* Intentions NOT recorded
Betty of Harvard, and Jeremiah Bacon, Feb. 19, 1785, in Harvard.*
Hannah M. of Westborough, and Robert Lynch, int. Mar. 4, 1834.

Benjamin and Patty Bacon, Nov. 17, 1805.
Betsey and Joseph Converse of Boston, Apr. 24, 1820.
Francis of Upton, and Lucy Whiting, [Nov.] 30, 1842.
Hannah and Leonard Guild, Feb. 18, 1819. [Feb. 17. CR1]
Pamela and Adolphus B. Convers of Thomson [int. Converse of Thompson], CT, Mar. 18, 1821.
Ralph Jr. [int. omits Jr.] and Sally Fisher of Dedham, Dec. 11, 1792, in Dedham.
Ralph and Mrs. Hannah Alden, Nov. 28, 1816.
Sally of Colburn Ambler of Needham, May 5, 1801.
Sarah [int Sally] and Aaron D. Mayo of Roxbury, Apr. 24, 1820.

Hannah and John W. Adams of Medfield, int. Oct. 6, 1810.
Namur [int. Namer] (Deam) [int. Dean] of Dedham, and Daniel Draper, May 14, 1793, in Dedham.
Nathaniel and Rebecca Parker of Newton, int. Apr. 19, 1807.
Rebecca and Artemas Adams, May 27, 1802.

DEWING, see Duing.

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Aaron and Betsey Child, int. Oct. 12, 1814.
Abigail and Willard Mann, Dec. 14, 1826 [Abigail. PR11]
Ann Maria, 17, d. Moses and Maria, and Oliver E. Mann, 21, mechanic, s. John and Sarah of Natick, Dec. 2, 1847
Catharine of Natick, and John Esty of Natick, Apr. 11, 1824.*
Catharine Louisa of Natick, and Charles Morse of Natick, May 2, 1839.* CR1
Charles and Nancy Everett of Medfield, int. Dec. 3, 1820.
Daniel and Namur [int. Namer] Deam Dean [int. Dean] of Dedham, May 14, 1793, in Dedham.
Eliza and Jabez Everett, Feb. 3, 1828.
Elizabeth, 25, d. Moses and Maria, and Albert Mann, mechanic, of S. [int. omits S.]
Natick, s. John and Sarah of Natick, Jan. ––, 1846.
Enoch, and Hannah Clark of Sherborn [int. Sherburn], June 12, 1788, in Sherborn.
Frances Ann of Medfield, and Nathaniel Dunbar of Canton, Aug. 21, 1838.*
Hannah and Alexander [int. Alaxander] Soule, Apr. 3, 1823.
Jesse of Dedham, and Lois Draper, May 25, 1797.
Joseph and Anna Fields, Jan. 1, 1801.
Josiah and Keziah Knowlton, int. May 28, 1787.
Leonard, 23, mechanic, s. Moses and Maria, and Caroline F. [int. Frances]
Chickering, 20, d. Daniel and Orpha, Oct. 13, 1846.
Lois and Jesse Draper of Dedham, May 25, 1797
Meriam and Josiah Knowlton of Sherburn, Oct. 13, 1797.
Michael and Hannah Baker, May 1, 1794.
Molly and Silas Bacon, int. June 28, 1787.
Moses and Maria Wilbur [int. Wilber] of Medfield, Dec. 2, 1819.
Nathan of Needham, and Hannah Whiting, Dec. 25, 1788.
Polly and Elnathan Hammond [int. Hammon] of Bridgewater, V.S. [int. omits V.S.], Feb. 14, 1811.

Charles L., 23, watch maker, of Newburyport, s. Richard W. and Phebe, and Sarah A. Battel, 21, d. Josiah and Sukey, May 28, 1848.

Elijah [int. Dewing] and Betty [int. Bette] Reed, May 14, 1788.

Nathaniel of Canton, and Frances Ann Draper of Medfield, Aug. 21, 1838.*

Mary and Danield Jones, Jan. 10, ––––.* PR15

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