* Intentions NOT recorded
Albert, mechanic, of S. [int. omits S.] Natick, s. John and Sarah of Natick, and Elizabeth Draper, 25, d. Moses and Maria, Jan. ––, 1846.
Anna of Medfield, and Noah Allen Fiske, int. Mar. 14, 1829.
Betsey and Josiah Newell, June 10, 1801.
Betsey and Luther Richards, Oct. 14, 1834.
Charlotte A., 21, d. James and Clarissa, and Hollis Mann, 22, mechanic, s. John and Sarah of Natick, Dec. 24, 1846.
Daniel and Rachel Allen, May 20, 1802.
Daniel 2nd and Mary F. Corliss, Apr. 17, 1838.
Ellis and Betsey Wight, June 2, 1830.
Hollis, 22, mechanic, s. John and Sarah of Natick, and Charlotte A. Mann, 21, d. James and Clarissa, Dec. 24, 1846.
James Jr. and Clarissa [int. Claracy] Wight, Nov. 28, 1805.
Jedidiah S. and Margaret Perry, int. May 27, 1849.
Lealand and Sarepta Burbank [int. Burbanks], Apr. 14, 1829. [Burbank, Apr. 15, 1827. PR9] [Burbank, Apr. 14, 1829. PR11]
Lorenzo and Relief Travis, Sept. 12, 1832.
Lucretia, 25, d. James and Clarissa and Rufus Campbell, farmer, of Natick, Dec. 5, 1844.
Lucy Maria and Calvin Richards, May 25, 1841. [May 27. CR1]
Lydia and Rufus Battle, May 29, 1823.
Oliver E., 21, mechanic, s. John and Sarah of Natick, and Ann Maria Draper, 17, d. Moses and Maria, Dec. 2, 1847.
Rachel A., 42, d. Daniel and Rachel, and [int. adds Dea.] Ralph Battelle, widr. [int. omits widr.], 59, farmer, s. Jonathan and Mercy, Sept. 23, 1849.
Simeon and Persis Lealand of Sherburn, int. Jan. 9, 1802. [m. Mar. 24. PR10]
Willard and Abigail Draper, Dec. 14, 1826 [Abagail. PR11]

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Wiliam C. of Augustua, ME, and Sarah A. Wyman of Marlborough, July 22, 1832.* CR1

MARDEN (see Murden).

Leonard S. [int. Marring, omits S.] and Pamela Caryl, Sept. 12, 1824.

Mary [int. Marshal] and Francis Whitney of Watertown, Nov. 24, 1811.

Hannah Cushing of Boston, and William Blake of Boston, Apr. 16, 1840.* CR1

Asa Jr., of Medfield, and Hitty [int. Hutte] Mason, Feb. 3, 1789, in Medfield.
Elizabeth of Medfield, and Oliver Clifford, int. Aug. 25, 1838.
Hitty [int. Hutte] and Asa Mason Jr. of Medfield, Feb. 3, 1789, in Medfield.
John and Margera [int. Margery] Mason of Medfield, Nov. 19, 1789.
Keziah of Medfield, and William Pitt [int. Pitts] Allen, Mar. 25, 1789 in Medfield.
Margera [int. Margery] of Medfield, and John Mason, Nov. 19, 1789.
Sarah of Medfield, and Lemuel Herring, May 28, 1793, in Medfield.
Seth and Marcy Robbins, May 26, 1803.
Seth and Mrs. Betsey Stedman of Needham, int. Sept. 20, 1835.

Asa of Southboro, and Marthey Mills, int. Sept. 27, 1791.

William L., 21, tin plate worker, and Elizabeth Moore, 23, Aug. 3, 1845.

Aaron D. of Roxbury, and Sarah [int. Sally] Day, Apr. 24, 1820.

Lydia Ann Smith of Needham, and Nathaniel Pulsifer of Newton, Jan. 26, 1842.* CR1

Silence and Milton, and Stephen Gay, int. Mar. 23, 1787.

Mary of Norwich, Eng., and Henry Wilson of Kent, Eng. ––– ––, ––––.* PR1
Olive and Emerson Orcut [int. of Rington], Oct. 14, 1797.

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Aaron F. and Anne Caryl, Sept. 5, 1821.*
Eliza and Ebenezer N. Pettee of Natick, Dec. 25, 1822.
John R. [int. omits R.] of Northboro, and Sellinda Smith, Apr. 5, 1827.
Philomela of Needham, and Luther Parker of Needham, July 7, 1842.* CR1

James F. of Newton, and Betsey Bemis of Charlestown, Feb. 26, 1837.*
Marthey and Asa Mathews of Southboro, int. Sept. 27, 1791.

Elizabeth, 23, and William L. Maynard, 21, tin plate worker, Aug. 3, 1845.
John L. of Boston, and Anna Johnson, Nov. 26, 1840.

MORS (see Morse)
Joanna and John Wilson, ––– ––, ––––.* PR1
Vina of Sherburne, and Caleb Wight, int. Mar. 11, 1800.

MORSE (see Mors)
Adam Jr. and Anna H. Cheney, Aug. 31, 1826.
Charles of Natick, and Catharine Louisa Draper of Natick, May 2, 1839.* CR1
Eliakim of Medfield, and Mary Baker, Nov. 1, 1824.
Jason of Sherburn, and Sally Reed, June 13, 1798.
Leonard of Sherburn, and Clarissa Battelle, Apr. 29, 1822.
Olive of Medfield, and William Richards Jr., int. Apr. 13, 1817.
Samuel and Hannah Herring of Dedham, int. Apr. 1, 1809.
William of Natick, , and Deborah Stearns [int. Debba Starns], Mar. 9, 1792, in Natick.

Eunice and John Adams of Franklin, Mar. 5, 1794.
Otis H., 23, mechanic, of N. [int. omits N.] Natick, s. John and Eliza and Mary D. Bacon, 22, b. Natick, d. Martin and Sophia, May 17, 1848.

Charles and Emily J. Hanes of Franklin, NH, int. Sept. 9, 1843.
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