Lavina W. and Amos Puffer, int.Mar.8,1835.


Frances D. and Amory Moore, int.Mar.5,1831.

Truman B. and Mrs.Eliza D. Privott, int.May8,1831.

Mary R. and Cyrus Farwell, Oct.26,1837.


Peter and Sally Whitney, int.Aug.28,1818.

SANDERSON (Saunderson)

Nancy and Samuel F. Coolidge,末蔓末, 末末. [rec. before Apr.1,1814] [int.May16,1813].

Jonathan and Mary Stearns, May7,1741.* [Saunderson.MR]

Marey and John Addams, Nov.24,1743.* [Mary Saunderson, and John Adams.MR]

Jonathan Jr. and Mary Bemis, Feb.21,1744-5, in Watertown.*

Moses and Mary Flagg, Jan.1,1750-1.*

Mary and Isaac Hobbs, June15,1758.*

Anna and Amos Brown, Jan.21,1762.* [Saunderson.MR]

John and Lydia Hager, Mar.1,1764.*

Abigail and Samuel Willington, May3,1768.* [Wellington.MR]

Josiah and Hannah Barnard, Feb.16,1769, in Watertown.*

Hannah and Jonas Child, Jan.11,1770.*

Josiah and Hannah Bright, Apr.2,1772, in Watertown.*

Lydia and Josiah Leavitt, Feb.6,1777.*

Nathan and Betsey Bond, Apr.26,1781, in Weston.*

Abner and Mrs.Mary Hagar, Oct.18,1783.* [Hager.MR]

Sarah and Thomas Clark, Apr.13,1784.*

Jonathan Jr. and Mary Adams, Mar.24,1785.* [Mar.14.MR]

Abraham and Hannah Pierce, Aug.18,1785.* [Peirce.MR]

Anna and Isaac Pierce, Mar.20,1786.* [Peirce.MR]

Elizabeth and Col. Samuel Lamson, Dec.6,1787.*

Susanna and Jonas White, May26,1789.

Sarah and Charles Peirce [int.Pierce], Aug.14,1791.

Lydia and John Clark Jr., May14,1793.*

Thomas and Lois Livermore, Sept.26,1793.*

Hannah and Amos Livermore Jr. [Jr. crossed out in pencil] [int.Jr.], June4,1795.

Betsy and Abijah Upham, Feb.5,1801.

Isaac and Anna Bridge, Aug.23,1801.

Samuel and Eunice Lawrence, Mar.25,1802.

Kezia of Watertown, and Aaron Hagar, int.Dec.19,1802.

Polly of Weston, and Abijah Child Jr., int.Nov.30,1806.

Nathan and Mrs.Sarah Hastings, Oct.22,1807.

Francis and Ann Vinall, int.Oct.1,1809.

Hannah and Thomas Dakin Peirce, int.Dec.23,1810.

Abigail and John Tidd, Apr.21,1811.

Abner Jr. and Sally Sanderson, Apr.25,1811.

Sally and Abner Sanderson Jr., Apr.25,1811.

Nancy and Roswell Watkins, Jan.23,1812.

Mary and Cyrus Park, Jan.31,1813.

Josiah 2d and Eunice Hagar, Nov.30,1815.

Nathan Jr. and Clarissa [int.Clarrissa] Smith, Nov.7,1816.

Thankful of Lexington, and Jacob Brooks, int.Sept.28,1817.

Jonathan and Lois Smith, int.Mar.4,1822.

Cilinda and Elijah Sanderson, int.May21,1826.

Elijah and Cilinda Sanderson, int.May21,1826.

Charles and Orilla Fisk, int.Mar.9,1828.

William and Mrs.Susan Stearns, Dec.7,1828.

Isaac Jr. and Alice Badlam, int.Dec.18,1830.

Marshall and Harriett Pillsbury, int.Sept.3,1831.

Amos and Laurinda Stratton, int.Mar.23,1833.

Caroline and Edward Goodnow, May15,1834.

Phebe Ann [int.of Framingham] and Edwin Hastings, June5,1834.

Eliza B. and Oscar D.F. Tyler, int.Sept.29,1834.

Harriet and Samuel H. Allen, Oct.5,1834.

John and Roan Lockee, int.Mar.1,1835.

Rebecca of Salem, and Thomas Philp, int.Dec.12,1835.

Almyra and John Goddard, int.Apr.8,1837.

Moses C. and Elizabeth Bird, int.June30,1839.

Hepzibah [int.Hephzibah] and Asahel [int.adds W.] Bent, Nov.17,1840.

Almira B. and James Fillebrown, int.Mar.5,1842.

Isaac R. and Adaline Wheeler, int.Mar.23,1844.

John, 26, of Boston, s.Nathan, and Martha M. Wellington, Oct.3,1844.

William, Irish, and Margaret Shea, Sept.1,1846.*

Augustus H. and Serephina H. Sanderson, int.Sept.2,1847.

Serephina H. and Augustus H. Sanderson, int.Sept.2,1847.

Sarah M., 20, d.Abner and Sally and Joseph A. Wheeler, Nov.30,1848.

Sarah E. and Henry C. Harrington, int.Sept.29,1849.

SANGAR (Sanger)

Lewis and Maria N. Burges, int.Aug.11,1832.

SANGER (Sangar)

Betsy [int.Betsey] of Framingham, and Samuel Bigelow [int.Biglow], Jan.末,1790, in Framingham.

Daniel and Charlotte Carter, int.Nov.23,1820.

Abraham [int.Sangar Jr.] and Mary Wade Abbott [int.Abbot], Feb.23,1832.

Nathaniel C. of Portsmouth, NH, and Rebecca Banks, Nov.25,1841.


Dorcas, of E. Sudbury, and Silas Flagg, Dec.4,1794, m E. Sudbury.

Austin and Nancy Bolton, int.Feb.20,1820.

SAUNDERSON (Sanderson)

Betsey of Weston, and Solomon Child, int.Feb.5,1804.

SAUTELL (Sawtell, Sawtle)

Abigail and Benjamin Hastings, May12,1743.* [Sawtel.MR]


John and Mrs.Rebbecca Warrin, July4,1782.* [Rebecca Warren.MR]

Lucy of Weston, and Amos Biglow, June9,1783.*


Sarah of Watertown, and Job Weld, Aug.16,1788, in Watertown.*

SAWTELL (Sautell, Sawtle)

Enoch and Bethiah Bond, Apr.13,1747, in Watertown.*

Obediah [int.Obadiah] and Sarah F. Jenison, May1,1842.

Sophia H. and Aaron H. Small, int.Oct.1,1844.

SAWTLE (Sautell, Sawtell)

Henry and Sarah Harrington, June6,1744. in Watertown.*


Elias M. of Watertown, and Eunice P. Petts, Oct.末 末, 末末. [int.Oct.16], 1841.

William and Rosanna Bridges, int.Dec.7,1817.

George and Mary Davis, int.Dec.25,1821.

Alvin and Lucy Bigalow, int.Apr.13,1828.

George A. [int.of Boston] and Elizabeth W. [int.A.] Moore, Oct.1,1843.

Anthony L of Lancaster, and Edith B. Haven, Oct.19,1843.

Evander E., 21, s.Phineas and Nancy, and Sarah E. Underwood, Dec.27,1846.

William I. and Maria Parker, Jan.6,1848.


John [int.Schwartz]. 28, of Roxbury, s.David and Hannah, and Sarah C. Wheeler, Sept.5,1847.


Jacob [int.Sott] of Brookline, and Polly Maynard, Aug.7,1796.


Isaac of Rockingham, VT, and Lydia Mead, int.Apr.2,1826.

SEARLES (Series)

James and Susan V. Allen, int.Apr.2,1826.


Lewis H. and Mary Ann Woolly, Jan.30,1834.

Christiana and Francis Smith, Apr.3,1836.

Lucy Ann C. and Luther Hopkins, July25,1837, in Cammbridge.

Mary Ann and Charles P. Harrington, int.Apr.1,1840.

Lewis H. of Newton, and Lephe Chandler, Nov.9,1841.


Jeremiah and Elizabeth Achorn, int.Dec.8,1848.

SERLES (Searles)

James of Westford, and Betsy Pierce [int.Peirce], June5,1808.


William W. [int.of Boston] and Abigail B. Pickering, Jan.5,1836.

George H. of Amherst, NH, and Lydia Stiles, int.Mar.10,1838.

Samuel D. of Bridgewater [int.of E. Bridgewater], and Wealthy S. Estes, Dec.29,1839.

Abby [int.Abigail] B., Mrs., and Rev. George W. Frost, Aug.9,1842.

SHEA (Shey)

Abby [int.Abbey] and Thomas Gallavan [int.Gallivan], July21,1844.

Margaret, Irish, and William Sanderson, Sept.1,1846.*

SHED (Shedd)

Lucy and Samuel Holt,末蔓末, 末末. [rec. before Apr.1,1814] [int.Aug.15,1813].

Naby of Ashby, and Silas Whitney Jr., Jan.1,1801.*

John and Hannah Finegan, int.Oct.28,1843.

SHEDD (Shed)

Hephzibah [int.Shed] and Isaac Greenleaf Jr., Jan.5,1804.


Jeremiah and Julia Brene, Jan.15,1845.*

SHEPHERD (Sheppard)

John of Newton, and Lucy Child, Nov.13,1777.* [Shepard.MR]

John Arnold [int.Sheperd] of Boston, and Esther Cummings, Feb.25,1790.

Charles H., 21, of Manchester, NH, s.William and Mary, and Louiza [int.Louisa] H. Gove, Dec.8,1848.


Joseph and Nabby Harrington, Dec.25,1808.

Diana and Alanson Walker, int.Feb.19,1825.

SHEPPARD (Shepherd)

Royal and Polly Willington, Feb.22,1789, in Boston.*


James, Irish, and Catherine May, May4,1846.*


Edward and Lucy Fay, int.Mar.10,1816.

Newell and [int.adds Mrs.] Nancy Cooper, Dec.末,1829 [int.Feb.20,1830, sic].

Mary Ann and Cyrenus Gordon, int.Aug.20,1833.

Elizabeth, Mrs., and Amos Wheeler, int.May28,1841.

William of Wayland, and Emma A. Crawford, May15,1842.*

Abel W. and Harriet [int.Harriot] P. Heath, Dec.7,1843.

Henry, 26, s.Samuel, and Sarah E. Livermore, Oct.2,1845.

Ephraim a, 23, and Elizabeth a Whitman, Mar.5,1846.

SHEY (Shea)

Ellen and Daniel Byrns, int.June18,1845.


Eliza of Concord, and Willard Cutter, int.July22,1830.


William of Sutton, and Rebecca Southworth.Dec.26,1751, in Watertown.*

Nathaniel L. and Ann Garrish, int.Sept.28,1828.

SIMMONS (Simonds, Simons, Symonds)

George Frederick, Rev., 31, and Mary Emerson Ripley, Oct.16,1845.

SIMONDS (Simmons, Simons, Symonds)

William of Lexington, and Susanna Pierce, Aug.18,1799.

John and Almira Harrington, Nov.26,1817.

Lydia R. and Winthrop Batchelder, int.Oct.1,1820.

Jonathan B. of Lexington, and Harriet Childs, int.Feb.18,1832.

William and Martha Pierce [int.Pirce], Dec.11,1836.

SIMONS (Simmons, Simonds, Symonds)

John of Framingham, and Dorcas H. Moulton, Sept.24,1843.*

SIMPSON (Stimpson, Stimson)

Lydia P. and Luther Haven Jr. [int.omits Jr.], May18,1843.

John of Saxonville, and Dorcas H. Moulton, int.Sept.4,1843.

Thomas H. [int.Stimpson], 21. of Boston, and Sophronia C. Lane, Mar.12,1848.


Daniel and Charlotte Hubbard, int.Feb.2,1812.


Elisha of Lynn, and Marion R. Brown, int.Sept.19,1846.

Isaac B. of Boston, and Cecelia Jeannette Plympton, int.July10,1847.


Lydia M, and Francis Smith, June19,1836.


Sarah E.T. of Haverhill, and Rev. Edwin A. Eaton, int.Aug.27,1842.


Aaron H. of Newton Upper Falls, and Sophia H. Sawtell, int.Oct.1,1844.


Jonathan of Lexington, and Mrs.Abigail Stratton, Aug.30,1738.*

Zachariah Jr. and Mrs.Lydiah Hastings, Oct.19,1738.* [Zechariah Jr. and Lydia Hastings.MR]

Jonas and Thankful Fisk, Dec.24,1741.*

William of Weston, and Hannah Fisk, Feb.15,1743-4.*

Susanah and Robert Gage, Apr.30,1747.* [Susannah.MR]

Mihitable and David Flagg, Aug.5,1747.* [Mehitabel.MR]

Josiah and Mrs.Hanah [Hannah.MR] Brown, Jan.12,1758.*

Jonas and Mrs.Anna Bemis, Dec.5,1759.*

Nathan of Weston, and Sarah Ball, Oct.21,1762.*

Betty, Mrs., and George Harrington, Sept.27,1764.*

Eunice, Mrs., and Benjamin Green, Feb.8,1770.*

Joel of Weston, and Hannah Harrington, Nov.4,1773.*

Jonas and Molly Parker, Oct.5,1775, in Lexington.*

David and Martha Green, Oct.17,1776.*

Jonas and Mrs.Mary How, Jan.7,1778.*

Zechariah and Sarah Bemis, June17,1779.* [Zachariah.MR]

Jonathan and Ruth Cutter, June29,1780.* [Cutler.MR]

Ruth and William Fisk, June4,1782, in Stow.*

Nathan and Susannah [Susanna.MR] Bemis, Sept.11,1783.*

Samuell of Lexington, and Lydia Pierce, Mar.25,1784.* [Samuel, and Lydia Peirce.MR]

Elijah and Lydia Flagg, Apr.27,1786.*

Susanna of Lexington, and Reuben Peirce, Oct.20,1786. in Lexington.*

Braddyl and Lois Garfield, Feb.3,1789.*

Amos and Rhoda Whitney, May8,1794.

Joel of Lexington, and Elizabeth Stearns, Sept.21,1794.*

Patty and Zebedee Macomber, Mar.9,1794 [int.Feb.9,1795, sic].

Abigail of Weston, and Silas Warren, Aug.18,1799.*

Lucy of Lincoln, and Amasa Pierce, int.Apr.8,1802.

Jonathan and Lucy Harrington, Sept.5,1802.

Lydia and Thomas Rice, Feb.14,1804.

Susanna and Daniel Clark, Apr.19,1804.*

Mary and Nahum Hardy, Jan.29,1807.

Lydia of Lincoln, and Isaac Peirce Jr., int.Oct.18,1807.

Elijah and Anna Whitney, Dec.17,1807.

Leonard and Nancy Pierce [int.Peirce], May29,1808.

Eunice and Thomas Stratton, Mar.29,1812.

Alfred and Matilda Hobbs, Apr.9,1812.

Reuben and Mrs.Mary Wade, May3,1812.

Daniel and Lydia Wellington, Feb.21,1815.

Clarissa [int.Clarrissa] and Nathan Sanderson Jr., Nov.7,1816.

Nathan Jr. of Roxbury, and Elizabeth [int.Eliza] Wellington, Jan.1,1818.

Elizabeth of Newton, and Lewis Hawes, int.Nov.22,1818.

Lydia and Darius Wellington, int.Dec.3,1818.

Anna and Charles Cutter, int.Dec.5,1818.

Elizabeth and Jonas Cutter, int.Apr.15,1821.

Lois of Lexington, and Jonathan Sanderson, int.May4,1822.

Isaac and Mrs.Lydia Smith, int.Sept.7,1822.

Lydia, Mrs., and Isaac Smith, int.Sept.7,1822.

Daniel and Dorcas Conner, int.Jan.18,1824.

Alice and Uriah B. Steams, int.Dec.2,1824.

Alvarez and Fany Mead, int.Nov.30,1826.

Darius and Roxana Brown, int.Mar.9,1828.

Horatio A. of Charlestown, and Elizabeth Laroyd, int.Nov.9,1828.

Sarah and Thomas Cutler, int.Dec.14,1828.

Converse and Susan Clark, int.Jan.25,1829.

Abijah Jr, and Julia Ross, Nov.19,1829.*

Ann A. and David Townsend Jr., int.Jan.23,1830.

John and Hannah C. Miller, int.Mar.12,1830.

Eleanor G. and Jonathan A. Clark, Sept.16,1830.

Almira A. [int.Armelia] and Jacob Bacheldor, June20,1832.

Isaac 2d and Adaline Thompson, int.Mar.23,1833.

Jane and Silas Stevens, int.Oct.13,1833.

Edmund of Boston, and Eliza Richardson Wyman, int.Dec.6,1833.*

Luke and Lucy Foster, June8,1834.

Charles of Rutland, and Julia Stone, Sept.4,1834.

Lewis and Abigail G. Page, int.Nov.23,1834.

Jane S. [int.I. [? J.]] and Fredrick [int.Frederic] Lawrence, Dec.25,1834.

Joseph of Lowell, and Mary Pierce, Feb.22,1835.

Mary of Lexington, and William B. Smith, Dec.10,1835.*

William B. of Lexington, and Mary Smith, Dec.10,1835.*

Edwin and Hannah Holt, Dec.14,1835.

Lucy Ann and George W. Butters, Dec.29,1835.

Francis and Christiana Seaver, Apr.3,1836.

Francis of Boston, and Lydia M. Sloan, June19,1836.

William and Abigail S. Newton. int.Apr.11,1837.

Amasa and Muy N. Gibbs, June14,1837.

Sarah Ann and Thomas R. Cushing, int.Aug.19,1837.

Priscilla of Lexington, and Darius Wellington, Dec.7,1837.

Morris of Boston, and Mary Tappan, Jan.1,1838.

Isaac 3d and Abigail Jackson, into Jan.6,1838.

Elvira [int.adds S.] and Horace Hammond, Jan.16,1838.

Sarah H. and William H. Bradley, Mar.4,1839.

Joel of Lexington, and Zebiah Hall, June9,1839.*

Emeline L. of Lexington, and Charles Clark, Jan.21,1841.*

Augustus E. of Needham, and Louisa Kezar, int.Sept.4,1841.

Thaddeus W. and Susan E. Stevens, Mar.31,1842.

Calvin and Mary Ann Putnam, Apr.3,1842.

Sarah J. and James M. Crooker, int.Sept.24,1842.

Harriet B., Mrs., and Joseph E. Nutting, Nov.6,1842.

Elizabeth Wellington and Jonas Viles Jr., Jan.5,1843.*

Eli F. and Mrs.Sarah Livermore, Feb.15,1843.

George W. and Mary Ann T. Gay, int.Mar.17,1843.

Marshall and Caroline F. Fuller, July20,1843, in Brighton.

Caroline M. and Ebenezer W. Fiske, int.Dec.6,1843.

Ann Maria L., 23, d.Elijah dec'd and Maria and Edwin Corey, Apr.9,1844.

Ellen R., 24, d.Leonard, and Edward L Bond, Dec.4,1845.

Alice [int.Alace] P., 23, d.Benjamin and Hannah of Windham, ME, and Isaac Thurlow, Feb.14,1846.

Leonard P., 27, s.Leonard, and Maria S. Crehore, Dec.10,1846.

Mary M.H., 21, d.Nathan and Mary of Fitchburg, and Elliot Tolman, Dec.30,1846.

David, widr.[int.omits widr.], 58, s.David and MarthA. and [int.adds Mrs.] Julia Foster, Mar.17,1847.

Charles and Mrs.Sarah S. Smith, int.July31,1847.

Sarah S Mrs., of Brighton, and Charles Smith, int.July31,1847.

Phebe P. [int.S.], 29, d.Abijah P. and Submit, and Asaph M. Garfield, Aug.20,1847.


Lucy Jane, 18, d.John and Mary, and Jeremiah H. Porter, July5,1847.


Mary and Thomas Hunt, Feb.25,1800.


Mary and Samuel Taylor, int.Jan.13,1828.


Rebecca and William Sibley, Dec.26,1751, in Watertown.*


Eliza and Daniel Stearns, int.Apr.9,1820.


Abel 3d of Milford, NH. [int.Abel Spalding Jr. of Amherst, NH.], and Hannah D. [int.Dunklee] King, Feb.20,1823.


William and Emeline Farwell, int.Sept.21,1844.


Sally of Boxford, and Phineas Barnes, int.Nov.8,1807.


Mercy Amelia and Abijah Biglow, Nov.30,1780.* [Mary Amelia.MR].*


Convers of Watertown, and Mary Fuller, Oct.13,1776, in Watertown.*

Nahum of Belfast and Sally Green, Mar.24,1801.

Joseph W. of Weston, and Nancy H. Gibbs, int.Apr.4,1831.


Hannah L., 24, d.Cephas and Mary, and Nathaniel G. Fiske, June29,1846.


Sarah A. and Edwin A. Potter, Mar.2,1829.*

Susan and Henry A. Potter, July10,1842.

Matilda C. and Lowell J. Hardy, July14,1842.


Miranda and Edwin Bridge, int.Nov.13,1834.


Avis and Robert Moore,末蔓末, 末末. [rec. before Apr.1,1814] [int.Nov.7,1813].

Eunice, Mrs., and Nathaniell Addams, Nov.20,1738.* [Nathaniel Adams.MR]

Judith, Mrs., and Jonathan Hamond, Nov.29,1738.* [Hammond.MR]

Abigail, Mrs., and Samuel Pierce, June30,1739.* [Peirce.MR]

Mary and Jonathan Sanderson, May7,1741.* [Saunderson.MR]

David and Bethia Stimson, Aug.26,1741, in Weston.*

Hannah and John Hager, Jan.14,1746.*

Anna and Joshua Fuller, May22,1746.*

Lydiah and Samuel Fuller, Oct.9,1746.* [Lydia.MR]

Nathaniel and Grace Hammond, Oct.22,1747.*

Anna and Stephen Calf, May22,1755.* [Mar.22.MR]

Daniel and Hannah Fuller, Sept.4,1755.*

Abigail and Roger Wellington, Mar.10,1757.*

Sarah and Abijah Brown, May24,1758, in Watertown.

Samuel Jr. and Mary Biglow, May15,1760.*

Hephzibah and Benjamin Stratton, Feb.2,1764.* [Hepzibah.MR]

Susanna, Mrs., and Joseph Wellington, Mar.26,1765.*

Silas and Elizabeth Willington, Oct.30,1765, in Lincoln.*

Isaac Jr. and Eunice Lawrance, Nov.17,1768.* [Lawrence.MR]

Sarah, Mrs., and Joseph Hastings, Jan.16,1769.*

Elizabeth and Phinehas Lawrance, Nov.15,1770.* [Lawrence.MR]

Joshua and Lois Peirce, Oct.8,1772.*

Elisha and Judith Peirce, Nov.26,1778.*

Jonathan and Mary Bigelow, Apr.29,1779, in Weston.

Mary and Jonathan Bemis, Sept.22,1782.*

David and Mary Parkhust, Feb.6,1783.* [Sterns, and Mary Parkhurst.MR]

Lydia and Abijah Whitney, June12,1783.* [Sterns.MR]

Abigail and Phineas [Phinehas.MR] Fisk, Feb.1,1785.*

Hannah of Lexingto[torn], and John Parker, Feb.17,1785.*

Lydia of Weston, and William Hagar, June16,1786, in Weston.*

George and Ruth Watson, Aug.11,1790.*

Lucy and Isaac Lee, Oct.21,1790.*

Ishmael and Mercy Jenkenson, Dec.27,1790.*

Peleg and Susanna Phinney [int.Sukey Phiney], May22,1794, in Lexington.

Charles and Nancy Flagg, July20 [int.Aug.15, sic], 1794.

Daniel and Betsy Hagar, Aug.29,1794.

Elizabeth and Joel Smith, Sept.21,1794.*

Abigail and Samuel Hastings, int.Nov.30,1794.

Elizabeth and Seth Hall, Dec.18,1794.*

John and Chloe Phinney [int.Phiney], May20,1794 [int.Feb.2,1795, sic], in Lexington.

Eunice and William Hyde [int.Samuell Hide], Nov.2,1795.

Samuel Jr. and Flisabeth Brown, int.Apr.5,1798.

Thomas and Sarah Brown, int.Sept.16,1798.

Jonathan Jr. and Sarah Cory [int.Corey], Nov.13,1798.

Sarah and Nathaniel Brown, Jan.1,1799.

Jacob and Lucy Adams, May2,1799, in Newton.

Nancy and John Brown, int.Nov.2,1800.

Susan and Jonas Wyeth, Nov.27,1800.

Hannah and Abijah Garfield, Mar.26,1801.

William and Melecent Esterbrook, int.Dec.27,1801.

Priscilla and Moses Holden, Dec.1,1803.

Sally and Converse Bemis, July8,1804.*

Polly and Amos Carter, Nov.15,1804.

Abigail and Phineas Stearns, Feb.14,1805.

Phineas and Abigail Stearns, Feb.14,1805.

Rebekah and Capt. David Wellington, Apr.11,1805.

Anne and Nehemiah Wellington, May16,1805.

Lydia and Nathaniel Harrington, Nov.20,1805.

Betsy, Mrs., and Joseph Stearns, July12,1807.

Joseph and Mrs.Betsy Steams, July12,1807.

Martha and Nathan Whitney, July26,1807.

Lydia and Smith Adams Jr., Dec.3,1807.

Louisa and Jonas Livermore, Feb.16,1809.

Isaac and Narclssa Morse, int.Sept.2,1810.

Susanna and Francis Wheeler, Nov.25,1810.

Mary Watson of Newton, and Elisha Creho[torn] Crehore, int.Sept.22,1811.

Hannah and Benjamin S. Kendall, May28,1812.

Grace and Jacob Barnard, May28,1815.

Lucy and William Bemis, Feb.6,1817.

Nathaniel and Sophia Hammond, Apr.10,1817.

Isaac and [int.adds Mrs.] Hannah French, Apr.15,1817.

Daniel of Newton, and Eliza Sparhawk, int.Apr.9,1820.

Anna Jenkinson and Henry Fisk, int.Mar.11,1821.

Ephraim and Rachel Learoyd, int.Nov.11,1821.

Hariot [int.Harriott Stephens] of Charlestown, and John Hill, Feb.3,1822.

Mary Ann and Lowell Estabrook, int.Feb.16,1822.

Sophia and Stephen Morse, int.Sept.14,1823.

Uriah B. and Alice Smith, int.Dec.2,1824.

Nathaniel and Adaline Wellington, int.Nov.18,1827.

Susan, Mrs., and William Sanderson, Dec.7,1828.

Charles V. and Hannah Garfield, int.Jan.23,1830.

Leonard and Martha A. Potter [int.Pattin], Mar.20,1836.

Maria of Newton, and Samuel J. Hyde, Mar.19,1837, in Newton.*

Abigail and William R. Perkins, Sept.30,1838.

William and Elizabeth A. Richardson, Apr.2,1840.

Susan A. of Lexington, and George Webber, Apr.15,1841.

Nancy and Edward Lawrence, Mar.末 [int.Mar.12], 1842.

John P. and Elizebeth [int.Elisabeth] Varnum, Mar.27,1843.

Albert T. and Salome Maynard, int.May27,1843.

Mary E. and Benjamin Wellington, Feb.8,1844.

David, 25, s.Joel of Lexington, and Adeline Wellington, Apr.16,1844 [in pencil].

Sarah of Framingham, and Charles Richardson, int.Mar.13,1847.

Daniel of Newton, and Charlotte F. Clark, int.Mar.17,1849.

Alice, 23, d.Uriah B. and Alace, and Nathan Underwood, Apr.17,1849.

Ambrose M., 24, s.Joel and Betsey, and Cynthia Louisa Viles, July Aug. [sic] 1 [int.July14], 1849.


Eunice of Newton, and Isaac Hagar, May17,1804.*

Mary of Weston, and Paul Harrington, int.Jan.21,1816.


Charles and Maria C. Learned, int.May21,1815.

Nancy and Luther Richardson, Sept.9,1821.

Ephram [int.Ephraim] A. and Clarissa Cram [int.Crane], Dec.6,1821.

Joseph and Elizabeth Thomson [int.Thompson], Oct.27,1822.

Almira and Francis Winch, int.Oct.31,1824.

Catherine and George W. Benson, int.Nov.16,1833.

Charles H. of Braintree, and Lucy A. Dodge, int.Dec.20,1844.


Jabez of Fitchburg, and Esther Bemis, July1,1784.*

Silas of Boston, and Jane Smith, int.Oct.13,1833.

Susan E. and Thaddeus W. Smith, Mar.31,1842.

Eliza J., 22, b. Union, ME, d.John and Eliza of Union, ME, and Daniel L. Hoar, July28,1846.


Peggy and Rev. Alden Bradford, Sept.24,1795.


Rebecah of Watertown, and Samuel Hanley, int.July4,1830.


Diana and Daniel Chaney Jr., May5,1846.*


Lydia and George H. Shaw, int.Mar.10,1838.

Ammi B. and Hannah Annis, Jan.1,1839.

Mary E. and Joseph Perkins, int.Nov.8,1840.


Catherine of Watertown, and Obadiah Perry, June5,1746, in Watertown.*

STIMPSON (Simpson, Stimson)

Hannah and Rufus K. Foss, Apr.29,1823.*

Rebecca W. and William B. Knight, Dec.2,1840.

Thomas of Dana, and Abigail Whitney, int.Aug.23,1845.

STIMSON (Simpson, Stimpson)

Bethia of Weston, and David Stearns, Aug.26,1741, in Weston.*

John of Weston, and Betty Hosmer, Dec.1,1778.*

Caroline F. and Charles Whitney, int.Dec.29,1838.


William of Watertown, and Hannah Barnard, Dec.29,1774.*

Luther of Framingham, and Molly Trowbridge, Feb.27,1777.*

Fortunatus of Wentworth, NH, and Sally Cutler, Dec.5,1797.

Allen, Maj. and Sally Balcom, Mar.29,1807.

James and Lucy Drury, int.Aug.5,1810.

Sally, Mrs., and Alfred Bolton, int.July30,1820.

Mary and Asa Beals Jr., int.Sept.12,1824.

Lydia and Israel D. Brown, int.Nov.8,1830.

Julia and Charles Smith, Sept.4,1834.

George H. and Mary C. Davis, int.Sept.22,1834.

Harriet N. of Newton, and John L. Perkins, int.Apr.1,1840.

Lydia Ann of Watertown, and John T.K. Fiske, int.Oct.30,1841.

Daniel and Martha A. Miller, June8,1843.

Elizabeth C. and William Dalzell, int.Apr.26,1844.

Elbridge G., 32, of Lincoln, and Sarah L. Knox, July6,1844.

Frederick M., 241 s.Walter and Eliza, and Elizabeth H. Brown, Dec.5,1849.


Bartlett of Newton, and Mary Jane Burns, July末,1841.*


Hiram T. and Martha A. Chase, Mar.19,1839.


Thomas and Rebecah Whitney, July18,1745.* [Stowell, and Rebecca Whitney.MR]

Rebecca and Abraham Child, Apr.2,1767.* [Rebekah Stowell.MR]


Abigail, Mrs., and Jonathan Smith, Aug.30,1738.*

Jonathan of Weston, and Mrs.Dinah Bemis, Nov.1,1738.*

Sarah and Shubael Child Jr., Feb.14,1744, in Weston.*

Jemima and Joseph Gearfield, May19,1748.* [Garfield.MR]

Keziah and John Mirick, May19,1748.*

Lydiah, Mrs., and Jonathan Hammond, May1,1750.* [Mrs.Lydia.MR]

Lydia and Samuel Nutting, Oct.22,1751, in Weston.*

Benjamin and Hephzibah [Hepzibah.MR] Stearns, Feb.2,1764.*

Lois and John Demount, Oct.29,1764.*

Mary of Weston, and Benjamin Dudley, Apr.16,1765.*

Hannah and William Adams, Dec.8,1768.*

Daniel of Weston, and Martha Fuller, Oct.2,1775.*

Nancy of Weston, and Robert Fisk, int.Mar.8,1801.

Thomas of Weston, and Eunice Smith, Mar.29,1812.

Laurinda and Amos Sanderson, int.Mar.23,1833.

Frances P. and Samuel Adams, int.Mar.24,1837.

William, 27, of Holden, s.Israel dec'd and Lucy dec'd, and Jane A. Hagar [int.Hager], Sept.17,1845.

Jane Atkins, wid.[int.Mrs., omits wid.], 35, d.Uriah Hagar and Jane, and Francis W. Bacon, widr.[int.omits widr.], Sept.12,1848.


Louisa Walker and Oliver B. Wight, int.Sept.5,1823.


Russell of Boston, and Lucy Lyman Pain, int.Mar.9,1828.


Margaret G. and George B. [int.P.] Drew, July1,1838.

Daniel, Irish, and Julia Kenedy, Feb.8,1846.*

SWAINEY (Swaney)

Catherine and Patrick McMuller, int.July11,1846.

SWAN (Swann)

Ebenezer Jr. of Cambridge, and Sally Adams, Oct.9,1791.

Joshua and Olive Jones, int.Nov.2,1817.

Sarah J. of Salem, and Frederic Bemis, int.Sept.3,1836.

SWANEY (Swainey)

Mary [int.adds Mrs.] [dup. Swasey], d.末末 of Ireland, and Patrick Harvy [dup. and int.Harvey], May13,1844.

SWANN (Swan)

Sarah of Cambridge, and Philemon Robbins, Apr.5,1781.*


James H. and Susan A. Dudley, int.June2,1847.


Patty of Natick, and Samuell Gamage, Feb.5,1780.*


John of Charlestown, and Mrs.Abigail Dix, Nov.7,1754.* [Symms of Charlstown.MR]

Sarah A., Mrs., and George L. Cass, int.Oct.14,1848.

SYMONDS (Simmons, Simonds, Simons)

John and Lydia Reed, May2,1790, in Sudbury.*

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