ABBOT (Abbott)

Clarissa and John Davis, widr.[int.omits widr.], Oct.30,1845.

Joel [int.Abbott] and Mary Wade, June19,1808.

Jonas and Nancy Frost, int.Mar.10,1811.

Sophronia and Payson Grosvenor, int.Aug.21,1845.

ABBOTT (Abbot)

John and Olive Haynes, int.Sept.1,1832.

Mary Wade [int.Abbot] and Abraham Sanger [int.Jr.], Feb.23,1832.

William and Lydia Adams, int.Mar.10,1816.


Elizabeth and Jeremiah Sedgley, int.Dec.8,1848.

ADAMS (Addams)

Abigail and Abraham Bemis Jr., Oct.10,1776.*

Alice and Abijah Fisk, Sept.11,1783.*

Benjamin of Newton, and Frances Pond, June2,1778, in Newton.*

Caroline H. of Sudbury, and Thurston A. Tosier, int.Apr.25,1846.

Caty of Newton, and Jacob Hammond, int.Feb.23,1800.

Ephraim of Lincoln, and Susanna Flagg, Apr.30,1789.

George F. and Martha A. Barker, int.Apr.4,1841.

Horatio, M.D., and Ann B. Dunkin, int.May5,1832.

Isaac of Boston, and Ann M. Rayne, Jan.15,1832.

Jacob of Newton, and Ruthy Durant, Oct.末,1841.*

Joseph of Newton, and Lydia Mead, June1,1775.*

Joseph and Mercy Gooding [int.Goding], Mar.31,1789.

Julia M. [?] of Milford, and Samuel C. Oliver, int.Jan.15,1821.

Leonard, 37 [int.of Newton], s.Jacob, and Rebecca G. [int.omits G.] Farwell, Oct.2,1845.

Lucy of Newton, and Jacob Steams, May2,1799, in Newton.

Lydia of Sharon, and William Abbott, int.Mar.10,1816.

Maria E., 25, d.Eliza and Willard, and William E. Butts, Oct.15,1846.*

Martha of Lincoln, and Joseph Willington, Apr.1,1766, in Lincoln.*

Mary and Joseph Coolidge, Dec.19,1783, in Watertown.*

Mary and Jonathan Sanderson Jr., Mar.24,1785.* [Mar.14.MR]

Micah and Lovina Onthank, int.Mar.15,1812.

Oliver E. and Cynthia [int.Cyntha] Haynes, June4,1829.

Reuben S. of Weston, and Maria Gibbs, int.Feb.4,1830.

Samuel of Wayland, and Frances P. Stratton, int.Mar.24,1837.

Sarah of Newton, and James Green, May3,1780.*

Sally and Ebenezer Swan Jr., Oct.9,1791.

Sally and James Mitchel [int.Mitchell], May28,1797.*

Silence [int.adds Clark] and Daniel Balch, Oct.15,1822.

Smith Jr. of Newton, and Lydia Stearns, Dec.3,1807.

Solomon, Rev., of Middleton, and Abigail Fisk, Sept.16,1794.

Willard and Eliza Piper, int.Nov.25,1821.

William and Hannah Stratton, Dec.8,1768.*

William and Mrs.Susanna Timothy, int.June9,1811.

ADDAMS (Adams)

Abijah of Lexington, and Mary Baker, Jan.19,1742-3.* [Ahijah Adams.MR]

Daniel and Elizebeth Baker, Nov.22,1743.* [Adams, and Elizabeth Baker.MR]

Elisabeth and Robert Baker, Feb.26,1744.* [Elizabeth Adams.MR]

John of Lexington, and Marey Sanderson, Nov.24,1743.* [Adams, and Mary Saunderson.MR]

Nathaniell of Grafton, and Mrs.Eunice Stearns, Nov.20,1738.* [Nathaniel Adams.MR]


Hannah P., Mrs.[int.omits Mrs.], and Sewall Partlow, Nov.6,1842.

Mary and Lewis Howard, int.Mar.11,1830.

ALBEE (Alby)

Alford of Burrillville, RI, and Saloma Morris, Mar.24,1839.

ALBY (Albee)

Diantha and Joel Bak, int.Mar.21,1824.


Samuel B. of Duxbury, and Mary J. Ayres, int.July29,1848.

ALLEN (Allin)

Alexander of Chelsea, and Josephine King, int.Nov.17,1847.

Angeline of Natick, and William H. Goodnow, int.Aug.18,1843.

Eliza of Dedham, and Isaac Reed Jr., int.Sept.14,1823.

Ellis of Medfield, and Lucy Lane, Apr.11,1814.

Ephraim of Watertown, and Mary Peirce [int.Pierce],末蔓末, 末末. [rec. before Apr.1,1814] [int.Apr.11,1813].

Eveline B. [dup. omits B.] and James C. Champney, int.June29,1829.

Galen of Lexington, and Lavina Munroe, Apr.4,1839.

George and Sarah Wheat, Apr.17,1766.

George E., 26, of Medfield, and Susan M. Treat, Apr.25,1844 [in pencil].

Hezekiah of Dorchester, and Mary Ann Draper, int.Apr.24,1824.

Rebeca of Weston, and George Harrington Jr., Jan.1,1740-1, in Weston.*

Rebecca of Newton, and Joel Travis, Jan.9,1791.

Rebecca and Joseph Craft Jr., int.Dec.2,1831.

Ruel [? Reed] C. and Lucy Ann Morgan, int.Aug.7,1847.

Samuel H. and Harriet Sanderson, Oct.5,1834.

Susan V. and James Searles, int.Apr.2,1826.

William and Elizabeth M. Parker, int.Apr.6,1844.

William E. and Esther Parmenter, int.May11,1846.

ALLIN (Allen)

Elnathan of Shrewsbury, and Thankful Hastings, May31,1753.*[Allen.MR]


Jacob and Elenorn Bemis, int.Oct.24,1818.


Charles, 21, b. VT. [int.of Bradford, VT.], s.Wid.Ames of Bradford, VT, and Mary L. Maynard, May25,1845.

Martha A. and Orson A Baxter, int.May25,1849.

Olive of Groton, and Samuel Nutting, Oct.9,1765, in Groton.*

Seth of Lowell, and Margaret S. Bradford, int.Sept.17,1831.


Jeremiah and Abigail Haynes, Jan.3,1822.

Sophiah [int.Sophia] B. and Jessee K. [int.Jesse Kendall] Weston, Sept.16,1821.


John of Southboro, and [dup. adds Mrs.] Mary Hastings, Nov.11 [dup. Nov.29], 1781, in Southboro.*


Eliza and Rufus Nichols, int.Jan.11,1824.

Hannah and Ammi B. Stiles, Jan.1,1839.


Mary Anne of Boston, and John Singleton Copley Green, int.Sept.28,1844.


Jane of Natick, and Dr. Uriah Hagar, int.Apr.7,1803.


John and Penelope Nichols, Feb.17,1811.

John and Sarah Derby, int.Feb.3,1828.

AYERS (Ayres)

Francis E. and Margaret Wellington, int.Dec.12,1818.

Thomas J. of Montville, ME. [int.Thomas Jefferson Ayer of Montvill, ME.], and Sarah Elizabeth Pickard, Sept.19,1830.

AYRES (Ayers)

Adeline E. and George W. Francis, Nov.14,1845.

Francis W. and Augusta Brigham, int.Aug.19,1844.

Mary J. and Samuel B. Alden, int.July29,1848.

Rebecah A.A. and Henry W. Crosman, int.Aug.27,1829.

Sophia K., 20, d.Willard and Emily, and Gilman Moulton, Sept.17,1848.

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