Jonas B. of Boston and Caroline Gennison of Orange, Dec.19,1839.*


Meriam and William Brown of Gerry, int.Aug.10,1794.

Sally and Levi Kendall, Oct.22,1786.


George and Mary Woods of Wendell, int.Sept.6,1823.

Hannah and Erastus Danforth, Apr.6,1815.

Hiram and Jerusha Hallay ?, int.Nov.1,1779.

Jerusha and Abraham Nutt Jr., Oct.3,1793.

Jonathan and Susanna Graves, Oct.24,1799.

Joshua and Polly Cutting, Apr.24,1791.

Lucy and Nehemiah Ward, Apr.8,1816.

Mary and Hasey Floyd Sprague of Gerry, May8,1788.

Samuel and Betsy Fish, May28,1826.

Sally and Stephen Fessendon of Rutland, Apr.16,1801.

William of Vernon, VT and Clarissa Phillips, Jan.18,1807.


Elizabath and James Stockwill, Dec.6,1769.

Hannah and John How, Dec.13,1769.

Keterine of Marlborough and Silas Marble, int.Sept.1,1764.

Stephen (s.Stephen and Catharine, a.22) and Mary Dyer, Mar.14,1848.


Asa and Mary Derby, both of Westminster, Jan.16,1806.*

Elijah and Sally Church, Nov.29,1797.


Crawford, Rev., of Springfield (s.Samuel and Elizabeth, a.29) and Mary H. Williams, May13,1846.

NIGHTS (Knights)

Ebenezer and Mary Baley of Stow, int.Sept.2,1772.


Isaac Jr. of Royalston and Sally Holman, June14,1797.

Levi of Templeton and Wid.Molly Drury, int.June28,1823.

Nancy of Templeton and Samuel Wiley, int.Sept.15,1827.


Abraham Jr. and Jerusha Newhall, Oct.3,1793.

Abraham Jr. and Hannah Brown of Chesterfield, NH, int.Jan.10,1796.

James and Susannah Cochran of Blandford,,1770. In Blandford.

Jerusha and David Pike of Boston, Jan.19,1823.

Susannah and Moses Ball, Feb.18,1762.


Hannah E. (a.23) and Abner W. Twichell, Oct.21,1846.

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