Abigail, ch. Samuel and Abigail, Feb.24,1785.
Abigail Mason, d.Nathan M. and Elizabeth G., Oct.16,1827.
Benjamin, s.Joseph and Elizabeth, Dec.9,1783.
Bette, d.Joseph and Elizabeth, Mar.17,1778.
Caleb, s.Joseph and Elizabeth, Apr.9,1770.
Charles, s.Charles and Ruby, Dec.25,1819.
Charls, ch. Samuel and Abigail, Oct.25,1789.
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Cynthia, d.Joseph and Elizabeth, Nov.30,1786.
Elizabeth Jane, d.Nathan Mason and Elizabeth [dup. adds G.], Sept.10,1823.
George, ch. Samuel and Abigail, July1,1786.
Hannah, d.Joseph and Elizabeth, July1,1781.
Harris Wilson, s.Charles and Ruby, Apr.25,1817.
Isaac, ch. Samuel and Abigail, Feb.19,1788.
James Otis, s.Nathan M. andn Elizabeth G., June30,1825.
Jesse, s.Jesse and Lois, Jan.6,1784.
Joseph, s.Joseph and Elizabeth, July22,1766.
Josiah, Feb.6,1802. GR
Lucy, d.Samuel and Abigail, Oct.19,1791.
Mason, s.Samuel and Abigail, Aug.23,1793.
Mosse, s.Joseph and Elizabeth, Feb.16,1772.
Nathan, s.Capt. Samuel and Abigail, Mar.12,1799.
Nathan, s.Charles and Ruby, Feb.23,1816.
Nathaniel, Dec.28,1803. GR
Patty, d.Jesse and Lois, Aug.1,1777.
Paul, s.Joseph and Elizabeth, Jan.2,1768.
Polly, d.Jesse and Lois, Feb.22,1776.
Prudence, d.Joseph and Elizabeth, Mar.20,1789.
Prudence, d.Jesse and Lois, May14,17末.
Sally, Nov.23,1800. GR
Samuel, ch. Samuel and Abigail, Dec.12,1783.
Samuel, s.Charles and Ruby, Sept.26,1821.
Silas, s.Joseph and Elizabeth, Apr.4,1774.
Silas, s.Joseph and Elizabeth, July20,1776.

Abigail, w.Nathaniel, Oct.12,1774. GR
Josiah Fisher, s.Nathaniel and Nabby, Feb.6,1802.
Nathaniel [h. Abigail], Mar.9,1767. GR
Nathaniel s. Nathaniel and Nabby, Dec.28,1803.
Noah, s.Nathaniel and Nabby, Aug.26,1799.
Sally, d.Nathaniel and Nabby, Nov.23,1800.

Mary, "a bastard Child brough from Boston by John Jepson," June10,1795.
Mary, w.Timothy C. Kendal [June末,1798.] GR

Carissa, d.David and Sally, Apr.30,1789.
Daniel, s.David and Sally, Apr.4,1796.
David, s.David and Sally, Aug.16,1798.
Elizabeth, d.David and Sally, Apr.27,1804.
Julia Ann, d.David and Sally, Nov.7,1809.
Vol. 1
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Maria, d.David and Sally, Nov.17,1793.
Moses, s.David and Sally, Feb.20,1787.
Rebuen, s.Spencer and Sally, Sept.24,1821. GR
Sally, w.Spencer, 末蔓末,1790. GR
Sally Gay, d.David and Sally, May4,1801.
Sarah [? m.] [Jan, 末, 1767]. GR
Sarah, w.Spencer, 末蔓末,1823. GR
Spencer, s.David and Sally, Aug.8,1791. [[h. Sally] GR]
Timothy, s.David and Sally, Aug.10,1806.
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