Vernon, Sept.末,1824.


James, s.James and Catherine, Nov.28,1841, a.3.GR1

JENINGS (Jennings)

Hannah, d.Joseph and Mary, Mar.6,1716, in 7th y.

Mary, wid.Gershom, Nov.29,1843.


Adah Angell, wid.Nicholas, Sept.3,1842, a.90y.2m.18d.GR4

Alfred [Alfred H.GR1], Aug.27,1843.

Alfred H., s.Harvey and Almira, Nov.17,1849, a 5d.Convulsions.

Daniel, Sept.3,1829, a.56.GR2

Ellen F., d.James N. and Fanny Lincoln, Aug.27,1845, a.1y.10m.GR4

Esther, w.Daniel, Mar.8,1815, a.38.GR2

Freelove Winsor, w.Jonathan, July26,1803, a.82y.9m.about.GR4

Hannah, R., Feb.18,1831, a.20.GR3

Hervey, Rev., s.Nicholas and Adah, July15,1814. [At Providence RI ?].

Jonathan, Apr.1,1781.CR2

Jonathan, Nov.末,1843.

Le Roy, s.Alfred H. and Lucy A.(Abbott),末蔓末,1845, a.8.GR1

Mary Ann, w.William S., Oct.28,1843, a.29y.10m.22d.GR2

Mary w.Jonathan, Nov.30,1844

Nicholas, h.Adah Angell, June23,1837, a.85y.10d.GR4

Oliver A., h.Eliza Harper Brown, Mar.10,1847, a.56y.10m.9d.GR4

William Gordon, s.Alfred H. and Lucy A.,末蔓末,1845, a.4.GR1

JENNINGS (Jenings)

末末, ch.Nathan, Jan.13,1726-7.

末末, ch.Jonathan and Esther, Dec.20,1739.

末末, ch.Jonathan and Easther Jennings, Apr.27,1742.

Abigail, w.Jonathan, Feb.9,1790, a.28.

Benjamin, "killed by the Indians, July20,1710. "GR7

Benjamin, h.Elizabeth, Dec.18,1796.

Chloe, d.Moses and Mercy, July26,1836.

Ebenezer, Lieut., Mar.25,1770, in 63d y.GR1

Elisabeth, w.Benjamin, Sept.18,1785.

Eliot, s.Gershom and Polly, Aug.9,1816, a.3y.2m.21d.

Esther (single), Apr.31 ?, 1848, a 85. Old age.

Fanny, d.Joel and Zelilah, July24,1836, a.3y.10m.

Gersham [h.Polly], s.Moses and Mercy, Apr.24,1819, a.55.

Hannah, d.Benjamin and Elisabeth, July14,1811, a.42.

Harlan Page, s.Calvin and Laura, May25,1836, a.1m.8d.

Harriet Newell, d.Samuel and Mary, July末,1825, a.1y.2m.

Joel, h.Zelilah, Oct.21,1813 [a.51.GR1].

Joel, s.Gershom and Polly, Mar.31,1816, a.7m.11d.

Jonathan, Apr.19,1742.

Jonathan, July19,1754.

Jonathan, h.Abigail, Nov.4,1838.

Mary, d.Gershom and Polly, Aug.8,1813, a.3y.2m.13d.

Mary Elizabeth, d.Samuel and Mary, Nov.5,1838, a.16y.3m.

Polly, wid.Gersham, Dec.30,1841, a.59.GR1

Mercy, wid.Moses, Nov.末,1825, a.91.

Moses, h.Mercy, Apr.末,1819.

Sabrina, d.Joel and Zelilah, July7,1817, a.20y.6m.

Stephen, "killed by the Indians, July20,1710. "GR7

JOHNSON (Jonson)

末末, inf.s.Henry and Julia Ann, Mar.3,1834, a.17d.GR3

末末, Sept.23,1847, a.5.

Adaline B., w.Abiathar, Sept.14,1827, in 26th y.GR3

Anna, w.William, Apr.末,1831.

Julia Ann A., w.Henry, Dec.5,1847, a.37.GR3

Margaret, w.Parker, and d.Dea.John and Sarah Rice, June29,1825, a.30.GR3

Perley, Sept.3,1827, a.32.GR3

William, Dr., May8,1798, a.66.GR7

William, Nov.20,1836.


Samuel, s.Daniel and Miriam, Mar.13,1733-4, on day of birth.

Sarah, d.Daniel and Miriam, Sept.2,1736, a.1y.2m.

JONSON (Johnson)

Uriah W., h.Hannah, Apr.17,1810, a.46.GR3


Sophronia, Dec.14,1825 [a.25.GR6].


George Henry, s.George D. and Allace, Sept.27,1831, a.1y.1m.10d.

George H., s.George D. and Allace, Aug.29,1837, a.1y.8m.15d.

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