Jan.12,1781.

David, s.Isaac and Sarah, Mar.13,1769.

Elizabeth [dup. Elisabeth], d.Isaac and Elizabeth [dup. Elisabeth], Feb.8,1777.

Hannah, d.Capt. Isaac and Elizabeth, Jan.5,1783.

Isaac, s.Isaac and Sarah, July13,1767.

Josiah, s.Isaac and Elizabeth, Dec.2,1788.

Polly, ch.Capt. Isaac and Elizabeth, Feb.2,1779.

Sarah, d.Isaac and Sarah, Sept.11,1770.

Sarah, d.Isaac and Elizabeth, June24,1775.

Susanna, ch.Capt. Isaac and Elizabeth, July5 [dup. July6], 1785.


Abbey Francis, d.Henry and Abbey, Nov.1,1845.

Clara Eaton, d.Jesse and Martha,末蔓末, 末末. [rec. June20,1845].

Henry Marshall, s.Henry and Abby B. [dup. omits B.], Nov.10,1847.

John Henry, s.Jesse and Martha, Aug.22,1837.


Mary Louisa, d.John and Maria, Dec.17,1839.


Charles Edward, s.Albert R. and Hannah, Oct.24,1845.

GOODNOW (Goodnough)

Anna Francis, d.William [b. Sudbury] and Louiza Ann [b. Framingham], Oct.7,1849.

Charles C., s.William and Ann, Oct.20,1847.


Olive, w.Samuel P. Emerson,末蔓末,1806.GR


Sarah Louiza, d.David A. [b. Lebenon] and Ann Eliza [b. Ireland], Aug.6,1849.


Henry E., s.Charles H. and Elizabeth, Jan.31,1847.


George Arthur, s.George and Abby, Oct.9,1847.


Abby Ann, ch.George and Mary H., Aug.16,1837.

Anna, ch.Benjamin and Eunice [second w.], Dec.7,1783.

Benjamin, ch.Benjamin and Martha [first w.], May5,1764.

Elizabeth [dup. Elizebeth], ch.Benjamin and Martha, Sept.22,1758.

Fredrick Carroll [dup. Greene], s.Nathan and Asenith, Nov.24,1845.

George Marcellus, twin ch.George and Mary H., Jan.20,1835.

Grace Matilda, twin ch.George and Mary H., Jan.20,1835.

J.S.C., s.J.G. Copley and Mary Ann(Appleton), Oct.13,1845.

Jonas, ch.Benjamin and Eunice [second w.], June23,1773.

Josiah Child, s.Jonas and Hannah, Feb.21,1804.

Leonard, ch.Benjamin and Eunice [second w.], Aug.23,1780.

Leonard, ch.George and Mary H., Oct.31,1832.

Lydia, ch.Benjamin and Martha [first w.], Sept.15,1768.

Martha, d.Benjamin and Martha, Jan.3,1756.

Martha Ann, d.Aaron and Nancy, Feb.13,1845.

Mary Hellen, ch.George and Mary H., Nov.26,1833.

Mary Ellen, d.Aaron K. [b. Northboro] and w.[b Union, ME.], Jan.9,1849.

Samuel, s.Benjamin and Martha, June23,1761.

Sally, ch.Benjamin and Eunice [second w.], Mar.23,1778.

Susan, d.George and Mary H., Aug.14,1841.

Thomas Orville, s.George and Mary H., June23,1843.

William Eustace, ch.George and Mary H., May7,1840.


Charles Jr., s.Charles and Susan, Mar.25,1814.

Sally, d.Joseph and Sarah [dup. Betsy], Oct.9,1813.


John, s.John [b. Ireland] and Mary [b. Ireland], Dec.2,1849.

William Griffith, s.John and Mary, July3,1845.


Elbridge, ch.Luther and Mary, Apr.7 [? 14], 1814.

Elizabeth Kemball, ch.Luther and Mary, Feb.2,1817.

Ellen, ch.Luther and Mary, Feb.18,1810.

Henry Kemball, ch.Luther and Mary, Nov.28,1820.

Mary, ch.Luther and Mary, Jan.31,1812.

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