Charles H., h.Lucy Nelson,末蔓末,1822.GR6

David A., s.Luther and Philura, July25,1848.

George, h.Hannah,末蔓末,1798.GR6

Hannah, w.George,末蔓末,1794.GR6

Lucy Nelson, w.Charles H.,末蔓末,1824.GR6

Phebe P. Harwood, w.William C., July9,1816.GR4

William C., h.Phebe P. Harwood, Apr.28,1820.GR4


James, s.James and Catharine, Jan.18,1839. In Boston.

JENINGS (Jennings)

末末, ch.J.,末蔓末, 末末.

Anna, d.Joseph and Mary, Sept.22,1711.

Gershen, s.Moses and Marcy, June23,1764.

Hannah, d.Joseph and Mary, Apr.14,1709.

Martha, d.Joseph and Mary, Jan.8,1715-16.

Mary, d.Joseph and Mary, May4,1707.

Rachal, d.Jonathan and Abigail, Apr.11,1788.

JENKES (Jenks)

Nathaniel, s.Nathaniel and Content, Aug.9,1778.

JENKS (Jenkes)

Abby C., d.Alfred H. and Lucy, July9,1839.

Adah Angell, w.Nicholas, June16,1752.GR4

Albert, s.Harvey and Almira, Dec.7,1835.

Alfred H.,末蔓末,1806.GR1

Alfred Laroy, s.Alfred H. and Lucy, Nov.13,1837.

Alfred Thomas, s.Thomas T. and Betsy P., Aug.10,1848.

Alfred H., s.Harvey and Almira, Nov.12,1849.

Ann Elizabeth, d.Harvey and Almira, Apr.27,1834.

Caty, d.Nathaniel and Content, Sept.18,1782.

Charles, h.Deborah Adams, Nov.2,1782.GR4

Charles E., h.Mary Patten, Dec.9,1824.GR4

Charles W., h.Moriah B., Apr.24,1826.GR4

Deborah Adams, w.Charles, Aug.8,1797.GR4

Dexter, s.William and Sophy, Nov.16,1819.

Edmond, s.William and Sophy, Feb.17,1815.

Effie Maria, d.Hiram H. and Sarah, Aug.20,1848.

Elias, s.Nathaniel and Content, Aug.11,1780.

Eliza Harper Brown, w.Oliver A., Oct.30,1791.GR4

Emma C., d.Hervey A. and Jennett E., Apr.20,1847.

Fanny, d.William and Sophy, Nov.17,1817.

Freelove Winsor, w.Jonathan, Oct.末,1720.GR4

Harriett Howe, s.Henry A. and Jennette E., Aug.20,1845.

Hervey, Rev., s.Nicholas and Adah, June16,1788.GR4

Harvey, s.Harvey and Almira, Apr.21,1839.

Helen Maria, d.Alfred H. and Lucy, May13,1836.

Henry, s.William and Sophy, Sept.17,1821.

Hiram Haskell, s.Jonathan and Mary, May9,1822.

Horace, Nov.7,1822.GR4

John Starkwether, s.Nathaniel and Content, Apr.25,1785.

John Henry, June10,1823.GR4

Julia Adalaide, d.Alfred H. and Lucy, Jan.3,1831.

Le Roy, s.Alfred H. and Lucy A.,末蔓末,1837.GR1

Lucy Abbot, w.Alfred H.,末蔓末,1808.GR1

Moriah B., w.Charles W., Mar.4,1827.GR4

Mary Patten, w.Charles E., Apr.11,1822.GR4

Mary Amelia, d.Alfred H. and Lucy, Oct.18,1832.

Mary Azubah, d.Hervey and Almira, Dec.12,1843.

Mary Azubah, d.Harvey and Almira, July5,1847.

Nancy B., Sept.4,1839.GR4

Nicholas, h.Adah Angell, June13,1752.GR4

Oliver A., h.Eliza Harper Brown, May1,1790.GR4

Ruth Maria, d.William and Sophy, June11,1824.

Sarah, d.Nathaniel and Content, Apr.10,1787.

Sarah Jane, d.Alfred H. and Lucy, Nov.3,1834.

Susan, d.Washington and Thankful, Mar.20,1847.

William Gordon, s.Alfred H. and Lucy A.,末蔓末,1808.GR1

JENNING (Jenings, Jennings)

Hannah, d.Ebenez and Hanorah, Mar.28,1739.

John, s.Stephen and Mary, May11,1705.

Mary, d.Enebez and Hannah, Apr.28,1732.

JENNINGS (Jenings, Jenning)

末末, ch.Nathan and Johanah,末蔓末, 末末.

末末, ch.Nathan and Johanah, Feb.末, 末末.

末末, ch.Jonathan and Esther, May23,1729.

末末, ch.Jonathan and Esther, Aug.11,1733.

末末, ch.Jonathan and Esther, Oct.9,1737.

末末, ch.Jonathan and Easther, May19,1740.

末末, 末蔓12,1742.

末末, ch.Samuel and Mary,末蔓末,1840.

Abagail, d.Jonathan and Abagail, Nov.6,1789.

Arthur B., s.Joel and Susan F., Apr.30,1849. At North Brookfield.

Benjamin, s.Benjamin and Elisabeth, Aug.29,1751.

Benjamin Jr., s.Jonathan and Polly, Mar.25,1795.

Calvin, s.Joel and Zelilah, Dec.16,1793.

Charles, s.Joel and Zelilah, Aug.16,1800.

Charles Timothy, s.Charles and Nancy, Feb.5,1827.

Cloe, d.Moses and Marcey, Mar.12,177[0.]

Dorcas, d.Benjamin and Elizabeth, Nov.17,1755.

Ebenez, s.Stephen and Mary, Jan.24,1707-8.

Elisabeth, d.Benjamin and Elisabeth, July28,1753.

Eliot, s.Gershom and Polly, June18,1813.

Esther, d.Benjamin and Elisabeth, July16,1762.

Fanny, d.Joel and Zelilah, Sept.29,1805.

Frances Elizabeth, d.Calvin and Laura, July6,1829.

George S., s.John and Lucy, Oct.17,1832.

Gersham, s.Moses and Mercy, June23,1764.

Gilbert, s.Jonathan and Abigail, Nov.16,1786.

Hannah, d.John and Elizabeth, Aug.29,1732.

Hannah, d.Benjamin and Elisabeth, Apr.1,1768.

Harlan Page, s.Calvin and Laura, Apr.17,1836.

Harriet Newell, d.Samuel and Mary, May28,1824.

Joel, s.Moses and Marcy, May24,1762.

Joel, s.Gershom and Polly, Aug.20,1815.

Joel A.,末蔓末,1821.GR1

Joel Albert, s.Calvin and Laura, Mar.6,1821.

John, s.John and Elizebeth, May27,1737.

John, s.Gershom and Polly, Sept.30,1805.

Jonathan, s.Joseph and Sarrah, Apr.6,1738.

Jonathan, s.Benjamin and Elisabeth, Apr.20,1760.

Laura Hastings, w.Calvin,末蔓末,1800.GR1

Leah, d.Joseph and Sarrah, Dec.6,1731.

Lida, d.Ebenzear and Hannah, Mar.1,1746-7.

Marcia, d.Gershom and Polly, Jan.18,1808.

Marsha Ann, d.Calvin and Laura, Feb.末,1827.

Meriah, d.John and Elizebeth, Jan.19,1735.

Maria Kirtland, d.Calvin and Laura, Oct.26,1837.

Mary, d.Gershom and Polly, May26,1810.

Mary Elizabeth, d.Samuel and Mary, Aug.5,1822.

Ollive, d.Joseph and Sarrah, Mar.2,1736.

Percy, d.Ebenez and Hannah, May11,1742.

Ruth, d.Joseph and Sarrah, Feb.25,1739-40.

Ruth A., d.Samuel and Mary, Jan.26,1838. At Warren.

Sabrina, d.Joel and Zelilah, Jan.7,1797.

Sabrina, d.Calvin and Laura, Feb.12,1823.

末uel, s.Moses and Marcy, Apr.29,1766.

Samuel, s.Jonathan and Polly, Nov.23,1791.

Seth, s.Gershom and Polly, Oct.28,1803.

Stephen, s.Joseph and Sarrah, Apr.11,1743.

Susanna, d.Benjamin and Elisabeth, Mar.24,1758.

Talmon, s.Benjamin and Elisabeth, Mar.8,1765.

William, s.Gershom and Polly, July19,1817.

Willie, s.Joel and Susan F., Oct.31,1847. In Hayneville, GA.

Worthington Hastings, s.Calvin and Laura, Apr.3,1834.

Zilpah, d.Ebenezear and Hannah, July29,1744.


Nathan Fiske, s.Samuel and Sarah, Jan.28,1783.

Samuel, s.Samuel and Sarah, Mar.28,1786.

Sally, d.Samuel and Sarah, Aug.26,1784.

JOANS (Jones)

Jonathan, s.Daniel and Meriam, May29,1737.


Amos Howe, s.Charlotte A. and Samuel, born in Boston, Aug.4,1831.GR1

Eunice [w.Senate.], Nov.3,1812GR6

Hannah, w.Uriah W. and d.Ebenezer and Grace Turner Totman, May10,1772, in Scituate.GR3

Rice, s.William and Merriam, Sept.19,1801.

Samuel Gillmore, s.Abner and Lucy,末蔓末,1833.

Senate, Mar.27,1812.GR6


William Henry, s.Lewis and Ann, Oct.27,1840.

JONES (Joans)

Clemantine, d.Timothy, bp. Dec.22,1820.CR1

Phebe, d.Mary (present wife Habn Gould) by former husband, bp. July27,1760.CR2

Samuel, s.Daniel and Miriam, Mar.13,1733-4.

Sarah, d.Daniel and Miriam, July3,1735.

Thomas, s.Mary (present wife Habn Gould) by former husband, bp. July27,1760CR2

JOSLYN (Josselyn)

Caroline A., d.George D. and Allace, Feb.15,1840.

George Henry, s.George D. and Allace, Aug.17,1830.

George Henry 2d, s.Goerge D. and Allace, Dec.14,1835.

George H., s.George D. and Allace, Feb.11,1838.

Jane Moriah, d.George D. and Allace, July24,1832.


John A., s.George D. and Alice, Jan.9,1846.

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