Zebedee and Patty Smith, Mar.9,1794 [int.Feb.9,1795, sic].


James and Ellen McKinsey, int.Jan.2,1847.


James T. of Boston, and Mary Ann Harrington, Apr.28,1840.


Mary and Michael Dolan, int.Nov.28,1847.


Ann and James Michael Hanny, int.Dec.22,1849.


Abel H. [?] of Lowell, and Lucy Ann Bruce, int.Nov.23,1828.


Barnabus and RoKalyn Pulsipher, Nov.21,1822, in Providence.

Melinda and Benjamin F. Osgood, int.Sept.9,1826.

Elias and Sophia Warren, Oct.21,1846.


Elisabeth of Charlestown, and William Taylor, Mar.20,1788.*

Phebe and William Peirce [int.Pierce], May21,1790.


Patrick and Margaret Gaffany, int.Sept.11,1834.


Elisabeth and David Fisk, Apr.16,1761.*

Daniel and Eunice Fisk, July2,1761.*

Elisabeth, Mrs., and Capt. John Clark, Nov.9,1769.* [Mrs.Elizabeth.MR]

Jonathan and Martha Hayward, Dec.15,1773. in Douglas.*

George, M.D., and Hannah Maria Curtis, int.Oct.26,1832.

Isaac of Washington, ME, and Alice [int.adds W.] Bowes, Nov.29,1835.

Alice W. [int.adds Mrs.], 33, d.Joseph Bowes and Margaret, and George Roberts, Dec.24,1846.


Mary J., 19, d.Charles (Mansur) and Elizabeth, and Solomon W. Whitney, Feb.14,1848.


Margaret [int.Maouhir], 16, and Napolean [int.Napoleon] Duchet, Jan.7,1849.


Mansir W. and Louisa Viles, int.Mar.12,1831.

Albertina [int.Albarthina] G. and Edward Fitzgerald, Sept.22,1844.


Eunice and Jonathan Whitney, June15,1758.*

Joseph of Woburn, and Phebe Balch, int.Nov.14,1824.

David and Lucy Harrington Janes, int.Apr.13,1828.

Eunice G. and Adams Rhodes, Sept.9,1838.

Moses of Fitchburg, and Kesiah Forbes, Nov.26,1839.

Phebe A. and William Blair, int.July7,1844.


Bridget and James Murphy, Sept.15,1844.*

Susan and Pert Dolan, Nov.4,1844.

Michael and Catherine Hasty, int.Sept.22,1846.


Hannah of Lincoln, and Isaac Peirce, Dec.13,1764, in Lincoln.*

William D. and Hannah Taber, int.June9,1816.

William D. and Mary Ann Bolton, int.Mar.13,1820.

Ichabod H. of Newton, and Grata Clark, int.July3,1839.

Lydia I. of Newton, and David Legro, July14,1844.*


Adaline and James McVay, int Nov.20,1830.

Laura M. and Charles L. Newton, May5,1839.

Catherine, Irish, and James Sheriden, May4,1846.*


Polly and Jacob Scott [int.Sott], Aug.7,1796.

Antipas and Betsy Child, Nov.25,1802.

Susan and Capt. Alvis Garfield, int.Sept.19,1818.

Fini G. of Marlborough, and Isaac Borden, int May14,1824.

Nathaniel and Ann Wadsworth, int.Nov.7,1824.

Eliza and Simon Harrington, int.Nov.5,1826.

Harriet [dup. Harriett] and Caleb S. Wellington, int.Mar.8,1829.

Anna and Sidney Lawrence, int Mar.13,1829.

Micah and Harriett Piper, int.Aug.16,1829.

Nathaniel and Eliza Clark, int.Nov.20,1830.

Martha and Theodore Wellington, int.June16,1832.

Laban of Worcester, and Jane A. Fountain, June2,1834.

Josiah of Newton, and Sarah Hyde, Sept.2,1834.

Maria and Nathan Clark, Mar.31,1835.

Mary L and George Lamson, May19,1836.

Mary E. and William Parker, int.Apr.14,1837.

S. Cornelia of Framingham, and William A. Jackman, Sept.24,1840, in Framingham.

Francis Sumner and Ariadne Isabel Thwing, Feb.3,1842.

Caloline M. [int.Caroline Matilda] and William A. Blodgett, June12,1842.

Reuben and Harriet N. Kellom, July21,1842.

Harriet, Mrs., and Arad Moore Esq., Sept.19,1842.

Salome of Sudbury, and Albert T. Steams, int.May27,1843.

Josiah, widr.[int.omits widr.], 32, b. Sudbury, s.Samuel, and Mercy Wetherbee, July18,1844.

Lydia, wid.[int.Mrs., omits wid.], 38, and Dana Lawreqce, Apr.21,1845.

Mary L., 16, of Bradford, VT, d.Elizabeth, and Charles Ames, May25,1845.

Warren, 25, and Abigail [int.Abigial H.] Prentis, July4,1845.

Abby S. of Ashburnham, and Stillman S. Knapp, int.June10,1848.

Sarah V., 25, d.Nancy, and Samuel O. Upham, May23,1849.


Thomas C. and Lydia Doll, int.May30,1823.

Thaddeus and Elizabeth Hall, int.July25,1831.

John of Concord, and Eunice Eames, int.Mar.14,1835.

Lemuel of Framingham, and Margaret Gray, int.Dec.30,1841.


Mary and John Griffen, June9,1844.*


Francis, Irish, and Elizabeth Caiter, Oct.19,1846.*


Rose and Denis Byrne, int.June17,1846.


Michael and Catherine McGinnis, int.Jan.17,1849.


Nancy and Patrick Burke, int.Dec.21,1849.

McCAM (McCan)

William of Weston, and Elizabeth Whitney, Nov.26,1747, in Weston.*

McCAN (McCam)

Catherine and John Hanagan, int.Nov.6,1848.

Mary and John Flanagan, int.Nov.6,1848.


Elizabeth and Thomas O'Hana, Oct.28,1844.*

Timothy and Mary Devlin, Feb.2,1845.*


Rose and Hugh Kelly, Sept.1,1844.*


John [int.McClallen] and Sarah A. Jones,末蔓末, 末末. [int.May6,1837].


Catherine of Hubbardston, and Samuel N. Farnsworth, int.Nov.7,1834.


John and Jane Brewster, int.Apr.11,1845.


John and Eliza McWhir, Nov.21,1847.


Ann E., d.末末 of Ireland, and David Goodwin, Nov.18,1844.

Margaret, Irish, and James Cain, Sept.17,1846.*

Barney and Mary Ann McGin, int.Apr.27,1848.


Catherine [dup. McDermont,. int.Dermot], d.末末 of Ireland, and Daniel J. Donehue, May29,1844.


Catherine, Irish, and William Bradley, June15,1846.*


Isaac H. and Clarinda T. Morton, int.Sept.12,1846.

McDONNOUGH (McDonough)

Peter and Catherine Conners, int.Dec.27,1849.

McDONOUGH (McDonnough)

Ellen of Watertown, and Michael Farren, int.July14,1837.


Mary and Otis Young 2d, int.Sept.25,1847.


Margaret [int.McGaffakan], Irish, and Morris Cockley [int.Coakley], Oct.19,1846.


Mary Ann and Barney McCusker, int.Apr.27,1848.

McGINNIS (McJennis)

Grace and Patrick Burke, int.Oct.11,1847.

Catherine and Michael McBride, int.Jan.17,1849.


John and Mary Doherty, int.Aug.29,1846.


Sicily and John Coffin, int.Aug.9,1846.


Bridget [int.Maguire] and James Rooney, Aug.3,1844.

James, Irish, and Margaret Elvine, Aug.15,1846.*


Hannah, wid.Needham, and Jonathan Hammond, May4,1775, in Needham.*

Lewes and Sally Park, int.Mar.28,1818.

McJENNIS (McGinnis)

Catherine [int.McGinnis], d.末末 of Ireland, and John Gorman [int.Gormon], Feb.20,1844.

McKENNEY (McKenny)

David, 25, s.William McKenny and Betsey, and Pamella Dearborn, Mar.24,1848.

McKENNY (McKenney)

Margaret and James Corcoran, int.Sept.12,1849.


Mary and John Furgerson, int.Nov.26,1848.


Ellen and James Maddagan, int.Jan.2,1847.


Mary and Elijah Hagar, int.Oct.4,1818.


Mary and John Griffin, int.Feb.3,1843.


Patrick of Boston, and Catherine Swainey, int.July11,1846.


Francis and Eliza Catan, int.Oct.7,1845.


James and Margaret Harvey, int.May12,1832.


Charles and Bridget Coleman, int.Sept.12,1840.


James and Adaline May, int.Nov.20,1830.

James and Sarah P. Furlong, int.Jan.29,1841.


Eliza and William Ross, int.Nov.6,1842.

Eliza and John McCracken, Nov.21,1847.

Mary Jane, 20, d.Mary Jane, and Phinehas Jennison, Mar.4,1849.

MEAD (Meads)

John and Ruth Knowlton, Nov.13,1732, in Ipswich.*

Susanna, Mrs., and Jacob Biglow, Dec.14,1738.* [Susannah.MR]

Hopestill and Sarah Pierce, Mar.13,1749-50.* [Peirce.MR]

Sarah, Mrs., and Josiah Mixer, Apr.10,1754.*

Mary and Abraham Whitney, Dec.3,1772, in Watertown.*

Lydia and Joseph Adams, June1,1775.*

Moses Jr. and Lizzy [Lizza.MR] Viles, May22,1777.*

Jacob and Polly Murdock, int.Apr.10,1796.

Stephen and Mrs.Sarah Fiske, July24,1803.

Abigail Reed and Charles Johnson, Nov.10,1816.

William and Martha Gilson, int.Feb.29,1824.

Lydia and Isaac Scripture, int.Apr.2,1826.

Fanny and Alvarez Smith, int.Nov.30,1826.

Sophia and Ira D. Glover, int.Nov.6,1829.

Sarah A. and Bowen A. Tufts, int.Nov.25,1830.

Abigail and Ephraim B. Cutler, Apr.13,1834.

Mary and Elijah Gibbs, Oct.15,1835.

Susan and Joseph A. Faxon, July14,1839.

MEADS (Mead)

William of Lowell, and Nancy M. Berry, int.July28,1832.


Cato of Weston, and Sarah Bumpoogh, Dec.10,1772.* [Bumphogh, negroes.MR]


Mary D. [dup. Melvine, dup. and int.omit D.], 26, b. Concord, d.Ethan and Elizabeth, and Samuel Ladd, Nov.21,1822.

Dann and Ann Larabee, int.Apr.21,1824.

Caroline of Concord, and Gilman B. Fogg, int.May13,1843.

Julia and Samuel G. Hoar, May18,1843, in Concord.


Harriet of Nashville, NH, and Charles W. Bemis, int.Aug.28,1847.

MERDOCK (Murdock)

Samuel G. of Lincoln, and Jane E. Grosvenor, Sept.29,1844.*

MERRELL (Merrill)

Sarah and Nathan Litchfield, int.Oct.3,1832.

MERRIAM (Miriam)

Elizabeth of Lexington, and Jonas [int.Joseph] Brown, June22,1758, in Lexington.*

Samuel and Eliza Miller, int.Oct.14,1821.

Sarah and Stephen Beal, int.Sept.24,1846.

MERRILL (Merrell)

Therisa, 21, and Freeman Kelley [int.Kelly], Oct.7,1847.


Joseph E., 21, s.Ervin and Livia, and Dorcasana K. [int.Dorcussina H.] Watson, Apr.1,1847.


Thomas F. and Lydia Elliot, int.Apr.18,1829.


Louisa and Seth Wellington,末蔓末, 末末. [rec. before Apr.1,1814] [int.May30,1813].

Jemima and Enoch Brown, Oct.13,1803.

Isaac and Mrs.Martha Whitcomb, int.June20,1813.

Isabella of Rutland, and Hiram I. Townsend, int.Nov.13,1830.

Rebecca of Charlestown, NH, and Alfred Jones, int.Sept.22,1835.

Sarah of Concord, and Samuel Hoar, int.Nov.1,1846.


Maria and William Hobbs, int.Sept.19,1818.


Sarah of Westboro, and Caleb Harrington, May3,1774, in Westboro.*

Mary of Newton, and Daniel Cheaney, May14,1780.*

Eliza and Samuel Merriam, int.Oct.14,1821.

Thomas F. and Lidia Elliot, int.Apr.18,1829.

Hannah C. of Needham, and John Smith, int.Mar.12,1830.

Caroline L and Sewall Hastings, int.June22,1833.

Margaret M. and Sewell Hastings, int.Oct.28,1842.

Martha A. and Daniel Stone, June8,1843.

Thomas F., widr.[int.omits widr.], 45, of Charlestown, s.Thomas and w., and Jane W. Foster, Oct.9,1845.


Nehemiah of Needham, and Mrs.Patiance [Patience.MR] Ball, Nov.23,1738.*

Lydia of Weston, and Edward Garfield, Apr.27,1768, in Weston.*

W.F. and Ansalina Beny, int.Feb.23,1849.


Almoner and Adolphus Parr, int.July5,1845.


Lavina of Concord, and Jacob Baker, int.Apr.7,1816.

MIRIAM (Merriam)

Lydia of Lexington, and Josiah Cutting, Mar.27,1755.* [Meriam.MR]

MIRICK (Myrick)

John of Weston, and Keziah Stratton, May19,1748.*

Jonathan of Newton, and Abigail Brown, Oct.26,1749.*

MITCHEL (Mitchell)

James [int.Mitchell] and Sally Adams, May28,1797.

MITCHELL (Mitchel)

George and Hannah Nutting, int.Feb.16,1823.

George R. and Roxanna Robbins, Oct.26,1842.


Abigail and Benjamin Bond, May4,1738, in Weston.*

Josiah and Mary Garfield, Aug.7,1740.*

Josiah and Mrs.Sarah Mead, Apr.10,1754.*

Josiah and Lydia Perry, Nov.29,1773, in Cambridge.*

Sarah and Jonathan Hager, Dec.8,1774.*

Persis and John Perry, Feb.28,1775.*

Josiah Jr. and Eunice Livermore, Apr.6,1775.*

Eunice and Alpheus Biglow, May22,1783.*

Lois and Thomas Livennore, May29,1783.*

Lydia and Joel Wellington, May22,1785.*

Daniel and Peggy Munroe, July3,1796.

MOLTON (Moulton)

Betsy of E. Sudbury, and Winkal Wright, int.Dec.21,1828.

MOOR (Moore, More)

Abigail [int.Moors] and Isaac Farewdl [int.Farwell], Jan.22,1829.

Moody and Eliza Ann Flagg, int.Feb.26,1830.

Webster of Framingham, and Louisa R. Morse, int.Sept.22,1832.

Amory and Marinda Brown, int.Aug.10,1833.

MOORE (Moor, More)

Robert of Boston, and Avis Stearns,末蔓末, 末末. [rec. before Apr.1,1814] [int.Nov.7,1813].

Thankful of Sudbury, and Isaac Jennings, int.Mar.15,1801.

Uriah and Sally [int.Sarah] Priest, Nov.6,1803.

Hannah of Sudbury, and Richard Wellington, int.Apr.28,1811.

Nelson and Charlotte Colburn, int.Mar.9,1828.

Amory and Frances D. Sage, int.Mar.5,1831.

Eunice of Sudbury, and Benjamin K. Wallace, int.Sept.9,1831.

Fredrick W. [int.Frederic William] and Harriet Leonard [int.Leonards], Aug.31,1834.

Ester [int.Esther] and James Moore, Sept.10,1835.

James and Ester [int.Esther] Moore, Sept.10,1835.

Horatio and Lucy A. Tower, May22,1836.

Emeline of Sudbury, and Joseph R. Farnsworth, int.July23,1837.

Emeline of Weston, and John A. Whittier, Sept.30,1838.*

Dexter and Elizabeth Morse, int.Dec.14,1839.

George and Hannah S. Porter, July5,1840.

Lucinda and Mark F. Furber, int.Sept.19,1841.

Arad Esq. and Mrs.Harriet Maynard, Sept.19,1842.

Elizabeth W. [int.A.], d.Henry, and George A. Sawyer, Oct.1,1843.

Eunice of Wayland, and Benjamin L. Howe, int.Oct.5,1843.

Fredrick W., widr.[int.omits widr.], 38, s.William at sea, and Marion [int.adds R.] Brown, May21,1844, in Weston.

Nancy A. of Sidney, ME, and Alvan Robinson, int.May27,1846.

Amory, widr.[int.omits widr.], s.Henry and Mary, and Ann S. Blackman, June1,1847.

James G., 28, s.Henry and Mary, and Lucy Calderwood, Nov.11,1847.


Thomas and Ellen Callaghan, int.Feb.7,1841.

John [int.Maran], s.末末 of Ireland, and Maria King, Feb.27,1844.

Mary, Irish, and Michael Duffy, May3,1846.*

MORE (Moor, Moore)

Dorcas and Jacob Farwell, int.Feb.18,1821.


Lucy Ann and Ruel [? Reed] C. Allen, int.Aug.7,1847.

MORRIL (Morrill)

John, Rev., of Warner, NH. [int.John Morrill of Andover], and Eliza [int.Elizabeth P.] Danforth, Sept.29,1831.

MORRILL (Morril)

Martha and Dexter Reed, int.Feb.25,1832.


Saloma and Alford Albee, Mar.24,1839.

Lucien, 23, b. Southbridge, s.Edward and Betsey of Charlton, and Lucy Q. Hoyt, Nov.28,1844.


Daniel of Weston, and Martha Ann Corey, int.Dec.22,1838.


Elisabeth of Newton, and Thomas Hastings, Mar.20,1777.* [Elizabeth.MR]

Rachel of Newton, and John Livermore, July30,1786.*

Lucy of Natick, and Samuel Ryan, int.Aug.7,1808.

Narcissa of Cambridge, and Isaac Steams, int.Sept.2,1810.

Stephen of Chelmsford, and Sophia Steams, int.Sept.14,1823.

Elias and Hannah B. Vorce, int.Oct.5,1823.

Louisa R. and Webster Moor, int.Sept.22,1832.

Harriet of Northborough, and Isaae C. Lane, int.Oct.20,1832.

Elizabeth of Marlborough, and DeKter Moore, int.Dec.14,1839.

Clarinda and John Hodgden, July11,1849.*


Susan and James H. Dudley, July末,1841.

Clarinda T. of Lowell, and Isaac H. McDonald, int.Sept.12,1846.

Sarah Ann and George Johnson, int.Nov.7,1846.

MOSEMAN (Mosman)

Rhoda of Boston, and William Loker, int.Apr.2,1826.

MOSMAN (Moseman)

Eunice of Westminster, and Samuel Garfield, int.Mar.18,1810.

MOULTON (Molton)

Calvin and Ann Maria Bradley, Mar.17,1836.

Luther and Harriot M. Varnum, int.Feb.14,1839.

Roxanna of Wayland, and Samuel Pratt, int.Aug.26,1839.

Jeremiah and Elizabeth G. [int.Gibson] Bowes, May24,1840.

Dorcas H. and John Simons [int.Simpson, dup. Simons], Sept.24,1843.

Joseph T. and Jane Babcock, int.Feb.14,1846.

Gilman, 23, s.John and Olive, and Sophia K. Ayres, Sept.17,1848.


Bridgett of Woburn, and Horace White, int.May6,1848.


Peggy and Daniel MiKer, July3,1796.

Patty of Lexington, and Isaac Peirce Jr., int.Oct.14,1804.

Leonora and Jeremiah Linscott, int.Nov.11,1827.

Jonas C. of Concord, and Abigail Hapgood, int.Apr.13,1836.

Lavina of Lexington, and Galen Allen, Apr.4,1839.*

MURDOCK (Merdock)

Polly of Roxbury, and Jacob Mead, int.Apr.10,1796.


Elizabeth and Michael Murphy, July24,1844.

Michael and Elizabeth Murphy, July24,1844.

Mary A. and Lawrence Cochin, Aug.4,1844.*

James and Bridget Martin, Sept.15,1844.*

Ellen, Irish, and James Byrnes, Apr.3,1846.*

Nancy, Irish, and William Dugan, Sept.10,1846.*

John, Irish, and Ellen Kain, Nov.29,1846.*


Catharine [int.Catherine] W. and Oel [int.Owell] Farnsworth, Dec.9,1829.


Edwin A. and Mary F. Otis, int.Mar.16,1833.


Irad of Watertown, and Mrs.Elizabeth T. Gilman, Jan.16,1840.*

MYRICK (Mirick)

Samuel of Watertown, and Martha Brewer, Apr.11,1786, in Watertown.*

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