Haman L., s.Uriah, cholera, Sept.8,1846, a.1.

HAGAR (Hager)

Albert, ch.David and Hannah W., Jan.16,1832.

Esther, d Benjamin and Esther, Sept.13,1778.

Isaac, Col., Jan.27,1791.

Jonathan, Apr.9,1783.

Joseph Jr., Oct.1,1776, in 40th y.GR

Joseph, ch.Dr. Uriah and Jane, July15,1819.

Polly [dup. Hager], ch.William and Mary, Oct.31,1772.

Sarah [dup. Hager], Oct.26,1745, a.82.

Uriah [dup. Hager], s.Joseph and Grace, June10,1741.

Uriah, M.D., Apr.1,1841, a.64.

HAGER (Hagar)

Grace [dup. Hagar], w.Ens.Joseph, Sept.12,1777. [Hagar, Sept.12,1773, a.63.GR]

Hannah Whitman, w.David [dup. consumption], June21,1843, a.41.

Jane, wid., b. Provincetown, d.John Atkins and Jane, disease of heart, Sept.26,1845, a.63y.2m.7d.[Hagar, w.Dr. Uriah, Sept.23, a.64.GR]

Joseph, Ens.[dup. Hagar], May16,1777. [Hagar, a.75.GR]

Louisa, ch.Dr. Uriah and Jane, Aug.31,1825.

Mary Fanuel, b. Charleston, s.C., d.Cleland K. and Mary F., cholera infantum, Sept.26,1845, a.6m.


Abby B., d.Celah and Susan, dysentary, Aug.26,1849, a.1y.6m.


Patrick, July25,1840.


John, consumption, Nov.19,1849, a.58.

HAMMON (Hammond)

Ruth, w.Ephraim, Oct.26,1793, a.39.GR

HAMMOND (Hammon)

Eulalie Sophia, d.Horace and Elvira, Sept.30,1839.

Joel, ch.Ephraim and Ruth, Feb.8,1777.

Jonathan, Mar.9,1776, in 59th y.GR

Jonathan, Nov.13,1807, a.43y.7m.1d.

Lydia, w.Jonathan, Oct.2,1771, in 50th y.GR

Mary C., wid.William A. of Elliot, ME,末蔓末, 末末. a.11 [sic].GR

Mary, w.Thomas, May18,1760, in 73d y.GR

Sophia, ch.Jonathan and Elizabeth, Mar.13,1788.


末末, s.John, cholery, Oct.15,1847, a.11m.


William C., Rev., May23,1838, a.22.GR


Sewall Brigham, ch.Rev. Sewall and Eliza, Sept.19,1834.


Addaline Frances, d.Nahum and Mary, Mar.7,1828.

Levi Lincoln, s.Levi and Catherine B., Apr.26,1838, a.5y.3m.GR

HARRINGTON (Herington, Herrington)

末末, inf.s.Samuel and Grace, Nov.11,1703.GR

Abigail, d.Thomas and Mary, Feb.27,1729-30, in 5th y.GR

Abigail, twin ch.Joel and Abigail, Dec.25,1784.

Albert F., s.Charles P. and Marina, scarlet fever, Feb.9?, 1847, a.9m.[5. Charles P. and Mary A., Feb.8.GR]

Anna (Brown),末蔓末,1843.GR

Benjamin, Dec.31,1788, in 64th y.

Benjamin, Mar.16,1833, a.83.

Charles Herman, s.Charles and Harriet, Feb.25,1839.

Daniel, Apr.19,1728, in 72d y.GR

Daniel, s.Daniel and Hannah, Apr.30,1744.

Edmund W., Oct.15,1845.GR

Edward, Jan.21,1736, in 68th y.GR

Elizabeth, wid.Benjamin, Oct.22,1794, in 66th y.

Esther, w.Amos, Oct.11,1794.

Eunice, Nov.11,1836, a.83. [a.84.GR]

Grace, w.Samuel, Nov.11,1703, in 33d y.GR

Hannah, w.John, July17,1741, a.78. [in 78th y.GR]


Jane, [?d.] Amos, consumption, Mar.31,1847.

Joel, twin ch.Joel and Abigail, Dec.27,17844

Joel, Mar.28,1805, a.44.

Joel, s.Joel, dropsey, Oct.23,1849, a.62.

John, h.Hannah, July17,1741, a.90. [a.89y.10m.22d.GR]

Luke, Nov.30,1820, a.23.

Lydia, Mrs., Oct.19,1808, a.94.


Mary, w.Edward, Oct.23,1725, in 55th y.GR

Paul, s.Benjamin and Elizabeth, drowned, June24,1771, a.19.GR

Paul, Aug.24,1825. [a.40.GR]

Samuel, Sept.19,1807, a.94.

Samuel, Mar.20,1835.

Samuel Jr., May29,1835.

Seth, s.Benjamin, dysentary, Aug.18,1849, a.60.

Submit, w.Caleb, cholery, Aug.17,1849, a.92y.6d.

William, s.William and Anna, Mar.29,1744. [a.17y.7m.15d.GR]

William, Feb.27,1752, a.57. y.3m.6d.


Fredrick S., s.Stillman and w., scarlet fever, Mar.12,1845, a.2.


Oliver P., Nov.30,1848, a.14d.

HASCOLL (Haskell)

Seden, wid., b. Fitchburg, Nov.30,1847, a.88.

HASKELL (Hascoll)

Lydia, old age, Nov.29,1847, a.88.


Abigail, w.John, Apr.7,1717-18, a.63.GR

Amanda, d.Josiah and Sarah A., scarlet fever, Aug.31,1845, a.5y.9m.

Anna, w.Eliphelet [dup. Eliphalet] Jr., July28,1811, a.31.

Caroline L., w.Sewall, Feb.4,1842, a.32. [a.31.GR]

Charles, Feb.14,1837.

Elijah, Dec.16,1842, a.71.GR

Henry, May2,1837.

Isaac, May3,1805, a.37.

John [h.Abigail], Mar.28,1717-18, a.63 [dup. a.65].GR

Joseph, Mar.23,1783, a.85.GR

Josiah, Aug.10,1802, in 75th y.[a.75.GR]

Josiah Marshall, s.Samuel and Lydia, Dec.15,1803 [dup. a.3m.6d.] [s.Samuel and Abigail, a.3m.GR]

Lucy, ch.Eliphelet Jr. and Anna, Aug.24,1798.

Lydia, d.Josiah and Lydea [dup. Lydia], May6,1754.

Lydia, w.Joseph, Feb.5,1768, a.70.GR

Lydia, d.Josiah and Lydia, Aug.24,1775. [a.20.GR]

Lydia, w.Josiah, Sept.5,1798. [a.68.GR]

Lydia, ch.Samuel and Abigail, Oct.3,1802. [a.2.GR]

Marshall, ch.Samuel and Abigail, Oct.12,1802. [Oct.14, a.5.GR]

Mary Stearns, ch.Samuel and Abigail, Oct.5,1802. [a.3.GR]

Samuel, Sept.29,1803, a.39 [dup. a.38.] [a.38.GR]

Samuel, ch.Samuel and Abigail, May27,1813, ["The last of five children", a.18y.7m.GR]

Sewall, m., b. Framingham, gout, Apr.17,1849, a.50. [Sewell, a.49.GR]

Susanna [dup. Susannah], w.John, Nov.15,1703, a.21.GR

Susanna, w.Eliphalet [dup. Eliphelet], Nov.10,1807, a.64y.1m.4d.

William, Oct.20,1723, in 35th y.GR

HAUGHTON (Houghton)

John, s.Cephis and Mary W., July8,1825, a.1y.11m.GR


Ellen A., Sept.25,1849, a.3m.6d.


Francis Warren, ch.Levi and Lucetta, Mar.22,1834.

Georgeanna, d.E.O. and Cynthia, Dec.22,1839.

Henry B., ch.Levi and Lucetta, Oct.10,1841.

Levi Francis, ch.Levi and Lucetta, Aug.10,1835.

Mary, d.Oliver s.and Polly, Jan.27,1820. [Jan.27,1821, a.6m.GR]

Polly, w.Oliver S., Feb.5,1821, a.29.

Oliver Dean, s.Oliver s.and Mary, Oct.1,1819. [ch.Oliver s.and Polly, a.11m.GR]


末末, cholera morbus,末蔓末, 末末. [rec. Aug.19,1843], a.1.

末末, s.末末, Feb.28,1848, a.20.

Ebenezer Kimball, s.Jacob, June14,1841. [s.Jacob C. and Mary, a.1y.10m.GR]

Gideon, July28,1833. [July25, a.58.GR]

Julia H., d.L.M. and Sarah Ann, canker rash, Apr.20,1847, a.1y.11m.18d.

HEARD (Hurd)

Thomas, Mar.7,1832.


Elizabeth, wid., old age, found dead,末蔓末, 末末. [rec. June25,1844], a.87.

HERINGTON (Harrington, Herrington)

Sarah, ch.Joseph and Martha, Mar.8,1720-1, a.1y.6m.7d.GR

Sarah, w.Daniel, June8,1720, a.66y.3m.

HERRINGTON (Harrington, Herington)

Jonathan, Sept.15,1730, in 42d y.GR

Thomas, Mar.29,1712, in 47th y.GR

Thomas, ch.Joseph and Martha, Jan.19,1724, a.2y.1m.18d.GR


Thomas Wallis Esq. of the County of Carlow in Ireland," Lieutenant in his Majesty's Marine Forces," Apr.30,1774.GR


Sarah A., b. Eden, ME, d.Ephraim Higgens and Louiza, consumption, Nov.21,1846, a.17.


Martha A., canker, Sept.10,1844, a.2y.17d.

Samuel, Mar.5,1842, a.35.


Nancy, b. England, dysentary, Nov.22,1849, a.62.


末末, ch.Daniel, dysentary, Aug.31,1848, a.2.

Adelia C., d.Daniel L and Eliza Jane, Aug.30,1848, a.20m.GR

Adaline, typhus fever,末蔓末, 末末. [rec. Nov.17,1843], a.18.

Angeline M., dysentary, Sept.13,1849, a.1y.5m.[only d.Daniel L and Eliza Jane.GR]

George K., ch.Samuel and Margaret, Dec.28,1840.

Joseph, Aug.4,1841, a.64.


Charles William, ch.Ebenezer and Mary D., Apr.8,1828.

George E., s.Dr. Ebenezer, consumption, July25,1848, a.18.

James W., s.Ebenezer and w., treman in brain, Jan.5,1845, a.18.

Matilda, wid.William, Sept.10,1814, a.50y.5m.


Joseph, s.Richard and Catherine, Apr.3,1838.


Olive, Aug.10,1848, a.39.GR

Sally, consumption, Mar.24,1847.

HOUGHTON (Haughton)

Hannah, wid., mortification, Sept.13,1847, a.59.


Hiram, "Town Pauper," Aug.13,1838., a.34.


David Webster, ch.William and Dolly, June16,1828, a.19m.2w.GR

Marcus M., s.William, Mar.22,1849, a.6. [Marcus Morton, s.William and Dolly, Mar.23, a.6y.3m.GR]

Sarah Kennison, d.William and Dolly, Nov.19,1841. [Sarah Kennerson, Nov.18, a.14m.2w.GR]

Warren, Sept.26,18491 a.5d.

HURD (Heard)

Albert, s.Thomas and Mary, June19,1813.

Warren, s.Richard Heard and Sarah Jane, Sept.27,1846, a.2m.2d.


John H., Aug.2,1847, a.24d.[John W., s.Oliver F. and Sarah S., Aug.1.GR]

Oliver S., s.Oliver F. and Sarah S., Nov.30,1848,. a.14d.GR


Benjamin, dysentary, Sept.16,1847, a.23.


Esther, d.Evelyn [male.] M. and Esther P., Dec.18,1841.

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