Emely Frances, d.Smith and Hannah, Feb.26,1839.

Hannah Abigail, d.Smith and Hannah, May4,1829.

Henry Spurr, s.Smith and Hannah, Mar.13,1834.

Julia Ann, d.Smith and Hannah, Jan.15,1832.

Samuel, s.Smith and Hannah, Mar.23,1836.


Eliza Ann, d.Thomas and Eliza, Jan.19,1828.


Daniel, s.Isaac and Phebe, Feb.3,1773.

David, s.Isaac and Phebe, Feb.27,1769.

Jona, s.Nathan and Hulda, June30,1771.

Louisa, d.Isaac and Phebe, Mar.20,1775.

Martha, d.Isaac and Phebe, Jan.21,1771.

Mary, d.Nathan and Hulda, Jan.5,1770.

Petter, s.Nathan and Hulda, Dec.25,1776.

Sarah, d.Nathan and Hulda, June13,1774.


Elisha Cook, s.Ellis and Mary, Nov.9,1811. At Burelville, RI.

Ellis, Mar.9,1783.

Ellis Holbrook, s.Ellis and Mary, Oct.21,1818.

Emely Francis, d.Davis and Lucy, Mar.3,1842.

Frank D., s.Davis and Lucy, Mar.3,1847.

George Ellis, s.Ellis H., and Hannah E., Apr.10,1847.

Harriet, d.Moses and Hannah, Aug.15,1816.

Lucy Ann, d.Davis and Lucy, June20,1845.

Maria E., d.Ellis H., and Hannah E., May18,1844.

Martha L., d.Elisha and Mary, Jan.2,1840.

Mary, w.Ellis, Aug.16,1787.

Mary M., d.Ellis and Mary, Mar.3,1829.

Mary S., d.Elisha and Mary, Mar.7,1837.

Remington Southwich, s.Ellis and Mary, May15,1809. At Burelville, RI.

Sarah C., d.Elisha and Mary, Aug.17,1835.

Sarah Jane, d.Davis and Lucy, July28,1840.

THOMPSON (Thomson)

Asenath, d.Elisha and Abigail, Dec.13,1779.

Asenath, d.Elijah and Polly, May31,1812.

Augusta, d.Elijah and Polly, Apr.8,1807.

Elisha, s.Elisha and Abigail, Sept.13,1783.

Bettey, d.Elisha and Abigail, July21,1781.

John Dresser, s.Elijah and Polly, Mar.10,1800.

Leetey, d.Elijah and Polly, Dec.7,1801.

Polly, d.Elijah and Polly, Sept.8,1813.

Thomas Farnum, s.Prudence and gr. s.Elisha, Mar.28,1792.

Thomas Elliot, s.Elijah and Polly, Apr.29,1798.

Tylor, s.Elijah and Polly, Jan.2,1804.

THOMSON (Thompson)

Aaron, s.Elisha and Abigail, Nov.25,1773.

Abigail, d.Elisha and Abigail, Dec.19,1777.

Elijah, s.John and Ruth, May14,1757.

Elijah, s.Elisha and Abigail, June30,1775.

Elisha, s.John and Ruth, Apr.16,1748.

Elisabeth, d.John and Ruth, Feb.19,1750.

John, s.John and Ruth, Sept.3,1748.

Lusa, d.John and Ruth, June26,1752.

Lucy, d.Elisha and Abigail, June5,1770.

Marvel, s.Joseph and Sarah, Jan.10,1770.

Mary, d.John and Ruth, Apr.5,1747.

Prudence, d.Elisha and Abigail, Dec.19,1771.

Sarah, d.Joseph and Sarah, Feb.26,1772.


Sarah E., d.Smith and Abby S., Dec.10,1847. In Millbury.


Edwin, s.Caleb and Mary, Nov.4,1844.

Emily, d.Caleb and Mary, Aug.26,1841.

George Edwin, s.Caleb and Mary, Oct.2,1834.

George, s.Caleb and Mary, June10,1839.

Mary Louesa, d.Caleb and Mary, Apr.22,1837.


Emily Maria, d.Samuel and Pamelia, May14,1837.

Pamelia Dresser, s.Samuel and Pamelia, Dec.7,1838.

Samuel Franklin, s.Samuel and Pamelia, Oct.27,1840.


Alanson Porter, s.Isaac and Rebecca, May30,1814.

Albert, s.William and Sally, Sept.21,1829.

Ann Eliza, d.Isaac and Rebecca, Nov.28,1802.

Charlemange, s.John and Mary L., May16,1847.

Clarrisa, d.Isaac W., and Mary D., July4,1845.

Ellen Maria, d.Alanson P., and Mary N., June28,1841.

Elcy, d.Isaac and Rebecca, Sept.27,1807.

Emma F., d.Alanson P., and Mary N., Dec.29,1849.

Frances Paulina, d.Isaac and Paulina B., Oct.22,1847.

George, s.Isaac and Rebecca, Dec.23,1822.

George, s.William and Sally, May31,1835.

Isaac, s.Isaac and Rebecca, Mar.27,1810.

Isaac Dexter, s.John and Mary L., Nov.16,1849.

John, s.Isaac and Rebecca, July27,1820.

Mary D., d.Isaac and Rebecca, Sept.20,1817.

Mary Lucy, d.William and Sally, July1,1831.

Mary Ann, d.Isaac Jr., and Paulina, Sept.10,1834.

Rebecca Jane, d.Alanson P. and Mary N., Nov.12,1839.

Sally, d.Isaac and Rebecca, July2,1804.

Sarah Frances, d.Isaac Jr., and Paulina, June28,1842.

William, s.Isaac and Rebecca, Feb.6,1806.

William Henry, s.William and Sally, Mar.15,1833.


Aaron, s.Josiah Jr., and Dorothy, Sept.11,1781.

Albawne, s.George and Perthena, Jan.22,1811.

Alban Nelson, s.Nelson P., and Julia Ann, May26,1829.

Alcea Boylston, d.Salem and Sally, June27,1826.

Amelia Mariah, d.Salem Jr., and Sally, May12,1821.

Amelia L., d.Nelson P., and Julia Ann, Jan.3,1842.

Augusta, d.Salem and Ruth, Jan.13,1784.

Catherine, d.Richard R., and Polly, Dec.16,1792.

Clarentine, d.George and Parthena, Feb.1,1806. At Dudley.

Clarintina, d.Thomas and Polly, June11,1811.

Cynthia, d.Thomas and Polly, Mar.24,1797.

Dolly, d.Leonard and Joanna, July4,1810.

Edwards Whipple, s.Salem and Sally, Jan.9,1829.

Elijah Dunbar, s.Salem Jr., and Sally, May27,1805.

Elijah Dunbar, s.Salem and Sally, Feb.17,1809.

Elizabeth, d.Salem and Ruth, Sept.20,1778.

Harvlin, s.Richard and Polly, Nov.20,1795.

Henry Mellen, s.Leonard and Joanna, May28,1808.

Horace A., s.Nelson P., and Julia Ann, July12,1835.

Jerome, s.George and Perthene, Dec.17,1823.

Joanna, d.Leonard and Joanna, Feb.6,1812.

Joanna, d.Leonard and Joanna, Dec.28,1819.

Josiah, s.Josiah and Susannah, Aug.12,1761.

Josiah, s.Josiah, bap, Sept.4,1768.CR

Josiah, s.Leonard and Joanna, Aug.25,1806.

Katherine, d.Josiah and Susanna, May23,1757.

Laison Duane, s.George and Perthena, July16,1808. At Dudley.

Leonard, s.Josiah Jr., and Dorothy, Oct.31,1783.

Leonard, s.Leonard, Sept.19,1815.

Loristan, s.George and Perthena, Apr.11,1813.

Lewis w., s.Nelson P., and Julia Ann, Sept.4,1833.

Lucy Mower, d.Salem and Ruth, Nov.2,1787.

Marcus Morton, s.Leonard and Joanna, Mar.6,1826.

Marcus M., s.Nelson P., and Julia Ann, May26,1845.

Margaret Louisa, d.Salem Jr., and Sally, May3,1819.

Mary, d.Jonathan and Lucy Lamb., Jan.17,1772.

Polly, d.Salem and Ruth, Nov.18,1774. At Oxford.

Mary Mellen, d.Leonard and Joanna, Feb.9,1805.

Mary Lucy, d.Salem Jr., and Sally, July30,1810.

Mary, d.Thomas and Sally, Oct.12,1818.

Mercy Dunbar, d.Salem Jr., and Sally, Oct.8,1810.

Moses Dresser, s.Nelson P. and Julia Ann, Aug.15,1831.

Nelson P., Nov.1,1806.

Pamela, d.Salem and Ruth, Aug.29,1781.

Pamela, d.George and Perthena, Mar.16,1818.

Parker Willard, s.George and Perthena, Nov.3,1815.

Preston Decraz, s.George and Perthena, Dec.2,1820.

Richard Rogers, s.Josiah, bp. Sept.4,1768.CR

Ruth, d.Josiah and Dorothy,末蔓末, 末末.

Ruth, w.Gen. Salem, Mar.12,1750. At Oxford.

Ruth, d.Salem and Ruth, Mar.23,1777.

Ruth Ann, d.Leonard and Joanna, Jan.27,1823.

Salem, s.Salem and Ruth, Mar.26,1780.

Salem, s.John and Anne Chase, June22,1804.

Salem 3d, s.Salem and Saly, Nov.8,1823.

Salem Aaron, s.Leonard and Joanna, Jan.11,1828.

Semantha M., twin d.Nelson P., and Julia Ann, Sept.14,1837.

Sally Edwards, d.Richard R., and Polly, May23,1811.

Sally, d.Thomas and Polly, May7,1813.

Sally Spurr, d.Salem Jr., and Sally, May11,1813.

Semira S., twin d.Nelson P., and Julia Ann, Sept.14,1837.

Susan E., d.Nelson P., and Julia Ann, Dec.21,1839.

Susannah, d.Josiah and Dorothy, May2, 末末.

Susannah, d.Josiah and Susannah, June8,1759.

William Moore, s.Salem Jr., and Sally, May7,1807.

William, s.Thomas and Polly, Feb.12,1808.

William Harrison, s.Leonard and Joanna, Oct.11,1813.

Winthrop, s.Thomas and Polly, Dec.27,1801.


Aaron, s.William and Annis, Dec.4,1758.

Aaron, s.Aaron and Tamason, Jan.23,1790.

Abigail, d.William and Annis, May21,1765.

Abigail, d.Aaron and Tameson, July26,1788.

Ammasa, s.Jonathan Jr., and Mary, Aug.1,1774.

Augustus, s.Jacob and Fanny, Nov.10,1819.

Catherine, d.William and Elizabeth, Feb.24,1788.

Daniel Harwood, s.Jonas and Polly, Feb.7,1815.

David, s.Jonathan Jr., and Mary, Sept.15,1778.

Edward, s.Jonathan Jr., and Mary, Jan.28,1769.

Elbridge, s.Manassah and Mary, Jan.22,1820.

Betsey, d.William and Elizabeth, Aug.3,1782.

Ellen Abigail, d.Julius E., and Abigail, Sept.18,1836.

Esther, d.William and Annis, Dec.22,1760.

George, s.Jacob and Fanny, May12,1822.

Hannah, d.William and Annis, Dec.10,1768.

Harriot, d.Manassah and Mary, Oct.30,1817.

Isaac, s.William and Elizabeth, Dec.31,1785.

Jeremiah, s.Jonathan Jr., and Mary, Mar.27,1783.

John, s.Willyam Jr., and Sarah, Feb.26,1786.

John, s.Aaron and Tameson, Mar.24,1786.

John, s.Jacob and Fanny, July28,1817.

John, s.Manassah and Mary, Jan.11,1822.

Jonas, s.William and Elizabeth, Sept.26,1784.

Jonas W., s.Daniel H., and Lucy, W., Sept.17,1844.

Jonathan, s.Jonathan Jr., and Mary, May21,1771.

Julius E., s.John and Hannah, May28,1811.

Julius Massena, s.Julius E., and Abigail, Sept.5,1841.

Learned, s.Seth and Lois, Dec.29,1783.

Lois, d.Seth and Lois, May4,1788.

Louisa Jane, d.Manassah and Mary, Apr.29,1832.

Manassah, s.Capt. Jonathan and Lucy, July26,1785.

Maria, d.Manassah and Mary, Mar.10,1816.

Martha, d.Aaron and Tamanson, Apr.16,1783.

Mary, d.William and Annis, June9,1771.

Polley, d.Seth and Loas, June29,1780.

Mary Rich, d.Jonas and Polly, Dec.13,1813.

Mary Lucy, d.Manassah and Mary, Mar.9,1830.

Mary L., d.Daniel H., and Lucy W., May16,1847.

Nancy, d.Seth and Lois, Aug.23,1785.

Pason, s.Capt. Jonathan and Lucy, Nov.22,1779.

Priscila, d.Jonathan Jr., and Mary, Nov.27,1772.

Ruth, d.Jonathan Jr., and Mary, Jan.9,1780.

Samuel, s.Aaron and Tameson, Apr.15,1794.

Sarah, d.Jonathan Jr., and Mary, Dec.27,1776.

Sarah, d.Aaron and Tamason, Nov.6,1784.

Sarah, d.Willyam Jr. and Sarah, Apr.2,1789.

Sally Ann, d.Manassah and Mary, Feb.29,1824.

Seth, s.Willaim and Annis, Mar.8,1757.

Seth, s.Seth and Loas, June14,1782.

William, s.William and Annis, Feb.28,1763.

William, s.Jonathan Jr., and Mary, Apr.7,1781.

William, s.Manassah and Mary, Nov.13,1826.


Ame, d.Edward and Lucy, Jan.20,1807.

TWISS (Twist)

Abigail Davis, d.James Jenison and Elsey P., Jan.25,1834.

Allen, s.Moses and Sarah, May11,1795.

Almira, d.Thomas and Esther, Apr.12,1806.

Amos Freeman, s.James Jenison and Elsy P., Oct.25,1828.

Anna, d.James and Lucy, July19,1803.

Asa, s.Ebenezer and Hannah, Aug.3,1746.

Charles, s.Joseph, bp. Sept.26,1762.CR

Charles, s.Thomas and Esther, Apr.24,1810.

Clarisa Fitts, d.Rufus and Mary, May16,1816.

Clarisa, d.Rufus C., and Harriet N., Oct.19,1848.

Ebenezer, s.Ebenezer and Hannah, Nov.14,1750.

Edward Nichols, s.Rufus and Betsey, Sept.1,1827.

Emily, s.Rufus C. and Harriet N., Mar.13,1846.

George Merrill, s.William and Julia, Mar.14,1835.

Hannah, d.Ebenezer and Hannah, June25,1748.

Hannah, d.James and Lucy, May25,1796.

Hannah, d.Rufus and Mary, Dec.4,1812.

Harriot, d.Moses and Sarah, July10,1799.

Horatio, s.Moses and Sarah, Feb.25,1782.

James Jenison, s.James and Lucy, Dec.10,1799.

Jason Ebinezer, s.Rufus and Betsey, Feb.1,1832.

John Wakefield, s.Thomas and Esther, Feb.29,1808.

Julius Brown, s.Rufus C., and Harriet N., May5,1844.

Leafy Ann, d.Thomas and Esther, Sept.7,1821.

Louisa, d.Thomas and Esther, July26,1814.

Lucretia, d.Joseph and Mary, Dec.16,1769.

Lucy, d.James and Lucy, Jan.12,1798.

Mary Eliza, d.Rufus and Betsey, Nov.27,1817.

Mary, d.Thomas and Esther, Feb.28,1819.

Mehitable, d.James and Lucy, May10,1793.

Moses, s.Ebenezer and Hannah, May27,1757.

Moses, s.Moses and Sarah, Dec.8,1787.

Moses, s.Moses and Sarah, Jan.7,1793.

Nelson, s.Moses and Sarah, May25,1802.

Pamela, d.Thomas and Esther, Aug.7,1804.

Phebe, d.Moses and Sarah, July10,1797.

Prudence, d.Joseph and Mary, Aug.28,1765.

Rufus, s.Ebenezer and Mary, Sept.21,1784.

Rufus, s.Ebenezer and Mary, Jan.27,1787.

Rufus Curtis, s.Rufus and Betsey, Nov.20,1821.

Ruth, d.Moses and Sarah, Dec.13,1790.

Samuel, s.Joseph and Mary, Feb.3,1760.

Sarah, d.Moses and Sarah, Oct.29,1783.

Sarah, d.Moses and Sarah, July29,1785.

Sally Nichols, d.Moses and Sarah, July7,1806.

Stephen Prince, s.James Jenison and Elsy P., May2,1827.

Thomas, s.Thomass and Esther, July15,1812.

William, s.Rufus and Mary, Aug.11,1810.

William Needham, s.Thomas and Esther, Mar.16,1817.

TWIST (Twiss)

Asa, s.Ebenezer and Mahitabel, July28,1777.

James, s.Ebenezer and Mahitabel, Feb.13,1769.

Mahitabel, d.Ebenezer and Mahitabel, Sept.23,1767.


Abner Taft, s.Joseph and Trial, Jan.23,1813.

Mary Almira, d.Joseph and Trial, Jan.30,1811.

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