Hannah G. of Warwick and William H. Brigham, int. July 22, 1838.

Matilda, Mrs. Boston and Hatch Freeman, int. Sept. 6, 1823.


Aaron and Eliza Prentiss, Nov. 12, 1817. Negroes.

Anna and Cromwell Oliver (negroes), Dec. 26, 1799. CR


Edward of Woodstock, CT, and Meribah Babcock, int. Oct. 3, 1812. Colored.


Eliza of Warwick and Robert Adamson, int. Oct. 12, 1844.

John, Rev. of Leicester and Zebiah Bigelow, May 4, 1812.


Thomas I. and Sarah Fitz Patrick of Leicester, int. Dec. 8, 1838.


James of Oakham and Rhoda Partridge, May 7, 1806.

James Jr. and Sarah G. Rice, Apr. 17, 1833.

Joseph and Almira Dexter, both of Hardwick, Feb. ––, 1828.*

Louisa and Silas O. Harding, Oct. ––, 1833.


Asa Jr. and Nancy Boiden, May 18, 1818.*

Peter and Cynthia Towns of Charlton, int. Jan. 15, 1821.

Susannah of Holden and Franklin Dunn, int. Mar. 6, 1846.

Welcome [Newhall in int.], of New Braintree (s. Joseph and Ruth, a. 59) and Huldah G. Warren, Dec. 2, 1847.


Ruth and Thomas Dennis, May 11, 1813.


Peter of Hatfield and Elizabeth Oliver of Hardwick, July 15, 1779.


Charles (s. Franklin and Nancy, a. 24) and Harriet A. Chamberlin, Nov. 29, 1849.

Dana of Shrewsbury and Meria Smith, Aug. 24, 1802.

Emory and Harriet Maria Pierce, int. Sept. 6, 1845.

George of Templeton and Maria T. Brigham, May 1, 1828.

Hannah of Templeton and Benjamin Gates, int. Feb. 1, 1824.

Harrison and Eliza H. Dennis, int. Mar. 7, 1829.

Mary and Stephen Heald, May 17, 1828.

Mary C. of Phillipston and Nathan M. Peeso, int. Apr. 13, 1844.

Philena (d. Franklin and Nancy, a. 24) and Sewell Nichols of Hubbardston, Dec. 4, 1845.

Ruth G. and William A. Johnson, int. Jan. 6, 1827.

Walter and Ortensa C. Thayer, int. July 24, 1847.

Zerbiah of Petersham and William Wood of Rutland District, July 24, 1755. At Petersham.

NICHOLS (Nickols)

Sewell of Hubbardston (s. John and Mercy, a. 31) and Philena Newton, Dec. 4, 1845.


Sabra of Carlisle and Benjamin L. Hull, int. Mar. 11, 1836.


Isaac of Rutland and Rosemond Varney, May 25, 1819.


Eleazer [Nicholl in int.] of Westford, VT, and Patty Haynes, Feb. 9, 1806.

Robert and Betty Tenny, Jan. 10, 1799. CR

William and Betsy Lawrence of Hardwick, May 14, 1797. CR


Lydia [Nightingill in int.], and Lemuel Warren, Aug. 29, 1799. CR


Timothy of Hubbardston and Abigail Richardson, Aug. 14, 1800.


Hannah and Thomas Oliver, May 15, 1774. Free-born negroes.

NOURS (Nurs, Nurse, Nurss)

Daniel and Patience Reed of Rutland, Dec. 20, 1781. At Rutland.


Eleonor and Lawrence Laughna, int. Nov. 18, 1842.

NURS (Nours, Nurse, Nurss)

Betsey and John Lenard, Nov. 15, 1775.

Sarah and Thomas Rice, both of Rutland District, Nov. 17, 1774.*

NURSE (Nours, Nurs, Nurss)

Anne [Anna in int.] of Framingham and Nathan Burnet, Aug. 23, 1792. At Framinham.

Jonathan and Lucy Mantor, June 18, 1778. CR

Timothy Jr. and Experience Mason, Aug. 17, 1780. CR

NURSS (Nours, Nurs, Nurse)

Abigail and Jonathan Bixby of Shrewsbury, VT, Oct. 1, 1805.

Adeline of Clarnedon, VT, and Caleb Nurss, int. Sept. 12, 1835.

Augustus (s. Caleb and Polly, a. 23) and Betsey Stutson, Apr. 1, 1846.

Caleb and Mrs. Polly Fletcher of Hardwick, int. Jan. 28, 1809.

Caleb and Adeline Nurss of Clarendon, VT, int. Sept. 12, 1835.

Francis 2d and Eliza W. Adams of Warwick, int. Jan. 4, 1834.

Lucy and Reuben Brown, Sept. 24, 1798. CR

Mary and Joel Kelley, Dec. 7, 1794.

Mary Ann and Nye Cushing, Jan. 8, 1843.

Mary and Erastus F. Woodis of West Brookfield, May 4, 1843.

Timothy Jr. and Patty Bixby, Feb. 3, 1805.

Timothy and Ann Wallis, Feb. 9, 1826. CR


Philinda (a. 20) and Elijah C. Thrasher of N. Branitree, Mar. 31, 1847.


Ansel [Ansil in int.] of Boston and Martha Bullard, Mar. 19, 1829.

Benjamin and Bathsheba Allen of Oakham, int. Apr. 18, 1795.

David C. and Eliza White, int. May 29, 1831.

Eliza S. and David B. Makepeace, May 6, 1840.

Betsy of Hardwick and Levi Robinson, Sept. 20, 1798. In Hardwick.

Francis and Eliza W. Oliver, Apr. 23, 1826. CR

Grate and Barnabas Atwood, Sept. 1, 1805.

Hannah and Jedediah Allen of Westwood, VT, Feb. 14, 1802.

John and Hannah Pope of New Braintree, Feb. 18, 1796. In New Braintree.

John Ruggles and Nancy Caldwell, Feb. 12, 1799. CR

Joseph Jr. of Hardwick and Mary Robinson, Mar. 17, 1805.

Keziah and Isaac Atwood, Dec. 28, 1806.

Lucretia and Alpheus Stone, both of Oakham, Sept. 13, 1781. CR*

Lucretia of Oakham and Benjamin Felton, int. Jan. 5, 1821.

Lydia and Jonathan Lilley, May 2, 1776.

Lydia C. and Adolphus Bartholomew, both of Hardwick, May 30, 1827.*

Lyman and Ursula C. Daniels of Mendon, int. May 1, 1832.

Martha P. and Elijah Amidon of Hardwick, June 4, 1818.

Nancy A. and John W. King of Savannah, GA, July 28, 1841.

Nathan and Lucretia Perry, Mar. 30, 1791.

Nathaniel and Sally Witt of Brookfield, Nov. 9, 1779. At Brookfield.

Rebecca and Joseph Barnibee of New Braintree, Jan. 13, 1791. In New Braintree.

Sally and Alexander Dunn, Apr. 19, 1787. In New Braintree.

Salla and Abel Devenport of Petersham, Mar. 24, 1789.

Sarah and Henry Robinson, Dec. 13, 1821.

Sherman R. (s. Simeon and Thankful, a. 23) and Mary J. Carruth, Oct. 24, 1849.

Simeon and Alice Ruggles, July 20, 1769.

Simeon and Thankful Wright of Greenwich, int. Sept. 4, 1823.

Sylvan and Mary Banks of Keene, NH, Mar. 2, 1779. In Hardwick.

Temperence of Hardwick and Jonathan Richardson, Nov. 12, 1778. In Hardwick.

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