Azubah of South Hadley and Joshua Abbott, int.Nov.末,1770.

NELSON (Nilson)

Isaac and Persis Jennings, Mar.14,1763.


Sylvia and William Layton, int.Jan.26,1816.


Allen Esq. and Harriot Wood of Roxbury, int.June12,1827.

Daniel and Easter Warren of Leicester, int.Jan.13,1782.

Ebenezer and Sarah Banister, Dec.3,1767.

Ebenezer F. of Reedfield, ME, and Polly Pendleton, Feb.18,1826.

Harriot and Benjamin Converse of Belchertown, int.June22,1800.

John and Abigail Richardson, int.Mar.末,1795.

Jonas and Azuba Bartlet, June19,1781.*

Jonas and Fanny Ainsworth, int.Mar.3,1805.

Jonas, Lieut., of Newbraintree and Mrs.Sarah Dorr, Sept.18,1811.

Joseph and Ruth Wright, Sept.14,1780.

Meriam and Amos Hamilton, int.Sept.末,1761.

Moses of Brimfield and Mary Clark, June23,1825.

Paulina of Sturbridge and Foster Henshaw, int.Mar.24,1823.


Laura Ann and Sawville Williams, int.Sept.14,1843. Negroes.


Abagail and Benjamin Phelps of Western, Nov.24,1791. In Western.*

Anna and Ebenezer Goodell, Sept.3, [23.CR], 1773.

Cheney and Jane Rice, Oct.25,1836.

Betsey and Johnson Coney of Ware, Apr.17,1806.

Betsey and Danforth Manning, Apr.4,1836.

Eunice of Westborough and Knight Makepiece, int.Dec.28,1800.

Foster of Sturbridge and Betsey Stoddard, Nov.17,1805.

Joel and Betsey Richardson, int.Sept.30,1811.

John Jr. and Sally Loomer, Oct.5,1814.

Jonas and Mary Wood, Nov.19,1767.

Joseph and Ruth Brooks, Oct.27,1817. In Western.

Josiah and Hannah Sherman of Bridgewater, June13,1776. At Bridgewater.

Jotham and Sarah Howard, int.Mar.19,1774.

Lydia J. (d.Foster) and Francis W. Moor, Sept.4,1844.

Mary Ann and John Bemis Jr., int.Sept.27,1828.

Nancy and Thomas H. [K.] Converse, Nov.28,1833.

Rachel of Westborough and Noah Hendy, Nov.29,1762. At Westborough.*

Sally and Samuel Stoddard, Nov.20,1796.

Sarah L. (d.Foster and Betsey, a.17) and John H. Copp, Oct.17,1849.

Silas and Mary Rice, Jan.10,1782.

Stephen of Belcher and Lydia Carey, int.Jan.6,1785.

Tabitha of Stirbridge and Silas Bridges, int.Jan.5,1800.

Tilly and Emily Olds, Dec.22,1811.

Welcome and Lucia Rice, May28,1839.*

NICHOLDS (Nichols)

Samuel [] and Sally Walker, Mar.29,1812.

NICHOLLS (Nichols)

James and Ruth Rich, int.Apr.末,1756.

NICHOLS (Nicholds, Nicholls, Nickels, Nickolls, Nickols)

Abigail and Ezra Gilbert, Nov.10,1772. At Leicester.

Anna and John Abbott, Dec.31,1789.

Austin of Templeton and Nancy Walker, May27,1830.

Dexter and Emeline Brigham, Mar.31,1835.

Edmund Jr. of Sturbridge and Sally Wilder, int.Oct.15,1797.

Elisabeth of Sturbridge and Joshua Hincher, Mar.26,1792.

Elizabeth of Sturbridge (a.19) and Lorin Henshaw, Apr.24,1844.

Ellen of Sturbridge (d.Procter and Betsey, a.18) and Preston W. Hawes, Nov.25,1846.

Freedon and Betsey B. Clark, May26,1829.

Harriot of Sturbridge and Elliot Rice, int.Nov.10,1838.

Isaac and Abigail Cutler, Mar.16,1797.

John C., Rev., of Stonington, CT, and Lucy W.A. Grosvenor, Dec.4,1834.

Joshua and Harriot Moulton of Monson, int.Oct.9,1819.

Louisa and Charles D. Mason of Woodstock, CT [Dec.22,1836, Sturbridge.VR]. In Sturbridge.

Lucy of Sturbridge and James Hamilton, int.May30,1804.

Mary, Mrs., of New Salem and Joseph Wheeler Bush, int.Jan.17,1802.

Polly of Sturbridge and Lewis Abbot, int.Mar.3,1805.

Nancy of Sturbridge and Dexter Henshaw, int.Apr.23,1835.

Sarah of Belchertown and Alvin Woods, int.Mar.28,1817.

Sally, Mrs., and Jesse Hamilton of Athol, May2,1843.

Sophronia (d.Proctor and Betsey, a.19) and David Pellet, Nov.6,1849.

Winthrop and Sarah [Crosby.] Ainsworth, Mar.末,1830.

NICKELS (Nichols)

Ruth and Thomas More, Apr.24,1747.*

NICKOLLS (Nichols)

Mitchell and Lydia Phelpps, int.Apr.末,1759.

NICKOLS (Nichols)

Abigail and Elias Staples, June27,1786.

Faxon of Thompson and Silome Eddy, Nov.11,1818.

Joshua and Polly Makepees, June29,1786.

Parsis and Jonathan Larabee, Jan.13,1785.

NILSON (Nelson)

Andrew and Patence H. 末末, Mar.30,1738.*


Mark and Rebeca Stevens, int.Oct.8,1774.


Elijah [Col. int.] of Lenox and [wid.] Bethah Park, Nov.6,1803.


Aaron of Hartford, NY, and Saloma Bastow, Feb.7,1810.


George and Eliza Ann Baker of Winchester, NH, int.June22,1843.

Seraph and James S. Stricland [of Warren], June7,1838.


Foster and Lydia Chadwick of Worcester, int.Aug.26,1802.


George, Rev., and Elizer Wheeler Buttrick of Framingham, int.Mar.30,1828.


Mary of Barre and Erastus F. Woodis, int.Apr.16,1843.


Jonathan of Brimfield and Abigail Banister, June27,1771. At Brimfield.

Zachariah and Catharine Brigham, int.Aug.29,1818.


Ann M. of Hardwick and James D. Dunbar, int.Dec.9,1844.

Bonum of North Brookfield and Permelia Abbot, int.Apr.30,1820.

George and Sally McClentuck, both of New braintree, Dec.24,1806.*

Jonathan Jr. of New Braintree and Betsey Howe, June2,1808.

Polly of Hardwick and William Wood, Nov.15,1798. In Hardwick.

Nathaniel of Barre and Sally Witt, Nov.9,1779.

Temperance of Ware and Joseph Cummins, Mar.7,1776.CR1

Thomas C. of Warren and Susan A. Kellogg, Dec.12,1839.

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