EAGAR (Eager)

Samuel Winslow, ch.Winslow and Rhoda, Oct.4,1827.

Emeline Amanda, ch.Winslow and Rhoda, Feb.20,1832.

EAGER (Eagar)

George Henry, ch.Winslow and Rhoda, Dec.30,1834.

Warren Francis, ch.Winslow and Rhoda, Dec.23,1836.

Albert Everett, ch.Winslow and Rhoda, July3,1840.


Robert Hamilton, s.David S. and Mary, Mar.4,1814.

Mary, ch.Philip and Clarissa, Mar.1,1818.

William, ch.Philip and Clarissa, May27,1820.


Isaiah, s.Peter and Anna, Dec.16,1782.

Nancy, d.Peter and Anna, Apr.30,1784.

Agnes, d.Peter and Anna, Dec.1,1785.

Patty, d.Peter and Anna, June19,1787.


Charlotte Elizabeth, d.James [b. Boston] and Mary S. [b. Ipswich], May13,1848.

EMERSON (Emmerson)

Olive (Goodrich), w.Samuel P.,末蔓末,1806.GR

Julia Ann [dup. Juliann], ch.Daniel and Joana [dnp. Joanna], Jan.25,1815.

Charles, s.Daniel and Joanna [dup. Joana], Sept.23,1816.

Lewis, ch.Daniel and Joana, July24,1818.

Elijah, ch.Daniel and Joana, May11,1820.

Charles Henry, s.Joseph and Susannah, June9,1821.

Louisa, ch.Daniel and Joana, Apr.23,1822.

Rachael W., d.Daniel and Joana, Nov.11,1826, [? 1827].

Roxana A.,末蔓末,1829. G.R.

Olive Adams, ch.Samuel P. and Olive, Dec.30,1831.

Caroline, ch.Samuel P. and Olive, Mar.4,1834.

Thomas Heard, s.Daniel and Jane E., Mar.20,1836.

Ephraim Warren, s.Daniel and Jane E., July29,1839.

Sarah Jane, d.Daniel and Jane E., Sept.12,1841.

Adaline, d.Charles and Adaline, Feb.12,1843.

George Nichols, s.Samuel P. and Dorcas, Feb.18,1843.

Charles, s.Charles and Adaline, May5,1845.

末末, ch.Samuel P., Feb.17,1847.

Alice Louisa [dup. Louiza], d.Louis [dup. Lewis] and Maria K. [dup. R.], May4,1847.

EMMERSON (Emerson)

Mary Ann, d.Thomas and Maria M., Mar.2,1840.

Samuel Bacon, s.George Emerson and Lydia, June10,1840.

Jacob Farwell, s.Thomas and Maria M., Sept.11,1841.


Charlotte Augusta, d.Samuel B. and Lorana, Mar.8,1828.

Ellin Sophia, d.Samuel B. and Lorana, Sept.12,1830.

Caroline Theresa Matilda, d.Samuel B. and Lorana, Sept.28,1834.

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