Aaron Sanford, s.Charles and Lydia, June21,1830.
Adeline Althea, d.Charles and Lydia, Sept.22,1835.
Albert Foster, s.Joseph and w., bp. Nov.8,1818. CR1
Anna Perry, d.Collins, bp. Feb.14,1813. CR1
Caroline, d.Collins, and Caroline, May5,1808.
Charles, s.Aaron and Rachell, Feb.11,1792.
Charles Rosswell, s.Charles and Lydia, Oct.3,1821.
Vol. 1
Page 17
Collins, s.Collins and Caroline, June22,1810.
Collins, s.Sewall, farmer, and Martha, Feb.4,1848.
Daniel Benjamin, s.Charles and Lydia, Jan.25,1824.
David, s.Aaron and Rachell, Sept.12,1787.
Elbridge, s.Josiah and Rebecca, Feb.23,1813.
Elizabeth, d.Aaron and Rachell, Feb.24,1798.
Elizabeth, d.Josiah and Rebecca, July20,1820.
Emerson, s.Collins and Caroline, Jan.19,1806.
Emily, d.Jude, farmer, and Sarah A., Feb.28,1849.
George, s.Aaron and Rachell, July20,1796.
George Alvin, s.Charles and Lydia, May30,1826.
Harriett Coburn, d.Jude, farmer, and Susan A. (Coburn), Jan.26,1846.
Isaac, s.Thomas J., farmer, and Rachael, Nov.13,1846.
Isaac, s.Thomas I., farmer, and Rachel, Feb.23,1849.
Isaac C. [dup. omits C.], s.Jude [dup. yeoman] and Harriett [dup. adds C.], Nov. 25 [dup. Nov. 24], 1843.
Jane Elizabeth, d.Charles and Lydia, Feb.28,1815.
Jefferson, s.Isaac, Jr. and Patty, Sept.6,1801.
Joel, s.Aaron and Rachel, June19,1804.
Joseph, s.Isaac Jr. and Persis, Dec.10,1790.
Jude, s.Isaac and Patty, Aug.18,1811.
Lois Maynard, d.Isaac Jr. and Patty, Jan.3,1799.
Lucy, d.Aaron and Rachell, Apr.4,1801.
Luther, s.Josiah and Rebecca, Oct.25,1816.
Lydia An Lucy, d.Charles and Lydia, July17,1819.
Marshall, s.Josiah and Rebecca, June22,1810.
Martha Trobridge, d.Charles and Lydia, July22,1817.
Mary, d.Isaac Jr. and Patty, Feb.7,1805.
Mary Lewis, d.Josiah and Rebecca, Dec.1,1811.
Mirick Felton, s.Charles and Lydia, Apr.29,1828.
Nancey, d.Isaac Jr. and Persis, Feb.16,1793.
Oliver, s.Oliver and Loes, May2,1783.
Phebe, d.Josiah and Rebecca, Jan.8,1815.
Polly, d.Aaron and Rechell, Feb.27,1790.
Rachel, d.Aaron and Rachel, Feb.22,1794.
Sally M., d.Isaac Jr. and Patty, Apr.1,1807. [Sally Maynard Damon. CR1]
Sarah, d.Colins and Caroline, Mar.11,1801.
Sarah Augusta, d.Charles and Lydia, June12,1832.
Sewall, s.Colina and Caroline, Sept.23,1803.
Thomas Jefferson, s.Isaac Jr. and Patty, July6,1809.
William, s.Colins and Caroline, June3,1799.

Vol. 1
Page 17
Hannah, d.John and Mary, July20,1796.
Mary Ann, d.John and Mary, Mar.18,1795.

Elbridge, s.Susan of Cambridge, Oct.13,1845.

Nancy Ellen, d.Luther S., cordwainer, and Susan C., Aug.21,1848.

Eliza Hill, d.William and Katharine, July25,1807.

Dorothy Lynde, d.Joseph, bp. Oct.2,1803. CR1

Thomas, s.John, laborer, and Catherine of Sudbury, Jan.14,1849.

Abigail, d.Ira Esq. and Nabby, Oct.24,1819.
Charles R., s.Ira B., shoemaker, and Louisa, Dec.29,1849.
Curtis Warren, s.Ira B., cordwainer and Louisa, Sept.27,1845.
Dexter, s.Ira and Nancy, Oct.6,1817.
Dexter, ch. Ira and Nancy, bp. Oct.8,1820. CR1
Elisabeth [?m], Dec.31,1786. GR1
Elisabeth Allin, d.James and Elisabeth, Dec.15,1822. [Elisabeth Allen Draper. CR1].
Etta Elisabeth, d.James S., farmer, and Emeline A., Feb.26,1849.
Ira Bullard, ch. Ira and Nancy, bp. Oct.8,1820. CR1
James Austin, s.James S., bp. July末,1836. CR1
James Sumner, s.James and Elizabeth, Aug.18,1811.
Lucy Ann, d.Ira and Nancy, Apr.14,1820. [Lucy Anne. CR1].
Lydia [?m.], Jan.末,1768. GR1
Nancy Maria, d.Ira and Nancy, Mar.17,1823.
Newman, s.James and Elizabeth, June7,1827. [Numan, s.James and Betsey. CR1] [Newman. GR1].
Warren, ch. Ira and Nancy, bp. Oct.8,1820. CR1
William Dexter, s.Ira B. and Louisa, Aug.19,1841.

Charles Kingsbury, ch. Mrs. Drury, bp. June13,1847. CR2
Elijah Grenville, ch. Mrs. Drury, bp. June13,1847. CR2
Emma Turner, d.Leonard, yeoman, and Abby T., Mar.22,1844.

Abigail (see Nabby).
Anna M., d.Nathaniel C., farmer, and Ann, Apr.26,1845.
Benjamin Austin, s.William Jr., and Eunity, Sept.6,1811.
Caroline, d.Joseph M., cordwainer, and Irene, Nov.17,1844.
Caroline Elizabeth, d.Nathaniel C., farmer, and Ann, Sept.18,1847.
Vol. 1
Page 19
Clarissa, d.William Jr. and Anna, Sept.9,1798.
Elizabeth, d.Josiah and Nabby, Mar.25,1798.
Emily Frances, d.Enoch H., mason, and Mary A., Aug.13,1845.
Hannah, d.Josiah, bp. Aug.18,1805. CR1
Hariot, d.Josiah, bp. May13,1810. CR1
James Winthrop, s.John V. and Eliza, Mar.27,1824.
Jerome Harrington, s.Enoch H., cordwainer, and Mary A.V., May31,1848.
John Moulten, s.William Jr. and Anna, Oct.24,1791.
Joseph, s.Daniel and Lucy, Sept.24,1789.
Joseph, s.Josiah, bp. Dec.20,1807. CR1
Joseph Curtis, s.Josiah and Nabby, Sept.25,1802.
Josiah, s.Josiah and Abigail, Nov.9,1799.
Josiah, s.Josiah and Nabby, Oct.9,1800.
Josiah Willington, s.Luther and Martha, Jan.23,1792.
Lewis, s.Daniel and Lucy, June8,1799.
Lucy Anna, d.William R. (Dudly) and Mary P., Jan.12,1834.
Martha Ann, d.James M., shoemaker, and Irene, Feb. 24 1846.
Mary, d.Luther and Martha, Mar.3,1797.
Mary Elizabeth, 末蔓末,1836. GR1
Moses, s.Luther and Martha, Oct.11,1794.
Moses, s.John V. and Eliza, Jan.3,1820.
Nabby, d.Josiah and Nabby, Oct.2,1803. [Abigail. CR1].
Nathaniel Curtis, s.William Jr. and Eunity, Jan.17,1813.
Rebeccah, d.Josiah and Nabby, Oct.9,1801.
Rosalia Austin, d.Benjamin A., mason, and Rosalia, Jan.8,1846.
Samuel, s.William Jr. and Anna, Apr.18,1793.
Sarah Ann, d.William Jr. and Eunity, May25,1810.
Thomas Harling, s.Daniel and Lucy, Mar.27,1788.
Warren, s.Luther and Martha, July4,1800.
William Rice, s.William Jr. and Eunity, Mar.6,1807.
末末, s.James W., cordwainer, and Margaret, Apr.1,1849.

末末, s.Henry, shoemaker, and Charlotte, Dec.1,1849.
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